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Frontier Communications
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4 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyFrontier

4.49 out of 5
69.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Witty_Username_Here
So. Many. Bugs.
There have been so many bugs since this app was rolled out with “improved” tools, and I’ve literally written one review EVER for any app. This one. It is garbage. You may as well be working on dial up as slow as it processes anything. Recently, it started saying that my account had been temporarily suspended due a late payment. The first time I panicked, then realized it couldn’t be late as it was automated. I close the app, open it back up, everything is golden. I’ve noticed now after it happening every time I open the app, it only happens when I press home within the app itself. The troubleshooting app is worthless. Nine out of ten times, it asks if the light is green, the says it checks out and says for more questions to call. I’m scared to ever call customer service, as most times it creates even worse technical difficulty after they “fix” it. If I could give this app zero stars, I would...but it isn’t like it matters. They’re going to inevitably file a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, so their main priority is the all too precious dollar, and figuring out how to clean up the mess they’ve caused, not their ability to conveniently serve their customers.
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6 months ago, marcredshaw
Jeffrey Messman, Seminole, Florida
Your installer, Jeffrey “Messy” Messman, saved my life, figuratively not literally, I woke up this morning to discover I had lost my Internet connection. I called your customer support line and a nice lady, “Erica”, explained that your remote diagnostics indicated that I needed a service call, with the first opportunity being in four days. It’s the holidays and we have visiting (we stream all our TV), and I run my business from home. So you can see I was desperate to re-establish Internet service as soon as possible. Initially I couldn’t find the number for customer support so I called Jeff’s number (which I had on file) and left a voicemail asking for the customer support number. Jeff was kind enough to call back and I explained why I had called him, adding that I had been able to reach customer support and I wouldn’t have service for four days. I expected that to be the end of it but Jeff stayed on the line and patiently walked me through some diagnostics which revealed that I inadvertently turned off the external power to your system INSTEAD of our Hanukkah lights! If it wasn’t for Jeff we would have waited four days for a service rep to point out I’m a nudnik. Thank you Frontier for hiring dedicated people like Jeffrey Messman!
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2 years ago, saucy no 1
Pitiful app for a pitiful service
Check out some of their 5 star reviews too. The 5 stars even say they aren’t really updating. I haven’t seen this strategy, but I’m keeping the single star until it is corrected. I moved to an area where this service is my only option (until Starlink is an option for more people around the world). It is spotty at night when there isn’t any help to correct issues. It works great during the day when they don’t want the phone calls. Then you try to use this app to correct the issue and all it is good for to pay your bill. They keep the benefit since you have to keep paying them for a shoty internet service since it’s the only option in my area. They don’t care since it’s a monopoly in this area. Good luck if this is your only option too. They don’t care… My sister had them for many years, like 15 or 20. Despite the many calls and messages, she kept having issues. She also continued to have issues and they never upgraded in all those years nor did they even try to make it more reliable. She was afraid to be loud. You will see other reviews from me every where I can find until they start caring about their customer reviews. Notice the amount of reviews they get back with? Very few. If you have another option, try them first. I don’t. I’m stuck until Starlink comes to my area.
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4 years ago, Sour_bees
Bad internet providers, garbage app
App is terrible. Can’t use it for troubleshooting issues bc it NEVER works and can’t even detect the router even while standing right in front of it. The only thing this app is useful for is paying the bill, and even then it’s still a hardly-functioning dumpster fire. The app provides no decent breakdowns on your current bill or explanations as to why they’re even charging u certain prices, so you’re better off logging onto the closest computer or something equally as inconvenient. The app doesn’t even provide you with a company contact number or a help page, and that’s literally the BARE MINIMUM of what a company website/app requires. You have to leave the app and google whatever random Frontier number they provide just for assistance, which means you end up asking someone across the country/wrong department for help on a local problem. This app has been functioning terribly for at LEAST two years now, so it’s absolutely clear that Frontier doesn’t give af about any of its services to even try improving it, not even when it’s literally one of the easiest services they have to provide. Not surprising, bc it seems they can’t get internet and cable right in general anyways. If their company didn’t have such a monopoly on the area I live in, I would never deal with them again overall.
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1 year ago, Dissatisfied customer 22
Frontier service
Frontier communications is one of the worst telephone and internet service there is. We have had frontier for 45 years and have been the worst customer service there is. You can never get good service from them. It took me from March 23 till April 6 to get them to port my phone number to a new phone service. I paid them $85 to have a service man to come in my home and update my modem and wiring to get better internet speeds and it still was not fast enough to upload pictures to my computer. We were locked in to using frontier all these years because we could not find another internet provider in our area. We now have found someone to provide us internet service so we could finally get rid of Frontier. Now I am having trouble getting a final bill for the last days of service. I tried to shut of all the telephone and internet services on March 23 but it took until April 6 to get them to port my current phone number to my new phone company so I should not owe for the month of April 2023. I paid the dish bill plus prorated the phone and internet service for the 6 days of April that I still had service because they didn’t want to port my old phone number to the new phone company and that should be all I owe frontier. Please handle this matter as soon as possible.
