Now Mobile

4.7 (1.4K)
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Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Now Mobile

4.73 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Scott - GC Market Trainer
ServiceNow Ticketing
I have not personally experienced any bugs or quirks about the application. After years of using the website to submit and email to follow up with tickets, it has been a great experience submitting tickets, following up with and adding comments to tickets from the app. Even the simple ability to take a picture of something from your phone to attach to a ticket is so much easier than having to take a picture, email it to yourself and then uploading it saves so much time. If I did ever run into a bug or something non intuitive, the app would still receive a five star rating just because of ease of use as how it used to be.
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1 year ago, Steel Drums
Chat function is awful!!! “Developer response” was useless
Developer response only reiterated exactly what was complained about below - a clear indication of exactly why the below mentioned problems were coded into the app in the first place and why testing is clearly not finding or perhaps not having any authority to require that it gets fixed. Problems: the app keeps sending me an iOS notification that the chat was closed (“due to inactivity this session will be closed” AND shows a badge on the notifications icon at top tight inside this app). Everytime I tap to see the notification, it opens a NEW chat - this is a never-ending loop. Also the chat text box only shows two lines of typed text ... I can never see what I’m typing - or even correct text - especially necessary since it is not using standard auto correct or auto text suggestions !!!!! this chat function is angering. and then, as if that is not bad enough, I use the Settings/give feedback menu inside the app and it just takes me through a couple popups that says to contact my system administrator with a button to press OK - that’s a joke - terrible UX!
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1 year ago, 4and20blackbird
Much easier to use while working.
Making claims is extremely difficult when my hand held is being used to place an order. With the now app on my phone, I am able to take photos for my credits with ease when the product is on hand and upload them directly into the app on my phone. Also, the system finally is connecting with my orders and pulling correct invoice numbers for the first time all year. Thank you for this update.
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2 years ago, Midway99
Finally, a consumer like experience at work
Managing approvals, scheduling conference rooms, placing a request for service or equipment and staying current on corporate communications has never been easier. This is the first app that has made life easier and more efficient at work.
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6 months ago, Kuchinic
Poor Optimization, Insulting Feedback Option
Navigating open tickets and service tasks is non-existent, instead only being able to look up an object by searching for its exact name via the search bar. No options for viewing other tickets like the web client, which is not helpful when on the go. There’s no apparent way to see your favorites, and no setting to enable them. The settings are scarce for options, and the only useful setting for this app appears to be “dark mode”, a basic and non-app specific toggle. After spending half an hour trying to find a way to add my favorites with no success, I decided to leave a review and some feedback, but the feedback button has two options for the question “Are you enjoying this app?”: “Yes!” And “Not really”. “Yes!” sends you to the review page, but “Not really” opens up a message saying “If you have questions or concerns about this app and its experience, please contact your system administrator.” Avoiding a less-than-favorable review. Big thumbs down.
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1 year ago, Stupid name rules as well
Area Leaders should have access/View to all items
Area Leaders should have access/View to all items. I constantly get asked to follow up on outstanding issues and it would be nice to read the case notes if any and also ask for the case to be escalated which I can do if I am allowed to view the cases. Some FZ’s also have language problems and I can go in and add clarification.
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3 years ago, syalam
Working on the go is so simple
I love being able to see all of my tasks without having to login to my desktop and deal with multiple systems. ServiceNow aggregates everything in one simple interface.
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10 months ago, goidewallf
Very user friendly
Easy to use and so far no issues. Just remember to change your device settings to allow pop ups
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2 years ago, Nada Soweha
Easy to use - notifications are helpful
I also like that I’m able to write any comments on the app instead of opening the laptop.
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5 months ago, 3ajiks
I love it , it helps me a lot running my stores
I love it but I have a problem , I keep getting results on the same case four to five times .I deleted the app reinstalled it and I am still having the same problem. Can you please help me or give me a number for someone that can help me thank you in advance.
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1 year ago, Nandi0112
Getting better and better
The latency is now virtually gone. Also I’ve seen improvement in the ability to manage notifications much better it used to crash the app on my side.
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4 months ago, I like my I phone
Onboarding App
This is an easy to use. Onboarding was done quickly and I was able to follow along the process. It was easy to see what needed to be done and what was still outstanding.
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2 years ago, Sam11111gdrg
Phenomenal user experience
Easy to follow navigation. Workspaces contain all the information I need at my fingertips, I can easily reference related information which proves useful content and saves me a ton of time!
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2 years ago, BKShirley
Adding other locations
Only one app is load able on phone. There should be options to add other locations with out logging out.
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2 years ago, nlsmitty
Amazing convenience with Now mobile
Being able to approve request anytime and anywhere has changed how we do business.
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2 years ago, JMK326
So easy
So easy to use and to upload attachments/Pictures. Probably won’t go back to using the desktop version again
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3 years ago, Watching my comp package
Makes work FLOW!!!
This is my go to app for all my work. Need to approve something? Expenses, quotes, time off...done! All from this app. Don’t know who someone in your meeting is, type their name into the search box and you get all their info. So much more it’s awesome.
