4.9 (163.7K)
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Subaru of America
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for MySubaru

4.85 out of 5
163.7K Ratings
2 years ago, TinyKarz84
Lifesaver! We love it!
Best ever!!! We love these features. So smart technology. So convenient, safe & secure remote. We love it so much during the winter & summer. The auto & delay start is the best! Even way cooler is the multiple presets. It’s just AMAZING! We have a baby, it’s just so cool to have SUBUARU & these features. Also that you can lock & unlock the car. Alarm it.. know it’s location! Cant say enough great things about this. I’m hoping this app/feature stays & not going away. Granted It’s not always perfect, some cloudy weather or for whatever connection reasons it has lapses & app not working— But 95% of the time it works great! Super convenient. Side story: my dad is a traditional auto mechanic— he told me to not drive out right away soon as you start the engine- let it warm up first— I dumbly didn’t know. I’m just like- start & go! Ya know when you just always running late (lol). These features just helps you prestart. Keep car engine/life working best I guess. This is the best!
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2 years ago, Haemie
Mostly Good
Love so many of the features, especially the remote start. However, could really use improvement on remote shut off. I was taking 2 dogs to a SniffSpot on a hot day. I could only take one dog at a time, and there was nowhere directly in front of the SniffSpot to park. I had to leave the car running so I could leave the AC on because of the heat. After getting the second dog into the yard, I tried to shut my car off. There was no option to do so (although I had seen and used this option in the past). I tried to just hit the Quick Start button, hoping it would either toggle to shut off or give me the option after determining that my car was running. I got a message that informed me the requested action could not be performed because my car was running, but there was no option to shut it off remotely. Because the gate to the yard was not secure, I did not want to leave the dogs without my supervision. However, because I absolutely could not get the app to give me an option for remote shut off, I had to leave the dogs and sprint to my car to shut it off. If the app is smart enough to determine my car is running, it should be smart enough to give me an option to shut my car off remotely.
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2 years ago, Nijoto
Miserable failure - both app and service
This app worked for the first nine months that I’ve owned this 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness. I use it mostly for remote start, but also for vehicle diagnostics and to schedule service appointments. The remote start hasn’t worked in about three months and now I can’t schedule service appointments. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I took it to my dealer and was told to call the number the app says to call. Well, I did that and was told to take it to the dealer. The customer support person, whom I spoke to when calling the app, seemed annoyed with me when I couldn’t understand her. At the end of the call she disconnected me before she completed saying, “Have a good day.” Now I have to go back to my dealer and try to work this out. On an even bigger concern, I often get locked out of my vehicle while it is running. I cannot unlock the doors. There is a steady ringing sound, that won’t stop, coming from the vehicle. I try using the app to communicate to the vehicle, but apparently the service they use is extremely limited. I repeatedly get a message to make sure the vehicle has a good wifi connection and to try again. Needless to say, I am no longer a fan of this app nor the miserably failed service. I love the Subie, but this app and the service is pure b.s.
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2 years ago, R & R W.
Good but could be better
I like using the Subaru app from my phone I can start the car; I can unlock the doors; I can lock the doors. If you start from your phone the car will run for 10 minutes and then turn off. You can do it again a second time. It would be nice, however, if the app gave you a countdown so you could know how long it would be until the car turned off because sometimes in the dead of winter 10 minutes is not enough and when inside the house I forget about it. The app. costs $80 for three years. It sure would be nice if Subaru would just give it to you for the life of the car. Subaru isn’t much for giving free things to its customers. Our children own Hyundai’s and they give them three years of free oil changes. Subaru gives zero and even charges me $20 every time for tire rotation and I had to pay $50 for a cabin air filter. $30 for the filter and $20 for them to install what takes about a minute and a half. We like our Subaru but they sure could raise the bar in customer appreciation.
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1 year ago, Tim Cummings
Stable, Dependable but could use a tweak
First of all, I want to say I love this app. It does everything I needed to do and a little more. BUT, there is a usability issue that I feel if it were fixed would dramatically improve it as well as an owners happiness with their Subaru. This concerns remote start. Engine run time is either 5 or 10 minutes. In northern Michigan, where temperatures can dip below zero degrees, this isn’t enough time to warm a vehicle. Remote start is a great way to prepare the vehicle for me to get in, but with this short time limit I find myself checking my watch to see whether or not the 10 minute limit has passed so that I can start the car again for another 10 minutes. Me having to do this defeats convenience. I would like to see a 20 minute limit. We use our vehicle to travel and in the summer we often go out west to desert areas where temperatures can reach 120°. For the same reason I stated above, 10 minutes is not enough to begin to cool a very hot vehicle. 20 minutes would make a huge difference.
