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User Reviews for NETGEAR Genie

4.32 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
5 years ago, OldSchool007
For the Naysayers...
My network is a 1st rev Netgear WNDR 3700 with a WN3000RP network extender. I am running an iPhone 6S with iOS 12.1.3 and my app just loaded and logged into my network in about 8 seconds. If you are having problems, first I suggest shutting down the 47 apps running in the background. (Yes, I do tech support and often see apps when I’m helping people with their iPhones that were opened years ago and never closed.) Perform a COLD BOOT, on your phone to completely clear RAM and try again. (Google the correct way for “hard” or “cold” boot on iPhones, as the process changes with the rev of the phone.) That said, I love this app because it makes checking and doing basic troubleshooting of my network quick and easy without having to use a computer to access the administrative functions on router and extender. Four star rating instead of Five Stars because I would like to see more of the legacy support in the administrative (computer desktop) dashboard built into the app. I know technology moves on, but Netgear supporters hang on to our equipment as long as we can. Help us with the legacy products!!
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7 years ago, Edge guitar winner
Once you figure it out.
Create a base security level in open DNS, and turn it on/off/modify using the phone app.I created an open DNS account, and configured the default security level (without time windows) to custom, and selected everything... totally locked down. Next, I configured a time window for normal use on the computer, and selected a low security level from morning until evening. Whoever uses the internet outside of the time window will get DNS error messages. Next, went to the phone app network map to find my kids computer. Who's where you lock it in, or loosening up; click on your kids, computer. Go to filter level, and select default filter on router, next restart the router from the phone app. You can change the security level on the fly to Open up the computer. Just remember, if you go in the opposite direction, (to lock it down) you'll have to reboot the router every time you make an adjustment in that direction. The system is fairly limited, but I've shown you a way to make it work… And it does work.
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6 years ago, Auranissa
This app is one of the reasons I bought the netgear C3700. The app features made it very desirable considering I could control what devices can connect & block when necessary. Well the app takes forever just to log in, the even longer to load any of the features such as the network map if it actually does load. Also if you “pause internet” on one of the devices on your network, that device disappears from the how do I un-pause internet for that device if it’s not showing? Tried accessing the internet again from that device and will not connect and doesn’t prompt the network to show the device. So I now have devices that I cannot get back on my network. Also my neighborhood had an internet outage and when the internet came back on the genie app only shows the device which I have connected to genie on the network app despite the fact that 2 other devices are connected. I also should ad that the netgear C3700 is not as great as all the reviews claimed. The old xfinity rental never gave me problems, but since buying this one (to save on my monthly xfinity bill), I can’t even get WiFi in my bedroom, in an 800sq ft apartment, with only a hall way in between the router & my bedroom.
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5 years ago, trento-guy
Network map fails to load
Since the update last year, when the Genie iOS App took on the blue coloring, the network map feature has not worked, except once after a Genie delete and reload of of the app. Since then Genie has been updated several times, I’ve changed phone models (6 to X), the WNDR4700 firmware has been updated but the only feature of Genie I am interested in, the map, does not load. I am able to sign on to the router through my phone browser and see the connected devices, but not through Genie. New problem: genie won’t accept log on info, reporting them as invalid. But I can log in with the same credentials through the browser to the IP address. Removed genie completely and reinstalled but login refused. Feb 2019 - tried again - recent app updates cleared the login problem, and the network map loaded quickly. But very soon the map stopped loading. I tried finding a way to clear its memory cache but iOS 12.1 doesn’t seem to offer that possibility.
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3 years ago, djcarpediem
Difficult to find support Red X ‘Not Enabled’ ?