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4 months ago, Rose3448
Live Chat
Your Live Chat never ever works for resolving any issues whatsoever so this part about your app really stinks because your hold time to speak to a real live person is incredibly way to long & then the other issue I have with your app is how your Wizard USE to be able to resolve issues but now it doesn’t work anymore. It use to go into my account & do a physical check on your end & get the issue fixed but now it doesn’t work & so I end up wasting hours on the phone with a service person. So if you could fix these 2 BIG issues that would be awesome oh & lowering your pricing, it’s gone sky high since I had Verizon Fios & got switched over to Frontier, okay that will be all‼️🙏🏻
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6 years ago, Pandaheads2
Had to cancel
Like other Frontier customers, Frontier was unable to provide me with sufficient Internet service for my household needs. When we first got it, it was sufficient, but then it became slower. When it became slower, our Frontier bill dropped approximately $30 or $40 from what I had previously been paying. After a few months, I contacted Frontier, but it could not offer me more bandwidth “in my area”, and said that if I required greater/faster Internet, I should go with another provider, which I have done. I presume that they oversold in my area, causing the maximum Internet available to me to drop to the insufficient bandwidth I ended up with. Although it is a hassle to change providers, I appreciated their frankness with respect to their limitations. Problems can always arise with a growing technology company—remember Aol’s problems 20-25 years ago when it grew so quickly it had trouble keeping up with consumer demands? Frontier seems to be doing what it can to address its issues, so I am not angry about the situation, as some customers are, plus its customer service is superb, hence the 5-Star rating.
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1 year ago, Steve807
Almost useless
The app is so flawed it’s ridiculous. For me it shows the wrong service date and appointment half of the time. What is so frustrating is that if you are waiting on the phone a recording will keep saying how easy and helpful the mobile app is every 30 seconds which makes the experience even more frustrating. Then when you finally talk to someone after being on hold the first thing everyone does is read a script telling you to use the app. Frontier has terrible customer service. But you can’t blame the people who answer the phone. It’s the way the company has been setup to handle customer service is the problem. The people working there are really nice. I’ve spent about 4 hours on the phone trying to get the problem with my phone fixed and as of the writing of this they still haven’t fixed it. And I am currently still on hold as I’m writing this. The people who answer the phone are just doing what they are trained to do. It’s the way customer service is setup. I’ve had my appointments cancelled without anyone notifying me why. They have sent the wrong technician 4 times. Sometimes the technician just doesn’t show up with out any notification. I’ve spent a week trying to get this issue fixed without resolution.
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5 years ago, maddhavana
Internet Not Working
Our internet has not worked in 3 weeks. We had an issue with our internet it didn’t work for a week and called in and spent around 2 hours on the phone with a technician that said he was sending us out a new box. A week later we called in because we had not received the package. The new technician tells us not device was ever ordered basically we were lied too. We spent 2 more hours on the phone with him but he actually got our internet to work. Last week a big storm came through and our internet is out again. Only had it working for 1 day. That was last week we continue to call in they refuse to trouble shoot and say it’s an outage in our area... our neighbor has frontier their internet is working but we are told to continue to wait for a text. It has almost been a month without internet but we are expected to pay for the service. I am going to report this business to the Better Business Bureau. We have tried to get help but are unable and were misinformed several times and this is the only internet we can have so the fact we do not threaten to cancel they do not help us. It’s sad to have to be rude or threaten to cancel our service to get real help and I’m not doing that.
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1 year ago, bane153-
Choose ONE, You Can’t Be Bad at BOTH.
I wish I could rate this app and the whole frontier internet service as zero but I cant. The app has major problems and bugs, yet it is marketed as “user friendly” I can guarantee it is not and the app developers should just scrap the the whole thing and start over. There’s so much glitches and it takes forever to load. You’re better off looking at their website because when you want to see certain menu options , it pulls up their website on the app and you are forced to sign in again… even though you are on their app. The service is horrible too. Switched over to frontier for fiber optics and have had multiple occasions that lasted multiple days without internet. Don’t put out a product if you can’t support it. And whatever system they use is bad too because there will be service outages that last for over 12 hours and yet their online outage checker never gets updated. Their product is bad. Their app is bad. Choose one, you can’t be bad at both and expect to survive. I can’t wait until other providers start rolling out their fiber optics so I can see this company crash and burn.
