NOAA Weather Radio

4.2 (6.9K)
22.5 MB
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Current version
Christopher Coudriet
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for NOAA Weather Radio

4.24 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Sylia
Push notifications update...
Fixed it... On the alerts page, it tells you to swipe left or press edit to turn on/off notifications or to delete selected locations. Are your locations grayed out? Mine were. Using edit, only lets you delete the locations. If you swipe left on them, you’ll notice a button to actually turn the notification on or off. There must’ve been a version that added this feature and defaulted them to off, because I know that I never turned them off myself... I turned them back on this way, and now instead of being grayed out, they’re bold n black / asserted. About an hour later, since there is weather going on, I got my first alert after doing this. If you’re having the same issue, give it a try. It may make you love the app again... Now just can’t hear the weather radio audio. Just spins. The radar takes a bit to load as well. The app needs some updates, but at least Iam getting the alerts again...😁
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1 year ago, Dragonwick4
Phenomenal services
The NOAA Weather Radio app is an exceptional weather app that offers a plethora of features to help users stay up-to-date with the latest weather conditions in their area. One of the key features that sets this app apart from other weather apps is its ability to connect to a multitude of radio stations, allowing users to receive real-time weather updates and alerts from trained meteorologists. Another great feature of this app is its high-resolution radar maps, which provide users with accurate and detailed information about weather conditions in their area. These maps are updated regularly and can be accessed quickly and easily through the app. The NOAA Weather Radio app is also user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and access all of its features. Users can customize the app to their preferences, choosing which radio stations and radar maps they want to view and receiving alerts for specific weather events. Overall, the NOAA Weather Radio app is one of the best weather apps available, providing users with accurate and up-to-date information about weather conditions in their area. Its wide range of features, including radio station connections and high-resolution radar maps, make it a must-have app for anyone who wants to stay informed about the weather.
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4 years ago, Eric Hout
Great feature for the price
This app allows you to to get a live stream of any NOAA Weather Radio in the US, plus some Canada and tropical radio feeds as well. It also allows you to receive weather alerts that you customize for your specific county or other location of interest. Here is the only thing I wish there was a workaround for: Part of why I purchased this app is so I can have it wake me up if there is severe weather or flash flooding at night. I typically turn my phone on airplane mode when I go to sleep, and it doesn’t look like alerts will come through when the phone is on airplane mode. So, on nights where there is severe weather or flooding expected, it looks like I will need to keep my phone off of airplane mode, but then will also need to temporarily turn other notifications for email, texts, and phone calls off so that if there is a severe weather warning at night, it can wake me up and I don’t have to worry about text messages waking me up! Also, you have the option of paying an additional 99 cents as an in-app purchase for additional information on the products issued by the NWS/SPC for your area, which is very helpful.
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1 year ago, I Am Loki
Great app
I have been using this app for over ten years. As a fully trained weather spotter with NOAA, I have to have an app that I can fully count on. One that gives me the most accurate and most current weather forecasts & conditions affecting the areas around me. So I’ve relied on this app to help me know when to expect severe weather. Whether it is a blizzard or a chance of tornadoes, I need to know when it’s coming, what to expect and how to prepare for it as well as what I need to do to help prepare others for it. I wouldn’t head out into a severe thunderstorm that has a chance to produce tornadoes, without this app. It’s one of my top tools that I always make sure I have available when I am weather spotting. I also use it when I need to be away from my house for shopping or traveling. It’s never had a problem finding even the smallest of towns on the map and gives me the weather conditions and forecasts for those areas. When you’re out in severe weather you need to know what’s happening and you need to know if you should locate shelter soon. I rely heavily on this app for all of my weather needs.
