Northern Light Aurora Forecast

2.8 (123)
49.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Letovaltsev Maxim
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Northern Light Aurora Forecast

2.79 out of 5
123 Ratings
2 months ago, araisor
I love the app but need more information
On the long range page, there is a percentage to the right and I can’t determine what that is. If I go to the settings page and click to change my location, there is a different percentage next to a weather icon and I believe that one is telling me cloud cover percentage, but I’m unsure if that is a correct understanding of what that number is. I thought the percentage on the long range page was cloud cover but the value never matches the value in the settings page. Is the percentage on the long range page visibility %? Idk. I can’t find instructions and clicking the values does not bring up an info box to explain.
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5 years ago, crzy_fsh
Just about perfect
What a great app for anyone interested in taking pictures of the Northern Lights, meteor showers, the stars and night sky...really anything in low light conditions or needing to be slowed down or a longer exposure. I live in FBKS AK and just started trying to photograph the Northern Lights this winter using my IPhone 8. Using your app has brought my photos up to a completely different level!!! Being a newbie, I really like your tutorials and suggestions when a new mode is selected but wish there was even more of them...especially when in settings and changing interval time, video options, etc. Now....if I could just magically change the aperture of my phone’s camera and become a professional photographer in the 3-4 months of summer and the Midnight Sun! Definitely worth the few dollars invested when looking at my results and hearing the comments about my pics!
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7 years ago, aurora enthusiast
Hoping for some glitch fixes
Hi- I just upgraded to an iPhone 8, with the latest iOS, today. When I tried to open this app to use it, it immediately crashes. I’m disappointed, because I used to use it with my iPhone SE and the previous iOS, with no problems. It has been an extremely useful app, and up until now, I’d have given it 5 stars. Any chance the bugs will be fixed soon? Or that you have a solution? Thank you!
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2 years ago, AudZohn987
Great for Essential Info
I never used the alerts, so no info on that. The cloud cover information as well as the KP info were invaluable on our Alaskan trip. We had KPs of 4 and 5, but with complete cloud cover, no aurora. Rather than walking outside in sub-zero temps, I checked the KP and cloud cover % on this app - no reason to go outside if the cloud cover is over 70%. It was highly accurate for my exact location, although I did learn that the aurora doesn’t care what my app says, it shows up when and where it wants.
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7 years ago, Tough love 1
Good App
I would say this is a good app to have when traveling threw the Aurora country. I live in Alaska and it does a fairly good job of keeping me up to date on when I need to go out to get my best professional Aurora shots. But some times it’s not really great on accuracy for my location. I recommend a few more options for information on what all the features mean as some of my friends that have got the app say it’s a little less user friendly.
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1 month ago, sterno74
My first Aurora!
I started getting notifications from the app that there was a high probability of seeing the Auroras last night. I figured it was unlikely, living in a big city with light pollution. But it was absolutely bright enough to see even in a big city! It I didn't have this app alerting me I probably wouldn't have looked.
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6 months ago, Gosh Darn!
I can’t give a meaningful star rating because I don’t, for instance, know at what point a KP index becomes significant. Even a short “How to Use” page would be of great value.
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6 years ago, ErinAnneee
Love this App!!!!!!
Although I do not live in an area that will see an Aurura, The information this app provides helps me determine when it is safe to go outside. I have been a fan of Nasa for decades and all the information I used to have to go to 6 different places to get is all in one place and I get customized alerts.
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1 year ago, Vans10
Can’t create account after purchased,
I tried installing the app in the hopes of getting notification to see the Northern Lights. I purchased the lifetime alert but after doing so, the app wouldn’t let me create an account and everytime I do the “restore purchase” option, the app glitches. I tried sending an email for support but even my email server couldn’t send the email message.
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7 years ago, MrJime
Excellent for Star gazers in North America
No complaints! Love the data, just don’t want to be bothered to pay for alerts every 6 months. Just give me a one time charge? As long as there are no clouds, moon, etc., it’s a reliable app that makes it worth getting up to gaze at worlds greatest site!
