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Nissan North America Inc.
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyNISSAN®

4.79 out of 5
51K Ratings
5 years ago, Chelseamariep06
Easy, clean, helpful
I like the app. I saw I had 2 recalls on my vehicle right after I downloaded and opened the app (haven’t received mail notification or anything so this was first time I saw the recall) and it was easy to schedule with my dealer. I only wish there was integration with my financing and remote lock/unlock apps. I use all 3 apps for different reasons. I downloaded connected services first while at the dealership and was frustrated when my first payment was due and couldn’t figure out where to go. I literally googled “Nissan payments” to find the NMAC portal and app. I also paid for the first mile maintenance and ultimate protection packages but it would be nice to see those listed in the app because I don’t really remember what I even paid for or how I can use that. I think dent repair is included so I’m going to schedule that with dealer too and hopefully they find my protection package to confirm.
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1 year ago, username-is-taken
Auto-renew doesn't renew
For the entirety of the nearly 2 years I've had my vehicle, I've had to call every month to have my service reinstated. I get the same speech every time "I have checked the auto-renew option so this shouldn't happen again." FFwd to next month, i go to remote start my car because it's the northeast and cold for most of the year, and lo and behold, my subscription isn't active again. They've tried to tell me it's because it's a debit card, so it won't auto-renew without authorization. They fail to explain how 6 other services are able to renew every month without issue on the same card, but theirs can't figure it out. This issue is what's going to make me not keep the vehicle at the end of the lease. I got it specifically for this service, and I'm not getting the service appropriately. For reference, my Subaru Starlink managed to auto-renew itself every month without issue. My carwash pass, streaming services, trash/water, and gym membership all handle auto-renew just fine on this same card. Nissan needs to get their act together.
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1 year ago, bmrgato
Broken dysfunctional Update
I don’t understand how this has such high ratings unless they’re paying people to do positive reviews. With the 3.1.8 update I started getting notifications every 30 minutes or so telling me about the great new update and be sure I had it. I did, but that didn’t stop the notifications. Next I had a notification on the app that I was unable to clear or even find. I thought ok I can deal with this if the app is a big improvement it claims to be. So I went and looked at the maintenance schedule and got the message to look at my owners manual…. Ok, so I thought I’ll uninstall and reinstall this app and hopefully the notification will clear and I’ll see what a great update this is. Now when I try to log on it asks for access to my health data, why?, So I granted it access but now the app won’t log on, it’s stuck on the login screen. I have a 2022 Nissan Titan, so I don’t have some ancient vehicle. I also have a Chevy Volt with an OnStar App, leaps and bounds superior user experience. One app instead of 2 or 3, I can see what maintenance my Volt requires and start, stop, lock, unlock all in one. Terrible
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4 months ago, Kkneco
My Lyla
I love being able to start my Lyla from this app far better than using my key fob. This is all very new to me. Lyla is my baby. So to anyone that’s new , like myself. I’ve had to learn that if your phone and fob are in close proximity then the app won’t work. I see that as a flaw. Because both men and women alike your key fob is either in your purse or pocket. (right?) so I had to uninstall and reinstall this app. So if anyone has any pointers for me please share. I’m still learning. Thanks, Lyla’s mom. I’m a car mom y’all. Yay!!
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7 days ago, Sir Crash a Lot
No Longer Works
Been a frustrating year since Nissan changed the app to MyNissan. All remote services on my 2018 Nissan Armada worked fine with the old app. The new app doesn’t allow any of those features for my vehicle. Nissan Connect support just continues to give me the prepared statement that “3G networks were shut down due to no fault of Nissan” and my vehicle is no longer eligible for services. I realize it’s difficult nowadays for someone to go off script but this isn’t a cell antenna issue with my vehicle. It is simply Nissan removing the features from the app for a vehicle that retailed for $65k in 2018. I can go to the Nissan Connect website and access all remote features and they work just fine. I can unlock and lock my Armada from anywhere. I can track it’s location and I can remote start it from anywhere. Unfortunately that isn’t as convenient as having an app to work those services. I’ll be cancelling my subscription. I love Nissan vehicles but this app has been a huge disappointment.
