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Gladwev Software Private Limited
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3 years ago
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10.9 or later
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User Reviews for OLM Converter Pro - AppEd

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5 years ago, owneruser
the most amazing customer service ever
I bought this app on the basis of the description and the customer rave reviews. Problem was, my Outlook was broken and it would not rebuild my Main Identity. The file was corrupt. This had happened before so I was ready to throw in the towel and try to move to apple Mail. But the app didn't work. When I emailed then phoned Gladwev for help, they told me I really needed their database recovery app, “Outlook Mac Database Recovery” app instead, but they also screen shared with me and rebuilt the whole thing for me! Absolutely top notch customer service! All I had to do was pay the difference for the second app and watch the magic happening. They were screen sharing with me for at least 1.5 hours, and it was 2 am in India. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Now that Outlook is fixed, I may use the other app to migrate to Apple Mail but it is no longer so necessary. When I do get around to switching, I’ll use them, be sure. Thanks guys!
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3 years ago, LudditeFSA
Worked quickly and accurately
Have been using Mac Outlook 2011 since, well, 2011. My mail database was relatively lean though. Still I didn’t want to just chuck all of that stuff since I kept it for a reason. This App did what was advertised, quickly, accurately and with minimal muss and fuss. A PDF even popped up after it was done running with pointers on how to get the converted stuff into Apple Mail. Those directions were about 85% correct and I was able to work my way through the misstep that was published there. Could be that there are some OS differences that made the directions seem like they weren’t quite right since I am still running High Sierra. Really looking forward to being able to say goodbye to Outlook for good now. Price we reasonable compared to other OLM converter software.
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4 months ago, SMXSteve
Upgraded to a new Macbook since my old one was over 13 years old. (Still a great laptop but no more updates). Tired of Microsofts new policies of charging for everthing I had 10s of thousands of old emails to transfer from Outlook to Apple Mail. This did it quick and easy! Fantastic! well worth the $20 (a lot less than an Outlook subscription if you are annoyed with ads!)
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3 years ago, Joe6545
Great Product
My Outlook stopped working for some reason, so I thought it's time to change to Mail on my MacMini. This software worked perfectly to convert my .OLM from Outlook over to Apple's Mail. All of my Folders from Outlook .OLM were converted perfectly to an "Import" Folder in Mail. This software is well worth the small fee. Thanks Apple!!!
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11 years ago, ButOfCourse
Quick and Painless
So I just purchased this app because I was looking for a simple way to migrate away from Outlook 2011 on Mac. I've want to move out of Outlook for awhile (too many reasons to list) but have been stuck in it because I couldn't find a simply way to get out. Well, OLM Converter Pro was the ticket to escape. There were no reviews on this app posted yet so I was a little worried as I do rely on customer feedback when deciding to purchase software but I figured I'd take a chance. I'm happy to say that OLM Converter Pro works exactly as advertised. It took my 20k+ emails in Outlook, thousands of contacts and calendar items and moved them into formats that I could import into Apple's Mail, Contact and Calendar programs. We're talking all in about 30 minutes, no errors, no hiccups and no problems of any kind. My Outlook folders are all there, the attachments, the original sent/received times, everything. Only thing missing from OLM Converter's instructions was the need to use Finder to change .VCF and .ICS files so that they open with Contacts and Calendar respectively instead of Outlook as the default. Now I just need to move my Notes out of Outlook and it's bye bye bye! Thanks!
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2 years ago, FreelandMichigan
DIdn't work!
Didn't work .... nothing else to say.
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10 years ago, GumbyRoars
Well worth the money
Trying to preserve data from my PC and never have to look back. This app was well worth the money. Several thousand emails preserved with hierarchies intact! I had only 2 issues, both of which I suspect have to do with the Outlook ‘exported’ .oml file. For some reason, only 1 contact was picked up. And I had multiple calendars. Only the default Outlook calendar was exported. No way to specify others. So, I had to do some work to get everything I was interested in on the ‘default’ calendar. Then, the app worked as advertised. So, GIGO. Can’t fault OLM Converter Pro for that. Shame on Microsoft for dropping export of mbox files from Office 2011, but OLM Converter Pro really ‘answered the mail’.:-)
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8 years ago, leeannchi
Worked like a charm!
Had an old file that had some valuable info in it. It was gathering dust until I needed some docs I had painstakingly put together and spent the $35 to import this Outlook Mac .olm file into my Apple mail. It worked perfectly. With many gigs of data, it flawlessly imported both my calendar and my emails and attachments. Totally worth it as it’s saved me so much time already.
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10 years ago, petersphilo
Helped a lot, but not perfect
I was hesitant to purchase this because it's very expensive, but, overall, i'm glad i did.. The process was pretty straightforward, and all of the email was imported correctly. This app did miss some of the contacts, and got a little confused with the contacts folders, but i was able to resolve that by exporting the missing contacts manually. Overall, this app is clearly not perfect, and you do need to triple-check whether everything was properly transferred, but it did help speed up a process that could've been grueling...
