Okta Mobile

2.8 (717)
16.3 MB
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Current version
Okta, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Okta Mobile

2.76 out of 5
717 Ratings
7 years ago, shieldsem81
Needs TouchID Support
Overall a good application for getting access to work resources. However it needs two things to improve the quality. 1. TouchID and now FaceID support for easier login. 2. Add an automatic scaling option for the applications you select once signed in. For example, when using the Exchange app, the Okta app should request the Exchange mobile site. This would simplify the view and overall experience. Other Okta app links should be treated this way by default. If a mobile site is available, it should switch to it.
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3 years ago, Shayde lady
This is NOT “super easy” with “clear vision.” I absolutely hate this. It’s like trying to solve a rubrik’s cube while also having bricks hit you in the face. Nothing is simple about this. One click leads to another and so on and so on. It’s link after freaking link and download after download and the next thinking I know I have 12 tabs open, I’ve done 7 sms confirmations, and my blood pressure is through the roof. I know it sounds like it’s not that bad but it is. I cannot properly convey how frustrating it is to just need one small bit of information and, instead of finding anything remotely close to what you’re looking for, you just keep going in circles. Everything about Okta is time consuming and tedious. I AM STRESSED. I have never before understood people getting upset with computers or technology. Now, thanks to Okta, I feel rage on an atomic level. Best idp? According to who? Who is making these statements?
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5 years ago, jacull
Ok app
Update: just like the official response says, you can create tabs and reorder tiles, but only from the web page. Ok, but why not the app? 😢🐼 Also a coworker says that whatever page you have as the first page is where new tiles will show up. 😢🐼🤯 Works for what it’s intended to do, but needs a couple things: *Sort apps by most recently used. (Maybe my company is an exception with 35 apps) *Sort apps alphabetically *Make a favorites page, out of 35 available apps, I use 4 or 5 *Reduce, combine, and/or remove ridiculous vertical elements to give more space to the page. There is a bar that just says the current app name in the middle, yet it takes the whole width of the screen. The bottom bar has a print icon (how many people are printing from Okta app?) and a new tab icon. Maybe move that bottom bar to the top, and combine it with the title.
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3 years ago, Chuyito98
Missing a few settings
I downloaded this app about 2 years ago and loved it! I have to use it for work. With that being said I’m able to call it, submit vacation and punch in or out though “Kronos”. However, the new update took away the option to add and rearrange our tiles. Such as punching out or in. I would appreciate it if you brought back the small gear on the top page of Kronos so I’m able to customize my application once again.
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6 years ago, M7MD2018
Incompatible apps
Some of the apps especially service now must be optimized to fit for mobile use. It’s the same as opening Okta from the mobile browser which is difficult to use with so many missing functions like the global search which is crucial. Please consider this and it will be great to be able to use it in a better view than it actually is and then I would gladly make it a five star. Thank you.
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2 years ago, SilverEevee101
Unable to sign in
My college recently switched to this platform and I was delighted there was an app so I can easily access this without having to search it up on my web browser. However I can’t even sign-in! I keep entering the site name along side my user name and password however the correct site name I’m entering is not working at all. Please make signing in easier because it’s not great. Maybe adding face-ID or not asking for the site-name would be better. Until changes are made I am not redownloading this app again. Please make improvements, thank you.
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5 years ago, LDJdaGREAT
This is an update to my previous review. The OKTA team responded immediately and resolved the issue that I was facing with my email app not opening. Kudos to you guys!!! DISREGARD 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾PREVIOUS REVIEW When opening the app to access applications inside of it, the app closes and opens repeatedly. It is very nerve wrecking especially when trying to respond or check emails. I hope this is fixed immediately!!!
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3 years ago, buatss98
I absolutely hate this app. I can’t stand trying to login through this app/website on any device other than my work laptop. Trying to login is absolutely stupid it asks for different login info and the okta bot doesn’t help at all. I literally have 3 apps on my phone for this and I still can’t access my account. Despite trying to unlock it, changing the password, trying a different device; nothing works. I don’t understand why any company would want to integrate their apps through this, it’s a headache and a waste of time.
