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User Reviews for MyMetro

2.78 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
5 years ago, SonOfRicerX
Don’t save a payment method
This app works most of the time for what I use it for. One to pay the bill every month. Two to check my data usage on my phone device and hotspot allowance. Three to add or remove services from my phone plan. However I have observed saving a payment method to my profile stops this app from working on my phone. All I get is an error message stating the service is not available. I fixed this error by logging into my account on the Metro website. Removed the save payment method from my profile. Uninstall app from my phone. Reboot my phone. Install app onto my phone. Reboot phone. Wait a few hours. Then the app starts working again. So I don’t save a payment method to my Metro profile. I like using the app too much to screw it up. Also Metro subscribers can pay the monthly bill using the MetroPCS website without incurring additional service fees if the app still doesn’t work. However logging into the website requires using two factor authentication. Whereas the app is a tap away. Entering my card data once per month is no big deal to me since the app is just useful enough to me to justify keeping it on my phone.
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4 weeks ago, hsmith2017
To pay bill, won’t authenticate
When I go into the app to try and pay my bill and disconnect my wifi like you ask, you won’t/cant authenticate me for some reason you won’t give me so I can fix. I can’t pay the bill when I’m late (times are way hard rn) and I would of paid my bill by now but when I call I get someone who doesn’t even speak English and is rude. I’ve updated and all that good jazz, no updates are needed on my end.
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5 years ago, Bernie's Anya
Excellent service....
I am giving 5 stars because that’s the experience I’ve had with Metro PCS. Nothing fake or not true about my review. I get great service at an unbelievably wonderful price. Customer service has been on point every time I needed help. I do want to say that once I did have a problem with entering my payment information.....the was a problem with the app accepting my information for some reason..... it was a very simple fix. I just pulled up Metro PCS on the internet without using the app for that time. I figured the was a glitch in the app that was making it not do what should have been done.........yeah it took a little more time doing this, but I got the results I was looking for “Paying my bill”. I had no other issues after that. I’m so sorry to hear about all the problems others are having. I know that Metro PCS is working on the issues. After all, NO COMPANY WANTS TO LOSE CUSTOMERS.💁🏾‍♀️
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4 years ago, goodbenjamin
Top up data is broken
I’ve had this problem multiple times, and it happened again today. I topped up my data on the app today because I saw I was close to using my monthly allotment. About an hour later while I’m using my phone I get the notification that my monthly high speed limit has been reached. No big deal because I just bought top up data right? WRONG. I check my data usage on the app because I notice my connection is slower. I see 2/2 of my monthly gigs used and 9.5/2.0 gigs of top off data used. I haven’t used any top up data yet and it somehow is calculating 9.5 gigs already used. This has happened multiple times before and it hasn’t been fixed. The only way to get it to work from here is to spend an hour getting a hold of a customer service agent and they make you reset your wireless settings which causes you to lose all your saved WiFi networks and passwords which is beyond inconvenient. This is unacceptable. If there is a top up function it should work without me having to spend an hour on the phone to get it to work.
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4 years ago, Ashm1987
Weeks later and still won’t work
So weeks after the interview here I am still not able to use the app. I have even called metro and told them about this they acted like they had no clue anything was even wrong with the app. And it had already been down for 2 weeks when I made the call. It is still flashing when I open it and that’s all it will do. Metro will this EVER be fixed??!!! Do you even care if your app isn’t working???!!! This has been going on for over 3 weeks now!!! This is how I paid my bill and kept up with the amount of hotspot data I have left and now I just have to hope I’ll turn my hotspot on and it will work and I have to go miles to the metro store to pay my bill and get charged $3 to pay. And I get charged to call and pay but I go to the store because at least I can understand what they are saying to me there. The app was one of the best things about the metro over all setup and now it doesn’t work and you all won’t give us a new update to fix it! Yup you all really care about your customers. I can tell.
