NYC 311

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Department of Information Technology And Telecomm
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for NYC 311

3.15 out of 5
257 Ratings
5 years ago, filbertkm
App can be improved
Nice to have an app for reporting 311 requests, but could be improved to make it even better. * would help to be able to place pin on map to more accurately indicate location of the issue. * also would help to be able to submit a photo (or not obvious if I can do this already) * would help to be able to provide longer, more detailed/informative location description * would be nice to be able to amend or add additional notes to a request Also I was trying to submit a second request (similar but not duplicate) - street light issue (more than one burned out near each other). Second request was marked as duplicate/error but is not duplicate.
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8 months ago, Hopefully nick not taken
Poor responsiveness
Needs bulk export function for tickets filed. Needs to retain access to photos submitted with ticket in the ticket log. Request types that link out to the web form have a bug where the button to accept the address input on the pop up is to low down on the screen to press. Lots of scrolling up and down required to get the browser to hide browser UI elements that block this webpage element. Needs to be located to the right of the address input bar or between that and the map image. Needs accountability from city to produce photographic evidence of response, many illegal postings tickets filed are responded as complete but when I visit the complaint location to check, the sign was not removed. When police respond "no action required" to paper plate or other illegal parking complaints the police need to provide more details as to why the ticket was closed in this way when photographic, geotagged evidence is provided of a prima facie violation.
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6 years ago, Icarurs
Awesome, but could use improvements
It’s amazing that you can submit requests and complaints through the app and see actual results. I mainly use this app for reporting dangerous driving, and nearly all my complaints end up with the driver paying a fine. Safer streets! However, oftentimes I attach a photo to the complaint, and sometimes I have to be on the phone for a hearing to determine whether the driver is guilty. It would be nice to see the attached photo with the complaint in the app so I don’t have to drudge up the photo in question in my Photos app. Otherwise amazing app. Makes me feel like a good citizen for doing my part, and you can see actual results.
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4 years ago, traceyliri
This app is very good as it makes you feel like you’re doing your job as a citizen by helping keep your neighborhood clean and safe. But what makes this app really handy is the fact that you can check your results and get updates within hours. Although, there are some things that could be reported through the app, I still feel like more features need to be added. There is a very limited amount of things you can report. But overall very easy to access!
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1 year ago, DefLeapord
Bad change to app
I used this app since it came out. I mostly used it to mark potholes to be fixed in NYC. I’m a recent update they switch to the easy and fast way you could submit a request to fix a pot hole within the app. It let you use gps and add photos of the street. It was great and very fast. I had submitted some while waiting for the light to change. With the last update now you have to goto a web link and submit all kinds of personal info without gps and photos. This seems like a change to reduce the amount of pothole reports. Big fail. This is no long useful.
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4 years ago, Brooklyn Resident
Updates Not User Friendly
There were updates done over the past few months that have made the app considerably less user friendly and discourages logging complaints. For some standard complaints you used to be able to log a ticket directly in the app. Now, instead of a form loading in the app, it sends you out to the 311 website, which is not very mobile friendly. In some cases you now have to call 311 to log a ticket whereas previously you could do so in the app and include a closer address, pictures and get relevant updates.
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5 years ago, kuYapAx
app or cop?
I am not sure if the problem is the app or the police that reaponds to the complaint. I keep on requesting for a complaint regarding our mentally disturbed next door neighbor regarding her ubnormal behavior in the wee hours of turning her tv and radio at the same time, shouting and cursing to no one but herself, bangs the wall that devides us and her door, running back and forth in the stairs - sometimes naked. The police precint is just two blocks away from our apartment and they responds in the morning and reports that there are no evidence of the complaint. Seriously? of course there is no more noise in the morning because the noise is done in the wee hours. I work 7 AM - 7 PM, I have to wake up at 4 AM but what happens is I am already awake at 2 AM sometimes 3 AM because of our crazy neighbor. For 3 months since she moved in I never get a chance to complete my sleep. These cops that responds don’t understand what is happening. WE ARE PAYING OUR TAXES PLEASE DO YOUR JOB!!!
