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Namecheap, Inc
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1 year ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Namecheap

4.84 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
12 months ago, Champ0506
I honestly was not expecting the kind of service I received at all!! This company exceeding my expectations is an understatement! I’m so grateful to have finally received in depth help unlike cloudflare. In one day, I was able to transfer my domain, get excellent live chat support who walked me through everything and give me step by step instructions for every single topic I needed help on!! I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough. I had to immediately come to review them bc I couldn’t believe just how much they helped!!!! USE THEM, you will not be disappointed!!!!
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2 years ago, iToolie
Love Namecheap: just the facts!
Namecheap as a registrar is the best I’ve ever used. I’ve been with them almost 10 years. They make buying and maintaining my 60+ domains easy, and they don’t send me a lot of marketing mail that I don’t need. I encourage family, friends, and my clients to use them.
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3 years ago, Olsiiiiiii
Lost my online business because their domain order failed
I purchased a domain for my business and got a successful email. Thinking that all is well I went ahead with the paperwork for my business and after checking today the domain isn’t listed in my account. After almost 30 minutes waiting for support they finally tell me that the order had failed and somebody else has already purchased it. They don’t really care they’ll just casually say they’ll refund your order and the usual “sorry for any inconvenience” and that’s it! Save yourself the headache and go somewhere else.
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2 months ago, Rick Toone
The app is so easy
I have a lot of ideas for myself and clients. When I need to search a domain name the Namecheap app is so easy to use. It’s also simple to buy domains, (not always a good thing 😎). Super simple and useful.
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2 years ago, Emgirl7
Best Business Decion
Utilizing Namecheap as my way of finding, acquiring a new domain name immediately has been one of the best business decisions that I have ever made. It is fast, efficient and cost effective. A must for any online entrepreneur or netpreneur!
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4 months ago, codybarbu
Always the best.
For over 10 years, I only use Namecheap for domains, emails, and other services. Customer service is awesome.
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5 months ago, ZedoStar
Glitch automatically turns Auto Renew on/off
There is a serious glitch (happened on website too) and Namecheap did not refund me for a domain name that I turned auto renew off but it turned back on automatically and was charged. I even screen recorded it being able to show it twice in a row. Watch out for auto renew issues!
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1 year ago, francesko s
Malicious Company - They sold my domain without my consent
My domain had about 4 years and some months validity left. They listed it for sale on their marketplace and pretended I was the one who listed it. They sold it to a malicious party. The domain under my name now will be used for purposes which are damaging to my name. Stay away from this malicious company. You will pay dearly if you do not follow this advice.
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2 years ago, smbius93
Just really simple to use
And very reliable. Both as a service and as an app. Keep up the great work
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2 months ago, JStdyRockn
Best Ever!
Love Namecheap! Customer support is awesome and I’ve been a loyal customer since 2016. Never had issues with any of my products.
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2 years ago, TruthTeller2020
Bad app
Hate this app. Love the registrar though. They really need to hire a good team to update this app. It feels like it’s 10 years old. The most irritating thing about it is itLogs you out after a time. There is no reason to log you out of an app on your phone. When you have to have your phone to authorize the app.
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3 months ago, hollywood777
Easiest domain purchasing ever
I have used several domain registrars. Namecheap is the easiest, fastest and most reliable yet!
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10 months ago, worldwidewiz
It wasn’t always the best
But looking at the competition it sure is now. Got the goods in pricing, packages & support.
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5 months ago, KongisKan
It is time to support Security Keys
iOS has supported security keys for a while. When will this app add support for them? I don’t wanna burn my backup codes all the time and regenerate new ones. This is really detrimental to my workflow and it’s making me consider move the 20+ domains I manage someplace else.
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1 year ago, chafis68
Best Shop for web
Easy, Friendjy and seccure
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3 years ago, SunshyneRose
App is Trash
I love Namecheap for domains as well as web hosting packages. Yet, the app not so much. I previously downloaded it and it didn’t work whatsoever. This time it won’t get past Downloading after I logged in and etc. I guess I’ll just have to stick to desktop
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2 years ago, Enrahyo
The best
I only use namecheap
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3 years ago, kingsoma
Williams chuddy
The best hosting and Domain sellers so far
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8 months ago, SamerTa
Very bad
Unprofessional customer service and no phone number to call, they blocked me from getting backups and kept giving me excuses
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2 years ago, IvanRogozinski
Gray typeface unreadable
The font is too small on the search box and the font is light gray which is very hard to read as well.
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3 years ago, elbrusho
Issues with apple pay
Apple Pay doesn’t work
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11 months ago, wkd152
⚠️‼️ worst UX/UI EVER
I cannot even begin to describe how awful their UX/UI functionality is on mobile. It's a mind numbing grinding experience and makes me hate ever using this company.
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1 year ago, Ka Zan
About Payment
You can’t pay with your Apple ID or Apple Pay. You have to add your credit or debit card to buy.
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2 years ago, Kareemery
I needed to renew 2 domains
And there’s no one to put those two renewals into one transaction.
