Nomorobo - Robocall Blocker

4.5 (17.9K)
9.5 MB
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Current version
Telephone Science Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nomorobo - Robocall Blocker

4.5 out of 5
17.9K Ratings
4 years ago, IJustHad5Bars
Monthly fees for customers to do much of the work
So the customers report the numbers that get to their phone (basically doing lots of the work) and you guys charge a monthly fee. Seems like a bad deal to me. Just what I need another constant drain on my account. Has anyone considered doing maybe a $$ a month for 12 months and then you own the app type thing. No of course not. But seriously in this case a monthly fee is basically paying for nothing but someone to see if multiple people reported a number and update a database with the numbers your customers are reporting (easily automated). I like the idea but I am sick of monthly fees already. Apple does most of this already for its customers and isn’t charging a fee for it. Your app just went through my phone and changed all the numbers that were reported by Apple as scam numbers to saying you did something about the call. But you did nothing as many of those calls came well before I installed the app. I personally would rather just push cancel when I see possible scam number then pay a monthly fee to have an app do the same thing.
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3 years ago, Ms Merry Sherry
Impossible Task
UPDATE IN RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER RESPONSE. Actually my app settings have always been set to access my contacts and that has made no difference to my original review. I already reached out to the support team and there were no other suggestions other than to keep adding people myself. I know spoofing is very challenging and I think the telecoms and government need to come down hard on those doing that. The telecoms can with the data they get from each call so I suspect they don’t because they just don’t want to spend the money to develop the process. Instead they figure we will put up with it because we really have no choice. I have over 800 individual numbers manually blocked on my phone. I am not going to waste time helping an app that actually doesn’t work as it should when it won’t block numbers not in my contacts. I just cancelled my renewal because it just isn’t worth the money when it just doesn’t work. It looks like most of the nuisance calls I receive are spoofed numbers and this app doesn’t catch them. It does a fine job of identifying spam and telemarketers but that is less than a third of the nuisance calls. At first I was individually blocking those calls but that has become ridiculously time consuming. The spam texts process would get a 2. It isn’t really designed to deal with all the texts people get these days that are legitimate notices. I am not sure any app can effectively deal with the mess of spamming. On the up side it is easy to install.
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2 years ago, CJlove1981
Fairly decent
The app does a fairly good job of blocking robocalls as long as you keep refreshing the block list because these companies constantly change their numbers and/or have hundreds of different numbers. The problem I’ve been having since the app update is that every other day I notice more calls than normal coming through and I know it’s time to go into the app and refresh the block list but when I go to refresh it I get an error message telling me the list can’t be updated and that if it persists then to delete the app and reinstall it. Over the last couple of months I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times and this “bug” still has not been fixed. I’m about to cancel my subscription and go with another company. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.
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5 years ago, Greeneyeddi
Zero customer support. Allows known Robocallers through
Nomorobo has got to be the WORST Robocaller blocking app currently available. You pay for a subscription and when you have problems you email customer support only to be told to check their FAQ. Duh! I did that before I ever emailed you! Months go by, you send numerous emails to customer support, and still no reply aside from check the FAQ. The app allows known Robocallers through, then when you attempt to report those numbers through the app using the Share option to share them with Nomorobo they show as being known Robocallers. So why did the app allow them through to begin with without marking them as Robocaller when they first are ringing in? Because the app doesn’t work that is why. The App never sends Robocallers to voicemail so that option is completely a waste. The only way to get even a portion of known Robocallers blocked is to set it to identify. Well, if I wanted to hear them ring through why would I be attempting to use an app to block them?? Total and complete waste of $$$$ and the app support could care less about their customers once they have your money. They don’t even attempt to fix the issues or troubleshoot with you till the issues are fixed, they just keep taking peoples money and laughing all the way to the bank.
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5 years ago, eSharp7
Not enough control; subpar support
I had been using Nomorobo as a paid subscriber for a while. All of a sudden they made an update that automatically flags as a robocaller any phone number that has the same first six digits as your own. It didn’t used to be this way. So I contacted support. Their response? Add those phone numbers to my contacts. There was absolutely no support or attempt at addressing my issue. News flash: sometimes you get legitimate calls from numbers not in your contacts. I want the ability to microcontrol what an app that I’m paying for does with my phone calls. Is that too much to ask?? There’s only one option for managing calls. Send to voicemail or warn you about robocalls. I want to be able to manage how the app handles calls in their robocall database separately from how the app handles calls that have the same first six digits as mine. So because support couldn’t solve my issue, I’ve solved it for them. I cancelled my subscription, wrote this review, and will use a competitor. Shame too, because their database of bad callers really is extensive. I still use it for my VOIP but I won’t pay them for an app when they don’t respect me enough to try to solve my problem or to give me control over what happens on my phone.