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4 years ago, Jerbo-62
Terrible App
The My Frontier app is very primitive. I can only see if my bill transaction actually occurred with a momentary flash on the screen and then gone. No confirmation record etc. Nothing showed under payment history etc. Had to call two numbers and 15 minutes of my time before I got a human being on the phone who could confirm the payment, but could not send me an email of the confirmation. The human being said I needed to upgrade to the latest version of the app, despite the fact that I’m set for automatic upgrades on my iPhone. So I went to the App Store and sure enough I had the latest “pathetically useless” app, which always forces me to go to their website to get authentic information. So what good is the app ? Here’s a new wrinkle on their app. I used to be able to see what devices were connected to the Frontier supplied modem. Instead, I got a misleading message that seemed to indicate I was not connected, when I actually was (an app glitch). This caused me more of my time and the whole thing set me an hour behind on my schedule. Bottom line: don’t use the app, login using a browser instead and if you’re lucky, you might get the info you need.
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1 year ago, Dont hate the Truth
This app is terrible, the accessibility is awful and confusing. To many issues with technical difficulties within the app, the payment process if very straight forward which I like however everything else about this company is not good. Customer service is forever terrible and will always be (not the agents themselves they are very helpful) the process on getting things done, over promising and under delivering. The technicians not knowing whats going on with the service they represent, the last minute cancellation with the technicians to arrive at your home to assist. Not providing a care in the world about compensation or making things right when its there service I am paying for and it continues to lose connection handful of times a day. This company overall is the worst when it comes to service providers, I would literally go with some 3rd party company and take my odds with them then to continue service with Frontier, I will never recommend this company to anyone asking and I will absolutely try to get everyone I know to switch service providers. Give them a try if you like, cant say I didn't warn you.
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2 months ago, Lissa0514
Your Rural Internet Service is Garbage
My internet has been down for a week. Two technicians came out yesterday and changed the box outside and said that would fix the problem. They never came inside, never checked the modem or inside lines. My internet still isn’t working. I contacted frontier today through the chat feature on the mobile app. The representative told me the issue was due to bottlencking (congested lines due to multiple customers logging in at the same time). I was basically told there was nothing that could be done but rest assured frontier continues to investigate and and upgrade they system daily. When I asked for a technician to come out, the representative literally said, well if you continue to insist that a technician come out I will schedule your appointment. Now I’m waiting until Friday after already waiting a week for the first technician to come out who didn’t fix the problem. However you will continue to bill me and take my money despite the fact that you can’t offer me the service you promise that I pay for. This is absolutely ridiculous!
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4 years ago, MrEP3
Lack of features
I finally signed into the app after the last update only to find my autopay was removed and my bill two days past due. I called frontier and they had no explanation to why this happened. The rep explained that autopay was setup during my last billing cycle but for reasons not known, it was now not. He further went on to explain that I may now be charged with a late fee because of it and to call back to get a refund for the fee. I made the payment with the MyFrontier app or think I did because there is no confirmation after the payment and there is no way to check for pending or scheduled payments with this new update. I didn’t even get an email confirmation. App needs another update to show pending/scheduled payments. I’m confident this last full update of the MyFrontier app was the cause of my autopay stopping but there world may never know. I’ve been nickeled and dimed with fees over the idiotic way frontier does their billing with the constantly changing due date. No reason for a different due date every month for a service where the monthly due is the same every month.
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6 years ago, yolomcswagerson
Until they fix their horrible service and internet quality, my heading goes as follows. Moved to Arizona recently, Golden Valley specifically. Obviously with us being almost in the middle of nowhere I can see why it may be a problem, but sadly it has nothing to do with it. I first noticed the problem when I came out and started using their service. Not only was it incredibly slow, they offered no other option so I could possibly pay for more bandwidth or at least another plan. No, I had to call one of them to come to my house and install a whole new router. (I’ll add that the guy they sent was really informational, helpful, and knew what he was doing/talkings about.) Apparently, they (Frontier) oversold in my area and when everyone in the valley gets on their internet everything slows down, and they will not being fixing the issue at all until sometime next year. Two years, and even before then when I had family out here it was still a horrible service provider to have. Sad to say this, really. But you’re internet and your service is horrible and I’m sadly stuck with it until (hopefully) next year.