The app has gotten worse as certain features stop working or say “router doesn’t support this feature” when it did before/ Suddenly we realize there is an impossible situation to locate simple things in manual or community groups about a icon Wi-Fi shows up too left supposed to be the name of the router according to the manual . But mine shows “Not Enabled” with a red ‘x’ This doesn’t mean our Wi-Fi is not working It is indeed. But we can no longer access from network Or only local Not Remote Logging in Remote shows “Select which router you want to access” There is none showing I think I found other places it says “this router doesn’t support that feature “ Enough to say that 50percent of this app is broken I tried the nighthawk just for the sake But it’s not working Only this older Genie or most current works I will say It does let local network channel changes and basic information about the network grid of devices etc So it’s not really broken but The fact that now it seems to have issues more than usual And it’s not really a network issue But a app issue We reboot using this app But cannot get this app to stop showing the “Wi-Fi” NOT ENABLED “x” color red. Please anyone explain what this is? Because Google and community net gear is impossible! Thanks!
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6 years ago, JennieCake
Okay, but needs improvement.
The network map should be a list. It’s annoying how devices will go in a different order all over the screen and I’d have to look around the screen instead of going from up to down. Plus, all devices, including blocked devices, should always be shown. I’ve blocked my little siblings’ devices for bad behavior, but unblocking devices is almost impossible on the app if you don’t even see the device listed. It’d be nice to see devices that aren’t currently connected to the WiFi either, so that if they did something bad at school, I can just block their WiFi once I get home instead of waiting and forgetting. Parental controls is helpful though. Don’t want the kids going on social media when they should be studying or doing homework online. Reboot router is nice. I don’t have to get up every time the router acts strange. It’d be nice if it was faster though.
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6 years ago, 2338
My first experience with Netgear and I have to say I am disappointed. I bought the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 and after having everything hooked up I downloaded the Netgear Genie app. After signing up and logging on I come to find out I can only use the app while I am at home and connected to the network. Apparently the Nighthawk AC1900 is not compatible and able to use remote access so I can not monitor/control the router and network away from home. I can use an app to control my Linksys router from anywhere (home or away from home) I bought 5years ago with older technology so I’m not sure why this newer Nighthawk can not. Is Linksys that much more advanced and further ahead of Netgear? So then I downloaded and tried the “Nighthawk” app from Netgear which apparently my new Nighthawk AC1900 router does not work with. Very disappointed so far with Netgear and their apps.
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6 years ago, Mjheed
Sloppy money grab
This app has lost much of its usefulness. You have no access to the real tools for maintaining your network, just a few WiFi baubles. Still have to use the web interface to get to the real tools. My reason for buying the router, and getting this app was for the parental controls. But, rather than giving you the right tools to manage your network, now they want to sell you some Disney parental control subscription. I still held out hope for its usefulness when i found the "network map" tool. Here you can see all your devices connected to the router and what their network details are, and even "pause" their connection. Great right? Not so much. Devices won't show up in the map half the time. And the "pause" needs more control... Like time limits. Bottom line, they could have made this much much better, but chose to sell out.
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6 years ago, Vathier
Missing semi essential feature
Upgraded my router to the ac1750, added a WD mybook 4tb as a NAS/network drive (had to reformat and partition to get it to work) and moved my media to the network drive. This app let's me look at all the media and stream it to any of my devices on the network... SWEET. (Phone, Xbox,PCs, chromecast, etc) But, once playback has begun, and the app sleeps, there is no apparent way to re open the player on the phone app. The media continues to play, and the device playing it can control it, but it really should be able to continue controlling via the phone app. So far, I can't see a way to do that. Peace Love Unity and Rock n Roll
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5 years ago, LoziTunes
Excellent App
Can’t understand all the negative reviews by unhappy customers. I’m a tech so I can see where I have the edge. It’s unfortunate that people will do a little bit of research and think they know it all. If you are willing to pay out your good hard earned money for a device and are the least bit confused, for pities sake, spend a little more and have a tech work out your problems for you, or at least get a techs advice before you spend your money. I sell Netgear all day long. It’s top notch equipment. Don’t blame the app; blame the user. If you’re having troubles; ask for help.
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7 years ago, Gnomeski (Scott)
Hate the new app
I loved the previous version. This new one looks like, and is, crap. I do not understand what was going on in their minds. This is an improvement? I don’t think so. And ever since I got it, I have had weird problems that I never had before. I don’t even know how to describe them because I could wonder if it is just high usage or too many devices, or my router is too old. My worst fear is that it leaves me wondering how much control someone else might have of my network. One thing I always felt, however, is that their documentation was never enough for me, and I used to work in telecommunications, so I have some idea of what I am wanting to see. Sorry to have to say these things, but it is just how I am feeling these days.
