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User Reviews for Nextiva App

2.11 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
1 year ago, ChocoMonk
Mobile experience worse than desktop
I work for a small business and we use Nextiva for our office phones. The desktop app and user experience is better than what mobile has to offer, although there are a few smaller shared issues. My biggest complaints with the mobile experience are the notifications and login. I have all notifications disabled in my iOS settings, yet the Nextiva app still takes up my whole phone screen when a call comes in and pings me with other notifications. This is particularly annoying in the car because it interrupts my music or podcast, and there is no way to decline the call unless I take the time to be distracted, open the Nextiva app, and go through the slow and inefficient login process. Logging into the Nextiva app requires use of a Safari pop up instead of an in-app login. Why this is, I’m not sure, but it’s definitely slower and less efficient than baking the login into the app, which is how I believe it should be. Otherwise the mobile app provides a mostly identical experience and feature set to what can be found with the desktop app.
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7 months ago, Travis42000
Don’t believe all the bad reviews
I have used Nextiva for about 4 years now. My first experience was on their old mobile app, and the old desktop app. Which myself and the first company I worked for never really had issues. The downside on the prior versions was that the mobile and desktop app were not in sync. I moved to a new employer in August of 2022, who was using ring central. Right away my first experience with Ring Central was not great, the support was outsourced. And in all the account reps were just not knowledgeable. I contacted my prior Nextiva Rep, and he showed me and my new boss the Brand New Nextiva One app. We were blown away! My boss immediately wanted to switch to Nextiva, and EVERYTHING the Nextiva rep told me was exactly spot on. I will say that in September when the new app was released there was lots of bugs, but they seemed to always get fixed almost immediately. It’s now 6 months since Nextiva has rolled out the new platform and they have it dialed in and running perfectly. The customer support had some issues for about a month around December/January but ever since they realigned their customer service teams anytime we have ever needed support it’s been a blessing working with the Nextiva support team.I am now the hero in the office as I helped get our small company of 14 users over to what I would say is the best solution available.
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5 months ago, Danae331
Don’t do it
Phone service with Nextiva and the app have by far been the most frustrating and maddening part of opening our small business. The desktop interface as well as the app are awful. I honestly don’t know how they could be worse. The app doesn’t seem to refresh, ever. There has been multiple times I will see a notification pop up on my watch for a voicemail or text but cannot find it in the app to reply or listen to, no matter how many times I refresh or log out/log back in, etc. And the app logs you out randomly, it’ll be a day or two and I realize I haven’t seen anything and go to the app and I’ve been logged out. With how crummy everything is I have zero confidence that I haven’t missed a call or message once I get logged back in. Also, calls ring through to my personal cell number and I have no idea how that happens. I’ve looked at every setting multiple times and chatted with support and still I continue to receive calls on my personal number. This is frustrating because I don’t always answer unknown numbers and my voicemail message is my personal one so I’m sure that’s confusing for clients when they call. I don’t feel that it’s too much to ask for this to not happen. We’ve started to look into other providers and I will GLADLY pay more for service I can actually use confidently and that doesn’t make me want to scream with frustration almost daily.
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4 years ago, yarelad
2nd time around
Single user prospects beware. This system is geared toward medium to large businesses. This is the second time I have tried Nextiva. The support is less than stellar. Like many things these days they want you to go read about your problem online or in a manual or watch a video. I have had to complain multiple times about what should have been simple problems and solutions. I will most likely go back too other systems. It took multiple tries to get the fax number to work in the text number is still not working. It seems to me the simplest solution is one number that does it all. If my iPhone can do it then obviously the technology exists. Maybe it’s a way to drive up prices. As far as I’m concerned any company that says something like how can I provide you with excellent service is suspect in my mind. What is that, manipulation? I Purchased a Legacy number and it took for ever to have it ported in. The only reason I have it changed companies as I’m afraid of the amount of time my legacy number will not work because of the porting process at Nextiva. All I can do is reiterate “prospects beware.”
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7 years ago, Californiaguy11
Best phone service
I'll start by talking to Nextiva and what they do for me. Nextiva is the phone service that I use in my office and has been for the past 4 years. I got hooked up with them after my neighbor at home told me about their phone service. It was a much better company to use compared to Verizon and what my office had before. But what has been #1 reason why they keep getting my money is the app. I literally only make phone calls on the app now. I don't use the phone on my desk and it just collects dust. Being able to make calls on the app is crazy technology and unbelievable. I don't know how we reached this point where the desk phone is obsolete. If you are reading this and debating with yourself if you should get the app. Do it. The app will make you more productive. I compare this to how we used to think we didn't need a website, then we realized that everyone needs a website and it's the future and normal. I won't be surprised if all calls will be made on cell phones instead of office desk phones in the future.
