NumberGuru: Spam & Caller ID

2.6 (18)
66.6 MB
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Current version
BeenVerified, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for NumberGuru: Spam & Caller ID

2.61 out of 5
18 Ratings
10 months ago, Libertyforall
Buggy, Stuck on NG screen
App did not launch for multiple tries, was stuck on NG screen! Not well tested. Please fix!
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2 months ago, NuZooRevue
Total scam - deleted
At one time, Number Guru was actually a useful app. Now, it is a complete scam. Everything is hidden behind a subscription or fee, so all it tells you is it, “searched”. Deleted from all my devices and hid in “previous purchases” so I don’t accidentally reinstall it.
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5 months ago, Gator Augustine
Doesn’t work
I’ve had this app for a couple years now and have used it dozens of times. As of today it has yet to provide me any information on the caller. Seems like the only number it knows is my phone.
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1 month ago, FoxRacerWSU
Searching is easy. The info is great. And the comments are super helpful!
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2 weeks ago, dieringert
Useless without expensive monthly subscription
Had this app for years and was pretty effective at reverse lookup. Recent updates have eliminated that without a subscription. Don't waste your time downloading this app
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3 months ago, iPhone Annie
Wish I could give 0 stars
The app use to work great. I haven’t had success with number look up in the past few years. I get more info from google than this app now.
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10 months ago, Sabarblatoe
Bold move
Seems they took out the reverse phone look up part of the reversePhone look up app. Not the move I would’ve gone with, however, you do you.
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1 year ago, Blondigrl :)
UPDATE: No more Ads, app freezes
Update #2: No more Ads, but extremely glitchy and you have to leave written review. The review only works 1/2 the time as the app freezes. The time spent writing your review is lost once it freezes. I have to restart 1-2 times to write review just to add a number. The setting on phone to use app to filter or block calls, which works with other apps, spins perpetually when you trying to add in phone settings. Did developer give up on fixes/glitches? Update 1: This app used to be great, now it's just adware!!!! I am forced to watch 3 annoying video ads at 12 seconds each per search. Who wants to wait through 36 seconds of annoying loud videos for a search? They completed destroyed this app. I HATE using it, especially for 36 seconds wasted with a number that sometimes comes up with no data :-( it's a SCAM. Please read all the other "one " star reviews before wasting your time.
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2 months ago, Jake2475
Miss the original
Every phone number I search now comes up blank
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2 months ago, PeacePanda92
I use to love this app, had it for years..It’s changed and now you don’t get any info unless you pay for it. Sell outs!
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3 months ago, Suzzieevs
I was so happy when I started using this now MUST pay it’s not useful any more
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4 weeks ago, RutDor
Keeps charging!!
They make it so hard to cancel.
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7 months ago, NDL, NYC
Don’t Waste Your Time!
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4 years ago, Queeks
Stuck with this app for many years - NOW DEAD!
I have been a full service subscriber since practically the beginning. Loved it; worked well. "Watchdog" community dwindled recently down to a handful, it seems. Now my searches are XXX'd out, and it doesn't work AT ALL... UPDATE Surprisingly, the past year has brought some helpful number search utility back; at least we now get legit names and addresses (when ID is in a generally searchable database). So that's nice - only, as things are these days, they're nearly entirely SPOOFED legit or newly invented robocall phishing scammer names and locations. Lately, in fact the ID names have become suspiciously outlandish; bizarre spellings and mismatched ethnic origin combinations, associated with locations where I can't imagine a real human being lives: many within a few feet of a major freeway, or vacant lot/industrial properties. Anyway, better. Though only really useful now, when it's a spoofed number that hasn't already been tagged by Verizon's new "Potential Spam" ID service. But true relief will require disabling the ability to spoof altogether, as well as filtering/alert-tagging or Banning unsolicited Robocalling. Cold-Call Random "Telemarketing" businesses are never welcome nor honest in their sleazy sales pitch annoyances, all targeting gullible and mentally impaired "victims". Don't make deals or give money to ANYONE randomly calling "out of the blue"! Never Ever a good thing.