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2 years ago, 1Thirstyboots
Love this app but…
I use this app exclusively for aurora info. I was using it just fine over the last few days including today then all of a sudden, it keeps crashing no matter what I do. Whats up with that?
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6 years ago, southern aurora fan
Appreciated the alerts!
Having the Aurora Alert helped me sleep until the Alert sounded. I did not have to constantly watch the Alaska sky, wondering if an aurora sighting was possible. Because of the alert, we were able to watch a wonderful 2+ hour aurora in Southern Alaska In September.
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3 years ago, F**k Apple
Quit working
I updated to iPad OS 14.8 and the “long forecast” started dying 1-5 seconds after I clicked it—kicked all the way out of the app. I reinstalled the app and now it wants $1.99 again to reenable it. The “restore purchases” button does nothing and the mailbox for support requests on the website … is full. I don’t know if this is a scam or incompetence but the effect is the same for the user.
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9 months ago, Walkingonsunshine1
This app is horrible. I have alerts on but it seems I don't get the alert until an hour after the fact. I also had to reinstall my app and couldn't remember my password and there's no "forgot password" to click and reset the password, so I can't log back into my account. There is a zero customer support!! Don't waste your money!
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5 years ago, iowa aurora watcher
Ripped off
I paid for the app but it shows I have zero days left. I sent a message asking for help and got a response telling me to do I’d already done so I replied back that I had. Not a word from them since. Update: problem was resolved.
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3 years ago, stargazerp
App shuts down when I select long-term forecast
Just downloaded this and I’ve tried to select a long-term forecast a couple of times, and when I do, the app shuts down. Everything else on it appears to be working for the short term, I purchased the alerts and have yet to see if they’re going to work
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1 month ago, CanyonJ
Works great!
My favorite part of this app is the customizable alert levels, and the visualization of the current auroras.
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3 months ago, Pvoforthawin
Keeps crashing.
I’ve had this app for nearly a year now, but just recently it will crash and it won’t let me add my actual location. I’ve absolutely loved this app and it has been my go to out of many apps to watch the forecast, but now it won’t open with crashing.
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5 years ago, SergoletL
Great, easy to use and fun to play
New season is here and if you want to catch new awesome Aurora try this app. It has all current data and easy navigation.
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6 years ago, MusicStudioGuru
Great app
This app is great for keeping track of the Kp index which I use in conjunction with the “The Disasters Prediction App” for earthquake and dangerous solar energy. Thanks for keeping us posted with the latest updates
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5 years ago, hikermv
Too many add on costs
The app is okay for basic info but to get more forward looking info you have to buy more. I think this is sort of a bait and switch, charge whatever you think is a fair price for the full product and go with that.
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5 years ago, fdfgghhhhhjjj
Update pending?
The long forecast is crashing, is there a fix coming soon?
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3 years ago, Tampa-Customer
Not worth it
I paid the $1.99 for more access and I barely have access to other parts if the app. They want you to pay more for more access. Also, it looks like the app reseted and I have to in put the locations I’m interested on. Terrible. I will not recommended.
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2 years ago, NikeA1
Aurora alerts
It was working fine until now. Every time I open it, it crashes.
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8 months ago, LauraByTheSea
app is crap
With every refresh I did your app kept stating sightings were at 10-13% while in Lofoton Norway .. if I hadn’t gone outside I would have never seen the amazing display of aurora directly above. Even refreshed your app during the 40 min display you were at 12%. Thanks for nothing
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6 years ago, Dykinga
This is a great app, however its developers apparently do not update. It crashed at opening. They’ve made it great again with update. I’m changing to four stars.
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3 months ago, Memekittycheckers
I love this app but it keeps crashing, wish I could recommend but I would consider something else. I’m going to have to get a different one because I need one that works.
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3 months ago, BelleoftheBall70
Not working
I bought the lifetime subscription for $9.99 and ever since, the app won’t even work. When I tap on the app to open, it briefly opens for a half a second and immediately closes. I can’t see any information whatsoever - ten bucks wasted!