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1 year ago, Mak143143
I thought I wouldn’t use it
Boy was I wrong. I was hesitant to purchase the subscription but I decided to do it for a year. I said to myself, if I don’t use it at all, I will cancel it, and never get it again. I honestly did not think I would use it. Boy was I wrong! I use it every single day before I leave for work I turn on the car on from my phone, before I leave the office, I turn my car on to heat it up and to make the car nice and warm inside during the summer, I turn it on a minutes before so the AC can come on. This app is pretty amazing and I would highly recommend it. Not a paid advertisement. Now I am expecting and I’m definitely going to renew my subscription again. Super nice to be able to turn on the car and select whether I want cold air or hot air my baby is going to be nice and comfortable in each car ride.
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2 years ago, Quart2000
Good intentions, poor execution. Clumsy and slow
First off, having to wait for the unnecessarily long splash screen when opening the app just to remote start my car is annoying. Overall the app is slow and clumsy to use, for the majority of the features this really isn’t an issue, but when it comes to the remote services it becomes a joke. If the startup of the app was faster this app would be tolerable. Another thing I don’t like is that I can’t change the default climate control temp for the quick start, 74°? Not this guy. It would almost be nice just to have a separate app for the paid remote services that doesn’t take so long to start up. Another nice feature would be adding an iOS widget and possibly even a watch app for the remote services. **update** The latest app update showed a fourth last settings preset for previous settings, however I don’t see it in the update and it’s been removed from the description. This preset is the one I’d want most. How do I get the “Last in-vehicle settings” option for remote start? Is a 2022 Legacy Limited too old or what? That is literally THE ONLY setting I want for my remote start.
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3 years ago, Molls101903
I can’t believe this app came from Subaru
I love my car. Have had no issues at all with it, it’s the best car I have ever owned. I was so shocked to find out it didn’t come with a remote start though, and they said I can try the app for $50 for the first year. Ok. Half the time, the app crashes so I can’t even use it. When it does work, it feels like it takes forever to initiate anything. My biggest problem, however, is when I start the car and it automatically locks, when I go out to the car with my keys in my pocket or purse or whatever, it should automatically unlock when I put my hand on the handle...and it doesn’t. I have two toddlers, so I’m usually carrying 4 bags, and now I have to drop everything, to find my keys or my phone to unclock while we are standing in freezing Buffalo New York weather and I’m trying to keep track of my kids. I now know that I need to remember to unlock is right after I start it, but it’s just inconvenient and I don’t want to pay to be inconvenienced. I just love Subaru and their cars so much, I am just so shocked that this is a product of theirs.
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1 month ago, MIND-GAME
Why 4 out of 5 rating
This is a nice addition to have to turn your car on and win a time and also in the summer but why I gave it to four out of five rating is because nine times out of 10. I’m never had a problem with the car starting. It always starts the problem is, sometimes the app indicates that it has been an error but when I go outside, the car is turned on. The second problem with the app is that when setting up a profile there is no profile option to set it up to where you don’t want either the AC or the heating to be turned on. They only give you an option to either turn on the AC or the heat there is no option to just turn the car on without either of these items being turned on. I would like to have a preset on so I can just turn the car on without having the AC or the heating turned on, at the time of turning on the car.
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7 months ago, Woodd00
Has TONS of potential, but needs work
This is going to be my second winter using this app. The app has the potential to be great, but the system supporting it needs some work. 1 - App speeds -> The app is slow to respond on good days. It loads slowly, communicates with the vehicle slowly, etc. on an everyday basis. On cold weather days where lots of people are most likely hitting the system to remote start and warm their cars the app is almost useless, which is frustrating since there is no key fob to remote start. They need to reduce communication lag and beef up the ability to handle the load. 2 - Smart integration -> it needs to integrate with the various smart assistants so that you can ask them for info and perform tasks. There are lots of pieces of data in the app on the vehicle. Let the smart devices see this. Also, voice/shortcut/skill remote start would be awesome! 3- Preset Updates -> The presets allow a ton of remote start customizations. It would be good to allow custom run times. Right now, they allow auto start for 5 or 10min. That’s good most of the year, but not on sub zero days or during icy weather. Some of us get those a lot. Haha! We need longer. Also, there’s a 4 “My presets” limit. Let us do more. 4- Custom Quick Start -> Instead of keeping the quick start button static, let it be customized or, even better, let it control a selected climate preset, that way depending on the season we can swap them around and don’t have to dive so deep in the app.
