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User Reviews for MyDISH Account

4.55 out of 5
346.6K Ratings
4 years ago, msmith8780
Are you still watching is not acceptable
I’m Periodic shut off ! I’m paying for this service 24/7 get rid of the are you watching ! It’s really a complete nuisance to me as a long time subscriber which I know the by passes but you provide a service 24/7 do not shut my service or ask me ever 3 to 5 hrs am I watching . Get your act together then you €+%*>^<¥% want to ask a nick name to send my response really !! I give your admiration a zero Periodic shut off ! I’m paying for this service 24/7 get rid of the are you watching ! It’s really a complete nuisance to me as a long time subscriber which I know the by passes but you provide a service 24/7 do not shut my service or ask me ever 3 to 5 hrs am I watching . Get your act together then you €+%*>^<¥% want to ask a nick name to send my response really !! I give your admiration a zero
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1 year ago, forgot people
Well what can I say ? First off the programming of advertising allturnitive life styles for money is wrong. I can not understand how u can put sex and drug advertisement on a public tv station ( drag queens cocaine use men kissing men wemon also. Tried to contact the fcc and was told they don’t handle that. I was floored. They come and pentlize people for having c B radios that have to much power and they don’t regulate what my grand kids can see. Really who is driving the bus. They advertise m tv with a Vivian bear. Kids see this hello we can not block everything they r tech wizards parents work and try to do what’s right and they r putting this for kids to watch really. I am the costumer I should not have to pay and then watch my tv so I can protect my children. U want to know what’s wrong with country why mad shooting child sex trafficking. Just look at the fcc. Now the programming u will put what ever pays u u don’t care no one is at the switch. Now u make it where old people have to buy tv because we can’t get local tv with ant. Because they cut there power at nite. This is all old people have come on. My price went up and at the same time u took 30 of the air. I want the right to get my tv free. Not to made you buy tv. It is discrination and yes I am old and can’t spell but we r on a misson to get our rep. S in Washington d c to stop this madness. We r already pay for water we drink tv we watch next the air we breath. Greedy
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5 years ago, DonC2
TV is Changing
I have been with Dish Network over 20 years. I always felt like it was a good value. It is no longer a good value. To pay nearly $200 a month for tv is foolish and irresponsible. Other methods are available for much less. Knowing this I have still tried to stick it out with Dishnet. The past few months Dishnet and FoxSports Network have gone separate ways due to inability to agree to terms. I am certain Fox wants more and Dish won’t increase cost to customers in an effort to fight for their customers. This puts me in a predicament because I am paying $13 per month just so I can watch St. Louis Cardinals baseball on Fox Midwest. I have done without for quite some time now, hoping a deal would be struck to return my one channel I pay $13 a month for. So , The season is in the last month and still no baseball on tv. I just went in and cancelled the package I have gotten nothing in return for. I feel satellite tv is in danger of going away if they don’t find a different way to do business that can lower the cost to consumers. The right thing for Dishnet to do is refund the cost of this package since FSN became unavailable. I am also disgusted by the refer a friend promotion that has been going on for years.
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2 years ago, 3Clyde3
Trouble canceling account for elderly customer
We recently were in contact with dish support trying to cancel the new contract for my mother, willing to pay the amount of the disconnect fee of over $300. Note my parents are both in their 80’s and had placed a service call last year in doing so the technician updated their service and equipment, receiving approval from a senior with dementia (dad was admitted to a facility approximately 2 months after signing) this upgrade put them into a new 2year contract. Now Mom is left with a service that she does not need and forgets how to use. Therefore, we get calls at midnight because she thinks that the tv doesn’t work because she has hit the wrong buttons. Therefore, we figured we would request the service be canceled and pay the fee, however when calling support to do so we’re told that we couldn’t without letters from the facility that my father is in or Dad’s signature, however we were repeatedly asked if we wanted an upgrade and why we wanted to cancel, and after explaining were told to train mom that it is really easy. All I can say is, I am ashamed of how this country has begun to treat their elderly.
