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Cricket Wireless, LLC
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4 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for myCricket App

4.52 out of 5
48.4K Ratings
3 years ago, TuckMaNuck
I never leave these reviews, but feel like this one is well deserved🤙🏾 I’ve stayed with VERIZON since I was 16yrs old—15yrs—& first used a cellphone/cell-provider assuming they offered in general, the best national(US) & overseas cell coverage, compared to the top competitors like AT&T or T-Mobile...& definitely thought CRICKET was likely, even below them. I couldn’t have been more WRONG. I wish I would have switched to CRICKET as soon as the whole era of "cell-contracts” was discontinued & ended! It’s no exaggeration saying it’s been the best decision, not only for myself personally, but as well as for my business. I’ve lived all over the West Coast, Midwest, the South & even Hawai’i, without ever experiencing poor service/coverage (can’t say the same of my previous cell-provider). Continue to be SURPRISINGLY-SATISFIED & GENUINELY-AMAZED w/ CRICKET! ***Take this for what it is, but to say it’s a rarity that I will ever take the time to leave a review, let alone a lengthy one like this, would be the understatement of the year haha
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4 years ago, Jesse Lopez Drones
Worst customer service ever!
I’ve been a loyal 10 year customer of cricket. Long story short for the last 3 months I’ve been over charged. The first month I brushed off but the 2nd month I tried calling after being on hold on and off talking to 3 different in 2-3 hour period I was hung up on left with no answer as to why I’ve been over charged. I enrolled in auto pay the night before money was to come outta my account all of our lines were disconnected?? I immediately took the card that’s also on my auto pay account and paid our bill I was charged to reconnect our phones although it wasn’t my error I’ve had to pay them the last 3 months $20 or more on top of the $154 we already pay. I asked to speak with the manager or someone above the 4th person I’ve now spoke with just to be hung up on again I again called right back waited on hold again 30 mins just to be told someone would call me back. An hour later someone called and OMG this guy was literally yelling he cut me off numerous times didn’t answer any of my questions but wanted me to hear him out. He said all they can do is credit my account $10 for the next month. They’ve took over $60 from me in the last 3 months and obviously I’m not happy after everything I’ve had to do just to ask a simple question $10 isn’t gonna cut it. I felt like they didn’t understand my English so they did what they wanted to get me off the phone. I hung up feeling like wow That’s my thanks for being a loyal paying long time customer....
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1 year ago, mewziclvr
30 minute wait time to talk to a human being is unacceptable
First my account was suspended because you guys couldn’t get it together to accept the payment. Now I’m being charged five dollars because you guys screwed up. Then my account got suspended because you guys screwed up. Then I go to call customer service to get an answer as to why there is a zero balance but my account is suspended only to get hung up on twice before being able to finally get connected with somebody. In total I spent over 30 minutes between two disconnections by you guys until I could finally talk to a human being. He doesn’t have any answers as to why this is really occurring other than to say that the payment was rejected. Not happy at all! Should never ever on the entire planet ever have to spend more than 5 to 10 minutes waiting for a human being. And I am driving while I’m calling so I should not have to enter 2 to continue to hold for somebody who may or may not decide to answer the phone! by the time he finally answered the phone I’m so angry I could spit! That has mostly to do with being hung up on twice. What a crappy customer service option! Also, why on gods green earth should I ever have to select the number one in order to get English when I live in the United States of America? You want to offer other options fine, let that be for the people who don’t speak English. Let them press the number two. How incredibly annoying!!
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3 years ago, ihatecricket
Customer service lied about my bill
Customer service here is terrible!! Something happened on my cricket app (I have two lines and our bill is $30 each, so 60 all together) but it was showing that I owed 34 and change. I knew that couldn’t be right, so I called customer service. I told the woman that price must just be for one line and the bill was due that day so I wanted to make sure I paid for both lines to avoid interruption. She put me on hold for several minutes and said she reviewed my account with her supervisor and they saw that my account had been credited almost $30 because I had been over charged in the past. I thought, well that’s nice and paid the 34 and change. I wake up today and both of our phones are turned off due to non payment AND they want me to pay a $15 reconnect fee!! I called back and explained what I had just been told yesterday and the guy I spoke with today said that the only notes on my case said that she checked my account and that the amount was paid and that was all. Nothing about the credit or anything! All he could do for me was to offer bridgepay so our phones would get turned back on today, but I still have to pay $40 more within 7 days to keep them on. So the woman I talked to yesterday and her “supervisor” just blatantly lied to me! Unbelievable. This will be the last month we give any money to these liars.