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2 years ago, A lannister always pays
Metro cost me income
For a year now, I’ve blamed my gig apps for not working. Turns out, it’s metro that doesn’t work. This service has cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars because it doesn’t work. Next week, I will fork over the extra cash to go back to Verizon just to have a dependable network. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” doesn’t cut it when the landlady is standing in front of me needing rent. Never again metro. NEVER again. Update: to the developer response, why in the world would I get on fb to send you a message when I’ve called you multiple times about my network not working. I have been paying for a service and you haven’t delivered. I don’t know what you’re doing over there at metro, but when I open my apps and it constantly says “no network connection”, you aren’t providing service. I’m sick of it and your savings aren’t worth a nonworking network. This sneaky little thing you’re doing with data throttles will eventually get you sued.
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3 years ago, Quake0317
Make sure to read the fine print
When you sign up for service to take advantage of any of their “gift card” promotions make sure you read all of the fine print. I recently signed up with Metro and am financing my phone with my Apple Card. I specifically switched to a prepaid service so I wouldn’t be tied to any one carrier to get a “free” phone and I could go wherever I choose. However because I got the new iPhone about a week after I started service and transferred from my old phone I was ineligible to receive the $200 gift card. Dumbest thing ever, why does it matter if I got a new phone when I signed up and brought my own device anyways? At no point did they even come close to making it easy to see that anywhere when advertising the offer. The service has been fine and the customer service has been fine, but I’m still switching to a different carrier because of the lack of transparency.
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1 month ago, Unhappy fam
This isn’t a CIA login
This app is absolutely ridiculous when it comes to the “security” measures it has in place making it extremely difficult to login! What do I need to turn my WiFi off for?? And why so many steps before I get to even login to my account? You need my pin, my face/finger print AND password? It’s a PHONE bill, who is going to come in and take my information from that!? That’s if I even get passed the loading screen that seems to be endless, I’ve been on the phone with the IRS in less time! I can not STAND this app and the constant updates that hinder you rather than simplify the bill paying process! The website is no different either which is why I switched to the app but over the years it’s gotten progressively worse! At this point everyone is better off switching providers than dealing with Metro and their mess!
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4 years ago, gmtbruhh
They robbed me but made it better
So on April 6th I called a guy on customer service and I wanted to switch to a $30 bill so he said there will be added fees and I said that’s fine then I gave him my card info to pay my bill he then stole 20 extra dollars and set my next bill at $10 more so it would be $40 for a $30plan which made no sense to me but luckily TODAY APRIL 27th the customer service woman I called was amazing and so helpful she seen that guy stole extra money and added extra insurances to my phone that I didn’t need and she was the best customer service I had she knew it wasn’t right and she was destined to get my problem solved if it wasn’t for her I would’ve sued y’all mfs 😂If anyone wants to switch plans keep in mind do it through the app u won’t get robbed and the charges are how they are supposed to be
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2 years ago, Anon 😈
Fails when you need it
I don’t hardly leave reviews but today I am. This app right here seriously need a lot of improvement. I have been using metro for years but I try to avoid using this app for the times I need to pay my phone bill and this consistently asinine app. Is the most excruciating annoying thing ever to be factory installed on a device. The luck of it working in all favor is equivalent to winning money of a $1 scratch off ticket. The automated voice system when you call is a third better than this app. FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX this app to work accordingly with/without internet connection please. Metro makes too much money as a brand to offer such low quality apps and services to their customers.
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2 years ago, Lizz2272
It just never works anymore
I remove WiFi in order to make my payment as instructed but it never works anymore. Recently an online employee hacked my account, made purchases to my metro account, but the worse and scary part is that he/she hacked my PayPal and Accorn account. I don’t know what else this person has access to. So far No one has given me answers. They said the cyber team was going to contact me, but it hasn’t happened yet. When we call customer service they ask for our password and we give it to them without hesitation. Not knowing some of them are criminals and use our private information to steal from us. I demand an answer or I’m going to speak with my lawyer regarding this horrible experience. And please fix the useless app. It’s getting old.
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2 years ago, Kelr0k
Amazing customer service!
I had a problem with the person I purchased my metro phone and metro went back for every month and credited my account. I thought there’d fight me on it but they said no sir l, we apologize you are correct!.. I was astounded!… Then they made sure things were right for real… I had so much trouble with other companies on smaller issues, like AT&T couldn’t even do just that… Ever ! Metro is all around the best, if your phones off EVERYBODY gets an automatic courtesy extension by request! Pick them and you’ll be glad you did!