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6 years ago, jj.b.jj
Doesn’t Work For Nighthawk With IPv6 Configured
Same review for both Netgear Genie and Nighthawk iOS apps because both are equally useless for the same reason. I’m using a Nighthawk X6 R8000 (for now -switch to a TP-LINK Archer is imminent) FIRST A WARNING: Everyday, non-technical users need to know that they should never ever update the router’s firmware using any Netgear iOS app. Don’t do it. Ever. Connect a computer Ethernet style to the router and update it properly. There is a good chance you will brick your router if you try to update said firmware using any Netgear iOS app. This app is barely decent and certainly not in any way great or even close to adequate. The web UI flavor of Netgear Genie is still required to perform any meaningful management. Biggest and most fatal flaw for this app: It does not connect locally when the router is configured to use IPv6 and that is nothing short of ridiculous. Configuring IPv6 is not a hack. It’s a feature offered by Netgear for my router. Given that, this app is entirely and in every way useless (for me at least). I do dot know why this app was created or what it’s good for. Just stick with the web UI for router management. Netgear needs a QA department for its app and firmware development.
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5 years ago, FlippinFlaggin
I like the app and the ease of set up. I just wish I understood it better, but I also haven’t taken the time to look into what I don’t know. I tried using the guest WiFi, but when I turned it on, EVERYTHING but my phone was moved to guest WiFi and nothing would work. So I turned it back off and haven’t turned it back on since. If I can figure out how to utilize that for guests visiting my home, like family, I’m golden. I just don’t want MY devices using the guest WiFi, though it doesn’t make sense why the guest WiFi didn’t work.
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6 years ago, JCarlosGarcia
Cannot login
Latest firmware update has bug that does not allow me to login using app, says wrong password. I can login via web browser but not with app. So for rebooting or anything I need to edit, I must use web browser since app is useless after last firmware update. Problem is you cannot enable/disable parental controls via web, you must login with app to use parental controls, since I cannot login with app, my R6100 netgear router is useless. I purchased it for the parental controls. If you have a netgear router DO NOT update the firmware or it will take months (if you are lucky) for netgear customer service to help you. They should at least allow parental controls to be enabled/disabled without the app. Useless. App support blame the hardware, hardware support blame the app.
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5 years ago, Bobgun book
Same problem as most
I downloaded the Genie app last night and everything worked fine. I was able to see what devices were connected to both my 2.4 and 5G network, see traffic and Network map showed all devices connected. I was able to pause certain devices access and set individual parental controls on all devices. Logged in today and it doesn’t even recognize my router, only shows the name. Traffic now says it’s not supported on this device. Network Map only shows link between my phone and router/web...nothing else. I’ve reinstalled the app probably 5 times, nothing. Can still see devices connected through web version, but web version will not let me individually select parental controls.
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5 years ago, Wellcraft19
Not very good...
I have a bunch of gear from Netgear in my network. When using this app, it’ll detect the AccessPoint (RS6250) but not the actual router (WNR2000) - until I key in that one’s IP address manually. But even when connected to the WNR2000 (I know that’s the one based on PW and traffic meter) it still indicates the RS6250 and wants to download new firmware. But who know for what device it will actually do it. Trying the right firmware on the wrong device will likely brick it. On top of that, the network map is slow to update and does not display the Netbios names (which I actually can see from the ASUS router, only used as an AccessPoint, essentially set up identically to the RS6250).
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5 years ago, CrimsonR1Rider
Consistently forgets device names and types
When the app works it works great. But I can never log into it and see that devices that I have saved in my home with their proper names and or types. I logged in tonight and every single one of my connected devices at the Xbox icon and some of them at the name changes or?’s or blank. I save them in the app with the correct name and device type close the app out and it works fine. When I log into my net gear account on a laptop I don’t have this issue only through the app on my phone. Numerous occasions the remote function of the app does not work and I have to only be on the local network. I’m using an iPhone 8+ with most recent operating system upgrades.
