New Text Tones

4.1 (5.1K)
29.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mobgen Apps Inc
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for New Text Tones

4.12 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
9 years ago, Cindy1134
Good app
It didn't really have a lot of ringtones
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9 years ago, oms015
Solution to disappering tones
When I first downloading a tone and watched the OLD help video that didn't help at all. But I realized you can share the tone, which is easier. 1. Just send the tone to yourself, 2. sign into your email on the computer, 3. download the tone(s) to computer in a folder, 4. open iTunes go to the top left you'll see a box that is half dark gray and half light gray with a down arrow next to it, click it and look for "Add file to Library," 5. click and a pop-up of your computer files will appear, 6. go to where you saved the tones, click and click open, iTunes will put the new tone in with all the other tones. 6. Find the tone amongst all the others. 7. Hope this helps.
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6 years ago, skippy cat 123
Way to confusing
I found this app had pretty cool sounds that I really wanted to use but when I tried getting the sounds as my text tone it was WAY TO CONFUSING and had like seven steps that were super difficult so if you were thinking of getting this app you may want to reconsider unless you can understand those weird steps
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6 years ago, Ruf420
These awful sounds...
The idea of an app that does this is great! But these sounds are what you would hear if we had cell phones in the 80’s. The noises are so terrible there is not a single one that is short and sweet without some silly voice or long awful noise. Maybe a 2nd grader chose these noises... no my daughter is in 2nd and even she thinks they are all horrible. Just bad sounds. That’s the bottom line. Bad sounds.
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4 years ago, Riot Rex1102
Please add
So I installed this app to mainly get the MW2 “Care package on the way” sound for my phone but it wasn’t there (please add) and I decided to try to make it and once I was done it didn’t even let me do anything with it and I lost it...and I’m not gonna spend money all because I of a text tone but please if you can,PLEASE ADD THE CARE PACKAGE TEXT TONE PLEASE
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4 years ago, gos os better than a cousan
Yes but no
I love this app but I can’t figer out how to program the ring tone in my phone to hear the text but it is a good app and funny so just try to help me figer out how to program.
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6 years ago, AaronBeck
All terribly long even the short ones
Text tones are all terribly long. Unless your a person who no one texts regularly then maybe a long tone is ok. I have been looking for tones that are short or text messaging. When you converse a lot the long tones and even the built in to es of the iphone are too much. Could not find a single usable tone.
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3 years ago, jaseinatl
Not what it says
In order for this app to work, you have to send email to someone and like on Facebook. This is not in the description and it’s unclear why Apple lets garbage like this get published. A little honesty would make it easier to discern if your app is worth downloading. This is false advertising and anywhere but Apple, you’d be sued.
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8 years ago, zrocweb
Tis a little weak in functionality. Pop ups on main screen are annoying as hell. Every time you go back to the app u have to deal with same or different add. Really??? Downloads are weak too. Have to hook up to iTunes to get the download?? What? That's crazy, download the tone right to phone guys!!
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8 years ago, EllsArt
Way too complicated
It is way too complicated to figure out how to save a tone for your incoming messages. I deleted the app after trying to use it over and over. Nice idea but poor execution (and the ads are ridiculously annoying).
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9 years ago, Brenda-Boo
Great App, but
Great app,but after every download the Google commercial comes on. Makes for waiting a little bothersome!
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4 years ago, KR820
Cheap sounding. And too long.
Even the ones labeled “short“ are long. These are basically ringtones. Text messages are supposed to be a beep or something. Not a freaking three second tone. You would go insane in a group chat.
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7 years ago, C_47
Make transfer clear
I still don't know how to get that ringtones onto my phone from this fetid app that is already on my phone. Please developer, provide us some clarity. A previous reviewer said to email them to yourself. But where do you find the files on your phone to email?
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4 years ago, sweetchild42
So disappointed
So I downloaded this app hoping to get some cool new text tones on my phone. The sounds are really cool on this app, and it would be perfect if it weren’t so terribly confusing. I tried reading the instructions but it was just too confusing. I’m sorry, but this app gets a one star from me
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6 years ago, morgmorg0621
I don’t have a lot of things to say about this app, but this app has good ringtones
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7 years ago, Bill98789
Out of date
I have the latest version of Mac operating system, 11.0. And there’s no way I can find through any instructions to download to my phone. The iTunes Store has dramatically changed since your tutorial. Updated and you might sell something.
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8 years ago, Marchadors
Requires Sync Before Use
The app allows u to record tones/voices, but u have to sync to iTunes on your computer before u can gain access to the voice tone/text u recorded. That's a real pain considering the technology we have today. Disappointed!
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9 years ago, angelalee511
what happened?
This app worked great when I first got it. There weren't a lot of ringtones I liked, but the few I had, I loved. Now they don't work at all, and I can't get them to sync with iTunes.