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7 months ago, Ye1hsa
Best Decision switching from cox to Frontier
I had Cox for 2 years paying $140 a month for WiFi and house phone. The WiFi crashed every couple days and sometimes multiple times a day. There was always outages in the are as well. And they only credited me for the constant crashes and outages when I called to complain about it. 2x I had a technician come out and see what the issue was, they even replaced the modem and everything but no avail. 4 months ago I stopped being lazy about not wanting to have to switch and since I did switch to frontier I havnt had 1 outage or crashes or any issues at all. And to top it all I only pay $50 a month for the exact same things I had with cox but faster and more service and speed. Shoulda been stopped with the lazy “ugh I don’t wna have to call and switch and change everything“ attitude
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7 years ago, Cdog1230
Beware - Stay Away if possible
Maybe this isn’t the venue but people need to know this company engages in deceptive business practices. Not just like any other provider. Pay attention to those calling them liars in other reviews. This company arbitrarily removed a promotional credit from my bill four months into the twelve month promotional. In disbelief and after numerous calls finally winding up at the office of the president I was told I never deserved the credit, it made no difference that this credit was why I chose them over competitors, no they would not now allow me to leave without penalty and I was lucky they didn’t bill me retroactively for Frontier’s original error. Read the news. They compete with deceptive price promotions only to get subscribers. No investment in customer service. They are experiencing huge net subscriber losses month to month and now they are slamming existing contracted customers with deceptive price hikes to cover deeply discounted promotional prices offered in a desperate attempt to increase subscriber rates. It’s a death spiral. Run away and save yourselves. We existing subscribers are stuck.
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7 months ago, Mlhfl
Maybe #3 is a charm?
Why is it always this way? My internet router #1 was replaced due to erratic functionality. Router #2 received via mail in 2 days along with a robot installer, you! My robot is very slow and very old so it took a few days to accomplish the task. Flipping the switch, I watched the lights blinking. Everyone happy, phone recognizes new router name and requires password. Easy as it’s printed right there to see. Imagine our chagrin it said NO. I could not join the network. After the usual song and dance, an appointment was made for a technician. He showed up on time in two days. Nice guy, no problem. He does his thing, frowns, says Hmm and asks me a question about how I got the #2 router. ( See above.) He went to his truck and brought router #3 to the scene. He did what he does and Eureka the globe turns blue and everyone smiles.
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10 months ago, watchneighborhood
Horrible customer service
All wanted to do was upgrade internet used app to contact someone because the technician didn’t show up for scheduled time. Person was to tired from places he went to I was told. Please. That’s no excuse to not show up to a client who was waiting all day for the tech not to show up and not call to let us know. Instead had to chat on this app only to find out person on the app didn’t set up another appointment like they said for the next day. To have to call next day to figure out if the bum is coming or not. To then be transferred to the tech department after speaking to someone from frontier. Then for the tech lady that doesn’t know how to do anything except keep putting you on hold doing nothing. How hard is it to set another appointment for the next day. Frontier hire people who know how to do their job! If I could given a rating zero stars I would. Used to love frontier internet this experience has just ruined any trust I had in it; they have clearly gone down hill in business.
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2 years ago, mamacat90807!
Lousy app, like everyone says...
Just installed the newest version of the app on my iPad. I have two linked Frontier accounts, but when I log into the app it only shows one account, with no apparent way to switch and view the second one. I have searched every nook and cranny, clicked on everything there is to click on, but no way to see the e one account. The Help app didn't help. I spent half an hour on live Chat, the agent insisted that the app does have the capability of showing the linked accounts. He kept telling me to "click on the down arrow next to the visible account number." I told him there is NO arrow. There is nothing in the app that indicates that I even have a linked account. He claims he could see it on his end, but I really think he might have been talking about the website (yeah, I did spell out for him 3 times I was inquiring about the APP...) I finally gave up. So along with the basic poor design of the app to begin with, in the end the app is pretty worthless. Frustrating.
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10 months ago, NoxxVexx
False advertising and scamming.
I called to confirm their fiber optics service for my area from the advertisements they keep sending in the mail informing me it’s offered where I live. After they confirmed over the phone they do I went forward with getting the service. Waited about 2 weeks for them to finally show up to get everything set up just to find out he was setting up a DSL connection. I was confused why that was and asked. He told me they don’t offer fiber optics where I’m at and not just that but DSL is actually slower then cable. The cable I have now is aggressively faster. I was seeking faster and more reliable speeds for steaming, gaming, downloading and uploading. I made this very clear over the phone before set up. I was lied to from the start. They did not just lie to me to get a sale but to go so far as to hope I didn’t notice the difference? I’m a new and first time customer with this company. After my experience I do not recommend them for any type of service. They will scam you!