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5 years ago, J0561
This app doesn’t work
I recently dumped my DirecTV subscription after 10 years primarily because of their incessant channel interruptions/disputes and as I’ve noticed, something that Dish Network is certainly not immune to. These interruptions are now escalating to the extent that the federal government really needs to intervene so that consumer rights and subscription rates we pay has more “say” in a process that we are continuously locked out of. As a new subscriber, and while I have been perceiving Dish Network as an alternative TV subscription service, there have already been several hiccups with respect to getting the channels I’ve supposed to receive to “download” into my channel lineup so I can view them...this is a process that takes wwwwaaayyy too long. And now I’m not able to activate this app as a means of reviewing and/or having access to my Dish Network account. I have a iPhone XS which I’d like to think should be a compatible device. What I had hoped would be a seamless transition from one to another and for what they tout as enticing features for their customers is quickly becoming frustrating and making me think twice if it was a wise decision to have switched.
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5 years ago, granny4492
For the most part I love my dish services. But am greatly disappointed in the information I received related to the latest charge on my bill. When initially setting up our account we were told that we only needed the sports pkg that we have carried since opening our act. Were told we would be able to watch Tennessee Vols and Chicago Cubs. Then spring and baseball and blacked out games. I did not understand the blackouts and called to inquire. That happens you just need to add this pkg and you can see every game. I promise. Guess what. Games still blacked out. Called again. This customer rep explained that even by adding pkg that station owners still blacked out some games. The new pkg will not help that. So waited a day. Yesterday every baseball game on the new pkg channels were all blacked out at same time yesterday (Saturday) afternoon/evening. So pkg totally useless. Cancelled and was charged $5 for canceling a pkg your first rep told me was what I needed. Very very disappointed in this “customer service” Dish! ☹️☹️☹️
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8 months ago, thetreydude
Never again
I was a 5 year subscriber who was mostly satisfied. I called one day to get my bill lowered and was talked into a new 24 month contract in exchange for some minor little bill credits. Better than nothing I suppose, right? Well...just a few days to couple of weeks later, they pulled our NBC off the air due to one of their ever present contract disputes. We endured the loss of NBC for over three weeks until my wife had enough. This was a deal breaker for us and we opted to try a streaming service (which I wish we had done years ago). Because I had been roped into another 2 year contract, they are now charging me $230 to break the contract-- after only receiving *ONE* little bill credit and DESPITE having satisfied my original contract obligation from 2018 long ago. I sincerely hope more and more people continue to cut the cord and put these greedy crooks out of business. Dish Network, make a copy of my bill and post it on your wall because it's the last penny you will ever see of mine. To others looking for cable service, take heed at the kind of company you are dealing with.
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4 months ago, Ragzysmom
With all the streaming services out there it seems like we are paying an awful lot every month. We have been customers for decades in multiple states. The equipment charge is really irritating in that it never ends—in the past, at some point you own the equipment—it seems like major unjust enrichment to pay what the equipment would cost several times over and still not own it. We love the Hopper and the Joey but come on! With all the other options out there I would think Dish would do a lot more to reward long-standing customers—a foreseeable end to paying for the equipment would be a start. It also really irritates me that you offer better deals and programs for NEW customers with whom you have no established relationships instead of valuing the established customers who have been your bread and butter and have stuck with you thru the price hikes and everything else.
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2 years ago, franksLawnMaintenance LLC
I went out and bought two4K TVs so that I could have 4K television in my home. Turns out this does not provide any 4K channels/programming unless you have Internet. The sales person promised me that every single channel would come in in 4K on my 4K TVS… The first technician did not set up the 4K hopper in the correct room. The second technician lied to me and said all the HD channels were actually 4K. He said all I needed was a $40 cable that he had on the truck and I would get 4K. So I bought that $40 cable. This new cable did absolutely nothing to change the picture to 4K still did not get 4K on any TVs. The third technician came out and said oh well that second technician sold you the wrong cable you need to buy this $40 cable which I bought. I still do not have 4K on any channels on any of my TVs. I feel lied to and betrayed by the sales person and the technicians. I am extremely dissatisfied with dish. I’m a three-year customer going on for years. I cannot wait till my two year contract (that I am now obligated to since I was lied to by dish representatives) It’s over so I can get rid of dish forever
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3 years ago, Susie in Oly
My Dish App Doesn’t Open - TV Provider Not Available
I haven’t been able to open this app. I only get a grayed out error message saying TV Provider not available. I’ve tried to delete the app & start over but it just goes to the cloud. I cannot log off & then log back in. The technical support could not figure out a fix. Just that he would create a heat ticket but nobody will contact me as this department does not provide customer support. The My Dish Anywhere app works great for me. Why dies one work & not the other?? So anytime I want to resubscribe when camping I have to phone Customer Service and pay that way. They also have to manually set up my local channels. Can’t you simply delete my Account & rebuild it???