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2 months ago, joe 403
Not bad but a couple of frustrations
In places where the cell network is reliable with ATT cell it works very well; however it does not seem to have the ability to roam to other carriers so it does not work at my home in a rural area despite having cell service with another large national carrier. Nor does the car respond via WiFi even with a secure connection. Would also be nice if it had the ability to lock the doors following a manual start; this would be great for leaving the vehicle run to warm up or cool down securely. I have not figured out how the default start setting is set up. It seems like it does what it feels is best but that is not always best for a situation. Sometimes I get heated seats on a warm day. Sometimes the heat is cranked up when I get in. But when I use the editable settings it reliably sets them every time. So nice to have things warmed up or cooled down when I leave work.
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5 months ago, Nes163
Subaru is smarter than I am : )
I remotely started my 2022 Subaru the other day and forgot that I had left the keys inside the car…. 🤦🏻‍♀️ which also has my house keys on that same ring…. Now I’m trying to get into my house but all the doors/windows are locked… I have no choice but to call my son, who is a Service Writer at a dealership. I know he is going to “yell” at me, but I have no choice…. I’m locked out of my house and my car and the car is running…. I go to call him so he come over to let me into the house and the Subaru App. is open and I see “unlock vehicle doors” option!!! I stood there laughing at myself for a long while… this new Subaru is literally smarter than I am! This is my 3rd. Subaru and I love it! My other Subaru is a 2003 Baja so all these new options are so amazing…. BTW, the Baja is still on the road at 169k+ miles and still going strong!
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2 years ago, Trey68
Major problems with app and new outback
It was pushed on me by the Subaru dealer so I paid for the 5 year plan. There is something with the new Subaru Outbacks and app that keeps the app from starting the vehicle. I called weekly for two weeks and finally was told those higher in the organization chain were not aware of it and at this point nothing has been done to correct it. Dealer stated a owner of a 2023 outback would have to come in so they could trouble shoot it but still unclear if they could fix it even though it is problem with many of that model sold. They also said using one of the vehicles in stock wouldn’t work because of the car being associated with who ever creates the account for that car. As of yet no fix and those who have the power to fix it may still not be aware.
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2 years ago, macdaddynyc@
Almost a 5 star app
I’ve used this app for years for my 2019 Crosstrek Limited. The automatic starter, is a god-send and used almost daily. Especially during the hot and cold months. It’s nice to get the interior temp just right before getting in the car. The apps UI (user interface) is pretty good as well. It could use a facelift…something a little more modern and on par with the slickness of iOS (dark mode, and such). The maintenance schedule reminders are awesome, and being able to schedule oil changes right from the app is perfect. The apps biggest flaw is it’s reliably. Sometime it just won’t connect to my car. I have line of sight to the vehicle and I get connection errors the first 3 attempts, and than attempt number 4, boom! It’s a mild inconvenience all things considered, but that’s the only real reason I didn’t give it 5 stars.
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4 weeks ago, Kenjamin Buttons
Love my Subaru and love my Subaru!!!
I’ve been using the MySubaru app for a while now, and it has truly transformed my driving experience. One of the standout features is the ability to locate my car effortlessly. Whether I’ve parked in a crowded lot or forgotten where I left it, the app always has me covered. What truly sets this app apart is the peace of mind it offers. Knowing that I can track my car if it’s being moved without my knowledge is invaluable. If my car ever leaves its designated area, I get immediate notifications. This feature is a game-changer for security, making it easy to recover my vehicle in case of theft. Another fantastic aspect is the comprehensive car health monitoring. The app provides real-time updates on the status of my vehicle, letting me know exactly what it needs. This proactive approach to maintenance ensures my car is always in top condition, helping to prevent potential issues before they become major problems. Overall, the MySubaru app is an essential tool for any Subaru owner. Its user-friendly interface and robust features have made managing my vehicle easier and more efficient than ever. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their driving experience and keep their car in optimal health.
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1 year ago, Jaguar187
Starts car no problem , presets can be tricky
It’s nice to be able to remotely start car on a cold morning , or even after landing in a plane to have car ready when you get to it. I have had some difficulty getting the presets where I want them, I can’t seem to toggle AC on or off no matter what the temperature setting is, likewise the front fan is going but the rear doesn’t unless you turn on rear AC. Also I learned the hard way you have to turn car off if it’s still running when you come out (it runs for 15 min), and then restart it with the key. On one of our first trips I used the pre start feature , we drove to a park , and then the car sort of turned off and wouldn’t start again. Lo and behold I hadn’t “turned it off enough” and it had confused the car.
