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User Reviews for Observa: Earn Money via PayPal

4.44 out of 5
10K Ratings
2 years ago, tmsgfrs
Takes work!
I do love this app and I’ve had it for awhile and it has saved me many times when I was in need of pull-ups or milk , but it’s work and it’s a decent amount of work for not a lot of money. I recall one job I went to do and I was about 45 minutes into it photographing the entire laundry aisle and house cleaning products close ups mind you top to bottom side to side, when suddenly my phone died. I stood up and thought what the he— am I doing?! The job PAID SIX BUCKS. and I wasn’t even halfway through . So sometimes it’s worth it other times I say the heck with it but you guys really need to step it up with the pay. I work for companies that pay me more to make a phone call so it’s time to level the playing field don’t you think? Just my opinion but when you have to drive and use gas to get to the locations and then spend a decent amount of time inside doing the physical work using your cellular data then using more gas to get back home when it’s all said and done I’m actually losing money doing the job. I’ve stayed on hoping prices would go up but so far I haven’t seen that happen
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1 year ago, kaaaaaast
Rip off nice way after almost 50 Observas completed to simply ignore every email I’ve sent
I have been using this app for months and used to love it until recently. I’ve been emailing for help for days and although they are updating the assignments no one is getting back to me. I submitted atleast five jobs that just disappeared, literally vanished after I submitted them. Never rejected never paid on. The assignments used to say recommended time window 7a-7p not stating it would be rejected outside of that window . For months I’d refer to the store hours they listed below since it was never stated anywhere about being rejected outside of the 7-7. Then one day they rejected one for the time and my other submissions vanished and now no one will respond to me nor explain where my vanished assignments went. This cost me out of pocket to complete and is very frustrating as I am a single mom and as I mentioned used to love this app. Now everything I submit disappears. I need help!! We’ll they kept there word and paid me on every vanished submission- took them a week they did correct the mistake- Sarah whom I emailed with was not very pleasant nor was she taking the time to actually read my emails and was assuming my issue was something different when it was all said and done they actually did pay out. So other then lack of customer eloquent I’ll keep using the app as long as they keep paying upon completion. I do recommend some courses on customer service. As they say cheers!
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4 years ago, n.c.j. money
Great way to make money but...
I love the app and the opportunity. However being from a very small town and knowing the stores that are being observed causes issues. I was told very rudely I might add, that I needed to take a picture of the specified cooler. Not the cooler in the picture and to provide 1 to 4 pictures if it’s not available. What the very rude reviewer didn’t understand is that the store is extremely small (which I included in the notes) and was unable to use the coolers and displays because it created a fire hazard. I included more than the minimum requested pictures which actually was the entire store. The store is only large enough to squeeze two cashiers in and a few coolers. You actually have to see it to believe it or see the pictures. Instead of the reviewer reading the entire observation notes ( would have known the store was small and the displays were banned) he advised that my entire observation was not going to be paid because I didn’t submit pictures of the requested coolers!!!!!!!! Again if something is not available you show 1-4 pictures of what’s there!!!!!! I provided what was available and never received money for it. Other than a reviewer that probably should seek anything that would make him happy the job is pretty cool. Note to the reviewer if you use google map you can actually see how small the store is!
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1 year ago, jk543210
Does not follow payment rules.
I have used multiple pay to work apps for years and Observa is by far the worst. They simply reject the work people do after it is done. Their “reviewers” will make up new rules (after the work is submitted) as to why the work was rejected. Once they do that you won’t get paid. They also submit the work they don’t pay you for to their few clients. There are also other deceptive behaviors they practice. For example they will claim a job will take 10 minutes but it takes an hour. I highly doubt the positive reviews for this app are real. If you like collecting data for free and getting incoherent rejection notes as to why they wont pay then this app is for you. I seriously feel like Apple should remove this app from the app store. UPDATE: Despite the developer response nothing has improved. Their reviewers also sent me a mean an abusive rejection email response (this means no payment and the rude and unprofessional email came shortly after my negative review here). So in addition to not getting paid, you may also receive mean and rude emails from their reviewers. If you enjoy doing this kind of work please use one of their competitors. The other apps that specialize in this do it better, are more fair, and their employees are nice. Other companies will reward you for the data statistics you collect for their clients. Observa will not.
