News4Jax Weather Authority

4.8 (22.9K)
197.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Graham Media Group, Inc
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for News4Jax Weather Authority

4.76 out of 5
22.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Stos The Boss
Stos Loves It!!!
Great app. I have used other apps that were similar but this one is my favorite. It even give me weather out of state! I ride a motorcycle and drive a convertible so it’s a must have for me! I seriously depend on it. Just 2 days ago the News4 weather app warned me lightning and rain at current location now. I went out and covered my bike and just as I was putting the last window on my 4x4 it came so hard I was drenched in seconds. Yea. It’s like that! I love this app!
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6 years ago, Mustachio123
Not “up to the minute” as advertised.
In this day and age you’d think the radar image would be as you say “up to the minute”. It’s not even close! By the time your radar shows my area in Atlantic Beach the storm has already passed. To tell you the truth I’m not sure why I even use the app. Also , when your meteorologists are reporting temps in the Jax area you show 80 degrees here 81 there 80 there 81 there 79 there and so on. A one degree temp difference is a waste of time to verbally report! It’s in the 80’s in the area would suffice. Your just trying to fill time with this and it’s a waste of time really. Also when your news reporters go “live “to a crime scene it’s usually just showing a house. Whoopee! We’ve all seen a house before. At night when you go to a scene you show flashing fire truck or police lights. Whoopee!! We’ve all seen police lights too!! You’d think you could use your time more wisely. Driving to a scene to show nothing is another waste of time and man hours. Maybe throw some national news or more sports coverage to fill this wasted space. Anyway, thanks for getting rid of the most egotistical sports anchor in the history of broadcasting !! Have a good day and thanks for letting me share my opinion. E. Todd Hicks.
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3 years ago, 2909JA
Not the best
With so many different apps out there for weather and it just so easy to go elsewhere to get the info one seeks. I suppose any 80 year old that’s somewhat home bound might be satisfied with your weather app but it’s just lacking! You used to have so much more but you have whittled down the information that’s provided! As an avid sailor I used to find the weather radar that showed which way a thunderstorm is heading and lightning strikes is significant insights when you have a 50ft mast above your 200k dollar sailboat! You used to have this info but right now it’s only good enough to check and see if one can walk the dog to see if one is going to get wet! However if that’s your target market then you nailed it spot on!
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5 years ago, M'maw
Hurricane Dorian
Even though we were Blessed with just little rain & wind we were prepared for the worst. With you all as our co-pilots were steered though all the closures, & trees down & knew we were being watched out for by the best. Between all the first responders & all of you at channel 4 we felt safe & in the know all the time. Thank you for all your hard work & lack of sleep & all your caffeine overdose you did for all of Jacksonville again.
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5 years ago, Squat Pearl
Fake weather reports or am I just crazy from the HEAT !?
I have always respected JOHN GAUGHN( forgive me if I misspelled his last name) however the past three days I keep getting these notifications that say cooler temps or not as hot as it has been. I received these notifications and they are FALSE ! IT IS EVERY BIT AS HOT AS THE HUMIDITY IS HIGH AND FEELS WORSE THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT WHEN YOU WOULD THINK WE WOULD RECEIVE SOME KIND OF RELIEF ! 82 degrees at 3 am doesn’t count!!! The only reason I gave 3 stars is because I know it’s really hard to predict Florida weather. HOWEVER DO NOT SEND ME NOTIFICATIONS OF COOLER TEMPS ONLY TO GET MY HOPES UP AND THEN THE MOMENT I OPEN THE DOOR I FEEL LIKE I PUT MY FACE IN THE BROILER.
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4 years ago, Mrs.LL20
Apple Watch Version
I love this weather app for iPhone and iPad but the Apple Watch version has not worked for about a week. Please fix. Right now it is useless. Love the format of the Apple Watch version but it is rarely accurate. It does not update throughout the day. Sometimes not for a few days. I don’t know who is responsible for managing it but it is not reliable. If you don’t have your phone with you and you are only using your Apple Watch get a different weather app. If the Apple Watch version can’t be maintained, updated and accurate throughout the day you should just not offer this version of the app.
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2 years ago, Ghost Plane
LOUD Commercials blare longer than the notifications
Had to delete as there’s no way to kill the 30+ second video commercials they decided had to open immediately at the top of the page whether clicking or notifications, updates, or simply trying to discretely check the weather. Major LOUD disruption that made the app unusable. Too bad the actual weather wasn’t as loud when the meteorologists mumbled their way thru or forgot to turn THEIR mikes on. AVOID unless you want everyone turning to look as you fumble frantically for a way to mute the LOUD & lengthy commercials obviously more important than the severe weather warnings. Buh-bye!
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2 years ago, zwzerqnyrg008
Accurate weather.