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2 years ago, kaylaisam11
Never had an issue in 8 years… Until Now
I’ve been a cricket customer since I was a child and never once had an issue until now. They took $50 out of my account when it should’ve never been taken, and they even explained that due to the month, it was ALSO taken earlier than my actual due date. Now they won’t refund me even though THEY told me it was a system error on THEIR end. They also said that since that money is now “credit” on my account, that if I were to cancel service with them, then I would ultimately forfeit that $50. So I have started a credit dispute with my bank, and will be transferring my service to a new provider, all over this ridiculous stance they’ve taken about keeping my money. Absolutely horrible horrible customer service and you better hope they never take money they ADMIT they should’ve never taken, because they will not give it back and bluntly tell you that they won’t. Absolutely disgusting business practice and they have lost a nearly 10 year customer over this. I have already looked into a new provider, that is comparable, and actually half the price. I already discussed billing and refunds with them as well, and they explained that they are completely reasonable when it comes to refunds and different mishaps in life. Much better! So…. Hello Tello, and good RIDDANCE to you Cricket!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Leatherneck1064
Rotten Customer Service
Sometime ago, I had a planned we bought at Christmas that was five phones for $25 apiece. I went to your store in Decatur, ask questions, and the clerk changed it to a different promotion that you had on. When I called him on it he says oh I thought you wanted me to change it so he put it back. There was only one problem with that, it would not accept the old plan that originally got asked to cricket. I then went back into the office and had the Clerk, I used the term lightly, call a supervisor and admit what happened which she did. The supervisor, said nothing I can do for you, that specials over you’ll have to take what you were given. That started me considering a different carrier. Once again I have tried to discuss issues with your customer service only to be told that “I guess then I am unable to help you sir“ I have no idea why I should stay with the company who does not value my business. I assure you, because of the multiple issues I’ve had, I will be looking for a new carrier. Stanford University did a study that said for one dissatisfied customer on average they will tell me more, I am 100% disabled marine, goes up and beyond any challenge. I intend to tell as many more as I can get to that knowledge of the unreliable Ability to take effective action. You wanted to critique, that’s only about 3/4 of a
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4 weeks ago, hailjack
Worst wireless service and customer service!
I would not recommend cricket to anyone! The wireless coverage is horrible and getting in contact with customer service is even more difficult. The app also functions poorly and doesn’t load properly. My biggest issue is that I have been enrolled in autopay since I started using cricket. Apparently enrolling is autopay saves you money and it did save me $5 for awhile but then my autopay stopped working. Even though it’s on and I’m enrolled it never charges me the autopay amount instead it automatically suspends my service and then I have to pay close to $80 to restore it. This has been going on for months despite continually being enrolled in autopay. When I reach out to customer service they provide no help and offer no advice on how to fix the issue or remedy the issue. I’ve asked for a refund or if that’s not possible a partial credit to go towards my next bill and no response. I was told once they would discuss the possibility of a refund and never heard back from cricket customer service again after that. If I’m going to pay $80 I might as well change my service to Verizon or T-Mobile. Crickets service and coverage is horrible anyways. I will not be using cricket anymore and I won’t ever recommend it to anyone
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2 years ago, martea1
Customer Service is untruthful
Customer Service outright lied on a call. I requested a change of date for billing to be due on the 29th. The rep was not knowledgeable and I had to correct her on the date change multiple times. She put it at 27th and I requested the 29th. I corrected her multiple times and she said she would correct it, but it was obvious she was not going to do it and She didn’t. Im fine with the date being the 27th at this point, because it’s not worth having to deal with customer service to correct it. The whole call with this one rep was one huge irritation, because she either didn’t know what she was doing or simply just didn’t want to do it. What I’m not fine with is being lied to. She asked me the date and then deliberately used whatever date she wanted, even after I corrected her. Even the request to change the date she made harder than necessary. Also trying to move around and even find a forum on the MyCricket app was a chore. Note Cricket, I only want to comment on your Customer Service’s less than honorable behavior. I am requesting “NO” changes to my account. Thank you By the way asking for a nickname is stupid. Because you keep rejecting saying it’s taken. Sounds like to me it shouldn’t be so difficult. No manner what you put it’s rejected.
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3 years ago, BillyWhit50
When it works, it's great.
Our family has been with Cricket for over 3 years and it's a great carrier of phone service except for one thing...the Cricket App. About half the time it's down and I end up paying an extra fee JUST to pay the bill. THAT is totally unfair. I am retired and the funds expended to me come in on different days each month - meaning I simply CANNOT use "Auto pay". I'm told all the time that I won't have to pay the extra fee IF I use "Autopay". But not everyone can, as I have said. The reason for my 3 stars is due to the App being off-line or down so much. I've told them about it, and they seem to know this fact, but it never makes any difference. I used the APP today and it worked great. But in all probability, next month it won't. It would seem that Cricket is more interested in getting ALL their Customers on "Autopay" than fixing a serious problem with their APP for those of us that NEED TO USE IT. I sincerely hope they fix this as we are seriously looking around for another Carrier because of this continuing issue. I'd prefer to stay with Cricket if they bother to fix their APP.
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2 years ago, nattybyolo
My new Cricket Service
So last month I switched my pre paid phone service to Cricket Wireless and like all pre paid companies they had a app!!! I have never been able to successfully manage my account from a app especially with AT&T!!! Now my bill is cheaper and then my service is all the same great service!!! And I was able to pay my bill through a notification reminder which took me to the app and I just paid my bill so easily within a couple of minutes! No calling the company etc. No fees or anything just so simple!!! And I have never said that when it comes to doing things online!!! I am definitely happy with my service and the app!!! Finally!! Edit*. I am now months into my service and so far great service and app!! The app is extremely user friendly and I usually never figure them out but Cricket has truly made this one user friendly and perfect for anyone and bill pay is Super Easy!!!!!
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5 years ago, lilthing33
Mr Anthony
Me and my husband recently when to purchase a iPhone at cricket on the progressive leasing plan . We call the store on 4508 s orange blossom trail in Orlando at 8:10am and ask if they have any iPhone 7 Plus the salesperson respond yes we do have a 7plus I said ok my husband and I are coming in for one , we left our name . We drove up there stated our name the young lady said that her district manager is bringing in the phone in 1 hr time from another store mind you if she told us that before we would have drove to the other store but no they decided they are going to lie for a sale . So my husband ask to speak to the district manager and said that your sale person stated that they had the phone in the store so the district manger that goes by the name Anthony decide he want to have attitude by stating he doing us a favor and etc so my husband got angry and walk off and said never mind . So we went two different store around the Orange County area so Mr Anthony decide to call all the store and said they must not sell my husband the phone an less he is purchasing accessories with the phone and a maximum of 500 purchase the iPhone 7 Plus is 399 and accessories.