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4 years ago, Mamita LeeLe'
So much could and should be better
I don’t want to repeat every single thing other reviewers have already said, because I agree. So I’ll keep this brief. I’ve been with them for over 6 years now and it’s not getting better unfortunately. When you first purchase from this company they are good with services and being helpful. As time goes on prices go up, services slow way down and their attitudes turn sour. This app always gives issues, from log in to loading to even working at all. The network is sooooo bad and is “outage in area” often or some days just doesn’t work at all so we go without. They usually send someone out to help within a day or two but the tech window is always long hours so you usually end up waiting for them to come out all day. My concern with this is they shouldn’t have to visit so much the service should be better. I should leave this company but my husband still wants it for now.
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4 years ago, Favoritemama62
They Messed This Up🤬🤬
This used to be a pretty good app. I could utilize it easily and it worked very well. I typically split my payment-pay half of my monthly bill bi-weekly when I get paid. The persons in charge of this app made this an impossibility- you can only pay the entire bill at once. I think this is probably an attempt to force more people to sign up for auto-pay. Nevertheless, Frontier!! Onward with your constant ability to screw your customers whenever possible. I hate this app with the heat of a thousand suns. If I wasn’t a captive due to my location, I’d drop Frontier like a bad date. Of course I don’t get anywhere near the “high speed” internet service I’ve paid for for years and when I called to talk about it I was informed I’m not due any refund or reparations despite my many documented calls for help because they only go back for the past six months AFTER you’ve officially complained🤬🤬I’ve probably gotten about 8 new modems over the course of the last five years🤨 Horrible app to match customer service.
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2 years ago, AlanGTexas
New app design is not helpful!
Every app designer running iOS feels the need to change things when they work fine. This app update is another example of this. The old app started slogging down and now the new app design doesn’t do what it says it should. Instead of releasing an app update loaded with bad programming errors, it should be thoroughly tested and debugged. Releasing a product like this is an insult to Frontier’s customers and will lose them business. If the other phone company available at my address were not so terrible, I would consider switching to them. Having been a Frontier customer for seven years and mostly satisfied, this is one of the aspects of having phone service which makes it a chore to keep it working the way you want. I am waiting for a quality update to be pushed to my technology and not waste my time trying to do things I did before without this much of a obstruction.
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6 years ago, deditat
App works most of the time
The app has been a lifesaver in a world full of deceit and foul play. At the time it stopped working I went to their site online and got the job of paying done and over. Writing a review about this app is bound to overlap into the continued lack of proper customer service. We have struggled with Verizon and put up with FrontierTV. Nearly changed over to Spectrum only to read the fine print and cancel. The recruiter said one thing but was delivering another. So I figure the real problem is these companies do not have anyone to answer to. They go about their business with out any thought to giving the product they sold to us. Think about it do you really need all these channels broadcasting the same thing over and over.
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7 years ago, Cadillac0002
Frontier are liars and unprofessional
I sign up with Verizon they promised me a lot of things for $130 a month i was still thinking about it but then they said they had a promotion of 30 day free trial if i cancel with in 30 days i cancel after 2 weeks because i was not getting what i promised. 2 months later i receive a $130 bill.. I call immediately. They said frontier had no 30 day trial n Verizon didt ether I asked at least to pay for half of the bill simce i only had it for 2 weeks they said they expected the bill paid in full because thats what they had in their system they couldt do anything n didt listen to reason and said i was lucky i cancel before 30 days otherwise they charge me an extra 300 for early termination of contract even tho i offer to send them a copy of my contract which was a month to month deal i paid what I owed them n that was the last time i do business with them or Verizon its a dumb mistake on their part which i had to pay for it.
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4 years ago, readytoswitchtospectrum
Not even worth one star.
Congratulations! You took an app that was semi-useful and turned it into completely useless. Yeah it looks pretty, and is kind of fancy now, but it has no value. I used to be able to look up who called the landline and who left voicemails. Couldn’t ever listen to them - that never worked - but in this app, the feature doesn’t even exist!! This app apparently is supposed to tell me my wifi network and password. It knows I’m online and that my network is active, but yet, it can’t find the network info. Stupid. It also lists the wrong services in the “My Services” section. Which, by the way, appears to just be a list. As if I don’t know what services I have. Maybe some links to even more detailed information and options would be helpful there. Just a thought.... 🙄 The ONLY thing this app got right was my bill amount. And I don’t need an app for that. HUGE fail on this one. It’s no wonder why the company is going bankrupt.
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9 months ago, Dudukidude
Frontier error
We called last week to cancel our landline “ONLY” and leave the internet and you guessed it, they disconnected both phone and internet. I have made at least 15 calls to Frontier to get my internet back on line. One person managed to get the internet to function, but it keeps dropping and speed is extremely slow. My internet worked perfect before all this mess. The biggest problem is my heart monitoring system is on the internet so I have been without that for a week. There was suppose to be a tech coming out yesterday 9-11 he called but never show up at house. I tried to contact him but he wouldn’t answer his phone or text. When I check the app for my trouble ticket it was closed out. I Called Frontier and they tried to get ahold of him but he would answer them either. Now calling corporate to get some help, I hope. Extremely poor customer service.
