NFC Tools

4.6 (6.9K)
4.3 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for NFC Tools

4.6 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
6 months ago, devinarkan
very good
I’ve been using this app for a long time now and its has been amazing so far. there are 2 missing features though. the first one is not being able to read some cards. my iPhone would simply ignore some tags (I tested this with some NFC cards which are not credit cards). the second feature is it would be nice to write data exactly as its saved in the Saved Tags section
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4 years ago, The10thHunter
Went on the App Store for about an hour and this seems to be the only one that tells me everything about the NFC chip as well as formatting and locking it with a password. Only problem I have is it doesn’t let me pair with my Sennheiser 4.40 BT headphones. That however I’m sure is an Apple issue because I’ve looked on Apple’s manual for NFC online and there doesn’t seem to be any documentation for pairing
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2 years ago, Tfrog5489
Totally awesome!! 👍👍
NFC Tools is totally awesome and I like the idea of going digital on the old school identification tags, such as dog tags. You can get creative and put your own information on the NFC sticker that is affixed to an old fashioned dog tag. I like the fact that you can do a mixture of old school and new school with NFC stickers too… Way to go and keep up the great work. 👍👍
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7 months ago, Zach+G.
Connection Error. Please Try Again.
Gave it an extra two stars (3): (1) no crashing despite ugly UI. (2) C+ for effort to support the feature count. Appears it may provide a decent adhoc tool for intermediate-level features and utilities. However, it’s unknown to me if those features are operable using NFC/RFID tags/chips unowned by me. Upon attempts to read my NFC/USB-C Titan Security Key (Model: K40T), this application for the last two years has not been able to read it. Begins scan, after tapping the key against the top of device it successfully recognizes the NFC device and shows error message 'Connection Error. Please Try Again.' This fails every time, despite evident operability of the key on same device, and precisely using the NFC communication with other applications.
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10 months ago, Collin8637
I have don’t write reviews but this app deserves it I use my old cash app card and I can make it do what ever I want I can make it to where when I tap it on somebody’s phone It can show my snap TikTok any thing I can make them go on websites if they click it and I really like this app
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3 years ago, C28_Music
Simply the best
There is no other app out there with this perfect mixture of easy to understand UI, and data richness. I use NFC data tags for automation all the time and this is THE go to app! Additionally, the developers 100% deserve the funds provided for the pro upgrade and the upgrade itself is well worth the price! This app is fantastic, simply the best!
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7 months ago, Ohkauu
Works perfectly
Works for everything I want and the pro is a one time purchase which I really appreciated. If it had been a subscription I would have deleted the app immediately.
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1 year ago, shorner0913
Easy to use, but Business Card functionality on iOS limited
Very simple and user friendly, but trying to use this to setup business cards for iOS and won’t automatically work. Will have to use another workaround to share contact info
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2 years ago, Tina_Luc
Works well for some things
This app does well and does most of the jobs, I’m having issues with programming my tags to add a contact or add my WiFi, but it does well with going to websites or social media profiles and even. Venmo. Please fix the add contacts option… that would be amazing if that actually worked since I’m using this for networking events.
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2 years ago, Jakertakert
This app is quick, easy to understand, and does what it says it will do every time. I love it! It made writing my new nfc cards so easy. I can write a url onto a new card in under 30 seconds from start to finish.
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3 years ago, Frostysaur
Reads and writes!
It actually works, I use these at work, I copy the work nfc tags and write them on my own tags, to make things simpler. All it needs is a folder feature to organize different saved tags.
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2 years ago, Grempe
Has Contacts Access without grant
Somehow this app, newly installed, has full and complete access to my contacts (in the write tag section). I did not grant this access, and the app is not even listed in Settings > Privacy > Contacts so it is not possible for me to grant or deny access to my contacts. This is a privacy breach and should not be possible on the latest version of iOS. I have reported this to Apple to investigate as well. Please explain.