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2 years ago, statgrazing
Great app
This app is a great way to make some fast money some of the jobs take some time but if you do It right and schedule them around the same area you can do about eight of them in a day and they usually pay anywhere between seven and $10 sometimes less sometimes more but if you do seven of them that are eight dollars that’s eight hours a day it’s a great way to make some extra income especially during the pandemic but even after the pandemic I will be working with this company and plus you’re giving great information to your community and that’s always a plus when you are trying to make your community a better place by giving them things that they don’t have it making the stores cleaner I think that’s worth even more money so it’sgreatly appreciated by everybody in the community because all we want is a better community and it takes a village to make that possible I want to paint this up again and you should really try it if you schedule things right get a planner write everything down and you can definitely make a few dollars if you plan things right
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10 months ago, Pkm mj
I do love this app and I've had it for awhile and it has saved me many times when I was in need of pull-ups or milk, but it's work and it's a decent amount of work for not a lot of money. I recall one job I went to do and I was about 45 minutes into it photographing the entire laundry aisle and house cleaning products close ups mind you top to bottom side to side, when suddenly my phone died. I stood up and thought what the he- am I doing?! The job PAID SIX BUCKS. and I wasn't even halfway through. So sometimes it's worth it other times I say the heck with it but you guys really need to step it up with the pay. I work for companies that pay me more to make a phone call so it's time to level the playing field don't you think? Just my opinion but when you have to drive and use gas to get to the locations and then spend a decent amount of time inside doing the physical work using your cellular data then using more gas to get back home when it's all said and done I'm actually losing money doing the job. I've stayed on hoping prices would go up but so far I haven't
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2 years ago, AzazelStorm
Worth it?
Pretty decent way to make a little extra money. Only issue is some of these task when you first read, you think “ok 10-15mins not too bad.” Then you actually get into the task and realize it’s a decent amount of work for a very small amount of money. Would be nice if the payouts were a little more. Gas prices are high and if you find a particular job you like. It’s not even worth driving around to different locations unless maybe you have an electric car. I drive a truck so I tend to just stick to the merchandising task in my area of Dallas. There is a bit of work behind having to go into a store pretty much faking it, till you make it and actually get the hang of what you have to do. I feel like it should be said all these jobs aren’t just going in and taking pics. A Lot and the most of the ones that pay a little more require you to have pretty decent people skills and you have to know how to “carry” yourself I guess. I do have a new found respect for merchandise vendors!
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2 years ago, brewske223
Vertical and I have to look up to the bottom and see if you want me some more the way i can I come see if I have it in my car or I could use a car or if you need me anything I need tyyytytty I need gas money I don’t want you in the car I just don’t have to do it lol I need a ride back to work if I can do get something out to do that I’m going good with it I just need a lot to get better I just need a new card I got it I don’t know what I want you need it but I’m just going on my own and I’m trying not too hard but I’m just trying not too much but I’m not doing good I’m at work now I don’t know if you need to get something done I need you guys I don’t know what to do that but I’m just going on a break now lol I’m sorry I’m just getting around here to get back home I’m just now waiting for the gas buddy I’m just getting ready for the gas station I need gas money I’ll let you know when I’m ready whenever I need anything you got to do that is fine I don’t have a truck to go do anything that would you like to me and you know what you need it
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1 year ago, Dottydaga
Way too lengthy and does take longer than just 15-20 min!
I’ve had Observa for a while and while I’ve done several observations and gotten paid for the simplest ones ( one that offer less money) and only one was refused because I didn’t show pictures they wanted and even though I explained the item was not available , still didn’t get paid for it. The inconvenience of assuming the task will take you only 15 - 20 minutes on the higher paid jobs , is unreasonable. It doesn’t match the amount of questions and pictures to the estimated time. If that was clarified in the beginning, would be of great help. Also , if a preview of the series of questions was accesible it available before accepting a task , would save a lot of trouble. Truth is , it’s very complicated and lengthy and sometimes driving to the place and investing so much time ( with the risk of being denied) specially in those tasks isn’t fair. I’ve enjoyed using the app and doing simple observations, but whenever I wanna try a better pair one, I feel it’s not going to be worth it. Please improve this are couple of suggestions to make it better.
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2 years ago, Mrs.A23
I was skeptical but then..
Ok I’ll admit it, I was skeptical. That was mostly in part because the first job my husband took on here was declined and was then not paid for his observation. Then I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. It’s not difficult at all as long as you can follow directions (something my husband has a difficult time doing). You simply follow along with the posting you are attempting to complete- answer any questions that the observation has, upload the pictures they are asking for all while being sure that you are using the pictures and answering the questions for the specific areas they are asking for in each different section that you are asked to upload/answer. When you complete your observation you submit it for review, if you have done what they asked for both correctly and completely the money for the observation is deposited straight into your PayPal account. Pretty easy way to earn a couple extra dollars.
