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User Reviews for Navan

4.78 out of 5
9K Ratings
4 years ago, Farther Phandom
Simplicity with the Class of the Larger Sites
Our company shifted to TA earlier this year as a means of standardizing our business travel. Admittedly, I was a little hesitant at first, but soon realized that I can continue to leverage my loyalty programs and be rewarded with funds for personal use by helping reduce our travel budgets. What a novel idea, reward the employees who are driving lower costs. It’s almost become a game to see how much I can save (and earn). When weather impacted my travel earlier this year, I was stuck in a non-hub city to my preferred airline and actually booked on another. When the major airline essentially left me to fend for myself in a line that took more than two hours, TA held a seat for me on a rerouted itinerary, cancelled a rental car reservation and even contacted the hotel I was booked at in another city to cancel my reservation and ensure I received my deposit back. That was a level of service I’d expected from an elite loyalty desk, instead of a small business’ contracted app-driven travel partner. I’m glad TripActions is our choice partner for travel. I don’t ever want to change back to o e of the bigger groups. They’ve made a believer out of me and enabled me to “up my game” in delivering better service to my clients. Travel is solved.
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5 years ago, A busy student
A must-have for Business Travel
Business Travel is difficult - cancellations, delays, last-minute changes - plus as a business you want to ensure that travel and accommodations aren’t wildly out of control. Trip Actions, in my experience, has been the most easy-to-use, accommodating, and helpful service for travel I have ever used. The support is instant, stellar, and goes above and beyond. All my rewards info is included automatically, and I can book in any city and ensure I’m within policy. 10/10
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2 years ago, mrmf1988
Unreliable and SLOW customer service
My flight was changed without my consent to a time that I cannot make due to work schedule. I spent 6 hrs on the chat function with agents trying to change it. The chat is extremely slow, it takes an average of 4 to 5 mins for an agent to respond to a question, during that time my phone shuts down because it’s an unbelievably long time and the agent writes the reply to that one question then says: it seems that you are not active, I will exit the chat! When I come back I have to start a chat again, which also takes 3-5mins. I needed 6hrs to make a simple flight change! In the end I was given my old flight back, the one I was taken out of in the beginning which they told me it was “canceled”, turns out it wasn’t and I got it again! Customer service is horrible, I will be actively telling my colleagues not to use this app for business trips because it’s an unnecessary stress! I almost missed my return flight due to this and was facing the possibility of paying for a hotel for another night, don’t use it if you don’t want to spend 6hrs of your trip time trying to talk to customer service to fix an issue they caused.
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1 year ago, ando mn
Something changed for the worst!
TripActions used to run this service and since they rebuilt the App for Navan is has been nothing but challenges. It took me over 2 hrs to book a simple hotel stay. The app seems to CONSTANTLY refresh the home page which makes it near impossible to click on a trip to view details in between flickering images, then crashes constantly when trying to select rooms. Lost count in my last experience as it was well over 10 attempts to search the hotel I knew I was going to stay in, select the room, and get through checkout. A ridiculous missing features… you cannot copy a hotel address to paste into your favorite navigation app! Why? At least let the user select which app to open instead of monopolizing Google Maps. Two stars for nice manager overview for team leaders and a clean overall look and feel so not a complete waste of phone memory. Also has some benefits for notifications and flight info. I tend to use the service provider apps for flights but Navan is about equal to theirs.
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5 years ago, Nml1212
Truly aweful
I didn’t think anything could be worse than concur and yet this is. Worst aspects—hotels—sometimes there are 2 within policy other times many. When there are few they are bad no name hotels. I have never been offered a gift card that they speak about. Prices often worse than the hotel website. Flights—awful seats that are available on the airline website not available here. Prices are either the same or worse than the airline website. I even gave my travel department a screenshot of an airline website and the trip actions website at the same time showing trip actions costing $75 plus more for the same flight. They said they don’t price match and wouldn’t refund the difference. All this, and yet my company has to pay a booking fee for this horrible interface. This review is long enough so I won’t tell you about the rental car woes. I can’t believe my employer was suckered into using this product—all who travel frequently in my office despises it.