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1 year ago, Kickinurmacass
Constant glitches and flaws
I’ve had this mobile app to run a small business for a couple years now. It’s just terrible. I have missed calls on a regular basis! The phone numbers that are calling do not show up, so unless you have a contact saved in the app, you have no idea of the number of the person calling. The app is glitchy at best. Currently getting alerts I have 1 voicemail, yet they are showing all read on my app. I do get emails with the voicemails, which I like, so I know I haven’t missed one. And now, all of a sudden, I have 27 unread text messages. After scrolling through pages and pages of text messages, I see there is a block of messages from last year that are now shows as unread for some reason. and of course I have to go back and forth between “chat” messages and “sms” messages, instead of them all being together and marked differently, and the “sms” messages do not give me an option to make all as read, only the “chat” messages do. Not worth trying to get customer service to help either, so I just deal with it until I have the time to try to figure out what to use next for my business phone that I want on my personal cell phone.
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3 years ago, JasonEff
The app needs work
Our company uses Nextiva phone service, which is OK. This review is about the app, which is pretty bad. The app just doesn’t make any sense from a UI perspective. Why on earth does it default to chat view? The only reason that we use the app is for calling, and from what I’ve read in other reviews, that applies to a lot of other people. It’s like Nextiva is trying really hard to make their chat a thing but there are other, better apps for this such as Slack etc. why not just integrate with best-in-class apps instead of reinventing the wheel? At a bare minimum there should be a setting that allows the user to choose their default home screen, rather than placing the chat front and center and requiring people to work around it just to make a call. I don’t really care about the “unified communications“ platform, but if you just make your phone system a joy to use, I’d be much more likely to try your other services.
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3 years ago, GAlvarez3
Needs improvement
I was very excited to finally see an update today for our Nextiva App but wish some of our issues with the app were addressed. First off, I believe that the app needs to open on something other than “Messages”. This is a VoIP system and not a messaging app. The “Directory” is filled with clutter such as “Hunt Groups”, “Auto Attendants”, etc. “Favorites” don’t actually get saved in there and somehow get removed on their own. I don't feel that we should have to save all our contacts inside of Favorites to have to call them. They should be in the directory without all that mess. Calls continue to drop and with all the advanced technology we have there should be no reason why if a users WiFi signal is weak; the mobile app should be intelligent enough to automatically switch to mobile data. Transferring calls don’t go to the designated user for some reason. Old users don’t get removed from the app automatically and in result Nextiva Support just request uninstall/reinstall app and sign out/in. Group/Conferencing calls is not an option within the app either; just a group message...I would love to see some of these things addressed.
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3 years ago, Coryarrrrr
Buggy app with inefficient UI
I work in the IT department at a company that uses Nextiva company-wide and support users who have issues with this app all the time. This review is just my personal opinion about the app and not the overall VOIP service we use from them. The app’s UI is confusing and inefficient. One example is that every time you open the app it defaults to the messages menu. Why? Literally no one at my company uses this app for text messages and it is a pain to always have to navigate to the directory or phone menu. There is one absolutely irritating bug that happens every time I try searching for a number on the directory. I look up the person, select them, then select call and I get an error that their number is not available even though I just saw it on the screen before. The workaround is to exit the directory and then go back in and to the search again. You can usually make the call on the second attempt. Not sure if this is the app’s fault but it also drops calls all the time if moving in and out of range of WiFi. It would be nice if it could seamlessly transfer to mobile data.
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4 months ago, Tessa1234oo
User friendly only if you have over abundance of patience
This app used to work great… since last two updates it’s become increasingly worse. Main complaint is dropped incoming calls with a notification saying bad network connection after it acts like it connects. Outgoing calls I’ve had better luck with. I am on excellent wifi and have worked with nextiva support and our personal IT Team to set our network settings to nextiva’s recommendations. No positive change. In fact the call dropping actually got worse. Nextiva suggested turning on logs in the app and send to support once there has been two or more incidents. I did this and have received no response. I actually sent it twice thinking maybe they didn’t receive it. We have resorted to giving out our personal phone numbers so clients can confidently reach us which defeats the purpose of the app altogether. Additionally, we’ve begun shopping around for quotes for a different VoIP system. Can’t wait! Wish support was better with nextiva.