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3 years ago, Jreed72
Don’t go with dish
I made the switch to dish. Let’s just say as soon as my contract was up I was gone. Customer service has tried to make it as hard as they could to stop me. My service was restarted a few days after I canceled it without my permission. The customer service agents told me I’d have to pay for 2 days prorated service. They proceeded to tell me I was stupid for leaving dish, and that they only help make intelligent tv choices. Finally I got to a supervisor who helped me clear all those charges. I will definitely not choose dish again. They could charge a dollar for their service, but if you don’t have the channels I want it’s not worth it. One thing they should understand is that. They definitely need to not bad mouth their competitors when trying to keep customers. I ended up going to direct tv because of that lol. I had them prior to dish and they didn’t give as hard of a time leaving as dish. When you leave dish don’t pay last bill with the app it’ll restart your service.
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5 years ago, now wants a nickname
You list little blocks of available TV advertisements and bury the payment availability. I had a very hard time trying to pay my bill. I don’t like having to waste space on my cell phone using my Data to download “my dish”. You are my TV provider not my best friend. We should be able to go online and make a payment without downloading your app. I went into my accounts and it put me right back to the stuff you are pushing. I went into Support and it led me right back to the stuff you are pushing. It’s all about Dish and the hype you push. People want to pay there bill online without having to download your stupid app or having to see programming that you all try to shove down your customers throats!! Very Selfish on Dish’s behalf!! I don’t like having to download your app but have No Other Choice if I want to pay my bill! There again it’s all about Dish and not making it more accessible to pay a bill online.
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1 year ago, Mizz KottonKandie
Upset and Disappointed
I have been a customer for many years. It seems like dish net work has been having many issues that customers are having to pay for. My bill goes up and down. Channels are taken away put back taken away again. You couldn’t even get through to a live person or even on the website. Your whole times are ridiculous on the phone and through chat. You’re put on hold during the wait time for almost 40 minutes to an hour and then disconnect it and then you have to start all over again. For the prices you would expect better service. And it’s not like it’s the best channels. and you wonder why you lose customers. I wonder if Mr. Charles McKay knows what’s going on. Maybe next time I should email corporate. And speak to them about my bill.
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4 years ago, 1stMichael
Not necessarily the best deal in town “anymore”
I’ve been using DisnNetwork almost Constantly, for the past 25+years. They used to be willing to work with you on the $$$ amount, they would get you the latest discount package at the time of your current promotional period. Also, they sorta behind my back, renewed my contact, during a failing equipment ordeal. I signed up for their advertised “free local channels/ outdoor antenna” program. Well the locals were always pixeled, & going off & on. DishNetwork, signed me up for their repair service & monthly fee ! Program, & had Tech’s out to my house 3-4 times, & they could Not fix it. Then one of their “Master” techs came out. After he ran out of tricks, he suggested, let’s try another reviver, “mine was several years old “ . So he installed the latest thing, we tried it for a few days. STILL Not working!! SO ! They (Dish) said, let’s put you back on the monthly fee for locals. & Well ! Sure that worked! But Now I have a “more expensive monthly program & receiver combo package” so the reverted my programming back where I was too. With a lesser receiver too! NOW !! I find out that in the “Fine Print” Is states that ANYTIME a Receiver is up-graded/replaced, it AUTOMATICALLY Extends you Contract fir another 2 years!! Even Though It was THEIR FAULT TO BEGIN WITH!! That My Friend leaves a Very Bitter After-taste Behind !!!
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2 years ago, what next??
I just joined the app And registered with a user name and password because I just got the silver plan protection. I can’t get to it to Answer questions it said I need to answer for the protection plan. I’ve had trouble with my dish for a few months and talked to a representative a month or so ago, she thought the problem was fixed, I tried to tell her it wasn’t and I’ve been having trouble ever since. I’ve called dish 2times on Monday ( June 20th) and was on phone for 35 min the first time and got disconnected. I called back and was told to push 1 for the same representative but of course she was on the line with another customer ( I Thought maybe it was me) so I had to get another representative and was on phone for over 30 min again he said I needed a technician to come out. The first appointment was June 30. I think this is ridiculous and if the problem isn’t fixed soon, I’m goin to switch companies!! Low and behold I can’t even get this message to send!!
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4 years ago, shipofool
Very weak Television service!
