2.3 (489)
43.6 MB
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Current version
Yifan Chen
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for NVMS7000

2.35 out of 5
489 Ratings
4 years ago, Sabin88
Functions... barely
It works, and isn’t terrible for watching live video, but reviewing old video is a complete exercise in frustration. The interface is unintuitive and gives poor feedback to the user. Obvious things one might want to do, like watch the streams from several different cameras starting at the same time and synced to the same playback speed are completely impossible. If something happens on your property and you don’t know exactly when, be ready to spend hours wrestling with this program trying to find the tape of the event. Also I have not been able to play any of the exported videos at all.
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8 years ago, ABUC5192
iPhone 7 plus
It has been working pretty good for me in the past but recently I upgraded from an iPhone 6 plus to a 7 plus and I do not get any motion alerts. All the settings/configuration seem to be exactly the same on both devices. I am still getting the alerts on my old 6 plus when I turn the phone on. The App may need an update to fix the issue. Please look in to it. ***********UPDATE************* I deleted the App and reinstalled it and set it up from scratch and got everything working as intended.
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5 years ago, Mbenny9366
Won’t invest to keep up with modern UI and features
If you use Nest or any other modern interface, you’ll be really disappointed with this app. Not sure what we can do as users since we are stuck once we buy the equipment. This will eventually start to hurt hardware sales and then the firm will have to decide if an investment with a proper UI and feature set is appropriate. They offer industrial / commercial grade hardware and if they matched it up to a 4 or 5 star app it would be unbeatable but I’ve seen no evidence of the owners wishing to push for this outcome.
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2 years ago, Sixteen Bars
The Notifications are Sometimey
The app works great for the most part. However, there are random occasional pauses in delivery of notifications. Without notice, the notifications will stop coming through for days/weeks. Then just as abruptly as they stopped coming through, they start coming through again. You can still see footage through the app during the break. You just don’t get notice when the sensors are triggered which kind of defeats the purpose of the app for me.
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2 years ago, Lupitasierra
Love the cameras but have issues
I have a few issues with my cameras , they were working properly but now it says cameras locked and I don’t know how to unlock them also my wife can login to the cameras on her phone she had them before please help I’ve been trying to contact the person who helped me but I haven’t heard from him please help I really need my cameras running
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3 years ago, gigiwinner
Works well but..
We’ve used it for years and aside from logging us out periodically I’ve had no complaints. However, in the past several months or so we now have 24 camera images instead of 9. I cannot figure out how to keep the 9 camera feeds we have to show up in the grid. I have to regularly go in and select our camera feeds from 24 options and it will default back to 24 without any prompting. They are also completely out of order. It’s SO FRUSTRATING!!!
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2 years ago, Hopnotic
Notification Issues
Consistency with notifications is a huge issue for this app. Line crossing and intrusion detection will go out for days or even weeks, and come back randomly. Rebooting the NVR and my modem and wireless router seem to do nothing to correct the issue. I’m not sure if this is an issue with LTS or not, but it really does defeat the purpose of the app if you can’t get timely notifications on your property!!!
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2 years ago, Nitebeat10000
This app has ceased to function. The dealer recommends using LTS Connect instead. Only issue I’ve seen (which no one seems to know about or how to correct) is that the “live stream” on LTS Connect only runs for about 3 minutes then stops. You have to refresh the screen on whatever device you’re looking at the stream on ie iPhone, iPad to start the live stream again. On the NVMS7000 app the stream was always continuous, no refresh needed. If anyone has a solution to this, please post.
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7 years ago, AshiPhone4
Always a problem
HELLLLOOOOOOOOO?!?! PLEASE Update this app so that it can be used with new iOS!!! I wish there could be a time where I just open the app and my camera video shows in each square automatically. NEVER HAPPENS Always have to tap each square multiple times, or have close the app out completely by swiping up. NOW, after even those interventions, nothing shows. Even when trying to view from home on strong wifi connection. Each square attempts to load the video then just shows and circle with a line through it. FRUSTRATED AND ANNOYED What's the point of having this if the app doesn't function properly. One of the selling features is peace of mind in being able to remotely view what's going on at home. Well this definitely is not the case. Highly dissatisfied. Please address this issue!
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5 years ago, VagVulture
Easily Could be a 4 ⭐️ App
But alas, the UI needs a facelift and separate App for iPad vs iPhone. Just fix the problem with the App constantly logging us out and redoing the setup....that’s pointless and obnoxious. Face ID would be great for accessing this App instead of being logged out at random intervals and going through the setup again; it’s as redundant as my last sentence. See, a pointless and obnoxious use of time.
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2 years ago, Bowser46
Worked OK. Now not at all
Run, don't walk, away from this app and LTS, if you can. I fear the host company LTS may be failing. Their local dealer went belly up and disappeared. No online help for users, only dealers. After just over four years, I have a system and app abandoned by its manufacturer. Next failure (there have been three before my dealer failed) and I am out of luck. As it is the system works locally, but remote access is completely gone, and the app is pure version 1.0 grade.