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1 year ago, cesarVmontiya
A great way to make a little extra
Money is tight today. This economy is not getting any better anytime soon. So having a resource like Observa can mean the difference between having enough gas to get the kids to baseball practice or not. Observa is a great way for us all to stay afloat. **EDIT** I find it strange that i came here to leave a review about this app (after being enticed to do so from within the app under the impression i would be compensated in some way or another for doing so) and when the window popped up for me to write my review, everything was already there and written for me?! The title was there, the entire paragraph you see above my **edit** was written, even the five stars was chosen for me! Crazy how these app developers or their promo teams come up with these schemes lol. Just a great reminder to never take what you see in the digital space at face value. Even the reviews you read can be and are being faked. My opinion of the app…it’s not bad. it’s cool for what it is. i’ve had no issues with it. when i first downloaded it though it wouldn’t load anything in my area, so i just uninstalled, reinstalled and it was fine. it is a simple quick and easy way to make some extra cash when you need it. it won’t replace your nine to five, but it will help pay for the gas to get there. other then the off review tactics observas cool i guess. it’s better the uber eats or doordash if you ask me. they’re wack.
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3 years ago, kwjk1025
Good side job to make a little extra spending money
I have used observers for approximately a month now and I am relatively pleased with the app and the job experience. Sometimes the jobs will say that they take 20 or 30 minutes when in reality they could take well over an hour and a half. As you get used to the different job opportunities they may take you a shorter amount of time but it is important to know prior that some Stores will require a longer amount of time than observe makes suggested. Also I have found that gas stations have a tendency to not want you photographing anything and I have been asked to leave the premises a number of times at gas stations. Grocery stores usually do not have a problem and will work with you and help you out. Overall observe it is a good app in a good way to make a little extra money.
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8 months ago, milliss955
Side hustle
Starting with the app it’s easy to use, I’ve had no problems with accepting, submitting, locating jobs! It’s very simple to use. Jobs: some are easy and completed in mins, while others not so much, with only 2 hours to complete! Example: I was merchandising, restocking, pulling expired product, correcting price tag issues, which I got done quickly! Then I had to check back room back-stock! And talk to person over receiving to verify if any back-stock. Which is where I ran into a problem, she didn’t like 2 facings for each product, she thinks it’s better with 1 facing, she didn’t like product on bottom shelf, and asked me to redo entire mini fridge to her liking, which I did but was really unhappy I ran out of time & was asked to go against company’s planogram. I felt this person was annoyed I bothered her. The whole experience was uncomfortable! I don’t accept jobs at that location any more! Overall this app has been a life saver for extra cash! I tell everyone about it! Especially my adult children, when they need to borrow from me!😁
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6 months ago, Momma2009rox
It was a slow start but now…
I’ve also had this app for a little while & I get the pay isn’t phenomenal but it does seem to work out in the end….unlike most other apps, if you “reserve an assignment” & something happens & you run out of time, Observa doesn’t punish you. You simply have to wait app. 30 min & you can request it again, given nobody else got to it first. I find I have issues with over-committing myself & having unrealistic expectations of myself & this perk has saved me numerous times. Other apps might put you on probation, bankrupt your ratings, or drop you all together. I appreciate this & I appreciate the higher pay bracket I just witnessed (& participated in) for the holidays. I hope to see promos like this more often. Thanks for taking a chance & allowing my work to speak for me, as well as being understanding. I enjoy my observations quite a bit thus far.
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5 months ago, williamjcalhoun
What a joke
Whoever does this app’s marketing is fantastic at their job. Everything sounds too good to be true, because it is. Real Life Example: let’s say you accept a “photo audit” that’s offering $9 that says it should take about “10-15” minutes. The pay isn’t the best but hey $9 for 15 minutes isn’t all that bad. You don’t get to see the details until after you’ve committed to it. It’s at a big box grocery store. You hit accept. You now have 2 hours to complete this task. Part 1: remerchandise the entire deli meat, hot dog, etc freezer making everything aligned with no empty space. Then take a very clear photo of each of the EIGHT freezer sections you just did. Then find the condiments section (an entire aisle with 10 giant sections) and do the same, then the salad dressings and toppings, then TWO more sections. Also, you have customers who think you work there and you can’t exactly shut them down so you’re trying to help them too. 2 hours pass by, time’s up. You’ve just merchandised half the grocery store but went over time so you get paid nothing. This app is a joke.
