NBC12 First Alert Weather

4.8 (17.4K)
86 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC12 First Alert Weather

4.75 out of 5
17.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Libby 257
Weather Forecast
I REALLY appreciate being kept up to date on what to expect in my area instead of having storms come & im not prepared. I truly enjoy your weather alert system too b/c last time it came I only had moments to climb into my closet & I HEARD the roar on the other side of the wall opposite my closet! When the tornado doubled back I was able to get to my basement in time . God protected each time & the trees that fell were in the woods next to my yards. And I didn’t panic knowing what was going on. Thank U ALL! I live in Boomer, NC
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4 years ago, Dave804
Alert overkill
The app is simple to use but there are some major irritating issues. If you can look past all the ad placements it is marginally usable. If you can get past how it slows the app down while your forced to waiting for whatever local businesses ad to load. But his biggest issue is the overwhelming amount of alerts you get from this app. Alerts are supposed to be for major things threatening things dangerous things. But not this app you get alerts when it’s sunny, you get alert every time someone changes a video, you get an alert about an alert. It’s horrible to the point that you just turn the alerts off which defeats the whole point of a weather alert app. If you need an app to try to trick people to watch you content and increase your viewership then you’re not doing something right in terms of your content production. Make the app useful for weather emergency alerts only
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12 months ago, Cheer Wine
Radar is wildly inaccurate
I’ve use this app for years and like the weather videos they post, as well as the functionality of the app. However, in recent times the radar is just wildly inaccurate. Completely different from other radar systems and just shockingly wrong. As an example, right now the NBC12 app is showing a huge storm cell over our head, yet outside, looking up, not a cloud in the sky, other radar systems are showing nothing in the vicinity within 100 miles. I just can’t rely on this app for radar as I need an accurate system for boating and other outdoor pursuits.
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10 months ago, Miss Jane411
This is my 1st stop of the day!
The weather decides so much each day. I depend on Andrew, Meagan & Jim to keep me in the know! Everything from what to wear to if I should mow my lawn today or tomorrow. They’re reliable, professional but relatable. I always appreciate Andrew throwing in a tidbit about how the days weather will affect your plants, animals, work, or recess or bus stop conditions for the kids. Thanks to all of you at channel 12 for helping me plan each day!! 😊☀️☔️☃️🍁
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4 years ago, Robertwms
Different perspective
This app serves my purposes well. When the chips are down, or flying around, they really come thru. Channel 12 has a very dedicated and knowledgeable weather staff. Two important items I always grab when they are doing a broadcast with turbulent weather or tornadoes are my iPad and iPhone and head for the vicinity of my shelter. They keep me informed with all I need to know. They work great as a team. Keep it up gang. Robert Williams
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1 year ago, Relaxing 2day
Calera Nana
Thank you for showing us the ‘current weather’ conditions unlike other stations who show an hour or more of what ‘was’ not ‘now’. You also have available the continuous active radar which is so important during storm conditions.
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3 years ago, !Nett!
Weather app
Not sure why the forecast videos have to be rushed in the app. Take a little more time and be more thorough. Wind, average temp, week ahead forecast, precipitation forecast, hourly for the day the post is made to the app. Too often a post is made and it is only a commercial length forecast for the day. Ok, start off with that for those who want to know only for today and they can close the app, but for those like me, keep going with all the details. The advertisements are too much, too.
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2 years ago, birds in piedmont
Ch 12 weather
Have to search to locate 7da forecast, then not clearly labelled. E..G.: See Andrew talk about today, below are 2 boxes, one says I’m watching “this “, Then he starts talking in top box if you remember to turn on his mike, then below is , (so much jumping around needed)box talking about Sun weather, today is Thurs , why? Many times I give up , go to another app. Still haven’t found the rain for rest of day, nor 7da prediction
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7 years ago, timjon01
Best I've used so far
Anything else I've tried is incomplete and unreliable. This has everything, and is the best I've never ever seen. I am ditching weather bug, and will not use the regular iPhone weather anymore. Kudos to you guys for coming up with a great app.
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12 months ago, 3466545
Fair Weather App
My main issue with the weather app is that the radar doesn’t work when there’s an actual event happening. Doesn’t matter the phone, I’ve seen it on several. I’ll try opening it to see what’s going on and the precipitation blinks on the map. I end up closing it and checking another local station’s.