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7 years ago, Stop The Excessive Ads
Here is my story, I downloaded this app in anticipation for Hurricane Irma. I went to use the app and it was locked in to the loading screen, I thought this meant it would work in a time of need. Once we lost power and the storm was ramping up to its worst, I opened the app and waited 1 min for it to connect to a radio in my area. No luck, I figured I would try again when I received power. When I did get power same issue occurred. We faired ok and I downloaded my local news app. We used it for the next 2 days (day of storm and luckily the 23.5 hours of no power.) I reached out to the Noaa people to notify them of my troubles and ask for a refund if $4.99. I am not a fan of paying for apps unless it is a necessity. This seemed critical so I forked over the $5 for an app that I would use possibly once a year. When asking for a refund Chris (the CEO) asked what I experienced and what channel was having issues. He responded that his team would be working to fix the issue. Although that is kind I would still like a refund and responded this. I have not heard from him in roughly 2 weeks. At the end of the day if the app had worked when and how it was supposed to then I would not mind the $5 being spent. The fact that I used a free local news weather app and it did a significantly better job is frustrating. I would rather donate the $5 to them then spend it on this app.
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1 year ago, Vet 05
Buyer Beware
I purchased this app for the weather radio function, which barely works. When I say barely works, there are 4 stations listed for my state and 3 of the 4 never connect and the one that does is on the complete other end of my state, which does me absolutely no good. For the other stations that I checked out in neighboring states, a lot of the stations showed as off line. I do appreciate all of the features that they provide with the app, but I can get those on my phone by going directly to that website. I got the app for the radio function and not the extras. I’m guessing the app developer is not interested in fielding questions concerning the issues with the app as my attempt at the support contact has gone unanswered. I’m guessing the people who gave this app glowing reviews either had radios that they could actually access in their areas, or they wanted to get a “freebie” that is offered if you give the app a rating (“good” rating I’m assuming). As this app barely performs the function that it advertises, I would say “buyer beware!” You might wind up just as frustrated as the other purchasers of this app that bought a pitiful product. I would advise reading the one and two star ratings. There is where you will usually find where the real problems exist.
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4 years ago, khaj0412
Eh, well, the radio voice is the same, I guess
I got this app for the purpose of having the NOAA radio weather at my fingertips whenever I wanted it. Recently I’ve owned an emergency crank radio which had NOAA weather on it and I love having the computer-generated voice reciting the forecast - for some reason I find it immensely soothing. Listening to that voice tell me the weather for my area (or, more specifically, the area in which I may be in at any given moment in time) is something I find both useful and pleasing to my ears. Within a few minutes of paying for and downloading this app I began to look around at the radio stations in my region and of the dozen or so stations “available” in my region only two of them delivered on a forecast and one was for a location on the other side of the country! Since I am writing this review during a pandemic and everything is slow to change (or slow to be fixed if it is broken or not working properly) I will hunker down with this app and give it time to start working the way I want it to work. If it does not start to work correctly, however, my review could change.
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5 years ago, Jen5250
More reliable than “real” radio
Weather radio is still a super easy and reliable way to get important weather information quickly, particularly when you don’t want or can’t be glued to your screen. This app lets you hear the radio if you have data, which is more reliable than radio signals these days. It also allows you to see the 7 day forecast, see the current weather stats, read warning information, and generally streamlines information that can be challenging to dig out of the NOAA website. This is an app that does exactly what it claims to, and does it very well. The only thing that holds me back from a 5 star rating is the lack of a way to pay to fully upgrade the app in one purchase. I don’t mind paying for additional features, they’re worth it and the developer needs to make a living like the rest of us. I just appreciate being able to do so 1x when possible, as opposed to when new features are added.
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4 years ago, Joyce_Kilmer
Stay safe with this app
I downloaded this per the advice of our local weatherman, who is nothing short of a local legend after 24+ hours solid reporting during the Tuscaloosa tornado of April 28, 2011, a day I will never forget!! No matter how tech savvy you may or may not be, this app will work for you. It's very intuitive, and has lots of information with networks that span the entire nation, yet deliver accurate and timely local weather. I have alarms set for my location, as well as those of my children, and other relatives who are scattered across the country. The warnings wake me up before any other communication stream. I find the app to be more reliable and user friendly than my NOAA weather radio. All this, and I am using the free version! If you are worried, as I am, about your cell dying during a weather disaster, just keep a few power banks continuously charged..... you need them anyway. Don't wait.... if I can use this app, so can you.
