Nexonia Expenses

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9 months ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Nexonia Expenses

2.29 out of 5
97 Ratings
6 years ago, ChewBobcca
No Support for Files makes app frustrating to use
Many of my receipts get emailed as PDFS. Since this app doesn’t support integration with the iOS files app it makes it impossible or at the least extremely difficult to save receipts to an item that are not photos. Adding this support would be a huge win. Having the ability to apply an expense “template” with shell items for the same type of expenses would make it easier to generate and submit reports for regular business travel. Finally, with the recent iOS updates to Notes, iOS now has a native document scanner. Leveraging that feature to auto-crop and scan receipts would be a huge win as well.
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2 months ago, DBJsedg
I miss Expensify!
I’m tired of dealing with issues with Nexonia, especially the mobile app integration with the online version. The mobile app makes you input data when entering a receipt but it doesn’t populate in the online version. Also, just learned today that when you update your password on the online version it does not update the mobile version, unless of course you’re locked out of the mobile version, have to uninstall it and then reinstall it … and then it does automatically update your password to the online password. It’s the end of the day and I just want to close my computer and be done for the day. But thanks to Nexonia, that’s not going to happen … forgot to mention when you get locked out because of password issues, you have to wait 22 min and there’s nothing their tech support can do about it. Seems to me allowing your company’s tech support the ability to reset timers or passwords is pretty common, except for Nexon I guess. I miss Expensify!
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3 years ago, Melinko01!
Worst of the bunch
If your company is considering this system, just go on to the next one. Their system is super clunky and almost requires you to log on to a computer to do everything correctly (I’m sure your field employees with LOVE that). It is completely not intuitive and was definitely designed by someone who never leaves the office. Receipts and attachments emailed in to the system don’t always show up. Pictures of receipts emailed in don’t show up. It doesn’t grab the correct data from the receipts. There’s no function to use a picture of a receipt in my photo albums- only the ability to take a picture. So it’s an extra couple steps to submit the pic of the receipt from last nights client dinner. Even on the website, receipts emailed in are hidden from view and simply not clearly available to edit or add to a report. Oh... and if you don’t put the report number on the receipt it automatically makes a new report for each one sent in which makes extra steps to undo and put into my currently weekly expense report. Obviously nobody at my company asked me my opinion (nor do they care now) when they chose expense software but I would have suggested spending a few extra bucks and going with one of the more well known names. I used to do my expenses weekly, but with this system I do them monthly and have a bottle of wine nearby, it’s that frustrating.
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5 years ago, joefisher23
I LOVE this app!
I normally don’t write reviews but I can’t express how much this app has changed my life. I used to spend hours every month getting my expenses done and now me and the rest of my team do it in minutes. We usually create and submit our expenses during airport/flying downtime, which is perfect. Syncing is never an issue either, never had a download or upload error to date. I also can’t stress enough how much I love their support. I get to speak with a real agent, who fixed my issue within minutes. I don’t get that level of support on any other service that I use! I will continue to use this app indefinitely. Without a doubt one of the best decisions my company has ever made.
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5 years ago, parkman23
Reliable and does exactly what it should
We’ve been using Nexonia to automate our expenses for many years now and have used the app since the beginning. I will admit that it takes about a day for any of our newer staff to get the hang of it. But once they do, submitting an expense takes less than a minute. We have over 3,000 employees using Nexonia and we are very happy overall. You can even call their support line for any app related issues, but when we looked at our annual report - they were really mostly our users not updating their passwords.
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5 years ago, MeliCooper
Easy and quick to use
My favorite part about using Nexonia is their app! I can do my expenses on the go, view my history, submit reports AND save receipts. This is an amazing tool and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to make their expense reporting process easier. Super easy to navigate and really helps me keep things organized. Before using Nexonia, I was always delaying submitting my expenses and would sometimes even miss deadlines. I can honestly say that I have never missed a deadline since using this app! Love it!!
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6 years ago, russdotcalm
Update is a complete joke.
The new update is a complete joke. Where do you usually store your receipts? In the camera roll of course! Now when adding a receipt from photos, you have to start at the very beginning of your photo history (7 years in my case) and scroll all the way to the bottom to add a single receipt. JOKE! Also when expensing a meal why does the application assume I am not an attendee? I have to add myself as an attendee for every single meal expense. JOKE! The Product Manager for this application obviously have expenses or travel. Complete joke of an application.