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2 years ago, Lord Pineapple 🍍
Update: App now works with all features as intended (2023 Crosstrek)
(Updated from 1 star to 5). When I originally purchased Starlink functionality, the remote features worked for a day before error messages started appearing. After a lot of back and forth with Subaru reps and my dealership we found out what went wrong. For anyone who is having issues with Starlink giving a generic “services unavailable” error with a callback number if the error persists, have your dealership submit a ticket with AT&T (Subaru cars are connected to the AT&T network). Turns out my issue was on AT&Ts end, where they mismanaged signals sent from my phone app to the car. After they fixed a registration issue, the app started working again as intended. The features are great and very useful in the cold weather!
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2 years ago, adhnmr hurchh
Excellent customer support!
Locked my vehicle today with the keys inside, and my kid is inside too, who’s 2 yrs. I was scared and didn’t know what to do. So I called 911 immediately. And then I called the Subaru assistant service, bcs I saw the phone number in the window sticker. They transferred me to Starlink. The representative (sry I don’t even know your name) walked through couple of validation steps with me, and then unlocked my car remotely! I don’t even have subscription! The police officer arrived 2min earlier than that, and they don’t have better solutions. Now I found this app, and I immediately start to subscribe. Hope I had this earlier, the money is nothing compared to my kid’s safety. Special thank you to the representative helped me today, you just saved my kid! If you know him, plz forward this to him!
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10 months ago, TaoTC
App works great just a bit delayed
Everything is so instant today that it does feels a tad bit slow but it’s so useful to start the car remotely and have it cool when I get there in the hot summer or vice Vera’s in winter. And when I’ve parked in an unusual place, it’s wonderful for finding my car. I also use it to leave my dog in the car for a few minutes while I go in and get something because it allows the car to run for ten minutes while locked which you can’t otherwise do. So it’s just for emergencies or picking up take out orders when you need the car locked but running. On power save, which is great for this purpose, it doesn’t take a lot of file to do that. And if I forget to lock it or just think I did, I can do that remotely.
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1 year ago, dsc361
I love my Subaru!!
I have had many different brands of cars in my lifetime!! At 72 years old, there were different things I was looking for in cars like brighter headlights at nighttime, no blind spots where the mirrors attach to the car frame, better gas mileage, and many other special items. I checked out a lot of different cars this time and the last place I went was to a Subaru dealership!! I never heard of this car, but I fell in love with the Subaru Accent Touring!! It was the top model, a year old and only 6200 miles!! This is the best car I ever had!! I love everything about it!! I just hope I live a long life and still have a long time to drive!! Please check out the Subaru and listen to the commercials about their ratings!! Especially starting in 2022!! I love my Subaru❤️
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3 years ago, funcky squid
Not worth it
The my Subaru app is not worth it at all. The app feels like it was 15 years ago and no updates to have been made. It’s good for recording and scheduling maintenance at a Subaru shop but that’s it. It’s not worth getting the STARLINK service had it for a day and regretted getting it. It’s slow, inconvenient and just not worth the money. They developed it to just barely work and to be secure. No user friendliness/optimization behind it. Just we have these features here you go. Multiple times I get a successful action and nothing happens. And all the app features are extremely slow and just easier and more convenient to use your phone to do everything than to use the STARLINK service. Only nice part is you can warm up your car in the winter time.
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1 year ago, SuperKyleJ
Very basic compared to competition
Door lock and car start work well but the diagnostic features feel lacking. For example you can’t see if your doors are locked or not, or if your windows are down even on 2023 vehicles. Would also like to see Apple Watch support. Also have to verify my identity when opening the app which is fine but have to verify my identity 3 seconds later to start my car which now seems redundant. Would also like to see more options for the auto start functions. You currently can’t use auto climate, control windows, longer warm up time, or many other features that the car has. I bought a 2023 legacy right after my friend bought a 2023 Kia and her app has so many more features all better than my Subaru. None of which are tied into a subscription (starlink) so it makes me wonder what I’m paying for.
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3 years ago, Kellypal
Remote start
I like being able to use my phone to start my car. However, it would be nice to be able to do it with my Apple Watch. Also, I wish you would make the time limit for how long the car stays running and the number of times you can restart it with the remote start were longer. 2 ten minute sessions are not long enough. Especially when you live somewhere with lots of snow and you don’t want to be going down 3 flights of stairs to start it. It should be at least 30 minutes, but an hour would be fantastic. Otherwise, I do like that I can do a preset and not have to go through all the steps every time I start it. If you could upgrade these I would definitely give 5 stars.
