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User Reviews for National Grid

1.39 out of 5
707 Ratings
3 months ago, Sam 8255
Such a Hassle
I was given emailed bills for gas/electric each month which I could very easily pay through. Then suddenly one of them kept giving me an error so I switched to the app thinking it’d be easier than calling and having to give my card info over the phone each month. Wrong. I created a profile to save my card information but logging in and paying a bill takes just as long as if I called in. I appreciate the security to get to my account but no one is going to pay my bills but me. Face recognition option would be nice so I don’t have to remember a password each time when things aren’t working. It’s just as a whole VERY frustrating to use this app. It does NOT make your life easier like apps should to pay bills. I do not have a choice but to use this app unless I want to waste more time on the phone. It should be easy to switch between gas/electric bills since they are both national grid but I have to log out and log in with the different account numbers each time. Who has this information on hand each time??? I have to open my bills each time to get this information! Why bother? Who knows this on a whim? This is my most disliked app on my phone.
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7 years ago, elemence
This app is useless. I tried to pay my bills through it while overseas (since I didn't have access to a desktop or laptop) and had multiple problems. First of all you can't use your regular login information from the regular online site. Instead you have to use your account number (have fun finding that). Second it doesn't tell you how much you owe. You have to look that information up yourself. Third you can't use a credit card or debit card but have to use your bank account and routing numbers. It took me over 20 minutes just to find all these account numbers and when I returned home I found out the payment didn't even go through and I got slapped with $30 in returned check fees! I tried calling customer service but they were no help at all. Got a 'confirmation email' from western union but there's no way to follow up or look into what went wrong. This is really not transparent and difficult to use. Looks like you need a new app, National Grid.
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5 years ago, Sevananda Bhai
-5 stars
What in the world were you thinking of when you people created this app? It’s totally dysfunctional! Starting with the inability to login. Use of a second party for payments (Western Union) at a fee. You must provide an invoice number. It is much simpler to go directly to National Grid’s website, signing for an account, save or your values (username/password) and every time that you need to make a payment, check outings, etcetera, login and done! The website even saves your payment option and you can also opt for automatic payment or one time payment only, PLUS it kept in your information record (if you want to keep it in your record)making it a very simple and straight forward transaction. I thought that apps are all about simplifying things! This app, it definitely does not! But heyyyy, thank you for trying (a little)!
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2 years ago, Wv SWAT vW
Poor Quality App
First impression, Finally, has bill payment made east. I selected my region. Now what…. My only options are “News, Outage Map, Report Outage”. I can’t log in. I can’t select to create an account. I can’t select electric or gas. Oh, wait! There is a “Payments” section. Seems like I almost figured it out. Yet I was stuck yet again because it needs all the payment info, account into, and - oh yeah - a “speedway payment system” log in account. The only thing this app seems to be great for is finding the appropriate contact numbers to call when there is a problem, be it may gas, electric, outage, or tree service. National Grid… PLEASE just contact Eversource for a copy of their online system and call it a day. Your current system makes me want to go back to paper bills. Invest into your R&D and work on this app to make it more helpful and user friendly for individuals who have not just one account, but multiple account across multiple platforms (gas and electric). If user error is the issue, please make How To clips and add them into the app on the first page so users can learn to use it right away. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Drew1642
Not as good as it used to be
National Grid’s app is more of a weather channel/utility app instead of a “National Grid” app. The only payment option is via western union and this app doesn’t even give you a log in feature. Western union payment options incur fees while you could just log in online and pay via bank account for free or just call and make a payment through their automated system for free as well. Honestly, it’s easier to just delete this app and then use a banking app and set up a payee and send a payment from your banks app. It’s free and if you have your National Grid bill then you can easily check the amount. Personally if 3/4 of my bill is always delivery services, I would request that National Grid delivery better and easier options for managing my account via an app.
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1 year ago, Camaro 45th
Terrible App award for 2022
This app is trash. Can you pay your bill through it? Yeah, but it’s not easy. I’ve had an account for years and if you get locked out of your “speed pay” account, you have to do everything as a guest. Which means all your info you have to type in every time. Bank acc, routing number, everything. I went as far as to call National Grid and they can’t reset it. And if you try the forgot password and don’t type something EXACTLY the way you did it when you set it up, account locked for 1 hour. National grid, what the heck are you doing? Best payment I’ve seen is PSEG, you text the lightbulb emoji and then sent the letter A to pay with your account on file. They should implement something similar!