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2 years ago, dowNOTeof
Good App Overall
Edit: I contacted support and had decent assistance but nothing worked (even the test calls still came through). After deleting and re-adding the app a 3rd time it suddenly worked. I’ll raise my review to 5 star since it’s more than likely an Apple issue than their app. The app always seemed to work fine so I’m not sure what broke it but I’m glad to have my sanity back. I’ve been Googling numbers I don’t recognize for the past year and usually get generic results so I assume the robocall is a new number. No biggie, move on and assume the app is working fine. Now in the past month I’m getting hits on Nomorobo’s own site telling me it’s a robocall and yet it isn’t being flagged or stopped. These are numbers that were listed on the website MONTHS ago and I keep my app open and updated. Just today I got ANOTHER 4 calls that Nomorobo knows about and have gotten at least 10 or 11 in just the past week. Save your money, this app isn’t going to stop any robocalls.
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12 months ago, koroba1953
Not overly effective
The app has blocked some calls but then you only have 2 options what to do with them: either send them to voice mail where you have to delete the voice mail but the number is automatically blocked) or, the call is identified as a spam call (I have not used this so I do not know if the call rings through or is blocked, my phone carrier is already IDing these numbers as potential spam). However the problem I’ve been having this week is receiving numbers that are on Nomorobo’s block list but they are ringing through and not being blocked (just had 2 of these in the last 15 minutes). So far Nomorobo has not offered an explanation for this. If this keeps up I will ditch the app. Update: 28 June 2023…my problems from above continue. This morning within a 20 minute period I received 3 spam robo calls all identified by my phone as Potential Spam, but what’s really disappointing is that 2 of these calls were already on the block list but they rang through on the phone without going to voicemail. This app is properly handling spam calls less than 50% of the time, no reason to pay for that type of service, I am going to cancel.
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4 years ago, acarncross
Blocked calls were doing ok during the trial, text messages were never blocked. As soon as you charged me for a years subscription, the calls stopped being marked as spam, and still no texts are blocked. I’ve read the previous reviews today regarding this. I (and I assume many others) do not like to have apps constantly open as that kills battery life. If the app is installed an “run in background” is selected, there should be absolutely no reason the app needs to be physically open to block unwanted calls and texts. Even reporting the numbers in the app is a waste of time because then I could just go back to blocking the number within the call itself. I want my money back so I can delete this garbage app. And no, I’m not interested in contacting you via email or by any other means to “fix” the app. *Update as of Sept 1* I’m not confused on what it means to have the app open, thank you very much. Your response to me is garbage. Literally none of the calls are being blocked still and the same robot just called me from 4 different numbers within 10 minutes. My spam calls have increased since you charged me. I want my money back now.
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4 years ago, Free-NoMoBS
Does not Block phone calls or text msgs
I have been with this company for over a year until J realized that some of the same phone numbers that I have already blocked, were still texting and calling me. I never had the thought to go back and retype those phone numbers in to see if the block actually worked. To my surprise, phone numbers were still able to get through because the system never picked them up. However, the system WAS blocking important business phone calls that were being marked as robocalls and going straight to my voicemail. Almost made me miss a lot of important phone calls/conferences because of this. Please look into this problem, and fix it. I should not block a phone number and 6 months later the app continues to ask me if I would like to block it? The reason why I know that these numbers were not being blocked is because it would ask me, if I would like to “Allow this Number,” if the phone number was actually blocked the first time. It does not ask that if the phone number is not blocked as you requested. Taking my money, but doing me nothing good.
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4 years ago, SheeplePeople
A few flaws
I’ve been using Nomo for about 4 years. First with a landline then for my cell phone. I had an issue with a version last year which would lock up and not update. Supports answer was to uninstall and reinstall. That was not practical to do every day and defeated the purpose of automated filtering. I do continue to see spam come through. While some are not in the database as they are spoofed numbers, others appear identified as robocalls but are not sent to voicemail. My biggest complaint is the subscription process. I carry 2 iPhones, one for business and the other for personal. They are setup with a single Apple ID to use the calling and texting across my devices. Nomo allows only one subscription per Apple ID. Looking at the FAQ and an internet search shows this is truly a legitimate shortcoming. Their resolution is to use a different Apple ID for the 2nd phone. That would prohibit the ability to use the Apple features I love the most.