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2 years ago, panman1
Very Useful App
Like the app overall. A lot of different ‘views’ to find current wx conditions most anywhere. Nicely customizable for a number of views. Good access to many types of major wx maps and data in one place for quick access, once you’ve familiarized yourself with the different view options. My only complaint, and there is probably a good reason, but for most states the wx radio stations are non-functional, off-line, or have some issue. Is this because of budgetary probs in NOAA and NWS, or some problem with maintaining an active link with the app? Personally, I would rather only see viable, live stations so that if I want to get important, quick synopsis, I can depend on selecting an actively reporting station rather than hunting and hoping the one I select is on-line. In an emergency, eminent Wx situation, seconds lost in getting information could mean dire consequences.
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5 years ago, AJ Stark
Ajs-Trussville Alabama
I have always enjoyed listening to NOAA Weather Radio. Especially when my family and I lived in Dallas Texas in 1978-‘79! My Granddad, on dad’s side of the family, had this: 4”W x 4”D x 4”T square Radio Shack™️ battery powered weather radio with a switch underneath it for good (or) better reception mode, a telescoping 12” antenna, volume knob and long white on/off bar across the top side. Anyhow, I’m 55 years old now, but back in the 1960’s & 70’s NOAA Weather Radio Stations were ‘staffed’ with live, male, me a geek...but their voices could put an elephant to sleep. The broadcaster’s voice is “computer animated” these day’s and new (Radio Shack™️) NOAA Weather Radio’s are all but impossible to come by these days, but, thank the ‘Higher Powers’ that be that there’s the NOAA Weather Radio “app” that’s still available from “An” App Store 🏬 to that’s available to use ‘with’ (or) ‘without’ an “Old~Timmie” - NOAA Weather Radio!
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5 years ago, JerryFWC
Almost a five!
After buying and installing the app I began the easy process of setting up the weather stations I wanted to use. Strike one happens when the Wilmington, OH KILN is not on the list. This directly affects my location as NWS alerts for Fayette, Franklin, Wayne and Union Counties in Indiana are issued from Wilmington. Strike two happened when Union County Indiana was not even in the list of places and strike three happened when there was no listing for the NWS radio operating in Richmond, IN. So with all that why the four stars? Well otherwise this app is very well designed and laid out. Any link I clicked worked well and it looks good on my iPhone 8+. I’ve still not heard how an alert sounds but considering the severe weather in my area I expect that to change soon. Hopefully the app will be updated soon to fill in the missing items.
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1 year ago, Scotishgal
Perfect App of you live in wild weather area
The NOAA application is the best application. I have had to keep me informed on the weather in my area or what is to be coming. And the day of the Internet when you stream everything on TV and do not have any local weather available, this app helps. Keep us informed as to when adverse weather is headed our way. Living in an area that is prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, severe, thunderstorms, and hail, this app gives us everything we need. If you live in an area, known for bad weather, or even in an area that has perfect weather (we know this does not exist.), you should definitely have this app to keep you informed on any inclement weather headed your way. Also, a good app to have when traveling or out in a boat on the ocean.
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4 years ago, Medeb
An oldish idea brought into the future!
Weather radios have been around a while but for some reason I don’t have one. I think I might have lost mine in the divorce. Who knows. Anyway, I’m getting older and live alone and I’ve cut the cable so I don’t watch TV. I’ve realized (mostly because my daughter has pestered me) that I need to be more aware of what’s going on weather wise. Enter this app!! It’s really cool. And I get to pick which areas I want to monitor. Did I mention I live in an area that has lots of tornadoes? Yeah. With this app I can monitor specific counties. When monitoring tornado activity, it’s important to know what’s going on not just in your county but in the counties west of you. Plus I can monitor the weather where my daughter lives - in another state! Good job, app developer!
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1 year ago, Chip46143
An Awesome app at home & when we were camping.
I’d recommend anyone to down load the app. No matter where you live the app can provide you with real time watches, warnings and alerts. When we were at our home, I had our county, and the next county to our west and south because that’s where all the typical bad weather would be coming from. When we camped we’d update the app for the county where the state park was and I can’t tell you know many times this help to alert us in the middle of the night to impending strong and potentially dangerous situations and weather. Awesome because it helps to give you a little bit of piece of mind knowing you can get alerts anytime and it will wake you up so you can determine what you need to do for it.
