MyTime Scheduler for Merchants

2.8 (147)
89.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Melian Labs Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyTime Scheduler for Merchants

2.78 out of 5
147 Ratings
2 years ago, Ashia P.
Won’t let me store formulas. I don’t get a lot of space in between clients and when I think I’m storing a clients formula, I save it and then go back to it to to make sure it’s there & it was never saved. Huge inconvenience.
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2 years ago, Sweet aunt
Needs about 5 minutes to sync once or twice a week
I have to leave my app open for 5 ish minutes a couple times a week for it to sync up and let me use the app. And I run into problems fairly regularly and have to delete and re download the app. I’ve never had to do that with another app, let alone multiple times. And it takes so long for it to respond to the buttons I’m pushing on both the app and the web browser and keep getting told its the internet connection even though it’s happening everywhere I (and all my coworkers) use the app…home, errands, work. Every time I go to check out a client it takes multiple minutes for it to register what changes we’ve made for services provided and it’s uncomfortable with clients sitting there waiting/watching while we seemingly do nothing.
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1 year ago, yessy 💖
Yessica deka lash the palms
I love the app very convenient. I would just like to be able to do the payment failures and go right back to the same date and everything when I press the back bottom instead of it refreshing and me having to input the dates and select just faliure again. Also a lot of times it doesn’t let me find the client with the number or name for some reason on the results it just shows up on the little pull down icon on the right. Those are the two things that I’ve been having trouble with but other than that wonderful 💯
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9 months ago, bare skin studios
Fantastic app
I love mytime! I’ve used it for a little over 7 years. I was originally introduced to MyTime from a an old position I held. And when I started my own business, I loved MyTime so much due to the convenience of it, that I installed MyTime for all my businesses day to day appointments, memberships, social media, accounting, as well as scheduling. I would never use any other applications and or sites. Their staff are always available, quick to respond as well as handle any and all issues.
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1 year ago, sober & smiling
Glitchy app
If you’re looking for a reliable system to use in the shop and remotely via the app…. Don’t get MyTime. No one in my salon (especially iPhone users) have been able to effectively use their app for a few months now. MyTime came out with an “update” and announcement that the glitches were fixed and no client data was lost but to my understanding the errors are not fixed because i still can’t access my schedule the same way on mobile as I can on a desktop
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11 months ago, mroy_
Don’t Use
The app is horrible. It takes several minutes to sync every time I open it. The screen stays frozen so you are unable to see anything on your calendar screen till it fully loads. It minimizes how frequently I’m wanting to add any client info, formulas, or to check their history because it takes about 5 minutes. If I click on any icon after the sync it takes additional time to load that. It’s just awful.
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10 months ago, Belltowerbat
You people are getting paid to run this?
Can’t even update the app right. The last several times I’ve opened the app it goes through some app update scroll thing and makes me reconfigure how I view the schedule. Every. Single. Time. You think we have time for this? We don’t. The time spent scrolling through your useless nonsense to find client information could be used just asking my clients verbally.
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6 months ago, My lash studio
Glichy (fix one thing, and another breaks)
I’ve been a customer for three years unfortunately once it auto renews, you are unable to receive a refund if you choose to cancel. The app has been extremely glitchy for the past three years. They fix one thing and another one breaks. I am consistently emailing and calling on a daily basis.. Save your money, there’s better apps out there
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9 months ago, Melatone
Updates broke it
Mine was working fine. Loved it. Now I can’t even open it. It just crashes and crashes but it was working just fine last week. It’s messed my ability to be affective as I store notes in it and I don’t always have a computer handy. I need to be able to quickly see what’s next. Please fix this ASAP!!!! TY
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2 years ago, gld913199876568
Like the app, hate it on a computer
My app works great I have zero problems but when I use it on my laptop it glitches and has a lot of errors.
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7 months ago, SomeRandomChick123
Can’t log in on the app
If I could give this app no stars I would. I can log in just fine on the website but recently mytime removed the option for me to get text messages whenever someone books with me, so I decided to see if I could use the app and set up notifications but I can’t log in… I can’t even find a means of contacting any kind of support.