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3 years ago, Dezzie11/18/11
Save your money
I got this app to hopefully stop getting 6+ scam calls every day. I’ve had it for weeks now and STILL get multiple scam calls a day. I originally had the app set to “blocked (sent to voicemail)” which made it where I couldn’t see if it was actually working as most scam places don’t leave messages and I was still getting multiple calls a day the app wasn’t blocking. I changed the settings where calls were identified as ”robocaller” so I could see if the app was actually catching anything. Between August 24 and today, August 31 I received 24 scam calls. Some of which were actually labeled “scam risk” from my phone company. Out of all of those calls only 2 were actually labeled “robocaller” and would have been blocked by the app had I still had the settings set to “blocked (sent to voicemail)”. I’m canceling my subscription. Don’t waste your money. Easier to just block all calls from people not in your phone book through your phone settings and let people leave messages if it’s important.
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3 years ago, FrankR0625
No difference in robo calls
I set up the app, allowed it access to my contacts, everything tested as working with the feature they have in the app to send a test robo call. The test robo call was successfully blocked. I then received 17 robo calls that were not blocked that first day. I answered every one of them to make sure it was a robo call and then dutifully reported each one to Nomorobo using the Share Contact option with their app. The animation they have when sharing a contact is annoying when you are submitting several robo call reports in a row. I submitted a support request on Wednesday October 27th. It’s four days later and I have receive no response to the support request. From their responses to other support requests online their response seems to be “dealing with spoofed numbers is hard”. Yeah no kidding it’s hard that why I bought your paid service. How about this - when someone calls me have a prompt that says, “Press (random number) to talk to x”. If they don’t press the right number the first time, hang up on them. There are a hundred things we could do starting with improving security around caller id but nobody is doing it. So I get disturbed while I’m working every 20 minutes or so. The scammers have even gotten clever by calling, hanging up, and then rapidly calling again which bypasses iPhone Do Not Disturb functionality. Anyway, there was no benefit to me whatsoever in installing NoMoRobo. It was more like SameOlRobo.
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5 years ago, TJEnigma19
Working great now. Thanks for being responsive and correcting the problems.
This app has been great since I downloaded it in January 2019 and I frequently recommend it to others. It has reduced the number of Robocalls I received to almost zero, which is amazing. It did stop working for over a week due to some sort of bug with the most recent IOS update. I sent in a couple of reports to the app developers and they were responsive. It took a few days and I had to delete and reinstall the app a few times before it started working again, but so far things are back on track. This is a really important app for me because the multiple robocalls I received every day were stressing me out and wasting my time and energy. I appreciate the responsiveness that got this app back on track. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Solarborn
A decent app
I was getting several robot calls a day before installing this app. They still occasionally get through but infrequently. I can report the numbers which do get through with a feature in the app. The annual cost is very reasonable. This could be improved if it punished the scammers as another app’s stated feature but I have no way to evaluate the effectiveness of that approach. The free Nomorobo service which I use with my AT&T landline does not seem to be as effective as the mobile version as we continue to receive scammer robos nearly daily and often more than once in a day. But that number would certainly be higher without the filtering service and I’m happy to have that free option. Conclusion: though not perfect (and what is?) this app is effective at significantly reducing the number of robo calls I receive at a reasonable cost.
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5 years ago, AmyLeighG
Free version gone?
I’ve used a few robocall blocking apps, I came across this one, Nomorobo call and downloaded the then free version last year. I went on to check earlier this year and noticed it was no longer a free app. I’m hesitant to pay for the app now with only 500 or so users/reviewers. I’m confused by the testimony on you app page that shows 2.5 million satisfied users? I’m not sure why the reviews would be so low at approx 500.... I’d think with 2.5 million users you would have more reviews. This deters me from the payed app now. I’ll keep looking for a higher reviewed payed app to block calls for now. If there is a legitimate explanation for the difference in numbers, I’d be more inclined to try the month to month option to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. All I want is an app that blocks robocalls/scam calls, without me needing to put those numbers into the app. Which defeats the purpose when paying for an app.
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5 years ago, TARD15
Really wanted this to work :(
I really wanted this to work. I get spam calls early in the morning disturbing my sleep. So far this gets maybe one out of three calls. I can enter the number to their database which is no different then blocking on my end. I give three stars because maybe at some point they will improve.. Update: tech support contacted me and implied that maybe the app wasn’t working right, needed to be refreshed, did I enable this and that etc. I have followed all directions to the letter, they don’t want to admit the spammers have better technology then they do. Removing a star because they didn’t really read my complaint and questioned my ability to use the app properly. I don’t see the point in paying money to assist them in updating their data base while I still get spammed. The phone still rings...then tells me it’s a robo call...several older users of this app say it used to work better. Going to look for a better product.
