2.1 (72)
58.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
7.3 (41)
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nitrado

2.13 out of 5
72 Ratings
1 year ago, mmeeee1234564
Doesn’t work
I have two servers. I can only open one on the app. Contacted app developer and I was told to use the “web browser “ and “ there is no complaints about app issues “. They don’t care if the app works. For me I can only access 1. Fix it Nitrado
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3 weeks ago, bedrockarcher
Objectively bad, possibly shady tactics used
This review will be objective, and anger will be pushed to the side. My previous review was removed. This app was developed very poorly, it is painful to navigate. Before I stopped playing “Ark” it wouldn’t even load the server in the app to adjust the settings. I had reinstalled the app multiple times and tried everything, I could not modify my server settings. The process to cancel your subscription is intentionally very difficult. I was under the impression it was cancelled well over a year ago, however here I am with hundreds spent on a terrible service that I didn’t want to use anymore because of its inability to function properly. — do not waste your money on a poorly running server, that has a disgustingly developed app that makes it difficult to cancel your subscription. Don’t end up like me with well over 200 spent on a service I didn’t use.
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1 year ago, Kubatsu Hero
Everytime they change things, it makes the app worse
Nitrado everytime you do something to update the app you make it worse. This time with the new update I can’t even change the setting on my servers on my phone. I know it’s not a problem on my computer but if I’m away and something big happens in the servers, I can just go on the phone and fix the problem. Not anymore since I can’t even do anything anymore because I keep getting the loading buffering screen or it just goes black/dark screen. Please fix it please
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9 months ago, bruhwhyiseverynametakin
I really don’t get the negative reviews on this game service i use this to host ark and i can even access this game service through my xbox to edit the settings. It is very easy to set up it does take a lot of time to figure out all of the set up stuff but once you do it feels great. If you were to choose a game service to host ark i would totally recommend nitrado.
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1 year ago, RexGrimm3015
The layout is atrocious, most of the buttons that are important (ie: the menu you have to use to reset a server) is hidden behind a menu you can’t collapse, so you have to fight with the scrolling just to try to reach it. Their help/support button to go to the forum doesn’t work or just crashes the app most of the time. And I’d you do get the help button to work, you get a error notice saying you don’t have permissions available to access the help forums. Completely useless. I regret buying a server just because of this garbage.
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4 months ago, ueuguehuf
NITRADO has the worst customer service ever!!! If nothing ever broke and there was no need for service then whatever no big deal. But when your server breaks after not even 24 hours and you submit several maintenance tickets and you never get any sort of reply or acknowledgment then it’s a serious issue. My maintenance tickets have lasted longer than my actual server did. And it’s not just me look up NITRADO customer service or server issues and the list is extensive. I feel like an idiot for giving NITRADO my business.
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3 months ago, JLevy12
Terrible 0 star if possible
My friend and I used gportal for the longest time to play ark SE and when nitrado decided to have the sole rights to ark survival ascended they ruined the experience. The server crashes constantly, the website works maybe 20% of the time and there is not nearly the same customizability for your server. Bought a 30 day server to test and will NOT be purchasing another one again. Nitrado do us all a favor and let gportal take care of the servers, a company who actually knows what they are doing.
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1 year ago, TheDecisivePri
The Hood ( All Welcomed) PvP NA
I been using Nitrado for 3yrs and it’s cool + easy to use. The server is under your control and it’s easy to navigate through the menu too. They reply in a speedy fashion too. Overall I hope to see better software upgrades and a better price and I will happily pay for smoother play through. 4 stars
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4 months ago, Mizter J
Deserves 0 Stars
This app is all but broken. It serves no purpose for most server owners as it simply doesn’t work. Nitrado’s app should be fixed because your customers deserve better. The rating alone should alarm you. I personally know this has been an ongoing problem for years. After a small amount of research, this seems to be the case for most users and not just myself.
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1 year ago, nycore
Updated review, a must have for Ark
Scroll down on the app “overview” screen and you’ll see your Ark servers. Gives you the ability to reboot, adjust and rub the server quickly.
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1 year ago, negroman123321
I quite literally walked all the ways upstairs (I’m on crutches btw) went to my laptop and signed in on it on my microsoft account to shut down the server (wasn’t signed in on it before so it took a long time) then downloaded the web version just to shut down my server and then came all the way back downstairs to my Xbox to see the server listing STILL LOADING. Good servers TERRIBLE APP!!! NITRADO PLEASE FIX. Scammers the lot!