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7 months ago, gamer122737
Worst service app
This is an application that is almost useless to the CUSTOMER. Not only can you not sign into your account but you can’t manage anything through it. There is no option to save your “login” information or allow you to efficiently pay your bill. This is my most bothersome bill to pay because of how inaccessible they make the “app”. I don’t understand why a company/business would create an app that doesn’t allow their customers to actually view their profile. It is currently 2023 and you would think they would have an efficient system by now. If I was told this “app” came out in 2012 and hasn’t been updated once, I would genuinely believe it.
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6 years ago, Sambanista
Poor login and navigation
You have to enter an account login or phone number plus last 4 of social to find out about outage in your area. Don’t put dashes in - only 10 digits - no instruction before you enter number. Put dashes in? Re-enter your 4 digit social or you’ll get an error. Step away for a few seconds and want to see something else? You’ll have to log back in. The app doesn’t stay open or remember you. The process is tedious. Site navigation not great. Want to know when issue will be fixed? Takes a very long time for update. Don’t count on anything more than confirmation that you don’t have power... in case you did know for sure. It’s easier to call.
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4 years ago, Amvinacco
Absolutely Useless App
I don’t even know why national grid came out with this app? It’s is absolutely useless! You can’t log into your account and view your statements. And then on top of it, you end up getting re-directed to Western Union to pay your bill And need to have your account number on hand to even pay it. Who has their acct # on hand like that? Your better off login in on the actually website and go from there. I mean, I guess it’s useful to those who want to read about national grid news I suppose 🤷🏻‍♀️ as for me, I strictly down-loaded it for payment purposes...the app has now been deleted from my phone. Save yourself the time and don’t even bother with this app
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1 year ago, Bonibee
Total Trash
Month after month this app has been a big waste of time. I attempt to sign in, and then it says I have a Speedpay profile set up. The sign-in always fails even though the password is correct. Tells me I have 4 more times to try. I wind up just going through the website, and lately, that’s been quirky. Today, the website even said no online payments available. As I was about to just give up, my account appears and I was able to pay. I thought signing into Apple n Verizon were bad! This is by far the worst. I wish I could give zero stars, and even that’s too kind!
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2 years ago, Dman11385
Not a true app
This is not an account app. It’s more like a browser with National Grid links. Good luck attempting to make a payment. It’s looks like they’re attempting to force people into autopay. It asks for information only available on a paper bill to make a one time payment at the same time pushing for paperless billing. I don’t receive a paper bill because muh climate change yet it requires information from a paper bill. Web access is a joke. You make one little clicking error or press the browser back button and the site is no longer responsive. Terrible experience both online and app.
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1 year ago, abcdfhhcfhb1
This is by far the worst app I’ve ever used. I absolutely dread paying my monthly bills because of National Grid. For some reason, I’m not allowed to set up a speed pay profile so I have to enter all of my personal information including banking information every month. Sometimes multiples times in one day. Also the amount due only sometimes shows up. I have to get paper bills to know how much I owe. If you want to contact customer service, they give you a number to call. As if I’m going to waste more of my time waiting to speak to someone. Just terrible.
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3 years ago, Lucijanarata
Slightly Better with new release BUT
Better now that it fits screen of current day phones much better but please look at every other bill paying features of any other company out there and redesign. For on let me view account and balance without having to provide credit card or bank account first. And then provide option for payment without saving account info or saving if I choose to. I just want to be able to open the app and see quick balance with without jumping through hoops then pay if necessary
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5 months ago, ColinFON
Still bad try again
They can’t get this app right. Only came back to try it again because they emailed to say how improved the app was. Still not a native environment, still poorly integrating webpages into mobile interface, but most importantly of all, still crazy inconvenient to use to pay bills which is the sole purpose I’d need the app. One star given that if all they are doing is designing the app to parse existing webpages they could have pulled in the payment pages that work properly. As it stands I continue to use Chrome app to pay via the website.
