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User Reviews for NetDocuments

2.85 out of 5
20 Ratings
4 years ago, SaMaster14
Decent iPad Support, but could be MUCH better
The iPad/iPhone app is fine for viewing and even uploading saved documents, but could be much more robust, especially considering the updating functionality of the iPad and iPad Pro lines. The app should at least be updated to take full advantage of the larger screen size of the iPad Pro (the borders are still cut off, and the new iPad dimensions have been out for almost 2 full years now). It would be great if the iPad app (whether for iPad only or integrated with the iPhone app) functioned more like the desktop version of netDocs. There is a great opportunity to optimize the app for the iPad Pro to be just as good, if not better than, the desktop version of netDocs.
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6 months ago, Bigbunny434
Dismal iPad Utility
This review is not for the program as a whole, as my law firm uses it on a PC platform and it’s perfectly fine. However the iPad utility is woeful. I don’t have trouble logging in like others have mentioned, that part works fine for me. However once logged in about 90% of the time I can’t access the document I’m seeking, despite using a link sent to me by one of my colleagues. The error message says the document doesn’t exist or I don’t have access; I have access to everything in our system, so something isn’t right. On the rare occasion that I can access a document, I can only open and view, the edit functionality gives an error. Saving a document in the first instance presents a whole different set of issues, as there’s no ability to profile a document. There’s a pseudo file structure to select from, but it’s only recent places. Overall the functionality with iOS is really subpar, at least as configured with our system. We were promised robust Apple functionality during the sales process, and for a short time most things worked (though never the saving a document with a profile in the first instance). However relatively quickly the bugs noted above appeared, and our IT support (including a large and well-known Managed Services Provider and an in-house IT manager) have been unable to fix the issues; ND support has similarly provided no solution. All in all, good platform for PCs, very disappointing for the iPad.
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4 months ago, Dr. Fabulous, esq
It really should be much better
My firm uses ND so there is little room for options. That said, I can get it to function on my iPad, but there are so very many quirks that need to be worked around that I am a little hesitant to recommend it. For example when viewing a folder’s contents it automatically lists some, but not all, of the sub-folders’ files. For 18 months I thought this was a sync issue, but no, looking at the “location” of the various files it clearly states they are located in another folder - a sub-folder. The problem is not solved by time (maybe they’re slow to move), nor are there any features of the application that can be toggled. Really ND, try to spend a small amount of your development budget to update the iPad software - your audience is not small, and could be bigger…
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1 year ago, UWMontlake
Poorly Designed App with Numerous Flaws
The law firm where I work recently adopted NetDocuments. Given that this platform has been around for over two decades, I would expect that the company would be committed to streamlining it’s UI not only for desktop (and integration with the file system on the PC) but also mobile users. However, this App is yet another example of NetDocuments’ lack of commitment to UI development and efficiency for desktop and mobile users. The mobile app requires me to login to my work Office365 account each time I open it. Moreover, the ability to actually find find the client file that I need to review is exceptionally limited. I do not doubt the usefulness of this platform. However, it is 2023, not 2013 or 2003. And I would expect a company that caters to professional services firms to actually be committed to resolving the flaws with its mobile application that other reviewers have listed.
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3 years ago, Tops0fetch
Not able to log in
I’ve been trying to use my organization log in for the past 30 mins. It doesn’t work. But it’ll bounce back and show an error message to let you know if your password is incorrect. If password is correct, you will have to wait and not be able to get in. It shows the loading screen forever. Also wanted to point out that I have NDThread, I’m able to log in there but not ND?? Why is this app so hard to use? I’m just trying to upload a document. I tried doing it from safari, I was able to log in there but couldn’t upload. Very frustrating.
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9 years ago, spidman25
Good Start...
Experiencing a bug whenever trying to upload a picture from the Photos app: I can only pick a workspace that I've recently visited and the menu button causes a crash. I can't search by workspaces (unless I'm just missing something) which is a hassle. It's a good start and I look forward to future capabilities.
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12 months ago, JBalI17
Absolute trash user experience on an iPhone. The login with faceid doesn’t work properly so I have to manually type in my credentials every time. Then it takes no less than 10 steps to execute a search for a word document, and once I finally find it and try to open, the app crashes and I have to start all over again. I’ve never been able to use the app consistently, and I need to rely on it for work.
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3 years ago, theappr8r2
For the amount of money we pay for NetDocs as a “cloud” document manager, you’d think they’d put some development into their app. Any time you leave the app it prompts you to log back in. What a pain. Documents can be slow to load, and there is no cache for switching between regularly viewed docs. This app is trash.
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7 years ago, Kibbyr
Search not working
The search bug was fixed. Very useful app for working remotely in NetDocuments on iPad.
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2 years ago, Asheville Griswold
Not Functioning
The app keeps crashing. When it works it is very clunky. It needs the ability to see a workspace instead if just document searching.
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4 months ago, gcw2216
Needs an update- it’s been a year!!!
I constantly have to rebuild the integration with Word and Excel before I can open and edit documents. It isn’t worth the hassle.
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2 years ago, robertfranklin633
Their app is terrible and doesn’t work for authentication
Why can’t you guys fix your app??
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4 years ago, I almost never review movies
Does not work with organizational login
Was hoping to use this on my iPad, but can’t login. I use an organizational login and it just keeps spinning or reloading and reloading endlessly.
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13 years ago, BlindSnapperfish
Great way to navigate NetDocuments from your ipad or iphone
The interface is much easier to navigate when compared to the Safari browser. It's good to see that this app made it to the market.
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13 years ago, ColumbusTM
It's a start
This version is not really useful for working with workspaces. I don't even see a way to sort workspace documents by date. A long list of documents in alphabetical order is not that helpful. There is great potential here! Please keep working!
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8 years ago, netdocs user
Netdocs Review
Netdocs is slowly starting to turn into the tech monster we all hate. High pricing, slow service, and degrading technology. Let's hope they turn it back around.
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13 years ago, Sundance311
Very Nice App
I have been a Netdocs user for years and am extremely excited about this App! Extremely functional for a first release.
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13 years ago, ms0411
About time
This is a nice app and truly makes my NetDocuments portable to anywhere in the world. I'm excited to explore it in great detail.
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11 years ago, Beckybcbc
This app crashes every time, regardless of the size of the file you are trying to see!
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9 years ago, MLEDVINA
Not updated. No real features.
This app is not well developed. They don't seem to update for new phones. Seems like a side project. Not impressed.
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12 years ago, Tonkskip
Lots of potential, but crashes all the time.
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