National Grid

1.4 (707)
19 MB
Age rating
Current version
National Grid plc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for National Grid

1.39 out of 5
707 Ratings
1 week ago, loginre
this app is not easy to login check the account balance, check the bill and check outstanding can do nothing on this app. I can never have this app running on my phone. Every time I have to make a payment it's a project.
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4 weeks ago, Nettiegarden
Whose bright idea was this??
After 4 months of fighting to get into your old app you change it to this nightmare! How do I see my bill? I’d like to go paperless but this app doesn’t allow that. How do I know what to pay when I can’t see a bill? Your payment option doesn’t even tell you what you owe either. This isn’t a new concept and thousands of other companies have their payment system and their bill system all together in the same app. How is it this hard? Get new people who know what an app should include and do it asap!
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2 weeks ago, MaxRPGer
Useless app
This app only does paying bill, if you know the amount and report an outage. You can’t check your account from this app. If you want to review your account info, you must log in from a web browser. Whoever approved the design of this app needs to get a new job. It is useless to the customers!
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1 month ago, Nationalgridistheworstapp
This is the worst app ever
I have lost years off my life using this app. Why does it take me minimum 20 minutes just to pay a gas bill? Is anyone able to actually create an account and log in? This is the only app review I have ever given but I just couldn’t not say anything. Terrible. Just terrible.
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1 month ago, RWUBellRinger
No log in?
Missing a key piece IMO. Where is my account log in , I want to view a bill and have no idea how to get there. Actually less clear than the old version. Thanks!
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1 week ago, Maria Maloo
Awful update
Why no profile tab? I want to be able to log in, see my upcoming bill, with DUE DATE, a history of previous payments etc. This is not a good app whatsoever. Every other app that I pay bills on makes sense, this does not.
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3 weeks ago, kfkoaiwbbzu
National grid Long Island useless app
I had been trying to pay bill and this app is designed for people living in 70s. I can never remain logged and I have no clue how to access bill as well as make payment. Tells alot about their service
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3 days ago, RichJPain
Zero Stars!!!!!!!!!
Why did you change this app? You can no longer see your bill to even know what you owe now!!! I have to go back online on my iPad again in order too see it and back to paying from there. Your app is redundant now!! Useless!!!!! IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT!!!!!!!
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1 month ago, MissMLQ
Awful new app!!
This new app is the worst.. Previous one far superior!! All this will let me do is pay my bill.. that’s it👎 I want to see my account.. see my bill details..see my usage.. can’t do ANY of that sign in to get to my a point..PLEASE correct..
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4 years ago, Lucijanarata
Slightly Better with new release BUT
Better now that it fits screen of current day phones much better but please look at every other bill paying features of any other company out there and redesign. For on let me view account and balance without having to provide credit card or bank account first. And then provide option for payment without saving account info or saving if I choose to. I just want to be able to open the app and see quick balance with without jumping through hoops then pay if necessary
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1 month ago, partuzo
It’s not really an app — essentially just a link to their payment processor website. No way of getting information about your usage, or anything else for that matter. Pointless!
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3 weeks ago, Joeyzasa
I just want to pay my bill. Whoever developed this app failed. The user interface is garbage. The log in process if a fail. I am forced to log on to the website to pay my bill.
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2 weeks ago, JarrahCy
No log in
App doesn’t allow a log in to your account to pay bill. Defeats purpose of the pay option of the app doesn’t it?
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3 weeks ago, Dtm992b
This update stinks
Where is all the other info like balance, bill, want to update a bank account for auto payments etc
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1 month ago, packer73
I am setup for monthly auto pay so I only need the app to look at my actual bill which isn’t available in this useless app. Get you act together!
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2 weeks ago, @&$)(;:./
Why even have an app
This app is absolute garbage. No information for your account whatsoever. No login. And no way to view your bill. Useless app What’s the point?
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1 month ago, huck120
Who ever designed this app should be fired.
This app is no good There is no account information unable to see bill ??? And payments go back to the old app
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1 month ago, demdry
New app is awful
I can’t not let me pay using my checking account only with credit card.
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2 weeks ago, Great game, but...
Log in
How do you review your bill or log in? All it asks for is to pay it. Finding it very hard to use this new version.
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2 weeks ago, Jshiwkebe
Making payments
What happen to just loging in pressing a button for payment not going thru 9 steps just to pay
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3 weeks ago, Foot Treater
Unable to view statement
Need to log in using the website as the app will not take you to the statement needed to know the amount due
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3 weeks ago, CNY customer
Where is my Account info!!!
This app is nothing more than a glorified Payment interface for National Grid’s payment processor. There is NO account info at all!!! FAIL!!!
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1 month ago, Meika1234
Give me back the previous version. This new version is stripped down to the point of useless!
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1 month ago, Kellys2008
Newest Update is Useless
There is no way to view the outage map, or report an outage from your phone.
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3 weeks ago, Goofer311
You want to pay your invoice but this App doesn‘t even tell you the amount you owe or an option to show your bill! In addition each time you log on you have to fill in your name. The same nonsense on the web What are they doing with all the profits?