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5 years ago, NancyCartwirght
Great tool for expenses, especially when traveling
The mobile app is easy to use and lets you update throughout your trip. The information integrates right into our accounting system with no intervention and made our lives a lot easier. They make it pretty easy to add, submit and track the status of our expenses both during and after business travel. Submitting is painless. The Uber and Lyft features are fantastic. We have a lot of employees out on the field so this was a perfect fit!
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5 years ago, caplancpa
Unbelievable Integration with NetSuite
Our company has tried 2 other expense management softwares in the past and they don’t compare with the overall service we get from Nexonia. I won’t name the other companies, but it was either we had to flat file (which is not the worst) or there was no live support. In any case, their NetSuite integration is fantastic. Configurable workflows for approvals is our favorite feature. I don’t how we managed without it! 120 employees using the app and no complaints here!
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1 year ago, MRBaK3RsiPwN
Over site-
On the new cover page you see a list of reports. However they are not the most recent ones and it doesn’t help speed up or locate anything. Why not pin the most recent reports on the cover page? Everything that comes up for me has already been expensed. So I don’t need to see any of it. Really we would like to see only open reports and maybe the last three or four reports before that. My 2 cents.
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5 years ago, FranzBrentt
Easy and fast expense reporting
What I like best about this app is being able to take a picture of receipts means I no longer have to save my paper receipts. I just take a picture as soon as I get the receipt and add it to my report, way before I even have a chance to lose the receipt! I really appreciate the updates when the approvals are completed as well. Been using Nexonia for 7 months now and really happy with it!
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1 year ago, MTBlue63
Worst Expense App - Choose Another Solution
This is the worst expense app I have ever used. It is has an unintuitive interface and is hard to use on a mobile device. You would think in 2023 they would have more integrations built in, but they offer the bare minimum. They also will frequently lose your data. Multiple times I have spent 30 plus minutes filling out long expense reports on the app, only to have them disappear when I hit submit. This is a terrible system, please choose a competitor like Concur if you can. Our entire travel team is pushing our company to switch.
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2 years ago, Stinkymcpinky
No gps
Unbelievable that it is almost 2022 and this mobile app does not support GPS for mileage tracking. There’s about a 10 step process just to add a simple trip to the store. We used to use Expensify and it was a one click easy to do system. It also submitted the reports for approval automatically. This app you have to submit manually. It seems as if this was created by the person that never leaves their office.
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6 years ago, RobA1701
Pretty great with a few exceptions
There needs to be autocrop of receipts. I’m using Scanner Pro for my receipts which has this feature. It is not saving new locations for receipts after a certain number. There is also no way to manage location records in the app. There is no notification when you are over policy (e.g. daily meal allowance). I only find out after I’ve submitted and it is rejected or I check the web view. The app should be able to download policy rules and add this up for you.
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5 years ago, paddy the reader
Not up to date with iOS, crashes constantly
This app is pretty terrible as far as expense management apps go. There is no support to add receipt via files or when opening a PDF. The only option is from photos or to email a receipt and hope it will add to the report. Even when including the expense report number in the subject this never works when I forward Uber or Lyft receipts. On top of all this there is no Face ID support only 4 digit passcode and the app constantly crashes. It feels like this app hasn’t been updated in 5 years.
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5 years ago, StanFitz77
Over 1000 of our employees use this app
We’ve been using Nexonia and this app for over a year now and we ware very happy with it. The ability to easily take a photo and save it as a receipt or create an expense on the spot is fantastic. Submitting the expense right then and there means no one will lose a receipt or forget about an expense. Incredibly happy that it integrates with Lyft so there’s no need to submit the expense by saving the receipts. This app truly makes business travel easy and helps speed up the reimbursement process. Don’t have any complaints, and will continue to use Nexonia and this app in the years to come.
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5 years ago, mikefao
Crash issues and more
First, after the last update the iPad app crashes ever time when you try to delete a receipt. Second, again since the last update, multi page receipts load in reverse order. You send in an Uber receipt, for example, and it breaks into three pieces as usual. But the first piece that pulls up is the bottom, then middle, then top. Confusing and a pain for everyone involved, user to accounting. Fix these issues please.