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6 years ago, Jestar irongate
Didn’t work App 1 star MetroPCS 4 star
I downloaded the app to view my account info, pay etc. I was not able to access the app due to an error. I am new customer to metro pcs but not to apps or service. After reading all the complaints about the app I decided to pay directly through website to avoid the in store charges. From experience with other carriers I usually only do business with “corporate” stores instead of “authorized retailer/seller”. The non corporate store have their own fees and charges, etc plus if you purchase any metro pcs items they may not honor the warranty or exchange due to store being independent authorized reseller and didn’t make the profit off the initial sale. Service is fair and that is dependent on where you need the service. Some areas only get ATT, or Verizon, Sprint. T-Mobile towers are good if they cover your area. I like the simple billing and all fees included price and no contract. I buy my phones unlocked from Apple so I can literally take my phones to any provider Verizon, ATT, Sprint. (ATT and T-Mobile use same technology on phone service so if your phone is unlocked it can be used between those two device by changing SIM card).
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2 years ago, joejoe 198
Error putting in payment info
The app won’t let me put my Debit information in at all, it consecutively tells me there’s something wrong with my card, I went to my bank nothing is wrong with my card, I then proceeded to speak to an agent after being in hold for about 5 mins, they insisted it was on my half that was causing the error. My whole thing is I have been paying my bill with the same card for years and just this month it decided to stop accepting my card I can’t top up data, pay my bill etc.. very inconvenient if you ask me, I tried resetting my network, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, I made sure I had an internet connection and still no luck, I’m very close to switching teams metro is messing up
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4 years ago, sj-2020
Slow and Annoying
I used to login to my online account to make payments and anything else and I was relatively comfortable with that. After I switched to a plan with hot spot, I downloaded this app to be able to quickly check my usage. The app takes a significantly and annoyingly long time to load and it does not have anything seriously useful AND every time I try to check my hot spot data usage, it prompts me for account pin!! while it doesn’t do that to check my bank account and credit card info! This is as ridiculous as it can be. I needed the app just for this simple thing, to check my data usage quickly, and now it takes me more time than logging into the online account. Absolutely useless.
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3 months ago, ayetofu
Useless with new update.
I used this app to manage my husband's phone plan, make sure the payment goes through, and check his data when he asks me too. He really doesn't like remembering all our accounts logins so I has me keep them all on my phone and computer, and when he needs them he just uses one of my devices. Now this app is useless. I do not have Metro on my phone so I can't access his account anymore. The app crashes on his every time he loads it and even when he tries to uninstall and reinstall. Logging on the website was terrible before, but now it's just barely an inch better then this awful update you all pushed through. Please roll it back.
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1 year ago, pbjbsb
App does not open with WI-FI
Have to use cellular data to access app. I do not have private relay which is for paid iCloud+ service. My other IPhone SE 3rd Gen works fine. My iPhone SE 2nd Gen has the problem. It is very discouraging to continually having to use cellular data to access app. My Metro app is working fine now after having trouble with it last month. I don’t know what changed but I’m glad to see that it is working properly now.
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6 years ago, dissapointed9876789
Was this app made in 2009?
Wow. My session was timed out 3 times while i was in a chat with 3 different customer service reps. Way to waste 30 minutes of my time. You literally have to keep your screen moving the whole time you're in the chat with the rep because if your phone screen shuts off due to inactivity, you get kicked OUT OF THE CHAT. And the third time, it just timed me out bc i was on the app for too long!!! Omg how frustrating. It doesn’t ask you if you're still busy or using the app, just decides to lock you out. Just a really annoying app overall. I also can’t see what my past history payments are. You click on the payments tab and it just immediately asks you to pay what you owe. 1 star.
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4 years ago, Mark&Mafis
Works great!
Honestly I’ve been with Metro PCS since 2003 and all other prepaid services but metro I’ve had a much more better quality experience. Now regarding this app it’s definitely okay and it gets the job done, my only complaint is that if your cellphone is out of service you won’t be able to connect because you need to turn off your WiFi rendering your cellphone useless that is my only complaint right now lol. Differently recommend to anyone on a budget.