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4 years ago, love cricket😍
Love cricket!!
I had AT&T for probably 14 years. As a senior I have loyalty to a company. But they gave all the great new deals to new customers .. like phones and cheap plans ..and kept charging older loyal customers more and more and more a month.. it made me angry and frustrated!! I have to have AT&T because it’s the only tower near me...I went to Cricket which uses AT&T towers .. I pay $100 a month total!!! ...I have two iPads and two phones...... I save about $70 a month !!!! Each item has its own unlimited data..Yes it slows down a little after 22 GB (remember each item has its own 22 GB slow down limit...It’s not 22 GB for all four items ) but I don’t really stream many movies or play video games so it never bothers me.... Love it love it love it It works in Mexico and Canada if you have a tower somewhere close by. I traveled all over the United States for six months and 95% of the places were great. The app is super easy.. I have an iPhone 6 it works perfectly..
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4 years ago, crispux3
Nice useable app but with flaws
This review is based on version 2.7.15 of the app. Overall, I’m very pleased with the simplicity and ease of use with the app. One feature that I used was to change my plan: easily and instantly done. I can clearly and easily see that there are scheduled changes to my plan: great! So far, so good. However, since doing so, if I try to tap on “manage scheduled changes” either from the home screen of the app, or from “...more > plans and features > line details” the app consistently crashes. It’s not a deal breaker to using the app since the ease of use and convenience of the other features far outweigh this bug, but it definitely is an annoyance for sure, especially for one who would want to change to a different plan again. I would think that since the bug is consistent and works the same way every time, it should be an easy find and fix. It seems like with the “manage changes” E.T. is phoning home, but no one is answering (or answering but hanging up immediately).
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2 years ago, smbkrthrj
Don’t ever get cricket
I have only been with cricket for three months I brought my own iPhone I thought the service was OK so I purchased the Samsung galaxy a 52 with the 5G network I tried to return the phone because the network doesn’t work they denied letting me return it within seven daysNow I have spent the last month calling customer service every day because they locked both of my cell phones they don’t tell you that yes it’s prepaid but they force you to have six months of service even though you paid for the phone yourself cash and it belongs to you. Even my iPhone I didn’t even purchase from them and they locked it for six months so now I’m stuck with two phones that don’t work and they won’t let me unlock them!!! Horrible customer service I have talked to probably 40 representatives at this point and I’ve had a store manager on the line hang up on me twice won’t give me his name or his information to report him I will never offer good reviews for cricket!!!!!!!!!!! How can you claim to be a prepaid service if you lock a customers phone and won’t let them out for six months even when the phones belong to you!!!!!!
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10 months ago, m dbaney
Horrible customer service
I ordered a phone upgrade online unfortunately later to my knowledge I was on the same day my auto pay came out this caused a glitch in their system causing my order to freeze in pending. A week later they still could not resolve the freeze. They decided to cancel the order to resolve the freeze. Ok that is fine the issues me all the money (including the non refundable upgrade charges) that seamed great. Fast forward they froze my account suspended it due to the fact they are not allowed to refund said fees (my problem?) they caused this! So now they want the upgrade $25 back and a $15 reaction fee on top! I still need a phone and have to go into to the store pay another $25 upgrade fee. So I’m out $65 for their glitch?! It not even the money it’s the principle!! They caused all this, their glitch! Even tried a supervisor (Kevin) for him to say sorry this is rare but has happened I’m not authorized to refund fees. Seriously. What a joke. This is my first negative post in my life! And they deserve it! Note don’t make a purchase on your contract auto payment date you’ll get screwed and they DO NOT CARE!
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4 years ago, Dukemunn
cricket app works great ! Update 2020 aug 1 yr later still loving cricket
it always working great ! I love how hot spot works well and great pricing for our family ! We had cricket for a year and half now we are very satisfy with them it was best descions ever too leave Att who we were with for over 17 years but cricket seals were way better in our opinion no mess up on the bills ever and easy online pay ! Any question at our local cricket we had were very friendly and helpful ! We very satisfy with cricket my hubby and I both had no issues with lost signal unless were way way out boonie country but wifi will work we did try at my in laws home country wifi connected still call or text out if there no signal ! We’re not planning leaving cricket very impressed that our bills were promised as said no hidden you went over on the plan we are on 2 cell phones & 2 hot spots ! :) thank you cricket ! Very very happy customers !
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4 years ago, DakotaJB25
Poor customer service
I purchased a phone and a plan 2 months ago and switched from another provider, my number didn’t get ported completely so my phone only receives calls and text from a couple people. I’ve tried going in store multiple times to just get told oh well we don’t know what to do. So it’s pretty much like getting told , oh well you just spent all this money with us getting a phone but it doesn’t work but we can’t do nothing so you are just out that money. Not a care on their end. I just get told I’m sorry. I’ve contacted customer service, the porting system who contacted my last provider and they canceled the request to port my number over and told me once It canceled to go in store and then re submit it. It canceled and I went to my local store and go figure, they don’t know how to do anything. So once again I’m stuck back at customer service still trying to get it resolved! I’ve been paying for a phone for 2 months that I cant even hardly use! This has been the worse experience with any provider I’ve ever been with and I definitely won’t be back or don’t recommend! Pretty much took my money and said oh well sorry!