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5 years ago, Scion676
Needs common sense features
Needs to allow adding expenses in PDF from cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc). Fix the OCR error after every receipt picture is taken. Fix the category selection issue (it never fills the category I chose on the first try.
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2 years ago, Lucas Malambri
Makes me Want to Use my Own Money
This is the worst expense management platform that I have encountered. I consistently submit expenses that are subsequently missing (where is unfiled expenses now!?). Nexonia does not keep their Help/Support up-to-date, so the actual experience does not match the FAQs or Help documentation (but they keep shipping worse and worse UX/UI updates). The only benefit is that the employer can drive cost savings because employees have such a hard time submitting their expenses! Win Win!
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5 years ago, EmiLanger
Expense reporting made easy
Deep integration with Netsuite for expenses. Highly customizable too! Mobile app works great and is very friendly. This is my second time using Nexonia (my old company uses them as well). This is by far the easiest and best way to submit expenses. Saves me a world of time!
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5 years ago, EcaaceDL
Truly the worst expense system I’ve used
I have used probably half a dozen expense and reporting systems. Professionally and long-term. This is by far the least intuitive, least effective, most time-consuming, and worst expense reporting system available on the market that I have experienced. Receipts are not automatically scanned It takes no less than 10 tabs on my phone in order to input one receipt Receipts which are emailed to the system do not get added as an expense instead they get turned into a multipage PDF which you don’t have to sort through manually in order to add to an expense. There are zero integrations available to other applications If feels like they aren’t even trying to make anyone’s life easier
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5 years ago, tommyboy819
Game changer
We just recently switched over to Nexonia from another software and I can tell I’ll be enjoying this a lot more. Drag and drop for receipts, and the fact that I can group several receipts in one entry is awesome! Love it so far!
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5 years ago, thewebgeek
Keeps getting worse
This is yet another example where an app goes from great to horrible over the course of a year all in the name of continuous improvement. From the removal of functionality to recent bugs related to the camera roll and the scanning functionality, this developer would really do its user base a service by just re-releasing a version from mid-2017.
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5 years ago, Demosthenes
Uploading Receipts from Photo Library is a nightmare
Having to load e-receipts from your phone’s library is an absolute nightmare. Every time you take a screenshot of a receipt you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of your photo album to get to the screenshots you just took 2 seconds prior. The fact that the order by which album is sorted is not the latest taken is beyond me.
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2 years ago, Governerd223
Uninstall App
Many people in our organization can only get data to update by uninstalling and reinstalling the app even though they have phones that are new and are up to date. Very inconvenient and a nuisance.
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5 years ago, AshRiley454
Super simple to use
Great way to help you stay organized. What I like most is how it streamlines the travel and expensing process. Beats what we were using before and everyone loves it here! I can make all the travel arrangements on the company’s card and I can upload my receipts on the spot and track as well all with this app. Never had any issues with missing reports either. I’d recommend Nexonia to everyone!
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1 year ago, sweetqt
Doesn’t save or transfer information
When I do an expense on the app and save it. It never shows up on the desktop version. So I end up having to do a whole new expense report when I get to my laptop cause it never shows. Not good when I’m on the go all the time and want to input my information in real time.
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4 years ago, beans about it
Not user friendly
Have tried emailing attachments of receipts into Nexonia from my iPhone and my laptop computer and get an email back that they were sent to my account but when I go look they are not there. This is a very poor expense record keeping application but was just announced by our soybean board that we are to use this now. Not impressed!
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5 years ago, Pharmfresh
Usually don’t leave reviews but...
This app really is terrible. Coming from Expensify this app is not transparent and not intuitive to use what so ever. The UI is also hideous and looks like this was an app created by someone who has never created an app before. Hopefully they improve this app, because currently it honestly feels like it’s in an alpha build. I’ll update if they improve it.