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1 year ago, pointless2023
Good app but pointless
App works and functions fine. I have reported so many things over the last year and a half and not ONE has resulted in anything. Just yesterday, I reported a homeless person in need of assistance with a specific address. While I was sitting in my car still watching the person, they closed the request with ‘not enough information’ - I never saw anyone even investigate or look for him. WHAT IS THE POINT of the app then?!?!?!?! This has happened multiple times before, closing requests with zero follow up.
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5 years ago, sorry4ever
Searching for An Alert
How about the ability to search, with a magnifying glass icon, for Alerts? The Alerts keep loading and you have a hard time getting to the bottom. So if you’re looking for a particular Alert you can find it quickly. I haven’t had to use this app so far, but I think it’s a great idea! Thank you.
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3 years ago, ZiaRose
What is the point of nobody comes to help?
I call 311 and use this app every weekend because of the insanely loud parties on my block and not a single time has anyone come out to get them to quiet down. These parties go until 4 am every weekend, I can’t be the only one on the block who works on weekends! This is a pointless app because the police are pointless and do nothing for the community but terrorize the citizens. I hate having to call them at all but o hate even more that they mark my complaints as resolved even though they didn’t come out!! What the hell??
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4 years ago, budsalinger
It would be better if they actually responded
I haven't submitted a ticket that was resolved in real life. Noisy neighbors. Abandoned vehicles. When I’ve need to file a support ticket I think that it is the actual people involved, ie city employees, that have failed me. However, they are a part of the process and so the app gets 2 stars because i find it ultimately ineffective when i need it most. The app itself functions fine. I like the calendar to check school closings and parking conditions and such.
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3 years ago, techcat1
Needs work but really helpful
I wish the app could do the full range of things 311 could be used for. That said, it is an invaluable resource for any New Yorker. It allows you to report issues easily from your phone, and watch as they progress through the system and get solved. That is an incredible example of government working for the people.
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2 years ago, WOLFXNETWORK!!
Trash they don’t even respond
We’ve had so many issues with neighbors , trash being left, or cars being abandoned snd 311 would just close it saying police or people will come to fix it snd never have. Not to mention when we place a noise complaint. Well let’s just say we had to physical go confront the neighbors snd even then they didn’t listen, even when it got to the point of calling the cops they are all useless. What do you expect when NYC is rain by mayor De Blaise.
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4 years ago, PldnBlues
Would be great if it actually worked
I've made several noise complaints about neighbors partying all into the night and into the morning and nothing is ever done to stop them. I always describe what's going on as accurately as possible as well, just in case the police might miss them. Nothing works. Either police just don't care or the complaints aren't getting seen (likely both). Even as I write this at 5:37AM, there are people partying outside that have been blasting their music since 9:00PM!!! Worthless app and worthless cops!
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5 years ago, the great dark batman
Map improvements
Would love to be able to use the map to drop the pin on locations that are not necessarily in front of an address. This becomes useful for reporting street issues (think potholes or sidewalk issues) where there isn’t necessarily a building address in front of where the problem lies.
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11 months ago, teddyb109
Solid app; make it easier to report problems
Love the alternate side notifications and easy access to trash collection schedules. Wish it was easier to report problems in the app itself, eg, addresses not required—allow use of location data from photos. Grateful for 311.
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4 years ago, UrbanStudiesGeek
Very limited functionality
Should be able to actually submit complaints for more things. It seems really random what you can click to complain about and what you can click to like...learn more about... I know what the rules are, that’s why I’m requesting someone do something about it! Please check out the 311 app for and collaborate with the city of San Francisco.
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2 months ago, Kagbeni
Pothole feature has got worse
It used to be that reporting a pothole was super easy. I tried recently and all the App does is to take you to a dept of transportation web site which has a horrible interface. This is a real step backwards.