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12 months ago, LalaFro
Neighbor Spoofing has been repeatedly wrong
I’ve had Nomorobo for several years and overall it’s been good but just now I received a phone call that came up as Neighbor Spoofing. I didn’t answer it but it was a legitimate call and the person left a voicemail. After the call was complete the person’s name was in place of the missed call instead of Neighbor Spoofing. Also, I called this same number yesterday and see in my call history that it shows the outgoing call as Neighbor Spoofing. I’m really confused as to why this happened and think this has happened before with other local legitimate numbers that weren’t actual Neighbor Spoofing numbers. I’ve always ignored these calls because I thought they were scam calls but now I know I’m missing important phone calls possibly due to this feature inaccurately verifying wrong information.
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2 years ago, cdonnellytx
I’m done.
I have been deleting and reinstalling this app every six days or so in order to work around the dreaded “Already loading” / “Can’t communicate with a helper application” bug. This is further complicated by Nomorobo asking RIGHT THEN AND THERE if “I’m enjoying the app” or “I’m having issues”. Which just takes me to the Nomorobo forums and does nothing useful beyond tell me to delete and reinstall. Again. Every six days, I have to: 1. Delete the app. 2. Say “Yes” to keep subscription. 3. Reboot. Because no, skipping to step 4 doesn’t work all the time. It almost always requires a reboot. 4. Open the App Store and search for Nomorobo. 5. Select Install, then Open. 6. Go through setup again (type in phone number, enter 2FA, allow notifications, allow contact access, etc. 7. Wait for the “happy” effect on load, then tap Ok. 8. Wait for the actual call list update. Because that doesn’t always happen during the happy effect. 9. Check back in four hours to make sure it’s actually been running in the background. Support helped the first few times, but eventually stopped responding to my reports. I kept waiting for the app to finally get better, to no avail. So I’m done. The app has been great with blocking, but I’m tired of doing this dance every few days. I’m going to have to do with just my carrier’s app since I can block some numbers completely (not just voicemail).
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3 years ago, Sheryl 17
Need to reinstall
I’ve been using this app for years and it has always worked. But this last week it stopped updating. It said to delete app and then put in again. I tried that and it didn’t work. But then I deleted it, turned off my phone, turned it back on, put it back in, checked and made sure that notifications and blocking was allowed again, and then it worked fine :-) who knows, maybe an update on my iPhone made it stop working. But it’s back on and doing great. Noticed others were having problems getting it to work, so I suggest doing what I did and I think it will work. But check that it is again allowed in settings.
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4 years ago, Shasha galore
Used to work just fine until Oct 2020
I loved this app because it prevented me from receiving calls (most would actually leave voicemails) from spammers. Sure a few would sneak past. But largely, as long as I updated it daily, I would not get spam calls. Note: if you leave the app open it will drain your battery. If I got one in my missed calls or vm, I’d report it to the app and describe if it was insurance scam, etc. in the instance if I had that info. HOWEVER, once I updated my phone to iOS 14, this app no longer works. I’ve received more spam calls today then I’ve received in the past four months. I can’t report new numbers, I can’t share spam contacts. I followed advice from their Zendesk FAQs and removed and redownloaded the app. WRONG MOVE. IPhone Settings for call/sms blocking don’t even offer Nomorobo as an option. Help us! We are PAYING you. Dudes, please fix and update the app.
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2 years ago, viroid13
App doesn’t work well
I use this app mainly to stop those increasingly annoying spam texts. The app stops maybe half of them and quietly filters them into a junk folder. Great! However, the other half I have to send to the app by sharing the sender’s contact information. Every time I try to do this, the app itself (and my messages app) freezes or crashes and simply doesn’t work. So what’s the point of blocking half of my content and not being able to report the other half? I already am frustrated about the spam texts. Now I have to be frustrated about not being able to share the text with the Nomorobo app. So the cycle continues! If the app caught 100% of spam texts I’d give it 5 stars. If I was able to at least forward spam texts to the app without it crashing, I’d change my rating to at least 4 stars. But for now, my rating stands as accurate.
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1 year ago, RDCollins
Have to Delete & Reinstall Frequently
I’ve been using Nomorobo for years without any problem. However, it has recently developed an issue that prevents it from updating. Instead, I get a message saying that the app is already updating, which is not true. The only fix is to uninstall it, download it again, and reinstall it. For the last month or so this has been happening three or four times per week. Very annoying, and there is no way to contact the developer for a fix. Until the error is corrected, I suggest that you try a different app. By the way, I’m using Nomorobo on an iPhone running the most current iOS.