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1 year ago, KIREDD
Opinion on Observa
Observa is a very reliable and dependable app for people like me who’s trying to stay afloat in this day & time. I am a single mother of 3 children, all under 15 years of age. Before Observa, I was struggling to make ends meet and still be who and what I need to be for my children, but now, after joining Observa, I am able to ease the stress & tension I was having to make some extra money and still be there for my children and loved ones. At any time on any day, Observa is there to give me different assignments and get compensated for them. Most jobs in the USA, you’re not allowed to bring your children along, but Observa allows my children to accompany me on any assignment and they actually enjoy going with Mommy, working, watching, surveying and still earning money. I would recommend Observa to all of my family and friends!
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11 months ago, Billdekay
I don’t trust companies that don’t let you close an account
I downloaded to see what the app was about and although I believe it’s a legitimate app designed to help companies figure out their inventory needs, I discovered that they recently took out the ability to delete my account. So when I see a claim of 400,000 members and I can’t remove the account I just made because they eliminated the process to terminate, then I no longer trust that company. I tried using my PC and my iPhone and no luck. Maybe it’s my age, but I tire of software companies that make it difficult to cancel or get refunds. Microsoft used to hide the cancellation link under your years as a member. It’s as if these companies figure if they make the process difficult enough you’ll just quit. At some point as consumers we need to push back on practices like this. They do not have the right to count my account as part of their list of shoppers. Full disclosure, I did not contact them to make a request for removal. The whole point of apps is to be easy to use and making cancellation of account impossible demonstrates a lack of integrity that makes me not want to deal with these people directly. I do acknowledge that the actions of one marketing person who employs these practices shouldn’t automatically reflect the integrity of the company but if we don’t protest, they keep thinking it’s okay to manipulate consumers. So my advice is only sign up unless you’re serious about doing this.
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4 years ago, Twinsis64
Make extra money
When I first downloaded it, there weren’t any Observa tasks in my area, but within a couple days time, there were 3-4 observations available. The only problem that I have see so far are that you only have 2-5 hours to complete the task after you accept it, and I don’t feel that it is enough time for most people. I accepted a task to go to Target store and observe a quip toothbrush section for $8, but there was a line of people waiting outside to enter the store because we are currently experiencing a pandemic and the store is only allowing a certain number of people inside the store at a time. Because of this, I had to decline the task because I would not have enough time. If the payment had been more than $8.00, possibly $15-20, it would’ve given me more motivation to get it completed, but with the given time frame, it still may not have been enough.
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4 years ago, Mike Oberdick
Fairly easy to understand
Very descriptive app in some areas. Small to moderate room for improvement in overall app usage and information theirin. The taking of multiple photos tab should have more indication to select to take the renaming required photos. Other than that well explained on usage. Lacking on the “what happens next” information or I missed it completely. Referring to the how, when you will be compensated after completing your task. Pay amount for the task is clearly right there upon selecting task but that’s it. No time frame or method other than a pop up mentioning pay pal and usage of a linked e mail to it for payment. But I’m sure more information on it will show itself in a few days. I suppose. We will see. But overall pretty well put together app to make sure those last minute impulse buys are set up properly . M.O. D.O.O. R.S.M
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1 year ago, Kersten76
It’s something
I saw another review that mentioned it being work. And I agree that it’s very very little pay for what is asked and with inflation at an all time high, I do think the pay could be increased. However, it’s something. Even minimal at best and not even a quarter of hourly minimum wage, it’s something. Something to feel accomplished on your terms or in between job searches. You can decide to sit and scroll apps while catching up on what your friends are doing or you can get out, experience something new which could possibly lead somewhere while making some money to buy a soda or that gallon of milk that you were stressing over as you scrambled around looking for loose change. Again, it’s something to make you feel like you didn’t waste your day doing nothing and for me, something is better than nothing. I can at least sleep at night knowing I at least tried.
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1 year ago, Itzbarbiebxtch
Great app for making (quick) extra money on the side
I really enjoy the Observa app!!! Multiple tasks nearby at almost all times. Simple and straight forward instructions on how to do tasks. Quick and simple payment to your linked PayPal. It is a very easy way to make extra (and QUICK) money on the side when you need it!! I gave it 4/5 stars rather than all 5 just because I do wish that it was easier and quicker to get ahold of someone from support! Especially DURING a task/mission since they do have time limits to be completed. But other than it always taking an average of about 24 hours or somewhere around there to get ahold of support or anything.. it is seriously a great app and is DEFINITELY 110% LEGIT! I recommend it to friends and family all the time! (:
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3 years ago, ShaniLeeAnn
Extra Money
This is an excellent way to make additional money. The area Which I live in is not developed enough to complete many assignments. I do jobs for this apps and add it “gig work” found in the Google Play or Apple App Store apps. With these “gigs” and mystery shopping, I can actually make some decent money without working for a specific company. It takes me more time making my routes on my calendar than it does completing the gigs. If a person takes the time to plan out a calendar with mystery shopping and this type of gig work in between, they can make good money, working when they want, and be their own boss. When accepting a job, make sure it can be completed before the deadline; abandoning a job counts against the person who reserved it.