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12 years ago, Mindyish
O M G!!!
Can't say enough about this app. I was skeptical as it has a slightly cheesy look to it but it is amazing! This is the only free source I have found that will do reverse CELL number lookup! Now, it only gives results on cell numbers 50% of the time but that's %50 more than the zero % I was getting online with even paid search sites. So, caught my bf cheating not long ago and suspected him again. Got ahold of his call records but didn't wanna call and play wrong number to every single number I didn't know. Sure I wasn't seeing "her" number anymore but I suspected she changed her cell number. Sure enough, one o the mums I didn't know yielded her full name when I reverse searched it. Then my handy friend "zaba search" on the web gave me the rest. So, I booted that loser and learned once a cheater... Well you know the rest, then me and my new BFF "phone guru" walked off into the sunset.
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11 years ago, AggieJason05
Are you serious?
Talk about going from one extreme to the next. The Top Spammers feature was the single most useful feature of this app and the only reason I kept it installed. The info. you used to get was better back in the early days of this app, but has gotten significantly less useful - leaving the Top Spammers feature as its shining nugget of usefulness. The devs have sadly allowed idiots who didn't understand this app to dictate their business plan moving forward; as a consequence of the removed functionality, I suspect they'll love even more customers. Good job!
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6 years ago, DaveW4U
~•~ Your update will destroy this application! ~•~
I’ve been using Number Guru for three years now. It is served my purpose well and got five stars from me. Now it gets all thumbs down – I wish I could give zero stars. ~WAKE UP NUMBER GURU DEVELOPERS!!! ~ If I want to help this app by providing feedback, I now have to spend four times the amount of time doing it. I have to select what kind of call it is (which serves no purpose at all). The comments section is where people leave that information. I have to leave written feedback if I care to have this marked as spam. This is clearly a case where the developer thought they could add all kinds of bells and whistles to this, but by doing so, they have ruined this application. All I want to do is mark this as spam and maybe leave a comment. Now I can’t even mark it as spam without leaving two other bits of information. This takes way too long, time I don’t have. I’m telling you now so you can fix this soon. Otherwise I am dropping this and will keep this listed as a one star. Everyone will read this and recognize this is trash. If you want this fixed, return it to the way you had it before. It looks like in the process of this change, you lost all the comments and had to start over. Keep the graphics and make it quick and simple. Remember, this application should serve us and not you. We don’t have the time to mess with this!
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10 years ago, Zombina12
Good for looking up telemarketing calls
This app is good for looking up telemarketing calls. There are user comments that indicate the nature of the calls received. It will also tell your when a call is from a legitimate business. It is useless for looking up non-business phone numbers for individual's land or cell numbers. All you get back on an individual's number is the approximate city and the telephone company that they use. This app was clearly intended to help users sort out spam telemarketing calls from legitimate business calls and in that respect it is great. It accurately identified every telemarketing call I have received as well as legitimate automated call notifications (DHL with package status, Macy's with online order info, etc).
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11 years ago, Ri5val
overall good app
This app does what it says. it has helped me identify spam calls, debt collectors and calls from jail/prison facilities. the comments left by other users have been especially helpful in identifying callers. the app claims to have access to 50% of cell #'s, I don't know that I have been able to i.d. any cell #s yet using this app, which constitute 85% of the missed calls that I am interested in identifying... getting an app that does that would be killer! but this one is always free and doesn't infiltrate your personal phone book, that creeps me out (i.e. the "True" app, I hope no one I know uses that one and hands my #s over. no thanks!