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4 months ago, StellaMarie98
A good app, with down sides
This is a useful and intuitive app, and in the 3 weeks I’ve had my lease, the app has become my central hub to check miles remaining, manage climate remotely, and other basic tasks. The last 2 days, though, I can’t log in and get the error message “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” I have verified I’m running the latest version (ie I checked in the App Store if the app needs updates- and it did not). Then I tried offloading and reinstalling the app in case that was the issue. It wasn’t. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Still no dice. I think I had to go back into the App Store, find the app, and click the “Support” icon to learn that the app is down for maintenance and will be up again at some point. With as much outreach as Nissan gives- too much outreach IMO - you’d think they could email or text their users and state they are aware of a system issue with the app and give an ETA for resolution. Also, I find it annoying that about once a week I get a quick survey about how I like the app. The survey pops us as something to be clicked through before accessing the app, so I have to respond. I’d really like them to stop all that. The car I leased is wonderful. It’s really a delight. The app is turning out to be good, but with some down sides.
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5 months ago, Annieoakiely
Never works!
For what you pay for this app it hardly ever works! We have been in a freeze the past few days and it only worked one time like 3 days ago and hasn’t worked since! So if I need to warm up my car to go somewhere I’ll have to go to my car and start it that way and that I don’t want to do because I’m sure my doors are frozen and won’t be able to open them, plus I shouldn’t have to do that. This app cost so much and if you check the status on how many times it worked you would see it’s not very many! I better get a refund or a good price when it’s time to renew. I only renew because if you want the other little things this comes with you have to use this app. PLEASE fix this app! I’m about to go out now in 15 degree cold to try to start it. And you cant say it’s not working because of the cold because it doesn't work in warm weather either! Work on this app and make it better!
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6 months ago, fullofwrong
Sometimes it works
2023 Ariya. It’s a nice thought to be able to start your car from a long ways off with your phone. It just seems like Nissan cheaped out on the developers of this app. It is very slow to connect to the car. If it connects at all. It will sometimes show the cars status from the last time it connected. Not this time. Sometimes it says the climate control failed but yet the car is warming up when I get outside. Sometimes it isn’t warming up. Sometimes it works. And the app really can’t do that much other than start the car and lock/unlock. It can only do climate control on the Ariya. I wish it could do the seat heaters and heated steering wheel. But I also wish it wasn’t using dial up connection speeds. Only worth the price in the hot summer or cold winters. Do better Nissan.
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2 months ago, JCHJohnson
Charging needs to go back to the drawing board
The simple aspects that work for all cars are not bad. The interface is easy to navigate and a lot of the functions work well. That being said, charging control & information is a disaster. Charging time estimates are WAY off (more than two times what it says in car dashboard and what actually ends up being true). Cannot stop charging from app. App charging communication is hit and miss. Very little information on charging is provided (for example, it doesn’t provide charge rate and charging status doesn’t update as it’s charging — so shows state of charge as what it was before charging began instead of what it is now). So the app is entirely useless to me during charging. I have to walk down to wherever the car is.
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1 year ago, Barrie72627
EV Ariya Poor Support
If you don’t mind waiting minutes to review the status of your EV, such as battery percentage, or to even engage climate controls, then ignore this review. In this modern age, the connection experience of this app is reminiscent of using dial up. Now, some credit is due to Nissan as they recognize these issues but customers have been waiting and waiting for an update. So, Nissan, if your listening, you need to prioritize costumer experience with software updates to improve these slow response times. Lastly, the same should be said about the Nissan Ariya EV that uses this app. If Nissan wants to be any but competitive in this new EV market, then they need to seriously consider provisioning more frequent updates. And most importantly, listen to your customers, they are the ones using the vehicles and software and interact with it daily!
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4 months ago, BenJF3
Has potential, Needs work
So we got the app and added service to our Rogue primarily for remote access because the factory fobs have horrible range. After days of issues and back/forth with support the app was finally working. It’s pretty responsive, but could really use some updates. It needs a Face ID option for initiating commands and the commands need to be simplified. If I want to remote start the vehicle I have to send a lock command, ok it and then send a start command and also ok that?!? Why??? One start command should trigger a remote start and be smart enough to send a lock command ahead on its own. Not deal breaker gripes, but definitely issues to address. Also, if paying for remote services why not offer a discounted bundle that also includes Sirius radio?
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1 year ago, DiscoMusic
Climate control
The app is very cool looking however, I do wish it was like my former Subaru app and like many other apps that allows you to control the temperature the air flow heated seats heated steering wheel defroster. I know it does some of this automatically, but it would still would be cool to set what you want at what temperature. With the Subaru app you were able to make for presets. I had one for winter outside winter inside. The outside would turn the temperature on high the blower on high make sure was hitting the windshield. The rear defroster was on which automatically did the mirrors the heated seats return on. The inside did all of the above, excluding turning on the red fogger. have a get on the highest temperature hitting the window.