So many of the same OLD shows being shown over and over again -day in, day out. So many OLD movies (from the 60’s and 70’s) over and over again! And I’m paying for it? Like the saying goes “100 channels and still nothing on”! How many times can I watch the same movie -that’s showing every day -2 weeks in a row? Are you that hard up for content? Yes. When I wanted to see some of my favorite shows on NBC for the last month -I couldn’t because Dish doesn’t carry NBC anymore. I and all Dish subscribers should get at least a month of free service as a result and a discount in the monthly bill. Even my neighbors that only get 3 TV stations with an antenna get NBC! This kind of “service“ is NOT what I agreed to in the 2 year contract!
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5 years ago, rileysboy
So, so, review
Seems like “new” or potential customers receive more incentives than established ones. The most annoying thing though, is the fact that my 120+ stations amount to alot of similarities...going from one station to the next and the only difference is the program title in most cases. I want entertainment, not looking for info programs, and not looking to buy anything. In my subscription, I count 10-15 stations that I look at. For me, the rest are not worth my time, so I guess, paying more for less. Looking to see if I can at least reconnect an outdoor antenna to receive local networks. Paying for something that’s otherwise free, is a rip-off! Plain and simple! We are in an area, that if you want more than local stations, you have satellite service to choose from, because cable is not available. Definitely wish there was “something else” out there!!!!!!
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5 years ago, terjonsar
Our service
From the beginning of having this service we have had nothing but trouble. We have had to reset the Joeys every day at least four or five times. At that point we just get aggravated and frustrated and turn off the TV. I talked to a very knowledgeable young Lady in customer service on Wednesday, September 28th. She walked us through many different things in order for our service to work. After hanging up with her we had to reset both Joeys again. I have been extremely busy and not had a chance to call customer service back and ask for a technician to be sent, I will be doing that tomorrow morning. I love everything dish has to offer and I’m extremely irritated that I am missing the shows I really love.
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4 years ago, Needing Clarification
Charge for Wally box I own
I went to start up my Dish service for my motor home only to find I am being charged $7.00 every time for a Wally box I own!! When I called to ask about this I was told everyone now gets charged regardless of if they own or rent. This is ridiculous! I asked if a box would be sent to me if I am paying for it and was told “ I believe”. I asked the customer service rep if this meant she knew or not. I did not feel I was getting factual information, just her agreeing with what should happen. Also was told that if I turn on the service for the 30 days and only use it 2 I would be able to get a credit for the other 28 days, “ she believes”. I was never notified of any policy change and had no idea equipment fees would be added to the monthly service for what I purchased and own. Anyone else had the same problem? My customer service rep said many people who own their boxes and call in are angry. I need clarification on these points!!
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4 years ago, snoozzznloozzzing
Hands down Dish blows away any satellite company especially Direct TV. I love Dish because my wife can record everything she wants and there is plenty of space left for my favorite stuff. 2 + Trillion worth of recording space. That’s like the “cloud” in your TV. Fantastic Direct Tv was a terrible experience for me. Very Important— Make sure you keep your return equipment receipts for Direct TV. They will claim months later that they didn’t receive 600 dollars worth of equipment as they did me. I even made pictures of postal paperwork. If I had not kept these records they would have claimed I never sent equipment back. Nothing like paperwork backup satisfaction..Bad people. Credit killer. I love MY DISH NETWORK! Great prices With no surprises.
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3 years ago, 2950lbird
App keeps saying your provider not listed.
I’ve had this app up and working for a long time and now I’ve came back to it two different times with in weeks apart and each time it looks like it’s going to load up but it always pulls up a little white screen that says you’re provider is not supported. So I deleted the app and tried reloading it same thing so now I’m writing in hopes that I will get an answer that you can fix it because it was working . I hope you haven’t discontinued the app it still shows in the App Store that it’s available so I don’t understand why it’s doing that. Please let me know if there’s something else I can do thank you
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1 year ago, C C Russell
I got the tailgater for camping and the advertisement for the Dish package said it included local channels. The only time we used it, a couple months ago, there were no local channels so I tried to call Dish customer service but for two weeks all I got was “our service is down but we’re working on it”. Now I just renewed the account for another camping trip and the rep told me there are no local channels included, it’s an additional $12. We have the Top 120 package and honestly their “Top 120” has maybe 10-15 channels that are watchable unless you enjoy QVC or Spanish speaking channels. We only use it for camping so it’s a thorn that I’ll have to live with but it’s a lot of money for not a lot of tv. Just my opinion but I would probably just go with over the air channels if I knew I could get them but sometimes campgrounds can be notoriously bad for tv reception.
