Never Miss Fajr

4.5 (30)
41.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Areeb Bajwa
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Never Miss Fajr

4.47 out of 5
30 Ratings
4 years ago, Wild26
Great but SO LOUD
I’ve been using this app on and off for over 5 years and it’s really well built. I use it mainly for the Adhan feature, not so much the puzzle or shaking aspect (I just close the app completely when I want to turn it off.) BUT THE ONLY THING THAT prevents me from using this app every morning is the fact that it is SO LOUD. It automatically makes your phone volume go to max when it starts, I have the app volume on the lowest possible level but it still blasts incredibly loud. I want to peacefully be woken up for fajr with the adhan not have it SHOUTED into my ear. Please guys fix this feature, I get the whole the point is that it makes you get up but let the setting be adjustable please. I like listening to the whole adhan but it’s so loud I just shut the whole thing off because at that point I’m so angry at it. I don’t want to be angry at the adhan. Please please fix it, thank you.
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10 years ago, Shady510
Great app!
Asalamualekum this app is amazing. The only thing thats bothering me is that athan # 3 is unclear and thats my favorite reciter! Please fix JazakAllah Khair
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2 years ago, SisTer_SMAH
Excellent App
SubanAllah this is a beautiful App. That truly serves it purpose. I love how loud it is and how you can’t Turn it off unless you shake it or answer the trivia questions which are both bound to wake you up. I truly wish the developer develops a complete Salah And Azan App without all those with Ads that are most against the religion.
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7 years ago, 5-stars 5-stars
Million Star ⭐️ Recommended ✅ Like it 👍
• it's unique & the best app ever & it's free • it's that only app really working with (sleep mode) silent & don't disturb • it's 64-bit & working with any ios 😍 • i'm using this app since 2013 till today
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11 months ago, Seven_Heavens
Plss continue to update this app with more features!
This is a wonderful app pls continue to update it! Deserves more downloads!! Love it thank you!!
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7 years ago, Mero4ever
Infinite million of stars
I cannot recommend this app enough for all relatives, friends and all muslims. The one app that i use, the only app i miss and the only app that i trust. Worth 10 dollars. Please add a donation option to support the app, so we may share the Ajer inshallah
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4 years ago, Abdulmueed19
Works Great
Such an Amazing app. May ALLAH shower his blessings on the developer.
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4 years ago, alyaseri fofa
Not workig
Not working i tried it many times But no alarm for fajer why??
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7 years ago, Akhimoumen
Great app
Good but needs to be updated.
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6 years ago, Shiblu rahman
Good one
Good app
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10 years ago, ahm528
Exactly what I needed, jazak!
Just a wonderful app, does exactly what it says and for the most part has worked really well, alhamdulillah. Just a warning though, this app really takes advantage of your alarms, blasting the adhan/vibration/etc and so can drain battery quickly if it takes you a while to get up. A few recommendations for improvement: if there was a notification for the other prayer times, this app would not only be my primary fajr timer but also all prayers. And if you could add an alarm feature, I could use it as my primary alarm clock
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10 years ago, TayyibZaman
Love the new update
Love the app! This will now become my favorite Alarm app. The ability to set your own desired volume for the Adhan is really helpful. One of the reason this app works is because you can't lower the volume while the Adhan is playing. Great updates! And of course the trivia is also a nice way to get your mind churning early in the morning.
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10 years ago, TaishaP
Masha Allah
May Allah SWT reward you. This app is amazing. Due to a sleep disorder I miss Fajr so much and it's not a good way to start a day. This app is so brilliant because if you chose to answer 5 questions correctly before the Adhan turns off, not only are you getting reminders first thing in the morning, you are actually AWAKE for your salat and not half asleep. Jazakallahu Khair
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10 years ago, Ruru1994
Good but could be great
I love that it actually wakes me up but I wish it had a set alarm where I didn't always have to turn it on every night manually and that it played the other Athans too so I wouldn't need a whole other app to tell me when it's time to pray the other 4 prayers.
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10 years ago, Udontnome2
Love, love, love!!!
Mashallah, this app does exactly what it says! I am a person who sadly have missed a lot of fajr prayers, for lots of reasons, but mainly I am a heavy sleeper. I love this app because it is impossible to just snooze! I use the shake option and it's been working great so far. If u need help waking up, get this app! جزاكم الله الف خير!!! 🌺😘🌹
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10 years ago, Soheeeezy
This app has gotten me up for fajr everyday since using it! Truly amazing product thank you for creating this :) I know with time you guys will continue improving the app to make it even more better iA. Keep up the good work.
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9 years ago, Lolo1234567889
الله يجزيكم الف خير!
Thank you very much! It is the best app ever. Because of Allah then you, I am waking on every fajir prayer. I am so happy to find this app because I tried every other choice and none worked. May Allah bless you and your family.
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10 years ago, stllove
Great app!