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4 years ago, Walt on the Square
Works great
Install cameras around our church app works great, someone back into a car kept on going We were able to back-up recording,got The license plate number of the vehicle reported to the police. Work great on my ph WiFi always able to check my church surroundings.
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7 years ago, CraigNJen
Not sure if it's just me but my app will give me a live view until I double-click a camera to bring it up, then the live view is no longer live. Both stationary cameras and PTZ are having problems with it, making it virtually impossible to use PTZ in the app. But, it technically *does* allow me to *see* my cameras through the app, so ... 2 stars.
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5 years ago, BillySwagThornton
This app is for LTS devices ONLY
I see a bunch of people whining about Nest not working with this app, but that’s because this isn’t the Nest app. This is the app for LTS camera systems, and it works great with LTS cameras. Sad to see this app get such poor reviews when it’s all user error and not the app itself.
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5 years ago, Beastly b
Ignore bad reviews
App works great for any hikvision OEM cameras, LTS, Honeywell, LUMA, hikvision. IT will not work with all technologies like CVI, AHD, etc. most people who can’t get it to work are either doing port forwarding wrong or don’t have a compatible Dvr/NVR. I have well over 100 customers on this App with LTS cameras with no problems ever.
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7 years ago, Jimmy841830
Awesome app
This app work awesome and if people have problems whit this app is probably they using olds phones. Whit my iPhone 7 and my iPad I never have any problems and I have 2 years using this app. People before give a bad review update phones thanks. 👌👌👌👌
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5 years ago, KBplq
DO NOT UPDATE if you use iPad Fullscreen
They decided to keep interface elements on the screen all the time which eats up 1/4 of the screen space when viewing your cameras. Not only does it distract from its purpose of viewing cameras, you heave less camera detail because of the space the useless interface takes up. AWFUL. Makes this application nearly unusable for us. Bring back the full screen camera interface!!!!!
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5 years ago, Mustang 911
Hasn’t worked in months
My system and app were working fine when out of the blue the app started saying “connection failed”. I’ve researched and tried everything I could to get it to work but I can’t figure it out. Currently trying to find another app. LTS said that the NVMS7000 is the best app for the system but that other apps will work although they wouldn’t say which app(s). Long story short, don’t bother with this app.
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4 years ago, Mr Big-Res
Great App
I/we use this app a ton and love it! It never lets us down. This app doesn’t deserve bad reviews. People are just using it for the wrong applications. If your using it right then it’s actually pretty sophisticated and down right AWESOME!!
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5 years ago, Measlesme
New Version nothing but a problem
I’m very frustrated with this new version. I HAVE NOT been able to view my camera’s in 3 days since my phone automatically updated this new version! I paid toooo much money for this camera system to be frustrated with it as much as I am...I have always had the issue “connection failed” since I have had this, but now since the update absolutely s**ks!!!!
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1 year ago, yourfavoritenoob
Sometimes works
When it works, I did say when, it is ok. Although it does seem to skip sometimes. However the app stops connecting to my cameras about 4 times a year. It isn’t reliable. When I need to see something the most is usually when I can’t.
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4 years ago, User12335user
Needs to be updated
Worked great before I updated to the new iOS and now it crashes 9 out of 10 times I open the app. Battery at full charge, restart phone, and no other apps running, still crashes about 10 sec after I open. Sad😥
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5 years ago, Sf18dpac
Please update this app
The app will log off every few days, have login again over and over on same device. The app is clunky, not very user friendly but you can few the cameras when it works, here’s an idea for the developers, go look at nighthawk
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5 years ago, BelAirDog
Poor design, very poor funtionality
Frustrating to have spent so much money with an installer - 16 cameras - and to have an interface that won’t respond consistently. Does not allow recalling layouts, inefficient use of real estate, Does not allow continuous high speed scrubbing, I could go on. If I knew this was the only way to view LTS gear, I would never have purchased this system. Now I’m stuck. Save your money.
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6 years ago, Textfree 12345
Best App for Home Cameras
I’ve been using this app for almost one year, and I don’t see what this app has so many bad reviews. This is a very good app, fast and easy. Ignore those negative reviews.
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6 years ago, Court reporter 21
Never Works properly
Was installed by an alarm company along with quite expensive cameras. Worked for about a week on all of our devices and then nothing. Keep having to call security company to reset and rework this app. I am going to suggest another app to the alarm company and see if that solves the issues. Don’t waste your time on this app, it’s horrible! I give up.