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5 years ago, QueenOfSanity
First Job—Paid In 45 mins—Automatically!
**I am not a paid spokesperson for the company. In no way am I paid to write this review, but I’m so pleased that I couldn’t wait to get home and share!** First time working a job on this app and with this company. I read the description of the job I was eyeing and needed clarification. I emailed their support team who got back with me in less than 15 minutes—on a Sunday! They helped me with my question and I went about the job. My advice: Read the instructions carefully. Double, no, triple check your work. As long as you’ve done everything as asked, you will be paid. Once they approve, you’re paid. Automatically. No rewards points, no waiting until you hit a certain amount to cash out, none of that. Automatic. Anxiously waiting for more jobs!
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3 years ago, Cinco03
Beware of this SHADY practice
Luckily I read reviews and made sure to keep track and proof of my observations. After completing 10 observations for about $40 worth, they deleted every single one and only kept 1 observation on my profile. They paid me $3. The other 9 observations completely deleted as if I never did them or attempted them. I’ve emailed them all of the proof and screenshots of every single one and currently waiting on their response. So I’m prepared for them to get on this review and reply back with a oh sorry you experienced this with us and please email us at blah blah. Just wait, that will be their reply, if they reply. I’ve already emailed you guys and waiting to be credited the missing amount but it should be know YOU GUYS PRACTICE VERY DIRTY. I’ve used observa in the past (2017ish) and had nothing but good experiences with them. Now? VERY DIRTY, lying, stealing from their observers. If anyone would like proof of emails and screenshots of what they did, please feel free to email me bcc729aticlouddotcom
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2 years ago, lp0782
Pros & Cons
I downloaded this app last week and immediately scored a $20 task. It was approved quickly and payment was automatically sent to my PayPal account. No need to submit a request, no waiting. That’s super thoughtful! Once you sign up, they’ll let you know when there are multiple opportunities near you. Also much appreciated! The catch is, once you reserve a task, you only have 2 hours to complete it. This makes it difficult to queue up multiple tasks before you head out. It also limits your flexibility to run a quick errand or grab a bite to eat in between. I reached out to support, suggesting that it might be nice to offer the ability to request more time. They replied that none of their tasks should take more than 2 hours. While this is true, the time limit puts a huge damper on task stacking, which runs contrary to their efforts to let you know about clusters of opportunities. I will continue to keep an eye out for tasks and scoop up whatever is super close to where I already am. They often have an abundance of $5 tasks. I’m guessing other users also don’t find them worth traveling for when they can’t be combined easily.
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2 years ago, Berniemcb
3 STARS (for now)
I’m still new to “gig” community so I’m still getting a feel for it. So dat this app seems pretty good. However, the jobs I’ve done took approximately 2-3x’s longer then indicated. If there is one thing so much as sideways to the tee, you will NOT be paid. Imagine driving 20 min to and from a job to be paid $5.00. Then to boot, you follow the directions, send info requested and it’s not what they want so you don’t get paid. Another downside is, If you have to flip screens while your working in the app, your data will be lost, I had that happen to me twice, had to start all over and a 20 minute job turned into an hour an a half. ultimately I lost everything I entered and didn’t get paid. I do feel the compensation is rather low and not comparable to other apps.... but I’m still learning so I’m sticking it out....
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2 years ago, EilleenBeanQueen
If you a desperate… then it’s a step up from slave labor
I give this 3 stars because you WILL spend an hour or more taking photos for $6-$7… But, if you are at the end of your rope and need to feed your children… or a few buck for gas to get to the doctor or a better paying job, this fits the bill. So I give it 3 stars for existing. I don’t know why some businesses don’t understand what happenes when you pay your people well. If they bumped up the pay to at LEAST minimum wage $14-$15 per job or even $20… it would create such a frenzy that people would be fighting over these photo challenges…. And that frenzy would cause many more businesses to take note and they would be banging down Observa’s doors to sign up for their service. Even if it meant that the owners would make much less money initially……they would profit 10X more in the end! The problem is that now even in the 5 star reviews (which they brilliantly place at the top of the list so people review before they actually see how ridiculously hard you have to work for $6!) people still say it’s barely worth it… eventually something better will come along , another app that is easier, quicker, and pays better! Then it will be OBSERVED intead of Observa….