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5 months ago, 8bitmacamac
Pointless if you run XBox servers
Having everything through the app on the XBox console but none of the features in the mobile app is atrociously stupid in design and function. The logic is more idiotic when you compound your instructions on website that tondo functions like Boost a server to download the iOS app only to have it no where in the mobile app.
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10 months ago, noth@nku
Cant even start/restart the server
First issue is that they won’t even accept payment. Have tried multiple times with multiple cards in the app, on the website, every single time it just goes back to the screen saying no credits. Have submitted to support but heard nothing back. Now all my progress will be lost.
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2 months ago, Goat.Exe
Can’t believe this…
Stopped my ark server to change the settings then when I tried to turn it back in wouldn’t work. Tried everything to try and make it work again. If my ark server gets corrupted because of this stupid glitch I want a refund for the stupid $25 I spent just to have it for only 3-4 days. Please fix this glitch
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8 months ago, Mirthful Khan
Worthless App and Support
Trying to rent a server and keep getting payment error even though there’s nothing wrong with my card information. Tried for 2 hours and the support was useless. All they said was my ticket has been forwarded. It’s 12 hours later and it STILL doesn’t work. Don’t bother wasting your time with Nitrado 🚮
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10 months ago, 012&:82
r3ta4ded phagots.
Oh my gosh fix the stupid app. I have to fight with the stupid thing just to start or restart my server like 3-4 times before it actually does either of the 2 options. It’s annoying to not only me but other players who are trying to have fun in my server. It doesn’t kill you to fix a MOBILE app. How lazy could you be 🤦‍♂️
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11 months ago, zswims8
Tech support
I picked the wrong region in my server and contacted tech support and within 5 minutes they changed it for me.
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11 months ago, Juiice💦💦
Can’t even sign in
dawg I’m tryna hang out with my dino friends
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2 weeks ago, Sthfeuhcruvf
I should have known better. I saw the other bad reviews but still gave it a shot and it’s been awful. The ark server I got is down more than it’s actually working. And the support is awful too, you never hear anything back and they take forever to fix anything.
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7 months ago, xavier0114
Cheap App and No Support
App is cheap and barely works half the time. The feedback button in the top right doesn't even work. I tried to get in contact with support over 2 weeks ago and still havent gotten a response. Overall terrible app with terrible support and terrible servers.
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1 year ago, SpaceisLife
Its sad honestly
Ive used this before and got a server but only been on it once because nothing would work and nobody could get on its like it deleted the server from existence….and no point in trying to contact someone because nobody will answer
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1 year ago, BlocSeekr
Why even have the app?
Downloaded the app on here because the Xbox app is broken as can be. Only to find out that you can’t use the iPhone app to rent for Xbox servers. You’re losing a sale solely based on your UI. I want to give you money and I cannot even log in. What a mess.
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1 year ago, bdjxbekw
Very poorly constructed
Bunch of morons running the a failing company…. Someone else needs to start a hosting company for ark mobile because Nitrado is not it. You will not get the tech support you need because they themselves don’t even know what they’re doing…
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1 month ago, spdolphs
Can’t log in
After the last update I have to log into the app every time, and usually twice. It’s a huge hassle now. It takes longer when it finally does log me in.
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1 year ago, Chris Cosentino
Nitrado answer please
For some reason I think my account is still being charged, if you could contact me to help me resolve this issue that would be outstanding as I have since deactivated my account and no longer host an ARK Survival Evolved server.
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5 months ago, Love it great the best game
App constantly gets stuck on loading
They also make it extremely difficult to cancel your subscription
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8 months ago, aazddfesc sd. dr
Don’t even try to get a server
I got a switch ark server a year ago and they have updated it so I can’t cancel the subscription and it doesn’t even give servers anymore find a different provider. It a piece of crap.
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2 months ago, rocketfuel1980
No good
The nitrado servers are hard to navigate without looking ip help. They put you on auto renewal and refuse to refund even when the server is not being used. Do not use nitrado with all the other options available
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2 months ago, Tommy LH
0 star’s complete waste of money
This is garbage customer service is nonexistent i wont be using this service again and you shouldn’t either save your money and go to gportal its way better
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12 months ago, American Scout
Servers go down a lot
If you want to pay to have a server go down costing you to lose everything you spent days to get this is the host for you! I do not recommend Nitrado. Absolute garbage
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2 months ago, NitradoSucks
Stole From Me.
Cancellation didn’t work on app, despite indicating that it had. Charged me on what was supposed to be my renewal date. Shut down my server anyway. Literally paid them $25 for nothing.
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1 year ago, Dylan183937
In app purchase bypass?