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6 years ago, elveerang
it is a great service
I would like to recommend Nextiva for your every businessman or business women for its convenience. This app provides suitable price and excellent customer service. Our company has been using Nextiva for our office phones for over 1 years and I find this is really helpful. You can immidiately update and transform to your business line. It is also easy to set up and change. Customer service is quite good. They deal with all the issues and the line is running quickly. It worked really well and I am satisfied . Customer service is so helpful and fixes things as soon as posible. It is a good experience. The new product Nextiva Mobility is still being worked on, but it allows me to use my laptop and cell phone to make calls too. It carries my office with me when I am not at the office. I think it is doing well and such a cool service for me.
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1 year ago, TxCrocodile
Avoid at all costs if you are…
A small business user and need the app to function. Nextiva is a company designed to help medium to large businesses with desk phones. The mobile app for a small business is about as worthless as it gets. The prepaid money for a contract is not refundable no matter how bad the service is. My app has been installed and reinstalled a number of times. Lots of complaints to tech and they try to tell me that something is wrong with the router even though I explain clearly that it has nothing to do with the router. When I am out of the office (away from Wi-Fi) I still can’t get calls to come through many times even though I have full signal strength on 5G. App sometimes rings once and then immediately disconnects customer. Customers will be talking to me and then can’t hear me. The issues are countless and this company seems half baked. The desktop does work with a Cisco IP phone though but this review is for the app. The app is awful. Just look at how many 1 star ratings and keep on searching. Going to grasshopper likely.
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6 months ago, Got to downgrade now.
Updated yesterday and now my time is wasted.
Why do I have to tap on every missed call to clear it, so that there is no red number next to the app’s icon or while in it on the “Calls” icon? I’ve tried to refresh it like the previous versions, pulling down on the history list or even just going to a different tab and the number would vanish. Not anymore. Since most of my calls are answered on the office phone, this app on my cell phone can get a few missed calls every day. I do NOT have the time to spend on tapping each and every missed call just to clear them. I can’t remove the app because of work, otherwise I would have already. Please unbreak this feature.
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1 month ago, MelissaVal
Works well
I’ve been using the Nextiva App for a couple of years now. I’ve never used another app of this kind so I can’t compare, but I have been pretty happy with it. We work from home and part of my job is answering phones. The app has made it possible for me to take care of other small tasks away from my desk while still being able to answer calls. It’s also very handy when my co-worker is out as I can still go outside or run to the store on my lunch and continue to answer the phones. Occasionally my cell phone will continue ringing after I answer my desk phone, but it’s not much of an issue. It has made it so I’m not tied to my desk all day long and that is something to be happy about. Calls are clear and I don’t have a problem with dropping them. I would recommend the app as it has made my life much better as far as work goes.
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7 years ago, Catolthazar
Fair pricing and excellent customer service
I'd recommend Nextiva for your VOIP service. Fair pricing and excellent customer service. We've been with Nextiva for our office phones for over 3 years. They were easy to set up with and change from the local phone carrier. They took care of all of the issues and got us up and running quickly. Now things are set up and run smoothly. When we have an issue customer service is so helpful and fixes things in a timely manner. I've had many good experiences with them. Their new product Nextiva Mobility is still being worked on and there are some glitches, but overall it allows me more freedom using my laptop and cell phone to make calls. It allows me to move my office around when I travel and clients don't need to know I'm not at my desk. I'm happy we switched to VOIP and Nextiva does a great job.
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5 months ago, Msfeige
Could be cool, if it worked
Sometimes the app rings while I’m on my actual phone in the office. So my cell phone is just making all sorts of noise. I mean the app continues to ring the entire time I’m on the phone, and sometimes continues after I hang up. Sometimes, when I answer a call from the app, a person is actually there. However that is rare. Most of the time, they have actually already hung up and the app is ringing too late. I wish the app would work, it was a huge selling point and is a complete let down. Only two of us use it because it at least alerts us that we have a call on the weekends. Can you please make this app work? I would like to add, since they wrote back to contact support, that I have done this previously and nothing was done to correct it. I would hope they would see all these reviews and do something about it. We have ZERO problems with the service in the office, but a huge selling point for us was the app and it works so poorly only two of us have it installed
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1 year ago, gwilmusicguy
Terrible App Experience
The app worked ok when I first downloaded it last fall, But now is entirely unusable and annoying. This is a huge problem as I am a sole proprietor and count on the app to answer calls when I’m out of my store. I can’t answer calls in the app, it will ring at most twice and then stop, and even if I pick it up on the first ring it doesn’t work. Calls answered on my office phone generate missed call notifications on my Lock Screen, but when you check call history there not there. If I sign out or delete the app to try and remedy this, it will not let me sign back in, it asks you to sign in on the website and when I do it returns to the app and asks to do it again. It will either get stuck in this loop or error out after a couple of tries. After much time on the phone with support it partially worked for a day and now is doing the exact same thing. The app was one of the main reasons I chose this service and it doesn’t work and now I’m stuck in a contract with Nextiva.