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2 years ago, Alex and Gracie
So far so good….
I have really started getting into these secret shopper, audit apps because I have a toddler at home and most of the gigs are stuff we can do together! It’s also really nice to have some extra pocket money for emergencies. It really does add up. For those who think you can’t make a good chunk of change doing these apps, you are definitely wrong if you use the right ones like this app you actually accumulate money quite quickly. And the stores that you do the gigs that are generally stores that you’re going to end up going to anyways so it’s really not even out-of-the-way The app is incredibly user-friendly I have really enjoyed learning how to do this new age trade. Thanks Observa!
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4 years ago, RedHotRutabaga
1 Year and Counting!
I started using Observa a little over a year ago. It seemed to be one of the smaller apps of this kind. The jobs were well explained in order for you to do well on your observations. After all, if you do well, they do well. One thing I have noticed were more and more jobs that required speaking with managers about stocking product and other sales call type jobs. The compensation for those had me using them less. It seemed more “Conversa” rather than Observa. But I always kept it open seeing if other jobs would come along. I was very successful with a coupon hanging job, which paid nice bonuses. Observa is definitely fair in compensation for their jobs. No long delays for payment. Looking forward to seeing them succeed.
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4 years ago, VeritasAequitas2020
I think this is gonna be kinda fun ...
I just learned about this app (company) and thought it sounded kind of fun to do, so I signed up and completed my first observation today. It was looking for items at Winn-Dixie to see if they were in stock and how they were being displayed. I think this is a way a manufacturer makes sure its product is being stocked and favorably displayed to the end-consumer by the retail merchant, which is a brilliant. A literal “army” of inspectors made up of regular folk armed with cameras randomly appearing and sharing in real-time how their product is being cared for and presented to the end-consumer. And I can do it anytime I want, with whoever I want, whereever I want, as often as I want, and make as much as I want, all on my terms and my schedule.
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2 years ago, allmyncknamezrtaken
Quick payments, a lot of opportunities
I’ve been using Observa for the last several years and they’ve always been quick to pay, oftentimes even on the weekends. Payment gets sent straight to PayPal. There are always a lot of opportunities nearby, and some are even worth making a little drive for. I’ve used the app when I was low on money between pay periods. I first started using it in Southern California, and now in Arizona. Some of the opportunities are a lot more work than the pay that’s offered (I spent nearly 2 hours on one for $6) so I cancelled the next one I had accepted and won’t do that store again. Overall it’s a great app for quick money.
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1 year ago, Love.,Justice
Great for extra money
It’s a great way to make a few extra dollars here and there which definitely add up over time , you just have to read the description on each observation job & decide if it’s worth it to you before accepting . As long as you do that then I feel like you’d never feel like you’re being over worked & underpaid ., now if you just accepted every job without reading them first you’re definitely gonna feel that way really quick , I wish they would pay more but I do understand their funding could possibly be limited & maybe that’s why they don’t pay a ton but other than that it’s a great app
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4 years ago, RikoE-86
It could be much better!!!
I like this app and I like the extra few bucks. However, you guys really need to update and add jobs more frequently to areas where you see people are completing observations. To not have observations come back to my area for sometimes weeks at a time really makes me feel like this app is unreliable when it comes to trying to earn extra money. It also causes people to look for other apps similar to this , which could lead to a person getting rid of Observa all together. You HAVE TO do better when it comes to adding more jobs more frequently. And also, add more of a variety of observations instead of a whole list full of the same 2-3 types of observations in different places. 3 stars is all I can give at the moment.
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2 years ago, Anwilliams83
Good App, Need More Local Opportunities
I really like the concept of this app, however, there have only been a couple opportunities within 10 mile radius of me and a handful within even a 30 mile radius. I live next to a big city so I was expecting to see several tasks I could complete, but sadly there have only been a couple. Hopefully there will be more in the future. I do like what i have seen in the available tasks, and they seem like they would be easy to complete. Nothing has looked very time consuming, so it would be sone quick cash with minimal travel/work. I haven’t given up on the app yet, and I will keep an eye out for more offers in the near future 😀
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9 months ago, Jolo1217
F Rating on BBB website
That explains it all! Straight Ponzi scheme. To keep a dollar in pocket. This company will take up more of your own time, gas, efforts & sanity before they provide an Accepted! Last straw was this past week where they took 4 days to provide a response. They rejected my review due to not having a “unique conversation” with the rep I spoke to. I guess they were looking for me to provide a photo of the month with us as I provided EVERYTHING they distinctly ask for. Pictures, person’s name, their inventory gun(can’t access it unless I spoke to someone), restocking shelves & verifying stock. Spent 40 minutes of my time( not including travel) to get a rejection of wanting a unique conversation. This company still used the photos I provided to give to the company that hired them. I will inform the company of their practices as well as there are other more ethical companies they can work with.