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3 years ago, Gus McGee
Good App
All I can say is thanks for making a very functional app that doesn’t cost money or have a bunch of annoying adds. You guys really know what you are doing and it shows.
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4 years ago, E-71
Great, when it's working
I really like this tool. So far it's my favorite for reading/writing to NFC tags. Unfortunately, there's a lot of hit/miss for me when used with my NTAG215 tags on my iPhone SE (2020). Misses can occur often but it's mostly when writing. I'd password protect a tag, remove the password then find that it won't let me write to the yeah anymore. Been able to get around it by repeatedly setting a very basic short password, removing it, then trying to write to the yeah again. Not entirely sure if this is a fault of the tags (quality?), the phone or the app. Looking forward to updates.
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1 year ago, 3T6IX
Doesn’t Write Contacts (Please Fix)
I really do like this app. Unfortunately it claims to write contacts on tag however phones cannot read them. Please let me know if there is something I may be doing wrong. Using and manufacturing NTAG216’s.
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1 year ago, sergeychernyshev
Love it - great tool!
I live the tool, it is extremely easy to use and I paid for a pro version when I needed to write a bunch of tags from my library of recorded values - well worth it!
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1 year ago, ASierra
Why doesn’t this work
I purchased the app thinking I can put my business contact information in & for some reason I can put the information in but when I scan it nothing happens…not contact information comes up…what is going wrong?
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1 year ago, Wally133133
Fantastic thing ever
The most quality app I’ve used in a long time no ads perfect at scanning in the most quality app. Again, it’s just amazing.
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4 years ago, Mg101
It works and I’m just using the basic features so far. I just don’t know enough about data to write anything but plain text in the data feature.
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3 years ago, moonshank101
Sweet for door to door sales!
Love this new product, I’m a door to door salesman and using this lets me interact with my customer quick and effectively. Try it today you won’t regret it!
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10 months ago, Arcburnt
Just label the app for $3.
I don’t mind paying for any app, but when they trick you into a paid “Pro” version, I’m out. It’s not pro when the free version of the app is worthless. It’s just an ad at that point! And it seems people are complaining for two years that contact info cannot be scanned. Has this been fixed?!? Would like to use the app, but not looking good.
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3 years ago, Tater God!
Works flawlessly!
I tried a few other apps and they didn’t work or maybe I did it wrong but this app worked perfectly!!! Thank you!
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2 years ago, It's Honest
Not Reading After Writing Contacts
Tried to go through the support page but it reset me back to the beginning so I’ll post here hoping to get a response. I have two different types of NXP NTAG215s some are cards some are dots. I used the app to write contact information on them, but it seems that the phones can’t read it. I’m using an iPhone 11, and it does work for website links, phone numbers, etc. it’s only when I try to write a contact, it says “complete”, but no other phones can read it. Anyone else having this issue?
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4 years ago, 100%jucie
So far so good
I’m liking the app, but can’t seem to make my contact list appear when I tap the card, it says no data found, but if I add my website it pops up.
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2 months ago, Itsjazz06
Hotel cards or entry cards don’t work
This works on any personal nfc chips that don’t have data. If your trying to get a key card to enter work or some hotel rooms it won’t work from my experience. I get a message pop up that says “Oops! We cannot find any compatible record to write.”
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1 year ago, ninjabreath
doesnt support tag listed on website
the ST25V64 is listed as being supported but the app doesn't enable writing or formatting this card. waste of $ for my purposes, but still a great app otherwise.
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5 years ago, zCAT9
Yes, it works well.
Finally able to write 213 & 215 tags with my iPhone XS and have a tag call up a shortcut without using automation tab in Shortcuts app. :-)) This app works as stated, looking forward to updates.
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4 years ago, icesnowball2
Horrible experience
I’m sorry to say this, but i had an extremely bad experience with this app. It’s hard to navigate, and doesn’t do what i expected it to do. You can’t upload your own files on here and i paid $2 trying my hardest to figure out a way i could upload a small simple file and it ended up not being able to do that. I am extremely disappointed.
