Okta Verify

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Okta, Inc.
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Okta Verify

4.83 out of 5
36.5K Ratings
7 months ago, VaporDeb
Great app with impressive support
I’ve been using this app for logging in in the mornings with my company for at least three years. It’s always been a great app, but there was a recent update that screwed things up for a while. I either wrote a negative review or message to support with the issues. It’s about two weeks later now, and everything I complained about is fixed. It’s all perfect again, I’m very impressed! Thanks for the great app and the excellent support!
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2 years ago, variable314
Simple for my use case
This app works fine. I do have a suggestion on the placement of buttons on the Home Screen of the app when responding to a push notification. The buttons “Yes, it’s me” and “No, it’s not me” are hidden by “You have successfully responded to the push notification” when I have to receive multiple push notifications. This in only is a problem when receiving multiple notifications back to back. Maybe if the buttons moved up when the banner came in at the bottom or the banner came in at the top. Not sure if it’s a design specification to avoid accidentally touching the button when multiple requests come in. Hey I still see the same issue. Is this being tracked as an enhancement?
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1 year ago, Jones Jinxy
It just works
Like breathing, it’s so easy and convenient to click and go with this app. I usually don’t have a lot of time to spare, so when I click into the application, I always have my phone with me. I have been able to authenticate to my desktop applications, programs, and even applications which require authentication from mobile apps. Seriously, what did we do without this? Are used to carry around the RSA key. Two thumbs up to this app!
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3 years ago, Jesus B S
Last update was great
We were having some issues with not getting the notification on time when we send the push notifications , however after the last update it is working so much better!
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1 year ago, zephruzkb
Background Usage
The app works for what’s advertised; however, it is constantly running in the background whenever using my phone. Over the past day, I have had 8 hours of on screen time, with this app running for then entire 8 hours, and not even opened. This is an unnecessary amount of background usage. There is literally no excuse for this as every other Authenticator app does not do this. I’ll be petitioning my employer to allow another 2FA method as I no longer want this installed on my phone.
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1 year ago, hdoubledh
push notifications bugged
I’m on ios 15.4.1 and just updated the app today with the update that’s changelogged from a day ago, but as of a couple of days ago I stopped getting push notifications. The help page “Troubleshoot missing Okta Verify push notifications on iOS devices” points out a diagnostic section, but that section says everything is fine on all okta apps, and they aren’t on any of them. I don’t want to have to unlink and relink 6 of my Okta’s to reinstall to fix the push notifications. Those push notification-responses are what made me love Okta over other MFA solutions, so I would’ve otherwise given a 5*
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2 years ago, TWLatl
Better than Google Authenticator.
I find this better than Google Authenticator. I have just 2 small complaints, and they are primarily for the Watch companion app. First, there is no visual way to see where in the 60 second cycle you are on the watch. Second, there isn’t a Watch complication to add to a watch face. Being able to summon Okta on the watch quickly via a complication would be much appreciated. Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, luvimado
App works reasonably well, but problem when receiving back to back notifications
The app works reasonably well, but I am running in the same issue that was reported back in October at n another review. Getting back to back notifications on iPhone 8, the acknowledgment banner from the first response will cover the buttons for the second reply, which is disconcerting to say the least.
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2 years ago, RayoChandler
No screen notifications when push comes
Annoying that you have to go to the app to see the push notifications. You need to go to the app to get. Yes it’s me screen. Can you make it screen notifications. I checked settings. App is not under notifications and when you go the the app setting from main screen, notifications are missing
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1 year ago, Alice here right now
BEWARE - data is lost if you change devices
I upgraded my phone and used a backup to load everything on my new device. Now I see Okta deleted all data and it can’t be recovered at all (Okta does not back it up). From their FAQ’s: “… Before deleting Okta Verify from your device or getting a new device, you must sign in to your non-Okta services to set up your new device with those codes. You will not be able to retrieve the codes after you no longer have access to Okta Verify on your original device.” So Okta has screwed me big time. This is utter crap.
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2 years ago, MGH on CT
Often slow or does not bring notification to front
Many times, it sakes several seconds to receive the push notification. And many times, like this morning, o had an email open on my phone screen and did not receive the push, I had to swipe down to see my recent notions it was there. It should always show on top of screen. Otherwise, it is an average authentication app.
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3 months ago, Bombche1
Removing Apple Watch support has been a huge inconvenience
Okta used to be so easy to use when my corporate network automatically timed out because I could get the codes from my watch. Now, even through it says that I can reply on the watch to allow the computer to login, it doesn’t always work. This used to work before and with the most recent update, it stopped working. I keep my phone away from my desk to minimize distractions and it’s been such a pain to log in now.
