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1 year ago
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User Reviews for NBC4 Wx

3.06 out of 5
31 Ratings
5 months ago, Chelle061
Sharing option.
Can you please fix the sharing capability? I wanted to share the latest Wx report via text with my family who intends to drive into town. All I needed was the link to paste in a text. (No text option to share) The button for email didn’t work, and Twitter, FB and LinkedIn wanted me to log in before I could copy the link. I don’t want to log in manually since I have no intention of using the social media. AND once I got to the log in screen there was no ‘back’ or ‘close’ option to get out of there and back to the page I was on with the report. I had to go to menu and re-navigate to the page I was on each time. I just wanted a link, pretty please:) OKKK ETA- I was using the buttons under the video in my comments above, still valid issues. I just now found the icon that appears on the video itself before it starts playing, <, I got the link, but some cleanup efforts would be good, it was too hard to find.
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6 years ago, RedTiger2010
Needs bug fix
With the latest upgrade to iOS 12.0 the VIPIR weather map does not stream the storm fronts as it used to in previous versions. I see the front as a still, but when I go to see the movement I get nothing, not even current conditions. iOS 12.0 iPhone 6
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6 years ago, DonnieUbanks3
Unique Local Weather
This is a unique local weather app from a news station with and easy user interface. I don’t think the only weather updates there should be are for rain. If you want a complete weather alert system the user should be able to select snow, ice, extreme cold and heat. Can you take off all the news stuff and just have weather and weather news.
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4 years ago, Inaudible666
Videos hijack control of app
So many ads that I can watch my battery going down while numerous ads load and then when the ads change the article reloads and you have to wait again. Video articles have no way of closing them so you have to sit through commercials at both the beginning and end of the video unless you close the app itself. Weather radar seems to run 7-8 minutes behind so storms are already through before the radar shows them near you.
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4 years ago, LSFyre
Last update erased my saved locations
I travel all over Ohio... Would be better to not have to re-enter my 10 locations after the app updates. Also would be a better app if it had pollen/allergy data somewhere.
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1 year ago, Jim Ohio1
More Ads than Weather
The formatting looks like something from the early 2000s. Gigantic out of focus/proportion pop-up ads are a bit disconcerting. I deleted it.
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7 years ago, ColumbusMom
Not an 'upgrade'
The new weather app does not allow you to see the forecast by hour in a list, it was replaced by a slide function to see pictures but it now takes way longer to look at the day and I end up using a different app instead that functions better.
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4 years ago, Zohoe73
App Crashes When Submitting Photos
I downloaded this app to submit some weather photos this morning but every time I submit an image the app crashes. Please fix.
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10 years ago, The Hoov 60
It's ok
Weather app was actually really usable but related news videos have no SOUND! But I kind of like the new weather features.
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7 years ago, onebratt08
Was good until they added all the video and commercials
It's impossible to read a news story now. Interruptions by video playing or ads opening. It's only useful for weather. I will be deleting and trying another local news station's app.
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6 years ago, Avid Eagler
Wonderful App!
Have shared with my family in and outside of Columbus. Wonderful
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6 years ago, Hugobay
Needs an update
The latest OS release has stymied the storm motion view. It disappears once you hit the play button.
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6 years ago, Partime43
This new updated version stinks. The old one was easier to use. Need functional not fancy!!
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7 years ago, Le_Jawa
Great weather but...
If you're looking for news, try a different app. Once you try to open a news article, you get a mangled version of the NBC4 web site. The layout for the page headers render so poorly they they just end up being several blocks of color all in the wrong place, and the text is so huge that you can't read the article on a phone. The weather forecast and info are better than any national forecast, so that's great, but if you want more than weather, this app is terrible.
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10 years ago, Frost266003
Wow...the app that showed up on my iPad doesn't look a thing like what's advertised. No slider bar, no hour by hour forecast, no real words...just symbols and numbers and a lot of superfluous news, videos and twitter options cluttering up the app. Also, the silly pin drops on the map every time I try to zoom in, giving me forecasts for places I've never heard of. Can we please have something that is just for weather? Also, real words would be nice. Some of us are actually literate and would prefer to read our forecasts rather than use preschool symbols.
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9 years ago, nysa00
Perfectly good app
Loads quickly, doesn't crash, and appears to be accurate. I expected it to have video of the most recent channel 4 forecast. So it's a fine weather app but doesn't really offer anything that a national weather app that can be set to a certain location doesn't offer.
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10 years ago, Jules2341
Columbus OH weather app
I really liked the old NBC 4 weather app, and I was disappointed when the old one just stopped updating without warning. This appears to be the replacement for it. It is visually a bit more appealing, but I'm not sure I like the slider bar for the hourly forecast. Hopefully, it will be as accurate as the old one.
