4.8 (1.1K)
12.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Andrew J Clark
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Numerical²

4.8 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Steamchef
Love this App! Wish it was for MacBook too!
This app is amazing, I completely got rid of the lame calculator that apple ships all its products with. This one is so convenient with how you can see everything you just typed out, and if you mess up, you just “delete” and it undoes that 1 mishap, instead of deleting the whole dang equation. I would love if the developer could make this App work on MacBooks! I just got the new MacBook Air m1 and I was so bummed that I can’t use this amazing calculator on it. PLEASE make it for MacBooks! And give us the option of having it in the widget sidebar like on iPhone/pad. Thank you! Love your product.
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1 year ago, Ryry EJ
Best calculator on iPhone
I’ve been using this incredibly well designed calculator for 4 years now and it blows the stock calculator out of the water. First, nice clean interface. It can customized but I haven’t felt a need to change from the default. Second, no need to press an equal command, see the results in real time as you type in the expression. Third, easily undo and accidental presses or mistakes and make corrections without having to start over. Fourth, tracked history of calculations in case you need to recall.
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3 years ago, OneAHis
Best Calculator App on App Store
This is by far the best app on the App Store. You have several settings you can toggle but you can also change the Home icon, and also create your own look inside the app. The only problem I have which is minor…. Is that there is only a widget for the today view. Please please please add widget support for the Home Screen. It would help my work out tremendously.
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1 year ago, SchwickiFrau
Best Calc App yet!
FINALLY a great calculator for iPad/iPhone. I absolutely love this app. Very convenient, keeps a history of your calculations, intuitive functionality and no stupid or ridiculous ads. It’s very refreshing to finally find an app that is developed with the user experience in mind. Thank you!!!
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1 year ago, metalheavy
I suffered far too long with a crappy ad riddled calculator app. Thank you so much for this beautiful ad free version. I love that you can make different themes too! I just needed a really simple basic calculator so this fits my needs perfectly and on top of that it’s visually beautiful.
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5 years ago, Pureart
Love this calculator as an accountant I use it daily. I like being able to recall calculations and not having to select the equal button. I recommend this app to anyone who has to do math for whatever reason.
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5 years ago, Vwben
Wish it worked better
I really love the idea of this ap. However when I type fast it doesn’t always register every number. I think the ap thinks I want to swipe into the control setting screen. There has to be a better way to change settings. If I didn’t have this accuracy problem this would be my go to calculator ap.
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9 months ago, Slizzard73
Best Calculator in the App Store
I use this at work daily and it’s invaluable to me, I will never go back to any other calculator especially the default iPhone one. I’d pay for it if I could!
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10 months ago, secret_mango
free calculator, with keyboard support
Listen, it’s 2023. I shouldn’t be writing this review. BUT today, on iPad, it’s incredibly difficult to find a good calculator that works. And this is it. It’s free, as a calculator program should be. It supports keyboard input. 5 stars.
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5 years ago, nivek.arevir
I use this calculator more than the default iOS installed calculator. My favorite feature is the instant answers to whatever math you type on it. Also great for whenever I keep track of LifePoints for the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.
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5 years ago, Jwe217
Great ideas, needs more functions
Having no equals sign takes some getting used to, but the mechanics of the calculator such as auto-brackets is interesting. I would like to see inverse trig functions and the ability to use nth roots and logs. A (1/x) or (x^-1) button would also be nice.
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4 years ago, Xplosion05
Good calculator
I like this calculator, the way you can change and create themes...BUT... I wish it would not change app icon when the theme is changed. Overall it’s very fast and you can see what math problems you’ve worked out before.
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4 years ago, I Love Cheese_Burgers
My kids loved playing with the calculator and it really helps them with math homework. The calculator helps me calculate taxes and how much we will pay each workerat my company, and how much big orders of things will cost
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5 years ago, The Guest Speaker
One of the better apps
Simple yet does the job well and looks cool too. So why not 5 stars? Well, unless I'm missing something here, the only thing I'd like to see added is a unit converter for weights, volume, distance, temperature etc. That said, so far so good with the app as it stands.
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5 years ago, vmsn22
Tapping issue
The problem I have with this site is that very often when I press a number on the Calculator it does not register. I have to press it again and this is extremely annoying. Don’t know if anyone else has this problem. I have an iPhone.
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3 years ago, ice cream lol donuts
Great app
I hate math especially algebra but this app makes me want to do math. It’s so amazing. The beautiful backgrounds and the easy calculation makes it the best app to use. Don’t use any other calculator. This is the best one
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2 years ago, ghfjhfjhg
It’s good, but it could be improved.
Sometimes it’s a little hard to navigate, and I think it would be nice to have more mathematical symbols so that you can do more with it.