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4 years ago, j&d386
Great Phone Service
We’ve had this service for about 2 years now. They do it just right plus zero add-ons when we travel to Mexico. Prices are about half of big phone companies.) Only problem we have is we’re in a fringe area in Monrovia up tight against the foothills. The signal is very week all the time- only 1-bar at Rush Hour and at non-peak hours a low 2-bars for reception. During rush hour traffic we will drop calls 50% of the time. (We had same problem with AT&T when we used their service. But that changed back in 2013 when they added an additional service in our area. Since Cricket is a division of AT&T I don’t understand why the service isn’t better.) Sure would like to get 3-bar service since we are uphill from the I-210 Fwy and 2-3 miles from the interchange with I-605 Fwy. We have no problems once we get to Foothill Blvd.
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2 years ago, Adrilea
Terrible Service
I tried to add a hotspot to my phone line on the last day of my billing cycle. One day after I had made my usual monthly auto-payment of $100 (for 4 lines). Once completed, the website said my new monthly payment would be $130, but there was nothing due at that time and I assumed it was because I had just paid, so it would be due on my next payment. The following day, my account was suspended. I had received no notification, I only knew because I could not make outbound calls. When I called the representative informed me that I owed $55 for 2 hotspots and one activation fee. I refused to pay the activation fee and when asked why I was paying $40 instead of $30, she said I had “attempted” to order 2 hotspots, so I have to pay for 2. I asked if I was going to receive 2, and she said, “no, only 1.” Therefore, I feel like I have been bullied into paying more than the website stated and when asking about that, the representative said I should always call because the website is often wrong! I wasted an hour of my life and paid for more than I received and I cannot be more dissatisfied.
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2 years ago, MothGouran
Poor support
Been in a outage for the past 5 months preventing data and services regarding even calls, with no assistance available to attempt to resolve my continuous issue. I can’t even dial out at times this app is useless unless it’s going to take more money from me such as upgrade service but when it timed out not showing a payment was processed I’m left with the impression the payment didn’t go through and because of this it didn’t reflect on my statement for 8 hours as well as a my second attempt because there was no way of knowing the error was due to the application therefore I’m saying I was charged without confirmation and so I went on to continue to attempt my payment again because of this app I paid double what my budget allowance for a phone service is which is why I choose this provider to begin with is, and unable to get a refund for a credit because as the policy says for services it was not a service payment at the time because it’s a held credit. Seeing many issues with Cricket overall
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4 years ago, Slopedogg5150
Internet Connection Caveman Ages
I’ve been with Cricket for years and mostly because it’s conveniently priced so my whole family can have a phone and I can still afford the bill. The biggest draw back is the slow internet connection that we all experience. Sometimes my phone will be buffering for minutes at a time whereas my neighbors phone connects right away. She does not use Cricket. I even have WIFI at home because the connection is soooo Poor! But amazingly that is also a hassle because the phone wants to use the WIFi signal even when i turn my WiFi off because it’s running slow with too many devices connected. Then my phone seems to go into comatose mode instead of picking up with the cricket service I pay for every month. I’ve reset the network settings and tried everything else but it’s not really changed much and I think I’m this day and age , nobody should spend as much time as I do watching their phone buffer indefinitely!! And I have an IPhone XS Max so it’s not like if my phone needs upgraded. Also the insurance is a scam. Don’t even bother with it.
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6 years ago, Theresasc13
Leaving after 7 months
This is a discounted service I get it but after the last week I am done with Cricket. I live in a remote area with weak signal and my house has a metal roof and need WiFi Calling. About five days ago WiFi calling just stopped working on my iPhone I brought to Cricket from Verizon. When calling their support all the rep could say was that WiFi calling should have never worked on my phone because it wasn’t a phone I bought from them?! A seven month glitch?! I switched to Cricket when they started offering WiFi calling and didn’t see anything about byop not working with their service, otherwise I wouldn’t have made the switch! The rep also said I would have to buy a cricket Wireless phone to have the feature back? After all of that I tried to have my number forwarded to my Google number so I can receive calls in my house and that didn’t work either, it wouldn’t forward and afterwards I couldn’t make any outbound calls just received inbound? Customer service again was no help getting call forwarding working. I have ordered a new SIM card with another company and will never subscribe to Cricket again.
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4 years ago, Alex from Detroitt
Bad service, takes forever to send a text message
When I first got with cricket I loved their service it was GREAT!!! About 1 year ago the service got ridiculous: 1)people calling me and my phone doesn’t show missed call 2) every other text message takes 2-3 minutes to send and when someone sends me text message it would show 7 MINUTES AGO instead of NOW. So when my text notification will beep for first time and message shows it’s delayed anywhere from 5-10 min . It never used to be like that, and it’s not just my phone have delayed text issue it’s all 5 lines that I have, which tells me it’s not the device issue but a NETWORK PROBLEM !!! I’ve changed multiple devices over the years and everything worked great until a year ago, that’s when service got horrible. I tried calling the company many times but they playing it off like they don’t know what’s up. (Of course they won’t admit the problem) I personally think is that Cricket is at some kind of disagreement with AT&T since Cricket uses AT&T’S towers. Cricket is bad, horrible with constant delay of service.
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6 months ago, Deb Lord
Horrible! Buyer beware. You get what you pay for!!
