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User Reviews for News 9 Weather

2.97 out of 5
310 Ratings
7 years ago, Guardian'sWife
Too Broad Area
This app does not allow me to select what counties I want to receive alerts from, so I constantly receive alerts for areas that do not even remotely affect me. Last night during a storm I received tons of alerts (50+). This has the opposite desired effect, because I start deleting them without reading them and it becomes a nuisance. Kind of like the "cry wolf" effect... if they would fix this so I could only get alerts for where I live I would give it 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Sparkita46
Not accurate and cop out responses
This app has been great from the time I first downloaded in 2013. I didn’t care for the new layout but I figured I’d get used to it. I used it a great deal for the radar when I lived in Oklahoma for farming. Then when I moved, I kept it because of how accurate the radar was and the notifications. I have family scattered all over Oklahoma; I have relatives that are terrified of tornadoes so I keep tabs when weather events are happening in their area. Last night I received alerts of excessive heat, lightning, thunderstorms, and flooding for the Guthrie area. At no time did I receive alerts for high wind or the freaking tornado that bounced through there. I emailed the app to ask why the TORNADO notification didn’t come thru, explaining I’d received other notifications. I was told there were notifications and I needed to make sure the notifications option was turned on. I sent a screen shot of the notifications I’d received, asking if they could just have someone look into why some alerts were sent but not others and was told I should have had my news alerts on too. Be aware this app just isn’t what it used to be and the support isn’t very helpful.
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4 months ago, BornUnderABlondeSign
Love Ya David Payne but This App is Awful!
This is the LEAST accurate weather app I have (but not for long, I’m uninstalling as soon as I write this!) I am sick of the weather alerts that say (like this most recent notification) “A winter storm warning has been issued for current location.” Whaaat? I pulled up “current watches and warnings” on the NWS site and there ARE NONE. Where does this app think I am?! This happens all the time and ironically, when something IS happening at my current location, I get nothing. I have checked and double checked (and then some) my settings, saved locations, etc and it never changes. Uninstalled and reinstalled. It’s frustrating and I’m done with it. And yes, I know, David Payne didn’t create the app but his face is on it and I wouldn’t want MY face attached to an app that is this horrible.
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3 years ago, lajahi1988
Needs A Cleanup
News 9 is the only news station I’ll watch in OKC but their weather app is not very user friendly. KFOR (who I don’t watch) has a very simple and clean weather app that sends out warnings when needed. I wouldn’t know if News 9’s app does because it’s too cluttered to keep on my phone. I strongly suggest making the home page of the app more simplistic with maybe the radar with a strip along the bottom showing the forecast and maybe a side with options to watch live, recent videos etc. The current layout involving scrolling and and opening different stuff up is just not user friendly in my opinion. Again, News 9 is the only news station I’ll watch but I wish they’d update their app.
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5 years ago, RaisingDinah
Great update
This app is more sleek, and the update has provided so much more useful information. (e.g. sunrise/sunset, hourly wind, temp & precip, current wind, etc) I’ve seen some reviews that say it doesn’t have hourly projections or saved locations, but they must’ve overlooked those features, because they’re there. I thought there was no way to change the alert settings (like, to pick and choose what I get alerted about.)It took me a week or two but I finally figured out how to change those settings. Overall, much improved. Great app.
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5 years ago, MaddieRaiTaylor
News 9 weather app has been in need of an many upgrades for a while now. They have made a lot of very helpful updates, which makes me very happy, because news 9 is the only channel I’ll watch for weather information.. but unfortunately until recently their weather app has been pretty terrible. Thanks for the much need improvement! I hope it only gets better from here!
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5 years ago, hdisnrucisngtfjf
The new app is hard to navigate. It’s not like I’m not tech savvy but this app doesn’t seem to be as smooth running. The 7 days forecast layout is harder to see since you have to scroll and it doesn’t fit on one screen without a scroll. The radar seems a little but if a mess.. when you try to move it, it drops a pin to give you the weather in that location. Putting in a new location in the search bar.. the search bar is tiny and the words are small. On the radar, I do like when you play up to active time. That seems better! I wish you could combine a couple things from the new app but have the old app back!
