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Nissan North America Inc.
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User Reviews for NMAC Account Manager

1.95 out of 5
959 Ratings
1 year ago, Photobomber1234
Just the app, it’s not great
Focusing on just the app (not the entirety of Nissan financing), it’s really not great. It’s regularly glitchy from login through just about any function, you are only able to pay against your monthly and not additionally contribute extra against principle (which you can on the web-based version & is a major thing), and overall confusing to navigate/lacking in the navigation department. All around, it feels like a college school project that got a ‘C’ or a forgettable Gen 1 app from the mid 2000s, on a good day. Good luck with customer service, because they struggle with it too & will just send you to the web-based version (why even have an app, then?). It can work in the most basic sense, which is why I have it 2 stars, but the user experience is pathetically poor.
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4 months ago, BridgetMonee’
I love the NMAC APP!
I am able to do just about everything here that I can on my laptop. It’s cute and easy to use. I am able to see how much I’ve paid so far and how much I still owe. Seeing that percentage on the screen telling me how close I am to having my car paid off makes me smile every time I log on to this app. After 4 years I’m at 95% right now! I can see how much I financed my car for and how much I’ve paid towards interest and principal so far. I can make as many additional payments that I want to make towards principal only. I can look at my monthly statements and those additional payments I made from up to two years ago. I can also see the total amount I would have to pay should I choose to pay the remaining balance upfront. Overall I have found this app to be very useful and helpful.
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4 years ago, abd410
Not impressed
Just financed with Nissan for the first time. First it took FIVE WEEKS to get any mail with an account number on it so I could even use the app in the first place. This morning I made my first payment. This app is ridiculous! Took 3 tries just to log in because it took so long it gave me an error. Finally got in and had to enter my bank info which took another 5 minutes because every time you navigate to a different page it loads for a full minute. Tried to add some extra money to my minimum payment but of course when I hit the Slide to Pay it again took so long to load it kicked me out. Said screw it and just made the minimum which finally went through after AGAIN taking forever to load. This app was updated last week for bug fixes and the first time I attempt to use it this is how well it works? I am not ordering checks just to pay a car payment. I’ll refinance my loan first before I deal with this crap every month for 6 years!
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3 years ago, #Big.Boy#
Impossible to log in
As ok 3 weeks ago I haven’t been able to view anything on my account luckily I have auto pay set up and payments should go through but when calling the company about the issue of not being able to sign in I was told “I don’t know why you are having these issues so try deleting and reinstalling the app and if that doesn’t work try online” well I tried both and the app keeps bringing me a message that states “sorry your action can not be completed at this time” and when I log in on the website it logs me in then forces me to try and re register then even after doing all that it just tells me “a account has already been set up” this is exactly frustrating and angering I don’t understand what happened in the month I was able to log in to the month that I wasn’t allowed to log in
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3 years ago, Opinion Only
Was great, now gone.,
I had this app on my phone for the last five years. I got a new phone and downloaded the latest version… but it won’t download, or show up as an app on my phone. Every time I want to log into account, I have to go to the App Store and search for it, open it and use it one time only from there. The app never download to my phone. Have no idea what the problem is.
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1 year ago, TJB179
They need a complete overhaul with this app. It’s pathetic.
Maybe the App Store should have a sit down with these people that developed this thing because it is completely useless and frustrating to the point that you wanna scream at somebody. Forget, trying to login in the app keeps sending me back to the registration page which I have done five times in a row now, which is a bit repetitive. I also talk to the customer care department, and I must say that was a real joy ride as well. The best response you can get from the customer care team is oh well we’re having some problems with that app. No kidding!!! Like others who have told their story before me I was referred to their webpage only to go through the same freaking nightmare again. It made me regret even buying a Nissan and much more it made me regret having to finance through them.
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4 years ago, Dia_mondxXx
This app is GREAT !!
This is app is fantastic!! It shows you everything you need to know to keep up to speed with your car loan. It displays the days you have until your next payment is due, how much you’ve placed on your principal balance and interest balance. It shows the total payoff amount too !! It even allows you to make payments, it’s as easy as Sunday Mornings! This app is well organized and makes having a car loan alot easier! Everything is displayed in front of your eyes. No need to make calls or hassle through mail to find anything, when you have this app at your fingertips!