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2 years ago, Specticole
Not in contact with airlines
I have taken one trip using TripActions, and it went horribly wrong. As I was in the airport for the returning leg of my trip, my flight got cancelled and rescheduled for a day later. I had a medical appointment the next morning, so I cancelled the flight through TripActions, and booked another flight myself. Once I got back, I talked to customer service who assured me that I would get a refund; however, now 4 months later, when I called into customer service, they told me that TripActions did not file to the airline that I cancelled my flight, so I could not get a refund. Luckily I have screenshots proving that i did in-fact cancel my flight, and after telling the customer service agents this they will usually say something along the lines of "I'm going to call the airline to talk this over, and I'll call you back later." I have been told this lie maybe 5 times, and have not once received further correspondence.
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3 years ago, travel_guy123
Can leave you stranded and misquote prices
I am a very frequent traveler. In the last two months of TripActions it has misquoted a car reservation. I paid a higher price since it stated it included insurance. It didn’t. I was driving from Prague to Zurich and needed a hotel last minute in Munich to stay the night. All hotels (Holiday Inn was only $75) came in overpriced and couldn’t book. Tried to book companion for a flight to Florida. My ticket went through. Hers did not. Still charged me $25. Had them rebook amd they charged me $25 again for her. Now I can’t link the reservations so I am the only one who can upgrade cabins and I can’t change her seat. I told them I didn’t want the ticket if I couldn’t merge the reservations. They bought it anyway. $25 more. $25 more to cancel it since they couldn’t be linked after all. I can hotel prices cheaper directly on the hotel websites.
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4 months ago, leedr74
Garbage app and service
There isn’t a day that goes by as I travel that I’m not suffering under this bait n switch service worried about admins over the colleagues. I used Concur for everything before and the TripIt integration made it tolerable but this app is a trash fire. If they added integration to TripIt I’d give them a 2nd star but the support for this is so bad that I essentially go direct to the vendors and also need to get receipt requests every time since they make all of them confidential. I am sure some of this is based on my employers options but the fact there is little to nothing for the actual end user is frustrating. My level of disdain for this service at levels that make me request its replacement in all my receipt submissions. I charge all the wasted time to prove my point and hopefully one day in the future I can be rid of this once and for all!
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5 years ago, Ereyne
TripActions is a dumpster fire. Booking for more than one traveler is nonfunctional, even when you go through the entire process of selecting flights and seats for multiple travelers. The system crashes with an error that the flights could not be booked, but then when you go to try again, you get an email that the original booking was made successfully, so now you’ve booked twice after a botched notification that it failed. Chat support is not helpful and serves to redirect you to the airline for all their problems. Flight rates change every 1-3 mins and almost never matches what the carriers show on their own websites or other reputable networks like Priceline, Google Flights, etc., which makes TripActions unreliable. 10/10 would not recommend.
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2 years ago, JBroadway5
A travel Company??????
So explain to me how this works. I try to login and use my reward towards a one night hotel stay. I heard this might be a company who can handle travel. After waiting four days for contact I had to call and force a supervisor to get someone on the phone who could help me. When they got someone on the phone who could help me they wouldn’t let me talk to them but came back on the line and said I could not use rewards earned towards personal travel. So you’re telling me I getting all these rewards by using their app for corporate travel and then I can’t use that personal work towards personal rewards. We are obviously not going to use this company anymore and strongly recommend you don’t either.
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3 months ago, Llllloyyyyy
Layoffs ruined the app. Time to shut things down, TA
Two years ago this app was the absolute best! I could not rave about it enough. Since the two massive layoffs these last couple years, it’s the spirit airlines of the travel accommodation world. You book seats with a partner, it’ll put you on opposite ends of the plane. You write into support, you won’t hear back. I emphasize with the hard times travel companies are facing, but no other company has had a black and white shift like TripActions/Navan. Update after 2 years. App still broken. Required to go through support for making a booking due to bug. Then flight got delayed and when I wrote to support I was told to go speak to the agents in person
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6 years ago, Monkey_travels
Best business travel app!
TripActions app is so easy to use and takes so much hassle out when booking my business trips. It also has integration with my company’s expense system and makes expensing my trip so much easier. They also have the most friendly 24/7 support team that I can always rely on when I’m on the road.