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5 years ago, Not2old2do
Bonnie Smith
I agree with Pamela. I have belonged to DISH since it became available in Houston, Texas. I know you add channels, but seldom any that makes any difference in what I view. I also liked Smithsonian Channel. Can’t you bring it back. I also think for the price we pay we should be able to choose the channels we watch. And I agree you need to get better and newer movies. I am 78 years old and movies like Silence of the Lambs and Forrest Gump (while great) have been run at least 200 times and sometimes all day long. That is a bit ridiculous I think. Perhaps you could do like Sirius Radio and pick choices like oldies, most recent, westerns, comedies, etc. I am now able to get Direct, and although Dish service has always tried to accommodate I am considering the pros and cons of making the change.
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7 years ago, B&AD
Won't open beyond Logo screen
I've used the app for a while with no issues. After the last update, the app will not open beyond the Logo screen. I tried closing the app completely and rebooting my iPhone 6 before trying to reopen and still it will not go beyond the logo screen. This version does not work. In response to your questions, I have an iPhone 6 software version 10.3.3. I believe that prior to the app upgrade I was using the remember me function. I do not believe that I was using the Touch ID to log in. The app never goes beyond the Dish Logo, so I cannot verify that information. The app was convenient prior to the app upgrade and is now useless in its current configuration. Since there appear to be several reviews with the same issue, hopefully this will be able to be resolved quickly. Thank you for your response.
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6 years ago, No slew
My Dish App
Has always worked fine until I got the update and it told me this version was no longer compatible with my iPhone 5c. It asked me to download a new version and I did about six times and when I open it the same thing happens , update and download new version. It works fine on my wife's 5c. I have been updating this app everyday since November 22 and everyday it ask me to update and download the new version which I do everyday and it loads and immediately ask me to update again. It is working now and allowing me to log in. I just keep getting the same annoying update. Please fix it or remove it. As of March,2018 I downloaded the App again and it is working fine. Thanks
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3 years ago, fed up with improvements
Your Provider is not supported
I recently subscribed to DISH Puerto Rico. The materials provided, “Welcome to DISH TV That’s Tuned In To You”, is basically marketing fluff which little useful content - basically a waste if time and effort. What was the objective of this booklet? It mentions features, but doesn’t actually tell you how to use them. It takes you half way there. It wastes pages with multi-page “feel good” photos. It describes features, but doesn’t actually describe how to use them. For example, it doesn’t explain how to set it edit Favorite Channels. The controls are absolutely NOT intuitive. The remote seems to use Bluetooth, but mine doesn’t function unless I’m within about 7 feet if the Hopper. Seriously? The booklet mentions this MyDISH App, but once downloaded, it says “Your Provider is Not Supported at This Time.” WHAT? My Provider is DISH, and happens to be in PR. We are NOT getting off to a good start with this remote or this App!
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4 years ago, Jameramos
Minor issues
Overall my Dish experience has been decent, if not great. I typically encounter one of two problems. One of the satellite signals is absent and a few shows seem to be unobtainable. The second and more irritating issue is that for some reason the screen of the TV set turns black even tho Wally seems to be on and there are no error messages. It is an irritant because I have to reboot the Wally to get picture and sound back. Otherwise, picture and sound are usually very good allowing for wind and weather on occasion. I am reconsidering my package selection to the basic because the pkg does not give me some choices that might be available with a decent cable package. It does include a bunch of crap religious and cheapo programming including every QVC channel and the like.
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2 years ago, no nicknames remaining
I hate this!
What a totally confusing pile of “information?” taking up space on my iPhone. My family and I have been Dish customers since the first huge dish receivers which were installed. I have resisted the cut the cord trend because I have been loyal to Dish. Now I cannot use my Dish Anywhere, I cannot simply find my billing details and if do find any information I have to get a magnifying glass to read the numbers in my phone. And I am now for the first time suspicious that Dish is trying to purposely hide information so I am NOT okay with simply giving an auto pay authorization. I feel like this is the beginning of the end for me. 😫
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7 months ago, 2-10-11
Log in actual hellish experience
Dish Network has blocked Lansing‘s ABC 53 for over a year. I’m trying to find a way to watch a college football game and I am at a frustrating infuriating point. I’ve tried two hours of logging in to various apps on my phone every which one needed to be updated and their password needed to be updated. I’ve been logged into these apps for a very long time and I had to log into ESPN plus which it was more drama and then I had to log into my dish network which was even more drama and I just can’t believe how frustrating this is. I’m paying the money I don’t know why I can’t just get the local channels I get all the other ones it’s basically evil at this point. I wish things would get easier. I am basically paying for nothing.