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1 year ago, Stunta IB's Iphone
App is terrible
I’ve had this app for a year next month and i hate it with a passion!!!!! Im not getting notification about tx messages so unless i click on the app and refresh the app then it takes like 10sec to load up my txt messages, i miss important txt which is affecting my business in a very bad way. Calls take 10-15sec to receive i say hello at least 5x or more before the person on the other end can hear me. I have notifications of voicemails but all my voicemails have been listened too. I can’t erase txt messages at all so i have hundreds of txt messages god forbid i have to find a txt that was received a while ago. Im really disappointed that I chose this company this has been a terrible experience. Because my business cards and vehicles have the numbers they provided such as my direct #, 1800# and fax I’ve stuck with it but im try to figure out another company to switch to because this has hurt my business way more than its helped !
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2 years ago, Robwolp
It Works, With Glitches
I work for hospice and use this app to call my patients and caregivers. I was attracted to this app because there was the option to set “business hours” for the phone to ring. I like being able to set boundaries for work. It is supposed to go to my voicemail outside of those hours. However, that has rarely happened - if at all. The app also constantly shows that I have notifications, even if I have checked them. There is always a red 1, 2, 3, etc. hovering over the app. The app also doesn’t always connect my calls or has poor reception. Finally, I’ve had voicemails in the past that I’m unable to view. The app shows that I have a new voicemail but it does not appear in my voicemail box. I’m sure there are other little things I missed. Sometimes the app works how I would like, but it can be rare. I will be looking for options in the next couple weeks. This is not worth $30+ a month. I’d keep it for $5.
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2 years ago, RobAaron
Non-functional and not worth using
I rarely write reviews, but this app is so terrible I felt the need to warn others. My organization has tried to use this app as a substitute for those that need to work from home, or are out on the road. When a call comes through, one of two things happens. The phone may give half a ring, then not again. Nothing will be in the call history. Other times, calls will continue to ring even if the call is picked up by the desk phone or the call isn’t answered. The ring will sound until the user cancels the call or attempts to answer it, even though the caller may have ended the call. The voicemail tab never shows our voicemails, even though I can call in and hear that I have voicemails. My call history has not updated in 14 days. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but these issues plague anyone in my organization using this app. I’m disappointed at how poorly this app works.
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3 years ago, Sherroberro
Getting WORSE with every update
PLEASE NEXTIVA READ THIS HONEST REVIEW!! I used the Nextiva app all day, every day and it is the most difficult call/chat app I have ever used. The app’s calling platform used to resemble the iPhone platform which displayed the “contacts”, “dial pad”, “recent calls”, etc. along the bottom so it was easily available at all times. Now every time I want to make a call (which is over 50+ a day), I have to manually click to the left, select dial pad and type in the number. What’s worse is that with the newest update, I have to do this step after every call because the default page is the messaging portion. Why can’t it stay in the dial pad screen while I continue to make calls like it used to? Also during the call, they hid all of the buttons to use the “dial pad”, “transfer”, “merge”, etc. and instead left a huge, ugly, plain white screen. I could get past the fact that this app glitches, hangs up on calls, has terrible sound quality most of the time, and all the other annoying things with this app if they didn’t keep doing updates that make it user-UN-friendly. Please reach out if you actually care and want more in depth feedback!! Do you even use a User Researcher to get feedback on what your clients actually want or do you make decisions on a whim because you think this is what we want?
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2 years ago, hatenextiva
Extremely frustrating
I’ve had to delete and reinstall over and over. Last time was yesterday and it quit working again. I answer and get nothing, goes to voicemail. Wish I could give negative stars and get out of my contact. UPDATE: After dealing with customer service (title, not what they do), again, post review, things are no better. They have had me delete and reinstall repeatedly. Blamed internet, blamed equipment. Latest excuse was my router. But as the rep was doing remote access to my computer (at her request) I asked how that could possibly affect my cell phone app, she said it would if I used that service to answer my call. She canceled her remote session when I pointed out that my cell phone does not usually connect to my office WiFi when I am not in my office. That it uses cell service. At that point she ended the session with no ideas. Again wish I did not have to give that whole star.