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7 years ago, MissOaks
Two thumbs down
This app is only good for checking the status of your outage and paying your bill. You can't login with your email address or look at any kind of account information(billing and payment). From what I can tell NG made an App to do what they do best. Collect their money for electricity that they have overcharged you for and given you a way to check the status of your outage so you can stop jamming up their phone lines when your power is out. Oh they don't reimburse you for the hours you sit in the dark, batteries for flashlights, food that goes to waste or meals out though. Screw you NG! -5⭐️
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3 years ago, Lenisa25
Easy App to use
I had to problem using this app for my Gas here in NYC , all you need is your National Grid account number , the fist 4 letters of your account holder last name on their national grid bill , also your bank account number or saving account , your credit or debit card, I got through quickly paying my bill straight forward, all the best everyone!
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2 years ago, NewEngland user
Terrible and not helpful
I downloaded this app when it first came out and found it very problematic to use and I could not look up bill details. So I kept going to the NG website to pay my bill, look up bills, etc. Now the website is not working well and I am redirected back to this useless app! National Grid- you need to do a major overhaul on this app if you expect people to use it. From now on I will have to call to get the information I need and that will increase your expenses, which will ultimately cause my rates to go up. Nice job!
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6 years ago, Weather no
Very Low Functional-Needs a Group Home or a Brain Surgeon
I downloaded this app to check on power outages in my area. Well, here’s the deal. On the outage map, how does one know whether or not the power has been restored in an area where one’s home is, while evacuated? Your app is also not that intellectually functional enough to download completely, if it were a person, I wouldn’t put a hunting knife in his hand, ouch, let alone tell me if I’m safe or not to return back home. Do some surgery, (bug fixes), or put the app in an institution, not the App Store.
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2 years ago, Proggirl2
Worse App Ever
Tried to use it to pay for my bill since I was having trouble getting into the website. After jumping through many hoops and inputting a ton of personal information, I finally get to pay the bill. I pressed submit and it looked like I paid it but after going into the website a few days later to check, the payment through the app did not go through. I paid on website and deleted my profile on app. Don’t even bother with this one..
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3 years ago, Brotisserie Chicken
What Purpose Does this Serve?
They fell flat on their face in the creation of this app. Nothing is intuitive. No log-in area to view your account. The payment portal is antiquated and asks for your account # and doesn’t even show you what your balance is - you just submit a custom payment. No uniformity between what steps you would take on their website to view your account to this interface. It’s laughable. Deleting the app of my phone after this review. The app developers need to blow this up and start from scratch - it’s awful.
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5 years ago, Just Me 358
The worst business App I have!
Like others have said it is very hard to just pay a bill. Besides being buried under layers of questions about who & where you are to get to the log-in (which should be at the top page), they do not use the web on-line log-in items, nor permit fingerprint access. To add injury, there is not even an App user feedback link included - guess they don’t want our inputs. Apparently designed by geeks and accountants vs human factors experts. Come on NG you CAN do better!!!
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1 year ago, WJCVA
The reviews are accurate
This app is so bad. I looked at the reviews but thought “how bad could it be?” For an app that you intend to use once per month to do something that should be so simple like paying a bill, I don’t think you could possibly accomplish it in a worse way. Whoever made this app should write a book about app making and every other app in the universe should read it and do the exact opposite. I do like the icon, but other than that - complete trash.
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2 years ago, newyorkcity
Horrible App - Do not waste your time!
Wow, this has to be the worst app available. As others have mentioned, you can’t just use your standard log-in/password. You have to know your account number…& a bunch of other issues popped up… so ridiculously inconvenient! The website itself is also a headache! It doesn’t work on many main browsers like Safari so I have to keep trying to access using other browsers. It’s just such a hassle. Not even worth 1 star.
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2 years ago, Tagster5500
Useless app
Try to pay my monthly bill I set up with my bank account now when I try to sign in it tells me to go to speedy sign in because I already set up an account so when I try to it tells me failed and to sign in as guest or I have to put my name, bank account and routing number and Nat Grid account number info every time I mean really what a useless antiquated app, I’ll go back to paying through my online banking they can wait for the check to come now ABSOLUTELY USELESS
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4 years ago, Awphoto1
Better than the website!