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3 years ago, Starryyyeyedsurprizzze
This app is absolutely fantastic! If you simply want to make a few bucks on the side and are looking for an easy way to do so, this app is perfect for you! I personally have found so many different opportunities... whether it’s just submitting polls or questionnaires or surveys or if I would rather find a quick easy job in my area the app provides me with a variety of jobs posted within a 5 mile radius to pick up and make a few bucks. It’s been very helpful and I love being able to do it in my free time and if I just want something to do! A huge Thanks to the creators and developers of the observa app!! It’s really awesome and I LOVE it!! 🌈👍🏼👏🏼☀️💜🌸
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5 years ago, auntiedee94
Observa is a scam. They will find any excuse to not pay you for your observations. The past 7 observation I have done have all been rejected and each for a different reason. The most recent was rejected for them claiming I was not at the location even though my observation included 7 pictures of the inside of the store, the demo station which was only at this store location and only for a few hours, and the storefront. How would I ever be able to include this pictures if I was not at the location. Ridiculous. Total scam. Waste of time and effort. Total rip off. No I have been emailing you and you are still arguing with pictures of a scheduled demo at a specific store. I work for a national merchandising company and they would never jerk me around like you chumps, I think I have had 3 projects rejected in 2 years with them. Scam. I want proof you haven’t used the last 7 you have denied for your own personal gain.
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5 years ago, Kodaellie
Really Impressed
I completely two separate jobs today, one for HEB and another for a Gas Station. The HEB one took me 5 minutes. It was just taking photos of a product. They paid me directly $6.36 to PayPal within 30 minutes of completion! The second one at the Gas Station took me a lot longer and was more tedious, but was also mainly taking photos and answering questions. I just got paid for that one $7.00 directly to my PayPal. This one took about 6 hours for payment, but that’s still awesome! With the quick payouts, I will definitely continue to use. I was worried this may be a scam, but $14 for less than an hour of work and same day pay? Thank you Observa!
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2 years ago, Suz tunes
Yes it works
It’s a pretty good app but you’re not going to make a TON of money. I’ve been doing this off and on for a couple years and you can make $3 - $20 taking a few pics. It’s a blend of merchandising and pic taking with an occasional chat with the store personnel. It’s probably not worth a special trip to the location but as long as you are there, may as well earn the gas money. App has worked very well and I’m looking forward to being able to upload pics from my album instead of having to take the pics in app. Don’t over-think it, follow the directions, take good pics and have fun with it.
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9 months ago, DavidH459.!
Great Application/Great Shops to do
This application is one of my favorite apps to use while conducting a Secret Shopper Task, Also I Find this Application to be extremely easy to navigate through making the experience a breeze I greatly appreciate the opportunities this application provides. I look forward to hopefully doing more within’ this application i.e conducting Secret Shopper Tasks as well as anything else the creators are willing to include into these shoppers audits and so on… . Thank you to Observa for providing this application for the public to use as I’ve had this application come in handy quite a few times. 👍🏽
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10 months ago, Real Cookie Talk
The pay is not good. There is work available, but only if you wanna work for near nothing an hour. The app is simple and functional, but I do agree with another comment I read on the reviews, and for the price of gas we pay here in AZ, that’s not even covering one gallon of gas at this point. Inflation hits everywhere, except in the income of families. It’s near impossible to survive on your own in this day and age, 6$ is NEVER gonna put food on my table especially being a full on single mom. I’m the only adult my daughter has. 6$ per job is not gonna get her school supplies, or snack for school. The pay has actually gone down since I first downloaded this app. That’s just sad, and disappointing that greed has overcome just about everyone on the planet.
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2 years ago, Alaska 907 girl
It does pay, quick. They will probably reject the job.
Update: they reached out over a 3 star review on the App Store. Where are they to assist when you get two jobs rejected? If you are broke and bored, this is a possible way to get paid. You definitely can’t count on it. I also have to power down my phone every stinking time. The app is so glitchy. I did two jobs, the directions were lacking for a new person. I went to a large store. Did the job, could I access help? No. I did the photos, and it was rejected. I attempted to do the same last. I had the same experience. The job is rejected and wasted my time with zero way to be properly trained on what they seek. I suggest other apps.