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4 years ago, tincanart
Used to be very good
This app used to work great. Could watch progress of weather and monitor storms with ease. Now, however, whenever I open the app at my Mechanicsville, VA home, the app claims my location is somewhere in Ecuador, pops up with a post that it does not monitor the weather in my location, and shuts down without letting me try to change my location. The app is now useless. Very disappointed.
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8 months ago, 63Scott123
12 on your side
Channel 12 news they are the best the weather always accurate, and I wouldn’t choose any other give them 12 thumbs up
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3 years ago, lwatcs
NBC 12 News
Wouldn’t watch any other channel. We have been watching channel 12 for 41 years! The personalities all seem to get along well, which makes it pleasurable to watch.
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10 months ago, GrandinVA
My Radar map is having issues…
This app has worked great until recently. Whenever I open the radar screen, if there is precipitation in the area, it “flashes” the image instead of displaying it on the map. Have I done something unintentionally to the setup?
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1 month ago, Ray's sister
A very helpful tool
I appreciate having this resource. It keeps me posted on what’s happening with the weather and I check it each time it comes up.
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3 years ago, zenlyusa
Good app
First Alert 12 is quite dependable for local temperatures, daily forecasts and radar. The greatest drawback is local weather broadcasts aren’t available. An upcoming storm will be featured but it’s ALWAYS! around DC and surrounding states...the ONLY place that seems to matter to First Alert 12!
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5 years ago, Zextacy11
I hate mapbox which is the new weather radar map !! It seriously zooms in to the roof, driveway whatever and then I have to zoom it out , very frustrating!! “I swear I can see Alaska from here” that’s how tight it zooms in . Please please go back to Google weather or something else . I also hate that they removed the daily submitted photos section , you can post , but for what the weather team to see but us . WTVR and WRIC work far more better than this joke of an app now !!
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3 years ago, EF3 survivor
This weather app is accurate. I really appreciate that especially when planning events. Thanks for all your work in keeping us safe!
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2 years ago, Oates Kids
This app has been really helpful. It tells me everything I need to know about the weather! I use it when I get nervous with storms/weather. (And every morning) 🤣 It’s really helpful!
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3 years ago, tbernh
NBC 12 Weather App
Unlike a strictly computer driven forecast app using only the GFS model, the channel 12 meteorologists add changes to the forecast which shows up in the app. They use the Euro model in their forecast along with GFS which is good.
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4 years ago, JumpFirstFearLater
Notifications are too much
Overall, I liked this as a weather app but the notifications are ridiculous. If you’re phone isn’t on silent, the “lightning near you” alert doesn’t just chime, it yells “we’ve detected lightning near you”. After the second time it woke me up in the middle of the night, I just deleted the app.
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4 years ago, Bill Cat.
7/6/20 Had to part ways. I gave you another chance. Too many ads. Slow loading. Doppler constantly freezing up. Each update taking up more real estate on my phone. Your app developers might want to check out CBS 6 app: light on ads, fast and responsive. Set multiple pinpoint locations. Notifications work well. Sorry 12, had to uninstall. I’ll be checking to see if my review stays. iPhone 6+
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2 years ago, JmOWolff
Good app but video drops
Great local weather app however I have one issue. The preceding ad always plays completely but the following weather video ends abruptly, cutting off the end of the report.
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12 months ago, Regina Waugh
I like not having to see any adds that why I left the other weather channel
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3 years ago, El Si'
It should have more Sunshine
I like the app but it seems to have much more rain than Han I care for. Especially on my days off. It also asks for feedback. What would really be more useful is if it asked for input. That way I’m not painting the fence in the rain.
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3 years ago, Missy 😊
I love this app, we’ve gotta farm so it’s important to have accurate information & radar. I like the notifications, especially for storms & lightening not to get caught out in the field.
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3 years ago, Tilleysquat
Since being outside is so crucial when with others, we are always checking the app to plan meetings.
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4 years ago, Done with NBC12
App stops working
I have deleted and reloaded this app several times in the last week because it stopped opening, very frustrating and am looking for another weather app to use🤨
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3 years ago, Cerebral heretic
Sometimes OK
The app works great at times, but other times the app will not show live radar. Restarting the phone makes it work again. Also, there are always way too many ads to wait through.
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3 years ago, Bill from Bon Air
Easy to track weather
It provides an accurate a picture of the weather, alerts me to storms, and helps me plan my day.