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10 months ago, SirDeltaLaborious
Needs Improvement
I like Trip Actions / Navan expenses, but the app is annoying and glitchy. I’m on an iPhone 14. Finding a hotel via the app never works and nothing loads. Ever since they moved to Navan, my ability to locate a transaction when I use the share functionality from other travel apps just displays as ‘no transactions’. More importantly, digging all the way to the card transactions requires too many user actions. Overall it’s better than most expense and travel booking sites I’ve used in the corporate world. App needs attention.
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4 months ago, Ghost_Bear
Use only if you want to leave employees stranded
We’ve been using this horrific travel agency for over a year. Every time one of my employees goes out of town they always have some type of issue. Numerous employees have been left stranded because of Navan’s inability to function in any type of formal capacity. From hotels claiming to be paid for, but haven’t. Plane tickets that were never purchased, and reserving rental cars then canceling the following day. How much do you like your employees? If you want them to remain part of your team, avoid this “travel agency”
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1 year ago, Justme90
Never thought I would wish for Trip Actions
Looks like they were more interested in making a splash page instead of making the app work. Almost twice as many clicks to do the same thing versus the old app! Doesn’t allow you to talk to an agent now you have to use Eva, which has predefined answered so you have to go through 5-6 questions to get what you want instead of just allowing you to type it in!!! Very poor implementation of what used to be a very efficient travel app! Disappointing to say the least!!
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2 years ago, rymoe95
Gone Downhill
Used to be a great system. I loved being able to open the app and chat with an agent instantly whenever I needed a quick fix on a business trip. However their new “cost cutting” plan of implementing a virtual chat assistant has made the whole system extremely frustrating. I can never get through to an agent, and the virtual system has no idea what I need or how to present an actual solution. I absolutely hate this app now and will avoid using it at all costs and try to make as many changes I can on my own.
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3 years ago, terribleserviceever
Worst service and customer service ever
My company requires us to book business trips through them so I have no choice but to suffer from their incompetent and unprofessional service. They messed up my trip by not actually booking the ticket the time I’ve confirmed. When I got on the phone I got this guy called Jared, who probably has anger issue and can’t control himself and hung up on me three times even before I started explaining what happened. I would never recommend this service to anyone or any further place I would work at.
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5 years ago, LIBeaches2011
Prices never seem to match up to what airlines really offer
TripActions has on numerous occasions presented me with flight costs that were 2-3x of what the actual cost was for the exact same fare class. I am not talking about Basic Economy vs. Economy Plus, but two different prices for the exact same fare class. TripActions also inconsistently displays what available flights there are. I have had to book my last three trips by taking screenshots of an airlines flight options and working directly with a customer support person. TripActions is not fast and it certainly does not save anyone money.
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5 years ago, andkdkfjjfjf
Hotel didn’t have reservation
Terrible. Booked a hotel on tripactions, went there at 1AM, and they didn’t have my reservation. After more than half an hour of back and forth, it was getting too late and they let me stay. Tripactions didn’t respond to my calls for help and didn’t compensate me either. Terrible.
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1 year ago, eatyrGhost
Had some recent snafus but solid
I’ve had a couple of issues with Navan recently: a cancelled hotel booking that wasn’t cancelled, a failed hotel booking that didn’t actually fail, a rescheduled flight that wasn’t rescheduled. All on the same trip, which was fraught. It’s still generally decent as someone who books both business and personal travel, with multiple loyalty accounts to wrangle.
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12 months ago, Ljshxhnsjxjsnnzhx
Navan for Travel and Expense!
Submitting expenses with Navan is truly a breeze, it makes travelling for work so much easier! No longer are the days of saving receipts in an envelope and waiting until accounting is hounding me to submit them. I just pay with my Navan card and it’s done! Magic!
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2 years ago, Habibery
Incredible travel app
The interface and general use of TripActions makes it super user friendly to use. I started using it for work and now use it full time for my personal travel as well. Great product!
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1 month ago, JohnPostlethwait
Whoever is rating this 5 is crazy
Seriously - this app is abysmal. Why can I start booking a flight before my trip is approved or before I have a trip? Why when I cancel a car rental does it remove it from the trip entirely forcing me to make a new trip proposal to get a car back? Why does the virtual assistant bubble cover up the button to accept the terms of service? Why does the virtual assistant keep popping up even though I closed it like 5 times?