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1 year ago, ChiefNoir
Do not recommend
Generally not reliable service.
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3 years ago, Rontay
App Needs Maintenance, It’s A Waste Of Time.
This App is horrible. I’ve sent 8 different verification codes to my email, waited pasted the 59 mins limit and the submit button still doesn’t work. I can’t even login into my account. If your using NameCheap Just stick to the full website. The
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2 years ago, marc11011
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3 months ago, Greenfrog
I need to manage my cpanel not just to look at my domains.
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12 months ago, Imyahz__
Why can’t I pay with my Apple Store
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11 months ago, La ilaha illalah
Namecheap is the best
Love it
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4 years ago, Cavalol
MFA works exactly as-intended
Lots of reviews on the Namecheap app discussing ‘how bad the MFA is’. I assume they mean the app’s built-in tool “OneTouch 2FA”. Well, I tried that and upon using it once I logged in on a windows workstation and easily found the standard OTP MFA options aplenty. MFA is required 100% of the time and just works. Again - not OneTouch, I don’t use that. To all the namecheap devs and team members: You guys are amazing. Your site is amazing. Your service is amazing. Your prices slap the competition with justice and your propagation times are second to none. Is the OneTouch MFA tool really worth the ridiculously negative user feedback which it’s causing on the App Store? I’d say not, since this IS the App Store for people who need a Genius Bar to unlock their phone, id opt for sticking with what you guys are already nailing - DNS Auth services, second to none.
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2 years ago, robd003
Tyrants who impose censorship
Namecheap cannot be relied upon. Namecheap will deplatform you. They are untrustworthy.
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6 years ago, TyreeJackson
I don’t review many apps, but I felt compelled to with this one!
First off, thank you for having Apple Pay as a payment option! I have never been able to renew one of my domains so quickly and effortlessly! It took me about a minute to find the app on the App Store, install it, login, see my expiring domain, and pay for the renewal. It typically takes me 5 minutes or more to do the same via the web site and paying using PayPal. I may never use the web site again to renew one of my domains. I haven’t checked out the other features, but for someone who is just maintaining their list of long term domains, this was a treat.
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9 years ago, nasa is out of this world
Nope (still)
Still broken if you use two factor auth. Login and select the number to have the auth sent to and nothing. Go to the website and do the same thing and it works. So still useless. This is also why using an app versus text messaging is useful, because now I have to wait for yet another bug to be fixed despite the fact that there are perfectly good ways of generating two-factor security codes outside of text messaging.
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13 years ago, NicheDiver
A Good Start
I like the app and look forward to seeing it get more and more useful. One small issue... The domain names on my account are not actually sortable by their expiration date until I have all of them loaded by scrolling and tapping "get 20 more" several times. Only then can I sort by expiration date. I have quite a few domains so this takes too long to do such a simple task. UPDATE: Even after the recent update I am an not able to get my domains sorted by expiration date until AFTER I have loaded them all. The app seems to only sort the previously retrieved domains rather than getting them by sort order from the data source. Still a tedious experience.
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7 years ago, chris_1911
Used to be better
This app used to be awesome. TouchID login, ApplePay, instant domain purchase... a few updates later and some how they've junked the app. Login barely works, or you have the terrible user experience of a ridiculously long two-factor login. I'm constantly logged out - or logged in but not actually logged in. (What I mean is you can see your account but the toggles don't work and you get lots of errors). The ApplePay doesn't work any more. After going through the atrocious login process I find a domain, try to pay, only to get an error that NameCheap doesn't know how to properly maintain an app and it can't apply the purchase to my account. Aren't I already logged in?!? Waste of time.
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6 years ago, 2noob2bTrue
Delete app and get locked out of your account
Only reason I installed this is for the two factor authentication because name cheap is too special to use a normal form of 2FA that allows me to use something like Google authenticator which I already have installed for a handful of websites. To add insult to injury there is no ability to generate back up codes so if you delete this garbage app or lose your phone you'll be locked out of your account with no recourse. Name cheap you can take a flying leap for all I care and I'll be completely disabling 2FA because your implementation of it is the worst I've ever seen. Seriously, you don't even allow me to remember the browser for a month after I log in.
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13 years ago, drtywknd
I love you
Like a lot of people I've been using GoDaddys iPhone app to find domains on my phone and as a lot of people think that app was awful. I just found out Namecheap had an app and I literally stopped everything and went straight to download. Easy to find domains, easy to manage domains, easy to register domains. Thank you, seriously
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7 years ago, Leahy02116
I love Namecheap, but this app isn’t worth bothering with
I use Namecheap as they’re a great registrar & decided to check out their mobile app to have the option to manage things on the go—didn’t take long to realize that wasn’t going to happen when the app login doesn’t function at all. I don’t know exactly what the problem is but I suspect they need to iron out issues with their 2FA functionality; would be nice if they’d just get with the times by ditching their proprietary app and add support for 2FA via Duo/Authy/Google Authenticator/etc. Anyway, the app looked promising but is altogether useless in its current form—save yourself some time and wait until they hopefully/maybe revamp this sad excuse for an app.
