MyFax App–Send and Receive Fax

4.7 (6.2K)
170.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Consensus Cloud Solutions Canada ULC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyFax App–Send and Receive Fax

4.73 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Roshy B.
I have been using this app for a little over a year as I sometimes fax orders to my dad who is a truck driver. The app hasn’t failed us yet and is super convenient to fax PDFs from my email directly to him!! Takes the struggle out of finding public locations to fax and is super convenient! I’ve only had to contact customer service once and they were quick, responsive, and solved my issue.
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4 years ago, Sssarrwaaa
Do not get this app or use this service. This is a scam. We only sent 1 fax (14 pages) and they charged us double the monthly fee within the first 5 days of having installed the app. They also gave us a hard time about these fees, stating that the 14 pages took this amount of time, and had 1 logo “so really its more like 300 pages.” They clearly have some fine print worth reading if 14 pages of plain text can be charged as 300 pages based on some fee calculations (which we were not given a written description of). It also took a long drawn out phone call for them to finally agree to cancel the service, for which they said they would send an email confirmation and never did. We got the confirmation number from them over the phone and contacted the bank later that day. The bank confirmed that it was still a recurring charge and they had not can let our plan. The bank has blocked this company from deducting any money from our account and had labeled this company as fraudulent.
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5 years ago, CNerdahl
Quality Cloud Service for the Money
Have used personal and corporate level online integrated electronic fax services for over 25 years in some manner. Recently retired and had been contemplating which service to jump into that easily integrated and didn’t break the bank. Concern was to weigh the inevitable migration to fully online systems in conjunction with a periodic need for point-point document transfer for perceived security reasons. Myfax met the bill and it does everything anticipated. Having been an IS Manager for over 20 years, the other top tier solutions are good; by for our ongoing needs; myfax met all my expectations from WebBrowser to iPhone to MSOutlook integration.
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5 years ago, Cabbi Mike
Not all of my faxes have gone through. It was supposed to be a free trial. My card was billed the $10 monthly service charge twice and billed $1 for a unknown reason. $21 total and not even half of my faxes went through. This app must be some sort of scam. I’m reporting this to Apple. Warning...... they do not accept the payment through the App Store. That’s how they get over on people. Only pay for a apps service through the apple App Store. I spoke with customer service. This company even charges for faxes that don’t go through. This company is absolutely horrible and a scam. The man refused to give my money back even after admitting I shouldn’t have already been charged for the next month. I canceled my account.
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5 years ago, ReadingDecibels
Positive reviews here for MyFax are fraudulent.
Please trust me when I say: Never use this company. Never. I made six attempts to try to cancel my subscription online via chat, Because that’s one of only two ways they offer as an option. All six times the person “helping” me disconnected without a response to my request. I eventually had to file a complaint with my bank to get these frauds off of my account, because they would not cancel my subscription after multiple attempts and over an hour of my time. To add insult to injury, the two faxes I sent to my mother’s funeral home were never even received by the other party. It was mortifying and a time sensitive situation.
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6 years ago, Forbidnta2
Rip off!!
It worked for a few months .. after that I couldn’t sign in called customer service and they couldn’t get me into my own account went back and forth for almost a year of being charged and not being able to use it... finally customer service told me they couldn’t figure it out . When I asked them to cancel it and credit me back the months that I couldn’t use it I was told they couldn’t do that but they could give me free months!!!!!!! It was pointless cause I couldn’t get into the account and neither could they .... so finally cancelled it ! A total waste of money and no customer support at all! Don’t waste your money
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4 years ago, rgv stardom
As an attorney, this is golden nuggets for me, I can scan any document(s) with a very accesible and efficient app, save it to files, and fax them to anyone anywhere. No need to go to the office or my house study room, where I have my scanners and my laptop, no need to use my laptop at all to send faxes, period. All I need is my iPhone to continue doing my work as I move around. Fantastic!!! Big thank you!!!