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6 years ago, GetFaired
Worst app imaginable
Honestly I just try and play video games because my parents let me, but people turn my internet off and it is ruining my childhood I cannot have fun anymore please remove this app I cannot keep this app and please remove I hate it it is ruining my child hood ever since my parents downloaded this I have had the worst week years of my life and I cannot put up with this anymore this is by far the worst app imaginable worse than the most expensive app I have tried everything but yet this app just cannot let me have fun at all so please do something or remove this app and it messes with my pc i play on my pc fortnite and when my internet gets turned off it messes up my computer and it really frustrates me becsudd the app is just beyond awful
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6 years ago, born_a_prince_but_fall _short
This app will drive you mad! I used the device list feature to see all the devices on the network and then I blocked some devices of my sons to prevent access while he is sleeping and NOW THEY DISAPPEARED FROM THE LIST OF DEVICES so can’t get them back online!!! This is just the beginning!!! They have 2 apps for the device and 1 additional if you use “Circle by Disney” for Parental Control service. It took me FOREVER to configure Remote Management because you have to create an account on Netgears website and IT ALWAYS ERRORS ON SUBMISSION!!!! So it was impossible to create an account. Somehow it just let me in even though i never actually created my account. I know right!!? And in the Genie app if you go to Network Map to see all your devices according to which node they are connected to, Access Control is turned on!!! I didn’t turn on Access Control. I don’t want MAC Address Access Control turned on. ...but wait, there’s a lot more problems!!! Honestly who QA’ed this app? I work in QA and this is should never have gone out to the public. I am one step away from returning this product back to FRYS!
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5 years ago, Kkarty
Network map not showing all devices
I've lost the ability to see all devices in network map today. I should see 10, now I only see my iPhone. I set access control on a device through this app and now the device doesn't show up so I cant change it back. Worked great previous to today. Tried restarting router and iPhone. Update: when I was using Netgear genie to reboot router, it never actually rebooted. I unplugged power on router and when it came back up network nap worked again.
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7 years ago, Hall19
Worst support of all time!
Shame on Netgear!!!!! After 90 days they charge you for tech support. I’ve never had any company do this-EVER. I lost my password for the app making me unable to modify parental controls. The parental control portion of the app doesn’t appear to have a “forgot my password” reset option so I tried creating a new account. But then it wouldn’t work because my phone was already tied to the previous account. With my frustration building I deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled it. Now it asks for an admin password but every possible password I can think of is incorrect. As a last ditch effort I tried calling Netgear tech support but was told it would cost $ for them to help. I will never buy a Netgear product again.
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5 years ago, Just Mad at Netgear
Delete This.
Dear Netgear, Delete this god forbidden app. It's a disgrace to your families and descendants. It rarely. Ever works that way I plan it to and is hard to figure out without stopping the WiFi of something I don't even know what! You wanna guess why? Because they're all unknown! I even had another phone with that app and that one had nicknames for all of them so I would know! I did NOT think I would have to do it again! Also, the app barely works! It would be nice if it worked correctly for once but, no. It just HAS to try to shut off the wifi to everything when I tell it to shut off/ block WiFi for one device! In conclusion, wipe this from the face of the Earth and never come back. Disappointed, Me.
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5 years ago, Bagui1ar
After being tired of “renting” a modem from xfinity, I decided to buy the netgear nighthawk ac1900 which cost over $200. I decided on this modem Bc it had the “user friendly” netgear genie app that is supposed to be similar to the xfinity xfi. Absolutely not. It’s terrible and there is no comparison at all. The app looks homemade, poorly designed, doesn’t load ANYTHING. I have not been able to do anything on it other than log in and log out. I wanted to easily manage all of our devices and parental controls from my phone in a matter of seconds like I used to be able to with xfinity xfi but have been able to accomplish NOTHING. I’m about to return the modem Bc this app is useless and is not doing what it says its capable of doing.