For years I have been using the mobile payment from the email attachment. The last few months I get an error on the payment page so I was using the website. THAT is a nightmare. I just searched the App Store to see if there was an app. Easy enough, I paid and stored my info for next time.
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9 months ago, My crossword
Useless App
I set up my account but every time I try to pay my monthly bill I can’t log on. They say my email or password is wrong. It isn’t. Can’t log in without your Account # even if you have set up an account. No other utility does that. Seriously. This means if you are on vacation and don’t have a bill with you, you can’t pay your bill online. What a useless App. I’m back to paying by phone. National Grid get with a program that works.
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2 years ago, asdffyr
Very poor service
I use various apps to pay my bills and they’re usually very convenient. After entering a password or my fingerprint, all my payment information which is retained appears, and I continue the transaction. Not so with National Grid. Each month all my information has to be entered from the beginning. You might think they would step up to the plate and join the rest of the utility companies but you’d be wrong. Disappointing
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1 year ago, W1nn13!246
Disgusted by the Customer Experience
It’s almost as if national grid doesn’t want you to be able to pay your bills. I am disgusted that this app is even available to the public. Even worse, it seems that there have been many more reviews before mine and they have not taken one step to correct it. National Grid, please take a second to reflect on the experience your are creating for your customers. This is despicable.
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4 years ago, awakenwp
Get with the times, NatGrid!
This is the only bill account that I have where the company doesn’t have an app that allows customers to log in an view their account through the app. Sure, I can use this app to make a payment, but what good is that if I can’t view the bill that breaks down the details of the charges, and I can’t look at my payment history...? It’s time to step up your game NG! If you’re offering paperless billing, there ought to be app functionality to go along with that...
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4 years ago, MsD11228
The worst app I’ve ever seen...USELESS!!!
This app is totally useless! I just downloaded it again, thinking maybe it’s been fixed, but no! You can’t see your statements & if you log in incorrectly, just once, you can’t log-in again without your account #! I really wish we had a choice of our Gas company, because National Grid doesn’t care about anything but getting your $...and they don’t care what you think because they don’t have to worry about losing customers!
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1 year ago, Nicki Lanina
It’s so obvious…
Quite possibly the worst app in the world. If I wanted people to pay me, I would make it simple. They MUST not want us to pay them. I can’t think of any other reason why this is so tedious. Besides their extreme markup month after month on the cost of utilities, they must also make a killing through late fees and collection accounts… due in part to the fact that no one can pay their bills through this app!
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6 years ago, going solar
Don’t bother
Useless. Who knows their account # to access ? Plus first 4 letters of your name. Which name? First name or last? I finally cane up with my account number and tried both my names and wouldn’t work Then when you actually call customer service they ask for your telephone number 😜. It doesn’t say so in your bill but you can pay over the phone with customer service. Rude company. Stupid app. Wish there was a lower rating than 1 star Time to go solar
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4 months ago, cgrid77
Useless app
Who in 2023 designs a app like this? Looking at the consistent bad feedback on the utility of the app going back as far as 7 yrs and it still hasn’t been fixed. The fact that a big company like yours can’t be bothered to create a useful app tells a lot of where your priorities lie. Stop being cheap and get some real developers to design you an app that will make it simple to look up the bill and pay.
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4 months ago, Tomate 29
Paying bill
Perfect... not having access to my computer, I paid the gas bill since today was the day of payment... easy and fast...!!!
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6 months ago, ARomero1691
This app is terrible it doesn’t save any of your login info so I’m scrambling once a month to find my account number as it asks you for it ever single time. This app is just embarrassing, such a terrible app. It serves as some type of proxy entry to third party pay system. You’re better paying by calling in, while you’re at it you’re better paying off through courier pigeon To he completely honest.
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4 years ago, VIIRGOO
This app needs a update so bad
I don’t even know why they would waste time maken this app you can’t see your bill you can’t even pay directly you have to use a 3rd party to pay your bill and if you don’t have your account number your out of luck. I wish someone would make some changes and get up to date this is not it. They can do a lot better then this with all the millions y’all making from us. Are y’all serious 😡
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2 years ago, Sue PT
Horrible upgrade
They upgraded there payment section. It doesn’t work plus it takes a long time to fill out. No more paying thru the app. It takes too long. Back to mailing in payment. Worse is there is no place to report a problem with app. It sends you to customer service where you have to listen to a long message in their upcoming virtual meeting.