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3 years ago, Roland Unhappy with Dish
Unhappy on travels
We made the costly jump and purchased the Dish King unit. We enjoy certain sports and wanted to keep track of things at home while we are traveling, thought this was our best choice. We have the 120 plus package with local channels. Three occasions wanted to see an event on tv, three occasions Dish failed to deliver. Had a fellow walk up to me today after I realized we are missing a race today because the screen just says local channels interrupted again and provider knows so don’t call to report outage or cannot receive channel outside viewing area, please change channel. That’s why we purchased all this in the first place! Any guesses on what I recommended? And BTW the last person we want to be on the phone with is technical support while on vacation. Roland Kelly
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4 years ago, Moodytime
Good as Satellite TV Can Be But...
Dish is too cheap to make a deal to get the Fox Regional channels back (which they have had well over 1 year to negotiate or simply pay the contract — which I was told by the company who owns those specific Regional (and, perhaps, in some cases even National) networks so that dish customers can watch their teams, whether professional or college sports — ...I reached out to that company and they told me that they have offered Dish a “fair and equal to other carriers of those channels contract”. SIGN THE CONTRACT DISH! I WANNA WATCH MY ATLANTA BRAVES GAMES COME OPENING DAY NEXT YEAR! **The WORST part about having Dish Network or any satellite television service for that matter is, rain snow sometimes even clouds will interrupt your service engine your perhaps in the middle of watching your favorite TV show or many other options that could be taking place.**
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1 month ago, Holly R frm wv
Absolutely frustrating 100%.
This app is such a headache! I have upgraded this app at every updated needed - and it still doesn’t work!!! I get a free movie rental every month, which I never get to use because the app doesn’t work!!!!! I couldn’t tell you the last time I got to actually use one, because the app is never working. And it’s not like I’ll get those back at the end of when I stop getting them. No they are just not used, and can’t get back. I have uninstalled it, and installed it back - and still does not work. When I click on the app and it comes up, within seconds before it even loads to the login it, it shuts down… I mean with a company like dish (and the amount of money they make) they should have a 10/10 app that people can actually use. I apologize for sounding so harsh, it’s just been a long time coming for this review!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Roll Tide Chick
Dana G.
I’ve always had direct tv and with all their changes they were doing, my husband and I decided to go with Dish. A lot of our family members and friends use Dish so we decided to drop direct tv. BIG MISTAKE!!!! We’ve had more problems and today makes exactly one month of having it and since day one it’s been something constantly!! We’ve called customer service twice and they walked us through resetting everything and that helped maybe a day, I’ve sent an email but no response, the technician that installed everything was very nice but very confused acting. We have to reset the Joey box in our master bedroom everyday at least 4-5 times and the Hopper in the living room maybe 1-2 times. It’s aggravating considering they want me to pay my bill, but they won’t send anybody out or even lower my bill due to the aggravation. Direct tv is looking really good right now!!!! Thanks for all the aggravation Dish Network!!!
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5 years ago, URTERRIBLE
Tech service
Today will be the 5th service call since April to get Dish to fix the disrupted service. I got a new roof in April and paid to have Dish mount the dishes tv and internet on my roof and my tv and internet service has been absolutely terrible ever since that time. I have been a loyal customer for 11 yrs and apparently this doesn’t meet anything. SOMEONE BETTER HEAR ME NOW BECAUSE IF THIS PROBLEM DOES NOT GET RESOLVED TODAY I WILL BE GOING SHOPPING. I just got another call that the tech will be here between 1:45 and 3:00 o’clock it’s 2:42. This morning they were going to be here at 4:45 and 6:00. I’m sooo glad that I have nothing better to do with my time than to wait around for Dish to fix my service for 5TH TIME.
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3 years ago, frustrated gibby
Return customer
I had dish a few years ago but cancelled because of the lost signal issues every time it looked like rain. I was assured that changes were made to prevent this from happening. I switched back to find that issues still exist. In the 90 days we have have had dish, we have lost signal at least 20 times. Some were pretty bad storms that I can understand the loss, but some were just rain and the signal was still lost or interrupted. Sometimes they will switch from the HD to SD channels and that makes the loss time a little bearable. New... I will cancel this service as soon as my contract is over. In addition to interruptions in service, I have had multiple problems trying to change service. When I add a trial period for a premium channel, the web site always works, when I try to cancel my trial, their system is always mysteriously not working. Nothing but a scam!