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2 years ago, Satin2lar
Ok until annoying nonstop rating requests
I would’ve given 5 stars, but now with the daily annoyance of rating requests which prevent me from completing my logging in process, I have removed a star. Sometimes people don’t want to rate an app & forcing them to will lower your rating.
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2 years ago, Dancerchick1362
Fine until you get a new phone
I religiously use iCloud so I assumed my Okta settings would come with my info when I started my new phone. No. And they make it impossible to simply transfer power of approval. You have to go individually to each and every connected app and reattach. But I can’t seem even do that to “scan the QR” I’ve looked online for help articles and the help info wasn’t helpful either
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6 months ago, Clickybang
Stay away from Okta
Okta is a dishonest company. I would caution small- to mid-sized business from ever doing business with them. The paywall alone is an unbearable cost. Thinking of using Okta? Just google "SSO Wall of Shame" and see for yourself what you will pay in addition to Okta's outrageous yearly fees. Their sales team will sell you quickly and drop you as soon as you sign. It happened to us and we were left paying for a service that we cannot use and now they’re demanding payment for another year. Stay away at all costs.
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2 years ago, Turbo_badger
My favorite Verification app by far.
Never had a single problem and everything works as expected. Very clean and intuitive interface makes this app my go-to tool every time I need a 2-step verification . Thanks for making a great product guys!
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2 years ago, ZaCTiC
Simple and easy to use
This was a very easy app for our users to understand. The simplicity of it and the push notifications were very important to help ease staff into MFA that had very little experience with authentication and most forms of technology.
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2 years ago, Blessd4ever
With this app all I need to know is where my phone is, and everything else is very easy. I like that I don’t have to be typing several times the same password, but with a touch of the finger….. u are done!
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1 month ago, jjjjjjjjggghkjjfs
Accessibility issue
Hi product team, when I click on “Yes” button to verify, I will get a green confirmation banner. However this green banner will cover the two buttons, I had to manually swipe down the green banner to let it goes away if I received another verify push….. The tricky part:when you swipe down on iPhone, that triggers iPhone’s gesture, and you can’t even see the two buttons anymore. The solution: move the two buttons position higher so the that the green confirmation banner will not cover the two buttons if users receive another verification push.
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2 years ago, Radyjr
Okta Great Application for workplace management!
Use it currently at work on the daily basis for workplace management including clock in and clock outs and it works like a charm. There are tons of features to the app, but currently at the moment am mainly using it for my password protection here at work for logging in to our system. Solid A grade for this app!!!!
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1 year ago, Chago1
Less Clicks please
Please help by make this more efficient. Both on the iOS notification yes/no option only lasts a half a second before it changes to review. The watchOS notification only displays review. Please make this more efficient so we only have to long press the notification and the select yes/no without having to open the app and review and then select yes/no from within the app.
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2 years ago, Msisario
Okta Verify makes my life easier
I have been using okta verify for several years. I am extremely happy how simple it’s made my life. I have literally 70+ SAAS apps. Remembering or reusing passwords would not be ideal. Thanks to okta I can now safely login in to my apps with an easy sign in.
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2 years ago, Grizwald54
Super Simple MFA
Okta Verify has made my life so simple. Gone are the days of carrying around and MFA token or managing Google Authenticator and hoping it still works. Now, when I log in, I just get an automatic push notification and I can approve it by simply tapping on my watch! Love it!
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3 months ago, Gotfrogs~
Missing Apple Watch support
Okta has worked great for me up until the last two weeks when an “update” removed Apple Watch support. I used this feature multiple times per day for work and really miss it. Now I have to get my phone out every time I log in. Please bring this feature back.
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1 year ago, NatsGirl20
Work from home lifesaver
So easy and quick to get into my work apps with FaceID and was not difficult at all to get it downloaded again when I got my new phone.
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2 years ago, rcG3DdT-gitab127
Terrible App
App requires FaceID, even when you don’t use FaceID on your phone. Notifications are worthless. There are no details about the system the authentication request is for so you’re blindly authorizing login. One login could send multiple notifications, so even if the system works (which at least twice a week it’s broken), you just never know who or where you’re letting use your account.
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3 months ago, tkauftheil
No more watch support?
That was literally my favorite feature. Didn’t have to pull my phone from my pocket on non-push situations. Hope you all have a change in mind. It was a very useful feature. Other than that, great app.
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2 weeks ago, goldielocks192
What happened to the watch app?
What happened to the Watch app? I really wish y’all would bring it back. It was incredibly useful. Logging into my company is SSO requires Octa verification twice and it was so nice to be able to tell Siri to open Okta Verify on my watch rather than having to dig out my phone while I’m already juggling a laptop and the customer equipment I am servicing.