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2 years ago, carpeliam
Not convenient for any task
None of the tasks from the My Account page are really available, except for MAYBE paying your bill, which is about as inconvenient as possible in the app. Compared to the Eversource mobile app, this is not impressive at all. The only reason it’s still on my phone is that it MIGHT come in handy MAYBE if the power goes out, but even then, I doubt it.
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1 year ago, jbgitman
Worthless App
This National Grid Speedpay app is possibly the worst app ever made. No matter how many times I try to log in it always locks me out. Tells me to use the previously created profile, which I do, then locks me out again. I’ve deleted, re-signed up-terrible. Such a poorly thought out terrible app. Do not waste your time, just mail the bill in and save your sanity. Zero 0 stars!!!
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5 years ago, OutDamnedSpot
Raging trash fire
Pathetically low functionality. Needs a major overhaul with regard to intuitiveness, website compatibility, and overall design aesthetic. Don't waste your storage capacity on this. I deleted it immediately upon discovering that you have to use your account number to pay bills and can't link it to your existing online account. Can't use your login info from NG's website. Why are these separate systems?
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4 years ago, kthwad
This is the sort of app that makes you want to throw your phone across the room. It takes ages to get through its login screen, having to type in your user ID and password repeatedly, then going through an inane captcha, only to be asked to do it again every time you want to see something different. It’s been this way for many years — why can’t they fix it?
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3 years ago, BYD120
Increased functionality
The latest update makes this app very useful, especially if you are looking for some quick info related to gas utilities or if you want to make a payment using checking a/c or debit/credit card.
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6 years ago, P!nky
Great for outage updates
This app is great for checking outage updates! I also like the safety tips and news pieces, but don't use those as often. Hoping they'll have more functions in the future, but really, really like this app for its outage updates/reporting.
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1 year ago, MelissaGetsMarried042016
Completely Useless
This app is the biggest waste of space in the App Store. It simply doesn’t work. Try to log in and it tells you to go to your Speedpay profile- go to your Speedpay profile and it locks your account (whether the PW is correct or not)- then it tells you to go back and log in on the other page. It’s a big circle. Don’t bother wasting your time.
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5 years ago, Chanalife00027
This app super helpful you just need to go straight to payment method if u choose credit card it will ask for acc number boom it’s show all your billing info u can choose how much want pay...!!! 👌🏿🕺🏾
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6 years ago, Mr_Frodo
Every link that is supposed to take me to information takes me to the account login form, even after I already filled it out so I could get to the link for information that just takes me back to the login screen, even after I already filled it out to get to the link for information that just takes me back to the login screen.... see what I did there? Crap app.
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4 months ago, Bkiphone
Totally useless
Can never log in to pay my bill. Asking for all kinds of info, then tells me doesn’t match. Profile doesn’t work. Has more hoops than my banking app. If someone wants to hack my gas bill and pay it then go right ahead. Why can’t it just be easy and use Face ID to pay bill? Please fix this. Should not be this difficult.
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6 months ago, Candyy3600
It’s that bad…
Customer service at national grid actually told me to never use the app because the login and profile is not the same as the website. They could not see any payments made through the app. The app was confusing and was giving me blank pages so I ended up paying my bill twice. Don’t waste your time on the app.
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2 years ago, dont waste time with this app
If I could give it negative stars I would.
This website is utterly useless as is the National Grid website. How can customers pay their ridiculous high bill without being late if neither the website nor the app work. And calling customer service could take you all day. This company is absolutely the worst. It’s unfortunate they have a captive audience.
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6 years ago, Stefan the Computer Geek
Useless for reporting a hazard
I installed the app for one specific reason - to report a potential hazard I saw while walking to work. However, when I call the number listed as the "Hazard Identification Hotline" all I get is "your call cannot be completed as dialed." (Yes I verified my phone can call other numbers.) The 800 number listed in their own app regarding hazards appears to be wrong!! How ridiculous and potentially dangerous!!
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