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5 years ago, Will Dufresne
Workable but terrible experience
Honestly, this app is OK. All main functions can work, but the interface and using experience isn’t very good. For example, in Network Map, you can choose the type of your linked devices and give names, which is very good. But, every time you refresh, or you back out to the main page and go to the Network Map, which causes a refresh, it just loses all types. My R8000 always recognizes all devices as iPad except my phone. I hope developers can read some comments and really improve some features. Nobody wants a okay app now, users like good apps.
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4 years ago, Airomee Wind
Fast but slow to boot up.
The netgear genie WNDR 3700 is fast but painfully slow booting up in the mornings. I shut my internet down and night as an extra layer of security against hacker attacks and wi fi sniffing. Once it’s fully up and running it’s a great router. But I usually have to give up to 20 minutes before my devices are connected and online. It’s fully compatible with satellite internet and provides blazing fast internet speed. Just slow booting up is the only draw back to this router. The app is very easy to use.
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4 years ago, momma of 2...
No longer works!
This used to work very well On my iPhone. I could see all devices connected to our router and be able to toggle them to allow access or not at will. From this app. All of a sudden a month or two ago, it just get “the action failed. Try again” when I choose to pause Internet in a connected device. It seemed to stop working after I logged onto genie online from computer not phone and chose to update the routers firmware. I’m not sure if that is what broke everything or if it’s just a coincidence. Please, please fix this issue. I need to be able to turn off internet access for my children’s devices at night from my phone.
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6 years ago, WhiteTigreNV
Displays device connection incorrectly
This app does not display the connected devices correctly on which WiFi the are connected too, mean it does not separate from 2.4 , 5 or 60 GHz. It shows all connections as one color. Not the correct color for the connection. I wanted to know who was connected at which frequency, but when I looked, it shows them all connected at 5GHz which I know is not true. Please fix this when your looking at Router Management where you can see the different connections and network IDs. Show each device in the color of which frequency it is connecting to the router. That would be very helpful.
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4 years ago, ManiacNarzee
Great app to configure
I use iPh7 with iOS11 without any issue. Log in takes a few seconds. The previous versions seem to be more stable compare to newer versions. I renamed all devices and the power line devices but unfortunately they were all gone once refreshed or closed the app. Other than that, everything working without flaw. I am using Nighthawk AC router R7000 with two power line extenders to reach all rooms without blackout. If your app works without issues, don't update anything and stay where you are.
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6 years ago, Dr Solar
Identifies nearly all devices
Leaves a few devices unidentified in the network map. I can understand one or two older wireless devices not being identified, but I added a brand new Apple TV (hard wired) and it was shown as unknown and its type was “other”. I haven’t had any problems updating firmware, and I believe it is current. I’m pleased with the app overall. It helps to identify and control devices that connect to my router.
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7 years ago, Chisss
Old looking app and Parental Controls are useless
This app is lacking a lot of things, for someone who has an Orbi which is a very expensive router by comparison, you would expect an app that is not blurry on an iPhone 7Plus and with at least parental controls that actually work. On the Parental Controls issue, you can set up ByPass logins, that doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter that you’re signed in with the bypass login with no filtering it still blocks you. You can go on the app, select Network Map, select the device and select the filtering level to None and it goes back to filtering anyway. Now, I can’t even shut down Parental Controls. I go to the app and select it and it tries to load the page and then goes back to the main menu. Seriously Netgear, the Orbi is a great product but the app support is absolutely lacking. You even have an Orbi app that does the bare minimum where you just have to use the Genie app. Why bother at that point?
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3 years ago, Pimpdaddyghomey
Local Access stopped working altogether
This app has never been great. After I first purchased the device it worked alright. A lot of the features in the app were not supported by my router which was disappointing but not really an issue. Recently I have not been able to access my router at all. I am connected to the WiFi and select local access and every time I enter my password it pops up directions for connecting to the local network. I was hoping this would be fixed eventually with an update but that was several versions ago. Maybe they will eventually fix the issues.