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3 months ago, 1Everyotherusernameistaken
Won’t open
I used to love this app, I just paid for the lifetime edition and right after it took my money , it closed out and won’t reopen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and everything and the app just immediately closes out - disappointing-
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6 years ago, user1779530gr
I used this app without issue, then I upgraded (paid) for the extended forecast option, now when I try to look at the extended forecast the app crashes! I cannot even see the extended/longrange forecast now. This is so frustrating!!!!! I really like the GUI, but a non working app upgrade is USELESS! Save your money!!!!!
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6 years ago, verworn
Great app
Had issues, I reached out and they were fixed. Overall a great app. Thank you for caring about your product
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7 years ago, SoCalMom2Five
Nickel & dime....
It's an ok app, the problem with this app is the functionality costs extra. If you want alerts, you have to pay extra, if you want long range forecast, it's extra, anything that is expected from this type of app is sold separate. That's annoying.
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6 years ago, atoms got
I can’t say this app is not accurate because I don’t know the science of the KP index or any of that stuff so it very well may be doing what it should but It has never alerted me to be able to actually see any auroras. Whenever I have seen auroras out in full view the app stays silent
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6 years ago, J71s
Won’t alert
Once again, like last year, app won’t alert like it’s supposed to. I’ve missed multiple amazing shows that were right over head because there was no alert. Disappointing waste
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3 months ago, Droid45
Keeps Crashing!!!
I literally just downloaded and purchased the $9.99 alert plan a hour ago and all was working good! Now when I need it it keeps crashing!!! I want a refund!!!
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3 years ago, puddygirl
Information is not accurate
The information I have found has not been accurate.
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2 years ago, Alaskabobbob
Get billed daily for something that should last for 30 days. Even after purchasing the next day app indicates subscription expired. No more. Waste of money
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5 years ago, tv girly
Deleted after 2 minutes
1. Cannot change main location. 2. Everything is a la carte. Expect to spend more than other apps.
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6 years ago, BbqFireGod
Ever since they fix the bug, it crashes, even when you re-download it and open it, it crashes!
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3 months ago, Ter8383
This used to be my favorite app for Aurora predictions but I’m now going to delete it because it keeps crashing and is very unreliable. Bummed!
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1 year ago, Mad Ore miner
App crashes
I bought app worked for one day now I click on it goes black back to apps will not work. Thanks for the tip off
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6 years ago, Ski The View
I have used this app for a couple of years. The latest update appears to be broken. Crashes on iPhone 7 and iPad. Both with most current OS.
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1 year ago, Zapsal
The app crashes whenever I try to load it. What is going on here?
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3 years ago, nonickname5000
Bad news
Doesn't work. Freezes up. Won’t restore purchases. Forecasts are a joke. Don’t waste money.
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2 years ago, HAMTARINO
App stopped working
App immediately crashes and closes
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6 years ago, Captaindeb
Keeps crashing
No explanation needed
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7 years ago, KLFiske
Hmmmmm ... is this a scam?
I just paid $10 for a lifetime subscription and when I try to register the apps says "Error. You don't have any subscriptions." Cant share between my iPhone and iPad with paid subscription without registering! Also, a couple of the features are not enabled and say "You must update your Nothern Hemisphere URL to:) and it gives the URL. The developer has to do this. I'm requesting a refund.
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7 years ago, Mackansas
What is going on?
App seemed to work correctly with K values and data matching other sources and changing over time on the main screen. Then I purchase and "poof", no K values (except for 0), no predictions for aurora even though K values went to 6 yesterday. Cannot register or log in. What gives? I did get alerts for other data, but not for K even though it exceeded my alarm value. Disappointed to say the least.
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8 years ago, Mike Puffer
Do yourself a favor and get this awesome app.
This is a fantastic app. It's absolutely beautiful on my iPhone 6 Plus. I highly recommend this app to anybody interested in the solar output and Aurora's. I have them all, and this one is the best. Just the best.
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8 years ago, IngaLetovaltseva
I like it! Recommend!
If you live in northern countries download this app and ready to catch best Aurora in your life. Easy navigate and perfect alerts settings.
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