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3 years ago, La Borinqueña
Log In Error
I generally enjoy using this app- log onto it several times a month. However, much more often now I keep receiving this error message “ Sorry an error occurred that caused your your transaction to be cancelled. Please try again.” This at the log in page. I am unable to report a problem on that page therefore I decided to report it here. The app itself never really gives me any issues. I think it’s pretty straight forward easy to navigate. No hassle. I did like the “push to start” button that was there before but that’s just me being picky. now. Please reach out to me in regards to this matter. I want to ensure my payment go out on time!
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2 years ago, j_pard
This app is every bit as useless and maddening as the website. My profile is set up in both and as I try to "add account" I get the message that the account has already been added- please confirm SS#. I go to the spot requiring entry of last 4 of SS, input correct numbers, and it throws me back to the prior page. And trying to speak to a person or even get on live chat is ridiculously difficult- usually it says no agents available. If I could give Nissan Finance minus ten stars I would. I'm going to refinance just to get away from their customer service nightmare. The only thing they are good at is taking the payment from my bank account on autopay. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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5 years ago, ABQyelper
Doesn’t want me to log in
What’s frustrating is that you click on the remember me button but it still wants me to enter my password every single time I open the app. I went on it today and it asked me for my password and it just showed the logging in pop up and it’s stuck on that screen for over three minutes and I just got frustrated with it. How am I suppose to view my payment if it won’t even let me log in. I checked that my password is correct multiple times because when I enter it wrong it says that the password is incorrect immediately. The developer need to use Face ID or something easier to access my account. This is just annoying.
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3 years ago, DK123444456788888888
Can’t give zero stars, but would if I could. Absolutely disappointing that a major car company would have this terrible of an application. Exactly the same as Nissan’s website, this app makes you wait for an ungodly amount of time to login, which in turn makes you want to rage quit trying to MAKE A CAR PAYMENT, which then creates more of a chance for Nissan to ruin your credit or come after you with “late payment” threats. Seems pretty unethical to attempt to create a cycle of this type in which the consumer is left high and dry. Fix your app, Nissan. Your cars are nice, but this app, along with your finance website is extremely disappointing.
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3 years ago, Kittkatty13
Absolutely appalling
I cannot believe that a company this big cannot make a decent app that functions. I was excited to find out there was a mobile app to make payment convenient, but it’s been well over a month now and I have never been able to log in. I continuously receive the error message that so many others have mentioned, even after closing the app, deleting and reinstalling, and changing my password. Unbelievably frustrating. The website also caused me some problems and booted me out when I tried to make a payment, but it seems to have worked at last. Get on this, Nissan. Completely unacceptable.
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8 months ago, goldendiva0817
App is not great
The app is not very good. It’s glitchy where I have to keep reinstalling the app. I change my password and that doesn’t work. They want you to use certain symbols and when you do the symbols don’t work. They need to do better with this app when I’m trying to pay my car note. I go in to pay and my password is not working. I reset it, use one of the symbols and it’s still not working. It’s frustrating. When you update the app it’s not helping it only makes it worse. I have a Apple phone and when there is an update Nissan is behind and needs to catch up.
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2 years ago, Engineer in Boston
Can’t Register
I tried to register using the button in the app. It opens in Safari when you click it. I filled in all the information but nothing happens when I hit submit. I found the same register page using google and tried it in Chrome thinking it might be Safari causing the glitch. Exact same issue in Chrome. From the Nissan finance site, I hit the chat support button. It redirected me to another site and then said if I want support I should go to the Nissan finance site and hit chat support. I don’t know how I’m supposed to make my payments.
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4 years ago, D.A.J.II
Face ID/ Touch ID needed
I just use this app to pay a car payment and check due dates of said car payment. It’s 2020 and everyone who uses an iPhone either has the Face ID or the Touch ID option. The UI could be better on the settings side but I don’t really care about that. All I really want is Face ID/ Touch ID so I don’t have to type my ridiculously long password every single time I want to check when I need to pay my car payment.