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1 year ago, Silvercharm95
The worst
This app is absolutely terrible and it got even worse over the past several months. Our company didn’t feel supported at all by the MyTime company either, every time we brought something to their attention it got worse or ignored. Waste of data. Even our clients had issues with it and complained to us about it constantly
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10 months ago, TyCox42614
New update
The new update is great with showing me all my appointments however it keeps logging me and the staff completely out every time and it’s really frustrating . Please fix ASAP
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1 year ago, elastric
App only works some of the time
I like to check my work schedule but 4/5 times the app is glitchy and doesn’t work, I do enjoy the check In notifications, and the app is nice to leave notes and pictures on if it does work which is why I gave it an extra star
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4 months ago, Happy Ccic life
Performance is getting better
Performance is getting better.
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2 years ago, kay-rickey
Fix your app it’s unusable!
So many people have commented the inability to use the app and my salon hasn’t been able to use it on our phones for about a week now. Very buggy and I can’t book anything or see my schedule without it freezing after 10 secs.
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10 months ago, bryan9978
Horrible app
We’ve had nothing but problems with this system! Stay away and use a different system. No the app signs you out every time you close the app. Doesn’t allow our salon to add on services to customers tickets. This system wasn’t working properly since they debuted 2 years ago.
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3 years ago, cheiwied
app version is awful
hardly ever opens and loads information on the app, which means you end up having to use the web version anyway. the app glitches constantly and updates take forever and never fix all the problems it has. wish I didn’t have to use this.
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2 years ago, Rachel Hofmann
Never works
App almost never works. Used to be small glitches like changing appointment times on its own, now you can’t even scroll through the schedule or anything. It just freezes completely.
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3 years ago, tangledinhair
Sometimes works. Sometimes doesn’t.
With the recent update my phone was updating MYTIME for almost 2 days. I uninstalled and reinstalled and now my books look weird. There are no stylist on there, it’s just all blurred together. At work on the PC it was lagging and not responsive. When it works it’s great. When it doesn’t it’s obviously very frustrating... 🙁
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3 weeks ago, alexismerritt03
Very easy and simple to use and navigate. Makes my job much easier!!
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2 years ago, biggestmusicfanofalltime
It’s gotten much better the years
Almost five stars. They are getting there.
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1 year ago, nicole2101
Can’t save client notes
My app keeps saying error when trying to save client notes. It’s frustrating trying to save notes and they won’t save. I’m not a fan of this app, too many glitches/bugs. Please fix this app!!
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10 months ago, Muhgriuh
Doesn’t work
It doesn’t work for any of my coworkers at the shop, seems like it’s not an issue for them to fix considering I’ve checked a couple of times in the past year.
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2 years ago, Fugrindr
We use this scheduler for years a while the format changes and made it confusing for other therapist .. make it solid again don’t break up appointment just looks stupid
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4 weeks ago, gabbygxo
Can’t use on mobile outside of the salon. Having to be able to book for yourself doesn’t work unless at the salon. But overall it’s easy to use.
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5 months ago, Sunnidazes
Great Scheduler, easy to use
Easy to use
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1 month ago, Santana DaGreat
I like it. Easy to schedule.
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2 years ago, Hero deep chirp
Not great 😑
Yo, this app is straight up trash. Glitchy and slow when it isn’t freezing completely.
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2 years ago, sadaboutraces
Constantly freezes
Please fix this, the app rarely works without freezing in one spot or lagging completely
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10 months ago, Hqckeygod
Terrible App
This app is awful. It’s slow and locks down. Can’t use it on the go to get anything done. Scrap it and start again!
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11 months ago, lesiefromusa
Glitches and not fast enough
Glitches and not fast enough.
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2 years ago, bkatty97
Worst app ever! Choose something else!
Worst app I've ever had to use. I wouldn't recommend it to a single person.
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3 years ago, straighthairbyana
Confusing and complicated to use
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1 year ago, nerdfreak22
I can’t use it
I can’t use this app with my log in its ridiculous
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10 months ago, mpickworth
Worst booking app. Always freezes
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11 months ago, Brian Effer
Unstable mobile platform and unprofessional management
As a mobile services business, we rely heavily on the mobile interface to access client records, directions, check in, check out and process payments. The extremely slow speed of the app, spontaneous crashes and overall instability made it extremely difficult to effectively run our business. This platform has a negative impact on our business and I would not recommend it to anyone that needs to use the mobile app. The desktop application is okay, but you can find many better solutions. The relationship started on the wrong foot, which should have been an indication of things to come. I was sold a solution, that never truly materialized. After everything was negotiated with their sales team, we went into the contact phase, at that point, the CEO, Ethan Anderson, denied the agreement to seek a higher rate. His truly unprofessional manner throughout never demonstrated partnership nor an effort to build long term relationships. His demeanor and focus was always on the organizations bottom line. His lack of leadership has built an organization that is focused on a transactional relationship with their clients. We provided every opportunity for Ethan and his team to address our concerns, but nothing was every done. Needless to say, we have transitioned to a new solution that is more stable and a partner. We made the transition prior to the end of our contract with MyTime. So despite still having to pay the remaining term, it was the right decision for my business. It reminds me of the screen in Moneyball when Billy Bean is speaking with David Justice. “The Yankees are paying you $3.5MM to play against them!” I am willing to pay more, NOT to use MyTime, that should tell you everything you need to know!