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10 months ago, Don't B extreme
Cannot save receipt images
The primary thing this app is useful for is capturing receipts on the go. If you capture a receipt and then crop the picture to fit your actual receipt, you cannot save. There is no save button on the screen. This app doesn’t do the primary thing that it supposed to do
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1 year ago, dbeckyl
App is the worst
How do you expect to want to use the app when it won’t even let you log in. I am able to use the web browser on my phone and laptop perfectly fine but the app won’t let me log in. It’s a little frustrating. You guys need to fix this cheap unreliable app.
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5 years ago, Mr.Miagi219
Doesn’t allow you to upload pics made from scanner apps
Worthless. For some reason when I go to the camera roll to pick the pictures I just made with my scanner app they won’t show. It worked the first few days I had the app now it doesn’t. Makes the whole point of the app worthless.
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5 years ago, Neerajc77
Making me scroll thru 62,000 pictures to get to my recipes
Folks Please fix this. Love the app but this is Terrible usability! I saved a few receipts. To attach the receipt saved in my camera roll, It starts all the way at the top - oldest photos ever - I have to scroll through 62,000 photos to get to the saved receipt photos. OMG, please fix this fellas.
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6 years ago, Gaurav_Manu
Keeps Crashing
I just started using the app and keeps crashing on me. Have re-installed but to no avail. Guess it’s not working well with new iOS software. Please look into it and improve compatibility & reliability of the app.
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5 years ago, T2a1
Wish the Pre-approval process was accessible though the App, so far seems it is only functional through Desktop. Please please fix this feature
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2 years ago, Vegaslife702
New update
So I have been using Nexonia for 5+ years and all I can say is the new update just went 7 years backwards in time. App is more glitchy and buggy then ever, the new features don’t work like quick add receipts. This new update feels cheap and not thought through. This Company is on its way down, now that web3 is here, we will see a lot of these outdated companies fall behind. Very 2D company that won’t see the future coming. Quote me on this, 2030 nexonia will be dead.
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3 years ago, Redheads
Rising Star App
This app is a rising star in the financial expense reporting world. I will lead the charge in the battle of expense reporting apps for Nexonia to be on top on the near future.
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5 years ago, ATRoye
Crashes with iOS 12
I rely on this for my job and since upgrading my phone it continually crashes/will not open.
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5 years ago, lucgillse
Great app!
Been using this for about 3 months and it’s awesome! Super quick and easy to use.
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1 month ago, Notanappleuser799
View all
Every time I select view all it force shuts down the app. It won’t sink all the expense reports now. Not helpful when expenses are due and all your receipts are links to that expense report that you can’t access.
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6 years ago, schuckys
Add Files from Cloud Storage
Please consider adding support to upload files to Reports from Cloud storage services - iCloud, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc...
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5 years ago, DAlex7777
Meaningless waste of space.
Apple’s Files app debuted in iOS 11. That was two years ago and Nexonia still doesn’t support this. I will continue to lobby for my company to use a current app that uses current APIs as a browser interface does more than this app.
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5 years ago, newyorkUES
Receipt upload horrible
When choosing a photo, it orders in reverse, meaning every time you have to select something, you have to scroll through photos from the beginning of time. For me, that means 20,000+ photos. So inefficient
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5 years ago, Slobbymon
Won’t syncs to desktop.
Just updated and I get an error when trying to sync. It says I don’t have a connection but clearly I do because I wrote this review using said connection. Just spent an hour doing expenses. Hope I don’t have to redo.
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5 years ago, Dr. where
Automatically changed the year on my receipt to 36 years ago
Receipts automatically scan, changed the year to 1983 for some reason. There is no easy way to change the year in the app.
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5 months ago, Ahshdbbdhdhd
Saved my marriage
This app saved my marriage it’s so easy to upload receipts
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6 years ago, Jfbordenjr50009
Mileage issue
Ever since last update it crashes when trying to add locations
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6 years ago, updateisnot good
Not happy with new update
Why would you remove tip calculator. Makes no sense, it was very useful.
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4 years ago, jgwidmer
Terrible app for users, cost effective for businesses
This app is so clunky and bad that I lost $10k+ from not submitting expenses. On the other hand, employers will love that employees will be so infuriated by the app that they skip submitting expenses. Great way to cut down on the travel budget!
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5 years ago, J-Dubbya
Just Not Happy...
Can’t open the app after the last update that was supposed to fix crashes... wasn’t crashing before the update (sigh).
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