Everything about this company is horrible. Terrible customer service. Extremely long Wait times whenever I have to call… which is too often. Extremely challenging to be able to speak to human being in customer service. It’s unfortunate that none of the customer service representatives are in America and that They are not available after 9 PM Eastern standard time. Haven’t been able to log into my account or the app for over a week and they can’t figure out why. Every customer service representative I have spoken to is no doubt in the Philippines and they literally read from a script instead of addressing my concerns head on like normal human beings should during a normal phone conversation. the list of annoyances and problems just go on and on and on and on. I will be switching to a different company as soon as possible. Buyer beware. Again, you get what you pay for with this company. If you want discounted prices, you will also get discounted customer service and cellular services. It just is what it is.
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4 years ago, TraumaDrama911
Rate Us Review
Well let’s begin where are you double charged me and I just got the second charge today where I paid this past weekend when you shut off my phone without warning I didn’t go more than one month I changed my bank account card but I was told by many merchants including my bank that this would not affect my automatic withdrawal checking account which you were doing on auto pay obviously did you shut my phone off I got word of it on my birthday June 28 I paid right away $139 that included the late fee even though I put in a new cardFor the same bank account that you were withdrawing from just make sure the cricket would get his payment. Now I see that my bank has another $120 withdrawn for the month of June on a set up that I did prior to you showing my line down and making me pay prior to on a weekend on a Sunday on June 28 without me being able to talk to anybody so you get three stars it fast because that’s what you deserve
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5 years ago, Saltyaboutmy10lol
Don’t add services using this app
I loved this app until today. I waited until I was paying my bill to add mobile hotspot to a phone on my plan. So I pay the $10 and add the hotspot and try to pay my bill at the same time. Doesn’t work. So I submit the $10 and then go onto my $90 bill and it won’t go through. I close out the app and try again and now my bill is $100. I call customer service because I do not want to get double charged for the hotspot and the first lady I talk to tells me she can’t do anything so I explain again why I do not want to pay twice for the same thing. After a while on hold again she tells me how to add services in the future without having this problem but she was talking to her supervisor and they were going to help me get credit for the $10 overcharge. This is when my phone died :( So I call back. The next guy I get is so unhelpful and says his supervisor says there’s nothing he can do because I added the hotspot myself on this app. So basically they’ll take your money from this app all day long but the moment there is a problem it is your fault because you used the app.
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11 months ago, Bizzle_615
Not for the customers
Your customer service is the most disrespectful in short words… I’ve been speaking with crickets customer service for the past two months about an investigation that was started because of A new employee there who did their job wrong. Their incompetence cost me a client that I may never get back. When calling about an update, they would have me waiting over an hour for every call that I made to them speaking of the investigation… Only for them to tell me today that there was never an investigation open. That means that every customer rep that I have spoken to, including crickets supervisors, have been lying to me on a recorded line for over a month. I have everything documented and the supervisor still states, while on the phone, that nothing is admissible in court. I guarantee that I will not be with cricket service EVER AGAIN. I really hope someone higher-up than the call centers can actually do something about this. Not just for me, but for the others who have gone through this and the ones that cricket have sought out for future mishaps.
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4 years ago, MeekaNycole
Slowly Declining in Customer Service
I’ve been a Cricket customer for over 8yrs (Family plan) and will be ending my relationship with them immediately & taking my business elsewhere. Lately Cricket has been nickeling & dimeing every dollar they can in service charges and I’m sick of it. I rarely can ever get a live person when calling customer care and when I do their English is so broken I can barely understand them. I was 30mins late paying my bill and they added a $15 charge stating that our phones were suspended but clearly they weren’t because I made a call. I paid the bill, the money came out of my account within seconds, but our phones are still showing as suspended on the app and it’s not showing where I made my payment. I loved Cricket service in the beginning but now they’re garbage. Mainly because of ALL of the extra fees that they’re taxing us with. I have 3 families that have family plans with Cricket because I referred them because the service used to be great. Once I jump ship they’ve already expressed that they’ll be jumping with me.
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4 years ago, Studio H
App Makes Account Managment Difficult
I recently added a third line to my account. It used a 2 GB data plan rather than the unlimited plans on the other two phones. My monthly charges were $110 per month. While using the app I saw a notice that I could have 3 unlimited lines for only $90 a month, and it included a button so that I could easily upgrade my account. It was kind of a no brained that I should do this, and I did. During the upgrade process the screen updated during each step and showed that my third line was now changed to unlimited data. Then when finished, it changed to a screen announcing that my new monthly charges would be $135! Fortunately there was also a cancel button and I was able to revert to my $110 fee. I tried again a few weeks later thinking it may have just been a glitch. But again it ended up being $135. So I called customer service and was able to get my account set up correctly. I’m still not sure that went wrong, and oddly, the CS rep also warned me about having this done at a Cricket store because they surely would have messed it up. She did say she was giving me a credit for my trouble and that my next bill would only be $80. Upon finishing my phone call I logged into the app and saw that my next bill was $88. I’m going to call it a wash at this point because the hassle of trying to correct it again would have been worth more than $8 of my time.