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2 years ago, cmcdevitt21
Push feature is awesome
This app allows you to just type “push” and then the notification is pushed to your Lock Screen. It’s very convenient!
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2 years ago, tC Benz
App notifications don’t work
For the longest time, I’ve been able to receive notifications from the app, allowing me to approve notifications without having to directly open the app in order to approve it. Now, for whatever reason, even though notifications are enabled for Okta Verify, I am not receiving notifications at all, what is going on?!
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2 years ago, gtgyngr
Remote made easy
What more is there to add? Setting up as a new employee while working remotely has its challenges - however the Okta Verify app reduces the list of barriers - making security and privacy a cinch. Thank you!
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7 months ago, mangix
Watch support is bad
My company recently implemented a requirement to tap a number after approving a login. Ever since the change, the pop up to select a number hardly ever pops up on the watch. It just takes you to the screen with your codes. Really annoying.
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12 months ago, Casey Drummond
I used to love Okta. Now I have experienced multiple times where the system is so bad I can barely stand it. What is the point of having two step authentication if I also have to answer a security question each time I login? If the only way I can contact my it support team is through logging in through Okta, then I have no way to get help when I need it. Wish Okta would do better.
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2 years ago, tonythetiger323
Simple & Convenient
I am a Sr IT Support Coordinator for my place of work and we recently implemented Okta for our SSO platform. The Okta Verify app makes it so easy to authenticate with just a tap on my Apple Watch, I recommend to all our employees to set it up!
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2 years ago, Ikong10
Group profile
App is great and easy to use. Is possible on the next update or in the long run. Can we get profile group to keep more organized? Thank you.
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2 years ago, Dm2006
Easy to use and secure
Not much else to say. They seem to keep up with things. The only thing I’d suggest is to add some info on “what happens/ what to do if I lose my current device”.
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2 years ago, David Grey
Great performance and ease of use
Compared to Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator OKTA has simple setup, and very fast performance on push notifications. Unfortunately I do not have insight to why Microsoft in my environment is slower.
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2 years ago, El booger
IPhone Great, Watch hit or miss
App works great on iPhone, but it’s hit or miss on the Apple Watch. Sometimes it’ll go through so I can approve or deny on my watch, other times I can only use my iPhone. Very Inconvenient when my phone isn’t always right next to me. Hope this is improved in the future.
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2 years ago, DogmaticKarma
This is one of those apps you need and you need it to always work. That is what this one does. No issues ever since we switched to Okta. You can’t go wrong!
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1 year ago, Sandra Cooney
What an easy way to keep your
work data private and secure! It’s so easy to use and I’m totally confident that it’s only me using my workplace’s proprietary software. Keep up the excellent work, Okta!
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3 months ago, JohnnyBGood1777
Used to be Great
Have to use this app for work. It used to be great until they removed the Apple Watch functionality. Now instead of easily looking at my watch I have to dig out my phone and open the app. Not the end of the world, but definitely more cumbersome.
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3 months ago, Seoulstice37
Removed watch app support
This app was great and loved the flexibility to use my watch instead of my phone for one time codes. Now they removed this feature which I had been accustomed to using for quite some time. Hopefully they bring it back. But who knows, maybe their security breach was tied to that and they don't know how to fix their own security flaws.
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2 years ago, jsuza76
Push notifications so easy
Great app for getting me connected to work. Never any technical issues or bugs.
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1 year ago, Ali Labella
Slow to respond
It takes so long to actually come up and then when I approve it takes even longer to respond on the computer which can be so annoying when you’re in a rush.
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2 years ago, classcone
Trying to login to a time sensitive folder and get hit with a survey that doesn’t allow you to unlock or give the push notifications
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2 months ago, Clown fish fry
No more Apple Watch version
Does what it is supposed to do- lets me log into sites with2 factor authentication, especially my VPN for work. I’m just very disappointed that they did away with Apple Watch compatibility. Why remove a feature that worked well?
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2 years ago, Jayhawk1960
Works well every time
Did es exactly what it is supposed to do as part of s two step verification process. I’ve never had any issues.
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2 years ago, Doulos-TWK
Works Just As Expected
Creating and using profiles are quick and easy. The application works just as expected!
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2 years ago, MrPodcastListener
Does what it’s supposed to do!
Not a complicated utility (from my viewpoint!). It’s always worked for me with sending a verification push to me and instantly sending the ok to the other side. No issues.
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2 years ago, jayyej
Locked out of account
Phone restarted now can’t access my account linked to the app because data has been erased in the app. How do I restore my data from being deleted without having Togo through the process again with my account? Can’t get into account without verifying it’s me but data in app is no longer there. Frustrating
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