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3 weeks ago, lily hammar
No map???
I don’t understand what the point was to get rid of the outage map feature.
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4 weeks ago, Kobypope
I can’t view my bills
How to I access my billing account nothing see, how much bills I have to pay.
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1 month ago, 😊jerk
How do I get to see my bill when I do not get a paper bill? I do not like this new app it’s awful. Judy
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1 month ago, Saitaanli
It’s very complicated
Need to update for this app . It was very complicated when i use this apps. Thanks
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1 month ago, vcnyc#1
1 star app
Dumbest app ever!! The greatest salesperson is the one that convinced National Grid that this is the way to go…..
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3 weeks ago, Radidrehan
Where is my bills
No billing information.. very wired.. :@
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1 month ago, Hgildo1
This is terrible
Is the only ting I say terrible app
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5 days ago, Jan the Cool Chick
The new app
Go back to the old app !!!
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1 month ago, UserAcceptance
Who did this
Where’s the Rhode Island region?
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10 months ago, Sam 8255
Such a Hassle
I was given emailed bills for gas/electric each month which I could very easily pay through. Then suddenly one of them kept giving me an error so I switched to the app thinking it’d be easier than calling and having to give my card info over the phone each month. Wrong. I created a profile to save my card information but logging in and paying a bill takes just as long as if I called in. I appreciate the security to get to my account but no one is going to pay my bills but me. Face recognition option would be nice so I don’t have to remember a password each time when things aren’t working. It’s just as a whole VERY frustrating to use this app. It does NOT make your life easier like apps should to pay bills. I do not have a choice but to use this app unless I want to waste more time on the phone. It should be easy to switch between gas/electric bills since they are both national grid but I have to log out and log in with the different account numbers each time. Who has this information on hand each time??? I have to open my bills each time to get this information! Why bother? Who knows this on a whim? This is my most disliked app on my phone.
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8 years ago, elemence
This app is useless. I tried to pay my bills through it while overseas (since I didn't have access to a desktop or laptop) and had multiple problems. First of all you can't use your regular login information from the regular online site. Instead you have to use your account number (have fun finding that). Second it doesn't tell you how much you owe. You have to look that information up yourself. Third you can't use a credit card or debit card but have to use your bank account and routing numbers. It took me over 20 minutes just to find all these account numbers and when I returned home I found out the payment didn't even go through and I got slapped with $30 in returned check fees! I tried calling customer service but they were no help at all. Got a 'confirmation email' from western union but there's no way to follow up or look into what went wrong. This is really not transparent and difficult to use. Looks like you need a new app, National Grid.
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5 years ago, Sevananda Bhai
-5 stars
What in the world were you thinking of when you people created this app? It’s totally dysfunctional! Starting with the inability to login. Use of a second party for payments (Western Union) at a fee. You must provide an invoice number. It is much simpler to go directly to National Grid’s website, signing for an account, save or your values (username/password) and every time that you need to make a payment, check outings, etcetera, login and done! The website even saves your payment option and you can also opt for automatic payment or one time payment only, PLUS it kept in your information record (if you want to keep it in your record)making it a very simple and straight forward transaction. I thought that apps are all about simplifying things! This app, it definitely does not! But heyyyy, thank you for trying (a little)!
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3 years ago, Wv SWAT vW
Poor Quality App
First impression, Finally, has bill payment made east. I selected my region. Now what…. My only options are “News, Outage Map, Report Outage”. I can’t log in. I can’t select to create an account. I can’t select electric or gas. Oh, wait! There is a “Payments” section. Seems like I almost figured it out. Yet I was stuck yet again because it needs all the payment info, account into, and - oh yeah - a “speedway payment system” log in account. The only thing this app seems to be great for is finding the appropriate contact numbers to call when there is a problem, be it may gas, electric, outage, or tree service. National Grid… PLEASE just contact Eversource for a copy of their online system and call it a day. Your current system makes me want to go back to paper bills. Invest into your R&D and work on this app to make it more helpful and user friendly for individuals who have not just one account, but multiple account across multiple platforms (gas and electric). If user error is the issue, please make How To clips and add them into the app on the first page so users can learn to use it right away. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Drew1642
Not as good as it used to be
National Grid’s app is more of a weather channel/utility app instead of a “National Grid” app. The only payment option is via western union and this app doesn’t even give you a log in feature. Western union payment options incur fees while you could just log in online and pay via bank account for free or just call and make a payment through their automated system for free as well. Honestly, it’s easier to just delete this app and then use a banking app and set up a payee and send a payment from your banks app. It’s free and if you have your National Grid bill then you can easily check the amount. Personally if 3/4 of my bill is always delivery services, I would request that National Grid delivery better and easier options for managing my account via an app.
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2 years ago, Camaro 45th
Terrible App award for 2022
This app is trash. Can you pay your bill through it? Yeah, but it’s not easy. I’ve had an account for years and if you get locked out of your “speed pay” account, you have to do everything as a guest. Which means all your info you have to type in every time. Bank acc, routing number, everything. I went as far as to call National Grid and they can’t reset it. And if you try the forgot password and don’t type something EXACTLY the way you did it when you set it up, account locked for 1 hour. National grid, what the heck are you doing? Best payment I’ve seen is PSEG, you text the lightbulb emoji and then sent the letter A to pay with your account on file. They should implement something similar!
