ODP Business Solutions

4.5 (870)
51.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Office Depot
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for ODP Business Solutions

4.45 out of 5
870 Ratings
6 years ago, tenajrm
Really useful and easy to buy
My employer asking me to use and I found out that is easy to use and great value, I could find everything that I was looking for. Highly recommended!!
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1 year ago, The NicH
Worst rewards program out there
I got a “free” membership through my chamber of commerce, which seemed great since Office Depot is right around the corner. However, this app is absolutely maddening to use - I’ve wasted more time and haven’t gotten the discounts I should due to the app failing all the time. It logs you out all the time - doesn’t auto fill the right password so you always have to reset - isn’t synced with the store (you can’t simply read them your account #, email, or phone to get your discount). And this new update completely hides the one number that did work for me (not the account #, another 14 digits long number). Yeah… like, what? Absolutely bananas. Who are these people rating this 5 stars…? Gotta be bots. And emailing anyone for support has been no help whatsoever.
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1 year ago, iGoodnessGracious
Why can’t you guys get this right? 1st: Can’t add anything to the cart because literally everything says it it out of stock AND not available for delivery. But go to the website and everything is fine. 2. WHY on earth is there no option to pick up our order vs having it shipped? This has been the problem with your app for years and I cannot believe with this recent update, that it hasn’t been addressed. I resolve to just go to the website to place my orders because it is much more efficient. I don’t know what the purpose of this app is right now. You’re *almost there*, just get it together already and listen to your customers.
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3 months ago, Mkcrush
Terrible App
Twice I have had to reset my password and each time I’ve tried to reset it, it tells me the email address I used was incorrect, which is false. Not to mention, talking to a call center in a foreign country with an individual that I can barely understand and who doesn’t understand my issues was the worst experience. The only reason I use this app is because the direct selling company I’m associated with says this is one of their preferred vendors. I will be letting them know how difficult it is to utilize the app.
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4 years ago, Betonacho
Bugs that need to be fixed
Love the app it’s really nice to use especially for the spc card forever grateful for that. But there is one bug that has been getting to many colleagues and I, ir signs us out and won’t let us back in. Update might be necessary at this point hope to see this app overcome this issue and become the best it can be. 👍🏽
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4 years ago, muhammad syeed
Great improvement
App seems to be getting updated recently. Hope it will get a new look and more features.
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3 years ago, Devon Flack
Great app but…
The app is great. It makes ordering printing easier online. I just wish they would fix the glitch that would allow with the SPC card to be added to Apple wallet.
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3 years ago, swag0626
Useful app!
Nice app to use on the go.
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2 years ago, DarkLuminosity
Doesn't show the store discount program on the home tab
I heard there was a way to get the store discount card to show up on my phone, and that eventually the stores will move away from physical cards. But I don't see the store discount program button on the home tab. I will readjust the review once this is fixed.
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8 months ago, Abdel_224
App does not load ever
I have been using this app to purchase various work related items and as of recently I can’t even use the app because it does not load ever. I have tried everything there is and the effect is always the same, the apps stays loading forever
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4 years ago, Dharr95
Terrible app
Add items to my cart, then go to cart to complete order, and says cart is empty. Screen goes blank white page. Have to close out app and reopen to fix. Then dies the same thing. Have had issue with the app since my company started using it. Didn’t have these issues with staples.
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4 years ago, joshuagar
App is always bugging
Never consistent or reliable. Won’t keep items in cart. Always “there is an error” when selecting items to view. Tried deleting and reinstalling, but no use.
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3 years ago, dso4k
Unnavigable mess
I only installed the app because the website is completely non-functional. Why is there no computer section? Why is there no printer section? Utterly bizarre design decision to intentionally make it hard to find expensive items.
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3 years ago, Maplesugar15
Upload files issue
I can only upload files from my camera role which is completely useless for printing files. No option for drop box or google drive uploads.
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2 years ago, Trick ya
Requires a login so I deleted
You cannot even check the app out to see if it is what you need, unless you sign up giving them your info. So I deleted the app and I’m sticking with Staples’s
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2 years ago, llund2020
Rip off-can’t send documents to Office Depot anymore and pick them up
Can’t send items to Office Depot anymore and then pick them up. Have to ship it and costs an extra $10.
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4 years ago, Monkeygirlcooks
Won’t load
I’ve had this app for a couple weeks and it has literally never loaded for me. It asked for my user login once then every time I go in I get the brand screen name and nothing else.
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1 year ago, i'mtryingtowin
Can’t log in
Have spent 45 minutes going back and forth between the pc and app. App would never let me log in. Piece of junk
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2 years ago, GasEconomy
Bad Move
I much prefer going to the store & they determine what I need rather than spend far too much time on an app that I have no idea what to choose. Very dissatisfied.
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4 years ago, DLHT3
App bugs bugging
App consistently can be counted on to go done right before I place an order.