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6 months ago, fayfil
Dysfunctional app
I have been using this app for business for over a year now and it has been nothing but a disappointment. I try to use if for basic functions like make calls and send texts… the call quality is very low, your callers can’t hear you and your calls get dropped almost every time, your texts get hung up in ‘sending’ and then keeps telling you to try again, when calls come through there’s no differentiation between personal and business calls, I have called several times to get technical support but they have no clue on how to solve these problems, tickets are opened and closed without resolution, the fax functionality has not been working either, when you try to send a fax, it gets stuck at sending. The desk phone sent to me has never worked, I gave up on that after five calls to customer service and hours on the phone without resolution.
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5 months ago, DLW12234
Two year customer: Pretty much a waste of two thousand dollars
Service is worth at most twenty us dollars per month. So as a two year customer I feel as a business the owners have wasted around two thousand dollars. Poor call quality. App that shows missed call notifications and doesn’t ring for months on end. No one here Can figure out how to make outgoing calls from Nextiva instead of our local number which we’ve been instructed not to dial out from. We’ve tried the iPhone app. We’ve tried the desktop app what they call the “soft pad”. Both are shoddy products that don’t work. In Nextiva’s defense they were the third such service we’ve used in recent years. Ring central was no better and we paid double. Grasshopper used to be great but then stopped being so. We need a phone service. Does anyone provide what we need without a bunch of charges for things we don’t need? Nextiva isn’t it.
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3 years ago, embakr
App is buggy and doesn’t work on iPhone 12
Also the support is generally abysmal. Like other users, I was intrigued by the features but immediately after I became a customer I had the joy of experiencing first-hand the subpar customer service and the awful bait and switch regarding buying a number. I spend an hour or two finding the perfect toll free number, refreshed for most recent results and then purchased... only to find 3 days later that the number was unavailable and that the sales rep couldn’t be bothered to make sure I was setup properly. I spent three days being bounced between 4 different tech and customer support reps none of whom seemed interested making sure I was take care of. Fast forward 2 months and now, during the busiest time of year for my business, my Nextiva app won’t open and constantly crashes on start. Super disappointed that they don’t seem to care about small business owners...
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3 years ago, Spinnaker093
Outdated mobile technology / rude and pushing sales reps
I have been with 8x8 for a few years and thought I would check out other options including Nextiva, RingCentral, Jive, Dialpad and Vonage Business. My experience with Nextiva was not good. For starters, Nextiva does not offer a free trial period (I.e. 7 days) like the competition but instead requires you to pay for 1 months service with a money back option. Yes, I got my money back but it took a long time with high pressure sales to try to convince me that their solution was the best...which it is not. Their mobile technology is behind the times. It needs a major refresh and feels like it has not been updated in years. Their apps do not sync well with the phones contacts which is challenging for any person that rely on their phones. Accessing your VM requires you to dial into a separate number and listen to each message. They implemented video conferencing within the last year and the integration into their app is terrible not to mention that their video conferencing solution is the weakest of any solution I have tested. The biggest problem is the call quality when calling from your phone app. Lots of distortion and just plain poor call quality. Avoid this company because their are much better and reliable solutions out there.
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4 months ago, hopefulcustomer9
Terrible app, full of glitches
Lacks ability to control features in app. Missed calls or notifications have to be manually cleared 1 by 1, and if your phone/extension isn’t answered often, you have thousands of missed calls and the notifications will be there until you go click on every single number. If your phone received 2 separate call groups/business calls, you won’t be able to tell when you look at call log which number called where… you see it on called ID when call is happening only. Text messaging glitches, doesn’t load, doubles up texts with same person, have to restart app multiple times to hopefully get it cleared up. No option to block app notifications during certain times, or call group, you have to mess with entire company’s settings and flow, instead of just your individual app/preference.
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2 months ago, i-hater
Terrible UI & Limited Functionality
The app doesn't update the latest calls displayed unless you restart the app, there's no refresh option (I have background refresh enabled). I also have the Unity and One apps installed on my desktop and I've been unable to take a call from my cell when it rings through to the desktop. Switching from desk phone to mobile and vice versa is confusing and cumbersome, if it even works. UI is dated and confusing to navigate. Features are limited and hard to utilize. Settings are almost nonexistent. Integrations are minimal. All related apps/programs don't sync together in real time. And on top of all this, my keyboard and mouse are glitching and delayed ever since I installed their desktop programs. It's 2023 and there are plenty of similar and cheaper apps out there that just work. This app/company seems to be stuck in 2012.