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6 years ago, Blind Brady
Blind guy
This app has some great features. Only thing I could suggest to add is in the hourly weather tab to have wind direction. Currently it only shows wind speed. It would be nice to know what direction the wind is coming from. I would also like to know if the radar on this app is the same radar used in the studio. Is it Next Gen? That is an absolutely incredible radar. It would be nice if that was the same one used on the app
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2 years ago, Angie in OK
New update is horrid
I’ve used this app for years, living in OK this was the ONLY weather app I used. We moved to WI a year ago and I still used this app daily. Since this last update, I just can’t anymore. The usability is gone. I really miss the circular humidity counter, the graph for daily low to high, and the dark background that made it easier to read. Now I have to scroll and scroll to see the hourly temps, when before you could swipe and see the hourly temp on a plot line very easily. Why people mess with things that aren’t broken I will never understand. I am now looking for a different app.
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5 years ago, lucymae7
I love the app especially in oklahoma with our crazy weather this really helps keep my kids and family safe. The only negative I have is I wish it would send more notifications. For example say we are under a tornado watch, I would wish it would send a notification about that or like a t-storm warning. Overall this app is decently helpful and I partially recommend it.
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4 months ago, itslisa
News9 Weather App
I like this app! Especially since the latest update added 2hrs future radar! A lot of info is crammed into a small space. Like being able to add other cities, where my loved ones are, so I can be aware of the weather they are dealing with without having to txt or call. Radar is ok. Like the option for NWS radar too! Thanks
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2 years ago, Luke m and m
Why take away satellite mode!?
I like this app, but I did not appreciate the update and how it changed the look of it. I would give it five stars, but they took away satellite mode, so, if you want a good review bring it back. Overall, it is a good weather app and I use it a lot. Just bring back satellite mode and all will be good! 🙂
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2 years ago, ghost_malone
Love the Update!
I had avoided using this app because previously I could not get a simple 7 day forecast summary. Had to scroll down to see morning/evening of each day. Now that I can see a 7 day as well as hourly on the same tab, this will be my go to weather app! Love the updated graphics as well.
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5 years ago, fair-player
Give us back the old version
The new one has so many glitch in it. Opened the app and couldn’t get the update of the weather. The new version is so slow, probably because of the new looks, wallpapers, and more useless function added to it. Now if i want to see the forecast 7 days, i have to keep scrolling down through everyday to see the weather overall for that week. Plus, can’t check multiple locations weather like the old version could. Just give us back the old one.
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5 years ago, Pinkcrouch
Great update
The latest release is miles ahead of the old version. Looks much better, opens to much more useful information, and everything is just a scroll down the home page, no clicking around trying to find 7-day, hourly, sunrise and sunset times. Great job.
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6 years ago, kate209836
Good app but...
I like the app to check the weather for the week but recently it started not to update the weather. One week it said there was about an 80% chance of rain almost all day on the hourly forecast. That day, it only rained early in the morning. I’ll also be looking at the app and the forecast is different from when you watch it on TV. Please make your app accurate to what you forecast on TV. Had to delete it because it was accurate anymore.
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5 years ago, Snoopchic
I hate the new layout
The new update make it difficult to see what is going on with the weather. Before it was on one screen now you have to drag the screen sideways. It also doesn’t appear to give precipitation percentages for the 24 time frame any longer. It just has an over all. The update came at a horrible time since I was trying to plan a trip to the zoo, but had no idea when the rain would move out.
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5 years ago, Mac&Maisie
New Design Is Terrible
The main point of a weather app: 1) What is the current temp? 2) What is the High and Low for today? 3) What is the weather doing today (e.g., rain, windy, sunshine, etc)? 4) What is the weather expected for the next 2,5,7,10 days? This app changed for the worse! You must hunt and gather - wasting time and energy while increasing frustrations. If you want a “pretty” app filled with color and graphics, that takes you 5 minutes to piece together the basic information you are seeking, you found it! If you want a streamlined app with the pertinent details at your fingertips...this app did this in the past...sadly the latest version will drain your time and render you vulnerable to the elements! Good luck knowing if you need an umbrella, sunglasses, a parka, or your sunscreen!
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3 weeks ago, Tigfnatic
What happened???
This app used to be reliable now it’s not can’t hardly get any updates on weather or anything I get black screens when trying to connecting to live new feed. This app was good now it’s not FIX IT! This is how I get all my tornado and weather Information. During severe weather I want the best up to minute I formation can’t get that with the way the app is working.
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4 years ago, Animegirl😘🐶👑
Not the best 😐
I have a few things 1. It does crash a lot 2. It could be more accurate 3. Everything else is okay just try to fix some of those things I hope you do cause living in Oklahoma is kinda scary with all the tornadoes and stuff
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2 years ago, tazmnangl
Layout changes are HORRIBLE!