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1 year ago, Do NOT USE CRICKET
Worst customer service experience and service
I use to love cricket but today it has showed me that the cricket I once loved is no longer what I love. Today I had the most ruthless customer service agents Joanna and her supervisor is the worst people to talk to I tried to talk to them and explain what was going on but they kept repeating the same thing. I asked why do you keep telling me the same thing as if your a automated system I waited 4 days to talk to someone because none was ever available to speak to it always hangs up and says to call back later. I told the lady since your being rude do I need to take my services elsewhere the rude Indian lady said you can take them elsewhere instead of helping me what is the point of her being a supervisor if she can’t help anyone she only needs to be a customer service representative nothing more neither of them needs to work. I wouldn’t recommend cricket if it the last thing on earth. I will be switching my service from cricket. I hope you guys go out of business this was ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Bryce Isaac
How much I love this company.
Well what can I say after been a Cricket customer for almost 3 years now , they have yet to disappoint me and my children. One of the biggest mistakes that I could have ever done was to leave my company for 2 weeks and I say my company bc they make us all feel like we are apart of the team. 😁 Leaving Only bc my kids wanted new phones and at that moment was not able to purchase all new phones went to at@t the worst mistake of my life. Cricket is a family filled company that makes and try there best to make sure there customers are always with service. You tell me what other company can you have everything you need as far as features and makes it affordable for the whole far. This company is such a blessing to my family. I appreciate you guys so much and keep up the friendly caring service. Much Love Bryce
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5 years ago, 'Kula
Super easy to add features and manage costs
I’ve been a Verizon and Sprint customer for over a decade and I had always been frustrated with how complicated it’s been to manage various features and costs across multiple lines for the entire fam. I wanted to add a mobile hotspot to just one of our five family lines and so I downloaded the app to see if that was possible and yes , it’s there and it’s super easy and quick . With Sprint especially for the past 4 years we’ve been asking ourselves “why is our bill so d@#€ high ?? “ and the sprint website is twice as hard to navigate and there’s so many little fees and complications to the bill and understanding why the bill is what it is . Cricket just simplified this whole thing GREATLY and the Cricket app is kind of a microcosm of what’s really good and efficient about this service overall . Well done .
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2 years ago, Word1218
Excellent service & Love the App!!!
I switched to Cricket at the recommendation of a friend! I had been with AT&T for over 40 years!!!! Having two lines with unlimited data was costing us close to $200….and being on fixed income now amidst rising prices on EVERYTHING, something had to give!!!! After switching , I now pay less than half that price, and cannot tell one bit of difference!!! Excellent service!!!! I downloaded the App and just paid my first bill with no issues whatsoever!!! I love being able to go to the app and see my usage!!! I will be saving over $1,000 per year by simply changing carriers!!!!! Wished I had done this YEARS ago…… So far, very pleased… regrets……..(Any change , I will update….) Thanks Cricket! keep up the great work!!!!!Word1218
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6 years ago, Bl2502
Pls fix the saved login feature
They fixed it!! YES! Idk if it was my review or it was already on their release schedule (probably latter) but they fixed it so saved password works again, thanks cricket! The app doesn’t have a lot of frills but does what you want it to do. 👍🏽 —update— Cricket app used to okay, not the most reliable uptime but did what you wanted it to do: Pay, change plan, look at your data usage on compared to how many days have passed in the month (great feature). Now though they changed it so you can’t save your password logging into the app— the feature doesn’t work anymore!!! I understand adding something where it triggers it again inside the app for sensitive stuff (changing plan, credit card whatever) but why doesn’t it work when you first try and log in?! WTH. Part of the convenience was being able to just jump straight into the app - please fix this ASAP!
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6 years ago, SodThrower
No Touch ID support
Left Verizon to go with Cricket and I’m happy with the coverage. Traveled from Ohio to Bellingham Washington and the coverage was every bit as good as Verizon. Got on a sailboat in Bellingham and sailed through the San Juan’s to Sidney Canada. Compared my coverage which still was great while sailing in the San Juan’s to a fellow boat mate with an iPhone that had Verizon and my coverage was as good...and actually better in that I had some coverage all the way in Canada. My reason for rating a 3 is strictly due to the lack of Touch ID support for the iOS app. Really. It is a statement of lack of caring on the part of Cricket for iOS customers. They say they have been working on it since August but it is hard for me to believe since there have been updates since then but alas no movement on Touch ID. Have been happy with the 2G plan for $30/month...never have gone above 1G even sending pictures daily from 2 weeks of sailing the San Juan’s. Hoping for movement on the Touch ID which would move me to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, tcurtis007
Worst company ever
I have been a cricket customer for solid 8 years haven’t had too many issues with the company customer service has been good. Last week I decided to upgrade my account to the mobile hotspot plan, which is ten dollars more than what I’m paying now. I have autopay already set up mind you. So they tell you they will just charge you on your next billing cycle for the new plan, well for whatever reason cricket decided to only charge my $50 when my new plan requires $60. Then instead of telling me about it while I was at work last night my account was suspended and had to pay reactivation fee as well as the balance. When I called them to amend this charge they told me I could call my bank have them cancel the payment but then my account would be suspended again. This upset me a lot because I thought it was my phone messing up not being able to use my data, I almost ordered a new phone that night because of this. Only to realize it’s crickets fault. I’m done going to Verizon or att
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2 years ago, disgustedashellcustomer
The fact the this company has yet to be able to correct the current ACP issue so I can receive the credit that I am completely approved to receive is overly ridiculous. The fact that every time you say that it’s being forward in a ticket to be fixed and then I receive a call to reiterate the same line of bulll&$@) over and over. Yet you continue to send me bills that I continue to pay with the empty promise from you that it will be fixed and not be. So I want to let you know for yet again a 4th month in a row I just paid the full bill. WITHOUT the discount you can’t seem to figure out. Poor customer service is the biggest understatement in this situation. Lame and sorry doesn’t cover it either. Get it together I’m sure I’m not the only one that is getting pushed aside and nothing getting done like promised. You don’t even deserve the one star I had to give to leave this. But I guess we will see if this helps leads you to do what should’ve been done MONTHS ago. THANKS FOR NOTHING BUT A WORKING PHONE.