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2 months ago, Soaper mom
The service is ok but the app fails
The service is fine. However, the app I need to use when not in the office is full of issues. It NEVER refreshes. I can listen to voicemail and see who has called but currently the app is showing that I have over 600 calls and messages waiting to be viewed which is incorrect and annoying as ever. I go back and select the calls it’s showing as, not viewed, and the app continues to keep them on the list of over 600 calls not viewed. No way to block a caller from the app either. I’m seriously considering a new service for my business phones. UPDATE: Developer responded that the issue of the app showing viewed calls as still unviewed had been fixed on Aug 1st but that is not the case as the app is still showing I have over 600 calls unviewed. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 months ago, txmike43
May 2023 still awful
Believe the bad reviews. I really hope you read these reviews before Nextiva locks you into a long contract. This app is absolutely awful. It locks you out constantly, you’ll miss calls constantly then your history will disappear until you log out and log back in. Oh you may have to delete the app completely then download it again. Then if you call technical support and actually talk to someone within the hour they’ll have you change your password because that will reset the system for sure. It’s very difficult to run a small company with 25 users and use Nextiva. I’m constantly running tech support for this service and it has become like a full time job. Stay away! Btw I’ve been with them over 7 years and I wish I could go back to their old service that actually worked.
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2 months ago, bshocks7377
Very poor reliability for mobile platforms
I use an new iPhone 13pro, coworkers with androids and unless you’re on a bonafide Wi-Fi connection this app shoots 45% reliability to make calls or connect. I typically call back everyone after a call happens due to connection issues or have the app crash and have to redownload every day to establish connection. The customer service reps are available and helpful when called upon but their product is not something I would ever recommend for a business that has to ensure calls are received and work as planned. The conference call function does not work or the sound quality is too poor for professional meetings so I end up using my own personal phone many times having to give out business contacts my personal phone.
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5 months ago, Dj Haer
App glitchy
I’ve used Nextiva for about 1-2 years now. 1st off their support is not the best, as every time you need help with something, they need 16 points of verification and 10 details about your phone. Seems like it might be easier to just have that stuff on record after the first time, but they don’t. But besides that, the app has always been glitchy, from having my customers calls missed, to texts not sending (and not letting me know that they have not sent), to having to delete and re-download the app every time something goes wrong. I feel like a good user interface shouldn’t be that hard to make being that you can use Apple or Messenger, or legit any other user interface for calling and messaging as a template. But this company still continues to unimpress, probably will not be long before I search for another.
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3 months ago, DRSTX
Poor Functionality
I now use Nextiva for voice phone service with our company. The voice quality is average, not HD by any means and less than the competition we came from. There is much lag with the phone app and voice communications but the most annoying part of the app is it’s very archaic layout, slow performance when tapping the 2008 like buttons and constant notifications weeks after you have cleared the notifications. The notifications will not go away! If you are looking for a clean app for your employees, this is not it. I should have done more research and I hope this helps you to take a minute and research the options. Quite frankly, they should start over and write a new app that competes with their competition. Even the desktop app is slow and laggy but at least it is fully functional.
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3 years ago, slty.jayy
Has no problem charging me but has a problem delivering a reliable service
If your looking for a reliable service THIS ISNT IT. Ever since I set up my service I’m running into problems with my number everyday. I was not able to receive incoming calls (Call Backs) to my business number and I was wondering why sales was beginning to lack. After finding out the problem it took them 3 days just to get back into contact with me. After it was resolved, the same issue came about again a day later, I had to wait another couple days to get in touch with customer service. After they resolved the issue, the texting feature stopped working, which means I have to call them once again to resolve these issues. I’m sorry but is getting a reliable service that hard to ask for?
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4 months ago, Yovanne03
Horrible app
The app sign out on its own at least once a day. If I don’t notice that it logged me out, I will miss work calls and text messages. If someone calls me and I miss the call, I get a notification on my phone, but when I open the app, the miss call doesn’t show up. Same thing with text messages. What I do on my computer it doesn’t reflect on the app and visa versa. Also, if I’m on a call, it automatically send them to voicemail without letting them leave a message. This needs to get fixed to where if I’m on another phone, it should give me the option to answer the call. What’s frustrating the most is that I can see a missed call, but it doesn’t give me the information of the person calling. It just said “miscall”, which is frustrating because I don’t know what client is calling to conduct business!