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3 years ago, TurboMOlST
Not great
When the app actually works how it’s supposed to it is a great way to make payments without having to log on to a pc but the problem is it only works once every six months. Everytime i log in i click on the remember me button but it never works when i come back the next time. The app always has an error when you login so essentially it is useless and you have to use a computer which is what I am trying to avoid doing in the first place. How is it that you update the app regularly with “bug fixes” if it’s the exact same broken app with no changes whatsoever.
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3 months ago, girlnesmith
so frustrating
I’ve had endless trouble with this App, the login, the “Live Chat” feature, scheduling payments, even making payments. LOGIN regularly dumps my info and I need to set new passwords constantly. Getting a password reset link is dead slow and not reliable. I get the error: your transaction was unsuccessful - all the time with no information about why. The live chat is not available evenings or weekends. It forces you do go through multiple automated steps and disclaimers before you can find this out. Awful in every way.
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2 years ago, 00745jk
This is constant
Keep getting an error message that states “an error occurred that would not let your payment go through.” Same thing with the website over the computer. At least have a “website under maintenance” or something to that nature. Not a very well monitored app. This is a large cooperation that is capable of doing much better with their apps and online payments. I’m going to dispute if I get charged multiple billing. I tried at least 3 times before I realized it was from your end. SMH! This is not acceptable!
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2 years ago, idontknowwhatnocknametouse
Horrible App—wouldn’t even let me log in
We currently use the website to set up payments and such. I heard there was an app and downloaded it. Well the app is absolutely crap, at least it seems to be that way. I couldn’t even use it since every time I try to log in and enter my login information (which is correct) it crashes and closes the app. I have no problem logging in online so it is obviously the app. I would expect an app made for iPhone to work better. Very disappointed this doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, kayliz0912342
Keeps getting worse
I have called 4 times. I am now going to have a late payment. I first called about this on 11/26. This issue has been occurring for 3+ weeks now with no solution. GET A NEW IT DEPARTMENT if it really takes them this long. This is affecting almost everyone since it has been going on almost a month. And every time I call, no one offers any sort of solution. Poor customer service. This is enough stress and hassle just to make a car payment to make me never want to buy a Nissan in the future.
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4 years ago, Mamato2boys!!
Bring back the push button please!!!
I love this app for me it’s a life saver, easy to use which is a huge plus! But the recent update took away the push start button! That had to be my favorite feature cause I bought my car for the feature itself! I’m a simple kind of woman and I loved that feature and would greatly appreciate if you put it back in the app! Thank you for making my life easier!
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7 months ago, Troublesomejen
The worst app
Honestly I wouldn’t even buy a Nissan because of this app. It’s glitchy all the time which makes making payments really hard to do. I can’t even log in to check my account details and whenever I try to get a recovery email there is no email. So really your only option is to do their live chat which is never helpful or you have to call which is annoying because the whole point of having an app is to make it more convenient for you.
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1 year ago, Shadonna112
Cannot function
When i use the app to pay my Nissan bill and clicked into the shop Nissan it became stuck in the shopping page ! Now if I uninstall I still cannot get back to the page to pay my monthly bill and it always takes me back to the shopping page ?? Now the app is useless to me and i am forced to pay my monthly bill on my laptop computer because even my internet browser on my phone is stuck on the Nissan shopping page ! Seriously ?!???
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3 years ago, Supratim1986
Nothing happens when I click the login button on the app.
I used to schedule my monthly payments on the app till couple of months ago - but of late , nothing happens when I click on login; it does however, allows me to register which makes no sense because I am already registered. I am surprised this has not been reported as a production issue - I am a software engineer by profession and can identify a bug in the app. This app is definitely not fit to be rolled out to live public yet.
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5 years ago, MiaTerrain
Needs an easier way to log in
So far I haven’t had any real issues with the app. There is, however, one thing I would like to see change. It would be so much more convenient to be able to use my phone security to log in or at least have the app remember my information so I don’t have to search everything up before logging in. It does offer to remember but it never does.