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11 months ago, cmshoff
Functionality incomplete
It doesn’t write contacts or WiFi records in a way that an iPhone can automatically read. Haven’t tested all record types yet, but those 2 are big ones to not get right.
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5 years ago, arash112
Can’t download the app
I think this app can’t be downloaded from certain countries... why is that? I am in Iran, and I can’t download it and use it. Please don’t make difference between people...
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3 years ago, real king tom
Good compatibility
Out of the dozen or so apps that I’ve tried, this is the only one that was actually compatible with my tag.
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1 year ago, Gigasnowmr
Powerful tool but minor bug
I can’t add a record with wpa2 enterprise wifi settings because it only asks for the ssid and password, while wpa2 enterprise uses account and password combinations to authenticate
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2 weeks ago, media touch
The one and only the leader of all NFC
This is the one NFC App that does all my digital command I ask it to do it should too many you could it does it wonders.
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3 years ago, Cool 1015545
It’s a great tool to programming nfc tags! You are even able to read old data and reprogram if you wish!
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5 years ago, Ggarcia3600
Almost perfect
The app itself is easy to use and works like a charm. I only wish that instead of asking for a records file path that there could be an explorer of sorts to pick out a specific file.
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3 years ago, Philiflyer
Thought it had a write option for emergency information. It does not. Even bought the Pro version. Two stars because it seems to work for other options. Add emergency option.
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7 months ago, villery
Great I love this product my reviews has gone up .
reat I love this product my reviews has gone up .
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2 years ago, Emboof
Contact tool is not working
The contact tool that make the NFC tag as businesses card is not working It write on the tag but then when I touch the tag on the phone it wont recognizes it If i use the link tool it works and my phone recognize the tag
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3 years ago, Jnrho
I love this app. It Is great for programming my nfc tags quickly and easily. I just purchased the pro version and it is running smoothly
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4 years ago, GumYBo_
It is pretty good but sometimes it takes a few times to scan
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3 years ago, upshaw8
Cool tool
Really handy for writing to nfc tags, could use a bit of polish on the GUI. Needs to explain that older phones don’t read some tag info automatically.
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1 month ago, ask funfunboy
Hate it
Don’t work, don’t get this app there is other apps use those. This app does nothing you have to get the “pro” version when I say it does nothing I mean it it will act like it is going to scan a d if can’t find anything you have to get pro but it doesn’t even advertise the pro version.
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3 years ago, britain1993
How to read the tag
Okay so I program something simple. My phone number. I bring iPhone up to the tag and nothing happens… okay? Shouldnt my phone number something pop up? What a waste
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4 years ago, GKnightman
Very good
Very good app, it can’t do a lot of things. Except for background reading not available yet at the time I review it.
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3 years ago, Kievguy
Be sure to activate “compatibility mode” in settings
If this app doesn’t work from get go try the compatibility mode first.
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1 year ago, otA_Byte
I can’t restore purchase
I’ve purchased the pro version but when I try to restore it doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, DivineFocus
Great Nfc tag reader, but having to pay for write features is kinda annoying. But it's a still great app regardless. It reads most of my nfc tags and does it great! Also it reads Nfc tags really fast!
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3 years ago, Naloomi
Able to read memory, but unable to edit & then write memory blocks of NFC213 tags.
This is one of the few apps I have found that reads and can show you the memory blocks of NFC213 tags. But the app is not allowing me to edit and write those blocks on my iPhone XR.
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2 years ago, livew4l
Did not work
I just needed it to detect credit card chips so I can check the effectiveness of my allegedly RFID-protected wallet. I hit the "read" button, aimed all 4 sides toward the card almost touching; when that failed, then laid the phone completely on top of the card, both face down and face up. Nada. Deleting.
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2 years ago, mramin22
Not working!
It seems this application cannot do anything supposed todo. I tried shortcut app on my phone it reads my cards with no problem, but when I tried to use this application, it didn’t work for me
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