Note Lock~Lock your Tales Safe

4.1 (2.4K)
75.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
i-App Creation Co., Ltd.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Note Lock~Lock your Tales Safe

4.14 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
7 years ago, LauraRenee71
Started off great...then realized no hyperlink capability!
I read how this was much like Apple Notes only better with a lock. So, I went with it! After days of transferring notes/important info from my Apple Notes(the note pad that comes with the iPad ), I realized as great as it was, it wasn't able to create a hyperlink. Oh no! What good is it to safely tuck away important saved sites & other very important info? Maybe even your login credentials & your passwords?...when there's NO hyperlink in sight to carry those credentials to the site where they belong?! Look, I understand LockNote isn't for saving passwords & such however I expect a 'notes' app to fulfill all my needs...including creating a convenient hyperlink taking me straight to any saved sites. Look... It just seems this app should include the same features as the 'Free' Apple Notes. NOT being able to create hyperlinks caused me to decrease my star rating however if that's no big issue for you, then LockNote may be the perfect Note App for you. It's GREAT in every other feature!
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9 years ago, jessicahbu
Amazing App!
I love this app to pieces! I love how you can change the font and stuff. I also love the security on this. My cousins use my iPad sometimes and I'm afraid they might go through my apps, but they have to enter a password which is great! I've also tried writing on an actual journal but I've always lost track whatsoever. This is also perfect for me as well because I feel like everyone is on technology and no one has time to write so this is perfect since I'm always glued to my iPad. Haha. But there are a few things I would like to addressed. Whenever I misspell something, I delete it, but there's all that eraser thing that I can't read my words because of that. So I have to completely get out of the app, which is really annoying. You can blow on it or something, but you have to pay for it, which I think is pretty stupid. But therefore, a great app!
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1 year ago, Cherelyn00
Notes Lost 😭
I’ve noticed that my notes have been lost and some have unreadable text that is integrated into some of them for instance this is how some of notes have converted from sentence form to something of this nature “ went Aisthe (mawhole Mwercekend” not sure what that sentence was prior to it being distorted in my notes. I’ve reached out to support and no response yet. I have missing notes and I can’t seem to retrieve what I had in here from searching words that I know were in the text of those notes and it comes up with no results from my search….and to add insult to injury I purchased the Pro version. I just need help retrieving my lost notes. What’s even worse is that I see that there was possibly an update but I NEVER received a push to update it the latest version it appears to be a whole new application because the way Apple has it an update of the app would automatically be in your update queue. This is absolutely horrible. I’ve spent years capturing notes and I see many of them missing and I was a pro subscriber so my content should have been synced and it’s not there!
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10 years ago, LiLaNg2118
Cool app! Could be better though!
This is a great app! However, when I insert pictures in my notes, and I'm scrolling down, I keep accidentally moving my pictures around out of their place. I think you should have an edit button or a lock button somewhere on a note page so that people could just browse without accidentally moving their pictures, and then push that button again if they want to edit their notes. I think that this app would be better if you could also add font wherever you like because all the notes shouldn't be affected by one font! As for the security system, I think you shouldn't tell the person who's trying to open your notes that "you're going to be recorded" because that's just ridiculous! They can easily place their finger on the front camera and all the owner will see is a finger or black screen of the intruder. Other than that, this app is cool. If you fix those little things, then this could easily be a 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star app :) Thank you for reading 😊
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8 years ago, Jazzycora
Good But It Needs Some Work
I love the notes app that comes on my iPhone in general. I can actually work on two stories at once when I use my phone and on my iPad, but I was sick of the boring look to it. I found this app and I loved it. I especially love love love the fonts! I paid for the full version and I started to transfer all my stories onto this app. Right off the bat, one thing I didn't like was that I could not scroll all the way to the bottom of my story before I started the keyboard. I used it for a few hours when I noticed that anytime I changed the font or the font size even slightly, I would lose most of the story. I could only scroll down to the part the app would let me and that's what would be in the note. For me to use this I have to copy and paste or email my progress to myself just to make sure I don't lose anything. That is really annoying so I just use this app to read over my stories and make corrections in the pretty fonts.