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1 year ago, Frbsh
It’s an easy app
I’m not sure why it has received such a low score. This app is easy to use and was easy to set up. I’ve made all my payments on this app for two years while also pay extra when able and it shows exactly how much is owed and how much has been paid.
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5 years ago, stsquared
Great App... just one thing
The app is very easy to navigate which is great until you try to logout... It took me several minutes to figure out the logout option is located in settings.. The logout option should be on the homepage.... other than that.... the app is a wonderful way to make payments on the go!
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11 months ago, pfj30
Great App
I just made my final payment. This app gets 100% of Five Stars. I’ve been using the app since 2016. The customer service team are outstanding. I had a few hardships and the team showed compassion with professionalism to help resolve my situation. Hats off to Nissan. Keep up the good work.
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3 months ago, julie_shannon
Almost useless
Tried to login today to pay my bill and was met with a “time to change your password” message when I did. But it doesn’t actually give me an option to do that. So I click on the “forgot my password” option and never received the link that should have been emailed to me within 15 minutes. I’m now on hold over the phone trying to pay it that way. Does Nissan want to get paid or not?!
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3 years ago, no mame 12345
Terrible app
This app has to be the worst one I’ve used so far. I’ve done so much to get this app working. Deleting it, reseting my phone, so much more and still nothing. I can not believe they would have an app that ends up taking you to a website. What is the point. This is a poorly kept app and makes it hard to make payments. I’ve used it for about four months and now I’m having trouble with the app. I can not believe this. Nissan must do better
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4 years ago, Kkgrammer
Nissan online anywhere is horrendous!
I pay everything online including my nissan vehicles. So far our company is on our 9th vehicle from nissan. They were never a great online experience but for the last four months of 2019 and so far the first two months of 2020 they are absolutely horrible to sign into! I can never sign in without the Nissan forcing a change in my password! The web page no longer works on my iPhone. It is horrible going in to pay on two vehicles!
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1 year ago, диско45678
Faceid? Never heard
Guys, it’s year 2022 already, why you use weblogin? Your app can’t use ssl to establish direct connection to your servers? Do you have any API there? 🤦🏻‍♂️btw, new version doesn’t show any of balance. My paid progress is 0. Paid off is 0. Any statement for the last two years doesn’t have a number other than 0 in it. It’s like I never paid anything 😆
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3 years ago, Desirae1123
Needs some major bug fixes
There’s so much wrong with this app it’s unsettling. Can’t even log in half the time. You have to re enter your log in every time. The app resets randomly and changes your reoccurring payment and completely removes it almost resulting in a missed payment. Then when going to make a payment or set it up the app kicks you out. It’s just beyond frustrating. It shouldn’t be this hard to make and maintain an app.
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3 years ago, Chromecast user
Apparently Nissan doesn’t care
I’m sure all apps have their share of bad reviews but this one certainly seems to deserve them. When I first got the app and set up my account it was a bit of a run around but I got it figured out. After the latest update it’s utter garbage. Why do I download an app to have it take me to my web browser to log in? If I want to use a website to do things I can use my pc. If I could give less than one star I would
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4 years ago, oldcokeguy
Good. Could be better.
I had 3 cars financed through NMAC and use this app to pay payments. I have one very annoying issue with this app. Not sure why the app is stuck in portrait mode. I use smart keyboard and have to detach the keyboard when use the app because of this issue. I understand for iPhone app to be in portrait mode, but iPad app should be able to switch to landscape mode.
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7 months ago, Brito188
This app and online is complete trash. I don’t understand how a company this big doesn’t have a proper working app and website. I’ve been trying to pay my account for over a week now and have had nothing but issues with trying to get into my account. I don’t want my account to be late. May just have to do it the good old fashion way and make a phone call to get my account paid. Smh. LETS GET IT TOGETHER NISSAN! FIX THE APP & WEBSITE!!
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5 years ago, Jemell Smith
The older on was better
I have purchased three new cars from Nissan and use this app for two. I like the new app but, the old out was better. everything was more clear and set out and I was able to get payoff information and able to find contact information for the different parts in the financing areas of Nissan.