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1 year ago, gamer122737
Worst service app
This is an application that is almost useless to the CUSTOMER. Not only can you not sign into your account but you can’t manage anything through it. There is no option to save your “login” information or allow you to efficiently pay your bill. This is my most bothersome bill to pay because of how inaccessible they make the “app”. I don’t understand why a company/business would create an app that doesn’t allow their customers to actually view their profile. It is currently 2023 and you would think they would have an efficient system by now. If I was told this “app” came out in 2012 and hasn’t been updated once, I would genuinely believe it.
Show more
8 years ago, Jaydynamo
Dear National Grid, moving your April Fools joke to February was genuis.
I received an email today specifically promoting the 'new and improved' app and directing customers to download it ASAP. So I navigated to the App Store and saw all of these bad reviews. But I noticed all were before today’s date (2/3/16), so they'd only experienced the app before the new-ness and improvement. But unless the promotion email was an accidental slip/early release before the new-and-revised app was actually launched, this was an EPIC fail. National Grid, it's bad enough that your website is from the stone ages. Seriously consider taking all of your IT resources and investing them in EITHER the site OR the app. When you've got one up to par, THEN switch gears. Or you'll remain in the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none realm forever. SMH.
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6 years ago, Sambanista
Poor login and navigation
You have to enter an account login or phone number plus last 4 of social to find out about outage in your area. Don’t put dashes in - only 10 digits - no instruction before you enter number. Put dashes in? Re-enter your 4 digit social or you’ll get an error. Step away for a few seconds and want to see something else? You’ll have to log back in. The app doesn’t stay open or remember you. The process is tedious. Site navigation not great. Want to know when issue will be fixed? Takes a very long time for update. Don’t count on anything more than confirmation that you don’t have power... in case you did know for sure. It’s easier to call.
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5 years ago, Amvinacco
Absolutely Useless App
I don’t even know why national grid came out with this app? It’s is absolutely useless! You can’t log into your account and view your statements. And then on top of it, you end up getting re-directed to Western Union to pay your bill And need to have your account number on hand to even pay it. Who has their acct # on hand like that? Your better off login in on the actually website and go from there. I mean, I guess it’s useful to those who want to read about national grid news I suppose 🤷🏻‍♀️ as for me, I strictly down-loaded it for payment purposes...the app has now been deleted from my phone. Save yourself the time and don’t even bother with this app
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2 years ago, Bonibee
Total Trash
Month after month this app has been a big waste of time. I attempt to sign in, and then it says I have a Speedpay profile set up. The sign-in always fails even though the password is correct. Tells me I have 4 more times to try. I wind up just going through the website, and lately, that’s been quirky. Today, the website even said no online payments available. As I was about to just give up, my account appears and I was able to pay. I thought signing into Apple n Verizon were bad! This is by far the worst. I wish I could give zero stars, and even that’s too kind!
Show more
3 years ago, Dman11385
Not a true app
This is not an account app. It’s more like a browser with National Grid links. Good luck attempting to make a payment. It’s looks like they’re attempting to force people into autopay. It asks for information only available on a paper bill to make a one time payment at the same time pushing for paperless billing. I don’t receive a paper bill because muh climate change yet it requires information from a paper bill. Web access is a joke. You make one little clicking error or press the browser back button and the site is no longer responsive. Terrible experience both online and app.
Show more
2 years ago, abcdfhhcfhb1
This is by far the worst app I’ve ever used. I absolutely dread paying my monthly bills because of National Grid. For some reason, I’m not allowed to set up a speed pay profile so I have to enter all of my personal information including banking information every month. Sometimes multiples times in one day. Also the amount due only sometimes shows up. I have to get paper bills to know how much I owe. If you want to contact customer service, they give you a number to call. As if I’m going to waste more of my time waiting to speak to someone. Just terrible.
Show more
12 months ago, ColinFON
Still bad try again
They can’t get this app right. Only came back to try it again because they emailed to say how improved the app was. Still not a native environment, still poorly integrating webpages into mobile interface, but most importantly of all, still crazy inconvenient to use to pay bills which is the sole purpose I’d need the app. One star given that if all they are doing is designing the app to parse existing webpages they could have pulled in the payment pages that work properly. As it stands I continue to use Chrome app to pay via the website.
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10 years ago, angasi
Does what it's supposed to.
I don't know why everyone's complaining about not being able to pay their bill on this app -- it doesn't say anywhere in the description that you can do so. LEARN TO READ, PEOPLE. I downloaded this app to be able to see outages for my neighborhood and when they're estimated to be fixed... And that's exactly what it does (and says it does!!!!) , so far so good.
Show more
4 years ago, Lenisa25
Easy App to use
I had to problem using this app for my Gas here in NYC , all you need is your National Grid account number , the fist 4 letters of your account holder last name on their national grid bill , also your bank account number or saving account , your credit or debit card, I got through quickly paying my bill straight forward, all the best everyone!
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