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8 years ago, Paul, CTA
First of all, virtually no info is given on the numbers entered. Secondly, why do I have to watch 3 videos - that's 3 full minutes of videos - in order to get feedback on the number entered ??? After going through 3 videos, feedback is nonexistent. It simply says, "Unavailable". 3 minutes of noisy ads must be listened to in order to find out no data is available on the number entered. The forced ads are counterproductive. Not only will I not watch the ads, I simply wait for them to stop without watching, but I absolutely refuse to install any app thus advertised. Worse, is that the ads do NOT automatically go away. You must manually delete them. So 3 times, the full length of the ad must be played, and 3 times, you must manually select to delete them. And I cannot silently check a number, because the ads play as noisy videos. In the end, other than city & state, which usually displays anyway, no data is offered on the number. 3 full minutes of noise, 3 manual deletions, even before Number Guru will run. With service like that, why would I even consider, "Premium Upgrade"? This is the worst non app ever. It's coming right off my phone. Number Guru? - You mean Number Fuckup.
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12 years ago, BigToonce
Why free with no ads? Because they sell your info!
Claiming to fight the good fight against telemarketers? How about turning your personal info over to telemarketers? Do you like SMS spam? You might have to learn to enjoy it. Selling your info is how they generate revenue. So go ahead, let them examine your contacts. You'll have given them permission to use all the info they glean from it. If you value your privacy, take a closer look at apps like this one. This is of course just my personal opinion. Form your own opinion, perhaps you'll have a look at their website privacy policy for clues as to how your info will be used: We may share the personal information that Members supply to us (other than Sensitive Information) with any third party and we may work with other businesses to bring selected retail opportunities to our Members. These businesses and third parties may include, but are not limited to: (a) providers of direct marketing services and applications, including lookup and reference, data enhancement, suppression and validation; (b) e-mail marketers; (c) telemarketers (where permitted by applicable law); (d) SMS text-based marketers (where permitted by applicable law); and (e) direct marketers.
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9 years ago, el skillet
Was good once, no longer. And it crashed my Contacts
This was a great app when it came out, helping to identify spam calls. Then came the pay version and it became less worth it. Either pay, or watch some pretty long videos. I stopped using it. In the meantime, it added a load of numbers to my Contacts app under the heading NumberGuru Top Spammer. I mean a LOT of numbers, ones that shouldn’t be on there…like the number 1, and 2, and even 911. As well as lots of numbers that weren’t spam and others that never should’ve been labeled spam. Worst of all, every time I selected NumberGuru Top Spammer in the Contacts app on my Mac or my iPhone, the app would lock up and/or crash. It took quite a bit of time to be able to finally delete that contact entry from either. But now, I’ve finally succeeded. Good riddance.
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6 years ago, DatSquid
Not accurate numbers to people
I used this before and I thought it worked for me. I have a stalker that uses different numbers to randomly call me and text me. All the numbers kept saying a persons name and their city. Sometimes those people had Facebook account but couldn’t figure out why these different people were texting/calling me. I decided to put in my number and it gave me a persons name and their city. It didn’t give me my name. I tried my friends and it gave different names and cuties those numbers belong to. I Think this app just put peoples names up when you put in someone’s phone number instead of saying not found. It’s better to have a number say not found instead of it giving you some random person‘s name that lives in the city by you.
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5 years ago, KingsMelon
Enjoyed this
I really enjoyed this app. It's very helpful, always has been. It did need an update but with this last one, there are people who are reporting spam #'s as "Ok Callers" but if you read their comment, it talks about it being spam. Also, when typing in a #, if you leave the screen to check the rest of the # it messes up the first few #'s you had entered. Might just need another update. Edit: the last update fixed the issue with entering the number. It doesn't jump around messing up the entry. Thank you!!
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12 years ago, ooAntixoo
Children need to stop playing with this app
It's a great app but I've noticed something lately, many people are giving false spam ratings based on whether they like the company etc. AT&T called me to remind me my bill was past due and the number had a high spam rating because people who chose not to pay their bill got calls from the number. As with everything your users are making the app virtually useless by posting bogus spam ratings on non spam calling numbers. You need to address this.