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11 months ago, RP 1995
This app is literal garbage. You’re better off using a felt pen and carrier pigeons to manage your clients
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1 year ago, kimchichichichi
Absolute garbage
I loathe this app
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9 years ago, Ethan Anderson
MyTime Scheduler is a game changer
This app is an all-in-one solution for businesses to manage their appointments, client records and communications with their clients. It lets you see your real-time schedule while you're on the move, update appointments, check client records and notes, and even send instant messages with photos to your clients. One of my favorite features is the ability to change the price mid-appointment and take payment through the integrated point of sale! It's super easy to use and should be used by anyone who cares about simplifying their lives and running their business better!
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9 years ago, Meg's Studio
MyTime made my life easier
I've been using mytime as a business owner and consumer for over a year now. When they called me to tell me they now had a calendar system to go along with their system, I was excited to try it. I wasn't prepared for how easy it is to use for both my clients and myself! I've given a lot of feedback and they continue to add features I've asked for. An added bonus is real people answer your phone calls and they are actually nice and smart! Great job and thank you; MyTime!
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9 years ago, Rahtha
Pretty solid!
I actually have a small business that I need scheduling help with. I tried a few products out there but really nothing clicked. The Mytime scheduler is great for me. I already have clients who I need to schedule time with. The best part is that my clients can use the Mytime consumer app to schedule time with me. Plus I compared with square and others, Mytime has the best credit card fees out there. The app itself works very smoothly and runs great on my phone! I would definitely recommend it.
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7 years ago, Teejies
I like all the new updates
Great new updates with multiple columns and fixing the more features. Hoping for more ways to update employees, i.e.:different timing for different people, our entry level stylist takes longer to preform services than our master. Also hoping to be able to book client with multiple employees... (color with one, haircut with another) trying to check out a guest who has services with two separate providers is a pain
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9 years ago, Kevin Coffman
Makes scheduling a breeze
This app makes it easy to make appointments and manage my schedule. Before, I had to double-check information all over the place (my calendar, client contact info, notes) but this app puts it all in one place. I can even chat with my clients and set custom prices for them. Makes my life a lot easier.
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7 years ago, bigmikecay
LOVING the app
So far MyTime is hands down the best scheduling software we have used. From Booker to Schedulicity. MyTime is an all in one system. Booking to POS. Plus their Communicator program within is amazing. The layout (we have 12 employees and counting) is simple and clearly laid out. Customer service is the best in class. Mike
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5 years ago, dissatisfied agent
Hate it!
It’s so Annoying that the app won’t even open at all majority of the time! So that makes me have to open it on my browser. So inconvenient!!!! Lately it hasn’t been working or opening at all!!! Or it takes for ever and a day for it to load and open!!!!! This is so annoying and I have this for work so thats even more annoying!! Please fix this!!
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3 years ago, Eo of Lykos
Would be awesome ... if it worked on mobile
So I have zero complaints with the web based version of this but ... for some reason I am completely unable to log into any of my accounts on this app , yet can log in perfectly fine on desktop , putting in the same credentials . Not sure if it’s a security issue ( shouldn’t be as I can access it anywhere on web ) or some weird glitch .
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9 years ago, RussianLebowski
Such a great tool!
I can't believe I used to run my business without MyTime, they have made everything about running my business easier. Plus, they bring me so many new customers!
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7 years ago,
Best scheduling app out there
I've tried everything like Vagaro, Mindbody and Schedulicity but MyTime is by far the best. Simple, does everything I need it to, and has some advanced features like messaging clients. Highly recommend!
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7 years ago, Hector Rostro
My time is the best!
My time makes our scheduling appointments way easier. I enjoy the new layout where each row is designed for each stylist. It's clean and easy to navigate!
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