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1 year ago, Login Firgotten
iPhone 13 iOS 16.2 I created and logged into my account online without problems. When I went to the app all I can see is the login and create account buttons. I try to login and the face recognition pops up for saved password then disappears leaving me back at the login/register screen. I have no other option to manually login. When I tried to create an account on the app I get the error (rightfully so) stating that the email has already been registered. Update: I waited 24 hours and restarted my phone. The app let me in without a problem. My car information and service schedule is all available.
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3 years ago, Shootrrr McGee
Can’t get it to work at all
Tried registering my newly purchased Nissan. Entered all the info and said verifying ownership. Kept checking over and over. Finally called and they said the service had been in someone else’s name and they had just revoked the membership. So I am driving a car around and someone else has the ability to track me and my family? But I go and try to register again. Well now it won’t allow me because it says the vin is already connected to my email. But it doesn’t show up in the app. So now I am at a complete standstill. I guess I will call and register by phone like it’s 1995. What’s the point of an app if you have to call multiple times to get it working? I probably won’t pay for any additional features because I don’t believe they can be relied upon.
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6 months ago, Overpriced and never works
Paying for an app that doesn’t work
More often than not the Nissan app will not work. If you call their 1800 (which they’ll probably suggest I do with their often generic response to complaints). The only thing they’ll say on the 4 occasions I’ve called is “to delete and reinstall the app” and that “their developers are working on it and it’ll be fixed by tomorrow.” Just to keep having the same issues and more. Very disappointing in every way. From not starting the car, to not showing me where my car is parked to my favorite issue. “You haven’t subscribed for this service”, it’s not worked more than it’s worked. I’d give it negative stars if I could. But note, they don’t forget to send you the bill for the next year of service, which went up in cost since I bought the car in June. AND the price they say they’re going to charge me is not the rate I negotiated and have proof of via email. On top of it the car itself makes rattling noises in both doors and only 4 months old..2 weeks later and the dealership still hasn’t called me back. I really regret purchasing this car, the support is just not there.
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6 months ago, Réy-B-Busy
Works less than 70% of the time
The first issue I have is paying a monthly subscription when my BMW is for free. Nevertheless, I pay it because I like the car. However, for a subscription that I have to pay to start my car, I find it extremely frustrating and borderline thievery for me to be paying for something that works a little more than half the time. “Something went wrong. Please try again later“ always shows up. When I login sometimes it logs me back out when I manage to get into the app and try to start my car, the wheel keeps spinning and the car starts sometimes with no notification. What are we paying for, Exactly?
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3 months ago, Ang1215b
Incorrect car servicing alerts firing
My Nissan connect app always says my 2021 Armada has low oil pressure and I should stop driving the car immediately and take the car for servicing. I’ve done it on 2 occasions and the dealership says that app is glitching and the oil pressure is fine. I signed in and out, installed and uninstalled the app numerous times and I get the same alert when app launches. The app is really slow in response to remote start and lock/unlock car. I could oversee the slowness but the misfire of service alerts is truely overwhelming. I will cancel my Nissan connect services because there’s too many negatives compared to positives. I was told by dealership “the app is never accurate and that it’s not worth the headache”. I cannot agree more.
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3 years ago, darlingshy
Not Useful at all
When I first downloaded this app, I was able to add my 2009 Altima without issues and when I got my 2016 Pathfinder SV, I couldn’t add it to my garage. I tried several time without any luck so I eventually contact Nissan and was told to send in my documents which I did and after a while, I was able to add it. Pros It has useful learning video about anything you want to know about your vehicle. Dealership information and that’s about it. Cons: I would have love to see this app update the mileage by itself and not one editing it all the time you log into the app. No remote start, unlock, or lock on the app except you pay for subscription which is not cool. My wife has a 2017 Ford Escape Titanium which has these functions and on the app without paying for subscription. No location finder incase you miss where you park or alert on gas, tire pressure, low windshield washer, service due, etc all this are available on the Ford app at no cost. Why can Nissan implement or add these to their own app and make it enjoyable for its customers despite how much they pay for their cars.
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6 months ago, KingKobe33
Love Love Love
I love this app I love the fact you can see exactly where it is at all times when someone else is using it. I also love the fact I can start the engine and lock and unlock doors from anywhere. I just hate my trial is ending and now I have to pay for something that should be free because in the event it is stolen it is a excellent tool to locate vehicle right away.
