National Grid

1.4 (707)
19 MB
Age rating
Current version
National Grid plc
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for National Grid

1.39 out of 5
707 Ratings
2 months ago, rey171920
Can’t pay with debit card
I try to go and pay my bill but it goes white screen every time I try and select the debit card option. I can’t even log on to the main website only the app works with my login information.
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2 weeks ago, ArisUma
App is horrible!
This is the worst app ever!! You can’t see your bill or even know your usage which with the new outside meters we’re supposed to. I have to go into my bill in email, find my account number (despite creating an account in the app) and how much I owe to know what I am paying in the app. And despite saving my bank info I have to re-enter it each month. Where is this easier?? It’s NOT! I’m back to calling in my pyt each mth when I get the email notification my bill is due- which by the way was late last month and you stuck me with a late fee which wasn’t my fault. I’m over it. Useless app!
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4 months ago, Nettiegarden
Whose bright idea was this??
After 4 months of fighting to get into your old app you change it to this nightmare! How do I see my bill? I’d like to go paperless but this app doesn’t allow that. How do I know what to pay when I can’t see a bill? Your payment option doesn’t even tell you what you owe either. This isn’t a new concept and thousands of other companies have their payment system and their bill system all together in the same app. How is it this hard? Get new people who know what an app should include and do it asap!
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3 weeks ago, LisaNY60
Terrible App
The National Grid app doesn’t allow you to see much at all, no pdf statements or account info, just a pop up of the amount owed. It looks like a new company is handling payments for them and it is very lacking in info you should be able to see. I pay all my bills online without issues but this app just doesn’t cut it. Going to have to go back to paper billing just to see my usage and other info that used to be available.
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1 month ago, sally french
I agree that your app is useless. Just got a notice that it was upgraded. Ha! That’s a joke. Told me to locate my bill to see my new account number. Ha! Right. Three choices, make a payment, report an outage and number 3…a phone number! Really. No where to go from that page. You need major help if you think this is improved. BTW When I finally located my bills my numbers didn’t change. I came back to App Store thinking there was another app. Ha! Gimme a break.
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1 month ago, Hola,YoSoyMiguel
Please get with the times
We have long surpassed the time where one should expect to be able to easily pay their energy bills from their phone. It is ridiculous this company hasn’t had their app developed for customers to even sign into their account. I shouldn’t have to own a laptop or make a phone call to view account information, view payment history, make account changes, etc..
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2 months ago, Bharat Parwani
Terrible and Pathetic App Experience
I usually don’t write reviews except for 2 scenarios - 1) When the app/service is truly exceptional which deserves a lot of praise and attention or 2) When the app/service is terrible and pathetic and shows the lack of even the slightest effort on developers and team’s end. In this case, it’s the 2nd. This app is literally useless. One cannot see digital copies of their monthly bill in 2024. What a terrible app!! Doesn’t even deserve 1 star!
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1 month ago, Snsethy
Can’t view your account??
What a waste of an app and waste of money paying these troglodytes to make it. I find it outrageous that my hard earned money that I am forced to pay this awful company due to their monopolistic practices went to pay for this garbage. Please fire everyone who worked on this, take them to court to recoup their salaries, then give all of your customers refunds and an apology for wasting their time data and money.
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1 month ago, AF0340
I want to pay my bill but it doesn’t give me the option to see the balance due first it just keep asking to enter a payment method and it doesn’t associate your email with your account number so every time you want to pay you need to reenter all your info 😐 at least I want to know how much I need to pay before I enter my payment method this app is totally trash
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3 weeks ago, MC Hammerall
Why is it even here
The bare minimal functions are not even functioning after the update. I can’t even log into the account to pay for the bill as it does not retained the correct profile! Simply go to use the internet and browser! At least it functions there! All the modern feature of a Normal app are zero presented, bio-sign in, one touch. None existent. Are hackers trying to hack into users account to see the bills? Why is National grid so secret that even user cannot see the actual bills themselves? I understand if hackers may hack into the account to steal banking info but rest assure - no one wants to get in with this ancient interface and feature.
