NetClient CS

1.9 (254)
32.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tax & Accounting, a Thomson Reuters business
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for NetClient CS

1.91 out of 5
254 Ratings
5 years ago, iam801
Frequently doesn’t work
Links between this product and the documents it’s designed to present frequently break for no apparent reason. “Error loading content.” Knowledgebase has no entry for this error message. Hold times for support typically extend 40 minutes or more and the answers offered are inadequate. Only time eventually and temporarily resolves the issue, if you’re fortunate enough to try during one of those windows. When working the app is bare bones adequate. No apparent means of deleting the notification messages it accumulates. Thomson Reuters CS product line is deteriorating, a dinosaur gasping for breathe in the current environment.
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3 years ago, 22imthatguy22
Login failed.. always trouble logging In to the app. Have to reset my password all the time.. I’ve uninstalled this app and still can’t login now. Not the only one having these problems.. use this app for work and many others are having the same problem.. can we please fix this...
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3 years ago, lin_Guinie
Really not Bad
I’ve used this app for quite a while now and haven’t had any trouble with it. No issues with the login or resetting my password, and everything in-app seems to be running smoothly. Almost sounds like a completely different app when I’m reading the one-star reviews, but. Oh well. Good app and it works great.
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2 years ago, GreenDayAddict
Useless app
Spent about 30 minutes going back and forth trying to log in with the stupid password resets, once I finally was able to log in, I couldn’t do anything in the app, no w2 information, no paystubs, all I could do was look at my profile to reset my password again or conveniently rate the app, so that’s why I’m here. My old job used this app and now my new job is asking for paystubs which I can’t even get now. Reading the rest of the reviews, I’m honestly shocked this app has any good reviews at all.
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2 years ago, KeyairaRae
NetClient CS for employer W2 and paycheck stubs
I cannot do anything on that app besides look at my profile and what W2s my old job posted. I am at a new job and I have to use the same account and app for this jobs paychecks and W2s. I can’t find any where that shows you how to fix this problem. There’s no customer service number and no other way to find help except for the generated help questions. This app is old and definitely could use a few updates and fixes! 1 star until I get my issue resolved.
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1 year ago, ZippyTux
ReCaptcha every time rediculous
Other banking apps have things together! you should be able to login and have the system recognize the device is one you have logged in from before. Painful for all my employees! Especially when time to change password! Horrible user experience for password reset. I tell all employees to use web version when resetting pass because it’s so bad. Please fix!!!
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6 years ago, Princetutt1
Site issues
Cannot get stubs to print to my wireless printer from my phone or laptop! Ugh! Have called them several times and the woman on the other end doesn’t know how to help me nor does she try to get someone to help me !!!! So I’m giving a completely negative rating right now!
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5 years ago, gametime64
Don’t waste your time.
Worthless. Use at your own risk! I’m not sure who at my company mandated that we should have this, but that person ought to be fired immediately! It does not let you log in. After trying to reset my password 3 times, I gave up. The down side of it is this wishy washy company has all your name, address, SSN, and income information and there is no way contact them or phone number to call to fix the problem.
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5 months ago, bambi67
Frequent login issues
Every time there is a update. I cant login. When I request a email password reset I don't receive the email. I have emailed support the y send me a unlock account email. It all just starts over I never receive the email to reset my account. Its just one big circle. I have emailed them serval times and still no response. Horrible tech support
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2 years ago, Choowit
Terrible app
If there’s a 0 star, I’d give it 0. It made me run in the loop of logging in over and over with the correct user name and password. Then I tried to reset the password and re-log on with the temporarily given password by copy and paste it from the email but it still said incorrect!!! 10 attempts and it blocked me. No wonder this app gets terrible rating.
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2 years ago, Stiltzwaffles
Login never works
Read the other reviews. This is the worst app I have ever downloaded. It was already nearly impossible to get my paystubs and tax documents, but with the latest update you now have a 5 part verification that includes downloading an additional app and having to use a second device. Any company that uses this app HATES their employees.
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4 years ago, Cameron_1988
Push Notifications
It would be a nice feature to add a push notification of when your pay stub is available to view.
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4 years ago, Drennonsm
Buggy constantly asks to reset password
This app is used by my work and it is very buggy. I reset my password 2 times today and it still says that the login fails. Before that I have had to reset my password multiple times not because I forgot it but because the app asks that I reset it. The days that it does work is great but that isn’t often
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4 years ago, Iangel65
Terrible sign in ability
This is the most difficult app to log into. It will tell you over and over wrong log in, when indeed it is correct. When trying to change; even temporary password doesn’t work. So frustrating. Will be asking employer to change companies. Need to be able to see paystub.
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3 years ago, zzz-zzz-zzz-zzz
Used product extensively with little to no issues. Does what it supposed to do and that’s to get me out of the office. Thanks
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6 years ago, LkdmomSaginaw
Cannot retrieve login
During account setup I didn’t write down my login and password. I cannot remember my login. Apparently it wasn’t as intuitive as I thought at the time. I have yet to determine how to retrieve my login.