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5 years ago, Mastahype
Pure garbage
This app used to be one of the best at providing reverse number lookups. It appears to have been acquired by Been Verified and totally gimped. My previous premium purchase has gone away and there seems to be no option to restore purchases any longer. The app also doesn't return info for numbers it used to be able to lookup. You can't delete numbers from it's search history, which also doesn't always store the full number you looked up - it stores a mask. It's also bugged and tries to lookup the mask of the number instead of the actual number. The community and comments section is pointless. Simply put, this app is now Hot Garbage. Don't buy anything from this developer.
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9 years ago, Computus
Used to be good….
I used this app on a regular basis and found it helpful in identifying spammers. The latest “upgrade” must have been ironically named because it was just the opposite. I have no problem with ads floating across the bottom or top of the screen (developers have to be paid for their work after all), but forcing me to watch videos? Sorry developers, you now lost my ad revenue and I will stop suggesting this app to people I know, which means even less income because I’m the tech answer guy in my group of friends and they almost always take my suggestions. Guess what my next suggestion to them is going to be? Delete this app just as I’m doing right now. Goodbye unwise developers….
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12 years ago, jnealg
this app + silent ringtone = no spam
I hate spammers. Especially since they are costing me money calling my cell! I found this app after being mentioned on a tech podcast. After loading it up I found that it could create a single contact with hundreds of known spammer phone numbers. After putting it in my contact list I applied a silent ringtone (google it, cant believe Apple doesnt have one) voila!! I no longer answer spam calls. I dont even hear them come in!
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12 years ago, fishercles
What happened?
This app works as advertised, showing the person/business calling if available and the location plus a spammer score. However, like a previous reviewer, I won't have them adding their own contact to my Address Book with this newest version. I already have my own system where every spammer number gets added to a contact ("Telemarketer, D@mned") with an out of service ringtone if they call back. 4 stars for the previous version, 3 for this one.
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12 years ago, MrDraper
Simply an Amazing App
This is a really amazing app... Don't pay attention to any of the other negative "reviews". They provide no legitimate critiques. Two recommendations for future releases: -Integrate into the iphone dialer so that lookup occurs everytime an unknown call comes in (just like true callerID at home). I'd easily pay $20 for this feature, even if it is only available for jbrake phones. -Provide ability to add lookup number as an iphone contact.
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9 years ago, Nilent
What happened?
I used to be able to check an occasional number for nothing. There were ads at the bottom of the screen, but that was okay. I did find this app useful and was going to upgrade to the no ad version (my way of giving money to developers of apps I use), when they changed it. All of a sudden you can get basic info, but if you want more, you have to purchase the upgrade. Okay, I'll just take the basic info. Now I open it, and you can't get any info without watching 3 (THREE) videos or paying !! And you still only get the basic info, which means you get "unavailable". I deleted the app, and will not recommend it anymore.
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9 years ago, Wbreagy
Don't load to an iPhone 6+
This app places a new contact in my phone's contact list that gets loaded with spam numbers. Now when I open my contacts I get the number guru contact and all my contacts lock up so I can't access them. The screen just freezes. Tried removing number guru but still have the contact problem. Tried rebooting the phone and the problem continued. Finally tried restoring my phone data but still couldn't get rid of that problem. Still waiting to hear from the developer. Think carefully before getting this app and be sure your phone is backed up before loading it.
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9 years ago, johnmerb
Very sad
Loved it, 5 stars. Now uninstalling it, worthless. Now it forces you to watch long ads, leaving you on a screen where you have to buy something, (I think, anyway it never shows the results that used to be so useful and you can't exit the ad). Or it gives generic data with nagware begging you to upgrade. Like others here, banner ads on the bottom would be fine with me, since the programmers deserve to make a buck, but the graspy, greedy, crippling changes they've made on this once great app has turned it into just as bad a mess as all the other worthless reverse phone number websites you get on Google. An awful tragic shame.