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2 months ago, ParissaZ
Buggy app
I was double charged for a hotel stay and Navan took zero accountability for it even though the hotel said that they could see that there was a double booking made. I ended up having to get in touch with my bank to get the charges reversed because they wouldn’t do anything. The Support agent I worked with was incredibly rude. I was the ringleader on getting Navan set up at my company and I’m glad to say that we won’t be using the tool further.
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2 years ago, Jberts01
Poor service
When something gets messed up getting help is nearly impossible. it’s 2pm in the afternoon on a weekday and I have been on hold for over 2.5 hours with no option for callback. It’s 2022 and this is an app for business travel and they expect you to sit here for 3 hours of a work day? Dissuade your org from using this app and if you are an organization think about how you want your employees spending their time before you agree to this.
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2 years ago, Godlee gold
Worst travel app
It seems great, good idea, good setup, but they mess up my information all the time. This is the third time I’ve lost access to my trips and receipts because it just doesn’t function properly. Somehow they keep putting my information on other peoples profiles and then tell me they can put the information for the travels back on my profile. Worthless app. Avoid this at all costs or reimbursements will be near impossible for you!
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5 years ago, User0893
Incredible on the go service!
The TripActions app is incredible! As a road warrior out on the go - the app is extremely easy to use and the support is unmatched in the industry today. I highly recommend using the TripActions platform for any business travel today!
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7 years ago, SFRoadWarrior
Finally a traveler-friendly tool
Finally an app for business travel that is easy to use and sleek. Amazing selection of hotels and flights, love the rewards program and the support team is INCREDIBLE. Real life savers that have helped me when stranded after a flight cancellation.
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5 years ago, Beleaguered corporat flyer
Best business travel app I have ever used
Every interaction with this app is a stellar user experience. I think it took me a maximum of 4 clicks to book my hotel, and not many more to book my flight. Either for interview season or corporate travel, this app is really wonderful to use.
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2 years ago, brn120
You make traveling simple. It’s difficult to keep up with all of the different programs and perks and TripActions keeps it all in one place. Saves me a ton of time planning my business and family travel!
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2 years ago, Zoe_Richards
Consistently Unhelpful
Worst travel service. They forgot to add TSA PreCheck to my most recent itinerary and I didn’t realize until I was at security. The CX agent was wonderful but doesn’t make up for the 25 minutes it took them to add it retroactively. They’ve also historically told me it was impossible to get a flight refunded when I cancelled, but when I called the airline myself I was able to resolve it. Easier to book travel on my own and save the $20 fee.
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5 months ago, Matt1005678
Too many issues
There have been way too many times that loyalty information doesn’t make it through to hotels and car rental locations. When I report issues to Navan, they’re just not helpful. In some instances when booking car rentals at airport locations, they’ve booked me off-site. It’s a gamble each time I use it. If it wasn’t required through my work, I’d avoid Navan at all cost.
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12 months ago, hepkitten
Chat doesn’t work
Support chat does not work and is the only way offered to make changes to flights. Airline rebooked me on a time that won’t work and I cannot change the flight myself or contact support to make the needed changes. This is the only way to access travel through my work and may end up costing the company more money since I cannot rebook my return flight.
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1 year ago, DP NSM
Great expense tracker
Use this for work and it’s been great! Easy tracking of expenses compared to other apps I’ve used. Would recommend to other. Like the instant notifications.
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2 months ago, clem@cox_2
Easy Button
App is very easy to use and enables me to quickly change my travel plans when needed.
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3 years ago, dcbill205
Too difficult, hidden fees, no responsibility for refunds
This app is confusing and difficult for booking hotels and then it turns out they do it through Priceline. I can do that myself. Plus they charge a $20 fee at booking that is never itemized. I canceled a reservation and suddenly they are not able to assist—because it’s Priceline. This app is the middleman you don’t need unless your company forces you to use it for business travel. Ugh.