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3 years ago, susedan
All time favorite calculator app
I’ve tried several calculators and this is by far my favorite. Quick, powerful, and stylish to boot! The widget is great too.
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5 years ago, jsnyder9310
Blows the competition away
Someone in my office recommended this for me and I absolutely love it. So many great features compared to standard calculator app. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, hulla pulla
Great calculator
No ads. No nagging for payments. Integrates nicely with the OS. functionality is also just great! You should use this as your default calculator app no doubt.
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3 years ago, Shunté
#1 calculator
Making a mistake is not a problem with this calculator since your inputs can be edited with ease. Needs widget ASAP
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5 years ago, Korronado
Add the ability to open the app from control center please!
Add a button for control center if possible!
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2 years ago, 11Rowan3
I love this app!
I got it for school and it is amazing!! I love how you can make a custom background and change the app colors.
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10 months ago, Hao Yan-Mass
Favorite calculator for years
For this app for years. I really hope there was a Mac version.
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4 years ago, brunafish
Efficient. Simple. Way better than the Apple calculator, which is almost worthless.
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5 years ago, Bareea
Easy and awesome
You can perform all calculations, with ease and speed. The application you always need
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3 years ago, Adam E. Pendergrass
Incredible calculator, missing 1.5 things...
1) iOS 14 widget support in all three form factors 2) make the keyboard outside of the app taller
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2 years ago, woo quo to
Best Calculator!
Hands down the best calculator for I phone usage on the market!
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4 years ago, ericengdahl
Preferred calculator app
I tested many iOS calculator apps and this was my favorite: clean, simple, no ads
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5 years ago, customeralso
Great tool
Always there for quick figuring
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5 years ago, 2channels
Easy to use. Beautifully designed.
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4 years ago, Jacul
Would love to see this app on Mac.
Just make it already, my wallet hungers.
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10 months ago, Fresh Haus
The best
Apple needs to make this their native calculator app
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3 years ago, MStyleFTW
The best. iOS 15 widgets please.
Love it. Using the legacy widget a lot. Any plans for iOS 15 widgets?
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2 years ago, 🐙🦈🐡🦈🐙🦈🐡🐙🦈🐡🐙🐬
I love this app
I love this app so much I cheated on my schoolwork
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5 years ago, JFrankenduder
Great machine. Love it.
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4 years ago, Ultra Joe
Poor response time
Slow to respond on my 2018 iPad causing frequent mistakes.
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7 years ago, Halmeowni
Finally I can smile again. This calculator was perfect for grandmas like me until the updates that made the scientific hoohah buttons appear on screen. I couldn't figure out how to use it anymore for plain old adding/subtracting/multiplying. Each update made me madder than a wet hen. I put an old calculator back on my iPad that only did the basic things and filled the whole screen with big easy to see buttons. I decided to wait one more update before deleting this one, and here it is, and it is fabulous. I can once more look at the screen and see what I want - a basic easy to see big buttons calculator filling the entire screen without all the hoohah buttons, since they can now be hidden. Thank you very much, developers!
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3 years ago, Anl29416
Bad number
This app calculates TAN(32) WRONG!!!!
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7 years ago, wurdNinja
Excellent update, responsive support
I was a little thrown off at first by the first big revision of this Calc, but since then, this new version has re-established some previous norms for me interface-wise, while still working great. I have no idea why this would run slowly. It's super speedy for me, and I prefer it over the built-in calc, I set up a launcher widget for it. When the URL scheme broke after the latest big revision, the developer responded to my email and let me know personally that he was sorry and that it had been fixed with an update. 👍🏻👍🏻
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7 years ago, meta732
10, iOS 11.x
Characters from longer calculations overlap with “edit” function label on history (when such a calculation is listed first) and lower iOS indicator bar overlaps with center buttons on the bottom row, though there may be no practical workaround for the latter since it is an iOS feature (dark grey is an option other devs have employed as opposed to the bright white displayed in Numerical²). I would also prefer to see more useful common functions (eg, +/-) or the ability to customize available functions for the main screen. The minus (-) function key is highlighted in much the same way was the number keys while the other function keys are not. Perhaps this is intentional, but it appears to be an oversight. I would prefer that the function keys appear the same.
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9 years ago, boo-zy
Bug in design
I bought more themes to have this nicely done app at its best. I'm disappointed about seemingly unintended design bug, annoying me everytime I open the app when I have any other than default theme set on the screen. While the app is opening (loading) I can see the default theme at first ('red' which is free for everyone), only then the design abruptly changes to newly set one I just bought (in my case 'blue'). In order to avoid this unpleasant transition from one design to another, I have to keep the app open all the time, this effects battery life. I'm sure that's a quick fix from tech perspective, but I wouldn't have bought an upgrade if I new I would have to deal with it. Please fix it.