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2 years ago, cooliob4u
Something always out of stock
Although Office Depot ODP is a partner store, they’re always out of stock of almost everything. Shopping is difficult
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2 years ago, Floglojo
New ODS Business Solutions
New ODS Business Solutions won’t show the Store Discount Program when I registered on the app. An hour on phone with Customer Support didn’t resolve issue.
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12 years ago, WorstGothEver
Being able to scan items and buy them from my contract account is fanastic. It saves so much time and keeps me from ordering the wrong stuff. People just bring me the empty package for what they need.
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4 years ago, JenPea78
Can’t access the Store Purchasing Card
Can’t access the Store Purchasing Card
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1 year ago, P in SATx
Prices are higher on app than store
I searched for a 3 drawer file cabinet on the app and it was $56 on the app than the store website.
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1 year ago, clumsy software interface
Total waste
Special pricing isn’t working. Terrible
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4 years ago, 14Bama
Does not work
App will only show a white screen with the words “Office Depot Business” on it.
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5 years ago, lovaofnola
Not working
Your app is not working Won’t open
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4 years ago, x26c07m
App scroll crazy up and down.
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10 years ago, Dahc22
I loved this app for the first 10 months that I used it. Now it has a problem when an item is out of stock. If I am ordering from a shopping list and an item is out of stock it will not allow me to proceed with the order. It used to put the out of stock item into "back order" and allow me to proceed. Now it forces me to start all over. Very frustrating! Please fix!
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13 years ago, Barry iTune Account
Thanks Office Depot
I now have access to my desktop business account now on my iPhone. It sure makes making my countless approval much easier and more convenient.
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7 years ago, __seesee
This app really needs to be update immediately... took me over 2 hrs to put items in my cart because it kept login me out every time I would add an item to my cart!! Finally proceeded to go to check out and more than half of my items were not there... I really thought this would've helped speed up the process.. but instead I had to wait to get to work to select items all over again... not amused.
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13 years ago, kazzaklk
Finally an app for my business account.
Great app and I can approve my orders!
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7 years ago, Antiduplicity
Not a full functional app
My hope would be that if I do something on the web, these actions would be reflected in the app, but it seems that only stuff in the app is shown in the app. Also, why can't this thing remember my password or give me a touch ID option or something. At least have a share sheet to 1password. Cumbersom and clunky and not sure the point
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7 years ago, Ka1m
Unable to Checkout
Using the business solutions app to make an order on iOS, unable to complete order due to impossible to satisfy form. Form requires ATTN to be filled out, however it does not accept a custom ATTN nor does it list any values in the ATTN selector. I usually just type this in on the desktop website. This issue is breaking and makes the app unusable.
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12 years ago, SvtHoosier
Not working
Encounters a technical problem every time I try to log in with my bsd account information. Customer support over the phone sounded like they didn't know what an app was. Oh well, I'll just use my pc to access the website.
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8 years ago, YahJason
Nothing works!
This apps completely blows. First of all this app isn't updated for iPhone 6/s/plus so the text and images look blown up. Second, you can't even sign in to your account. What is the point of this app again? Stop wasting our time Office Depot!!!
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9 years ago, Abby512
Fix the scanner please!
Since the newest update, the barcode scanner doesn't work. It says the SKU number for every product doesn't exist. Please fix!
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9 years ago, ShDw151515
Iphone 6 plus
Does not seem to be inherently compatible with the iPhone 6. Notification settings never save and changing any more than one thing in preferences always results in app crash. Needs an update.
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13 years ago, bigblureckincru
Great app!
Great features and easy to use!
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13 years ago, Mei
Excellent app!
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8 years ago, bineusa
The simple task to find the correct ink cartridge for a HP printer is to much for this database. Great idea if it would work. Maybe someone could actually test the data.
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3 years ago, tammy the crazy gal
Printer ink
I came to the online store and needed ink and paper for my hp printer and I got a coupon code that was helpful!!!
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3 months ago, ElDough
This abomination of an app makes one want to just spare the trouble and buy from Amazon. After repeatedly having the ODP app automatically sign out of my account and not recognize my password (requiring a hasty login to the website, change my password and log back in to the app, all while in line to check out), I am finally deleting the app and shopping elsewhere. Saving a bit of money is not worth this much hassle.
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4 months ago, sundance(apparently not)now
Worst App Ever
Never works. QR code always missing. Have to call OPD every time. They’ll tell you they can’t do anything. That you need to submit a new application and wait 24-48 hours (again!) to get it to work. Even though the app clearly shows I’m authorized for the store discount program. Even though the app clearly shows which organization I get the discount from. The store will tell you they can’t do anything that it’s all ODP issue. ODP’s solution… wait 48 hours. Then it will work for one use and break again. Things were much simpler when they just sent us the cards to scan at the register.
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2 years ago, CS251
“Lousy piece of code” - former web testing engineer
I tried to create an account for my home business because I need some printing done. I finally asked my husband - who spent 17 years as a web testing engineer at Microsoft - to take a look. He spent an hour and was at the point of profanity before giving up and pronouncing it “a lousy piece of code.” I’d say that if a testing engineer that spent nearly two decades breaking one of the biggest name websites around says the code is no good… it’s probably no good.
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