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3 weeks ago, Crush the Forester
High Expectations, Low Performance
I got my first Subaru a few years ago and was told it was one of the first Subarus to incorporate all the new tech in cars now-a-days. The car is great but the app isint. Very slow, lacking in some areas, although you can tell they are trying to make it better with new updates. One thing I really hope they update on is the ability to link the app with Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa. If they can do that, we wouldn’t even have to open the app anymore to remote start the car! PLEASE UPDATE THIS! UPDATE: The app hasn’t changed much, would love to have Siri turn on the car, and be able to adjust other things in the car from the app, like each one of our profiles
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2 years ago, BSB-Tuba
Works maybe half the time
First up, Subaru decided to use the absolute worst possible cellular provider in their vehicles, AT&T. A significant portion of the country, despite AT&T’s marketing claims, has no service by that provider. Subaru didn’t bother to include the ability to receive signals from other providers, one can only assume they’re getting some kind of kickback from AT&T as their sole provider, so make 100%. sure where you live & work you can get AT&T signal before you pay for this service. Second, the app in and of itself is very slow and often buggy. I use it to remote start my car when it’s below freezing. When I do I will get a notice to my phone saying that the remote start was successful (the car does actually start), but the app itself will pop up and give me an error saying something went wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve owned 6 Outbacks so I obviously love Subarus, but when it comes to modern computing technology, Subaru has a long way to go.
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2 years ago, Destinymckayla5073
App Won’t Open
I didn’t have issues for months when I first got my car (with app)… but now the app isn’t opening. It just sits on the Subaru logo page and won’t go any further. Also, this happened when I was at a concert and needing to find my car. Not the best time for the issue to arise. I was trying to use the locate car feature, and it wouldn’t even open. Luckily a friend was with me and we walked around looking for it together. Still, almost a week later, my app won’t load. I tried deleting it and redownloading, deleting apps from my phone in case it was due to storage issues, I even called Subaru but I was talking wrong department at the time. They were helpful and said they’d mention it to the other department. Anyway, all of this to say, please update the app to fix these issues or tell me what I can do to fix them myself.
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3 months ago, Londondewey
Missing features, unintuitive interface
I love my Subaru but this app is not it. I spent an hour digging through every tab and menu trying to find simple features I would expect to find in a paid subscription like this. There is no way to see if your doors are unlocked and you do not get notified if they are left unlocked after a period of time. You are able to initiate a lock/unlock in the app but often get an error when trying. In order to find details like gas level, tire pressure, vin number, odometer reading, car location, etc, you have to dig through menus and many of these features are on different pages. It’s honestly so frustrating to use. I used to have a Kia, and their app and subscription service is miles ahead of the MySubaru app. I feel like I’m using something that was designed in 2010 by an engineer and a product or UX designer was not consulted.
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2 years ago, Mindtho
Needs improvement
This app is pretty basic but for the most part, offers the features I want. However, it’s disappointing that there is no option to see if the car is already locked. We have regular thieves in our area and I would like to double check my car’s status before bed instead of having to guess and make it beep, potentially irritating neighbors. That would be more useful to me than knowing what my tire pressure is remotely (which is nice, but…priorities). The status of the rear hatch/trunk being closed should also be included on the window status screen. You can tell me if the moonroof is open but not the hatch? For the record, my husband owns a Volvo, and not only does their app include both of these features, it is also free. For a paid subscription, Subaru really needs to invest more in making this app a quality product. Right now it feels like an afterthought.
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2 years ago, kmurn
Very functional!
Like that I can lock my car from a distance when I forget whether I locked it or not. (Feature request: I do wish it would give me a current status of locked/unlocked, but it at least confirms that my remote lock command was successful). I also like that I can schedule service at my dealership right from the app without even having to talk to a person (I assume this depends on whether your dealership enables the self scheduling). I don’t use the remote start feature much - I think the first few times I tried I didn’t have AC settings correct so it just wasn’t worth it for me. Overall, it’s definitely nice to have.
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5 months ago, cturtle97
Add Apple Watch app
This app has decent functionality. The layout of the features is very antiquated though. Really needs a refresh. Also, please add Apple Watch app functionality. You should at least be able to unlock, lock and start car with a watch app. This would be ideal for running to the gym or going on a hike and not having to carry a phone with you. Update January 2024: we are on our second Subaru because the cars are a great value. This app still needs a refresh! Also need to be able to setup alerts for windows left open after X amount of time. Same with doors unlocked, hatchback open, etc. We also own a Tesla Model 3, so checking out that app would easily gives developers a benchmark. HELLO? Third party developers…opportunity knocking.