Been watching news for Jax for more than 30 years. I’ve always relied on their accuracy and pinpoint rain forecast. Now with the weather app, I can get up-to-date forecast on the go. I gave it a three star rating only because the app signals me often when there’s rain in my area. I’m not sure how big my area is because when I check the radar, there’s no rain present where I am but several miles away. Maybe the areas can be modified as in a few miles.
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2 years ago, Goooo! Gators!
Awesome weather app.
The hour to hour forecast along with the local notifications for bad weather are a game changer for me and my family. We have a dog that’s terrified of thunder so knowing when it’s going to hit our neighborhood allows us to be home at the right times. Thank you. This app is way better than any other app I’ve used before. The radar is cool too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, Don in Jax (RiverTown)
Love our Channel 4 Team
The notifications are perfect for those of us that only get to enjoy you on tv for a short time in the mornings and evenings. I have been with you since 1994 when I moved here. I check out the other news channels from time to time but you guys are better and part of my family
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6 years ago, It use to be good
Kills my battery
After using this app for years and being happy with it, I noticed it was killing my battery by always running in the background. I don’t know if they’re pushing out more notifications or if it’s that it tells me it’s detecting lightning near my location every minute, but I tried to shut those functions off. Then the entire app became unusable and I’d have to go into setting to turn it on just to get a radar picture. Wish it would just turn on when I wanted to see radar rather than having to always be on and being my most power consuming app. Looking for something else now.
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3 years ago, odavidw
Best weather channel
The weather people on channel 4 are the best. They keep us informed on what’s going on 24hours a day. Last Friday we had horrible storms come thru. Jon and Richard stayed on the air to keep us informed. Rebecca is always a joy to see because of that big smile and the info she puts out for us. The week end crew does a great job also. Keep up the work and God bless all of you!
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6 years ago, JiggyJigglyJiggles
The N4J weather “Fantastic”
It is so nice getting updates on what’s going on in your area when you’re at home on the road out of town it’s fantastic. I never get to really watch the news I’m not at home a lot so this is the app to have and if you don’t you’re missing out on something great that could save your life!
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6 months ago, sweetlilpsycho
Annoying Alerts
I would really like more customization of the alerts. I want push notifications for weather events (ie imminent rain), but the bad write ups from the meteorologists I can live without. I don’t need my phone pinging every time one of them has a new thought. Please separate notification types in the settings so we can control what we do and don’t want our phone blowing up for.
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2 years ago, Ron Dia
“Spot on! Every time we use this app!”
We love the Doppler radar! We can watch and see exactly when rain will be close to us. As well as see when the winds decide to change the rains path. My little weatherman checks the app every morning before school to map out his day.
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6 years ago, connielovesnews4jax
I love News4jax weather app
News4jax has always been accurate. We travel a lot and use the weather app all the time , to see future delays or dangers from storms. The radar has kept us from making hasty decisions about whether to travel on or stop . Thank you again, for your accuracy.
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2 years ago, Florida*Joy
Cancel culture at its best
I’ve been canceled. I am a Christian and used to post storm pins all the time for channel 4. They canceled me. They won’t let me sign into my account and they signed me out without my permission. It won’t let me update my personal profile. I’m only a pin user now ! I had to sign in five times with different email addresses just to try and post weather pins and each time I have been canceled. I am sorry to see my favorite news station go so bad. They use to be the best now they are controlled by the worst.
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4 years ago, FEMA-Kathy
Best app for weather
I have tried other apps but for this area this is the best one for this unstable weather in this area at any time any moment. Love, love love. Oh better than the Weather service that tells you to head to your basement when we do not have basements here in Florida. Kathy
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2 years ago, John71151
Accuracy of local weather
I switched from the Accu Weather App because they weren’t getting it right often. I’ve been watching WJXT weather since George Winterling hurricane Dora devastated Jacksonville in 1964? George was the ONLY one to get it right back then.
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5 years ago, Jharpo1
Almost Great
Great App except, while traveling by motorcycle to other cities, I added several of my stops so I would know what to expect. When I got home, I found there was no way to delete those stops or stop getting notifications for places now hundreds of miles away. I ended up deleting the app and starting over.
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2 years ago, Storm4chaser
Good but
Pretty good weather app. I like it, especially with the live background. Wish lightning could be seen with the radar. My biggest problem is when it is clear at night it snows a sun. It should be a moon. That is what really bothers me. Hope they can fix this issue.
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2 years ago, lauramacd😎
I am a weather fanatic and really enjoy The New app and Exact Track raider…They has been a game changer ! Thank you all for keeping us posted online and on the go.. Keeping us safe out there while we play !!!⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, MLBowes
Weather accuracy
Always tracking and always on point. I know when and where to expect rain and lightening. Thank you channel 4, my local station😀
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6 months ago, jim cantory
When you sign up make sure you don’t say yes to notifications They are send out several times a day telling you the obvious.