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6 years ago, GaroTech LLC
GaroTech LLC
As a professional installer this app works great. Fast and user friendly compare to many other apps for security cameras that I have interacted with. (Not happy to see 2 star rating)
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5 years ago, ios - user
Problem with IOS 13.1.3
NVMS7000 worked great on my iPad Air until the last ios update. Is there a fix in the works? Thanks for listening
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5 years ago, dianca4
I have an IPhone 8 Plus and the alerts work for a week or two, then they stop working, so I delete the app and download it again, it is a hassle doing that every time hopefully that gets fixed.
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2 years ago, RELLIK79
Worked well until
Worked well on my iPhone XR but when I switched to 13 pro it won’t connect. Then it just crapped out on my wife’s phone also and she has Samsung. Reach out to developer months ago and they never responded. Pure garbage and very unprofessional. Would give negative stars if it was an option
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7 years ago, dougthedrug
Best IP HD Cameras App
You can’t get a better app for viewing you high definition IP cameras than this. It’s not glitchy, it’s self explanatory, it just works. Anyone giving negative review is blaming the app for their own inadequacies.
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4 months ago, Atlantam40
App left abandoned, developer is missing in action.
Haven’t been updated since past 2 or more years, the app crashes every time and has lot of bugs needs to be repaired , i think the developer has left the app abandoned, or he is not interested in this business anymore.
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3 years ago, Erin Clarkbar
Pros and cons
Works great for live feed, clear and steady feed, but to watch recordings could be MUCH SIMPLER AND EASIER. It’s frustrating. Also wish the app was available on Apple Watch.
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4 years ago, cgourdin
3 cause of app
App works fine but it’s confusing at first - you know what I mean if you use it ... takes some time to get use to. But all in all. It serves the purpose. The camera actually works great. No sound otherwise 4 stars
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4 years ago, Tfrdchugstbjuddvg
Terrible customer support.
I have been unable to view my security footage for a over a month now unless in the building in its WiFi.....the reason I have this app so I can keep an eye on things and check footage while I am away. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Josh ICU
This App works very well with over 100 of my customers. 99.9% of all droid/iOS devices are compatible other venders stop writing reviews please.
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4 years ago, DeaconIXX
Does this App work with ios13? As a business user, we are now having a horrible experience. We have deleted and reinstalled; tried it on and off WiFi and nothing makes it work. We have had the equipment for a few years but it seems recently the App just stopped working. So disappointing!!
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6 years ago, Rusty Crumley
Latest update made app stop working
This latest update removed the PT Cloud tab from the settings and now all the devices I had connected to it are no longer showing. To respond to the outdated device reviews, if the iPad Pro and iPhone 7 Plus are outdated, they might have a point. This is an app developer fail.
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4 years ago, 124hsjsks
My system was recently updated. But now I can’t access the system through my mobile device. Is there an app update as well because I’m not seeing it.
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6 years ago, Nawirl
Great, when it works
Worked fine with various iPhones. Now for about 6 months the cameras just say failed to connect whenever I try to live view. Have deleted app and reinstalled. Still no live view. If not this app, which app works?
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2 years ago, Shuckforty
Remote playback and live
Issues loading video especially remote playback
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7 years ago, Wowracer
iPhone 7 plus.
Worked great before I upgraded to a 7 plus. Assuming there is an update just about to be released to fix the realtime video freezing up
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5 years ago, JD5c
This app has issues
I'm sure the developer can do a much better job of this app if the put their heads together. But it's pretty bad and it doesn't matter how old your device is because it doesn't work well with the newest devices either. I don't feel very secure with this lousy app at all
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6 years ago, detriotfizzle
I Phone X
I really do love this app but going from my IPhone 6S Plus to an IPhone X (both about the same size screen) the images are smaller because the developer doesn’t untilize the screen fully in either direction. An update would make me give this a 5 star rating so it’s only poor for IPhone X users.
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4 years ago, Rgriff918
What the heck happened?
This app worked great until the last couple of months. For an unknown reason the app quit working on my iPad and then this week my app on my iPhone quit working and now I have no way to look at my cameras remotely. What’s disappointing is there’s no assistance from the developer. I have LTS cameras and NVR.
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5 years ago, BlackHButterfly
Connection Fails
The app will not let me change the camera No. from 1 to 5. Connection fails every time. Works for my neighbors, who are likely using an older version of the app. Their setting allow camera No. 5. No way to contact the developer. Junk.
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4 years ago, Hjkyfh
Great app!
Works great. One little issue... playback to earlier days stays at a time. It does let me scroll through the day. Please help Thank you
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2 years ago, tmac5tmac
Use LTS connect app
Use LTS Connect app. The NVMS7000 has been discontinued for LTS cameras. I realized this after I stopped receiving motion notifications and contacted the company.
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6 years ago, All tied up
iOS 12 broke your app
Hey folks. I like your app. Please update it. It quit working with the iOS 12 update. Thx.
Show more
6 years ago, Steven_1223
Where do I access the “PT CLOUD”?
I had no issues until I recently updated the app. I can’t find the PT Cloud log in and can’t access my cameras. Please help!!!
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