NCR Silver Point-of-Sale (POS)

2.7 (41)
93.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
NCR Corporation
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for NCR Silver Point-of-Sale (POS)

2.68 out of 5
41 Ratings
6 years ago, Barefoot Market
The app is freezing up on start up and when it reaches home page, it freezes again then force to close by itself.
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4 years ago, Arissca
The app is very user friendly
The app is user friendly. Customer service is great. There is always a but and here it is it lacks website integration to the most used sites like Shopify. I wish they would make this easier. I have been a client for almost 10 years and looking for smooth integration for online sales. The only option they give does not work for sales online well. PLEASE I make user friendly integrations!
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4 years ago, theyshouldbebetter
Releases with flaws
NCR is way too slow to fix issues with releases that have flaws. Their last release created a problem with being able to give the customer the correct change. It hides a portion of the amount due back to the customer. And 16 days later they still have not fixed the problem.
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11 years ago, Bryan in Indiana
Hidden $495 early termination fee!
I signed up for NCR Silver and their credit card processor WorldPay since I was running a retail location for just a few months. The app was great! But then when I was finished a few months later, I was shocked to get hot with a $495 "early termination fee" from NCR's mandated credit card processor. I pulled out my contract and had to read it several times before locating the tiny print about this being a three year contract for credit card processing. To clarify, the silver app is great. NCR staff support is superb. But if you want to run credit cards through the app, you had better be ready to do it for three years or face a hefty fine!
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2 years ago, OddTodd98
Worst Company, Ever!
Made changes that affect my business functions with no notification. Support techs no nothing! Support is non-existent. Upgrading equipment is impossible! App freezes! Choose another option and stay away from NCR!
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6 years ago, JHSwift
Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.
NCR uses guerrilla sales tactics to get you to sign up. My company received numerous emails DAILY to sign up and once we did...they disappeared. ZERO help with install, integration, etc. would like the $5K invested in hardware, software back...Run, do not walk away.
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6 years ago, India Grill
Card reader not working...
Used to work fine until now, it stopped taking payments through the NCR card reader. Is anyone else having the same issue?
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5 years ago, Rocky7862012
Stop working properly after update
This app was crashing a lot and now since update it’s not even working properly Can’t select take our or dine in orders anymore it’s just life of junk app
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4 years ago, NCR CUSTOMER
No customer support
Glitching app! No Customer Support! No card chip capability! I have this app for 5 years and it never gets better. I suggest look elsewhere for better options.
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4 years ago, kmill4
No good
This app won’t even allow you to log on. Awful.
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5 years ago, ogi ncr
Great! Love it
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11 years ago, Dmaleki81
Looks cool functionality negative
So I have a few restaurants and retail stores in California and have had success with other iPad based solutions for my restaurants. Anyways so I wanted to do the same with my retail stores. After looking at the ncr silver I thought it was a great fit the user interface was easy and a big plus for me since we carry over 4000 skus was the socket scanner option. Also thinking NCR a big name in POS solutions should already know everything a retailer would need. WRONG this is great if you want to waste time or a very low volume store. Modifier and variations are useless and confusing... You would think they would just put a forced modifier and optional modifier nope... Then there new update ... Pathetic... Don't waste your money with NCR, no bundling, no time clock, modifier is multiple steps and rather than forced and definitely they don't listen to the needs of their consumer I called and talk to them about problems and they have no answers to if the issue will ever be addressed... Shame on you NCR... I am glad you guys updated the back office so I can see my sales and more reports.. Rather than focus on real issues like functionality and features. Big companies coming out with products half dressed in this day in age is pathetic. I will be canceling my 3 user account ASAP. Not worth the headache
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10 years ago, MarinheiroTX
Drawer is opening after every transaction, plus it was tremendously inconvenient being forced to upgrade in the middle of the day. Not being able to ring up a transaction while a customer is sitting there waiting isn't great for business.
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10 years ago, Dodwani
Because of my franchise corporate I have this system ....but this system is not even capable of basic stuff such as.... No sale count.. Draw count etc. And when I called customer service 4 months ago about this issue there response was we can not do this .... But we will try to talk with our programmer to resolve this ....4 months after we are still on same stage. I am a software engineer by profession and adding a counter to keep your business safe from your employee to steeling money. Make them accountable. And grow your business this is an basic and important issue needs to be resolved . And I will not recommend this ncr silver to any one.. To install for their business .
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9 years ago, Abizer49
Great app, needs a few tweaks.