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10 months ago, daniela 😝😝
App never works
I try to use it to pay my bills however every single time it says the app is having an issue. Then i try to use the chat not to pay but it tells me to call and then i call and the robot tells me about how i should use the app to pay but doesn’t say how the app literally never works. I try looking at my balance but it says there’s an issue with the app’s server 24/7. The bot says it’s available from 7am to 1am however when i tried getting help between those hours recently it kept telling me how it only worked between those orders. i’ve seen great reviews however i haven’t even had the chance to experience this app while it is working so i’m unsure how these 5 star reviews came to light. Overall the app seems like a great concept however the app’s servers are down so much that the concept has disappeared. Frontier needs to get their app together asap.
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3 years ago, Chula La 1
Service reliability and cost not the best
Since Frontier took over Verizon it has not been the best service as it used to be. When you call or you chat online about technical problems the person on the other end seems not to be able to help. You end up fixing the problem on your own. The clarity of the channels, not good especially the HD channels. Internet also not the best and this is before the pandemic. Price is very high. Have to do something soon. Wasting lots of money. Not fair on pricing should be same price for lineup of channel packages you choose for everyone. No discounts for faithful customer.
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4 years ago, __Luis__
Can almost time disconnections
To start, the FRONTIER app is utterly useless when resetting your router or any troubleshooting issues. They’re getting someone on the phone can be easy at times, getting someone to fix the issues. Whether we are in COVID time or not, connecting to one TV to the internet and keeping it should not be a problem and yet it is. I can’t give them a lower rating because it’s not an option. I have no choice but to use them. It’s them or Spectrum, and we all know what there’re like too. Just as bad. I left Spectrum for them and regret it. I’ve reset my box 5 consecutive times with no avail. I’m screwed. Period.
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4 years ago, bevebo
Only reason why I’m giving them two stars is because the WiFi is not bad. On the other hand I have a very hard time making payments on the app or over the phone. I literally need to speak or call about 3-4 times to get any of my question fixed or resolved. Out of the 30 times I probably called them 1 out of the bunch were helpful. Customer service attitude is so nasty and rude, I don’t understand why. I regret moving over to them. I can’t express my frustration any more and I did it once to one of the “agents” and she didn’t even apologize or anything, I can tell she didn’t care if I was upset or frustrated. They painted a very nice picture when they signed me up, literally came knocking at my door for business. I regret it, I can’t make my payment on time unless I speak to one of the rude agents which is not pleasant at all.
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6 years ago, Melgills21
Worse service ever
First off frontier has the worse service ever!! In my area I am suppose to get at least 4mg of internet speed I don’t even register one and most days I don’t even have service and I pay $50+ month!! Most times I have to turn my WiFi off just to get 1 bar or have any kind of access. When it comes to landline phone, I had it for years, total joke! I finally cancelled it because of the buzzing, crackling, and fuzz sounds on the line. I couldn’t even hear my friends and family who called. Frontier is getting rich off of people’s need for internet service. I run a business from home and most of the one have to leave my house just to get online! It’s horrible and fraudulent!!! I don’t know why they are still able to operate! As for the app, it’s a good idea but never works right. When I pay my bill it doesn’t give you a confirmation number so when I pay my bill you never know if it will be paid.. several times they shut my service off because the payment didn’t go through. Then sometimes it takes a week from the app for the payment to process. I still don’t get why you don’t get a confrontation number.? Makes no sense. Frontier is a horrible company, if I had any other option in my area.. I guarantee it wouldn’t be a choice!!!!!
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4 years ago, zumo21
New app design doesn’t work
I log in with my email address and password. Then it wants me to create a profile by entering my phone number. No explanation as to why I need to create a profile AFTER I’ve already logged in. I enter my phone number, and it complains that the phone number already exists on the account. Of course it does. Then “an unknown error occurred,” game over. This is sad, they don’t hire people with the essential technical skills; their web site is another example of this: not an e-commerce site, can only see a few options instead of all the options, can’t find any explanation for what TV packages are, have to call a telephone number during the day to get any real info to be able to make a purchase decision. I guess I’d write it down with pen and paper. Seems like a working app and a useful web site would be essential to making and keeping customers.