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9 months ago, holymoly92409
Your Monthly Charges are Ridicules !!
I’m an Veteran now Disabled on a small Disability income!! Dish Keeps raising my bill constantly!! I do understand I have to call you every 3 months or every six months to see if I can get the 50% off pay Chanel specials if you have it !! But remember I’m disabled on a budget & I have more important things to do like stay alive pay meds co/pay than to remember to call Dish !! I’m at my end with Dish and I’m in the process of finding another provider with lower rates and if I can not I will just turn off my TV for good !! I’ve been fighting with you Dish for years to keep my monthly bill the same but I always loose because Dish always jacks my Bill up !!👎👎 Sincerely “ON MY WAY OUT” I will find another provider soon 🙏🙏👍👍… Aaron j McPeak jr
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1 year ago, C-herr
Doesn’t work half the time
App barley works. Every time I go to pay my bill the app is down for maintenance or some other excuse. For such a large company they have some pretty major issues with something as simple as an app. Not to mention they don’t have any online account access to pay bills outside of using a partner websites payment portal. Again for a company this size you would think they would have their own website to process payments. But whatever. I’ll just perpetually pay late fees since their app magically goes down every month when it’s time to pay. And do not give payment info to their “partner” website. The first and Last time I did that less than a week later my card was being used to pay for someone’s shopping spree in California.
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1 year ago, Mlqh3843
As a long time customer we are very disappointed with Dish and their handling of their contract with Fox and the other channels we have been unable to watch since December. The information you provide regarding this is null. We don’t feel you are even trying to negotiate a settlement and you fail to communicate with your customers on this issue and still charge the same amount for less channels. We are also unable to order the free movies we were promised for the next 4 years for being a senior. A response would be appreciated.
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1 year ago, Chris-PA
It used to be better than 1-star :(
Once upon a time I could use the app to see what channels we had or what packages were available. Then fast forward to the last few weeks and now I get a white screen or a message that just says ‘Error Sorry something went wrong Try again later…’. I tried to get someone on the chat to see what other options I may have but I wasn’t waiting when I saw I was 554 in line. So after another week of not being able to use the app I figured maybe I could start letting reviews and then maybe someone could check it out. Just fix whatever it is you all have going on. I surely can’t be the only one that can’t access the system. I just had to *sigh* when you all had no issues taking my full payment for a system that hasn’t been fully accessible.
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3 years ago, Triviajim
Changing local channels is wonky
This is a good app for getting and paying bills. But as RVers, we find the process to change local channels to be glitchy. We travel a good bit. When we arrive in a new location we use the app to update local channels. We go through the steps on the app and things are fine until the final step. It churns and churns and finally we get a message that says “system is not responding, try again later.” We then try again immediately after and it goes through right away. This has happened for months and it happens every time. Can’t believe a major company like Dish can’t identify and fix this glitch.
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4 years ago, zxvwq
My opinion
I enjoy my dish very much, and I absolutely love that dish carries the cowboy channel and RFD TV! I just believe that you charge too much. I honestly only watch about 15 to 20 channels and I’m paying over $100 to watch those few channels and I have been with you guys for mini mini years. I’m very upset that my Wiley in my camper will not record or let me watch my Things inDVR without paying more money for an external hard drive! I have been a very dedicated customer and I think I pay way too much for the channels that I watch. You should make packages that people can add and make it affordable so they’re not have all these channels that they don’t watch and yet pay for.