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12 years ago, Senator Marc Smith
This App is D' Bomb....
I've bought many apps; downloaded and erased many more but so far this one is well worth Free and downloading. When a reported number calls it pops up as a spammer; sales call or debt collector. If u check a number and it's on the list as reported it tells you the specifics. Thanks # Guru and where is Mariska Haggerty ? Lol Just moved this app to the 1st page of my 3 iPhones and iPad. When you post it become available for everyone to see almost immediately.
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4 years ago, Vivaladiva11
One of the best number look up apps
This app is free and does what it says it does. Been using for a few months and look up numbers before dates. Was about to go on date but looked up dudes number and turned up being in his wife’s name and his address was somewhere else. Most numbers I look up are accurate. I’ve used other apps in the past in they gave no info.
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8 years ago, Dynamic Nibbles
I had a creep at my work who left a note on my desk for three weeks straight, and the last one I got had a number on the back. I texted them to see if they'd tel me Who they were and they refused to tell me. I went to many many many sites trying to search the number to see who it was. This app was the only thing that was successful. Great app. 10/10 would recommend downloading.
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8 years ago, Qymper
Don't believe other reviews!
This app was GREAT. I downloaded it with others listed before it and when I got to this one, I only wished I got to it sooner than wasting my time. I don't know what the app used to be, but I am totally fine with watching a few long videos so long as I can get my information for FREE. And I did, a name was all I wanted and a full name was what I got. Definitely keeping this for the future!
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11 years ago, tedivm
Removed the best feature!
This app had a great feature where it created a spammer contact and would keep it updated with the top spammers. This way you could see when a number was a telemarketer or something while it was calling. This feature requires contact book access to make it work, since it adds and removes phone numbers from the contact it creates. This caused a bunch of people to freak out and give it bad reviews, which made them remove the feature. This makes the app less useful, so bow *I'm* giving it a bad review. There should be a way to make this feature work for the people who want it.
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12 years ago, MiMi's Mind
Shock & Awe!!!
This is the first time that I have ever looked up a number and received actual results without having to pay "for more information or details". This app does what it says it will do. After i did my first search, I then went to my "pay monthly" service and it said the info was unavailable for the exact same number. It takes alot to impress me, but this App certainly did!!!
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12 years ago, TheChuck
Does what it is supposed to do.
This app works with your address book to catch spammers when they call. They can't actually interfere with the call itself because Apple doesn't allow that (that's why it doesn't actually block calls). What it does do is tell you when a spammer calls and allows you to look up numbers in a public forum where others who have been called by that number share info about who is behind the number. It also allows you to add numbers you want to ignore, effectively creating a very powerful combination of public and personal blacklists. Personally, if it is a spammer, I don't care who they are, as I don't have time to make a federal case out of it. I just want to be able to ignore them, and that is what this app allows me to do.
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12 years ago, m dub theme
I needed this app within 18 hours of downloading it. Needed a little help from a sighted person with the layout, but when I got that help and entered an unfamiliar number I'd just hung up on, I got not only the name of the spammer calling, but also comments from others who'd been called by this exchange. I was even able to leave a comment of my own. Man, I'm glad I got this app!!!
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11 years ago, LiveAid
Almost Useless
Here's why there are some good reviews. When I got this app a ago, it was great. It actually gave you the caller's NAME. Other services usually just give you the phone company the phone is registered to, and the city. Unfortunately, THIS APP ("Number Guru") has stopped giving out the caller's name. This app is now just like the rest... USELESS. I don't care about the caller's phone company. I want the caller's NAME. I'm very disappointed. So... the GOOD reviews are all OLD. The BAD reviews are more CURRENT. Why the hell would these clowns do that? This also explains why there are a lot of 5-star reviews, even more 1-star reviews, and nothing in between.
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12 years ago, LT @ 916
Best App!