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3 years ago, SeekerofJustice2011
I’ve had this app for at least 4-5 years and I keep a certain set (3) counties with push notifications turned on for various categories but specifically for Tornado Watches & Warmings because I live in Tornado Alley... Thanks to the early alerts I received from this app & all the updates, we stayed safe on several close call situations; such as the recent 2020 Tornado that destroyed a lot of our county & surrounding counties & the same thing that happened when we had a F5 Tornado April 27, 2011... it was terrible... But this app kept me up to date and sent me watches & warnings with details so I knew more what to expect. Good thing cause of electricity went out and if I hadn’t had my phone with this app & alerts, I’m not sure if things would have turned out the same for my family & I.
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5 years ago, masseyk55
Life Saver
I have always relied on my NOAA Radio app for alerts. It’s always kept me aware of inclement weather in the areas I have selected. During the recent tornado outbreak April 2019, an alert woke me from a sound sleep. Upon investigation, I found I was ground zero for a tornado in my community. The alert gave my family time to get to our safe space just as the wind picked up dramatically as the tornado approached. Fifteen minutes after the NOAA Radio alert, it was all over. Our house escaped damage but there were some huge limbs down. We realized it could have been different, but with the alerts from the NOAA Radio app, we’re always prepared and can even alert others since we have settings for other places in the USA where we have family. I think it should be installed on every phone.
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5 years ago, mortalgroove
As a farmer and professional driver I’ve relied on NOAA weather radio for over 35 years now. Before the era of smart phones and their accompanying apps I kept a pocket-sized Motorola radio in every truck and tractor I owned. And you know what... I still do; you can’t go wrong having a dependable backup just like you can’t go wrong by adding the NOAA Weather Radio app to your mobile device. Don’t get caught in a freak snowstorm or in the path of a tornado because you didn’t want to invest in a reliable forecast and live weather app. Download the NOAA Weather Radio app today. And while you’re at it, check out all of the digital weather tools NOAA offers. If you’re like me, they’ll be on your phone faster than your meemaw can unbutton her overalls. Oh, and while you’re there, tell ‘em Truckin’ Todd sent you!
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2 years ago, FreshlyMintedPhD
Weather Radio
Conceptually, Weather Radio is a great iPhone app (as I use it). The UX is well designed and the options are well laid out. I would have rated it a 5 except, as I commented to the author, a number of the stations that I tried to access in NC are either off-line, display an Oops check back later, or simply spin with a “connecting” msg displayed but the NOAA msg is never heard. I did pickup one station on the western side of the station Asheville, which worked perfectly and as expected. I’ll continue to work with this app for a while as I again believe that it has great potential. However, in my opinion, there is additional development tweaks that need to be completed before the app can be labeled as fully polished and ready for use. Ernie M.
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4 years ago, ChicagoMeg
Thorough, Extensive, & Complete Weather Coverage
The name of this app is a bit of a misnomer. It offers so much more than weather radio. This app offers multiple weather radio stations for most states, plus Canada, as well as one NHC Tropical Weather station. I have set up notifications to receive weather warnings for my county as well as the many counties that surround me, where weather likely comes from. My expensive weather radio that I bought years ago has never worked effectively, so this app has taken it’s place and shown my weather radio up. This app is great for the serious weather fan, but it is especially helpful for those in the path of dangerous weather. It offers so many different types of information: National radar map: geographical weather maps; active watches and warnings; lightening detection maps; forecast maps; forecast offices; sector radars; storm prediction center; storm prediction center links; marine forecasts; Great Lakes marine forecasts, etc. This app is so thorough that it is my go-to for bad weather, both for where I live and where all my loved ones live. For anyone serious about weather, this is is a must-have app.
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1 year ago, ttlaska
Review on your app.
I highly recommend your app. I would recommend your app so much, that I even use it on the go. I’ve even recommended it to my friends. It’s sad that a lot of people don’t know about your company, and that most people rely on the news for their weather. and don’t get the most accurate information. I would highly recommend NOAA weather radio to anybody that’s looking for weather information around the world. On this app I’ve seen from Canada, to Puerto Rico, to anywhere in the United States, and I haven’t traveled anywhere, so I haven’t tested it in any other country. but I have your radio as well. I just think it’s crazy that not a lot of people know about your company.