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2 years ago, HeavyLoader
Gets the job done. That’s it.
All I want to do is start my car when I’m leaving. Is that so hard? When you open the app there’s latency while they put forward their fancy graphic, then there’s the layer of security get through. Why can’t I turn this off? With my hands full I’m generally wrestling with the PIN because I’m wearing a mask. If someone accesses my phone am I really concerned they’re going to unlock my car or start it remotely? They can’t drive off without the key fob. Why can’t I PIN prompts off? Then there’s the layers of options. I don’t it want to change the settings on my car I just want to start it. Or maybe I want to change one or two quick items in settings on the go to accommodate a passenger… Nope. This app would be awesome if it would just open immediately with a big button that said start car and it worked instantly without PIN or confirmation. Instead, you have to plan for the whole process. The GUI is clunky and requires too many interactions for the limited options/capabilities. This works as a minimum viable product, but when you’re leaving the grocery store with hands full, the implementation is poor. Finally, no voice/macro support. That would be the ultimate in hands-free for people approaching their cars loaded with gear or groceries. Absent.
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2 years ago, Not A Happy Reader
Fairly useful
I’ve been using this app since 2017 when I owned a 2017 Outback. Its been improving incrementally since then.I now use it on my 2019 Ascent Touring. I like the fact that I can control most of my climate control remotely via the app,however there’s always room for improvement. The app should be capable of advising you if you’ve left the vehicle with a window, or the roof open and then allow you to close it remotely,or for that matter allow you to open the windows or roof on hot days. I’d like to be able to turn on the steering wheel heater on cold days or turn on the seat ventilation on hot days. And for the life of me I don’t know why this app doesn’t work on the Apple Watch or with a Siri or Alexa. And if It worked faster that would be a major plus.
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1 year ago, DerpanJones
Barebones with a bad UI
This app is not intuitive, but after some use I settled in with it and figured it out. Really, the only part of it I ever got value from was being able to see my tire pressure. Even that sucked though. The notification about low tire pressure just took you to a page that says "check your tire pressure" instead of the vehicle status page in the app that SHOWS YOU your tire pressure. Simple things like that would have caused me to give the app 2 or 3 starts out of 5. Now though, my Subaru starlink subscription expired and I learned that Subaru explicitly hide important safety and operational information (tire pressure) behind a paywall. My car still has tpms, but the only way Subaru allows you to access that information is through the app if you pay for a bunch of extra "features" you probably won't use. Really disappointed Subaru thinks a couple bucks of revenue is worth hiding that basic, critical info.
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2 months ago, GoldenP51
Missing functionality
It works to do basic things like remote start your car…but it falls short. The UI is kind of ugly, you can’t select whether to turn on cooling seats vs warming, you can’t save multiple different settings like one for summer and one for winter, etc. It takes what seems like an eternity for the app to run because it has to start with its opening title screen. Oh yeah, it also costs like $15/month just to be able to remote start my car which is about all this app is useful for and even that it doesn’t excel at. When compared to other competitors, this app is not nearly as useful. It makes me not want my Subaru anymore if the tech is this crappy. I don’t know where all the 5 star reviews are coming from…maybe new people who haven’t used many apps before or they haven’t gotten hit with the monthly fee to use it yet.
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7 months ago, switch990
Slow and locked out of options
The app is nice but it has a slow opening every time. I could understand the first time you open after install but every time they show the slow Subaru opening and it’s just you standing there waiting for the app to stop being so proud of itself so you can start the car. Then, you can only remote start for 10 minutes max with no way to change this. Wyoming, in winter: 10 minutes barely lets the Subaru with its small engine get warm enough to begin defrost. You have to remember to start the app again, after waiting for it to open, and let another 10 minute cycle pick up where you left off. The rest of the features of the app are nice and appreciated, but daily use makes these two issues a real PIA.