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4 years ago, Al Borlen
Better before
I like the older version better. This one seems a bit clumsy and cartoonish trying to navigate. Also the notifications are now “Alert” and the normal “Moderate twin bear location”. Also liked the detailed map on the radar better. This version is just ok.
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4 years ago, antmishy1
New set up on app
Hello just wanted to let you know we don’t like the new set up on the app. Why did you have to change when reviewing the radar it doesn’t give the accurate reading like the older one
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3 years ago, dockphil
Weather app review
Easy to find information on weather today and later the coming days
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10 months ago, Sabemb
LOVE IT 😍!!!
The best part I like the most is that you can click on each daily segment and it expands to breakdown timely intervals WITHOUT having to upgrade to PREMIUM like the Weather-channel app !!! Well done 👍🏼 thank you 😊!!!
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2 years ago, The WOB
The bees knees !
We love the Doppler radar! Minute by minute accuracy is always spot on. If your outside most of your day this is definitely the app to have for go to knowledge on the ever changing weather.
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6 years ago, Suziecpo
Weather app for Channel 4
I get notifications in a timely manner and as our company works outside, it’s nice to have an up to date radar and lightning warning system so we know in advance of severe weather.
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3 years ago, chilwil103
Best weather app I’ve used.
Best weather app I’ve used. I didn’t realize that it is useful outside of N. Florida. It was giving me exact weather in NC when I recently traveled there. But it doesn’t stop there, the accuracy is spot on.
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2 years ago, Threetimesout
Make My Day
The first thing I do in the morning is check to see if I will be able to work in my yard, let my dog play outdoors, and feed the squirrels! Thank you.
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4 years ago, 932kensington
Better Than Weather Channel
Gave up on Weather Channel after they offered premium coverage for $$. Everyone wants to make a buck!
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4 years ago, Anniegeo
Improved and the best!
This app is recently improved and very different than before. It is now great. The old one was so-so but they’ve taken it to the top now. Huge improvement.
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7 months ago, Lotus!01
Carol V
N4J is not only more accurate but it is also more interesting to watch all the information they give to you in an interesting way.
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10 months ago, whats up Florida
Love my weather app
I love my app I use it almost daily and when I go on trips. It’s become essential for everyday life to know what’s waiting for you.
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5 years ago, tnjwilhite
Excellent for traveling
This app is right on the location as we traveled up from Florida to middle Georgia in light rain to heavy downpours! Each time the rain was about to start the app texted me and it was right on the money!
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7 months ago, Creative Bugger
Love WJXT weather app
Love this app. Outstanding. Informative. Great radar and 10 day out weather condition information when I travel. I wish I had this app sooner.
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6 years ago, suzieq10279
Great App
When my husband and I want to See what the weather going to be like for us to go on a bike ride we look at this weather App to see So we won’t get wet So we can safe as we are riding on the road
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11 months ago, wanamom
Always on point
My phone says rain is 5 minutes away and in 5 minutes I see RAIN
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2 weeks ago, Bubba😁
I love it
Its a amazing app I've been using it for years now and its always keeping me up to date on the weather
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7 years ago, Sndbay
Hurricane Irma
Weather Authority 4 has been extremely helpful in alert related to hurricane Irma and I have recommended to family and friends as a dependable source if information.
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6 years ago, KitsuFo
Forcast differs on devices
Yesterday the forecast rain chance was vastly different on my iPhone and iPad. At the same time of day, my iPhone said 20% rain chance and my IPad said 80%. Which was it?
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6 months ago, LynnInFL
Best Local Weather App in JAX
I am a total Weather geek! I have several Weather Apps, but News4Jax has the best local weather App there is Jacksonville. Thanks to your awesome team 😄
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7 months ago, Chargehub
Love having this app because it keeps me informed on when bad weather is moving in to my are.
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2 years ago, MakoArts
Very Pleased!
I’m loathe to download more apps into my phone but this one is a gem! Very accurate, targeted, and up-to-the-minute. A must for north and north-central Florida! South Georgia, too, I’m sure!
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4 years ago, Javert Beland
The maps were of much better quality before you made the update. Other than that it seems good, but go back the the higher quality maps.
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4 years ago, #retiredforlife
Weather Reports
Love to keep up with the weather. It’s become a game with family and friends who live outside of Florida. I tease about the Perfect Weather. Weather Reports from your Experts keep me on my A-Game As the saying goes “Winning” 🤗
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1 year ago, more flustrated
Radar is slow coming in!!!!
The radar doesn’t come in most of the time!! I have to wait or get at it from the talking weather forecast. Frustrating
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2 years ago, mwilkin164
Weather maps
You need to update your maps to get current
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