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5 years ago, Omihachiman
Great for all your weather needs
The NOAA Weather Radio app is my go to for all things weather related. My initial motivation for making this purchase was to access the radio feature to hear detailed reports about the weather in my area. To that end the app has completely satisfied my expectations. I somehow find hearing the radio forecasts to be a more complete way of understanding the entire picture of the weather that is to come. However, the app includes additional details that make it truly remarkable. The variety of maps that are available make this app well worth its purchase. If you are interested in weather beyond the simple data of temperature and wind speed I would highly recommend this app to you.
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2 years ago, fly cfi
Deteriorating app
Submitted two fix requests to developer concerning inoperative radio channels in tornado alley no less, a place where people’s lives depend on this kind of service. Developer would not even respond, even though their blurb states they will. The channels have still not been repaired after several weeks. Very disappointed in the service. You should not advertise yourself as a “NOAA radio” if you are next even willing to keep your primary mission objective, and that is to provide, what I hope is anyway, reliable radio communications. Other than that this app does offer some convieient access to some of NOAA’s weather data, but that is also available on the web.
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6 years ago, thomm85n
NOAA Weather Program
What a great find this NOAA weather program is! Just about any location you want to monitor from a distance right down to your doorstep it’s in this program. Want to watch the weather away from home on the road? Covered! Family in far off location and you worry about their weather conditions? Covered! Need to know the weather for a fishing locale? Covered! If you only have one weather program this should be it. If you are a weather watcher this program should be in with your other weather tools. Fantastic program! You will be delighted with all of these features for in-depth researching the weather around you and in far off places as well. This is a great weather program!
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7 years ago, Cmorrison0826
Works well.
I work at a factory in Wichita Kansas. This app helps keep up to date with the rapidly changing weather conditions. As a voiceover user I must say this app is pretty easy to use. Most of the weather apps I have used in the past required me to jump through a few hoops in order for me to check the conditions. The only thing i wish that there was some kind of verbal announcement after the alert sound. For example, after the severe thunderstorm warning sound is played the next thing you would hear is "Severe thunderstorm warning "or "tornado warning." Mostly not a big deal to look at my phone after hearing the alert sound but would be nice for the times when I can't get to my phone because my hands are busy at work.
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6 years ago, Reybeme
When I first got the application I set it up to give me the weather and warnings for the counties and states surrounding my location, it's been phenomenal, no last minutes preparation for the weather. I'm always well aware of my surroundings and what to expect. The Spark option is a most have, not only for your own safety but that of your loved ones and friends. This isn't just an application, this application can be the difference between life and death, when used right. I use it throughout the day even in the most beautiful blue sky days, because so many things are weather related, not just clouds and rain. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in preparing this awesome, dependable life saving application...Rey Torres
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7 years ago, fstevens2
Worthless if you expect alerts or any support
See edit at the end of this review: I emailed the developer, no answer, so hoping another user will know the answer to this: will push alerts be sent for your current location as well as the locations you select in "Watches & Warnings"? There haven't been any watches or warnings in my current location (which is also the location I have selected in Watches & Warnings) since I installed the app. If I'm only going to get alerts for specific locations I select, the app wouldn't be very useful. Edit and changed to 1 star - I've tried to contact the developer via Facebook, no response. One evening, our physical weather radio went off twice due to severe thunderstorms. I could see those alerts in this app, but only by going into it and looking for them - no alerts/notifications were sent even though the app is set up to generate them. I'll be deleting the app and asking for my money back.