I don't understand why others are complaining about this app! This is just a beta version! Be patient, more updates will come!!! Perfect app to find out who that annoying person or telemarketer been calling you! And also find out who been contacting your spouse or important person!!! Thumbs up developers!!! Highly recommend!!!!
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8 years ago, Imbonnie
This used to be a good app but not anymore
This used to be a great app, but like so many similar type of info gathering apps they got greedy and now force people to pay or watch ad videos. Ok, so I could tolerate watching an ad IF they had info on a number BUT after watch two videos I got an "info not available message." They knew that they had no info before I watched the ad. So they knowingly waste people's time. And now that their app is lousy there's probably less people using the app. Greed never pays off in the long run. Change back to the way it was or something better or be a big FAIL.
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11 years ago, KregHS
Excellent app - but why my 1 star ??
(5 stars once you offer your top spammer function again - I suggest an upgraded app for this). THAT BEING SAID........ A TIP about what I like to call "LOW INFORMATION REVIEWERS" Anyone making a paranoid assumptions claims in a review that appear to be unsubstantiated...yeah.... Probably is. This review thread is an example. Do your research before making such claims. 1: Apple Policy: The app would be removed from the store and the dev team's developer license would be subject to permanent retraction. 2: The parent company of this app is beenverified inc. it's a high profile company. If you have any reason or proof to think your contacts have been uploaded - take that info and sue then. Otherwise its conceivable that they may have the right to SUE YOU for Defamation. bottom like - I don't work for the company, and just shut up if you don't know what the heck you're talking about. DEV TEAM: BRING BACK YOUR TOP SPAMMERS FUNCTION PLEASE - for a 5 star rating.
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5 years ago, juliasjoy
Useless app use google search!
Number Guru was a great app before the update. Now it is useless. I deleted this app and I am searching for a replacement. Every number I searched, after the update, has 0% information available. The comments from people who researched the phone numbers and found them to be spam have all disappeared. This app has become totally useless. You get more information by pasting the phone number into a google search. My regret is that I had told my friends and family about this app before it was updated and now I’m embarrassed by its performance.
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9 years ago, Jribby
It has slowly gotten worse
I got this app probably two years ago and it worked pretty good. It would give me information on all sorts of numbers, then I upgraded my app and it didn't have nearly the amount of information that it did before. I haven't used the app for at least six months and when I went to use it today I was required to watch 3 videos in order to see a number that had no info on it. I'll just google the number instead of wasting time watching videos. Today I deleted this app and wrote a review which I usually never do.
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9 years ago, Utahloanranger
Bye Bye
This WAS a good reliable app for looking up that occasional unknown number that called me. But now they want you to watch three 15-second videos to earn 1 credit for a search. That is a waste of my time. There are plenty of other apps that will give me the same information with less hassle. So I'm deleting this app and never coming back. You also marked as Spam a phone number for a company that was calling me to do a pre-employment assessment. Thanks to you I had to reschedule the appointment and give them a different number to call me at. You better not cost me a job!!!
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4 years ago, NEOBart
Too bad I can’t give zero stars because this used to be a great app and now it’s completely worthless. You can see from all the current reviews everyone thinks this app is crap it is not worked for the last year and the developer keeps crippling it more and more and more it is completely useless I am now deleting the app after using it for over five years. Looking up numbers always fails you never get any current results and you have to fill out multiple dialogs! completely worthless! you may as well hang it up, not sure who the developer is but they don’t get it. Hey developer, read your reviews! you have crippled this app you have more one star reviews than anything else at this point!!!!! Why don’t you get it? why don’t you fix this app? what is the matter with you? why do you still have this app in the App Store? it is completely worthless!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, ackbarman
Don't listen to other reviews
This is one of the best apps out there. People have no reason to give this less than 4 stars because it works 100% better than apples caller ID system built into the iPhone. Usually if a number does not show up it has comments about it. Get this app, it's one of my favorite utilities.
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