MyUsage Mobile

4.7 (13.6K)
60.5 MB
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Current version
Exceleron Software
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyUsage Mobile

4.7 out of 5
13.6K Ratings
5 years ago, PrettyS💜
Debit Card
I really enjoy paying my bill with easy convenient with Not stressing that my lights will be turned off because theirs a lot of people that don’t always have all the money at once but I just wish we could pay with our debit card without the fee at the local stores CVS. Thanks
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4 years ago, Shinkou87
Push notifications settings errors
The UI is decent although very dated looking. The font choices makes me think of Windows and the and the font size to overall UI seems like this was just quickly scaled when the larger iPhones came out instead of trying to make a proper scaled view or testing that the universal view looks good on all screens. The graphing library used to chart my electrical usage is very readable but could use some filtering options based on temperature so I could see trends of usage on hot vs cold days. I am unable to set up the push notifications due to an error or “ContactId is required. ContactId should be an integer” which is too generic of a user displayed error for me to actually address. I’ve updated my entire contact information list from the contacts tab and that did not seem to resolve it. It’s better than nothing but there are definitely rooms for improvement. Hoping to see some meaningful updates soon that make using the app more meaningful.
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6 years ago, Yanezrj
It’s good but could be much better
It gives you the data you are looking for and to track your daily consumption as well as being able to pay directly through the app. My two biggest concerns are: • It doesn’t remember your payment method even though there is a check box to remember your payment method. You have to enter your debit, credit or checking account information every time you want to make payment. Just adding this feature alone would make this almost a five star app. Very frustrating when you check the “remember payment method for future use” check box and it still requires you to enter that payment method every time. • The UI is not user friendly. You have to really look around to figure out where to go. Not intuitive. Usage and Balance would be nice to see combined since you have to go back and forth between the two to see cost per consumption compared to other days and temperatures. • The graph under Daily Usage needs some work. It’s showing two columns for one day and the above data isn’t always synced with the data in the calendar view. And the two references on the side don’t appear to be correlating to the data thats being shown in the graph. Not far being a really great app, good job! Thank you
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5 years ago, Disneydad2202
Worst App EVER!
I have no idea why our provider made us switch to this app, but as far as I can tell, there is no tab to explain anything about how to read it or use it. Instead of a simple ‘pay your bill’ prompt, there is only ‘add funds’. Add funds to what??? I have never added funds to anything to pay a monthly bill. Then, when you enroll in what I assume to be monthly auto pay, it does not tell me when it will start. The graphs have lines in addition to the daily usage bars, but, as far as I can tell, there is NO explanation as to what these lines reference. How about offering a walkthrough tab? Not everyone is as knowledgeable about apps and utilities as some of the other reviewers, and if I could, I would leave a ‘0 star’ rating.
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6 years ago, ekg917
Helpful, but it’s missing something.
This is a good app, and I really like having it show me on a daily basis what my balance is. However, when I need to decide how much money to deposit into my account, it would be really helpful if it would show me the total I have used in the last month, in the last week, in the last two weeks, or the total I used during the current month last year even.
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4 years ago, mr30199
Jea is an overcharging scamming company. People are barely making enough to make ends meet and they overcharge on power. I’m rarely home and my ac is always off but they claim I’ve used $5 worth on energy. It’s barbaric! I’ve never used that much energy ever even during the sumner my numbers aren’t that high. You can’t predict how much you’re going to need cause it’s always different. No one can explain anything and the agents are rude and nasty. It’s a monopoly and unfair to the hard working people of Jacksonville. Someone needs to open another power company. I’ll break my finger trying to switch
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5 years ago, Confer_2604
Pre paid accounts
Wish we could make payments as well over the app. Don’t see the justification of not being able to pay as a pre paid account holder. We have an account and meter numbers why is there a divide? Other than that all good 👍🏼
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5 years ago, getyourducksinarow
Hate it
Cannot pay my bill said I’m already set up but won’t take my sign on from their website which was simple and quick now for the second month in a row I have to call customer service and pay by phone. Please stop upgrading if it’s not been tested it’s a huge headache.