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2 years ago, BroBear1165
Too many stations not working
Do you want somebody to make a rating on this and write a review I don’t even think it’s worth the words right now whoever the developer of this app is is totally failing to contact the volunteers who subscribe and post their weather channel information most of the feeds are down there’s no way to run to report a down feed or to ride to the developer of this app I’m really thinking this app should be trashed and that the national weather service should volunteer at SERVICES but right now this app is just the one on my scale until they step up do better and contact the volunteers who put the feeds out there and get these feeds working again and then better locations in a better cities weather is important and weather warnings are important and if someone doesn’t have a Weather Radio they’ll use their scanner app right now this app is totally failing in my opinion
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7 years ago, Toy Dogwatch
Great app but room for improvements
I love this app I use to be a cart pusher for a grocery store and I used this app every time we were supposed to get a big storm and it was pretty accurate and my boss would let me use it versus having them have to check their weather radio but one thing I would fix is push notifications I haven’t been getting them I do have push notifications turned on but it doesn’t notify me of any sever weather but I have fallen in love with this app whenever I’m out camping with family this comes in handy when I’m sleeping in a tent and it also has come in handy more times than I can really say but other than the notification issue you guys got my 5 stars
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6 years ago, 7hund3rb1rd
Great, but...
I love this app. I grew up listening to weather radio and prefer the infinite loop recording with important information above the flashy and annoying live tv hosts on the Weather Chanel, or any local station (no offense Weather Chanel/local tv hosts). This is exactly what I want when listening to weather reports (and honestly, if I have trouble falling asleep, I listen for a bit and am out in a few minutes). Aside from that, my ONLY issue so far is, I live in Georgetown, TX and can only get weather from Waco. I’d like to be able to listen to the Austin or San Antonio stations but they don’t seem to be connected. It’s such a petty thing and I still listen to Waco, but just wanted to mention that. Besides that, this app is fantastic and I thank the developers.
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4 years ago, Saimoon2003
From childhood of Ham radio til now
NOA weather radio has been a big part of my life when it comes to weather. As a child I would love to add the weather radio frequency to my 2 meter radio and listen in whenever the weather is bad in my local area. Just found out a few days ago that this app is pretty much the same thing. It’s nice to tune in still when I’m not in my vehicle and don’t have to bring the hand radio with me to hear what’s going on. How cool is it in the 21st century you don’t have to have a ham radio or buy a weather radio at the store to listen in anymore. Though I’m more traditional it’s nice to see how how times have change. No issues listening in!! Can’t complain at all!
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4 years ago, rpsfarms
NOAA weather radio app
During 2016 was able to use the app on my I phone and my iPad. Was extremely pleased as I am a farmer and it is the most dependable weather service available as far as accuracy. For some reason in 2017 I am unable to use the location from Lubbock Texas . It simply spins "Connecting " but never buffers. The Amarillo connection works every time . Other locations work , but never Lubbock or Plainview. I have tried to delete the app and renew it but nothing helps. It is absolutely not functional as far as the radio broadcast. Of course it brings up the page that can be viewed but I need the verbal feature. When working properly it is the same quality as the weather radio in my tractors. I need this feature to work. Otherwise my purchase of the app is now a waste. Currently I would give it no stars. And here we are in 2020 still doesn’t have the radio function , just continual buffering .
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6 years ago, Geo1058
I am pretty happy with the app. I thought the family sharing would follow to the iPhone, it didn’t. I bought the iPhone app and received a second app not related to the developer. I sent a email. I got a prompt response from the company asking if I purchased a package. I sent them the answer, no. That email was not responded to. The app, as well as the communication could be a little easier for us older technologically challenged. I don’t get alerts but I am lucky the available stations cover my area. The reception is better than my midland. It says it sent. I do not see what name was used, I assume my email address. I also don’t see a token to receive the + upgrade. Please see the portion of the review pertaining to ease of use.
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4 years ago, FireWxJoe
Convenient app
I got this app so that I could compare noaa broadcasts with local forecasts and my own visual observations. I run a construction crew and there are times when I need to check weather against a few sources to make the most efficient use of my time and manpower. It’s also great for updates afternoon squalls. Since we listen to streaming services now over the radio rather than the actual radio I like that the push notifications will alert me about weather forecasts that may affect my work area, which stretches over a few states. The layout could be different, but honestly, with so much information to display I think the creators did a fine job.
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4 years ago, Palm Doctor
NWS Radio: My dependable guiding weather voice since the 1970s!