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4 years ago, MUSHIEZZ
Bug fixes needed
Normally app works fabulously for paying bills and adding services and being able to contact customer support if and when needed without having to scrounge online for the number. But since update i am unable to access the app just is stuck on loop of opening logo and never gets passed that. Metro please see to it that this bug gets fixed ASAP. Thanks for such awesome service too for a better/much more reasonable price than most, I’d never go to another company for cell service.
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2 years ago, Overdowzed
As someone who has never missed a payment let alone been late to pay one, I’m appalled with how horrendous this app functions. If you want an extension on your bill, be prepared to call 5 different people and talk to 3 bots to get it. It says there’s a button but at this point I think it’s just there to mock you because it just doesn’t work! HAHA. This app has made me consider switching services altogether because if I have to endure this obstacle course of an app any longer I may not want a phone at all. It’s made me question if my service is even good to begin with. Overall just be prepared to fight for your life to get decent help!
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4 years ago, clogan78
Does what i need it to do
I use this app to check my data usage and pay my bill and it does both no problem. I have to enter my Metro password for each but thats not a problem. The payment charges me practically instantly and i get the confirmation text within 5 minutes. I think the app is great for what it does. Now if they could integrate this app with the scam shield app that would be even better!
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1 year ago, Chance.Gassman
You’d be better off going to the website
This app is great in theory, but there are so many connectivity issues and bugs. Worst is when you can’t even open the app and it says you have to go through all these manual troubleshooting steps just to regain access - and having the app still not work when trying those steps. Additionally when I change my plan, the screen goes totally white and I have to close out the app and restart it. Was the change made? Who knows. The farthest thing from usability.
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6 years ago, Jessica Wilkes
Just as poor as in store
Not only is this app complete crap, but so is the company! When I signed up (mind you I had no phone, or anything & signed up for the free phone to get a job) I was put onto the $30 plan, yet I’m being charged an extra $5 for a service I used one time & have no way of turning off on this app... I’m not willing to go into their stores because the last couple of times I went into the stores I was trying to pay my bill, but instead was charged for “topping up your data.” When I called the store to complain & ask why the heck I had no service the girl who helped me said “you should of spoken clearer.”
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4 years ago, moasem
It got better
People if you are look for improved app it’s here. Ignore all the old negative reviews. The app has saved payment cards to auto payment, also more I like how there is options for everything. I actually used the app more often than the website. Add speed whenever my highest was 87mbps down. So long as the app is maintained and looked out for any anomaly, it will stay 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Yelhsa...
This app is crap!
I swear all the 5 ⭐️ reviews I have read are fake or something. This app has only worked once since I have had metro pcs. When I’m on WiFi it tells me to temp. disconnect so they can connect to the metro network or some crap and it goes through this little connecting thing. I get the first little ✔️ and then next I get an ❌ because they can’t verify metros network or some BS! I have updated, uninstalled, reinstalled. The app is just useless. I’m two shakes from switching service! (And P.S. to the person who said it must be our internet, I have full service so if it is my internet then it’s also metros fault for having faulty data)
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7 years ago, MXTHRE3_
Puts your money on hold !
If you don’t want to wait a week to get your money back, DO NOT USE THIS APP !!!! This is the second time I’m going thru this because of using this app, but when I use it to pay my bill, I go to submit it and then it goes to a screen that says it’s not able to process my payment, HOWEVER they still take the money out of your account. I am VERY dissatisfied with this app !! Definitely will be deleting it and making my payments either in-store or on the actual website now. I just spent $120 for no reason today, and won’t be able to get the $60 until the 20th of October.. that’s 7 days away !