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5 years ago, csells12
A great app for finding out what your utility bill will be for the month.
This’s a wonderful and simple app, if your utility company is using smart meter technology, all you have to do is tell the app your account information, and if your company is listed you’re good to go.
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2 years ago, CRUSHNASTY
JEA is Criminal - when we Jacksonville wake
JEA is a criminal organization that not only is incompetent in every level of management (4+ years of a non functioning website, hour long hold times, misinformation regarding multiple miscellaneous overcharges, executives on trial for unlawful practices) they have a monopoly for energy and water in Jacksonville, and there is no competition. They take 1.5 hours to get a hold of someone on the phone, but are quicker than lightning when it comes to shutting your electricity off.
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5 years ago, Babylooklike
Please Make More User-Friendly!
I love the “pay-as-you-go” ability, but wish the app was more user-friendly! Developers: Please check out the SmartHub app! I was using that in my previous location, and it was amazing. I’d like there to be a function in MyUsage that allows users to drop money into their electric account easily (transferring money directly from a linked bank account) through the app, without having to leave it.
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7 months ago, fuzziesquirel
Doesn’t tell me when my bill is actually due.
The pay your bill part of the app doesn’t actually tell you when your bill is due. Just when you paid it last so it’s a guessing game. I wish it was like other bill apps that show you what is due when. It’s not very user friendly. It gets 2 start over 0 bc at least I can pay it online.
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4 years ago, pjmrk
Past usage
I think that it’s not good that I can’t go back as far as I like to view my usage/ $$ spent etc. And it’s even worse when you go in the electric company whom are offering the service and they are lost. I’m told over and over we can’t see what you owe . There is no one you call call or speak to in regards to your account .there are no numbers or address to contact any one having any thing to do with my usage
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2 years ago, ItsElectricBoogyWoogy
Pay your Utility Bill Fast and Easy!
I enjoy using MyUsage to pay my utility bill. The app makes it very easy to check my energy usage and make payments with my credit card on file.
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4 months ago, Jcade20
Payment not working
Great app just having problems paying on the app screen doesn’t load anymore needs to be fixed!
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6 years ago, W Ramirez
Inexplicable, in my life had spent so much work when electricity is involved, and if we talk about money there are no ways to qualify the lack of respect for customers, they charge about $ 3 daily or not in your home plus the consumption of electricity that is 12 cents a kw and if that were not enough there are charges that apply to the account and end up paying a lot of money without using the service, believe me if there was a lower rating I would give less 5👎
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3 years ago, Betty Mccray
Easy to use
It is easy to use. I just don’t really like the way it post your payment after it is made. It makes it look like there is a balance. It could just be me.
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3 months ago, Nanee*
Worry free !
Don't have to worry about getting to the utility office on my lunch hour to pay my power bill. I know how much the bill is and when it is being charged. Hassle free!
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3 years ago, 18Sunshine
I continually have a balance after paying off twice.
Not happy with continued recurring balance after paying off my balance 2x.
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3 years ago, Bmgunnels
I have had this app on my phone for a long time and love it. It keeps you organized, aware, and in touch . Life is much easier with it !!!
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2 years ago, TenneShea ;)
The app makes it so much easier to keep up with my MLGW payments rather than having to drive to the store every morning
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3 years ago, Trav Trav24
The pre-paid electric is very convenient but it uses a lot of money up and go fast for my bill, but I doRecommend using the app also.
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6 years ago, Phearlessphil
It’s good for the most part
I would like a total at the bottom. That way I don’t have to get out a Calculator. Also, I think most people don’t care about the breakdown of the numbers. We just want to know what’s coming out of our pockets.
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5 years ago, Sir "duke"
This service is great ! Very easy to use thanks
I love the ease of this service and you get email notifications and you can pay by phone
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3 years ago, NikkiD's
The app is super nice to have, as it makes paying your bill convenient... but, unfortunately this app is not laid out very well. 😔 It’s pretty confusing to navigate (especially at first). I’m glad to have it as a payment option, but wish it were more user friendly! I use apps to pay almost all of our bills, and this is by FAR the worst one to use and understand.