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9 years ago, Cassie_lyn
I love it
This is by far, the best app that I can write in and have it be a secret. I'm a writer and I don't like when people I know reads it, and it's a good app just in general. I do have the full paid version and I love it. But I do have two requests. When I try to scroll down and there are pictures and you end up touching one of them they end up moving, so maybe make it so if you want to move a picture you have to hold it down for a little bit in order to move it. The other request that I have is pictures. If you could maybe make it the full picture instead of just having it be a square picture. Other than those two, this is my all time favorite app. I use it everyday to write. If you could just maybe take a thought in changing those two things, that'd be great. Other than that, keep doing what your doing😊☺️
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10 years ago, SharonKN
This is a good app but
I actually own the complete program, but iTunes would let me update my iPhone. Sigh! This is a very good app with one very large problem. There is no way to back up the app via Dropbox or iCloud or any apparent method other than backing up each entry individually. I would love for someone to tell me that I am wrong, but I’ve looked. This would be a great app if they would resolve that issue. There is no reason to write private things in a diary and have to back them up individually to your email. Hello, we all know how secure that is - not. And now that they have an iPad version how about being able to sync all the different versions at one. Well I’ll check that one out later today and I will update my review if I find out I’m incorrect.
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10 years ago, Just An iTuner
Great, but there's a problem.
I've had this forever, and it has worked very well for when I have private things to write about, and knowing it is safely secured by all the security on the app. However, I've run into an issue with the app since Friday. When I'm typing a line that is about to go past the keyboard, the note doesn't automatically scroll down like it's suppose to. I've killed the app, kille the app and turned off the phone, and even stayed off the app itself to see if it would fix itself, but it hasn't. I don't know if anyone else might have this problem, but I would like to know if there is a way to fix this without having to delete the app itself. Or a bug-fix update would be nice, i it is the case.
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10 years ago, My New Robu Toy
I just get this the other day. Am in a nursing home and I go to all kind of Doctors Office. They always asking questions about my pills or my X-rays or the other doctors that I go too. So I made files to be able to show who ever ask me questions about me and what pills I take or what wrong with me. But I want to be keep my Information from other people eyes..iPad notes will not do that for me...but this program do that for me. I will buy the unlimited notes for $0.99 I use copy and paste from Notes and put all my Information into this program. And now I will remove all my information I have in iPad notes and use this program to keep other people from seeing them now...what more can I ask for.
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4 years ago, Bob New Heart19
Solid Note App with Room for Improvement
This offering fulfills most of the basic functions that most people would require in an app for taking notes and some advanced features. The app is extremely fluid, and I use it at least 5 times a day. It’s on all of my devices; three phones & two tablets. So I’m definitely not hating on it. These are the suggestions that would improve it in my opinion. Add the ability to change the color of specific text and not just the entire note that you’re working on. Voice notes would be another welcomed addition to this app. And lastly, giving pictures the ability to become part of the note (like text wrapping) as opposed to only being able to stand on its own, on top of the note would be really and increase the productivity value of the app.
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10 years ago, Kittenlover495
Nice idea
I read the reviews and was pretty excited to have a non-girly type note place to keep a journal with some privacy. I bought the full version for $2.99 and got started right away... However, I am already wondering if I made a bad purchase. Several times the app would shut down whilei was typing. I could quickly and easily enter my password and get back in but everything I had typed would be lost. Anything I stopped to save would still be there but there was no way of knowing how quickly the app would shut down each time. I thought maybe I had accidental tripped the "panic warp" but I turned it off and it continued to happen. I am hoping this is just a glitch that will be fixed in an update... I like the features the app offers and the reviews were great so... Please fix the crashes&
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6 years ago, Fariyniss girl 13
I have so many things I want to share but are too embarrassed to say, and this app is perfect for writing down those things. It has a password, with a DECOY mode, and a surveillance camera to take pictures of intruders. Speaking of the security systems though, the feature where you move the IPad ti take you to a different app is convenient, but has caused my iPad to glitch several times. Sometimes it gets annoying, but really all it does is open up the app a few times and then stops. If the developers could think of some genius way to stop that, I would give it 5 stars. But I think this app is amazing and I would surely recommend it to any teen or even adult who’s looking for an amazing app to write down stuff
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9 years ago, SoJunghan
Great app! Room for improvement.