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4 years ago, PartyMonsterYT
This app is horrible it’s literally just the crappy website that’s not mobile friendly in app form loss the same way it just opens the website in app similar to how Facebook would websites except they’re mobile friendly this app is atrocious you can’t get anything done on it try and complete a file it doesn’t work right since it’s not mobile friendly the website works fine on computer but having an app as a facade to make it seem like this would work better than the website on phones is a joke
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4 years ago, a62dave
Very handy
Works great with Safari set as default browser, but not at all if I set default browser to Chrome, which is an option in iOS 14. If I have chrome set as default browser, a new page opens for each “app” but it is blank and I’m dead in the water. I had to set Safari back to bring the default browser in order for things to work.
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3 years ago, Mommaoflittles
Wont work on iPhones
Ever since the update last week it has stopped working for iPhone users. I used to be able to open the app and see the work apps I needed. When I open one app and click the menu and try to go to desktop version so I can punch in for work, it takes you to a blank screen. No one on my team can get the mobile version to work.
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5 years ago, Westwood937
Can’t respond to email now
I like the app. It gives me access when I’m away from my laptop. But since the new update, now I’m unable to respond to emails through the app. I’ll click on the email in which I can read. But once I try to respond the whole email will erase and I cannot see anything that I’m writing. But other than that, I have had no issues with the app.
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5 years ago, ShayShay0201
Just got and don’t want
So glitchy when opening the apps and was on a constant reload. I wasn’t touching anything and it jsut keeps glitching and reloading. It keeps reloading every time I click on an email. Then when the pop up asking if I don’t want the page to show again comes up, I click the box or make sure it doesn’t happen, it reloads again. I don’t know if it’s he updatenor what but it’s frustrating because i need the constant access to my school email through my smart device. Hope this gets fixed. 👎
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6 years ago, Llaveria83
Too many glitches
It is really useful to get access to my school website but for blackboard it is basically useless. I cannot click on the resources. When I scroll down to see them they go away and I cannot click on them. If they fix those issues I would be able to utilize this app much better.
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10 months ago, James~J
Attempting to logon, the system comes back and states in error message reading “ This organization is not supported on Okta Mobile, but you can access your dashboard from your browser.” But yet the company logo and name appears up top. And when using browser, it works perfectly fine. So one star for the app and gave two stars because I can actually use the browser to gain access until this app is fixed.
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6 years ago, Mirahnda
Worst app / totally useless
The main site doesn’t work on the iPhone. So I figured I would get the app. But all the app does is direct you to the main site, which of course doesn’t work. It’s not really like an app at all. If I wanted to use the main site, I have Safari and I can go there all by myself. The point of an app is to function on mobile devices more easily; not just direct you right back to safari. The only way to do anything on the site is to go to my laptop and login. Can’t do ANYTHING from a mobile device.
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7 years ago, Cfore76
Needs work
I use it for time keeping for my job and the app isn’t at all intuitive. I select a day other than today to put hours to and it still has today’s date in the field that I have to then change. The time fields don’t have a way to preset them with a schedule I usually work so it’s necessary to change the time worked everyday. In order to put in one day of time you have to scroll up and down through cluttered fields and go back and fourth between multiple screens.
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5 years ago, HM1Derf
Won’t load after my login
I’m a national university student and I used to be able to login to my soar account no problem since latest Update the login loads fine but my page rarely if ever loads. Even on my private WiFi of up to 300mbps speeds. The app was great when it was working. Mirrored the login on my pc. I know it’s an app issue because it works in my safari and chrome browsers on my iPhone 6 and I have deleted and reinstalled the app.
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2 years ago, BLeeC304
Needs Refined
The app and connections are a great idea, however the programs you then use through the app do not perform well. I have eXp and enterprise on mine. The TRX & enterprise applications only load a portion of the screen and you cannot use the rest. Cant scroll, just cant use it. The web pages do not work within Okta. Would love to see that fixed to use the app to the fullest
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3 years ago, TechnologyGuru
Tedious login
The app has me create a pin (and confirm it) each time I use the app but it doesn’t ever prompt me to login with the pin or use it. The app also asks me if I want to login with Face ID each time. So basically logging in takes me longer on a phone than it would to scale a flight of stairs and login on my laptop.