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4 years ago, savage0928
Hopefully this works
I love the concept and layout of the app. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were some opportunities somewhat close by- although you need a Costco membership for this particular one dominant it the map. I live in around SeaTac(between Seattle and Tacoma), with plenty of cities, malls, stores, around me, so in theory you would think there would be more than like 4 ish opportunities within a 20mile radius...but I’m happy to hear it fluctuates. Hopefully there will be more soon, and more concentrated in cities. With the payout, the currents tasks around me would probably NOT be very profitable, factoring in gas, time (especially with traffic!), and wear and tear on my vehicle. But if I was headed somewhere anyway, it would be a great opportunity to make a little extra money.
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5 months ago, sgnjtdcku
Over it
I use several merchandising apps, and this one doesn’t seem too much different. I will admit it out of work for not much pay but if you’re in the store anyways sometimes it’s worth it. Unfortunately, they blocked me from being able to do any more projects because someone on their end continued to send emails stating projects in Florida. I responded with get your sith together and stop sending me these because I don’t live in Florida. Whoever was receiving my email on the other end, must’ve been a snowflake because they terminated my ability to complete projects. Stating that they don’t accept curse words. Well, they better stay behind the screen because any blue color job you’re going to hear more than just curse words.
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4 years ago, shell642
Decent option for extra money
Observa has a small amount of opportunities in my area as a rule... once in a while I will see a surge. However, most opportunities do pay appropriately for the small amount of work required, & I’ve never had an issue with payment. The paying jobs are worth looking at, but in my opinion, the monthly challenges put on by the company are nothing more than water cooler gossip of a digital age. Useless. Sorry to say. My rating would be higher, however I believe the app leaves much room for improvement. It covers the basics, but that’s it... if regular updates & small changes were implemented into this platform it could be soooo much better, more helpful, insightful, & still retain ease of use.
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2 years ago, HusierDaddy
New to the app
I’ve been looking through the opportunities and I think the pricing is decent for the most part but It'd be great to see some type of training to help out the newer people such as myself. More of the “little jobs” that are a good push to get someone out in this field of work and succeed while enjoying themselves. Maybe a “work together” programs for friends who need to earn cash but are serious about their work and being able to have a social life as well. Can’t wait to see how this works out for me and others. :))
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8 months ago, Mom Harmon
App works nothing else
I downloaded the app, went through the signup process then went on an opp. Everything for the opp went well, the app gives clear and specific directions and it’s easy to navigate. I got the opp done in about 15 minutes. It is near impossible to stay “hidden” in some stores like it tells you to. My problem arose when it was time for payment. I got an email saying my opp was approved and great job, but never got payed. When contacting support they said there was something wrong with my PayPal, to check my info and send them any corrected info and make sure there’s no lock on my PayPal. I confirmed my info was correct and there is no lock on my account. They just emailed me the same copy paste response. It’s been weeks and I still can’t get paid.
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4 years ago, OnTheGoTime
Observa App
I want to start by saying Observa is a great app to get side money fast. The OPS are typically approved within 24-48hrs, which is a lot quicker than other related apps. This is a huge plus when your short on money and need it quickly. The only downfall to this app is there isn’t many jobs in my area. I’ve noticed that I have to travel for most jobs, which costs money. If the jobs pay is 7$ but I have to use 3-5$ in gas to get there, then it doesn’t feel worth it. Overall, it’s a great app with different opportunities. I would recommend
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1 year ago, Kristy_949
Do The Math
Unless you like working for free or 30 cents an hour then I would pass on this app. I downloaded when I was going through an extremely difficult time. It's just not worth it. In most instances it will take money out of your pocket just paying for gas to get there. You are being used as an independent contractor with your car, your gas, your cellphone and service and most importantly your TIME. So to offer $6.00 to take multiple pictures and fill out a report that has to be on point it's almost an insult. I used to work for a large market research company that paid for people's opinion and for 30 min they paid $20 and that was 20 years ago. Even back then the company I worked for paid much less then other companies in the area.
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2 years ago, Sarah9506
Don’t waste your time or your gas
I had them for awhile but lately they are terrible. I’ve wasted so much time and gas. For example, they have you go to H.E.B. And you take photos. For $6, they have you there for an hour. Then they don’t give you examples of what your looking for. They give you a name or two of the manufactures. Then they have you go from one end of the store all the way to the other end of the store then back to the other end of the store and back again and the whole audit is like that. Also, if the store doesn’t have what they are looking for, they deny your whole audit so you just wasted an hour of your time and gas and they pretty much got a free audit because of something that wasn’t your fault to begin with. RIP OFF. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR GAS!!!
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