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6 months ago, Virarfast
Good car app
First of all, I love my new Ariya. Not only it is a cure for (TOS) Tesla omnipresent Syndrome, it is actually a darned fine car. The range is comparable, the ride is better, and the acceleration is head snappingly good. And importantly it looks amazing on the outside and on the inside. The app is just the cherry on the cake. It provides access to many conveniences like locking, charging status, preconditioning, route mapping etc. Right now I pay nothing for all this, but this will cost money in 6 months. I am not sure if I will. Let’s see how used I get to these features by then!
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1 year ago, Ktb11780
Total Junk
This app doesn't work from the start. Like many others have stated, the app opens to a screen that asked if I'd like to use my saved password. I haven't even been able to create the account because the only two options to log in just keep circling back to the login screen. Tried to create a new account... nope, account already exists with my email. Click on account, and any other button and get the error "Something went wrong while retrieving your data." Have app issues? Hit the feedback button and get help... only I can't because I get the same stupid error message. If you can't make an app that works, do everyone a favor and don't make one!
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1 year ago, Tweety1976
Sending navigation doesn’t work
I just tried sending a location to my truck and it “Failed to send.” Obviously, I tried to save it and that didn’t work either. Tried many times and even went outside and started my truck and tried a couple of times again. I even turned on Location Services on my iPhone and tried again. No good. Even with location services off, I was able to send a location to my truck with the “old” app - NissanConnect. It worked the first time. I’m paying for this service, so until you fix this problem in this new app, don’t retire the NissanConnect app.
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7 months ago, pingoricho
Not working and issues with time
Hello, I’v been having issues with the app for the last week. I tried to log in and it says something went wrong, please try again later. For over a week, some days it works but I noticed that it fails more in the morning. I left a comment on Google and I called Nissan and said that there was an issue but that I was solved already. Well let me tell you that the issue is still there. Also when I set a time to turn on my car it’s always 45 minutes of delay, so in order to turn on my car at 8 am I have to set it up for 8:40-8:45. Not happy with this app.
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1 year ago, Heir2Gates
Badge Notifications Won’t Go Away!
With the latest update, badge notifications won’t go away once viewed. I have a recall notification (that was already addressed by the dealership btw) that won’t go away. UPDATE: The recall notification finally disappeared a couple weeks after the dealership addressed the recall, but I still have a phantom badge notification. I’ve clicked every screen within the app and there are no notifications anywhere. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but the badge notification remains. Very frustrating!
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4 years ago, Ray2951
App works after update
Initially, I left a poor review for technical issues adding vehicles to the garage. Demetri with the development team contacted me and was excellent to work with. The team updated the app to resolve the spinning wheel after entering mileage and it did resolve that issue. Unfortunately, the vehicle actually making it to your garage involves a manual verification process. During this process, I received a notice that the proof of ownership I submitted has a different name than my Nissan account name (legal first name versus my every day name). I’m giving up on trying. Thank you developer team for paying attention to your reviews and caring!
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7 months ago, Groove Shaker
App doesn’t work and crashes at login
I have a 2022 Nissan and after the 6 month trial I was still able to - lock and unlock my car - review the health - view miles left - location - and odometer reading. Immediately after I had a warranty repair work done now all that shows up is the lock unlock feature that works only half the time. Sure would like a fix for these features since it’s supposed to available to me for 5 more years after purchase. Sad about the way nissan has failed me. My car was only 1 year old and had to have a issue under warranty repaired already. Broke my heart I was your biggest fan for years.
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9 months ago, ViciousNik13
Missing features???
It would be helpful if there was a picture or a recording of whatever sets off alarms (ie tow alarm). What’s the point of alerting my email and phone, minutes after my alarm is triggered, if you can’t show me why? Also, it has to be possible to get a location history thru Nissan connect, right? Or the location services installed in my vehicle? I haven’t been able to find anything and it’s somewhat annoying. Other than that, so far I am extremely pleased with what Nissan connect has to offer.
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1 year ago, BtchImACow2019
Concept is well intentioned but does not keep preferences
The intent behind this app is very good, and in theory, it works, but it does not work for me. It takes forever to load each and every page, it does not save your preferences when you adjust the climate to turn on at a specific time, and it changes the entire configuration of how you have your air conditioning. I did not ask for defrosting or to take off recirculation, but it did that for some reason. however, it was not even cooling the car, so that was a waste of time and battery. I’m not using it for this purpose again.