The new changes to the layout are horrible. The old layout was easy to use and view. Now it’s a confusing mess! I can’t simply scroll to see what the temp and wind are, now I have to dig. And all that unrelenting white makes it hard on those of us with visual and/or dyslexic issues. Why ruin a great app just to make changes for the sake of change? I hate it and am seriously considering deleting it.
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5 years ago, I don't want your Eggo
Used to be my "go-to" weather app
Recently, this app received a makeover. While the new look is more polished and attractive, it doesn't have the content or the ease of use that once made this my primary weather reference. Gone are the hourly projections, and all of my saved locations. Unfortunately, this app is no longer distinctive from the other weather apps, and I will be looking for a replacement.
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5 years ago, Mg ernp
AT weather copy cat
I’m not sure why News9 decided to copy Aaron Tuttle‘s app. I like the way News9 did their hourly forecast. It really help me plan for the day. Now you just see the weather trends through the hours but don’t see a percentage. The way this app is arranged now the reason I quit using Aaron Tuttle’s app. I’m going to have to go to a different news channel app to get the weather forecast and the usability I’ve come to know with the old news9 app. Please go back to the old way the app was.
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5 years ago, Ca2ok76
Bad update
News9 was my only go to during any type of weather but after the update it’s the last. It’s slow for the radar to come up (if it does at all), it doesn't have all the details like hail, spin, etc. and the 7 day was way better before to get a glance then click on the day to get more detail like you have it now which is the only option. News9 will still be my #1 news source but not the app.
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2 years ago, SamtheMan27
Good but need to look more professional
It really is pretty accurate, and a good weather app to check the temperature or radar, but the layout of the app just looks a little unprofessional. Five stars if you do just a small cleanup for the app.
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4 years ago, okccal
Only weather app I use
News 9 is the only OKC weather app I use, and the only weather I watch on TV. If there’s severe weather expected, or happening, I immediately go to News 9 on TV and the app. The only one that I trust!!
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3 years ago, yoxsue
So far so good
I would however like to see an app that I could also plug in where those I love were getting any warnings easily. Perhaps get an alert for those places as well . Family spread throughout Oklahoma. 😉
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5 years ago, M.WiTTe
New VS is too bulky.
I have loved this app for its push notifications of weather and basic layout for years but, this new update made everything clumped and accessed clumsy. Please bring back the basic interface, this new one makes it look like a child’s webpage imo.
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5 years ago, FLF 60
No control of type of alerts
The new version has no way to receive only certain types of alerts. I don’t want to know if there maybe rain in the next thirty minutes or any other alert except for some for severe weather. There is apparently no way to control that so I have disabled News9 weather alerts and will get my watches and warnings from another station’s app.
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4 years ago, Seldom seen smith
Unbelievably inconsistent
So I live about 5 miles from piedmont as the crow flies so that location comes up as the current location. I have piedmont saved as one of my locations. So I compared the 2 side by side and they were the same for the next day but after that they two forecasts became very different...11 degrees on the 3rd or 4th day out and I’m just 5 miles from the other locale Unbelievable
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5 years ago, 22Rotweety
Sad day
I have tried to like the changes I this app but it just isn’t working. I want to be able to pull it up and get a quick view of the week. Now you have to scroll and scroll back and forth. What happened to the glance at your weather week? Moving on to another weather app. Sorry 🙁
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3 months ago, Katelynn Carpenter
Not working
When I click on the hourly everything goes blank I can see it on the homepage but when I try to get a closer look it goes blank
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5 years ago, AT supporter
Do NOT Download this App
This app is a COPY from Aaron Tuttle Meteorologist . If you are going to download a weather app go get “AT’s Weather To Go”. He worked to design this app from the ground up and for KOCO to copy his app is WRONG! Also, if you want calm and collected weather coverage from a degreed Meteorologist who doesn’t try to scare you, go follow Aaron Tuttle Meteorologist on Facebook. He will go “Live” during sever weather and keep you informed. You have lost a viewer KOCO!
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3 years ago, Myjackrulz
Setting location doesn’t work
I don’t allow weather apps to use my location. I always enter my home and work as set locations. It refuses to save my address as a location no matter how many time I hit save! The one time it saved it changed my home address in Norman, OK to Lebanon, KS. It also wouldn’t edit. I changed it to my address, hit save, and it’s set back to Kansas.