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2 years ago, BBYGRL78
It's good for the most part. Just wish there was a way to look at the barometric pressure and be able to tell what it was the previous few days. Because as a migraine sufferer it can help predict when some of us may get them.
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4 years ago, Rawegg1
To many video ads
I understand the need for advertising revenue for a free app. The 5-10 second video ads pop up every 3rd or 4th news headline I click on is excessive. I typically read a couple of news stories and close the app after the first ad starts. These videos consume my data when I’m not on WiFi. There are so many other ways to advertise on your app without alienating your readers.
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11 months ago, JeannaMH
Weather updates
So glad to get updates on my phone. Helps me plan my day and be prepared for what's coming.
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10 months ago, G Richmond
Informative and accurate
Specifically provides accurate and timely information for the Richmond and surrounding countries by meteorologists, we trusted through the years.👍
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6 years ago, rajastrums
Now with more ads!
Home page “Current Conditions” now gone and replaced with ads. Time to dump NBC 12 Weather and use other weather apps. I’m sooo disloyal!
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5 years ago, Cokanecola
Like the app, hate the map
Used to love this app. The new map with the most recent update is HORRIBLE! The map is too busy in the background to see the streets, and since there no labels and you can’t see streets, it’s hard to accurately find your location. Please fix!!!!
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3 years ago, 808 Mom in VA
App crashes lately
The app crashes when I try to enter an alternate location
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3 years ago, bestwindows
A trusted weather app
I look at several weather apps- But I trust the wwbt weather the most. I like there radar past and future option for knowing what’s in store the next few hours so I can plan on when it will start to stop raining. Very dependable! It’s my go to weather forecast. Because my business is very much weather related.
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7 months ago, Boomoni
Great way to keep up with weather and usually pretty accurate!
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5 years ago, 101020290
Used to work
This used to be my go-to weather app until recently when I just can’t get the app to stay open. It will start up then go to my home page and I don’t know what’s up. It’s only this app but I’d love if it would be fixed soon!
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6 years ago, Sac13525
Snails pace slow
Ever since the new update it takes 30 seconds and up to even come up and give any information. It was always fairly instantaneous before. Fix this soon or will be switching to another weather app and deleting this one.
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1 year ago, 1 sheepdog
No good when it doesn’t work !
Only had app on my iPhone a week. Like to look at live radar before starting an outdoor thing - especially on rainy days. However every day it totally stops working for minutes - hours !! Just shows a clear picture- No radar !!!Sheepdog 1 sheepdog
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1 week ago, Skinut 51
NBC 12 First Alert Weather
I throughly enjoy the NBC 12 First Alert Weather App for iPhone. I have a ? It would be most beneficial to have under hourly the Relative Humidity reading included on the hourly setting. This is part & parcel of another weather app. that I use frequently during the winter season. It is a useful & important piece of the puzzle. With Warm Regards, David P. Paul
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6 years ago, Jshill0927
So unreliable
This app has always been incredibly glitchy, but lately it’s become pretty much unusable. Nine times out of ten I can’t get it to load, and even when I do, it randomly shuts down. I will try re-downloading to see if that helps, but this is really annoying. I stay current with software updates, so I I don’t think that’s it.
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3 years ago, spephp
Never updates
Doesn’t update enough and if you step out for one second you have to redo the whole thing or start from the beginning the app doesn’t pick off where it left off
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1 year ago, inspredbyjulua
Working again
I would give this 5-stars, but my app gets hung up on the loading screen and won’t load. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and rebooting my iPad, to no avail. Not sure if it’s just a problem with me… hopefully someone will see this and see if there is a a bug.
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3 years ago, Fairwayfillis
The best weather site!
I check this site every morning! 👏😀
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1 year ago, joe six pak
NNC 12 weather app
Commercials always play. Most times a prompt states unable to play requested video. So what good is it if video doesn’t play!
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3 years ago, Val in Lanexa
NBC channel 12 weather.
Most accurate weather for this area around. Watched for 25 years.
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4 years ago, ZERO AZYLUM
Just wow.
I keep having to redownload the app because every week it does some really screwy stuff. Then when I put it back on it’s fine. I like to look at the radar then suddenly the radar won’t read the hurricane paths or it won’t notify me of dangerous lightning or anything. They’re falling apart over there at 12 and it’s obvious.
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