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3 years ago, Aledolo
MyCricket app is not good
Hi, I’m aldo And I’ve been a cricket costumer for about a year, I tried other carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and even Verizon but honestly switching to cricket was the best choice, I live in San Diego and I go to Tijuana every other day and my data my signal and everything is just PERFECT but… there’s only one thing that I can complain about, the app is just not good, just like I said before I tried other companies and their apps are great, T-Mobile and AT&T the best and I wish you guys can improve the cricket app to make it more competitive, also when I’m in Mexico and I want to check on my app I just can’t do it on my own data, when I use wifi is all good but when I’m on my data I cannot log in I wish you can work on it, fix those little bugs and maybe work on a new app redesign, and I can assure you that if you do that cricket will be just 10\10 👌🏽💯 Thanks.
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6 years ago, ZambotTheShadow
Horrible App
I don’t know why people are rating the cricket service when this is the cricket app, you are meant to rate the APP that you downloaded not their service. I only got this app because this is the ONLY way you can contact support now and guess what? Every time I go to start typing in with an actual agent the app force closes. This happens literally every time. Never fails. So, basically, they have it where it’s impossible to chat with an agent, you HAVE to call in and wait for a while just to get your problem fixed. Other than that the app is okay. It obviously has a major bug issue because it force closes a lot and that’s highly annoying. The app is useless, you have to have data or be in WiFi to use it so if you’re out of data and your not in WiFi and your phone is due your screwed basically. And with how much this app force closes I wouldn’t trust it to actually accept payments. I will stick with using the website. Just wish you could actually CHAT with an agent on their like you used to be able to.
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2 years ago, Beechnut20
I went to the store to upgrade my child’s phone. The lady sold me a phone, made a call with it to make sure it worked, then handed it to me. I put the phone in the box until I got home. Once we pulled out the phone we noticed there was a pressure point on the screen. I immediately called the store to tell them & she told me to come back to the store. The manager accused me of tampering with the screen after I left the store. This all happened in an hours time. I bought the phone, got it home, & then turned around & went back to the store. The manager was rude & very insensitive. Now, not only did I pay a lot of money for new phones, but now I have to pay extra to trade it in. This is terrible! This is a new phone! I was sold a bogus phone! I didn’t ask for my money back, I simply asked to trade it for a phone that didn’t have problems. I will not ever go back to that store. I will not recommend this store to others. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM CRICKET STORES! You will get screwed
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3 years ago, Jjjjjjjjska siqldn
Love cricket
We were paying around $400 a month for phones through at&t....we loved over to cricket and now our bill for 4 lines is $ would be $100 but we opted for the option that gave each line 15megabytes of hot spot each month. That added $30 to the plan. We all have iPhones and the progressive app they use to finance phones is fast and easy to apply. I paid them off in 90 days so I bought an 11 for $700. And an sx for $245. If you choose to pay monthly for over a whole year you pay for twice the 90 day rate. Cricket provides the same coverage in our area that at&t does. It’s great for our family. Much for economical. In store employees are so nice and knowledgeable. And online support is great as well. The app to pay each month is easy peasy. Thanks cricket!!!
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9 months ago, PinkNikky99
Argh 😠😤🙄
I hate cricket!!!! Wasting my time with there useless app already, there useless bot, and the people are just wasting time NOT responding. That chat bot should be less confusing about how long I need to wait for 🙄. Geez, and if you actually charged $100 dollars, I’ll be so mad! I hope this company goes out of business. For no reason, you make this difficult to make visual voicemail work, and waste hours of my time!!!!!!! I have better things to be doing cricket!!!!!!!!!!!! My visual voicemail hasn’t worked for 2 and a half years for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!! People tell me in person they left me a voicemail, and it is always empty!!!!! The different article tips online to fix the voicemail hasn’t worked! Why is it that I talk to Apple on the phone, and they try helping me right away and tell me I needed to talk to cricket to try getting the issue resolved? But then with cricket on the message thing after responding to a bot who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, doesn’t help at all.?!
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6 years ago, Fordsbulldogs
Great service. Even Greater app!!!
I have had ZERO issues with Cricket for service in the last year that they’ve been our provider but I am even more impressed with their app! This app is so easy to use. Has ALL the info you need for your account. I was even able to make changes to my plan right through the app with no long wait on hold and no service rep trying to selling me something else! AND— it was super fast. I was all wrapped up in just a few minutes with an upgraded plan including what the new billing amount will be— no surprises ever. BEST decision I’ve ever made! We were paying over $400 for the same cell service before and the WORST customer service and circus act you’ve ever seen when you needed something. Couldn’t be happier with Cricket and I tell EVERYONE!!! Thank you.
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5 years ago, Shopper ohio
Data speeds impossibly slow NO Video!!
