New Relic

3.6 (44)
46.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
New Relic, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for New Relic

3.61 out of 5
44 Ratings
4 years ago, cruddell001
A good quick look
This provides a good quick look at your metrics, but could use some polish. For instance if I select a version to see my crashes I’d like the crash rate to reflect that. Instead the rate stays at the same level. Also, please fix the Face ID login. It will automatically login even if my face can’t be detected. I even tried covering the camera. Provides a false sense of security.
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11 years ago, ovid688
Good first release
Love the push notifications for errors, and the seamless integration with Heroku's platform. Didn't have to play around with bouncing between my personal NR info and the ones I have through Heroku.
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3 years ago, ant-999
Happy to be back with New Relic
With the new simple pricing I’m back and very happy from my previous APM. Please add a refresh / pull to refresh option. Sometimes during high traffic events you really do need to hit the refresh every few seconds.
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6 years ago, Sameg14
Love it
This app is awesome! It's simple, fast and tells me what I need to know. I keep it on my desk on a little stand so I can keep a watchful eye on our application. Thanks for making this wonderful thing.
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3 years ago, jengermanny
This app is worthless
What’s the point of being able to view an incident if you can’t act on it? This app is a completely lazy and incompetent effort. It’s a stripped-down, pretty much view-only look at the app. It’s completely pointless and it’s super annoying to find that out on the weekend while I’m on call.
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5 years ago, SpiderFerg
Great app! I was very impressed with my on boarding experience. The app is straightforward, easy to learn, and it was really easy to find the insights I was looking for. Great job, New Relic!
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6 years ago, MoreDisgusted
Stay away from the iPad version
The iPhone version is useful, despite the small screen. The iPad version lacks everything but APM and the browser stuff...useless for Infrastructure.
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1 year ago, OOffW
Still doesn’t work when using Ping SSO
Please fix this! Absolutely ridiculous a company that prides itself in log monitoring issues is this incompetent in fixing this issue. Been like this over 6 months now!
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5 months ago, MacMac425
App freezes as soon you open it now
Maybe due to recent release, I don’t remember it being like this a week or two ago. App is unusable now unfortunately..
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2 years ago, Digital121hippie
Can’t log into app
Can’t log in anymore. The web mobile version on the browser is horrible.
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4 years ago, joshkosh
Okay but needs work
Edited: App alerts are broken if you have a v2 account. This makes the app far less useful . Ugh.
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3 years ago, RJ858
No data
No APM or services showing up, web works fine.
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5 years ago, Mineswap2345
Started crashing on launch
Repeated crashing when I open the app. Reinstalled app and tried to login. Crashes again.
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5 years ago, 265 Dan
Dark mode Yayy
See above
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5 months ago, BlueEiffel
SSO is broken
I can no longer login use SSO, the app has become useless
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1 year ago, haakebecks
No SSO login options?
We use SAML/OATH and SCIM for New Relic. Works great in a browser, but no SSO sign-in option for the mobile app. Please address.
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3 years ago, TimJulien
Charts are broken
Charts are broken in this new version
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11 years ago, BrianDTS
Even better than the Web UI
I have been waiting for this for a while, but quality takes time apparently. A tour de force in effective App design. Only slightly less capable than their website, but you don't want the extra data anyways on a mobile if it clutters the design and they made some solid choices in displaying the most important data and just the most important data. I highly recommend this app as well as the New Relic service.
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11 years ago, daprezjer
Great work
Looking great so far guys. Will greatly calm my nerves while on the road. Keep up the great work. I know that you turned your mobile site to just the marketing page, but even with this app, I'd hope you'd consider placing a "desktop" link or something of the sort on it. Even on iPhone I would sometimes use the full version of the website on the go. Can't be much harm to put the link in.
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11 years ago, e28eta
Doesn’t support SSO users
Our company pays New Relic (what I presume is) a lot of money, and we’ve transitioned to using Single-Sign On for New Relic, but the iOS app doesn’t support it. For a while, I continued to receive push notifications, but couldn’t access the alerts in the app - it was quite frustrating. Nowhere in the app’s description do they mention this limitation. Further, it’s hard to find in their support documentation. Searching for the iOS app doesn’t do it, you need to search for SSO. I had a moment of hope from the 3.01 release notes, but partner authentication must mean someone else.
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10 years ago, Selena Heskett
Nice Interface, Terrible usefulness
This app looks great, but for an analytics company I would expect some understanding that graphs always need tick marks. Right now there is no way to tell if something happened an hour ago or a day ago, which renders the app useless. Also the graph seems to never end while scrolling - allowing you to scroll indefinitely into the past, until you realize the graph has a bug and just repeats itself. You can do better than this!
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11 years ago, vegasdaemon
I've got to say. I'm a New Relic fan and their iPhone app is amazing. It's one of the best responsive apps out there. The user flow is even better than their web interface. The layout of graphs and additional data lets me see the most important metrics right away and I can drill in with ease. Great job you guys. A+++
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11 years ago, Gr33ngrl
An awesome tool just got better!