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4 years ago, bifelicia319
Spam Texts
So far, this seems to work pretty decently for my phone where calls are concerned. I do see calls in my call history that were id’d as robocalls and sent to voicemail, per my settings, so I know it’s working. However, I also have the Spam filter activated for incoming texts as well. The info says that, once activated, my iPhone will send the phone number of an incoming text message to Nomorobo and that the contents of the text will be analyzed for spam and put in the spam folder if deemed spam. I have the feature turned on, I do, indeed, have the Spam folder, but this app has yet to block a single spam text message. It hasn’t even caught any of the marketing spam/scam texts that are trying to contact the person who previously had my phone number (which I’ve had for close to 2 years now). Instead, I end up having to manually block the number myself via the Share Contact feature. How on earth is y’all’s analyzing system NOT recognizing text messages trying to get me to buy Keto pills, erectile dysfunction remedies, and other such aggravations for the spam they are?? Please fix and I will adjust my rating if it actually starts to work the way it’s claimed to in the Spam Text Blocking info.
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5 years ago, Mark63368
Simply Fantastic!!
This app is simply amazing. I use my phone for business, and many times I receive calls from clients who’s number is not in my phonebook. I was first exposed to NoMoRoBo when I switched my landline from AT&T to Spectrum. The service was part of the spectrum package. I noticed immediately that the Robo calls stopped. After seeing that, I had to put it on my cell phone, which I use for work, to see how it handled all the Robo calls I got on that phone. I went from 10-20 per day to maybe one a week. If one sneaks through, all I have to do is share that recent call within the app and it’s gone forever. Not just for me, but for every other subscriber too. Best $20 a year you’ll ever spend!!
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2 years ago, TheHadouJHyrule
App is Unstable, just like the Landlines!
A scammer is robocalling our home phone number, and bypassing Nomorobo protection by spoofing either a Nomorobo number, or the same number associated with the landline. You’d think Nomorobo should be able to automatically detect this spoofing on the mobile platform, no problem. But no, the app doesn’t protect against that either. Then the scammers hijack your device, and Nomorobo stops working until you reinstall the app. Please address your platform to automatically protect against spoofing from both your own, and Nomorobo associated numbers by monitoring them for such behavior, without actually blacklisting the numbers! If I may suggest, adding an "Artificial Intelligence" (or AI)-powered system, combining it with the existing whitelist/blacklist one, may solve this problem. I hate giving out 1-star reviews, but unfortunately…this kind of service flaw fits the bill for such a rating.
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5 years ago, wunduhful
Latest update is very reliable
Prior to Nomorobo my wife and I had an insufferable number of phone calls that came in hourly from robocallers. I don’t know how this happened it made it so we were considering changing our phone numbers. After reading about Nomorobo winning the FTC challenge, we decided to give them a shot. We also use Verizon’s free Call Filter as it helps to identify callers whose names would not otherwise be displayed (this should be a default feature for all carriers). Anyway, Nomorobo has made it so I can trust my phone again. I no longer worry about answering robocalls and this latest update makes it updated seamlessly and regularly giving you the newest identified spammers.
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5 years ago, JBell912
It’s effective and a tremendous help! But...
I’ve been a subscriber of Nomorobo’s premium service for just over a year and it’s been a great deterrent for all of these rampant sales calls, robo political polls and attempts at fraud. Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing some issues with the program and I’m not sure if it’s my device, my OS or with the software itself. But almost 6-8 times a day, my device is prompted with reminders to open and refresh Nomorobo to keep the protection updated. This was not an issue before and I’m slightly disappointed that it is now. I am also running the iOS 13.1 Beta from Apple; if this is the source of the problem, I hope it’s addressed soon. If not, I may have to revisit my spam caller protection plan.
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3 years ago, Kameelean88
I’m highly impressed
And I don’t impress easy. There may be app out there I haven’t tried but I’ve tried a couple for blocking SPAM calls. Nomorobo catches everything plus some that they just warn you about and let you decide. Love that! They also use AI to learn from us about what spammers to block. Smart! Also love that (I just discovered) I can filter SPAM texts too! For me, this is a game changer. Maybe some of the old apps I tried I the past have these features too now, I don’t know. But I don’t know because I don’t need to. Nomorobo works perfectly. I’m skeptical about the texts filter but I’ll see. I hope it’s as good as the calls filter.
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2 years ago, JFBB42
Doesn’t seem to do anything
I get a ton of scam calls every day and I’m just sick of it. Even when though don’t answer them, they’re a major disruption and source of annoyance. I downloaded Nomorobo and made sure it was turned on in my settings, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. In my call history, one or two calls are marked as “neighborhood spoofs.” But I still received 20 scam calls today. TWENTY! I can’t see any call logs in the app itself, so I don’t know if there were more scam calls on top of that which did get blocked. But even if the app did manage to block some, they still let TWENTY through! Unless the app suddenly starts doing what it’s supposed to in the next day or two, I’ll definitely be deleting it before I have to start paying a monthly subscription. Even 2 bucks is too much to pay for a product that’s useless.