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2 months ago, AmIanidiot?
It’s absolutely maddening to even try and pay your bill on this app. Screens don’t load, you can’t view your bills, can’t view your energy usage, etc.. Can the developer of this garbage app explain why this app even exists like this? How is anything on this app fully informative for the user / customer ? How is this app, in anyway, user friendly? It’s a joke.
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3 months ago, CCRich3
Great Last Century App
I’m sure if this app had been around in 1999 it would have been amazing. However, 25 years later in 2024, this app is terrible. You would think National Grid would study all the utility company apps and come up with something functional, easy, and intuitive. Stick to managing the power grid and hire a real firm to write your app.
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3 months ago, Cherrieberry17
My National Grid Bill
Why is there no place to look at your bill? I would like to see how much electric I have used and what the breakdown is from the supplier I have chosen. Why did you take this feature away? I have a right as consumer to see this.
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4 months ago, MaxRPGer
Useless app
This app only does paying bill, if you know the amount and report an outage. You can’t check your account from this app. If you want to review your account info, you must log in from a web browser. Whoever approved the design of this app needs to get a new job. It is useless to the customers!
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2 months ago, #•mlk•#
For a huge utility company it is outrageous that their app is so bad. Hire the people who made Con Ed’s app. No facial recognition, doesn’t remember passwords and gives you the run around on accessing your account. It’s rather unbelievable how this can be so bad!!!!!!!!!! Why do I have to go to the internet website to perform basic functions. The NY Attorney General need to look into this!
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4 months ago, Nationalgridistheworstapp
This is the worst app ever
I have lost years off my life using this app. Why does it take me minimum 20 minutes just to pay a gas bill? Is anyone able to actually create an account and log in? This is the only app review I have ever given but I just couldn’t not say anything. Terrible. Just terrible.
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3 months ago, loginre
this app is not easy to login check the account balance, check the bill and check outstanding can do nothing on this app. I can never have this app running on my phone. Every time I have to make a payment it's a project.
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4 months ago, RWUBellRinger
No log in?
Missing a key piece IMO. Where is my account log in , I want to view a bill and have no idea how to get there. Actually less clear than the old version. Thanks!
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3 weeks ago, BFD14216
Where do I see the Bill
I make a payment and can’t even see if it posted to the account. It makes you go thru a payment process again, when I already did 2 days ago. This is a very limited app, for just taking your money with no way to track.
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4 weeks ago, Sickofthisstuffman
Why can’t you login?
Not being able to login and be able to quickly pay is very frustrating. Whatever the reason may be, I hope it’s a good one. Guess I’ll keep logging in on Safari rather than using this absolutely useless excuse for an app
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3 weeks ago, Rjohnbear
Do not use this app
The app is completely useless, I cannot see my account information which is useless. They installed a new smart meter and I would assume it would be linked to this app but guess not. As a software engineer I would not put my name on this app, it does nothing to help the customer
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1 week ago, Viktor_withaK
No option to log in
A very bare-bones app—doesn’t even offer the option to log in, thus no way to even *see* your bill. Certainly not useful for anyone whose bills are paperless—even just paying through the mobile website would be preferable.
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1 week ago, Who cares @1
Useless app
RI energy has not updated the app. You can’t see usage. Should take a look a Florida power and light you see usage down to the hour with average temp and also reminds you when your bill is due. RI energy come out of the Stone Age and develop an app that works.
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3 months ago, Maria Maloo
Awful update
Why no profile tab? I want to be able to log in, see my upcoming bill, with DUE DATE, a history of previous payments etc. This is not a good app whatsoever. Every other app that I pay bills on makes sense, this does not.
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4 months ago, kfkoaiwbbzu
National grid Long Island useless app
I had been trying to pay bill and this app is designed for people living in 70s. I can never remain logged and I have no clue how to access bill as well as make payment. Tells alot about their service
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3 months ago, RichJPain
Zero Stars!!!!!!!!!