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1 year ago, glstewart
Remote Engine Start takes too long
Overall, I like this app. For vehicles which offer remote start, there is a large button. However, for such a high use feature, it feels like it takes too long to get through the whole process. Launching the app brings up the animated splash screen which has to run before the remote start button is finally presented. Then Face ID has to run, and the app has to talk to the backend. The user is left waiting. The process needs streamlining. The app context menu (long press) offers Remote Engine Start. However, it only works if the app is already running in the background, which is seldom the case. If the app is not already running, it launches and ignores the context menu selection. A context menu item which doesn’t work most of the time isn’t useful. There should be a way to create a shortcut to do a remote engine start through the app. There should be a way to do a remote start from Apple Watch. Some users have developed a way to do a remote start through the website using Safari, but successfully setting it up is too technical for many to use.
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2 years ago, MsAvaGlamazon
App won’t open
Since iOS 16.1 and most recent update, the app won’t open. If you click on the “support” button in the App Store, it takes you to the Subaru website. Listen, I ain’t trying to spend all morning looking around for a button where I tell YOU your app is broken, and then you cajole me into troubleshooting it (translation: doing your job for you). No. This is simpler. And if it never gets fixed, I’ll remember it when it’s time to buy a new car. Update: I got a response from the developer. It’s a copy/paste, which I suppose is to be expected. A patch was released shortly after my review that fixed the problem and now the app works again, but I’m not changing my review and I’m certainly not calling Subaru because it’s not my job to fix their gear. Someone gets paid for that, and I don’t remember ever cashing a check from them, so…pass. Test your software before releasing it.
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2 years ago, BatmanSsSsSs
The app is baaaaaaad news
First of all, I love Subaru cars. Especially the feature you can control function through the mobile app but come on. This app crashes so often that it’s annoying and not very useful at needed times. I can’t even remember the number of times I tried opening the app and it just won’t. All you see is a black/empty screen. Restarted the app, restarted the phone, force restarted the phone , nothing works. I hope you will see this review and come up with an update that helps this problem. My friend showed me the app for his Mazda and honestly, I’m jealous. Please Subaru, get this right. Thank you!
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3 years ago, toddsul
App locks up, must restart iPhone.
About 60% of the time the app locks up and I need to restart my iPhone to get it to work. Pay >30k for a car and cannot remote start it in the morning. My Hyundai, I just push a a button for remote start on the key fob and it works every time. Subaru really needs to improve this app or better yet give the owner the option and allow them to remote start from the key fob. No need to enter a password, a delay, and a PIN number after restarting their iPhone. Subaru will lose customers. They need to do much better and not put all their trust in a very problematic app. Great car, but poor execution on an important accessory. Update: A year later and still, the app is slow and sometimes unresponsive. Cannot believe Subaru makes you pay for this service. Please just give me a hardware remote start. They are more reliable and that is what a remote should be.
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6 months ago, Nada 10000
Great app missing one feature
I’m used to using the Toyota app and my favorite thing about the Toyota app is that it shows if your doors are locked or not, at one time and also warns you if you left the window open or if you left the doors unlocked. If the Subaru app had this, it would be perfect. What I love about the Subaru app that The Toyota app doesn’t have is that I can set the climate control, and when I start the car, it could heat it up in the cold weather. Or cool it in the warm weather. The Toyota app does not do that. Please fix the Subaru app because it would be the perfect app. I’m always wondering if my doors are locked or not before I go to sleep. I always end up sending a lock door request every night.
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2 years ago, Shep02
Great app when it works!
This has been a great app up until the last few weeks. I dislike this as being my only choice to auto start my car (“first world problems”) because there wasn’t a factory auto start option when I got my car unless I wanted a second key fob, but when it works it works well. The app helps you to remember when service is due, you can purchase those cute little “This is my third Subaru” stickers, and more. It’s incredibly useful, but then when it fails to work when you really need it - that’s frustrating. But this is the first time it’s failed to work repeatedly. Anyway - give it a go, always have a backup, and enjoy the ride :)
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9 months ago, nmergle1
Not dependable; for a paid subscription app, that’s pretty bad
The app continues to work intermittently for remote starting, locking/unlocking, etc, and for scheduling maintenance with the dealer. Often the app runs the command to unlock or start the car successfully but tells me on the screen that the command failed. Or, the command works, and then an hour later the same command fails and I get an error message. Starlink support is friendly but not helpful. They say things like “delete and reinstall the app and wait 24 hours and if it still doesn’t work, call us back” or they refer you to the support help text which… isn’t useful. Being that the remote functions of this app require a not inexpensive subscription, I would expect Subaru to have fixed these problems long ago, but no…
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2 years ago, peajla
App performance
I am frustrated with this app. Sometimes it opens the way it should and sometimes it doesn’t. I have an iPhone 12 Pro and I have googled troubleshooting ideas for the problem I am having, but nothing works. More often than not, I go to open the app to remote start or lock my Subaru and all I see is a black screen. For a paid subscription this is unacceptable. It defeats the purpose. This morning it was 11 degrees and to get my car warmed up I had to call my husband at work to start my car. I know-real world problems right! I don’t care, I pay for this luxury. I want it to work.