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2 years ago, newbie yorkie
While the app has features that are good, how the actual government receives the complaints is surely questionable. I had filed Noise Pollutions in our building 3 times in the past, but all results came back to app, stating that they were resolved… meanwhile, the parties went on until 4 in the morning. The Super is doing much better job than the government in NYC. And oh… by the way, I’m paying way too much taxes here, like everybody else in the city. I get nothing.
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2 years ago, atteoj
Requests just closed with no action
Daily very loud amplified music in the nearby park. When requests are put in, they are closed with either statements that the police “took action to resolve the issue” or “could not find the individuals.” In either case, music continues. The park is very, very small. I can see everyone in it from my apartment. Police are not actually responding or showing up, just closing complaints. So, what’s the point?
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3 years ago, sr1ny
Nice improvements
Would like to see these features in a new version: 1. Allow for cancelling a request 2. Push alerts when the status of a complaint changes. 3. Allow app to work on highways and intersections where there is "no address". That's what GPS is for. 4. Allow app to follow you when you open the map so you don't have to keep pressing find my location 5. Consider adding Broken traffic light instead of calling. Why make the process harder for people? Make personal info required if you are worried about abuse. Thank you.
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1 year ago, x8c9s47d3r
Room for improvement
Slowly getting better. One thing you should add to the app: report broken pedestrian traffic lights. I would report more but I don’t feel like calling 311 and losing 15 mins of my life.
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4 months ago, Boobiepublic
Get rid of links
Not sure why potholes now are a link instead of directly reporting in the app. It was better before so I could actually track the progress. Sorry that this function was removed.
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5 years ago, Ellomin
Good app but...
I use this mainly for reporting potholes... One thing I do not understand is that this is a 311 app and I can only report a pothole that is in front of an actual address... But I can't report potholes on expressways or bridges or highways where there is no actual mailing address... That kind of defeats the purpose.
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10 months ago, MStyleFTW
needs a customizable iOS 16 widget
Great app. It would be even better with a widget showing today’s Alternate Side Parking and meter status. Much easier than having to open the app every time.
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4 years ago, ultratitan
This app is great!
I’d say this app works well on informing me on events going on for parking and holidays. Many people say that they do not respond to noise complaints but for me they answered right away and help out withy neighbors making noise.
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5 years ago, Billypea
Can not report noisy alarms
There is no way to report a noisy alarm with this app. A CO2 or smoke detector chirps every 30 seconds, for a month - the super and landlord do nothing, I don’t know where it’s coming from. Can’t report it here. :( Also used the app to text 311 about a complaint I filed on the website [they closed it with no explanation] - it’s been an hour and no reply.
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4 years ago, qdpb
Buggy app for a worthless program
NYC311 is generally a useless program, designed to give people the impression their concerns were heard by closing their tickets many hours later with an explanation that the issue was no longer occurring, so it’s perhaps not entirely reasonable to expect that the app would work. It doesn’t — for several months now it cannot detect the location.
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2 years ago, ricogump
Bugged app
The app needs updating won’t open on iphone it just opens and crashes or won’t open at all as of 7/6/21
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1 year ago, SPE_4
App Doesn’t Easily Allow Other Requests
And please alert NYC DOT to line the roads after paving by Bronx Zoo and NYBG area that is between Fordham Road and Pelham Parkway. DOT paved weeks ago and drivers don’t know what lanes there are and are backing up traffic and causing near accidents. Humans can’t figure out lanes to begin with why make it harder.