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10 years ago, phyto420
Not new and improved by any means! >:(
I agree with the other reviewers; this app is a definite downgrade. While the radar is nice, there is no hour-by-hour forecast like there was on the old app that I could find. Ditto for the capability of tapping on a day and getting a more expanded forecast. In particular, I dislike the giant twitter box, which I think is a waste of space. Please bring back the old app! ADDENDUM: try the WSYX weather app for C-bus...it works just like the old WCMH WX app...now I can delete this unusable version.
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9 years ago, Derek49
Amateur Hour
Downloaded the app because of the accuracy of local forecasts. It loaded once. After that...nada. Just spinning and waiting. I thought I'd email support. Clicked on the link and received a pop up telling me to configure my email...what? I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the app is not good. The WCMH website looks and functions like an earlier decade. There are some great companies doing web design in Columbus but clearly none of those were involved in this travesty.
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8 years ago, Mark Parks
Quit WCMH after 50 years
I grew up in Columbus and Channel 4 has been my favorite since my informative years. Unfortunately, they have an over active IT department that constantly changes the format. I got tired of it and now moved to other news sources. Too bad, always thought they were the best at reporting the news, but I am interested in news, not internet gimmicks. Good bye favorite news source!
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10 years ago, TjPuCk751
Listen to the Reviews
My only issue is that the live radar only shows 40 minutes of movement. If this could be extended to 90 minutes, that'd be great. It would allow us to see a better trend.
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10 years ago, NAMAP
A very disappointing downgrade
This app is a disappointing downgrade from the previous app, WCMH WX. Gone are the abilities to see the entire ten-day forecast on one screen and seeing 24 hours of hourly forecast all at once without a slide bar. Unfortunately, the prior app appears to be deactivated, and now this app is no better than all of the others. Please reactivate the old app! Thank you.
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9 years ago, Toothy2
Can't get the app to load
Can't tell you much about the features. I have never been able to get the app to load. I tried deleting and reinstalling but no luck. I've tried on wifi and cellular but no luck. With the other app, I could actually get the weather...
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10 years ago, CaptBrado
I agree with all the other reviews. Biggest turn off for me is you dont show high temp for the day on the current weather tab. You have to use the stupid hourly slider or go to the forecast page. Dont over complicate things! Keep it simple.
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9 years ago, 1017maggie
Doesn't give the details I'm looking for...extremely basic. If you are looking for a good weather app, try weatherbug. I find it accurate with lots of details if you want them.
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9 years ago, Wonderingaimlessly
Sorry weather app
This a poor excuse for a "weather" app. It also has news, traffic etc. I only wanted weather. The old TV4 weather app is being changed to a Washington DC locale. I really don't care that much about DC's weather.
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9 years ago, Want to play but
Go back to original app, please. This on works only occasionally - it will not show any data when I turn it on. I had to turn my phone off/on, but this doesn't work anymore. Original app had great info and radar.
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9 years ago, Jym Ganahl
This helped know if the weather was good enough to go outside in the NUDE lets get more Monica day!
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10 years ago, 46DaSwg
App is horrible. The old app was much better. Pretty much the same issues as all the other reviews. The forecast also doesn't update for me consistently. Not an improvement to say the least.
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10 years ago, Bill of W.Va now Ohio
What happened to your app!!!
I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I know what works for me. And, the new app is nothing near as user friendly as the former.
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10 years ago, Gambler2157
Please bring back the old app! It was always spot on and the app was great along with the radar. I really don't want to go back to the weather channel app bc it's never right. Why mess around with a perfectly fine app and this new app.... what a joke.
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10 years ago, MrCleanOhio
I hope you didn't pay someone to develop this app
The old app was great, this one is poorly executed. This looks like a step back to some of the first apps for phones. No, wait, they had better content!
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10 years ago, Down-n-out
Not a fan
I liked version 1 much much better. Version 2 has a nice look but that's about it. It is hard to navigate the map is horrible. The forecast is not any better either.
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9 years ago, Luralu
Won't download.
Tried deleting and reloading. The previous version worked great, this is a new development, within the past week. Just says waiting.
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10 years ago, Kevin Baker
Very disappointed
I loved the old app! I used it every day. The hourly forecast and the future cast. Please do not stop updating the old app till you have made this one at least as good!! Please!!
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10 years ago, Kate812000
Definitely like the old version better. Very disappointed with this new app.
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10 years ago, rbrugler
A very poor replacement
Bugs need to be fixed. I deleted it. There are many other good weather apps
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10 years ago, Lord Botetourt
If it ain't broke don't fix it. The new app is less user friendly. Thanks for the warning on shutting down the old one.
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10 years ago, Abetz23
Not working since new iOS
App hasn't worked sine the latest iOS update. Tried reinstalling, to no avail.
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9 years ago, Raymond50
Very Disappointing
It doesn't work most of the time.
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