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4 years ago, MCstock
Using for years
I’ve been using for a few years now. My only issue is when I upgrade a phone or a new iOS update, apple is horrible about leaving blocking settings in place and you have to re-enable....I lead with this only because it my only critique and not and issue for the app or developer, in general I went from getting 30 calls a day and 15 texts that were fake to maybe 1-2 a day. I report auto dialed and spam calls religiously to help the database grow, as it may seem small but if each person added just 20 fake numbers think about how many less scammer calls would get thru. For the price there is value.
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3 years ago, OtherGh
Doesn’t catch vast majority of calls
I’ve had the app for months now. I just looked over all the random calls I get and Nomorobo barely registers. Maybe 1 out of 20? And never prior to the call, always after the fact. I used to update frequently now only weekly or bi-weekly because it’s made so little difference I just don’t think about it. I’ll be deleting the app. Easiest to just not take random calls. ***Update to “sorry you’re having difficulty” response by app developer. No difficulty here- a human clearly didn’t read my review. The app is ineffective- certainly not as advertised and I would like the balance of my subscription returned without jumping through the hoops you’ve sent me that do not include my subscription purchase as an option for refund. I just want my subscription canceled and the balance of my fee returned. Immediately.
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2 years ago, lamont 3
Decent Application
The app does a good job of blocking scam calls. You can link with your home phone and provides the same capability. If callers aren’t listed in your contacts they will not get through to your phone line. The only issue I have is sometimes a spam caller will call the internet provider (ISP) and they will do something to program that prevents it from updating the database. Once that is done program will not block calls. Easy fix though, just follow directions from app on how to resolve and problem solved. For the most part happy with App, wish developer would fix issue that stops app from updating database.
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1 year ago, rfeng4fun
Poor performance
Been using this app for about a year now and Performance has been very poor. proactively flagged bad calls only about 1% of the time. I provided most of the screening input to them by manually entering in spam calls that slip through and I manually identified to the service. It took hours and sometimes even a day for it to flag spam Robo call numbers in my call list, but most of the time it did nothing I was the one doing the discovering and reporting back to them I selected this app because this is what I had experience with, and was pleased on my home, telephone service, but the iOS mobile version at least is like doesn’t work, plain and simple in identifying bad calls, the app functions without any technical difficulties. It’s just Robo and spam calls. Just don’t get detected. Time to let the subscription just expire.
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3 years ago, SignalGinger79
Issues when updated to 14.5 OS
After I upgraded my phone to Apple OS 14.5 problems started with the app. Been working great for many years. Now when I open the app to update the spot where it normally says how long since the last refresh says “Label” and always says 1,222,333 numbers in block list. It will update and the numbers will be higher after update but when you exit out of the app and reload it, it always goes back to the 1,222,333 numbers in block list again. I have tried to uninstall it and reinstall and no change. I don’t have a good feeling it’s updating correctly anymore.
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2 years ago, LizS1977
Spam text enabled, but not showing through Nomorobo
I love this app. However, I have Nomorobo spam text enabled in my settings, but it’s not showing so in the app. I am getting spam texts about free movie invites and now credit card phishing texts. They are not being blocked or filtered out. I have the spam text enabled in my settings. Please fix this. Can you also reinstate the block this number on the look-up feature? Can you also find a way to report international calls? UPDATE: Since the update, I keep getting notifications that my blacklist is out of date. Can you fix that?
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3 years ago, mttjhn
Not Effective
I purchased a subscription after changing wireless carriers (started getting lots of spam calls after that) and while Nomorobo identified a handful of the calls, almost all scam/spam calls have come through with no identification that they’re scams or robocallers. This is definitely not worth the money I spent on it. I wish I could get my $$ back. More often than not, I was reporting the numbers to the app rather than the other way around. I have validated that the app is set up correctly, yet I probably get 2-3 scam calls a day (not to mention all the chaos during election season). Not recommended - this isn’t a silver bullet to solve your junk calls... other apps worked better for me in the past. My carrier does a better job with identifying scams via caller id and that’s free. Definitely not planning to renew and won’t be using this app in the future. Waste of money. ☹️
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5 years ago, JjjjjP2011
Used to be a great app
As directed below, I reached out to the support team (yet again) 3 days ago and have received 0 response. We are paying customers!!! Your customer support is really lacking. Don’t tell people to contact you if you’re going to ignore them!!! This is ridiculous!! Look at all of the reviews stating that the app stopped working. Fix the issues without having paying customers go through the process of deleting and reinstalling the app (multiple times). That doesn’t fix the problem! ********** Nomorobo used to be really great and did what is was supposed to—blocked annoying robocalls. The last few months have been extremely disappointing. Their updates don’t do anything to solve issues of the app’s inability to refresh properly. It constantly needs refreshing, manually—won’t do it on its own. Robocalls have been getting through regularly. Even numbers already reported through the app are getting through. It’s ridiculous that this issue continues to be ignored. I renewed my subscription in August (when app was still mostly working—issues were just starting) but the app is useless at this point. I’ve contacted the support team. Received responses at first but now have not heard back from them in 5 days. Thanks for nothing!