This is a cute app, and a great journal for use on-the-go. I like that it lets you add pictures and has themes to pick from. The security features a really nice. I especially like the option to switch to a different app if you do a certain motion, and how reversing your passcode brings you to a "safe" version of the app (completely hiding your entries!). Great for the paranoid side of me. There's room for improvement, though. It crashes more than I'd like, so app stability could use some work. Pictures always get placed over whatever is written, and it'd be great if it warped the text around images instead. Otherwise, a lovely app.
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9 years ago, Dfggdhfg
Practically unusable in landscape
Overall this is a pretty good app for keeping your notes locked. I would be a little skeptical about the actual stability of the app and make sure not to trust it with very important notes since some reviewers have had problems with losing notes. But what's very annoying about this app is that in landscape mode, you only have a view as tall as the suggestive type bar to see the actual page, making it very cumbersome and difficult to use in landscape. Half of the content is covered by this bar that says the date of the note. Turning off suggestive type helps, but that bar still blocks a lot in landscape. If the developers fixed this issue and updated the app for the iPhone 6, I would give five stars.
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10 years ago, davisfire101
This app is great for kepping secret notes hidden away from other people. I love all the settings and how you can change the font of the notes and choose a style of a passcode. The only thing is, is that if someone were to try to get into the app and failed once there will be a message that says "You will be recorded under servailence" something like that. If they didnt tell you before hand that would be awesome so that way the inruder wont even know they will be recorded and then on the 3rd failed passcode attempt they should put the message that they are being recoreded right at that second with no warning before hand.
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9 years ago, wickedwriter13
No way to get it back
While trying to delete a picture, I inadvertently deleted my note when I pressed the delete button thinking it would delete my photo. This deleted not only my picture, but my entire note as well! Because I hadn't purchased the full version of the app until recently, I was keeping LOTS of important data on those three notes. I searched for a way to get it back on the app itself, on Google, emailed the app makers, but still can't get it back. This is not only inconvenient, but it took of lots of info I NEED that I assumed would be safe or have been some sort of backup because the app was so expensive. Also, while I was listening to musicals getting on the app, the soundtrack would either restart, or momentarily glitch as I was logging in. This app is hard to use, very glitchy and no way to restore data.
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5 years ago, Angchi1990
Very good only one thing.
App dose it’s job and keeps all of your secrets safe. Probably the best part is it we’ll start recording if someone tries to go in to your files without permission. Really handy note lock system the only reason why I gave it 4 stars is when you pay for the app another pop up add will show up randomly even when payed for there is no way to get rid of it and it looks like it’s trying to force you to buy it something about a keyboard design anyway the app is really good that one problem is probably going to get to everyone.
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8 years ago, PaintinGal
Note Lock - crashes a lot
I've been using this app for several months and the more I try to use it for journaling, the more it crashes. I've had tore-type some of my thoughts for a particular day up to 5 times. That is very frustrating and I may have to get a different journal. I like that I can include photos in my notes. I also don't like how the date system is set up. I have figured out that I have to write the date for each day I am journaling so I know I am looking at the correct date. It doesn't automatically save it with the correct date, cuz if you open it to review and make one edit, it changes. Strange glitches..
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8 years ago, Stamy5
My Favorite Secret App
I love, love this app as I like to keep notes of private information that I may need at another time. I also like to store things I have written myself. I do not know why people are complaining about the app crashing. I have had Note Lock for at least a year? I have never had an issue and have waited this long to review to make sure it was a great app. I do however agree with people who have complained about the pictures. If this app could handle full size photos, it would be my only private app.
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9 years ago, Luciana💕💕💕😋😋
great, but there's a problem.
I absolutely love this app, but there's one thing that keeps happening. I've had to download and delete it twice now because every once in a while, the app just stops working completely. I'll open it and it will crash back to my home screen continuously. I had to delete it and redownload it, causing me to lose everything I'd written. I won't make the same mistake of downloading it again, but other than that, it was decent until that happened.
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9 years ago, Birdie231
I lost a ton of work.
This app was amazing, for a while. I used it every day... I'm not sure what happened, but I figured out that I could override the password and be lazy enough to not put it in, by some way of nature. (I won't tell, that would be dangerous.) Anyway, I think I might have overfilled it with long stories and plot notes and points that it crashed on me. It was devastating. I lost more than half of the story that I was writing, I lost my notes, the fanfiction, I lost everything, it felt like. I had been working on this for weeks. It's a pain and should be fixed. Or I could have invested in the $1.99 version... Not that it would be guaranteed to be much better. Ugh. Please fix.