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3 years ago, Gretsnig
The new update is very confusing
I Very much liked this app in its previous incarnation. I understood how it worked, settings were easier to find, whenever I signed out it would ask me if I wanted calls to continue to go to my cell or not. All of this is gone with the current iteration. I don’t get a notification when I sign out if I want calls to keep coming to my cell and I can’t figure out any of the settings. I have no idea how to get Nextiva to go back to showing incoming calls coming from Nextiva rather than just my cell. I hope you guys go back to the previous version (I.e. 22.9 and below) as the current version of the app is just unintuitive and confusing.
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1 year ago, belsnshsidb
absolutely not.
if i could give this no stars i would. i have been working from this app for going on 4 months now & it has been awful. TERRIBLE! it won't let me answer calls, if there's 2 people calling at once it won't give me the option to answer any of them, some calls won't even pop up on my screen, it'll say i was able to answer & really wasn't but it has the phone screen up. it's a continuous cycle. the only way i can make it work is if i log out & back in or if i delete the whole app which is honestly ridiculous. we are getting busy at my workplace & i don't have time to be logging out & back in or deleting the whole app. my boss & i have contacted people trying to fix it but it has yet to be fixed. i think it's a problem they can't figure out. 10/10 do not recommend.
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1 month ago, E.vasquez
Amazing app
Two years back, we switched to Nextiva, and it's been a great choice. The setup was easy, their support team was really helpful, and the call quality is top-notch. Features like voicemail transcription and call forwarding boosted our daily operations, spiking our productivity by 100%. The mobile app rocks too, keeping us connected to our business line on the go. Highly recommend Nextiva for any business needing a solid phone system. In short, Nextiva totally transformed how we communicate within the company, making customer, partner, and colleague connections a breeze. Andres romero
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12 months ago, Force_ful
Worst business decision I’ve made
I have been using their E-fax for years. Although it wasn’t really Apple friendly it did work through email and I made it work for my business. So I decided to upgrade my goggle voice to nextiva. What a disaster. Ive spent about ten hours troubleshooting so I receive business calls. Still will not work when im on the road. I live in a city, and Nextiva offers no solutions for this- just “oh, we dont have cell towers like a cellular carrier.” Google was FREE and did not drop my calls when not on Wi-Fi. Then when its on Wi-Fi you have to have amazing internet for it to actually work. Now I pay someone in my business to deal with Nextiva, besides me wasting my time. AND the call forwarding is a nightmare. I still cant get it to work. Therefore, I consider this an extremely poor business decision and I regret it.
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4 months ago, Vckycv
Works fine for calls
We started using Nextiva 6 months ago, our primary needs was a VOIP solution for communicating with our customers, we have about 25 sales and support agents who spend most of their day talking to customers and they are mostly on the road. We were at first nervous when we saw all the negative reviews, but the overall solution and price point looked attractive to us, we started using the desktop app first which has some cool productivity features like ability to make notes on calls and uploading our Google contacts. We have since switched to using the mobile app exclusively, there were some hiccups at first on our agents home network which turned out to be a setup in our router which fixed all the dropped call issues. The things we would like to see added/fixed are 1. Make the text messaging functionality better, it is not very reliable from our experience 2. The UI uses very small fonts, please fix it 3. Add Bluetooth controls to the app
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12 months ago, annabel duh
Horrible App
I work for a small business that uses Nextiva. We’ve always been a virtual office so we were excited about the app to use on our personal mobile devices. This one doesn’t cut it. Continually has problems with ringing once and sending straight to voicemail. Had an issue where I deleted and downloaded again to try and resolve issues and then it wouldn’t let me sign in prompting error messages. “Support” can only go through an authorized user in the company so we’re literally playing a game of telephone trying to resolve the issue. Even though text functionality is supposed to work for my line we still can’t get that feature to work after multiple calls and assertions that all should be set. Issue after issue, Nextiva needs to revamp this quickly - it’s an issue.
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3 years ago, JoeLeavesAReview
Feature request
On the app, the first screen I see is a messenger or chat app which I never use. Can you add a feature to allow the user to set the home screen when the app is opened? I would prefer to see either dial pad or my call history when I first open the app. Would be good feature add. Also, the system for adding contacts is too confusing and needs to work better. Would be nice to click on a recent call and add the name of that caller so that I can see their name pop up in future calls. Otherwise, great little app and I almost never use my desk phone now as it is easier and better to use this app with my Bluetooth headset instead.