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2 years ago, mlove225
Pointless And Useless (I Would Give Them Zero Stars If I Could)
Man this app is pointless. First, they want you to pay a subscription for something your phone already do. Second, they ask you to pick “send to voicemail” and if you pick that one, they might not send all of them to voicemail. The other option “Tell you it’s a RoboCall” which your phone already tell you if it’s a spam risk. So I’m like what do I have to pay for app that go send spam calls to voicemail and/or tell me it’s a spam risk. That’s stupid. Oh then you got to open the app everyday to refresh it. Third, under the “lookup” tab, you input the number they’ll tell you no record. Then you have to request for the number to be block then tell hot to review it so the next time they can tell you it’s a spam call. PS: 1.Take it from me, this is what the app is doing: They want you to lookup a number that your phone already tell you is a spam so the next time it say robocall. just want everybody to refresh it and lookup numbers that they think is a spam so it can alert everybody if that number calls them. Something like them traffic apps where ppl mark where they see a wreck so other ppl so pass or need to reroute can TO ME THEY ARE SCHEMING AND A SPAM
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4 years ago, hsegjkuik
Does not filter text messages
I had hopes that this app would bring me peace from all the political text messages that have flooded my phone this season. If this is your goal, this app is useless. This app provides no relief, not even identifying a single message Reporting every number that came through, I thought I was helping others by flagging the source of the messages. Subsequent messages from the same number proved me to be misinformed. The app identified the offending number as having no reports yet. I am no expert in spam text messages or spoofing, nor do I want to be. I want to install an app, and trust the experts behind it work it out for me. I have installed this app and adjusted the settings per their instructions. I have yet to see one text message or voice message successfully identified as spam. This app provided no relief to the endless reminder of our upcoming election.
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5 years ago, kticeicebaby
Was better when I first subscribed, not as good now
I have subscribed to Nomorobo for a while now and was initially pleased with the service but noticed about a month ago that I started getting a slew of robocalls that the app wasn’t catching—yet their website identified the number as a verified robocaller. In addition to that, I would notifications saying that I needed to go in and manually update the app by opening it in order for the app to update to the full list of blocked numbers. It now asks me to update this multiple times a day...surely there’s a way for a service that I pay for to update itself without me having to open the app multiple times a day to update.
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3 years ago, WantStuff2Work
Not great at all..
I just read all the negative reviews and have to agree with most of what’s been said. I have had NoMoRobo “protecting” the house phone for a few years now basically waiting to see what it does and doesn’t catch. We typically get AT LEAST 10-15 spam calls a day on this phone; none are obviously blocked. Why is this app passing virtual ‘V’ numbers at all? All of them are spam, but 90% ring through. Nowhere good enough... These calls are starting to show up on my cell phones now and that reminded me that I already had NoMoRobo accounts set up ready to expand to the cell phones if needed. So given my experience on the house phone, and the similar reviews here, why would I subscribe to the paid service for my cellphones? I probably won’t..
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5 years ago, WorldCupFevaaaaah
Really wanted this to work
I had hoped to give a higher rating, but I just don’t find this app to be worth the $. Everyday, I still get spam calls from a “United States” number. I’m totally confused why Nomo can’t block all these. Also, about half the time spam calls still are able to call me even though I have them set to go to voicemail, my phone rings, I have to stop what I’m doing and see that’s it’s spam and then after they’ve left whatever message Nomo marks it as spam. Which doesn’t help me at all. I don’t want my phone to ring. It happens often enough that it’s a lacking in your app. The. This past week, even though I had the app fully updated and running it let about 20 spam calls through every the app wasn’t on at all. I logged a ticket, but no response.
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2 years ago, Stelvio108
iOS glitch: don’t buy. Updated: Okay to buy!
There is an iOS glitch that forces you to daily delete and reinstall the app. Until Apple fixes this the app is hopeless. Update: Tech-support was responsive and gave me a tip on how to resolve the problem. There appears to be a glitch with iOS. Tech-support was able to give me a workaround and the app is working well now. I was using RoboKiller and having a lot of problems with the app and getting no response from their tech-support. Now that I switched to Nomorobo robo—call blocking is working better on my iOS phone.