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5 years ago, Rt#53
Great Service for Years
I’ve been using MyFax since about 2013. I used it for business till 2015 when I retired. I’m still using it for personal purposes and find it to be very affordable. I’ve NEVER had a single issue with the program or the service. I highly recommend MyFax if you have a need to send/receive minimal faxes. You can’t beat it for the price!
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5 years ago, Dkvoices901
Long Time User
I’ve been a long time user of Myfax from my trucking days over the road. I remember times where I would pull my truck over, connect to the internet and log into MyFax and it always worked for me. I just registered for a new account and again Myfax can compete with the rest, but I trust Myfax because I’ve used them before. Technology can use a upgrade but why fix something that’s working. Great Job Myfax!
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7 years ago, Oangetdusfh
Works well
I’ve been using MyFax for a couple of years now , needing to fax every so often. It’s been working great for me so far, and I’ve even sent in emails about how to use the app and got a fast response. Just updated the app also and it looks a lot better with the new design. Reliable service and happy customer.
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5 years ago, born 1982
Do NOT trust this service
This service ONLY processes account cancellations by phone. There is no other way to cancel. This is a very dirty tactic to swindle customers of money. Until they improve the service to meet the minimum standards of today’s subscription services, this service will only get bad reviews from me and warnings to stay away. Side note, I cancelled my account by calling them and had no trouble doing it, but forcing me to call and jump through hoops by waiting to talk to someone in order to do something that should take a few button clicks is absolutely unacceptable.
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4 years ago, Rudyram1157
Fax on the go
Best way to get and send faxes hands down. I’ve been a customer for over a decade and this is just an amazing company. If you want fast and reliable customer service and a product that is second to none, then My Fax is the product you want to use and it’s extremely affordable.
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4 years ago, OCProfessional
BEWARE: Criminal scam
Don’t be fooled. This app is a scam. App does not work.. never connects. Tried many times to fax to myself. Finally got it to send me a fax and it was blurry, illegible, and worthless. Canceled subscription right away and did not think about it. On my companies CC. 5 months later my company told me the CC was being charged monthly. Never received an invoice, bill, or receipt. They will steal and rob you. Canadian company scamming Americans. Reporting to BBB. Called them and They lied saying the sent a bill every month. THIEFs. I want my money back and am reporting to authorities.
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5 years ago, Fallensaint 74
I have used my fax nearly 10 years now and have recommended it to many people. The app is easy to use and not expensive. My friend is paying 1.00 per page with his phone company and now is really happy to be with my fax..thanks again for many years of great service!!
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6 years ago, J Dooders
RE Broker SC
I have been using my fax for over nine years and I have only had a few issues which were quickly taken care of I would recommend this to any other business that needs a fax number for sending or receiving a fax.
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3 years ago, Mrmoise
They keep charging you after you cancel?
I just realized that even though I have cancelled my subscription, they charged me again. I confirmed that I am not subscribed going through my Apple ID. However I cannot check what’s happening inside the app because I cancelled and now it won’t login. Don’t know where to go from here -I will be contacting Apple to complain tomorrow. Do not subscribe, unless you want to keep paying monthly for a service after unsubscribing.
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6 years ago, Sabatuccio
Do not get this App
I tried this app and had issues trying to create a simple Fax. I phoned technical support and they didn’t even know their own application. When sending the fax, to find if it was successful was very convoluted. I then received their fax in return which was so small, it was unreadable. I explained that to customer service and told them I wanted to cancel and be refunded. No refunds. And when cancelling she kept trying to resell me and sell me other products. Stay away from this App and their service.
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3 years ago, Ronneuen
Great App for Desktop and Mobile
I looked and looked for a fax app at a reasonable price. I started using this app on my desktop a little over a year ago and it is easy, concise and very helpful to use. And it comes at a great price! I have nothing but good to say about it.
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4 years ago, Kaczoke69
Great way to fax from my iPhone
Wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to send a fax from my phone when two other apps were coming up with crazy prices to use the app once this got it done for free. Thanks
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5 months ago, uploading…
Scam Alert! Bait and Switch!