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12 years ago, N6452Q
After countless hours of trying to export to MBOX and then import into Mail, i finally gave up and tried this app. the problem with MBOX was that emails were not getting translated correctly and all emails were not importing. My total import was 17 folders consisting of over 84,000 emails from a 7 year period. it took about 90 minutes, but, it was a perfect conversion. BYE BYE MICROSOFT!!
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11 years ago, cindyordon
Worked Great!!!
Converted 10,000 emails from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail in 10 minutes. I did not find any errors with the converted emails. It worked great. FYI: if you need to only transfer contacts or calendar events into Apple Contacts or iCal, all you need to do is set the sync option in Outlook. No need to spend $40 on this app for that.
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11 years ago, missmacgoo
It's so easy! Worked like a dream!!
Spent hours reading online trying to find out how to transfer my calendar from Office 2011 v. 14.1.0 (mac) into iCal (Lion OSX 10.7.5) until I found this app. It's so easy, and it took me only 5 minutes to do! It worked like a dream, and saved me a lot of time!! Thank you. :))
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8 years ago, Cherrera2001
Works Great, Excellent Support
Had an issue when I first installed and contacted support, had a resolution in literally 10 minutes. Great support. Product worked fantastic to convert my OLM export from Outlook 2016 to Apple Mail on macOS Sierra.
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11 years ago, Thorborg
expensive but works like a charm
I had high hopes for this tool, since i really needet to export data from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. It did the job without loosing attachments or mails. I am super happy, worth every penny.
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11 years ago, iPhonoah
Worked Perfectly!
Saved me a ton of time. Just exported from Outlook, opened the app found the file and clicked "convert". Simple.
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12 years ago, rpita7
This App freed me from my PC and Windows!!!!!!!!
This is an excellent program!!! After extensive research on how to convert a pst or olm file to Mail I was beginning to think it was not possible. This is the only solution I could find to convert a Mac olm file from Outlook for Mac to Mail. (I did find numerous possibilities converting from Outlook for Windows but I had already done this previously.) Converting my email was my last step in completely converting from PC to Mac. Since this may be the first review written for this App I will give a little bit of explanation . . . . I have used Outlook (and/or Outlook Express back in the day) for over 15 years and had almost 10,000 saved emails, not to mention my calendar items and contacts. When I made the switch to a Mac, and subsequently added an iPhone and iPad to my collection, I was having trouble syncing all of my devices with Outlook for Mac. I have been searching for a solution to convert my e-mail to Mac so that all of my devices are syncing correctly. (Solutions to fix the contacts and calendar items was easy . . . the e-mail, not so much.) Since I use this for my business it was extremely important for me to be able to convert them to Mail. I downloaded this App and made an OLM file of my Outlook and started the conversation. It was absolutely awesome! All of my emails, contacts and calendars were transferred exactly as I had them in Outlook! I couldn't be happier! I gave this App 5-stars because I believe it is excellent and does exactly what it claims! If there is anything negative to say I guess it would be it is a little pricey. I found an Outlook for Windows conversation program that was almost a ¼ of the price of this App, but, having to spending this amount of money to be completely free of my PC and Windows to convert to my Mac was worth it to me!
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5 years ago, Zimmy23
Worth every penny I spent!
I have used Microsoft Outlook 2011 for all my emails at home for years. I have always used Mail at work. I upgraded my old personal Mac Pro to El Capitan from Mavericks last weekend and decided to ago ahead and make the jump to Mail. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy switch. I did some research online and App Store. After reading the App Store reviews I decided to download it. Had everything switched over Mail, Contacts and Calendar in less than 15 minutes without a hitch! Now to get all my contacts into my newer MacBook Pro’s Mail...
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6 years ago, NemosFanclub
Works on macOS 10.13.6!
I had a 5GB OLM file with over 2K contacts and 20K emails. This program did a great job converting them to mbox! Bye-Bye Outlook!
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10 years ago, Linda10023
They are my heroes!
I’m one of those folks that went from the PC to the MAC and believed it was going to be easy! The biggest challenge was moving my Outlook files. Moving the pst file had it’s challenges, but I expected that. Moved the files into Outlook for MAC — which I liked better than the Apple calendar program. Moved the pst files only to discover that I could not “hard” synch Outlook for MAC with my iphone 5 since my MAC was in Mavericks - Mavericks only synchs with the cloud. Plan B. Move the OLM files to the MAC calendar. Bought the OLM Converter to convert the files to the Apple iCal files (or what ever they are called). The OLM files would not come out of Outlook. 10 G in/38 items out. No one knows how this happened. OLM tech support was fabulous in working through the issues. I sent them the files and they worked on them in their “lab”. Ultimately, we used the orignal pst files and converted them. This softward is fantastic (what’s not fantastic is Microsoft products for MAC) and the support that was provided. This is my first ever review butI thought it was worthwile sharing my experience. Worth the money.
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