Under IOS App Store policy any in app purchase is supposed to go through the App Store where Apple gets their revenue cut yet this app leads to third party payments which is why Fortnite is banned from the platform
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3 months ago, N3SRJ
Like their online servers total trash. Instead of getting better they get worse. Avoid Nitrado at all costs. No support just send them your money!
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4 months ago, kfkckckxkskx
Won’t work at all
Every time I click the app it just shows the login screen but grey or shadowed and cannot access the input menus
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8 months ago, ehshshahivicucuf
Can’t switch platforms
A new update or whatever came out I can’t change the platform it’s all only pc useless app
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4 months ago, dnurp
Can’t even get past first screen on iPhone SE
There’s like an overly that won’t let me click on anything so it’s completely broken for me
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2 weeks ago, Lilhurk
Menus for iPad
Still can’t adjust anything on iPad it’s just a black screen when I click on something
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10 months ago, rubyrose27
I paid for a server and it charged but I never got my server, this needs to be fixed immediately! I feel scammed.
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1 year ago, Mr hogey
Doesn’t work
I can’t change sever settings or do anything useful
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1 year ago, sharkbait88$
Hate the new update
This app used to be easy to use but now it’s not. It’s hard to pay on it now.
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4 months ago, Scotty Shook
Trash app
Payed for server and can’t even find it,I’m not dumb it’s just not popping up,such a waist of time
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10 months ago, Tythadestroyer
Broken app
Don’t let me add money at all why do you even have this in the App Store
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1 year ago, jfuendjdidnrneoene
Needs to be fixed will not let u add credits to account just puts you threw a endless loop hole
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1 month ago, JohnnyDeft
Doesn’t Work
Won’t connect to my server. Spins and spins either on 5G or WiFi.
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6 months ago, podunkstormtrooper
Probably the worst game server hosting company to ever exist. Especially for Ark.
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1 year ago, tj7585
No Xbox
Can’t purchase Xbox days servers
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4 years ago, Vahn B.
Needs updated severely.
Well I started using the Nitrado app to manage my Ark server I’m renting from them. I didn’t mind the layout of the app but thought it could use improvements. Today I had to restart the server because it wasn’t letting someone log in. Instead of saving the server and restarting, it just restarted the server and lost 2 hours of work a player did. The loading icon is constantly on even though it’s not showing anything loading. The biggest thing that bugs me to hell and back is the payment system on the app. It’s very generic and poorly made. I tried to set my server to take payment of 90 days, it asks me to put money in the wallet. I use the app and it puts in the amount that I need to fill the wallet to get the 90 days. Using PayPal, the company charged me one cent under what was required to buy the 90 day and now I’m stuck doing 30 days because using the app now trying to do payment starts saying that the browser is out of date and I cannot access payment options now. I’m guessing the website may be better but this app needs severe improvements. Cause right now I’m tempted to find another server provider.
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3 years ago, BigLoseCasino
App is now garbage!!
6 months ago I would of gave this app a good review. It actually worked then with out bugging out a whole lot… Main issue now is I open the app, click my game server I want to view, then click server settings to adjust that servers settings and everything goes crazy… It freaks out, takes me to a website saying I need to log in to make changes, also it tells me to download the already downloaded app… It is nonsense!! I already have the app that I was just on and you took me away from the app. Now you trying to put me back on the app I just came from? Makes no sense at all and I get nowhere with this… The app is pretty much useless honestly…. Until it is fixed and I can actually do something worthwhile on this app, I don’t recommend anyone messing with this headache of an app… Sad but true!!
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5 years ago, JordyRulez
Lots of Bad Reviews & No Dev Responses
Nitrado is great and the app is nice that it as most of not all features needed to maintain your server. I do have to agree that the software does need some work. I too have been experiencing a lot of the same bugs, errors and crashes that have been mentioned in previous reviews. I also find it interesting that the developers haven’t made much of an effort to offer any feedback for said reviews. You’d think that with how reputable their servers are, that they would keep a better eye on making sure their app is up to par as well. I hope the developers are soon to get a grip on the reality of problems existing with their products because so far it’s pretty sad that we’re not seeing a more conscious effort to bettering their tools.
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3 years ago, KoroGhoul
Needs the following fixes
I'm only putting this at 5 stars so that hopefully the developers see it. I play on a Ps4. First things first, when i bought the 3 day subscription to try it out, it never showed up until two days later. Second, make the settings more specific, and more diverse. Thirdly, i went through the trouble to tame a titan hoping to keep it permanently seeing how you implement a feed titan setting, it doesn't work and now my Titan is currently starving to death. I've using a PC server apparently so hopefully this gives you an idea how to fix the services in the future.
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