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2 years ago, susieQ😃
Forgot password
Why doesn’t it have a forgot password/username? I can not access it to open . I want to look at work schedule but it will not let me in it. How to get in when you have forgotten password? I would’ve given 5 stars but don’t come with instructions on how to retrieve password.
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5 years ago, Shakejunt420
Stay signed in - every access
Recently I have been forced to acknowledge the “stay signed in” dialog every time I access the app although the checkbox was enabled. Appears to be related to one Drive activation. Also, don’t expect account name to begin in upper case. Understand the name is case insensitive.
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6 years ago, CarpentrySquirrel
Constant reauthentication
With the latest release of this app running on iOS 10 on my iPhone 5S, Okta now asks me to reauthenticate via Duo every 5 minutes. It used to let me go hours or even days. I don't want to upgrade iOS because Apple throttled your phone automagically. And I don't want to pay $1,000 for a new phone when this one is perfectly functional. But this is nearly unusable. To say the situation is frustrating is an understatement.
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5 years ago, DBMc01
Doesn’t stay signed in when you go to other apps, though it asks you every time if you want to stay signed in. Doesn’t automatically adjust calendar times for time zone, making it pretty useless for travelers. This is basic stuff that they just missed. I’m sure I will find other issues. Overall, completely underwhelmed.
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2 years ago, AubieHawk
Always having issues
I need this app for work to check punch in’s and out’s, get pay information and check 401K. Was good for about 6 months with easy log in. All of a sudden everyone, including myself are having issues. We were to be reset and then tried, still gives a sign in failed. Guess I’ll wait to see my check!!!
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2 years ago, thatsCRAZY
Target = _blank issues
Any link that opens a new tab does not pass session to new tab. It acts as if you are logged out and does not auth. again. Also caching is horrible for any dynamic content sites since it will hold onto the cache and not display updates to sites that a user is expecting. Needs improvement.
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6 years ago, Ducksrfr
Good bug fixes
Just installed the latest version, great to see proper iPhone X display support (it’s no longer an odd stretched/scaled version of the iPhone 8 display). The PIN keypad touch targets are finally fixed as well, that’s good to see. Let’s see some feature updates like Touch/Face ID!!
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2 years ago, Jessica_starter
Life Saver
This app was helpful during my Bachelors and Masters program. It was tricky trying to sign in but it was easy once i was able to figure it out.
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5 years ago, jeffrc93
This app is useless now whenever I login and try to go to my apps it keeps asking me to log in and after I do the login page keeps refreshing and I can't do anything. App is basically useless now and doesn't even show all possible options when it is working. Doesn't show half of the tabs available in the browser and has caused me to miss meeting due to how awful this app is
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4 years ago, TaylorSwifterWetJet
Remember my preferences!!!!! Stop repeatedly asking same Pop-Up questions
Why does it keep asking if I want to open the native Gmail app ????? NO I DONT! If I did, I wouldn’t be needing to open it via this Okta mobile app in the first place. And then I keep getting this popup about wanting to open in an external App. NO. STAY IN OKTA MOBILE. Why does it keep thinking I want to leave Okta mobile??? Really annoying.
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9 months ago, Experimental_Sci
It’s always something wrong, I hate getting a new phone because 100% of the time when I have to sign back in I have to go call to get my password reset. I’m not sure what’s the issue, I keep my passwords written down so it’s not me forgetting my password. I wish they didn’t force people to call a service line just to reset their passwords.
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3 years ago, JG89708
Does not work after password change
Mobile app keeps giving red banner “login failed!” (With an exclamation mark!) message after scheduled password update. Desktop version functions fine, so I know there’s no issue with my updated password. Neither old, nor new password functions. App is unusable after password update.
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7 years ago, Dr. Quiet
Better on the iPad - useful for quick tasks
I've found this to be useful for checking workday, salesforce and a few other platforms while in airports or with limited system access.
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5 years ago, 207420
Great app! I have my workout apps all in one place, very convenient. No problem logging in with the instructions I was given, used the app several times!