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6 years ago, mrs.sonnytee1986
Love this app
I love the fact that I get to see my paycheck stubs I can save them and email them to anybody who needs them this is a great app
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1 year ago, Showbizcolt
Terrible app
Always makes you verify your identity each and every time. Frequently does not work and is a super frustrating app. Glad I quit the job that uses this company because I’ll never have to use this app anymore.
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1 year ago, 727 Cj1
Horrible app
So difficult to just get into or set up an account then you can’t find out how to insert documents. So many “errors” it’s taken years off my life! I still have zero documents in it. How can it be so hard?
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3 years ago, logichunzi1
Assurance of completion
Apparently not all tax receipts I-submitted were received, This is tough when you’re paying a firm to do your taxes and the software they use is incompetent. I was not pleased in the beginning with using this site and was given the option to “print everything out and bring into the office”........ I have an idea; buy software that WORKS..... Clients are paying for your services, you would think you would want something competent. Thank you!
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2 years ago, driverDevil
Had nothing but problems
Login failed bad request every time I try to log in and check my pay stubs. It’s annoying! I have to change my password every week.
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3 years ago, dissatisfied king
Failed login
This app has not worked properly since the first time I logged in. Not matter what I do, including resetting my password it tells me “login failed”. I can get in on the web but never the app.
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3 years ago, PezzNic
Functional. Password expiration is unnecessary and a hassle.
Password expiration has been widely disproven as providing any level of security. Removing that would probably bring it up to 4 stars.
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2 years ago, sticks73
Every time I try to log in I have to get a new password
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5 years ago, Juve21
It was an ok app
It used to be ok all I used it for was seeing my paystub. But for some time now I’m unable to log in. I know my password works because I can log into the web portal. So I’m going to delete the app and just put a link to the web portal on my home pages.
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5 months ago, Baffled 1:2:3:9:8:7
Not been able to access in over a month. No reply effort from them when I send them an email.
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2 years ago, nturn11
So frustrating!!
Constantly getting kicked out of app and having to get on the computer to look at my check stubs!
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5 years ago, Dave2979
Worst App ever
Sign ins are difficult. Forced by employer to use. Only way to get paystubs. I would delete this app if there was any way to get my paystubs. Fingerprint I’d still requires you to keep your manual password handy. THIS APP is a joke. Doesn’t even deserve 1 star.
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4 years ago, fjsibdieoxbcn
Hate it
They make the password requirements so rediculous and when you forget you can’t use anything anywhere similar, after a few months I gave up
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5 months ago, Anonymuos666999
App dont work
Cant access my account only option is to edit my account i dont need that i need my money i worked for
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1 year ago, angmille777
Worst app ever!
Slowest to load constantly erroring out this is the biggest piece of junk I have ever used! I’m so glad I quit the job that’s cheap enough to use such a hunk of junk!
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3 years ago, len841977
I would not recommend this app
Too many issue logging in
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6 years ago, Thismonkeyiscool
Does not work
It ask you to reset your password but when you type your temporary password it won’t let you log in. Terrible app
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6 years ago, whatthefillintheblank
Most screwed up download
I just downloaded a copy of the app and what I received was a full working copy of somebody else’s account along with all of their financial info. Buyer beware!! Account holders beware!
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3 years ago, should not be so hard
So much opportunity for improvement
Nothing but upside potential to bring our TR firms and their client base to something modern. We are way behind the curve here
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3 years ago, Adcderh
Net client cs
This app doesn’t allow any of the operations that it shows in its preview. I’m only allowed to see my w4 set up and my paystubs. I can’t see my time entry, W-2s nothing
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4 years ago, Bullsaw
Frequently makes you change passwords and no way to get help with this most crappy app. Wish to God my company did not use this trash.
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5 years ago, Sunkeeper*
Not allowing me to log in
The mobile app will not let me log into my account. I have my password right in front of me. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, agraceh
Site issues
Cannot print my W-2 to my wireless printer. I have tried multiple times on different days and it will not work!!
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2 years ago, tax time wasted
Can't log in
How do you expect me to recommend this app to clients if I can't get into my own account?
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3 years ago, meg92118
Don’t use
Failed to log in multiple times.
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4 years ago, Holland06
APP Doesn’t Work
Log in via the website for the company no problem! Try to log in via the APP, tells me my credentials are invalid.
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3 years ago, B shaun
NetClient CS
Every time I try logging in it says login failed but I know the info is right and it is really annoying.
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3 years ago, maemcrae
Noooot working
This app is horrific. I’m in desperate need to beg my paystub and can’t even view sit. Will not let me login at all. Please fix this app.
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3 years ago, elnsnyder
Very problematic
If I could rate zero stars, I would. My staff is constantly having trouble signing in. It’s a headache.
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9 months ago, MonkyMe
App fails all the time
Click on the file folder… app fails. Good for nothing.
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2 years ago, not likeing this
Not good
I hate it have change password evertime. Need to go back to paper.
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5 years ago, nean99
Need an employee version so we can access programs.
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2 years ago, s96478
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work
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5 years ago, munskin1
Check stubs
I love it!
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