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3 years ago, Tu Kukito
another update
This app should come up with something when you file a complaint about noise with the option to attach a picture or video in the report so the police should see that the report is true and come to the location within 10 minutes to stop the people from playing loud music
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5 years ago, The Bx Voice
Noise complaint that will never get taken care of with the 311 app
I would submit a noise complaint with the 311 app and I understand that it’s a non-emergency complaint but would not receive a call for at least 4 to 6 hours after the complaint was made. What’s even worse I’ll call my present and then I’m told that I would have to call 311 so great passing the buck New York City
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5 years ago, KIngpin II
Blocked bike lane: add photo option
Developer needs to add a provision wherein user may add photos to a blocked bike lane complaint. The app itself is otherwise good, but it's just a skin for city bureaucracy: I do get responses from the app but they are frequently delayed and often do not address the problem :-/
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8 months ago, Y.W.H.
Server Issues
Overall the app performs as advertised but there are times in the morning that the server is down and will not accept service requests.
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4 years ago, srp345
This app is magic. You text and report something and they address it immediately. I am so impressed!
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2 years ago, Adam Alf
Great idea, needs improvement
Can't currently submit a complaint. Address entry seems to be the problem. Years later, address problem isn’t fixed. You should just be able to choose a point on a map. Simple fix, it would seem.
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4 years ago, WaiChing Yip
Useless complaint like the city itself.
Noise complaint almost night. Some complaints closed within half a hour stated the cop resolved which the loud Music nonstop and louder than before. Some complaint closed 4 hours later stated the cop found no evidence. I wonder why. 311 apps created for people to reflect their needs and help but it destroy hopes. Useless.
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6 years ago, TimesReader2011
Submitting complaints is difficult when submit icon is greyed out
311 provides useful info, but submitting info is unreliable as of 2018 Feb 18. Need to make sure SUBMIT NEXT DONE buttons are available and working.
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6 years ago, Sp3ctor1640
Alternate side parking alerts are AMAZING! This has made a small part of my daily worry much better. I will love it until it’s wrong and I get a ticket.
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12 months ago, cxhfong
I love the app to know about alternate side parking, garbage collection status and if school is in session. But I wonder if other languages are available as my mother can only read Chinese. It’s quite unfortunate that it is only available in English.
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2 years ago, Letsgostrangers
Don’t even bother.
Like everything else NYC is involved with, the 311 app is pretty much useless. Requests are often closed out within seconds, which means whoever reads them is too lazy to forward them to the appropriate personnel. NYC has become unlivable and the uselessness of this app is just another symptom of it.
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12 months ago, Kid Java
No Longer Working
I was away for a few weeks and returned to find the app no longer working. The app’s logo opens up for a second and immediately closes down. And yes, I deleted and then reinstalled the app. It’s too bad because when it worked it was a good app.
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4 years ago, miri88
Quick Widget
Would be nice to add the app to quick widgets on the iPhone so we can just swipe across and see if parking is suspended for the same day and the next day
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9 months ago, knulclunk
Can’t report potholes anymore
Downgraded from 5 to 2. Reporting potholes used to be easy. Now the app takes you to the DOT website which is even more cumbersome and useless than you can imagine
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5 years ago, Parejapaisa
Stopped working
It used to work really well but out of the sudden stopped working showing an “integration error”. It should have an option to denounce drug trafficking on the streets. We are seeing our streets being taken over by drug dealers and no mechanism to report it
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2 years ago, outdoor activity
Find my location
A lot of times this app is unable to find my location which is very frustrating when reporting a vehicle blocking a bike lane. That function of the app it’s useless.
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2 years ago, Iggiv
Untrustworthy app
This app is by far the worst app for NYC, it is extremely not trustable, you report something “illegal” on the app and it simply gets ignored by either the NYPD or the DOT, I had to delete it because it is useless and not usable if every request I put in gets ignored.
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3 years ago, 93Blackcivic
Request assignment
You need to stop assigning all the jobs to the police department not all the request requires the police department there are other agencies available potholes, transformer, trees, landlord tenant these jobs are not police related
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6 years ago, chriscat98
After Update
After the most recent update it is not user-friendly anymore I'm going to delete
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5 months ago, theodosius1536
Seems broken
Address entry doesn’t work. Also requests are very often closed with no police action (and an untruthful statement that there was an investigation), but this is not really the app’s problem.
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