I have been anxiously awaiting a New Relic app release ever since we started to use the New Relic service a year ago. On initial review, the app appears to have everything that I need to stay in touch without needing to login via a computer. Keep up the great work New Relic!
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7 years ago, _Miggl_
Unable to log in
Can only provide 1 star at this time, as the app doesn't seem to work. (403 error after entering my email address). Update: this error was only temporary. I have since been using the app almost daily! Thanks New Relic!
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9 years ago, qbn
No auto refresh? No custom sounds?
What good is a monitoring tool that requires me to pull to refresh the display? Even if it's not default, an option would be appreciated. Additionally using the default tone for alarms and alerts is frustrating. NR should make their own sound or at least allow us to customize. I can't tell if my server is down or if my pizza is on the way!
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11 years ago, mattv123
Works great!
Everything worked perfectly the very first time I used the app. It shows all of my key application and server information in a clean and well thought out UI. Great job guys! That much happier to be a new relic customer...
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11 years ago, spankypantaloons
Nice to have an officially supported app
Finally an official app from New Relic. Think of all the holiday dinners that can now be more subtly interrupted with a peak at your iPhone instead of checking your laptop. Think how your wife will appreciate it! Yee Ha. Here's to a happy home life!
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10 years ago, Robert Schultz
Great app, bug with mobile
I've been using this app for a while, no issues. Recently when viewing mobile data it always says 1 user and just gets stuck on the loading icon at top. Doesn't matter if I uninstall and re-login. Please take a look.
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9 years ago, Stewie1570???
Email verification link returns a 404 page???
Love the site. But I can only seem to access my reports via the website while logged in to the azure portal. Logging into the mobile app seems hopeless. Invalid link in the email address validation email making this app 100% useless. Too bad. It looks pretty cool from the screen shots.
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11 years ago, J+Edwin
Nerd Life Indeed
Anyone who has used New Relic will be perfectly at home in this beautiful app! The push alerts for app issues work great and, like always, the graphs are beauty-ful and full of data nerdiness.
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11 years ago, Sizerth
RPM on my phone!!
Great way to check in on my apps without having to find a laptop. Interface is pretty slick. Already saved me lots of grief once before I boarded a plane.
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11 years ago, jadeforrest
Great update
I am biased (since I work at New Relic) but this update is fantastic. Everything loads faster, more detail on errors, and you can go back in time in the charts! Love it!
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11 years ago, Ransom1538
Solid first version
Looks sharp and loads fast. I wish when you selected 30 minutes it applied to your error log as well. Fr: James @ appredeem
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11 years ago, Luke121oz
Glad there's an app for NewRelic!
Happy to see that this is available. Would like see throughput (rpm) and top transactions as well. Also there seems to be a bug when there are a lot of servers where the view doesn't scroll.
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11 years ago, itsAnnoyingINeedANameNow
Can't login
Since this version release, I can't log into the app. Please fix. Otherwise, love this app, so not going to give it a bad rating.
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11 years ago, Sriehl
Stellar app/service
My only complaint (and it's minor) is on a graph in landscape mode, the time and some words overlap at the top of the screen.
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11 years ago, JamesTorn
Wow! This is great!
New Relic is already a grate help for seeing what's going on with my app, but this tool is superb! The user interface is sleek and comfortable and quick. I love it! Thanks, guys!
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7 years ago, GreggTurnbull
Still unresponsive after logging in
Log in confirmed - now hangs at a blank screen. Thanks for the response - will check out the update when available.
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11 years ago, fajarb
Great app!
Now I don't have to worry about anything when I don't have access to my desktop. Great work guys!
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11 years ago, psheats
I just installed this and was blown away -- beautiful charts and all the info you need to get a pulse of your web app on your phone!
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11 years ago,
Great app, but lacking full iPad support
This app would be awesome if it supported the iPad. Even in landscape on the iPhone it loses some info and really only works in portrait mode
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7 years ago, Mephaust
Update broke SAML
Universal links sound great, unless they mean I can't log in. Google Apps SAML is currently broken :( (Fixed now, thanks!)
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11 years ago, mindstormmaster
Nice idea, but so slow it's worthless
It's a great idea to have the data available from an ipad, but the app is so slow in loading data that it's painful. So bad that I might as well go find a desktop browser.
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11 years ago, YesThatAllen
So glad I'm using new relic
This app reminds me just how much I enjoy having New Relic watch over my systems. This app allows me to see a ton of key information about my apps on my phone, making it simple for me to check in more often than I would wo the app. Thanks all! -Allen
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11 years ago, Blotto888
Glad to see this working with my heroku apps.
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11 years ago, kjulius
Great app
Well thought out design, great compliment to the web app. Thanks for making this free.
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11 years ago, Drujon
This version broke login for me
I still get notifications but when I open the app it logs me out and gives me wrong password message for same credentials I just tested in browser...
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10 years ago, camyoshi123
Good but not great
This app would be so much more valuable if you could view application stats by server (apdex, response time, etc)
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11 years ago, Mark Rinella
Fantastic Update!
Solid improvements in UI.
Show more
11 years ago, LowKey88
Very nice improvement and updates!
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