I have only a lifetime of experiences that I can recall where the NWS Wx Radio network has covered me with a protective net of extensive weather information in the many cities I have called home. I wish that the Network was even more extensive throughout North America but I am always thankful for the web of cities which do regularly broadcast. I cannot say enough about these stations thoroughness, detail, and accuracy! Thank you, National Weather Service for Weatheradio! It is always an invaluable source of weather information for my entire family! Paul Nawrocki
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5 years ago, roverman
Finally an app that provides the level of information and details that a layperson needs to understand any weather situation they may find themselves in, when danger is imminent. The general public NEEDS to become more educated about potentially dangerous situations they can easily find themselves in, like tornados, flooding, hurricanes, and more. NOAA Weather Radio App provides the latest official weather statements. It’s like having your own little siren that could save your life one day. You can customize notifications to alert you when danger is near. I love the add on features and they’re priced so low, who wouldn’t want to get them. I always have questions about what’s happening with the storm that’s headed my way and NOAA Weather Radio App provides answers I can understand and follow. I feel safer knowing what’s headed my way and what I need to do to prepare for safety, for me and my family. This is also a great way to keep track of what’s happening at home, when I’m away, or where my child is, while she’s away at college.
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5 years ago, IamCindyA
A Sense of Relief and Protection
I deal with very strong anxiety around severe weather. I have been back and forth on getting this app for quite so time. I took the plunge and purchased it just last night and it is already paying for itself! I was unsure of what severe weather was in our area (I had heard people talking about some coming our way), but I hadn’t confirmed it myself. Within a few minutes of wondering, I received a warning about weather that was approaching. It was detailed and incredibly helpful! I did have a few minor bumps in the road during setup, but I believe that to be user error and learning curve verses the app functions.
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2 months ago, KD0BKR
I use multiple weather apps as a storm spotter and thought I’d give this a try to see how it works. I’m frequently asked by followers what I recommend. So far this app is the worst. When I selected my local weather stations the app just spins and never connects. I watched it try to connect for 30 mins. I rebooted my phone and app multiple times. I was attempting to use this app during the severe weather outbreak 5/6/24 as well as the event happening in MO today 5/8. App is set so that I should receive audio and push notifications. Nothing has been received. I was never able to connect to the local NOAA weather station. There are definitely better and more user friendly apps out there. Personal safety is important and this app proved to me that I couldn’t depend on it in an emergency.
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7 years ago, Paulwiz
Was once good
This app was once absolutely fantastic but it's been worthless for the past like 12-15 months. Just prior to last summer I all of a sudden stopped receiving push notifications. I tried deleting the app, data, locations I have selected but nothing worked. I emailed the developer and received a response back, responded and never heard back. Finally, I saw there was an update back in the winter so I did the update...still nothing. I've deleted the app numerous times and sent several emails but no response and too this day I still don't receive push notifications. Wondering if anyone else does?
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3 years ago, K4NDN
Very nice
I live in an area where the broadcast weather radio signals are very weak and unintelligible. As an amateur radio operator I require weather alerts for Amateur Radio Emergency Services as well as being able to track storms. The app works well with prompt notification of events, and I am happy with the app. One improvement I would like to see incorporated would be that after an alert sounds, the weather radio automatically switches to the voice notification. Having to try to read a notification while driving is not the best scenario, otherwise, great app!
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1 month ago, alex829624
Great App and with good functionality
This app is brilliant for on the go or preemptively planning anything. With the ability to tune into various weather radio channels across the US, and also a wide array of links to a bunch of different tools that can help you track weather conditions, including live doppler radar, and lightning detection via Spark too. Also the ability to have alerts when EAN’s are put out when warning about weather and have it ping to your phone based on which county you want to select. Overall a must have if your in a storm prone area.
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3 years ago, Midnight7angel77
NOAA Weather Service
Thus Weather Service has always been accurate and dependable, for myself, my Family, and many Friends. If we’re traveling to visit Children, vacationing, or on a business trip, we can depend on this APP with some intelligent people operating it, to tell us what weather conditions are and will be, during the next several days. I love this APP, and thank the Developers !!! It’s one of the all around best APPS everyone should have, most especially with the many changes in weather we’ve been having, everywhere !!!! Get the APP today !!! Ernestine Nagell
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4 years ago, Nathanial4
Goodish but room for improvement
The app appears to work as advertised although I have not heard the alerts sounding. It is fairly easy to set your location and the alert types you want notifications to receive. My biggest issue is when using the Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone. I have not been able to figure out how to allow these alerts/notifications to sound in the middle of the night without allowing every other notification to sound. That improvement would put this on par with a stand alone weather radio!