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6 months ago, Kbellyyumyum
Doesn’t work with popular browsers
I can’t see how there are so many five star reviews on this app. I lost about a month of membership time trying to reset my password. The reset password function would return an error when using Safari and Google. I had to download Firefox to reset my password, according to customer service. I logged in and the app wasn’t recognizing my vehicle so I was getting just some default page with the handbook link. After a fourth chat with customer service the best idea was to delete the app and re-download it. There’s a lot wrong with this app.
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1 year ago, BD09!
Update causing vehicle remote start to activate without permission
Over the last few days I’ve noticed when I open the app the engine start on my Rogue will randomly be activated without my permission or pressing the start button. I am unsure why this is happening. I have the setting to keep me logged in set to on and I am running the app on the latest iOS software on an iPhone 14 Pro. Also it would be convenient to have other features that were prominent on the Nissan Connect Services app such as locked status, brakes, engine status, etc. Currently all I can see is tire pressure.
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2 months ago, NamesPink
Not bad
The app works smoothly for the most part sometimes you have to press the start button twice because sometimes the car doesn’t receive the signal to turn on the first go round other than that no complaints I wish I could tell Siri to start my car out unlock my doors. Also a widget would be much more convenient to use, instead of having to open the app every time you need to use it.
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1 year ago, maruiakina
Where is vehicle status
I really appreciate now having basically everything I need in one app, and the new MyNISSAN app does a good job helping me keep track of my maintenance too. However I wonder if the vehicle status will be added for all models. At least for my Rogue I’m only seeing the tire pressure, and I’d like to see other status for engines, brakes, etc. like we have it in NissanConnect app as well. Until those things are added to MyNISSAN app, I think I’ll stick to NissanConnect app for now.
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2 years ago, Zyxwvutsrqponmłh
No Bueno
Just purchased a Nissan capable of using the remote key. Registered for an account at the dealership but when I download the app and logged in it just sends me through this endless loop like some other people have experienced a few months ago. I tried “registering”, and it wouldn’t take the special characters in my original password, so I thought that might be the problem and changed it. Nope. I’ve tried my iPad too. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app does nothing to fix the problem. There’s not even an option to type your login info into the typical boxes which I would prefer the option to do for security’s sake.
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4 months ago, sarahbell2010
Like the app wish it would work
I like the conscience of this app. I pay extra to be able to use all the different features. However often times it does not work. Either it does not recognize my log into the app or that I have a subscription. More recently it does not even recognize my car. When I call customer service they explain it of having an app “outage”. Which I understand but these outages last 2-3 days and it’s very frustrating in the dead of winter when I cannot use a service that I am paying for.
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8 months ago, aggriavted
I really love the app it’s very convenient. I am a teacher and when I am in school, I cannot just use my key fob to remote start my car so this is very nice especially on a very hot or very cold day. However, lately the app has been lagging, I have to try it three or four times to get it to start my car sometimes. When I first got the app with my car it would start it immediately, it still starts it but has lagging issues every time.
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1 year ago, Kpt2078
App never works anymore
I know this app worked at some point. Now, it doesn’t. When I try to open the app, it asks me if I want to use my saved password for it. The only option is yes or cancel. No matter which one I pick, it just leaves me at the login screen. If I force close the app a few times, the app will open and ask me to add a vehicle. When I try to add the VIN, it gives me an error about a null email address, because I’m not signed in. If I go to the Account section and try to modify my profile, it says “error contacting servers”. If I try to create a new account, it tells me my email is already in use. This app is junk.
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2 years ago, lucasbjdhdga
Does it even exist?
This app does NOTHING. Not one single thing. When you open it, up comes a screen that says it’s name, and a login option, and a register option. If you click login, it scans my face, and returns to the login or register page. Over and over again. If you click register it reminds you that you already have an account. Useless. None of Nissans apps work. I have to pay my bill from past emails because the app refuses to let me in. So I guess they don’t want my money either. Their connect app that lets you remote start your car, that only comes on AFTER the car is started. ???? Do better Nissan.
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8 months ago, Sillybre
Bring Back The Old App
This app will not display the time left of you remote start then move away to another app before it starts. You have to stay on the app for it to display. The old app it would show the time left if you didn’t stay on it after starting it. This app also is not as fast. The owners manual is not the best. With the old app you could type in page number and it would go to that page. Now you might as well go to your car and get the book.