Do not give these people your business. They do not charge by pages as advertised, they charge by the minute! 60 seconds on their server is equivalent to 1 page. How is anyone suppose to know that? I see 100 pages, 300 pages, and 600 pages on their site… no where on their front page is there an asterisk to let people know of any conversion factor for pages and minutes. No where does it say how much they charge for overage either! I was over 17 pages and they charged me an overage of $9.70! Others charge $0.10 a page, these people charge by the minute on their snail-slow server. Also, they precharge your account $10 whenever you go over. Take your business elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Sunflower91girl
Tried to cancel my subscription and get a refund for the months that I didn’t use, per their recording when you call the help line. Guy puts me on hold to talk to a manager, comes back and tells me no, can only do 1 month refund. So I ask to speak to his manager, he tells me there isn’t one there on the weekends.... ok so then who did you just put me on hold to talk to? He tells me he will transfer me, and then hangs up. I will be reporting this app and the charges to my bank as fraud.
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4 years ago, NYC Cre8ive
Impossible to cancel
This has to be the worlds most crooked company. I’ve been trying to cancel this service for more than two months and I’ve even changed my credit card but again today another $24 bill for two months show up. You can’t cancel online only via phone which they never answer. Then their chat queues bounce you from sales to support for another 45 minutes. And still it’s not cancelled.
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3 years ago, Twisted Past
Don’t do it!
I got this because a few medical offices I go to do t have secure servers for emails, so they do faxes still. I tried sending 4 different faxes with this app. 2 one day, NEITHER MADE IT TO THEIR DESTINATIONS, even though the app said it was successful. So the next day I tried resending 2 faxes, for the second time neither made it to their destinations, even though the app stated it was successful. It’s literally stealing your money. And they should be looked into for running a scam.
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5 years ago, Luba_sha
Great apps
I’ve been using Myfax more than 20 years. It’s a great application. Now using on my cellphone and so glad I can do it without computer. Highly recommend for business and personal needs.
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5 years ago, Ajones122169
100% a scam
Signed up online and tried to use the app. Called to cancel because all attempted faxes didn’t go through and they said they cancelled my account and that they would send through a confirmation email that I never got. Cancelled my card from my bank immediately to avoid getting charged. It’s likely that most of these positive reviews are fake. If you google this company you will see 100s of people talking about having negative experiences. AN ABSOLUTE FRAUD.
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4 years ago, ileague
I signed up for pay per use and I can't get them to stop billing my acct for monthly membership that I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR!! I can't get confirmation or response to my requests for removal of my info from their system. Trying to say they can only cancel if I call, to "confirm" my info for privacy protection. Very limited phone hours. I am not able to get thru and sit on hold during those hours in my schedule. It seems like it's all BS so they can keep stealing my money.
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4 years ago, scoullides
Multiple problems with app
I have had multiple problem with the phone app. It doesn’t notify me that I have received faxes. When I go into my email and see there that I have faxes. I go into my app and nothing shows, not my phone number, not my faxes. To make matters worse when I try and send a fax I get an error message that they are unable to do it. I have sent many emails for help and the answers are the same. They are unable to recreate the problem. Offer the same solution delete app and reinstall. It DOESN'T WORK! The only reason I have this type of fax is to be able to receive and send faxes from my phone, which I’m unable to do. I do not recommended this app for faxes. It’s not reliable.
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3 years ago, dVis92
Good app
I like the free trial because it doesn’t trap you when all you have to do is send one page and you don’t want to spend $10 to do it.
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2 years ago, Kelly9177
Unable to cancel
This is an awful app!! I never used it and when trying to cancel it the instructions do not work! They have been taking money out every month and even though I emailed customer service which is awful. I went to my bank and canceled my card. Absolute ridiculous! Don't do it, you will never be able to cancel this!