The app is great and does everything I need from one area. The customer management section is incredible. The tip section on credit card needs a separate screen or larger buttons. Customers just glance over it and continue to sign. The blue button is not noticeable and customers don't bother to read or look. Tips have gone down 90% for my employees compared to the classic paper and pen method. Thanks for all you do!
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10 years ago, Mason3112
Keeps getting better
The new loyalty feature is simple but meets my needs. I was considering another loyalty option but now will not have to spend that extra $$$ Overall it's still not perfect but better than the alternatives that I've looked at.
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11 years ago, Except...
Great Update
Great update especially modifiers for my bar. Only problem is app crashes every time you try and print a receipt. Hopefully this bug gets resolved soon! I have tried every option to fix with no luck. Otherwise, 5 stars!
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10 years ago, Bruinswin11
No stars
Awful, awful, awful! Total rip off. Wait times on hold for help are astronomical. Get a different answer every time. Waited a month for a part after 4 phone calls they swear they are sending it only to get a message 3 days later that we have to buy the part that broke after 5 months of use. Get transferred 4 to 5xs every phone call. Canceling and going with another system.
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7 years ago, Reutersuser
Inaccurate back office reporting
For the second Saturday in a row, ncr credit card processing has crashed during the lunch rush. It is not a processor crash but the app itself failing. Ncr makes no effort whatsoever to communicate app status updates, and attempts to contact customer support are futile. No emails are sent, no social media posts, no response to text support. Complete silence. I would strongly discourage anyone from using the product.
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10 years ago, T Drake
This system is an embarrassment to NCR's good name. Completely uncustomizable at all and horribly buggy. The biggest irritation however is the fact that although they are happy to sell you multiple systems on one account it doesn't actually treat them as different systems. That means although they will sell you for registers it will treat all of them like one cash drawer. Needless to say that is a bit of a problem for a restaurant
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7 years ago, iOSdude.
Lots of crashes
Everytime I try to add a new item by scanning a barcode the app crashes. It is very annoying. Something that should be fairly easy takes a painstakingly long time. When I get a lot of new items it takes hours to add everything to the system when it should only take half the amount of time. Until this fix this, 1 star.
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9 years ago, Savellis
This is probably the third time I've written the same review. The app keeps logging my employees out immediately after they just logged in. Also, the app is freezing on start up. This is really inconvenient in a restaurant environment and bad for our customer service to have our customers waiting on us to launch the app and get logged in. Please, please, please bug fix during the next update! Otherwise, we've been mostly satisfied.
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9 years ago, Abdul Waheed 05
Ncr Silver
It's been a year now since we introduced NCR silver to our automotive accessories retail store. This has truly been a remarkable product that has increased our efficiency. I would strongly recommend its usage in any small retail business.
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11 years ago, LordGrizzy
printer crash!!
everything works great until you try to print a receipt… the whole app crashes and it take 3 reboots to get the receipt to print….please FIX
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9 years ago, iamadesi
Don't waste your money
Not what all the hype built out to be. Employee clocking in and out must be done after closing the app. Ridiculous but true. Servers go down frequently and so cannot see the reports. No app to see the dashboard on iPhone without going into back office in a laptop or iPad. Need to see what competition is doing.
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8 years ago, MikeW301
It's good, but not great
Our staff uses this at our 3 bars in Atlanta and NJ, and while the reporting aggregates (which is nice), the UX here still isn't great. Too many errors when calculating my food or Bev cost.
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11 years ago, Looking for something else
Needs improvement
The inventory tracking/reporting is less than stellar. Doesn't sync to Quickbooks so, you have to enter inventory twice.
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8 years ago, mejustowen
This app is complete and utter garbage. Tabs disappearing. Unable to enter tips. If you are a company that handles monetary transactions like this, you should NEVER release a new build without making SURE that EVERYTHING works perfectly. Lazy.
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10 years ago, Kim Sherman
Price is steep
For a new small business just starting out the $60 a month fee that is charged is steep. They need to think about keeping the small business man in mind.
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8 years ago, Pennypickle's
No item number field???? Really????
Please please please add a field for item numbers! It's not enough to search by barcode - not every product has one. As a retail store owner, I need to pull a report that searches by vendor, item number, and amount on hand. It's impossible to do that with NCR Silver. Item numbers are a vital piece of information for a retailer. Please! All your developers need to do is duplicate the bar code field and name that field Item#. It would take any application developer 5 minutes or less. Please!!! Talking to customer care or a support rep is futile.
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12 years ago, Ahbfdjdkd
The next best thing
Excellent app
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12 years ago, KinG NothinGz
Gonna be a hit!!!
Get it now!!
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