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7 years ago, Jaesha9
I loved Verizon. Frontier WORST EVER!!. They keep raising the rates even after I called and my bill was reduced. Got the reduced bill and paid it. The next cycle - new bill and suddenly the new rate gone oh and by the way I was billed for the money "I didn't pay" the month before. Yeah the bill they sent to me which I paid in full. In other words trying to collect the money they supposedly reduced the bill by plus the now raised bill. Bate & Switch much? Oh and then they said that the "someone issued a credit and shouldn't have" and NEVER NOTIFIED ME. And the bill keeps going up I only use the chat feature now so I can screen shot and suddenly they "can't give me any kind of discount unless I call a phone number"(why so you can charge me a late charge for the imaginary discount that I have no proof of because I used the phone?) Charter here I come! Class Action suit anyone??
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1 year ago, L.A. Phant
This app has been awful for about a month
I don’t understand how, based on a multitude of bad revenues stating the same issue, Frontier doesn’t make it a priority to fix this app. Every time I try to log on I get a message, “an error has occurred , please try again.” This has been an ongoing theme with the new design for almost a month. It makes paying the bill impossible. The other issue with update is it keeps asking me to update my preferences which never stick. The developer doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job. Frontiers solution to call customer service shouldn’t be my burden. The solution should be to just fix the awful app. As a company Frontier should be embarrassed that this is how they are representing themselves to the general public. Frontier, you need to find yourselves another app developer, this is an obvious fail.
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3 years ago, Twisted30
Frontier sent me a link to this app to “check the status” of my internet during an outage... it doesn’t really do that. The main screen has a “status” which simply says that I’m connected to the internet... but I’m not getting any internet! It shows that it is testing my internet speed... says it could take 60 seconds... it’s been that way for 15 minutes! It has an option to troubleshoot, but comes back with an error... “try again in a few seconds”... it doesn’t work because my internet doesn’t work - what’s the point?!? I tried again... and again... then it says that I hit the maximum number of times for troubleshooting - even though it never actually did any troubleshooting!!! The app is totally worthless!!! The only thing they got right is the app’s icon... a great big F! FAIL!
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3 years ago, Kimbyron172
Go back????!!!!
Where’s the back button when you click into anything?! I click on billing, I have to exit the app and reload just to get to the main menu again and as I go into different parts of the app, I have to consistently exit and reload the app to go back. Where’s the settings menu? Where’s the account information drop down? How the heck am I supposed to maneuver around the app when it clearly doesn’t even give those simple features! Also my internet doesn’t go past my bedroom. I walk into the next room and 2 of 3 bars disappear from my phone. My iPad doesn’t even work if I leave the room. Good idea, horrible app! (Update)I deducted another star. This app is officially USELESS!!!! What’s the point of having the app if everything I click on directs me to the website. What a joke.
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4 years ago, MaxHerman11
For internet status, it should poll the ONT
There are quite a few users to happen to use their own routers (myself included), because they are frankly much better. The option in the app to view internet status is a nifty feature, however it appears as though it needs to see a Frontier Gateway. (most likely a NVG468MQ) I feel like this should be changed to poll for the ONT status or poll whether there is an active WAN IP, or something along the lines of that. At least give an option of what to monitor internet access for, either the router or the ONT, but by default have the router. In my case, unless I am messing around with my router it is always up. Please consider this change as it could make the app go one step further.
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5 years ago, TinaBug17
Long time customer
I have been a long time customer of Frontier. I had my account set up for autopay. My monthly rate increased by a whopping $40 so I cancelled autopay because I did not agree to the new amount but I was still charged anyway because it takes over a month to cancel autopay they said. So schedule it through your bank so you can stop it at anytime. Also, when I did call to negotiate a new package and payment amount I was told I had to get new equipment because mine was so old it would not work with the newer internet speed. Then I was billed $75 for the installation of the new equipment. I was never told I was going to have to pay for the new equipment installation. That’s what I got for being a long time customer.
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1 year ago, Sub Me Please
Needs more options
The service is fine and I have never experienced any interruptions. Appointment to my house was simple and easy. They even routed a cat 5 up to my room. The app though just needs to have more options. Why do I need to call or chat with an agent to upgrade or down grade my plan? Also, I should be able to add or remove add ons like that security feature I never asked for. Other than the app being a 3/5. Service with Frontier is great and at least the chat bot did what I asked. It removed my security feature for $5.99 and did a plan upgrade. All I suggest is more options and features in the app. Maybe make it more user friendly and have better UI.
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7 years ago, MadRienell
App Works As Advertised
Five stars for the app. Works as advertised and I had no problems with it. Other users:....when rating an app, take your internet connection, type, speed into account. NO app is going to work well if you have slow speed, out of data, etc. Also, rate the app...not the company. Frontier's outrageous prices and service have nothing to do with how well the app works. If you forget your password, that is not the app's fault. They have high security to keep from people hacking your info. I'm not sticking up for Frontier, but some of these reviews are plain ignorant.