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3 years ago, BlondieLove1979
Won’t work with new iPhone 12 Pro
I use Okta for work. I got a new phone a month ago and finally got around to having my job switch my access to my new phone. The Okta Verify works fine but Okta Mobile does not. I’ve tried several times to log in. I’ve rebooted, I’ve uninstalled the app and then reinstalled. It keeps saying Sign In Failed. Nothings changed except I have a new iPhone.
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4 years ago, crorrc
Cannot open
The app refuses to open after an update, making me unable to log in my work account, disastrous. Update: after a few hard restarts of both the phone and the app, it cam back to normal.
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8 months ago, Akslefty
Complete Junk
The Okta Mobile app refuses to connect successfully with the interconnected Outlook app which my University uses as its email provider. Clicking on the Outlook button within Okta Mobile yields the most incredibly frustrating message of “Error: Too many HTTP redirects.” Uninstalling and reinstalling the app has done nothing. Complete and total junk!
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5 years ago, Terriekim
Change password nightmare
Went to change password on mobile app what a mess. It’s probably me but finally just deleted app. I can still get into my work but only on a computer. So frustrated. I have no idea who or where you get help for this app my job only fixes password on site doesn’t help with mobile app. I will try again just so frustrated Kim
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7 years ago, JayJay
Continued access difficulties
Each app revision comes with lesser functionality... 1- used to have okta verify passcode import automatically from verify app on same device (gone) 2- used to be able to attach items to an email in OWA (Now the ‘working’ animation/wheel spins longer than you’re willing to wait) 3- timekeeping used to allow login (though clearly suboptimal, better than not entering my time until I have better access - gone) ... heck, we used to be able to login to a fingerprint protected okta app with just a 4-digit pin.... gone. This is a great app idea that has been hurt these last few update cycles
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1 year ago, L.oso
Screen stacking
Most recent update causes the screen to stack and jumble up all the lettering and tabs on mobile when using the my work tab.
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4 years ago, PaytonClarkT
Verify verify verify
I haven’t had the app long but I can already tell I dislike verifying every time I go in to see my schedule. Is there a way to fix this? It’s already extremely annoying and I hate having to call the verification number. I haven’t switched devices and I can’t find a setting to turn this two step verification off!
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5 years ago, FAJR21
This app is terrible.
Why does this app so worthless? It’s a terrible solution for paperless paystubs. You have to download a separate app for 2FA (the only service I know of that requires a separate app to do so) and when you verify with Okta Verify you switch back to this app and nothing happens. You sit there staring at your phone waiting for My PayView to load but it never does. Useless.
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5 years ago, Erik in PSL
This app needs to be fixed for iOS devices. I use it as a college portal and it runs terribly. Probably half of the functions that work on the full site using desktops and books don’t work on the handheld devices. Make this app better please.
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10 months ago, Juany702
Hello there I still get into the Okta app cause of the cyberattacks that happened two weeks ago from mgm properties here in vegas
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6 years ago, psilencer
Yet another pin to remember
I just downloaded the app, signed in, and the first thing the app asks me to do is create a pin with no explanation on what it’s for... why would I want to create another pin for me to forget... I thought this app was supposed to make logging in easier than the web interface? Immediately deleted the app. No thanks.
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3 years ago, Carlos Breton
Doesn’t work
I login in fine, but when I try to look at my paystubs it’s takes me to a browser window and it ask me to login in again. But then my login doesn’t work. This happens on web version as well. This wasn’t a problem before.
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6 years ago, Mikeyferr
The company I work for uses this app regularly and with recent updates the app seems to be glitchy. It doesn’t run smoothly and by that I mean the up and down swiping to scroll is not smooth anymore. It stutters. Please work out that internal bug please.
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5 years ago, rhunter81005
Lots of stuff fixed
Love that they have enable touchID and seems to work well with all of my connected apps.
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7 years ago, Catsmt
So glitchy
This app is so glitchy especially it seems if there’s an update either from Okta or the company I work for. Constantly get errors doesn’t show what it should very unuser friendly. What a shame my company uses this. Same on computer as app
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2 years ago, Karahle
Not Working
I’m not sure why none of my apps show in the mobile app (I just downloaded it so it has never worked for me). I checked to see if the software had an update to fix a bug but it looks like that’s not the problem.
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