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4 months ago, Macadoo486
App crashed several times
I stay logged in and on several occasions, the app logs me out and then fails when I try to log in. Over the weekend for 3-4 days every time I tried logging in I’d get a message window stating “something went wrong try again later” I have had to delete and reload app. I have had to create new password as the app did not recognize my password. At this moment, I am reloading the app again to try to get it to work. Very frustrated with this app always locking up or forgetting my password or just not working.
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8 months ago, ddjdndhs
App needs a lot of work
Slow to perform actions. Locking the car can take several minutes before it attempts to go through. Clicking on options is often met with a spinning circle and seems like it will never get there. All information on the screen is untrustworthy as it does not show real-time data. Is my car actually locked or not? Is it really at 50% or less? You do not actually know because the app shows you a past state not a real-time one. Once you perform an action it will update, but see above frustrations about performing an action. Great car. Crap App.
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1 year ago, Kaylum KK Fontenot
Sales Consultant
I just want to say that I been working here at Fred Haas Nissan in Tomball, Texas for almost 5 years and I still absolutely enjoy and love EVERYTHING about Nissan!! Down to the Nissan product of course, and just all the cool, latest and greatest tools & technology Nissan provides for their customers and us,, employees! 5 stars is not enough stars to rate everything I totally enjoy about Nissan so I give 10 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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1 year ago, QuiltBake
Latest Update
I really like the latest update that incorporates features from the NissanConnect app. I do have one issue I hope gets addressed in the next update. The countdown timer used with the remote start feature in the app is now too small and is a light shade of blue against a light background making it very difficult to see. Please make the timer larger and change the color with the next update.
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8 months ago, SKIPBRADY
Randomly starts my car
While I love the ability to start my car from my phone, it also will start it at random. I had it in to fix the issue under warranty, and the dealership first told me they had never heard of it, then that it couldn’t be happening, then when they had signed my car out, accidentally mentioned that it has happened to a bunch of other people. So make sure that you fully close the app, or it will start your car in the middle of the night for no reason.
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1 year ago, kuckphoto
3.1.8 broke the app
The new update broke the app and I can't login. I deleted the app and reinstalled and had the same issue. It kept sending me a notification to update to the new version but it had already been updated. You can't report an issue with the update because the link just takes you to Nissan's general website. This is ridiculous. It says they released it to fix bugs but this version is completely broken. I wouldn't leave a review if there were a way to report bugs on the app store but they don't give a site to reach out to the developers at Nissan.
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4 years ago, Nascarbettie
I just downloaded the app and can’t get past the let’s go page right after you login. I clicked allow to give access to my camera and location but clicking lets go doesn’t do anything. Disappointed that I can’t even start. **UPDATE** The developers reached out to me and fixed my issue. The app works great now and I’m very happy.
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4 years ago, ticketmom2
Will not let me put in account number
I have tried and tried to put in my account number to get into the system and it keeps telling me that my account number is not long enough. I’ve called to the number and even the operator does not understand what is going on. This is not helping in anyway. I’m just going to delete the app and not be bothered by this again. Hopefully you will fix the problem. I didn’t want to give you any stars because you don’t deserve it, so for me to submit this I have to give you one star. But trust and believe I didn’t want to give you that.
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6 months ago, Priscilla0819
It’s Okay!
Only works when it wants too. It’s a convenient app when it’s working but I find it most difficult to work in the AM when I actually need it to warm my car for my daughter! Never wants to load or turn on - only throughout the day when I don’t need it. It has its days. If this app worked all the time then it would be cool. If I’m going to pay over $100 something dollars for a membership, they need to fix these flaws!
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3 years ago, Cubanbiker
Great Nissan App
If you’re a car guy and even if you’re not one great app to have if you own a new or used Nissan product create information I use it as a back up tool when I need to find out something no need to go on the net no need to call anybody just get on the app and you can get most of the information that you need on your product
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2 years ago, Me Kelly
2022 Nissan Rogue
This is the second Nissan I have owned. My original was a 1986 Pathfinder. I didn’t realize how much I missed that car until I purchased this one. The joy of driving this car far exceeds that of the Range Rovers, Jaguars, BMW’s, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Fords I drove over the past 15 years. If you never drove one, rent one and you will see the joy you have been missing.
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4 months ago, SiteNotForConsumer!
Vehicle status will not update
I have been paying for a premium subscription since I purchased my 2021 Armada. The vehicle status (fuel/mileage) will never update. There is no button to click in the app to do manual updates. I can see my last service performed; however, I still have alerts/cautions signs indicating I need immediate service. There is no way to remove the cautions. Also, I do perform the updates within the vehicle but the updates do not connect with the app/app services I’m paying for.
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