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7 years ago, G Woitena
This is a good app
In spite of some of the comments. You never hear back from people after they write a bad review about how they figured it out and it works as advertised. I like the simplicity. I like being able to monitor traffic and see what devices are connected, including those that should not be. I’ve got access to files on the hard drive connected to the router where ever I am. Just a good solid, stable tool.
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6 years ago, savvisca
Slow and laggy.
This app shows real potential but I've come to realize that this app is super slow, i thought it was maybe my internet speed that was causing the app to go slow but it takes me about 5-10 minutes logging in, then to get to my network map takes about an added 5 minutes. This app would be very useful and reliable but there are way to many bugs including the “access control” which takes forever just to block and if you do decide to block someone off the wifi it is almost impossible to unblock someone.
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5 years ago, boiledbird
Network map only works some of the time... other times it only shows my phone when I know there are multiple devices connected. Sometimes... on the rare occasion it does work, I’ll turn a device off only to not be able to turn it back on when I want because the network map won’t load. Which is useless. Turning on and off the guest WiFi to manage kids usage (which is my back up when the network map is not working) only works some of the time... usually it just says “The action failed. Try again” over and over and over. Again, useless. In short... this app is useless.
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5 years ago, Blind iPhone Master
Very easy to use
The genie app makes it very easy to exclude exclude users from your Wi-Fi network change passwords turn on your guest network turn off your guest network and pretty much can figure all the settings on your router without leaving the comfort of your chair from your smart phone it’s a great app I love it are use it all the time I highly recommend this app and the router I have is really traffic it’s Netgear.
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6 years ago, Jamyi Joi
Purposefully crashed my laptop
After 90 days the router did not work, I paid $60 for it. They told me for $240 they could fix it. I said I would just purchase a new one. He then told me he could probably figure something out for me if he could check just one thing on my laptop (stupid mistake on my part). When I allowed him access the he placed a virus into it that crashed it. He then told me if I paid the fee he would be able to fix it. I did not. I did however take it to a professional and for $90 had it restored. I did not purchase and will not purchase this brand ever. I share this story with anyone who asks. They are unethical.
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6 years ago, KenWWill
Less than Stellar but usable.
The appearance of the app looks less than professional and not very useful the net map for instance being segmented does not allow you to see whole network and parental controls are totally pointless. The addition of Disney controls is a poor choice. I bought the router because of advertised ability turns out it's a subscription service currently $4.99 a month for the function which count. Poor idea I can buy other routers and being a technical person do it myself. I dislike what almost amounts to false advertisement
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5 years ago, anotherpissedoffmomma
Not worth the space
So this app seems much more convenient than going to a browser and logging in to manage the router. It's number one issue is you can't log in locally or remotely. It tells me that my password is wrong even though I can log in with the same password in the browser and that I have no routers connected to my email even though it has been previously registered to said email. It's completely useless without the ability to log in and manage the router. Don't waste the space on your phone and just use your browser, it does all the same stuff with no wasted space
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5 years ago, Ron Sauve
Absolutely Useless!
Completely useless! Completely unable to login to the app. Completely unable to login online. What good is Netgear or their Genie app? Nothing works! The app just sends you in an endless loop of login, never connect, next, login, never connect, next, ad infinitum. The online login never loads, it’s been several hours of endless “circle of death” that never loads! And to get any help from netgear?!?!? Forget it!!! The only way netgear gives any help, is if you pay them through the nose an exorbitant amount. They do not stand behind their product, and service is nonexistent! The absolute worst customer experience ever!!!
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7 years ago, MelodyCovel
I have no problems
I like this app. I also like the router! Works fine. No problems. Only I wish I would have bought a router that had the remote access feature. This way I can remotely pause the internet when it's time for my teen-child to be in bed. And I'm at work and not home to do it. Lol! But that's not the apps fault or this routers fault. I just need to buy a newer router with this feature.
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7 years ago, acadonnelly
Missing some basic things
Not bad, I was eventually able to figure it out and use it, but it is clunky and missing basic capabilities. For example, I expected to be able to turn off internet access with a button, rather than go unplug my router, to keep the kids off at night. No luck, I have to do that for each device and then cannot turn them all back on in the morning if the device is "sleeping" (they don't even show up to turn on then).