Why did you change this app? You can no longer see your bill to even know what you owe now!!! I have to go back online on my iPad again in order too see it and back to paying from there. Your app is redundant now!! Useless!!!!! IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT!!!!!!!
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4 months ago, MissMLQ
Awful new app!!
This new app is the worst.. Previous one far superior!! All this will let me do is pay my bill.. that’s it👎 I want to see my account.. see my bill details..see my usage.. can’t do ANY of that sign in to get to my a point..PLEASE correct..
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2 months ago, Paul S&S
Rhode Island no loner in app???
I just opened the app and only Massachusetts and New York region is available. What happened to Rhode Island? There is also no app available for RI Energy
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2 days ago, MJC50
The Text to report an outage feature does not work
No explanation why this feature won’t work in my area. The former version of this app was clunky but it worked. This version is useless
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4 months ago, partuzo
It’s not really an app — essentially just a link to their payment processor website. No way of getting information about your usage, or anything else for that matter. Pointless!
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4 weeks ago, Mciuraru
This app is literally useless. It will not keep me signed in, nor can I use autofill. It won’t even remember my payment methods even after I check the box saying to save it for future payments
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2 months ago, suavetimusprime
Broken and Unintuitive
I don’t understand how this app only works half the time. Go to pay the bill with a bank account? More like load a blank screen. I understand programming an app isn’t easy but, c’mon.
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4 months ago, Joeyzasa
I just want to pay my bill. Whoever developed this app failed. The user interface is garbage. The log in process if a fail. I am forced to log on to the website to pay my bill.
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3 months ago, mr veryunhappy
No Bill To View - RIDICULOUS !
This app doesn't include billing details which makes it useless to people looking to get questions answered without doing the long hold times during your weekdays.
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2 months ago, GingerGMoney
Hate the new design
Every time you go on to pay the bill it never loads so you can pay the bill. Better be fixed soon!! 😡🤬
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2 months ago, Rethink this again
Garbage app
Waste of time for an app. Can’t find my usage of gas or electric. Impossible to find out how much I use and what it cost. The second most disappointing app on the phone for me. -5 stars
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3 months ago, JarrahCy
No log in
App doesn’t allow a log in to your account to pay bill. Defeats purpose of the pay option of the app doesn’t it?
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1 month ago, Marcellus M
Useless app… not only lacks functionality but also impossible to log in to make payments. Calling it mediocre would be a compliment; it’s pure trash!
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4 months ago, Dtm992b
This update stinks
Where is all the other info like balance, bill, want to update a bank account for auto payments etc
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4 months ago, packer73
I am setup for monthly auto pay so I only need the app to look at my actual bill which isn’t available in this useless app. Get you act together!
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2 months ago, itdoesntworkevenpaid
New app
I’m not a fan at all with the new app. Why can’t I see my bill? The old one was a lot better. People would like to see their bill or statement broken down
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3 months ago, Xtra77777
Requiring to enter your account number every time you login is ridiculous. Makes the app useless.
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4 months ago, @&$)(;:./
Why even have an app
This app is absolute garbage. No information for your account whatsoever. No login. And no way to view your bill. Useless app What’s the point?
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4 months ago, huck120
Who ever designed this app should be fired.
This app is no good There is no account information unable to see bill ??? And payments go back to the old app
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4 months ago, demdry
New app is awful
I can’t not let me pay using my checking account only with credit card.
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3 months ago, Great game, but...
Log in
How do you review your bill or log in? All it asks for is to pay it. Finding it very hard to use this new version.
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3 months ago, Jshiwkebe
Making payments
What happen to just loging in pressing a button for payment not going thru 9 steps just to pay
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4 months ago, CNY customer
Where is my Account info!!!
This app is nothing more than a glorified Payment interface for National Grid’s payment processor. There is NO account info at all!!! FAIL!!!
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4 months ago, Foot Treater
Unable to view statement
Need to log in using the website as the app will not take you to the statement needed to know the amount due
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1 month ago, momma jue
This app does not allow access to full account information. How do i get the app for full information
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