This app really works! I had to answer 5/5 questions to turn off the alarm. But I kept getting them wrong because I was half asleep. By the time I got them all right, I was wide awake and ready to pray! Lool
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7 years ago, zentrEve
*Important information For Developer
Dear Developer, This is a five star application!!! Jazak Allahu Khairun! Anyway, I just got notice that it will not function on future iOS versions if this is not updated-- so kindly update it so that the notification stops coming. I don't want to switch to another app at all, God Forbid if this doesn't work, I don't know what I'll do without it. Please this is important! Eid Mubarak and I hope you do something soon.
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10 years ago, sanaahmed
Great app!
This is a great app alhamdulilah! I'd definitely recommend choosing the questions to end the alarm over the shaking. It makes you think more! May Allah accept your effort!
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9 years ago, Gj123445
Excited to try it!!
The idea is amazing and I'm glad that someone came up with it. However, i reaally WISH u come up with an arabic version or an arabic update please!!
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10 years ago, judeanwaleed
Good App (but Battery Drainer)
I love this app! the idea is marvelous, this app really help me wake up and perform the salat often. but what should be FIX ASAP, is the "BACKGROUND RUNNING" which drain the battery ALOT! usually it eats more than 20% of my battery over night! which i am sure will get FIX in a near UPDATE! (Y)
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10 years ago, Aswomeness
So so so annoying when you're trying to sleep but so worth it, you feel so good after praying!
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10 years ago, Amnerz
Needs work
Has lots of bugs. Sometimes runs in background but doesn't make noise and kills battery at night. Since I have it set for Fajr alarm, battery dies before my work alarm can ring. Great idea when it works, otherwise needs work.
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10 years ago, AudreyMasonRose
It stopped working
I updated my phone to the iOS 8 and now my app isn't working!! This is terrible because the app was incredibly helpful. Please fix soon so I can use it again
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8 years ago, Nomad62496
Great app, worked for me until my sleepy-monster-self discovered that you can turn off the alarm by simply closing the app (double clicking the home button then swiping the app away). If there's a way to work around this problem, please add it on!
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10 years ago, TriniNadz
Beneficial with minor glitches.
I think this app serves its purpose as it's gotten me up. However, I really thought I'd hear the fajr athan and not the regular one. Also, wasn't quite sure how to make it stop as I got no prompt to "shake" it.
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9 years ago, Mb()/!/7
Must have
A must have if you even have slightest problem waking up for fajr. Game changer. Alhamdulillah
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9 years ago, Mashael naser
Allah bless you
Allah bless you 💕💕 thank uou so much now i am gonna tell my frieds about , and how much you lucky you will have alot of hasanat masha'a allah
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10 years ago, Kulthoomk
Good but could be better
The app could use an update and to have azans for all the namaz times would be rally useful as i wouldn't need to have another app for the other azans
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8 years ago, Jeefly
May Allah grant whoever created this app janatul Firdows In sha Allah!! Beautiful app! Does what it's intended for; annoys you until you wake up fully to pray lol
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9 years ago, hazimgaga
Thank you so much 👷❤️
you helped me, you help muslims. May Allah give you blessings and rewards 🙏🌼
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11 years ago, #1 Sutrilah
This app is wonderful! It helps a lot mashallah May Allah reward you. The azans is so beautiful it gives me the chills in a good way subhanallah
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10 years ago, Zohaibman
Best app I've downloaded yet on iOS
Alhamdulilah...very helpful to get up for fajr!
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9 years ago, mr.zuzy
Thank you guys ❤️❤️❤️
It's very helpfull and make you wake i like it ❤️❤️ 5 stars 😊❤️
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9 years ago, mmusabs
Best Alarm App
Great app. Easy to use and it works very well.
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10 years ago, WhyIslam volunteer
The best up ever but currently it's playing suhoor prayer
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9 years ago, Izhaar email
5 star
Essential app for every Muslim
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9 years ago, Eng.MHM
Smart Application
It is smart & I like it Good job Thanks
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10 years ago, Ball Neva lies
Amazing app!
Subhanallah, this app is amazing. Does what it says, and wakes you up for fajr salah.
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9 years ago, Layanooos
فكرة fazee3a
What a wonderful app! Thanks for creating it :)
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10 years ago, Messi JordanG
Wonderful app
Inshallah i will not miss fajr anymore. Ameen!
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10 years ago, NoraEn
Its helpful thank you!
جزاكم الله خير
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10 years ago, Ish79
Add on...
If you could put a shia athan I would really appreciate it.
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9 years ago, Holllaaaq
جزاك الله خير ووفقك فيما يحبه و يرضاه
Idk What I Say , But Thank You So Much It Is Very Good Application Masha Allah
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11 years ago, Amir12345)
Nice app
Masha-Allah May Allah reward you.
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11 years ago, YannStarr
Shukran for this app!! May Allah bless you
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9 years ago, f0f000
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10 years ago, jehad_hhouj
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8 years ago, Monther alnaamani
جزاكم الله الف خير
جزاكم الله الف خير البرنامج جميل جدا في ميزان حسناتكم بس لدي طلب أتمنى ان يكون باللغه العربية
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