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2 years ago, sparkdableeze
Good service
I like frontier more than spectrum. I think spectrum has great customer service, but is required because the quality of their internet isn’t that good. I haven’t heard many good things about frontiers customer service, but I simply haven’t had to use them since the internet service is great. Way more consistent. Another thing too, is most people are bias against companies when they get caught in a acquisition period, systems get messed up, but the problem is universal. 5 stars for Frontier and their easy to use app
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1 year ago, Bllochotzki
Poor poor Service and technical support!🙁
Not impressed with Frontier. I did not have internet service since the end of August 2022. No service was due to wires down and took several calls to get lines fixed. Once lines were fixed I still didn’t have internet. No one could give me any answers as to why it was taking so long to get it fixed. But yet I was charged as if I had your service. Ridiculous taking advantage of customers. We had been loyal customers to Frontier since 1981. Unfortunately, I had to take another route to get internet. I had my new service hooked up within a day of calling and setting up an account. Very poor service from Frontier. I hope you give better service to your existing customers. Long Time Customer
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3 years ago, Sam Stigler
Good Internet speeds, but bad app
First just want to say that I’m really impressed with Frontier’s Internet service. I’ve never had fiber-optic Internet before, and the speeds are great! That said, this app has a bad user interface. I wanted to look at a recent billing statement so I was easily able to navigate to see the bill, but after that it was extremely unclear what to do next: All that was on the screen was “Billing” header text, some billing-related options like see statements and make a payment, the total balance, and a big plus button in the bottom-right corner. No back button, no home button. I finally figured out that the plus button opens a menu from which I was able to navigate out.
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1 year ago, wberthold
Still no better
Developer contacted me to suggest that I install latest update recently released. Thank you for reaching out. I appreciate the response and communication, although the update resolved some issues as I can now view bills & billing info, but I’m still unable to update payment info or pay my bill using this app. This is causing my bills to be in a past due status. I’m over it…worst app ever and yet how ironic as it’s from a technology/ISP company. Frontier accused to upload screenshots of error, I don’t have time for this as you should be able to view my account info and retain the account status & payment failure errors from their end much easier. Even if I tried to submit these, it most likely wouldn’t be successful anyways. Do better!
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2 weeks ago, Mrcage83
The app works fine….
The only downside of frontier is how long it takes to fix a problem with actual hardware issues. Who charges someone for internet but tells them they will have to go days without service for it to be fixed. Another way how bug companies abuse the system because I will have to contact everyone just for a grievance to be heard and rectified. To be fair again the actual App is extremely smooth and informative with quick updates on your account.
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5 years ago, baroline1997
You get what you pay for
Cheap internet but it is NOT worth it. This internet provider is crap. I would call to upgrade but apparently, I was on the fastest internet. Plus, it would go out on me. Imagine how that goes for a gamer. The customer service is crap. It’s like they don’t know what they’re doing. After cancelling, I was told that I was going to receive a return label (for the modem) within a week. It’s been two weeks so I call and, like always, they struggle to find my acct. When they finally found it, they say that there was nothing to be sent out & they’re telling me that they don’t know what I should do with their box. I mentioned that a Frontier store is near me but they don’t take payments nor equipment. What is it even there for then?
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6 years ago, Horus-isonn
Hidden charges
They will tell you that you will be paying a certain amount and end up paying $10-$15 more. They also said they wont charge me for my modem and what do you know, they charged me for it. I had my own modem and router. If i would have known i was getting charged, i would have just used mine. Not only that, i set up auto pay on the phone to find out they didnt do it. Got charged another $10. Terrible service. I also set up 3 different dates of installation and they failed to show up on all 3. First i didnt need a deposit, then on the day they were supposed to show up, I needed a deposit. Then they said they didnt have my address when i gave it to them twice. Then to find out im not getting the speeds I’m paying for. It was slower. I’m about to go back to Cox Comm.
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1 year ago, DaveOJr
Basically unusable app
I’ve been a customer for about a week now and this app is just completely useless. Click a button and nothing happens on many different links. Honestly I’m not even sure why they have an app at this point besides just to see what your upcoming bill will be. 9 days in and I am far from impressed with this app and the company. Follow up: So I got the canned reply to reach out via email. I did so that very day (Feb 26th). Today is March 7th…ZERO REPLY to my email. Frontier is just another despicable communication conglomerate that does not care about the product or the consumer. They are pretty much all the same, you just have to settle with the lesser of 2 evils. Not sure that is Frontier based on my short experience with them so far.
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