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3 years ago, Yoho Yoho Pirate
Much Better Than Most Reviews
In my opinion, this is a nice app that does its job pretty well. I’m not sure why it gets so much hate. However, I do wish it had two additional features: 1) I wish I could make a preset to remotely start the car with the HVAC system off because sometimes the weather is nice and I just want to let the engine warm up a few minutes before I leave. 2) I wish the vehicle status screen also showed the state of the car locks so I can make sure I remembered to lock the car. I may find other things I would like to see improved or changed as I have more experience with the vehicle and the app, but for now that’s all.
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2 years ago, primping place
Spoiled with this option!
I absolutely love this app and the ability to start my car unlock my car etc. from outside of the car in bad weather etc. The reason for three stars is they did not send me a reminder email or a note that they were going to charge my card. I took the lease out three years ago it would’ve been nice to have been notified that this charge was going through. Also sometimes it can be glitchy which is a pain to have to go out and manually start it after being so spoiled. Highly uncivilized after being so spoiled! All in all I do remind recommend just set yourself a calendar reminder if you’re leasing it so that you won’t get this big shock after the initial plan.
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3 years ago, Jimr4/15
Useful app
I have had the my Subaru app for IOS for my two Subaru Outbacks. First was a 2018 this one is a 2020. I like the monthly report although it’s a little creepy how much they know about you and your car. I also like the remote lock and start feature though the phone. There are times where it seems like I always have to lock it twice. Fails the first time but locks the second time for whatever reason. Otherwise the app works good. It is also nice to be able to look up a destination on the phone and then push it to the gps in the car. The app could definitely use some polishing but it is useful and very handy.
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2 years ago, waytoomanyadsforme
Worked fine for 3 months
I purchased a 22 Outback and for the last 3 months I’ve used this app sporadically. It’s worked fine but the app is very slow. I tried it this morning as it’s 25 degrees and the app starts opening but never opens. I’ve restarted my phone, changed from wifi to data and then deleted the entire app and started over and nothing. Now I like the long distance aspect of STARLINK but if I had this on my key fob and didn’t have the other abilities, my car would be started now. The salesman discouraged me from even thinking about a car started and steered me hard to STARLINK and right now I’m almost sorry I trusted him. Not the biggest deal, yeah I have to go start my car, but instead of an upfront sunk cost, I’m paying for STARLINK as long as I want to use it.
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2 years ago, nicktoyerguns
Just missing a few things
This app is fantastic, and if I could give 1/2 extra star I would. I love the ability that Subaru has given, and it’s fantastic. However, the biggest thing I would love to see is the ability to integrate the remote start into Siri shortcuts. That would make it worth the full 5 stars in my book. The only other thing would likely have to be for future car models, and probably outside the app to be more secure; I would like to see a key that could be added to iOS wallet like some European manufacturers have done. But that might not even work to be MySubaru app specific, so the biggest thing is: PLEASE INTEGRATE INTO SIRI SHORTCUTS! Cheers!
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3 years ago, Jeny ann Kennedy
10 minutes?
Most Subaru drivers that utilize the auto start are people living in colder climates. I for one, live in Fairbanks, Alaska...where it it is currently -30F. 10 minutes....even when repeated (it only allows you to repeat the auto start 1 time) is NOT LONG ENOUGH for the interior to sufficiently warm up these colder temperatures. I get in the car and it’s still quiet nippy inside. What’s the point of the auto start of you can’t actually run it long enough to fully warm the interior. You have GOT to allow a longer running time of at least 25 minutes and do it quickly or I will be forced to consider canceling this subscription and getting a traditional auto start with a fob. I’m not doing this the whole winter.
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1 year ago, fixedfinally
Issue fixed
Not sure why Subaru is not putting this out there, but the app not starting the car issue for the last two months is now resolved. It requires a firmware update just released last week from the dealership. Mine didn’t work for the last two months. A dozen calls to MySubaru and two visits to the dealership did nothing. Went in yesterday for an inspection. Mentioned to the advisor that the app still isn’t working and he says “oh we have an firmware update that was released last week that will fix it.” An hour later it’s working perfectly. I asked why I wasn’t notified and he goes it’s not us! Whatever, but if you’re having the same issue it’s now fixable.
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