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1 year ago, turfgrrl
Great VOIP Poor App
As a VOIP provider Nextiva is top notch. As an iOS app developer they are missing the core UX required. The app does not adhere to any standard that makes it easy to use. You have to log out periodically for any SMS to actually show up. The login is through a web login to their backend system. You can’t delete SMS massages. Your incoming calls are treated like some weird modal pop up on your phone. There is really no intuitive way to manage the incoming calls. And yet the calls themselves are crystal clear. Nextiva’s app development needs to have a better understanding of why and how a user works with VOIP on iPhones and iPads before iterating the next version of the app.
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3 years ago, Hfthgf
Worst experience ever
I was trying to come up with a reason as to why I would even give this service and app a 1 star instead of zero and I can’t think of anything. First, the app for the phone and the desktop app are both super inconsistent. I’ve experienced dropped calls, missed calls, one way audio, bad audio quality, texts not coming in or going out. The worst part is that the support team have NO answers for anything! I have spent a total of 6 hours on three separate occasions to get help with my issues and the only thing that was solved I ended up fixing by myself and stumped the support guy. They always tell me they will take notes and get back to me, but never do. My entire company has been having massive issues with the service and support equally. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone enemy or not.
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6 years ago, Mr.Mike41
Of all the phone apps, nextiva is best
I've used shoretels iPhone app, ringcentral, and Skype. Nextiva is the most reliable of them all and easiest to use. It has the fewest bugs, which is weird to say because apps should not have bugs. But shoretel especially was a mess. They would always try to fix the app but their engineers would make it worse. Nextiva for iPhone and my MacBook is the way to go. I use it primarily when I'm away from the office but it's so easy that I just use them instead of my polycom phone on my desk. The app easily connects with with apple airpods so the quality is great on every call.
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4 years ago, arianepe
Major Update Issues
I love Nextiva. They helped us out when we were going through nightmarish situations with our previous voip service provider. But now for some reason our team and our clients are going through issues due to updates. We always have to uninstall and reinstall apps or reboot network connections and its becoming annoying. We work remotely so we wont always be connected to a wifi connection and previously to this update we could make and receive calls perfectly, but now it seems that if were not connected to a wireless network the app doesn't work. The new visual concept is great, but if looks are going to interfere with quality - I prefer the old look and the great quality of the product.
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4 months ago, Girlie Starnes
More headache than it’s worth
I keep getting logged out of the app. I saved my clients numbers into my desk phone but still can’t see who is calling when The “caller ID” pops up on my cell phone. When I am able to pick up a call from outside of the office and attempt to answer it the call cannot be answered even though it appears to be connected on my end. I always have to call them back. I’ve deleted the app many times and reinstalled it worked with my company’s support team and Nextiva long wait for customer support. Ready to give up on it. Plus it cost over $300 last month to add a new user and they couldn’t explain the breakdown of the costs. (3 separate charges)
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3 months ago, HonestSysadmin
Functional for calls but notifications are broken.
Every time I answer a call on my desk phone instead of the mobile app, the app gives me a missed call notification. When I check my missed calls, obviously it’s not there since it wasn’t actually missed. However, the app will mark the last 5-10 previous missed calls as unread, despite my having acknowledged them one by one in-app EVERY TIME I have gotten a ‘missed call’ notification. The missed calls remain acknowledged on my desk phone so I presume it’s an app-specific issue. Closing and reopening the app doesn’t fix it, and signing out of and back into the app doesn’t fix the issue either.
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1 year ago, Tbell2313
Love the ease of use!
I have been using the Nextiva app for about a year now and I love the ease of use along with the ability to switch calls from my computer to my cell phone just by simply dialing *11 on either device. It took me a few months to realize that but since I discovered it I can easily take my calls from the office right into my car if I have to run at the end of my day. Sound and call quality is great and I’ve never had any customers complain otherwise.
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2 years ago, Baxter0116
Poor tech support
I have spent over 8 1/2 hours and 7 calls on the phone trying to get my mobile app to work correctly. Each time I’m on the phone for over and hour and they attempt the same things every time and it doesn’t work. So after so long In which they can’t figure out how to correct the issue they put you on a “brief hold” which in return disconnects you and then they don’t call you back. So then you have to start over with someone else that does the same things the previous rep did. I have been begging them to just forward me to teir 2 support which they refuse to do. I finally was able to get one rep to say she was then of course I was disconnected. But here I am in contract with a company that refuses to help.
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