Cricket changed their policies as of August 2019.... even though I did not change my plan and tend to use very little data, Cricket now THROTTLES ALL VIDEO!!! I cannot get ANYTHING to steam or playback. Every video halts after about 5 seconds. I tried to watch a 60-second promo clip and Cricket just chokes!!! Not a movie or a whole episode , just the trailer and it freezes! Cricket (and the cricket app) day you can TURN Off their streaming optimizer (Stream more) to isolate the problem...NOPE I followed their instructions to the letter and it will not turn off. The app is full of ads to upgrade service, add a line, add features, buy phone insurance, and sell sell SELL!!! Geez people I’m already on your network, just let me enjoy my MEASLY1mb/sec speeds, please!! Oh, by the way, Cricket says it works in mexico...NOPE!! I just happened to take a cruise last month and once we got to Mexico I had “NO SERVICE”. Zip, zero, nada, nothing. Couldn’t even open the app or call 611 to diagnose the issue. No phone service at all, contrary to what their online fine print says, your Cricket phone will NOT work in Mexico. I have tried to stay with Cricket to save a buck but my family is soooo mad at me for switching to Cricket!! Don’t do it! Oh, the find my friends app? Worked fine all the time until I switched to cricket. At least now I can go to the bar without my wife knowing, since the cricket network doesn’t work she cannot track me!
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2 years ago, Justina Crum
I love cricket!! Yeah they might not have the newest phone but you can get a new phone and put it with them if it’s unlocked or from your old company as long as it’s payed off! You don’t have to buy there phones! They call center is amazing!! I’m not waiting 4 hours to talk to someone! They are all super nice including the people in the store!! I can’t wait till my fiancé phone is payed off so he can leave spectrum and come to cricket because spectrum keeps screwing him over! They are charging him $190 at spectrum for his phone when it supposed to be half because they keep upping his bill!! With cricket I will be paying $90 for TWO phones witch is so much better!!! I really love cricket and I so recommend them!! Keep up the good work cricket!!
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3 years ago, Codgod1335
After 6 years… Best service by far
I’ve have many phone services and am constantly moving so switching services is sometimes a must. That being said Cricket has been my favorite and after 6 years I will be leaving :( Not by choice but with a new member in the family we all needed phones and switched to T-mobile for the free iPhone 13s. For after my contract ends I will be coming back so please wait for me my dear sweet Cricket 💕 on a more serious note the service has always been amazing, I’m talking full bars even on hikes and mountains. The app is actually very clean and easy to use and honestly they have amazing promotions for services. Only thing is I wish they offered more phone options/promotions for upgrades.
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11 months ago, Cali K🍰
Cricket overuses your Hotspot
When comparing apples to apples cricket fluctuates it's Hotspot usage and how much data it uses up. I bought the extra hotspot once thru the app and every since then it's like they try to lie and say that I've used up all of my hotspot and there is no way I can use 75% of 15 GB in two hours. They’ve done this to me three months in a row. Cricket scams with their hotspot and I’ve proven it by running Metro by T Mobiles hotspot at the same time on the same type of device for the same time period and Cricket uses far more hotspot than other companies. Definitely don’t recommend this company because their agents hang up on you as well. Other companies use about 2gb per 2 hrs where as Cricket uses triple that in the same time frame. This leaved me with a scammed feeling and proof of breach of contract by boosting my hotspot data output to use up my hotspot faster in hopes I’ll buy more data from them.
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3 years ago, cincyboy1976
Awesome Service Highly Recommend
I switched from Boost too Kricket after 7yrs. I travel quite often for working well up till a yr or so ago I never went without service and I travel too see extremely remote area’s and all over a sudden I slowly started losing coverage or would go into roam well as time went on it progressively got worse too where on top of my $60 plan I was on I had to have a $40 unlimited roaming plan to my account which made it $100 a month after a couple months of that I switch to cricket since watching TV now I have yet to lose service anywhere at any time and have been to some of the same location that I used to go to before I do service with boost so like I said I would highly recommend them five stars all the way
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3 years ago, Rach H 1104
Dezavala cricket James
I spoke with a gentleman at your DeZavala Cricket location named James this evening after being beyond frustrated trying to get my screen replaced on my phone at apple. James was exceptionally helpful and literally saved me from a melt down. He was able to explain how to get my screen fixed at the corporate store which was a fraction of what apple wanted to charge. He also explained the option of a “sim switch” to another phone I own and THEN took the time to inform me of the possibility of selling one of the phones I own. He was such a pleasure to speak to after dealing with apple and its employees! I will never use another carrier after speaking with such a professional, helpful and knowledgeable customer service representative. He is definitely a superb asset to the cricket team!! Rachel A.
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4 years ago, JPCWA
Absolutely horrible
Horrible wireless company. Stay away from at all costs!!! 1. Paid first month with the new debit card bank sent No problem. 2. Can’t pay second month or third month with said debit card. Bank says detecting wrong address. Which I suspect is why it shows up as “invalid card information” when I try to pay through the cricketwireless website and app. This is all Cricket wireless’s fault though. They put my home address into my account and Not my P.O. Box mailing address. My P.O. Box mailing address is connected with my debit card. They screwed up and Not me!!!!!!!!! 3. Cricket wireless won’t let me change my address to fix that. There is No way to change your address information through their app or website. Whoever did the programming on their website and app is inept!!! 4. They have instructions for changing your account information on their website through their app and under “my account” via their website but it’s all false information. There is No “edit” option or address information that shows up under. Cricketwireless is a bunch of Liars!!!! 5. Used a refill card to get around these issues with their app and website and the inability to pay but cricketwireless still has my account suspended. What paid with said refill card I am ow out. Cricketwireless ripped me off!!!!!! 6. Can’t call their customer service because I am deaf and they do not have support for deaf people.
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