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3 years ago, DarkPhoenix77
Outdated af
This app is so outdated. The tones are good but the instructions on how to apply them are archaic. It send you to a video that is 7 years old and instructs you on how to do it on iOS5 and with iTunes 10. I even contacted support and the same thing.
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9 years ago, Darrelllike
Ringtone app
It does not tell you that you have to sync with itunes. If I'm syncing it with itunes other apps are way less add ridden and better sound quality.
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7 years ago, GeminiXD
It's just awful! You only get a few themes and a handful of sounds. Then to top it off it doesn't even work!! Maybe it did once upon a time but this app is just crap now. Needs to be deleted asap!
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9 years ago, Brummitl
Download this it's grate you can make your own got to to make a new 1!!!!!!
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9 years ago, PRisSinking
Passable but ick
The app is okay--nothing great. The fact that, as of this moment, the only other review is from the developer (bad spelling and grammar to boot), is icky. Don't review your own app--that doesn't help anyone. My one star is to balance out the developer's perfect rating (what a shock).
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9 years ago, Dz146
Didn't work
Watched the video. Read the instructions. Hated I had to go to iTunes to do it. And then after I synced iTunes with iPhone I not only didn't get the tones I selected but lost the one I had for years that transferred from 3 iPhones ago. 👎
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6 years ago, 111111111ch335677543
It is very pleasing when I download an app and it works. Thanks
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4 years ago, happy kid who luv toca boca
Very bad app
I wanted this to be a good app but it is way to confusing and glitchy. I made multiple ring tones but it wouldn’t save any of them which was just super annoying. Don’t waste your time on this app it is not good .☹️👎🏽
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6 years ago, Cricket's mom
Too many adds and a pain that you need to use a computer to get the tones Will not recommend
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3 years ago, jmac 3041990
Help video is based off of iTunes 7years ago... it’s Apple Music now and the “help” video is irrelevant now as Apple Music doesn’t have the same app and file sharing options the way as described in the video...
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8 years ago, Thatguywithswagg89
this should have a additional way to download the ringtones. my Mac is currently in the shop getting a new screen so it makes it absolutely impossible
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8 years ago, He-whO-KnOws.2
This app is crap...
Its a money scam. Unless you pay to have this app "upgraded" then a stupid add pops up just about every 7-10 seconds. Don't get this app, its not worth the time to even try and get a tone.
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6 years ago, Tatum0712jagd
Game is good because I didn’t buy it
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6 years ago, overitaagain
Text tone
Not everyone has a computer to connect to iTunes
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8 years ago, Ty d dog
Awsome app
This app is the best I love it ;it's better than most
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8 years ago, Sahababo
Fun app
Good collection easy to use.
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8 years ago, Anti hater
Plenty of Options
Horrifically campy text tones. Explosions, sneezes, sounds of people taking bites of food, and tons of generic electronic sounds. This app isn't worth your time.
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3 years ago, Drunkmrlayhe
Do not download. Steals data
This app does not provide Apple with info about what they do with your data or how they collect it. Do not trust companies/apps like this.
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3 years ago, underoverpass
Basically Theft
Rip off! Don’t even bother. I paid the $1.99 to “unlock everything” and zero features work.
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9 years ago, Ãryãñã
Best game ever hope I have it forever
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6 years ago, Tele3092
Silly not very good
Don’t like any of them thank God we have choices
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5 years ago, wire works
This is useless and frustrating. The tones are simple to download, just impossible to actually use. The instructions do not work. DELETE.
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7 years ago, Smash2Ash
Slows iPhone down
It really slows my phone down I deleted this and everything is back to normal
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9 years ago, Orchidfrost13
Not impressed
This app is a little disappointing.... There are not a lot of tones that I would personally use...... I gave this 2 stars
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4 years ago, pncfree
Dang it
Why can’t these just go directly to your phone or at least go to your iTunes... ON YOUR PHONE? Why do I have to plug my phone into a computer to connect to my iTunes and THEN DOWNLOAD MY TOne? Ugh
Show more
8 years ago, Elaphants are awesome
Hate it
You have to connect your phone to computer to download it to your phone...I have seen better!
Show more
4 years ago, Mollmoll007
Bull crap
It’s just a bunch of crap that in today’s age of technology that Apple can’t make it so you don’t have to go to a computer for a lousy ringtone. What a joke.
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9 years ago, amazingrayce13
It's okay, but I'm not too impressed with the options. I prefer the original defaults over these any day.
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8 years ago, Jeepcc
You cannot barely push on a tone without an ad popping up and getting intothe way.
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2 years ago, notredamejunkie
To hard to use
Not user friendly
Show more
6 years ago, Zinodad
Bad ringtones they say thousands available and there’s only about 40 the rest you have to buy
Show more
8 years ago, BMW2013$$$$$$$$
This only gives one tone for free & won't give instructions unless to refer someone or like on Facebook. Not impressed and deleted the ap.
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