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1 year ago, fyeahgreg
Best Mobile Experience at Work
Lifesaver on the road, way easier to use than a browser on a desktop, and love the native mobile capabilities.
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2 years ago, KPumphrey5186
Ease of access
I am so pleased with how easy I can follow up on the status of my technology with such ease of access! I’m so excited that Wendy’s has partnered with Solugenix It’s right at my fingertips all the time!
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2 years ago, AlphaZulu0311
NOW Mobile Rocks the Party
Intuitive and quick, this new app brings the fit and function of eCommerce apps to the workspace without the need for expensive development and projects. Kudos!
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3 years ago, Akir92
App gets better and better
Easy to use and lots of functionality available on your iOS device
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2 years ago, ofis 9823
Great app
The app is easy to use and great for making cases but there is one fault that is that all the cases are not listed. It only list a few cases on the case overview so you still have to go on 7Hub to see all the cases you created. Any way to fix this?
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2 years ago, DAlft301
Easy to use
It’s very useful especially when no internet connection on site. Picture, attachment, communication to resolve tickets. Love all the features.
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2 years ago, Smarts123
Auto save option
One draw back is that it doesn’t auto save your information and every time you create a case you have to fill in over again.
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4 years ago, TGTJp
Great for very light work.
Great app for filling out basic forms and basic task monitoring. Would love to see: - Favorite Service Catalog items that I use frequently so I don’t have to search the catalog each time. - my favorites from service-now online for things like Changes, Incidents, and favorites.
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5 years ago, Kmachos
Game changer for employee experience!
As an employee I can get the service and information I need at anytime from anywhere. Finally my work life matches how I get service and information in my personal life.
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2 years ago, DBR1988
Mobile App review
My ServiceNow mobile app experience was positive as I logged in as the role of CTO and it was easy to navigate and it provided useful and actionable dashboard on key metric that I would be interested in seeing as the CTO
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2 years ago, patricklkeown
Like it 👍🏻
Good app; quite easy to use and seems to work most of the time. Wouldn’t mind an option to locate a fellow colleague who has a reservation. 😀
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3 years ago, Tcc1982
Great experience!
Using this app for onboarding and service has been incredible. All of the departments like customer service, HR, Finance, and IT seamlessly communicate and are connected. It’s a great UI and easy to navigate from my phone.
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3 years ago, #RealDevil666
Sooo hard to use
Logs me out randomly, annoying to log back in every time I trie to use the app. If I click one button it takes me back to the home page and if I click another it logs me out and I don’t know what button does what. Please fix this
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3 years ago, Bflogirl10
Way easier to get help!
The old way of asking for help (phone, email) was maddening. Was more frustrating than the actual computer issue. This app is great.
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3 months ago, TDC87!!
Store Leader
It’s very helpful and convenient. Makes things a lot easier when you don’t have to be in-store to create cases!!!
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2 weeks ago, Branding confusion
Now Mobile app isn’t Vail branded
The Now Mobile app is green, black and white. This lack of cohesiveness with Vail’s branding colors and icon may confuse new and returning employees. The new app isn’t synonymous with the company’s branding of the color blue,mountains, people icons, etc.
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2 years ago, Milan, Janakpur
Easy to put tickets
This is easy access to create a case, put note w/ pictures, verify the case and close the case.
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2 years ago, B_Rock79
Easy to Use and Stay Updated
I enjoy how simple this tool is to get help from within the company.
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2 years ago, kaylin_bo_baylin
Useful way to check on tickets away from my computer
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2 years ago, ILovesMeMusic
Amazing, easy to use app
This incredible app helps to make my work life easier and more effective!
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3 years ago, Dmazur33187423
Intuitive and easy to use
I find everything I need. Easy to navigate. Recommendation would be to add “presenter mode”.
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1 year ago, Webexfan2017
On the go
It helps me follow up on my tickets at my finger tip. Don’t need to be in front of my pc . Which helps w follow up and closing the loops on the tickets
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7 months ago, GWSFMCBRE
Simple and easy
All your tickets in one place and easy to see and use.
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5 months ago, KillaCam810
Great app
Very convenient to create and view cases when you are not at your computer.
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1 year ago, mikey28h
My case reviews all are empty
My case reviews are all empty and they were not like this prior to my family leave
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9 months ago, Scubacamper
Please make the check in / check out buttons darker on ios version
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2 years ago, Thaylor Harmor
Use it everyday
Easy to use and get my work done. No issues with the app.
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1 year ago, Hollyhurst Cottage
Nice phone option
Helpful when you need to be away from computer.
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3 years ago, Teamcum
better than the web interface.
The web is probably more capable, but I like this better.
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2 years ago, Izzyjapan
SN app for all
Everything servicenow available in a single app. Easy to use and easy navigate.
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3 years ago, jbird99
Easier to approve
Easier to approve requests than the desktop app
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3 years ago, CorpTraveler
Quick access and convenient for daily use
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3 years ago, sdgatkp
People view shows only one level.
This app is good but the people view only shows my manager and people that report to him. It does not show my direct reports.
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