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9 years ago, Reaper1234za
Normal Notes on drugs
Exactly what you think, does what the normal notes app can do but better. The security system on this app is insanely good. Never had a problem with the basic notes. Store some passwords or whatnot and exit. Open when required. Never had a problem in that regard. I've never made full use of the note taking such as pictures so I have no idea about that. Also it's definitely worth upgrading to the best version. I got mine free and upgraded it. One of my best purchases so far.
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8 years ago, Kitty's tail
The truth😕
I'm very upset with. This app it lies to you it says that when you blow on the phone the dust disappear but you can only use your fingers it may just be my phone or the app but I don't believe that it's my phone second of all order to write in the Diary you have to pay which makes me very upset. And the eraser crumbs just get in the way. The only way to write in the diary is to eat race the beginning info once during that week you you cannot get rid of the pictures inserted for instructions. All in all I think this app is not as good as I expected this just wanting for those who think that the app looks super amazing but I don't know what the app is really like.
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8 years ago, Baby7811
Truly disappointed!
Three notes before you're forced to pay for more features? Then when you try to see in app purchases you can't even view prices because you're prompted for your apple password to actually make the purchase, not sure if I'll be given prices per feature or not because I did not enter my password!?! You can't change the themes either, you have to upgrade and of course you have a SUPER small amount of notes you can create before having to upgrade! I'm deleting the app, which is a shame because I think if they would have given at least 10 notes to get use to the app, I most likely would have upgraded anyway! Truly disappointed!!
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8 years ago, MarlieAnn73
Awesome App
I have been looking for an easy app that I can quickly open and jot what I need down. I have been spending all kinds of money on other apps that I thought would be easy. Then I came to this app. It is so easy to do and you can do so much. I love the option to shake it to hide what I write it comes in handy when you have nosy family members. I didn't mind this time to buy the extras that this app has. This app just makes it even more fun to use! Must Must Must have this app.
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8 years ago, Reuters 5 Stars
The Best!
Smooth, easy to use and is multi-faceted. Well designed. I tried a large number of others, all free versions and then the free version of this app. This free version was far superior to free versions of other similar apps, so much so that I was convinced to pay for the upgrade of this app. You have to know that I don't buy apps very often because you can find very good free apps if you look. Not in this case. It is excellent and well worth the $1.99 for the upgrade. Buy it.
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9 years ago, Hot Nikkles
No undo function?!!!!
Well here I am using this app for the first time; making a To Do list for the impending blizzard of New York City 2015. I had a long list of To Do's. As I was trying to use the highlight function to move one of my items, suddenly half of my list was removed and I can not figure out how to get those items back. I am tech savy and know how to use gadgets fairly well. I'm Really upset, because I tend to write things down as I think of them so that I can get them off of my mind, and now I really cannot remember what some of those items were, that are now gone. Extremely hesitant now, to use this app for anything important.
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9 years ago, OMG cat
I am having one problem
When I first got this app there was no problem, and I would have given this a five star rating. But now, it has been a few months since I used it, the app has been removing some of the stuff that I haves typed. And once I press the screen to type it add back stuff, but not all of it and leaves stuff out. This happens every time I re open the app. I would be so glad to give a five star rating if I knew why this was happening and or had this error fixed.
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10 years ago, Idk...? Hey
This app is awesome... But
I really like this app because its very secure... There's jut one tweak that you should think about putting in an update. Somebody was trying to get in my notes ad they had their finger over the camera and I didn't get to see them. So instead of warning the intruder that they're gonna be recorded you should just automatically record it and then they won't have a chance to put their finger over the camera or hide themselves.
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10 years ago, Cool and awesome person
I previously rated this app, and I loved it. But there is a really bad glitch. For iPod 5th generation, when you are about to enter your password summon your toolbar by dragging your thumb from the bottom of the screen to the middle. When you drag to put the tool bar back, it takes you back to your notes without having to enter the password. If you are like me, and write deeply personal things in this app, then please respond to this comment. Please update!