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2 years ago, SlappyMartin
Hard to really know how effective it is.
MAYBE it’s effective, how much I’m not sure. The spam numbers keep changing and a lot of stuff came through in my year of use. The biggest problem is that texts from Airbnb and utility companies that were essential to me were blocked as unknown or spam numbers. Probably would have helped if had labeled them but Airbnb was gone for many months and I didn’t make the connection until recently. As an Airbnb host my messages are of upmost importance. Benefit of the doubt that some spam is being blocked but they really need to focus on known companies as safe messages. My water company as backward as they are will only send a text that the water bill is due. Sadly they don’t have an autopay option (ikr!) so I’ve had to pay late fees because the text was blocked as spam. Surely those types of calls and texts could be identified as safe. Not sure how much service you get for the money but it’s not enough. This service cost me money by missing important messages. A 3 star review is generous. I’d renew if it worked better.
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5 years ago, Im2thepoint
Do not purchase this app
This app does absolutely nothing to stop scam and robo calls. I paid for two years of service and all I got was the ability to report to THEM the robocalls. All calls go through. Even if they finally list as robocall, the call still goes through and goes to voicemail. I pay for minutes and these calls are NEVER blocked! I have been losing up to 200 minutes of phone use per month as I get 10 or more of these calls daily, even in middle of night. I have complained to this app for two years and NO response from them. These reviews saying how great this crap works must be from the people working for this awful useless app. Apple needs to stop allowing this app . Save your money and just block the numbers yourself. That’s all I’ve been doing for 2 years despite paying for this nonsense. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!
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2 years ago, knierimsj
Did not stop the Robot calls
The App was easy to install and start using but it simply did not do what I was hoping for, that is to prevent the incessant and non-stop ROBO calls! I’m not a technical user and maybe it simply can not be done? I could not even tell that it slowed them down? Maybe instead of 15 calls a day, I only got 12 calls. I have a few local calls that are important to me that I did not know the contact in advance, that I missed, because I quit answering my phone. And all though I hope the business/individual would leave a voice mail, often they won’t. I know, I’m preaching to the choir. Bottom line, I’m not going to pay for a subscription to maintain an App that did not solve my problem.
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2 years ago, single wide
My review
Recently I made the grave mistake of indulging my phone number accidentally to scammers which led to many bogus unwanted calls starting early AM. My son got you folks set up on my desk home and immediately no more rings from anybody not on my “nice” list. Within a week or so of sharing those nasty scamming calls to your report system, the calls slowed down to one spam call each week. Nice job you provide and you saved me from having to change my phone number which would be very involved as I deal with MANY doctors right now! Thanks
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8 months ago, Nolacrazygrl
What changed?
This did seem to work, but now KNOWN robocalls are coming through instead of being automatically blocked. (Yes, my settings are set to block the call, not label it) Plus, I noticed I had to manually block the numbers of the last 2 calls which wasn’t the case before. I reverse search the number, and it’s already listed with Nomorobo as a robocaller, so why isn’t this being blocked automatically!? I can get the same type of service from my cell provider for absolutely no additional charge if I want the phone to disrupt me. The whole point of me paying for this app is so the phone doesn’t ring for robocalls. I will not pay the higher amount for the new “max” app. If this continues, I’ll cancel this subscription and move to my cell company’s free option.
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4 years ago, TRembold
Spam Text Feature Doesn’t Work
We tried the two week trial period and none of the spam texts that we receive every day were blocked. They weren’t even identified as spam text messages until I had to manually report them to the app. So while I may have helped the greater good by reporting these spam numbers, I never should have received any to begin with. The app indicates that anything not in my contacts would be marked as spam, but totally not the case. We kept the app open, gave access to contacts and not a single spam text was blocked. The app is a good idea and so many ways the developers can improve it, but it just doesn’t work right now. So frustrated that unfortunately my next step is to change my phone number completely...after 20 years with the same number. Very disappointed!
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5 years ago, daisyart HP
Not helping, doesn’t work at all.
At first this app was blocking calls. Now I don’t think it has blocked a call in the last few months. I just got a robocall, and when I typed in the number it was identified as a blocked number, yet it rang through on my phone. So I’m confused at why I am paying for this service. I am constantly reporting spam robocalls myself but non are being blocked, so I will probably cancel this service. Update: just cancelled but had paid a year subscription but it does not block or identify a single robocall. Even the ones they have in their blacklist as robocalls! Just got another robocall that was identified as a robocall only after I answered it and typed in the number on the app. And yes the app is always open on my phone. Not sure what the problem is but this app is completely useless on my phone.
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