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3 years ago, itsElko
Horrible might as well walk over to the Nissan headquarters instead
Horrible better trying to access through your computer and even better yet send a paper check and still would be better than this poor excuse for an application. Nissan makes multiple of millions of dollars per year but cannot fix just one little bug. Might as well take this app off the App Store.
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3 years ago, Vincesm0mmy
First time buyer
My first time financing with Nissan and i received my account information very quick. App was easy to navigate. When it came to adding back account it did not give me trouble.
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5 years ago, Marie3306
Why does this exist?
Can’t even sign in. Not really sure why this app exists if it’s not going to work. The only reason I knew about the app is because of the email sent by Nissan informing of it. Stop promoting it if it’s not going to work, or your not going to fix the problem. From the sound of the reviews the same problems have been going on for quite some time. And I see no replies from the developer addressing any of the issues. Uninstalling.
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3 years ago, Deebo421
App Error
I’ve never had issues with this app since my purchase in July of 2020, but all of a sudden it has started popping up an error which won’t allow me to login. I had to reset my password just to log into the website from the nissan financing website instead of the app. I’m going to try to delete the app then redownload. Hopefully it works, but if not please get it together lol.
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3 years ago, brittdank
Too many bugs
The app is easy to navigate, IF you can log on. I try logging on bout once a day and it always has an error message. So at this point if it ever lets me log on i just make my payment then and there because i dont want to end up late or missing a payment because the app just does not let you log on. I thought they fixed it but apparently not.
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5 years ago, SammyG2993
New Design
The new design makes it a lot easier to make payments. The new design also make the site easier to navigate, the app itself keeps logging you out so you have to sign back in every time but overall, more easier to use and make payments.
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8 months ago, liketrump
No login with facial recognition
I haven’t had it long enough to really understand anything about it but the first thing I noticed is that you have to input your password and email it all that since everybody is going to use your face on most apps why can’t this one
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1 year ago, Someone's Bath Water
Good, I don’t care what they say.
BLUF: I like this app. I’ve been using the site to pay for the last year. Initial setup didn’t take long had all, and was viewing my account in minutes. Moving houses, and trying to consolidate had me download the app. Wow, there are a lot of bad reviews. But within a minute I had everything I needed. Can submit payments, view transaction history/statements, and even check out the payoff amount. Simple app, very nicely done. Thanks.
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3 years ago, PeskyBird
Simple and easy
Been using this app for aboot a year now and everything is pretty easy to use and super simple. Only thing I wish is I could Face ID but other then that I like it.
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3 years ago, Heubsjsiwhsvshwjsbshsixjwbsj
Will not let me log in now for over a month.
I used to use it all the time to pay my care note. These past 2 payments though I had to go on my computer and not the conscience of my phone. The app, even after being updated, will not let me log in. Tried changing my password, updating app, restarting phone, etc. Nothing is working. This app seems to very poorly kept, and no assistance with customer service either.
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5 years ago, kkkkkkhhhhhj
Bill pay is not working on app or online
Multi billion dollar company and you can’t even have a good payment app or online billing that functions. Can’t login to either the the app or online to pay the bill. It Dept was supposed to fix issues been five days still not working. Should get rid of them if can’t fix these issues. Very disappointed in Nissan. Probably won’t lease another vehicle from them do to these issues.
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3 years ago, FurryRedMenaceSD
Zero Stars
Latest update gives error and does not let me login. I can login on Nissan Finance website. I deleted the app, hard reset the phone to clear cache, logged onto the Nissan Finance website to change the password. I downloaded the app again and it still doesn’t let me login. Please fix. Also, app support does not link to a developer page, it takes me back to the Nissan Finance login page. Useless. Using original iPhone SE latest update 14.3
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3 years ago, Djblast
Error login
I downloaded the app so I could easily access my account to make payment, however I can’t login with my existing information as described, When I tried to register for an account it said the information is already being used, I don’t want to create a separate login for the app when I have one already for the website. Please fix the login error so I can use the app and update the rating.
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