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5 years ago, tamps28
Booking on desktop or laptop
When booking a hotel on desktop or laptop once the hotels load you are not able to select them - have to recover webpage & still can’t select. Tried at several network locations with same error. Easier to do on phone but inconvenient.
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9 months ago, Tif Pais
Forced into this app
Forced to use this app via my company and the fact that I cannot login on the website on my phone. The app is horrible. It has 1 million pop-ups that sit over the top of any other buttons that need to be pressed. chat notification will not get out of the way. Just give me a simple way to view my itinerary and export it not be stuck in this app
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2 years ago, n1ckappreview
So many elementary mistakes
This app is absolutely awful. User experience leaves so much to be desired. Actions and workflows are confusing. As a manager and a user, I find it very difficult to jump between or even find my manager profile. Approval Links from emails work 50% of the time. Should be very straightforward as there are so many good apps, and this one seems to forget the customer.
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7 months ago, nickname 17384883762667474
Best way to manage expenses by far
This app is far better than any other that offers similar service.
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5 years ago, livefreela
Needless stress on a busy trip
Plane seats changed multiple times w/o notice or notification. (At least 3x - might have been 4) In each occasion TripActions said they “fixed” it, but failed to do so when verified through airline portal. We finally rebooked directly with airline, though the seats I had initially requested to be purchased were no longer available. TripActions was a major source of stress for us on an already hectic trip.
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11 months ago, Areahna
Absolutely Awful
The app doesn’t work! It is not accepting my bonvoy number meaning if I want to stay at my chosen hotel I have to pay extra because their system is broken. I absolutely DISLIKE Navan and will be recommending my company change booking platforms. I literally have their number saved in my phone because their system has so errors often.
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5 years ago, Ky Kocur
Best customer service ever!
Honestly – if you have anything bad to say about tripactions there is something wrong with you. The platform is amazing and the customer service is incredible! Freakin love you guys
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8 months ago, nolthing
Impossible to talk to an agent
The phone number is not to be found on the website and the one furnished by the message-based agent doesn’t work. I have tried to reach agents on about half a dozen different occasions. It’s always a challenge and they struggle to address basic travel itinerary issues. Really hope my company switches away from this provider.
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2 years ago, ytgiigb
App not working
Today when I needed it, the app was useless. It toggles between one page explaining the process (I hit “got it”), and a page asking if I’ll allow notifications. Regardless of whether I select yes or block, it goes back to the other page. Deleting and reinstalling doesn’t help. Have not been impressed since out company started using this.
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8 months ago, alicejoyk
Took 10 min to log 1 expense
Issues here: 1) log into mobile web (safari) 2) forces you to download app on mobile phone AFTER logging in (should not force login first) 3) Have to log in AGAIN on newly downloaded app 4) forces location. UI with “x” is same color on the “Use location” screen and I didn’t see it until after tinkering with settings 5) long loading time 6) just pain all around. Nice UI overall but other apps just ask for the receipt let me actually type in the details. I don’t want it seeing my location or nudging me to do so.
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1 year ago, Traveler of Styxe
Failed app + incompetent live help = disaster
I have pleaded with our corporate team to get rid of this firm. The app is clunky and works some of the time. Don’t try to get live help. The three times I did, I walked away scarred and in worse shape. I ended up calling the airline directly to get my issues fixed but only because I have status. Woo to those who have to suffer through Naven live help.
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5 years ago, AlyssaJaime
Saves neither time nor money
It’s hard to understate how much I despise this app. I can’t apply discount codes I can apply directly and the booking is so confusing that it’s too easy to book without loyalty benefits applying. You’d think that since they promote how easy it is to integrate your loyalty accounts that this feature would be integrated and you’d be wrong. Booking work travel now makes me want to cry, I hate this app so much
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10 months ago, undisokidd71
Design flaws
You can’t access disabled users from the Travel Admin Configuration page. And when you try to add a user the drop-down pop up is too far to the right to see your options.
Show more
2 years ago, smkadas
Not helpful
Just a totally unnecessary service and creates tons of extra churn vs booking with the airlines and searching on Google flights. Customer service isn’t helpful. They are unable to make changes to reservations. Airlines point you their way if there’s any issues and they asked unable to help. Will definitely avoid at all costs and hr badgering in the future.
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