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4 years ago, jane1958
Waste of money!
I totally agree with Irma! I purchased this app due to tornado watches in the area and I wanted to be alerted if there was severe weather in the area. We had several severe storms pass through the area and I didn’t receive one alert. I checked to see if my notifications were turned on properly and they were. I also experienced the ongoing “connecting” messages when trying to access my local radio but it never connects. I contacted Chris and he asked which station I was trying to connect to and I responded but I never heard back from him. I told him I wanted a refund but he’s never responded to that either. I guess I’ll just delete the app and count my losses. Don’t fall for this app. It doesn’t work. My local TV provides a much better app that actually works and it’s free!
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2 years ago, Reaper_7
This app is trash, save your money.
I got this to have a weather radio because I haven’t had one in a while and after listening to it for around 5 minutes the broadcast stopped, buffered, then give me an error message. That was 22 hours ago and the app still doesn’t work. In addition to this, you have to pay for read time radar and none of the available NOAA maps in the advertisements work properly. Basically the coding of this app opens a portal to NOAA’s website in a pop up browser contained within the app. This pop up window doesn’t allow for any movement—attempts to zoom are unresponsive, swiping to move the spark map moves the whole pop up window, etc. Pretty much all the advertised content of this app doesn’t work. Don’t waist your money.
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5 years ago, catt.a.clysmic
Stay Alert, Stay Alive
This app is the most trustworthy source I have found to stay up-to-date with changing weather conditions regardless of where I am. Yes, you do get quite a few notifications. But, if you’re like me and trace frequently, this is to your benefit. No matter where I am, the location is accurate and informative. Just the other day I was in a tornado warning and heard nothing from the news forecasts I follow on social media. The Weather Channel app (which I also love, don’t get me wrong) didn’t notify until almost 5 minutes after the NOAA Radio App. Highly recommended!
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4 years ago, Dr_Mig
Yes! A a replacement for my NOAA radio
So here we are going into hurricane season again and my NOAA radio died. I decided to look for something that i could use on my mobile device and this one seems to have all the bells and whistles. So far so good! I’m impressed! As this is my first day with this App, I will have to make updates to my review depending on how it performs. Thanks guys, looking forward to using it and the cost is not overwhelming. $5 is a lot less expensive than an actual radio that usually sits at home versus being on your person to get instant weather information. Thanks // drmig
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4 years ago, MO_Geekster
Vital App to have
While there have been many reports of bugs and less than stellar functionality, I have been using this app reliably since it’s release. If you value being aware- if you are a hiker, biker, hunter, or whatever, this app keeps you aware of the weather going on around you. Situation awareness, when it comes to weather & environment, is no kidding, a life or death situation. Sounds like hyperbole, but it has the added benefit of being 100% true. This app keeps me informed, aware, and safe. Great job to the dev team! My sincere thanks!
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6 years ago, Fleeci
A much needed app.
I’ve used this app for two years now. It hasquickly turned into one of the most used apps on my phone. Living in the lightening capital of the world, we get A LOT of storms with thunder, lightening, flooding and high winds. Having this app, I don’t have to constantly monitor the weather, this does it for me. There have been a few times that an alert has come through that has saved me from going through areas that would be flooded or even allowed me to go home to get things moved off the lanai. Plus, I know the information I get is the most accurate.
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2 years ago, pleeeze
I purchased this app months ago for NOAA weather, immediately I noticed that NONE of the Arizona stations are online, a brief search of the USA told me that there are a lot of stations ‘offline’. I wrote the developer and I received a reply stating that they were working on the problem. Well, weeks went by and I wrote again, this time no reply. I even spent an additional 2.99 for and add-on! It’s clear that the developer is doing nothing to make this a complete’s a broken app that shouldn’t be for sale. I give it a ZERO star rating. Let me add that I opened the app today and a pop up came up asking for a review to help the developer..well, I still have no Arizona stations after a couple years! Waste of money if you live in an area with no weather radio.
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