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10 years ago, kayyllaa95
This is one of the best apps I've ever downloaded. I write a lot, and I don't like my family reading it and they use my iPad frequently. Notelock is perfect. However, with the most recent update, it's started crashing every few minutes, losing several lines of text. It's very annoying, and for now I've had to switch to writing in notes and copy+pasting into Notelock. I hope the next update fixes this problem.
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10 years ago, Easy803
Next best thing
I was previously using Catch notes but they will be stopping service at the end of this month. So I had to find a new note app to store all of my important info. So far I like this app and I purchased the full feature so I hope that it continues to work. My only concern is that when photos are locked in his app they are still accessible from the photo album without having to put in a password .
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10 years ago, jewelss42
I was very dissapointed
I was so excited when I first downloaded this app, and enjoyed it while it worked. This was a lovely app until it completely crashed on me. Out of nowhere, the app just stopped functioning properly. I'd open the app and it would close on its own before I could even type my password in! All of my notes are gone, so I would suggest offering some sort of backup, like I've seen in other journal-esque apps. I have deleted the app, but wish I could download it with the luxury of knowing all of my notes could be backed up and that the app would crash after less than a weeks use.
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3 years ago, Gamaray18
Does not work with latest version of iOS
I have been an NL User for many years and paid to upgrade it to the pro version at some point. I used this app just a couple of weeks ago and went to access my information today only to be told that “the developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of iOS”. All of my information is unavailable and I am extremely frustrated and disappointed as a long time user. I can download the free version but that does not have any of my personal information in it that I need to access. The pro version does not work anymore.
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5 years ago, True_Echos
I’ve been using this app for almost over 2 years and I have written countless stories on here I love the app But! A few minutes ago I was typing and the SCREEN FROZE ! So I closed out of the app and when I went back it ALL OF MY STORYS WHERE GONE ! OVER 2 YEARS WORTH OF STORIES ARE GONE !! IVE SPENT COUNTLESS HOURS ON THIS APP AND NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE KEEPING ME SANE ARE NOW GONE ! I feel like I’ve just lost a family member because all of my characters and writings where on THIS APP ! IM HEART BROKEN ! I tried checking settings and trying to creat a new note hoping that when it saves all my other 140 stories will come back...but no they DIDNT ! I’ve turned off my phone all the way and waited till I turned it back on to go into the app NOTHING ! ITS LIKE THE SCREEN WHERE IT DISPLAYS ALL OF YOUR NOTED IS FROZEN BLANK IT WONT EVEN LET ME SCROLL I’ve even checked the support website witch showed me no support what so EVER ! So please ! Please ! If anyone knows how to fix this ! PLEASE TELL ME HOW ! I NEED MY STUFF BACK ! ITS NOT LIKE I CAN REWRITE IT ALL ! PLEASE HELP !
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9 years ago, Blahgirl55370
This app
I'm only giving this app two stars. Here's why: for one, it logs me out of my music and forecloses any app I have open. Another is the pencil that is supposedly "writing" what we're typing. I find it very distracting.. Creative but still gaudy. Lastly, I think that their should be some type of lock or something to keep the pictures in place, when I go to scroll down, they go down too and it gets frustrating. Please take my opinion into consideration and fix your corrections, then I'd be more than glad to give your app another go and to update my review about how much it's improved.
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2 years ago, HondoTHS
I feel assured that my passwords are safely protected. Since so many applications have different password requirements, it is impossible to remember each one, let alone keep up with password changes as often required. It’s great having all my passwords, confidential information, and private thoughts saved in one place with easy access by me alone.
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9 years ago, Tappx1
Amazing app!
This app is better than I expected, it's exactly like the default notes app that comes with the iPhone with upgraded benefits. It really does a good job protecting your privacy. That's good for some people who may express their thoughts on their notes and wouldn't want anybody to read through them. It also doesn't have many bugs that affect the app which makes it worth the money.
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6 years ago, Oh rlly?
Love It But Small Glitch?
I loveeee this app!! The security features make me feel like everything I write is super important, so I think it's awesome! I've been having a problem with signing in though, my password is 7 letters long, and I can get up to the 6th letter before it stops working :( It won't let me in, and I don't want to lose all of my notes. Maybe it's an update incompatibility thing or a bug?