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4 months ago, Yalablahal
Its good but could be better
For me, the app works, i was able to set-up the auto-pay functipn and etc… The bad side is, that this app didn’t get any update for the Iphone 15 Pro Max. What i mean the top left and right corners. I can’t press on the function keys there, like the Back, Help or the X (close), so every when i HAVE to press one of em, i just cant, so i have to close the whole app and start over and its really frustrating. You should update the interface…
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5 years ago, Trashcan Troubadour
Limited Functionality
I’m able to use this to pay my bill, but that’s it. All the other features don’t work. I’ll give it three stars because it does handle the most important thing, but its lack of working features has led to more than one trip to a store, because forget about doing anything on the phone; it’s pretty much luck of the draw with that. All in all though, MetroPCS is basically OK for the money.
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4 weeks ago, Scotty Pilgrim12
Scam Alert!
I ported in a number to take advantage of a promo on a phone. The metro store I went to charged me $ 100 extra just because. I asked for a receipt, but was told that it will come via text. It never did. The store associate returned $90 to me after I started calling customer service. Then I couldn’t receive any calls. Called 611 which is for customer service, but can’t call them that cause they do not provide customer service. Got the phone I wanted but li refuse to deal with them. How can you hard to want and play hard to get.. Overpriced and not reliable.
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2 years ago, hopeful1205
It worked until it didn’t
So I called metro telling them their app didn’t work anymore. The call representative said I could make a payment over the phone. I told her that’s not the point in me calling! I want to make my payments through the app and the app was inaccessible and didn’t function for a while and she or anyone by metro didn’t bother fixing this issue. No wonder they are rated less than 3 stars. Should be zero. I can make payments online. But I prefer the app. And I definitely do not prefer paying over the phone. Those days are over!
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5 years ago, pinefone
Monthly payment
I wish I could give this app no stars. Every time I try to put in my payment method it keeps saying that the name or the card number is wrong even though it isn’t. (I’ve checked over it several times) It has nothing to do with my card either because I called the card company and the card is still active. I don’t want to keep calling metro pcs customer service every month just to pay my bill when this app was made to make things easier. And when I call them they make me pay an extra $3 along with my bill. Can you please fix this app? Thank you.
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2 years ago, exsposethefakes
Auto pay
I had enrolled in auto pay and they charged my account 2 days before the actual payment was due. I found it very odd they would do something so dumb. So if you are enrolled in autopay be careful as the day you pay can get pushed back. No reason you’re debiting my account on the 18th when the bill is not due till the 20th! What if the funds had not been available? Thankfully they were but no other company decides that they will charge its consumers earlier to get the money faster! Something very corrupt is going on. So be aware of this place
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2 years ago, Pharaoh718
Low class garbage
Should be called Metro piece of Sht.. This is the most ghettoest, most low class, low budget trashy company that exists. The people who represent this company are losers with no education, the creators of this company AND app are also low lives. This app stops working randomly for no reason and asks for you to disconnect from wifi. What difference does it make? I shouldn’t have to check my VPN or disconnect from anything at all. Garbage people and garbage company. I wish I can curse here and defile this company and it’s partners and creators but then my review won’t get posted. You are all rapists!
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6 years ago, simplyjazs
This app really helps remind me when I need to pay my bill and it’s very easy to make any changes, whenever my bill gets cut I still get like 2 free days of service but only if I use the app that’s very convenient because I can use that free service for a day or 2 until I’m able to go into a metro PCs store and pay my bill. My only concern with this app is NONE, no concern 🤗
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3 years ago, mmes147
This app is trash
Can’t connect. Called metro twice. Every time I call, I get access while on the call but when the call ends, it gives me the “Sorry… we’re unable to load your account information at this time” and gives me three options. 1) Try again… which I’ve tried. Nothing. 2) Troubleshooting Tips (went through all 5 steps and still nothing) and 3) Call Metro… which does nothing to help solve the current issue. They even did a network reset so I lost all my voicemails just to make this work… what a terrible app.
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2 months ago, Qweyonta
iOS development bug
Hello I’m a developer letting you know in your recent updates that the constraints on your app are a bit off from the safe zone and the view of your tab bar controller (minor bug). I can say the UI is smoother as well as the new build has faster load times.