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5 years ago, Gentle3
Not a Fan of the Update
I don't like the update. I miss seeing s. Usual of the 7 day+ forecast. If I want to see that, I have to go the the weather app which isn’t as reliable. I appreciate the additional features. Also not a fan of the home page; have to use the drop down menu to find what I need.
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5 years ago, Marine4life73
New app design is fluttered and a mess, it’s might be somewhat difficult for the older user and the background imaging within the forecast takes away from the users comprehending and seeing the weather but again has the weather ever been completely correct here in Oklahoma.
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5 years ago, sknitsloa
Redesign is not user friendly
I used this app exclusively for my weather and alerts. This redesign is terrible. Where is the week at a glance? Navigation is confusing and difficult. I am all for updates that make it easier but this is not helpful. I’ve deleted the app from my phone and will go back to using the Apple weather app I guess.
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6 years ago, Ericleonardjazz
Not Accurate
The temperature shown does not match the actual temp for the area and is at times off by 10 degrees. Additionally, the forecasted temps (highs/lows) do not match News 9 weather forecasts, nor do they seem to update when the forecast changes. The best part about this app is the notifications for the current area.
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5 years ago, Beach hunter
Used to depend on news 9 app not now
Ok I love news 9 but this app I thought was a good update until I started using it during our first tornado season and I can not get the little tornado warning boxes to come up on radar that’s what I liked at but now it’s just all the NWS alert for the area. Please fix so it can get the little boxes showing tornado and direction of tornado warning.
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5 years ago, KatinaAnn
Loss of respect
Still love news 9 but most definitely lost a lot of respect and confidence for and in your weather team. Your “new” weather app. It is a complete copy of “Aaron Tuttle’s ATs weather to go”. If you’re so blatant to “steal” a weather app from someone you’ve bashed as just an “internet meteorologist” I now have wonder how authentic your forecasts are and what your just passing off as your own.
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5 years ago, CRaeWill
Bring back old app!!
I want the old app back. The new app is difficult to navigate. I tried to move the map to look at a different area of the state and it set a pin in an area that is nowhere near to me and then I couldn’t remove it. It also seems glitchy at times.
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5 years ago, rashelton
Not as good as the old app
Winds of 13 mph gusts of 9mph....that was in the forecast this morning! The app continually has conflicting info. It will show a high temp in one portion of the app and then in another place give a different high. Also the radar doesn’t load. The concept is great, but for me the old app worked better!
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5 years ago, MTator3
WAS a great app.
Totally ruined this app with their update. I cannot see the 7 days at once, can only see one day at a time unless you scroll up, the lows do not show up in the same box with the highs for the day, no more weather graphics... just bad execution. I will be using channel 4’s app or the default iPhone weather app. I will be deleting this.
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5 years ago, mdjfifnr
New update
I hate the new update. It’s difficult to navigate and find what I need. In the old version I was able to find what I needed quick and easy. I agree that some changes and updates were necessary... however, if this app isn’t made easier to navigate I’ll probably find a different weather app.
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10 months ago, dekenoftheseas
Used to be better
The older versions used to be a lot more reliable. When I updated my phone to iPhone 14 I had hoped that it would end the app crashing but it still crashes 1/2 the time.
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5 years ago, Speedyt1961
Not liking the new look.
I used to could look at the app and see hourly what the temp should be. I’m not in favor of all the changes. Yes it needed updating but why can’t you have a tab for hourly. Please put a tab in for that.
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5 years ago, Mscat1976
Used to be a great weather app
The previous version was awesome. It was simple to navigate and easy to read. This version is awful. It’s lacking information the previous version had. I hate the new 7-day layout. Why would you change it?! I love News 9, but I will be looking for a new weather app.
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5 years ago, Lilly219
Great app but...
Anytime I need to update the app, the notifications stop playing sound. I can still see them, but I can’t hear them.
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5 years ago, Free in God
Not user friendly
The worst update I’ve ever seen. Really sad this app changed from its previous version. I updated and it is way too complex and overloaded. I used to be excited about using the app but now it just makes me sad each time I open it. Really hoping they go back to the previous version.
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5 years ago, Princesspink602
Why would you steal the format and call it your own?
This is the exact app that Aaron Tuttle has, it is the same layout and pictures? Why would you not make your own? I already have an app that looks like this and works so I will not be keep know what they say the original is worth more then a copy!
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