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7 years ago, The Legend of Janet
At first, I wasn’t able to use the all anymore after the new iOS 11, because the app needed to be updated, so I was pretty disappointed, but I just found out there was a new update! Thank you for updating the app, I was able to get all of my information back! This app is amazing, I use it to keep important information in so that no one can gain access to it!
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8 years ago, Lnvffgdbbdbdbhdbv
This is a AMAZING app! I just adore how the pencil moves with the writing. The eraser marks makes every thing seem real. Also when u want to brush off the marks just like in real life u can blow them away from your headphone jack or brush them off!!! Over all I haven't had any glitches and the app is so AWSOME and AMAZING who ever made this was a genius! But I have read in the other comments that it glitches but I haven't had it that long.
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10 years ago, Leldar
It's ok. I like that you can add photos. Maybe others have said it before- and I'd rather not read the reviews to see, but if you could doodle or add music or any type of voice recording, that would be ideal. It could really capture what you're feeling on any given day. Also, I like the font options, but I would prefer to have a choice for each entry instead of one for all. Sorry, I like being creative. If there was any real important update, I would prefer that most of all. Otherwise, I'm satisfied.
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8 years ago, kacirae
Font Glitch
Great app, worth the purchase for extra space. Only warning: do not use font "dreamland" for some reason it makes the app crash when you try to access notes. There may be other fonts doing this, but this is the only one I found so far. It gave me quite a scare! I still love this app though, been using it for years and will continue!
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9 years ago, Aquamomma
Good app but a flaw
Love this app. I can type anything I want and know that no one can read it. That it is completely private. Two things: 1) I can be typing and the app will just close and shut down for no reason. When I reopen it, I've lost half of what was written. 2) I don't like that I can't cross the app between my iPad and my iPhone. That feature would be nice. Also, would love the ability to 'lock' my pictures into place.
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10 years ago, Crawfish1999
Really? This is ridiculous 👎👎
Okay let me get this straight, it's not a great app. It's like, in the middle of okay, and not good. Seriously, 3 flippin' notes?!? I'm not buying more notes, because it should come with it!! I feel like I've been ripped off. I'm trying to write a to do list and some notes for a project, and it like, just crashes. And I'm constantly getting that stupid ad for unlimited stuff that I should already have. I'm deleting this app. 👎😾😑😑😡
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5 years ago, xblankheartedx
Love the app but
I’ve used this for ages, have the full version and access it everyday. The features are great and it’s a joy to type away on... but lately it won’t even open, it’s crashing before getting to the lock screen. This is not okay, I have a lot of documents on there and I’d be heartbroken if I couldn’t get to them again. Please fix this when you can, I’m missing writing in your app. :(
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4 years ago, MonicaAntonia
Great app however
I would’ve given it five stars, but I had an old version that I paid a lifetime membership for back in 2015, that is no good anymore since they upgraded it. I use it everyday but it wouldn’t transfer my notes to my new phone. This new app does. So here I am buying the yearly but will upgrade to the lifetime because it IS worth it if they don’t boot me out like an old shoe. They should honor their loyal members. But I love the app!!!
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7 years ago, Hopeful Guitar Learner
Deleted all my notes!
It started off great. I used the app kind of as a diary. It helped with my anxiety to write down everything I was thinking. I was writing an interesting dream I had last night because I wanted to remember it and I stopped for a couple of minutes to do something else on my phone. When I tried to come back to the app, it crashed and I had to reload it. When I put in my passcode and got back into the app, all of my notes had been deleted! I had spent so much time on them and now they're just gone.
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9 years ago, truejellysgirl
It's awesome!! I love the Fonts and my favorite thing about it is when I add something to a note that I forgot, it has the pencil when I type making it look like its writing the word or letter for me, and when I need to delete a letter or whatever it gets a pencil eraser and erases it for me. That's like SO cool 😃! I especially love the Cookie Monster font the best 😍😍 Please keep this app ! I wish they had more like it 😩😩
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2 years ago, Minnie Mouse74
I had this app for several years. Love it. I even turned around about paid for it. Because I could keep my notes, poems, and short stories private. But. Now they want you to pay for this and that. Why make loyal customers, upgrade again? I can almost understand someone who just downloaded the app. But come on! Doesn’t the ones who’ve had this app when it first came out count for something? Needless to say I’m not doing another purchase for this app.
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