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10 years ago, Βrian K.
Frustrating experience.
Tried to do several domain transfers. Got the domains in the cart, filled out all the data for each domain (contact & EPP) and then at the very end of it all, it complained that the fax number was required. Went back to enter in the fax number, but it didn't remember the contact info nor EPP when navigating back, so that had to be all re-entered in. Finally, after I re-entered the contact info (with fax this time) and re-entered EPP codes, the checkout errors out completely and was unable to finish. A lot of other little details failed along the way too. I love NameCheap, but next time they should get an iOS developer with proper experience to make the app.
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7 years ago, NoStepOnPorcupine
Great, but a little buggy
This app is fantastically designed, and does exactly what I want it to do. Unfortunately it's somewhat unreliable. At best it takes 5-10 seconds to update my domain list, and usually it fails. I still have never seen all my domains on this app. (It seems like the problem is that the Namecheap website is so buggy/slow.) I prefer to use this app (even for purchases) since it seems at least slightly faster. If the loading issues were fixed, I'd use this app constantly.
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9 years ago, martialtiger
2FA Login
I know you guys said back on Nov 14, 2015 that you are aware of the login issue and are working on it. Is there a ETA on when we can expect to have that fixed? I use to do a lot of purchasing through the app since I tend to not be on my laptop or desktop a lot. I'd hate to look for another registrar just to have the convenience of purchasing domains while on my mobile devices. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Once the fix is in place I'll gladly go back and make this app a 5 star.
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6 years ago, espressotime
How do you log into this?
I just wanted to be able to track and check on my domain names. When I launch the app it said in order for me to login without using captcha I would have to change my password, why? After selecting to do the captcha just so I can check my domains, I got stuck in a loop of trying to identify street signs for about five minutes. It would never let me go forwards. After reading the negative reviews about the two factor authentication, I was not about to go to there over fear of getting locked out of my account. Using the web site in mobile Safari is no better.
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6 years ago, Ben314425
Don’t use their 2FA if you value your account
Soon after enabling 2FA, I ended up having to replace my phone. For typical 2FA options, this wasn’t a problem - all codes I had stored in FreeOTP still help up fine. However, due to the over-engineered nature of Namecheap’s 2FA, I found myself unable to log into my Namecheap account, as I had forgotten my password. I get it - forgetting my password is on me, and I could forgive this klunky setup if the customer support wasn’t so unresponsive. I’ve tried to prove my identity multiple times over, but now I think I’m just being ignored, as I haven’t received a response in quite some time.
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9 years ago, suparngp
The best thing they ever did after..
This app is the next best thing that NameCheap has done after everything else they have been doing so far! I have never been this happy with any other Domain Provider. Their customer support is too good to believe and with this phone app, I can keep tabs on my domains at all times! GoDaddy Bye Bye.
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6 years ago, Squirt - 1
Love Namecheap, but slow loading domain options
Love you guys, but is there an issue with your server? Somehow searching for domains hangs almost forever. Through WiFi, and two different Cellular networks and two different phones. I find myself having to go to the computer or “unnamed” other registrars just to check things... Love you guys, keep solid and ethical, and I’ll be a customer forever
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6 years ago, SoftwareEngineer
From a Namecheap customer
App Positives: 1. After logging in, I can see a list off all the domain names I own. 2. I can search for available domain names and purchase them. App Negatives: 1. I cannot manage individual domains. In a web browser, I can manage auto-renewal for each domain, independently from others. However, when using the app, changing the auto-renew option for one domain name changes it for all of my domain names. (e.g. In the app, turning off auto-renew for one domain name will turn it off for all domain names in my account.) 2. When I last made a purchase, I wasn’t shown or given any option for WhoIs protection. 3. I cannot see my account balance from within the app. Company Positives: 1. Decent rates. 2. Quick response to Live Chat requests. 3. Representatives are well-spoken, patient, and respectful.
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5 years ago, J.noor
It’s okay...
This app is good for purchasing domains on the fly, and also for assessing the status of your domain when you’re not at your usual workstation. However, do not use two-factor authentication. There’s a good chance you’ll get locked out of your account, and Namecheap’s customer service will not be there to help you. Finally, this app has an extremely poor quality UI, which implies neglect on behalf of the developers.
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7 years ago, itzhero
Still broken
UI improved on iOS since last year but domain search continues to be broken. 2 months ago I searched a domain and came up normal price, but at checkout errored. Killed app, came back and it was premium priced. Today’s update all domain TLD are “loading” and continue to fail to load when clicking “view more”. Tried on both LTE and WiFi and viewing my own domains works fine, so not chalking this one up to user error. This is not the quality I expect from Namecheap
Show more
9 years ago, DA Nicholls
looks good, less renewing
While it looks promising, the renewals area (which is what I use most) needs a lot of attention. The renewals I made did not go through, after a success message. Also: you can't sort them, you cannot tell when they expire, and the button on the bottom gets in the way of the bottom entries. On iPhone 6. Update: Can't seem to pull in my CC info either, after getting most of the way through checkout. Better to use their site.
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