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4 years ago, cbvaughn
Not sure why this is even an app if it just takes you to a separate website where you have to enter in all of your information you already did into the app? Also trying to make a payment is so annoying. I’ve gotten a confirmation email when the website says that the information is incorrect.
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2 years ago, Klom12
My Usage. The app is great as far as tracking and reports. However, most customers will want payment options integrated into the app and not a function that happens outside of the app. I use the app to get to my account number to make payments thorough a clunky online system that really should be integrated into the app.
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6 years ago, VictoriaBaby23
Can’t post a payment with this app
This app is convenient in the fact that I can see my balance on my utility account, however the payment option doesn’t work. I have to manually log in to the website and post a payment which takes longer than I’d like for it to. 😕
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5 years ago, CandyRozo
Love the app!
I’m new at this plan and this was my first online payment. I found it super easy to use. Surprisingly high tech and it’s great to see the daily usage figures. Overall...5 Stars!
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5 years ago, nikenurse61
Thank you so much for changing the app and making it less complicated and last time consuming. It is so smooth now to make a transaction.
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5 years ago, Misskjg
I like this app ! It’s shows my usage ! How much left I have on my account and a day estimator to show how many days I have left before a disconnection warning !
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2 years ago, dts102
Easy to use Nice to just be about to check and pay bill no matter where I’m at.
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3 years ago, @KkJean
So not sure if there was an update but I can no longer see my bill, like the actual print out version. The previous bills are gone also. I need those forms. Thanks..
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1 year ago, Charles here and now
Love using the app and being able to watch my usage daily
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2 years ago, Diamond313
Thank you.
I am really enjoying the app its very easy to utilize and have been working great for me keep up the good work. 😊
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4 years ago, Yeahabu
What is this alert? Everytime I sign in to look at account a box pops up saying “failed to register for notifications”. I’ve looked and all my notifications are turned on. Bugs the crap out of me :-)
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11 months ago, tabiparrish
Unexplained, suspicious fees
If I didn’t have to use this, I would not. Period. There are too many unexplained daily fees, more often than not exceeding my daily usage. Will be contacting my local (currently in court for fraud) electric company. However, the app developers are also to blame, as they are enabling the behavior by providing minimal information.
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2 years ago, Tennessee hillbilly
Makes life less complicated
Love the ability
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5 years ago, Lownoma925
Love the update
The updated interface is a huge improvement.
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4 years ago, Lexccarl
Having trouble
I like the app but when I try to pay using my credit card, it only gives me an option for the expiration month. Not the actual year. It has been like that for a few months so I have to call the payment center.
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2 years ago, Hutpatchama
Great Tool!
I can manage my usage by keeping track of daily habits that impact my bill.
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5 years ago, shwetadpatel
Tool is not accurate
Yes it’s handy tool. But it’s not accurate tool to measure kWh daily usage beside that it has option measure hourly usage it of no use for OUC customers. Needs lots accuracy and hourly tool should be working to collect kWh
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7 years ago, Cibulkanator
Very useful tool
This is a great app. This helps you monitor your daily power consumption and to see if you can make adjustments to reduce energy cost.
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3 years ago, Metime 😀
I love it !!!!
My first time every having this option before and like it so far !!!
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5 years ago, Kcservices
Get Rich
It is extremely useful and helps you find ways to save on power.
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4 years ago, Laciphoenx02
Hate it
I’ve had problems being able to login and it didn’t start happening until they updated the app. This version is horrible. I’ve reset my password many times and it still won’t let me log in. If anyone else has had this problem and fixed it, how did you do it?
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5 years ago, SandraDee1986
Needs an update
I really enjoy getting to use an app to pay my bills.. but it would be way better if I could just login and access my information and pay my bill immediately instead of having to enter in my complete profile and personal info every single time .. update please!!!
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6 years ago, satifyed
Great program
I very thankful for this program that is place at a time when you need it
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4 years ago, tiredofputtinginnamesalltaken
Great Ap
Love being able to see daily usage. It is great to budget home expenses.
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11 months ago, gina tiller
Light bill app
I was enjoying until they stop putting the amount of your bill day to day and future bill on there
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