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2 years ago, JimDmac
Love the App
I really like this App! Does everything I need and displays the info I want to find out. Sometimes it is annoying waiting for info to load but overall very nice experience. I especially like that it keeps improving. With new functionality and usability enhancements. Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Brwneydgg
Never Works
This app never works!! I've tried for months to access this app and it never works! I turn off the wifi and it tells me it can't authenticate my account. I've had this account for 5 years. This is ridiculous. Y'all never help when you call the number and customer service in the store is a joke! My son's phone hasn't worked in 6 months without wifi and nobody at Metro can tell me why his data stopped working. Get it together Metro
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2 years ago, Oscar Itunes
Needs Updating Version
Was able to make payments before at home , on the go and now the app always says something about turn off wifi and use cellular and then it never connects , so basically cant make payments or changes to account on the app , I keep checking App Store to see if update is available & nada still (FYI I had to pay using 611 , but don’t wait till your billing cycle is over or you will be screwed having to find a metro store and have to pay extra $5 to pay at the store ) Metro Wake Up
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3 years ago, GWISR
T-mobile store
I have just transferred my two cell phones from Verizon to T- mobile. The two young ladies working in your Selinsgrove store are very knowledgeable and helpful. They explained everything very well. So far I am very happy with the plan I got and have already recommended them to some of my friends
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2 years ago, Aaaaaaa!:3
It stoped working
The app no longer works. It just keeps saying that they are unable to upload my information it’s been like it for months now. I’ve tried everything and the app just no longer works. Update! I turned off the iCloud relay and now it works!! Thanks!
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8 months ago, AVMPR
App update
Since the new update it’s more complicated to access the app. Now the customers have to enter the phone number, get a temporary pin and also does the face recognition or ask for the account password. Same problem to access the account through the website not only ask for the account pin it also send a another one by text message. This features should be for easy access not to be complicated specially for the population who are not computer savvy.
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6 months ago, Ashley💜💜
One time extension
It worked every other month as needed but this time it says my account isn’t eligible for a one time extension and I have to wait a month but my bill was due 3 days ago. Idk if the app is taking too long to update but my phone is still on even though my account wasn’t “eligible” for the extension.
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2 years ago, 1167frabk
Junk app redo
Always crashing. Have to erase and redownload on iPhone even after an update it freezes, tells you no info found or password wrong. And for the last 3 weeks I’ve opened app and “ account information not found.” I have downloaded and erased this app 4xs today. Sugar Honey Iced Tea app or Sierra Helo Indigo Tango app Oh man response. “My phone, system and everything is up to date on apple. It’s the app not the phone. Nothing you can do on Facebook if I can not download and continuously get an error message
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4 years ago, Mr.Ricks1998
Straight Forward App
The App is very useful and helpful but do suffer some crashing issues. But other than that i'd recommended it for download simply because it has everything you need in one app. You can change your plan here, view plan details, as well as pay your phone bill.
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4 years ago, YMail Rating
No a happy camper!
Service is keeps cutting on and off like someone’s trying to violate my telecommunication privacy rights protection and data communication privacy rights policy act. Third party customer service help that’s really no help at all. Show my caller ID stopped working, they want you to give out your phone to several techs that hang up on you. I’m not calling back since it’s my fifth day with this service problems that’s always blanks in and out. Cloning and hacking is no sweat for a company that should be securing your telecommunication privacy right. The world of outsourcing, beware!
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6 years ago, crap send review no name
App wording rude how about thank you for your payment by
I find the wording of this out very rude every month I pay my bill and every month the first thing I see when I open this app is if you don’t pay by your account will be suspended I don’t need to see that first thing when I open this app well aware MetroPCS will catch you right off the first second you don’t pay right when they think you should
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7 years ago, heavymetalomar
This app is the only method of directly paying your bill without a 3rd party fee from either paying through a phone call or paying in store. However, it’s so unreliable. I submit my payments and it always comes out as “Sorry!”. I check my bank account and it has withdrawn $50 from my account and takes couple of days to restore. As a company, you should make the effort to update the app and bug fixes for your consumers. Very disappointed and might be forced to pay the 3rd party fee if I have to pay elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Bird sigh
Works fine for me.
I know there are a lot of bad reviews for this app but I’ve used it for about 2 years now to pay my bills and I haven’t had any trouble at all. I also really like the company and phone service they provide. They are easy people to work with and that’s my honest opinion.
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