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4 years ago, Tikur_Anbesa
The latest update needs an update 👎🏽
4th review - The app stopped working after iOS 14 update. I can’t login, can’t access my network to do any modifications to my modem router. NETGEAR THIS APP NEEDS AN UPDATE ASAP! Right now it’s trash just crowding my device’s space. 3rd Review - A) Password has been reset to default "password"..? Why would you need to do that? B) the app crashes right after logging in rendering the app useless. I'm on the latest iOS 10.2.1, & can't even use the app. Update the update! Look at the reviews you are getting Netgear! 2nd Review - I guess it worked when I deleted and downloaded the app & logged in. 1st Review - Who in the world would update their app to perform worst? Netgear, that's who. As it is happening to everybody else I can't login to my app & router since this update. I'm locked out of my own router. Netgear, if you are paying attention you need to redo the update; Update the "update".
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6 years ago, hittman4
Works as it should
I really only use this app to reset my Nighthawk Router because I’m too lazy to go downstairs to unplug stuff. For that I love this app! It also has some extra features that I’ve played with that seem to work well. I like being able to see what all devices are on the network and being able to block those devices if it were necessary.
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6 years ago, Twdgomez
Could be a lot better
I got a Netgear router about 3 months ago & it was hard as hell to set up in the first place. It wouldn’t do crap. And the app itself doesn’t do much. All it does is turn off certain WiFi connections to devices. Anything else, this app doesn’t do it. I was hoping for an app that would be able to do everything I needed. Change pass, names, view connection speeds, etc. But I can’t do any of that. The router did however boost our WiFi speeds which I’m very thankful for since its too expensive to upgrade speeds per month.
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7 years ago, Mikefromdetroit
Great & Easy to setup and use
Wanted to make some changes to my router ( name & password ) and found this app on the NETGEAR site. Super easy to set up and use. Not all functions on the app work with my particular router, i.e. Remote, but happy overall with the app. I was able to register my product for the warranty and for potential tech support if needed. I'm not that tech savvy but had no issues using this app.
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7 years ago, ChanMcQ
Reliable Router, Useful App
After a couple renting the Comcast telephony capable router, I got tired of its poor, inconsistent performance. I decided it was worth giving up a home phone in order to have a choice in cable modems and wireless routers. This is the first router I have had with a phone app for access. It is very useful to change router settings, and has a reliable, customizable network map.
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4 weeks ago, asdfhjk, vdeerul
Did what I needed!
I just installed this app to manage an older Netgear model WNDR3400v3. I was able to login (when I found the password that I had changed it to, from “password”) and remove the guest access from both speed levels. Worked great! Do not really need anything else since it is just me and I am not into gaming. 😁
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5 years ago, RockinCrockers
Perfect Utility app...
I don’t understand all the negative reviews ... the app does exactly what it’s advertised to do. Helps me keep track of data usage, manage device access control, track down all the devices on my network with mapping, and manage parental controls per device. Perfect for my 3 person home with 30+ connected devices.
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6 years ago, milkwead
Antiquated Login
Most of the better apps allow finger print or face recognition for login. That would be a welcome improvement since every time I want to switch out of this app to check something else, it logs me out and I have to punch in my credentials again. Also, I just tried to do a firmware update recently using the app and during this process I lost my internet connection (coincidence???) and I had to manually reboot my modem and router to finish up this and other stuff I was doing. Needs to be more user friendly.
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5 years ago, Bunnychii
Loved it but now it doesn’t support my router
The newest update with Genie has now made it completely useless for me to use on my X6 R8000. First I was able to use it via my Samsung note 8 but then I couldn’t, but was still able to use it through my iPad Pro. Now I’m unable to use it at all. I enjoyed using the Genie, because I was able to see which device was using the most internet. Now it wants me to use the Nighthawk app that doesn’t show a percentage of which device is using the most internet. This is ridiculous.. Why fix it, if it wasn't broken. Terrible....
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