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2 years ago, DonnaDez
There needs to be some kind of a draft holding area
I can’t tell you at least 100 long faxes I have typed up for them to time out and disappear, so beyond frustrating I’ve googled trying to figure out a way to keep them from going away and there’s no options so please take this into consideration because this is very very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Billh99
Things I don’t need.
This is a great app. I don’t need toner, paper, monitoring, a machine or anything else besides my phone. I can send a fax from anywhere as long as I have my phone. It couldn’t be better.
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4 years ago, m sadl
Used to be great. Now spotty. No help
Customer service is lacking. 2 multi page faxes never came through. Customer had successful transmittal each time. Almost cost me a lot of missed business.
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5 years ago, jacATTACK86
Thought I’d give the free trial a try to save a trip to Fedex. Did not work, so I canceled the same day and made the drive to Fedex and sent my fax. I have been charged twice since. Customer support refuses to do anything or issue any refund whatsoever. I reached out the same day via email and phone, and reached out via email again, phone, and chat once I was charged a second time a month later. Nothing. Total crooks.
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4 years ago, Poohs ear
Love it
I would highly recommend this to anyone on the go It’s very convenient 10 stars if they had it
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4 months ago, LESLIE MCMILLAN
Customer Service
I have used your service for years. Love, the fact that I could call if I had a technical question which was not very often. Very disappointed that now I only have chat.
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I love my MyFax Service’s
because it very affordable and convenient for you to use Right in the privacy of your own home
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5 years ago, Ms.M2
Administrator at Caregivers On Demand LLC
Great and easy service to use. You can receive your faxes anywhere and anytime. Highly recommended for any business owner who is always on the go.
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4 years ago, Fresnoprincess
Re: it’s froze
It works perfectly, the only problem is that at the time of attaching a document sometimes it won’t let you attach a document. It’s gets froze. You need to delete the app and install it again to refresh it.
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5 years ago, BigLouY2K3
Long time customer
I've had MyFax for over a decade and I love the customer service. They're responsive and has always provided top notch service.
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6 years ago, chachi8oh8
Bad service
I wouldn’t give it any rating but 1 star is the minimum. I called to cancel this service because it is just horrible. The gentleman that assisted me said he had canceled. Months later I received a bill. Turns out my service was still active. Mind you I never used the fax service and they refused to reimburse me. So not I’m stuck with a useless fax service for three weeks!
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5 years ago, Geezus90
This app is much better than using it on the actual browser
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1 year ago, DougCVSFTS
Always there is send a fax without fail.. very highly recommended
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3 years ago, Daniel and Penny
Good deal
Cheaper and more convenient than having a separate fax phone line.
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4 years ago, Think Peace
Doesn’t work
App closes by itself very often when you go to another app (to get fax number for example). Does not save to any drafts folder. You have to start all over. .rtf will upload, but it won’t be sent (no error message, only to find out hours later, tried twice then exported to .pdf) Their website is worse. Doesn’t work with safari. Firefox also bad. I’ve been a customer for over 10 years maybe 15 and am about to move to another vendor. Only use every so often, and each time, issues. Tech support is better than most, but the apps are archaic.
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4 years ago, DeeKom
Easy to use
Easy to use& download the mobile app for quick & easy viewing!!
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5 years ago, Leathermen10
Excellent Fax Service
First fax service that has always performed for our company as needed when needed! We use eVoice as well which is amazing!
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3 years ago, Sharita D
Great Service
My fax is convenient, reliable and affordable. Its great to use when on the go.
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1 year ago, cabezon84
Works great
App is great and efficient way better than e-fax and also cheaper !!!
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4 years ago, Chfegju
Not worth it
Is my third time using this app, the quality is very bad. I pictured 6 pages, and all of the sudden it disappeared, I pictured them again, and sent but nothing appears on my account, will totally go back to my old fax app. I know this is way cheaper, but totally understand why. This app gives me anxiety.
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5 years ago, marcsapps
Send and receive faxes on my phone
Really helpful. Myfax lets me fax practically anywhere I go. I can also fax by email or from the website too.
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