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7 years ago, mdp5280
New version buggy, looks nice
I used to love the previous version of this app, but the latest version is so buggy (button presses don't work, error box pops up and then app freezes, editing an entry, etc) it's almost unusable. The reliability of the previous version was great. On a positive note, I LOVE the new color scheme and look. Once the bugs get fixed this will be a really great app again. Also, would be nice to have a way to toggle to a slightly more simplified interface that only had numbers, math symbols (+,-,*,\) and the parenthesis. Sometimes it's too many unneeded functions when I just need bigger buttons for the simple stuff. I'm sure things will get fixed though. For newbies I'd still say go ahead and get it due to that.
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8 years ago, Egochecks
Thank you.
I was utterly frustrated by the lack of an included calculator on my iPad. I downloaded several "free" calculator apps hoping for a simple solution but found ads. I came across a Reddit post full of colorful words due to the same frustrations and discovered a suggestion for Numerical. It still offers a paid upgrade but no ads and it works beautifully. It's simple and even elegant in its own way. This the THE free calculator for iPad. You can stop here. And because they provided a straight forward solution I'm willing to pay just to support. So, thank you.
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10 years ago, Oh Mighty Isis 2000
Well thought out and brilliantly executed
I read a review of this app in a daily publication explaining how beautifully designed is this calculator. My first thought being, I have a calculator, it dies what I need, why do I need another. This calculator is the standard by which ALL developers should and need to think. When people scratch their heads at the valuation of Waze and think it's just another GPS app, they miss the point of taking something that exists and making it enjoyable, easily useable, and brilliantly designed. This app is the Waze of calculators. My only constructive criticism is there is a delay when tapping buttons, and I type very fast, so if I am speed typing I have to delete and re-enter numbers. Having said this, the developers designed a brilliant concept in fixing mistakes by simply deleting numbers, and never a need for equals signs again. I tip my hat to the developers. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
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7 years ago, jalexcarter
Beautifully Functional
Hands down the best calculator app I've ever used. The themes are fantastic and the ability to create your own theme makes the possibilities endless. Throw in the ability to backspace/delete when you punch in a wrong number, or to go back and see a history of your recent calculations and the option to copy and paste them so you don't have to completely re-type long calculations is especially useful and makes this app a no-brainer. You won't be disappointed.
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10 years ago, Janly
Just another calc
The idea behind this is fine but other than saving you a few extra keystrokes it doesn't have anything special. The default color is horrible, the keypad is not visible on my iPad unless I scroll up and it doesn't stay in place. And the ultimate insult is to charge $1.99 for just 9 specific themes, which I think is ridiculous . If at least it had an option to use our own colors, maybe, but even then if that's all I get for this price it's not worth it. Maybe at .99 cents. I use another calc that is more useful and it's free. I don't mind paying for an App but it has to be worth it, especially if there are many competing apps with lower price tag and more options.
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10 years ago, mjseik
Definitely without equal
I've been searching for a calculator for two days, and getting more frustrated when getting so close to what I needed and having each one fall short. I'm embarrassed to say that I had previously downloaded thia app and didn't give it a second thought because I couldn't get past the color and didn't want to pay. Out of desperation, a took a second look, and when I saw the history view options (it is nearly impossible to find a calc app that will show a full history beyond just a few calculations), I purchased the app without hesitation. Now, I'm very grateful for this brilliant design, and I get to use a beautiful slate UI that's better looking and more clear than anything else I've tried. Thank you, developers, for creating this app.
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7 years ago, AwDaSea_18
Great, Many Bugs
My big question? Why did you add themes? Just make the old ones available and add more "math" and operations. Don't add custom themes or any other things. Bugs: keyboard settings link doesn't work; crashes after trying to find the squareroot; custom themes are just bad, plain and simple. I liked it before the update just there are too many bugs and issues in the latest installment. One side thing real quick is can make the default theme back to the pink and orange one not the god awful green and pink one. The reason it atleast gets 4 stars though is because of the new operations added. thx for reading this
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7 years ago, RenoMpls
Terrible upgrade ruins app for non-mathematicians
I used to love this app for its ease of use and attractive design. The upgrade adds scientific functionality that can't be disabled or hidden by users who want a simple calculator. On the iPad, sin/cos/log/etc buttons take up a ton of screen real estate, while the visual design has lowered contrast so much it's hard to even locate the keys you DO want. In landscape mode, the number keys are on the bottom right quarter of the screen while number display is in far upper left corner, combine this with what seems to be a less sensitive keypad, and I'm getting whiplash from checking to see if the input numbers are registering. Really disappointed that I can't seem to revert to previous version.
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