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4 years ago, meme joannie
Payment date change
Hour would’ve great if I could get the payment date changed to the first of each month. I have been using ur service for years However now I’m retire on disablity and I get paid at the first. However my service gets cut off every single month and i pay late charges plus bank charges because of one or two days. You should offer away people can pick their payment date not when their got service. Especially the elderly like me and the disabled. This is all we have to do is watch tv and it’s not fair that the cost is half my electric bill for the basic service. Thankyou
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3 years ago, unreasonable timing
Poor customer service
We choose not to have automatic pay with a credit card. As a result, we literally receive the paper bill less than 4 days before it’s due. We write the check and mail the payment the day we receive the bill and yet it’s nearly impossible to have it submitted on time. Multiple times our subscription has been cancelled the minute they don’t get their money. I have called to explain the problem but to no avail. They are basically trying to force us into auto pay. I’m ready to cancel them! In addition, our services been suspended multiple times for being $0.05 short. I write the check for the amount on the statement and somehow it’s not the right amount. Really? For five cents we get shut down when we’re paying what we were told to pay?🤬🤬🤬🤬
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2 years ago, arcjason
App are-authorize for Wally Not Good
Seems like every time I go to use my Wally with my Dish playmaker I have to call Dish to get it working again. This is even though I pay for it every month. They say use the app to re-authorize. I go in the app and follow instructions. I have to push this multiple times they go through the 15 minute boot up process. Can take over an hour after then having to call and talk with customer support. Definitely makes me want to look at other satellite providers. A brilliant idea would be to indicate whether the reauthourize has been received first in the boot process after connecting to the satellite. This would then allow support or app users to know success or start over. Better yet don’t make me reauthorize.
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2 years ago, auqalinefine
I really like my Dish network package. Some aspects are a little annoying like when the box shuts off if you don’t change the channel for a while and the wireless boxes have a few seconds delay from the main box so if you have the same show on in two rooms it won’t match up. The main complaint is the price has gotten way out of hand. A few years ago $35 month was fine now it’s $176 a month so I am considering canceling and going to a streaming network for a third of the price but still will get all the channels I usually watch. If the price increase’s even a dollar more I will be done with satellite tv.
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6 years ago, MaxwellSHammer
It Finally Works!
A few days ago, I received a developer’s note saying that an update was issued “this morning” and that improvements had been made. I immediately updated the app (and for good measure, updated the iOS on my iPad Air 2). With hopeful anticipation I opened the app. Black screen with MyDish logo in the middle. I waited, pressed all over the screen (thinking there might be a secret login square somewhere), closed the app and re-opened it. Nope. Just black screen and MyDish logo. Still waiting. Update: I tried opening the app today and was pleasantly surprised—it finally worked. It is now a very useful tool.
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11 months ago, mamafreezy
No Show Wasted 6 Hours Waiting
I had an appointment for a tech on a Saturday between 12 & 5. I received a text that morning at 10:15 saying the tech will be there between 4:30 & 5:45. I received another text at 4:13 saying the tech will be there between 5:15 & 6:30. He never arrived & never heard from anyone at dish. I called to at 6:40 to verify if he was on his way. They told me what I they already knew. I asked if they could contact him & she said she couldn’t & she would reschedule for me. I thought it would be for Sunday, but no, it was for Wednesday. They didn’t keep the appointment & now I have to wait four more days? It does’t seem right. I wasted a day waiting, still no TV service & I have to wait 4 more days. I’m thinking of canceling the service, if this is how they treat their customers.
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5 years ago, Brad1837482837
The elimination of channels is extremely disappointing. I have lost multiple sports channels for months now. And never have I been offered a discount. I had to call and complain for any type of compensation. Eliminating NFL Red Zone without any notification. I call to get it restored and there is a 60 minute wait. They don’t even give you the option to wait, they just disconnect your call. Great customer service..... The fact that you sign a contract and are held to it but DISH doesn’t have to keep the original channels from the day you signed on is not customer friendly whatsoever. The least you could do since you didn’t hold up your end of the bargain is let your customers get out of their contract that you failed to live up to for free instead of charging a ludicrous amount. Extremely disappointing.
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5 years ago, sumguy1953
Mr Dissatisfied
After buying my portable dish and Wally I have spent many hours on the phone getting things setup. Both with Winegard and Dish. Once I got things working I did not get the channels I wanted. Another call to Dish and more time spent on the phone I finally got the local channels. I had a credit on my account. Today my service went out. I checked my Dish account and found I owed money. Two things here. I should have been on auto pay like I asked for and I should have the credit. Both were gone. So I am not your happy customer. Maybe in a few months things may change.
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1 year ago, UnderSanderz
Worse App on my phone
This App is terrible. Worse App on my phone. I constantly have to update. Most of the time my first attempt to log in say “access not avalible at this time.” I have to rest my pass word most every login as it says wrong password even though everytime i rest my password i save it in the key chain. I had a four digit pin that worked for a hot mintue but than i have to reset it up every month by logging in on my computer after i rest my password so what is the point. Hate Hate Hate this App. Forget using it to access your streaming service on the phone, down load Netflix instead. If it wasnt for my grandchildren wanting the Disney Channel and our rual internet service being so poor i would cancel my DISH just becuase of this APP.
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