Onion Browser

3.2 (1.8K)
54.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mike Tigas
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Onion Browser

3.18 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 years ago, CWCJr
Support lacking
There have been several ‘updates’, but the hotlink to NYTimes is still invalid!!! NYT stopped supporting the old version onion link last year. You can use DuckDuckGo onion to search for nytimes, then select the listing that says Breaking News. If you have Onion Browser set to use onion links ( if available) it will automatically use the new NYTIMES onion link. You cannot remain anonymous to report a bug!!! You must signup for a GitHub account to provide feedback or report an error - defeats the purpose of the browser!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Msbarnes87
Best iOS alternative
Onion Browser has been the best Tor Browser alternative for iOS. From what I have seen, it behaves the same way that the PC Tor Browser does, offering many of the same features, security and anonymity. Of the many Tor browsers for iOS I have tried, Onion Browser tales the cake. Knowing that The Tor Project endorses Onion Browser is a huge step forward for Tor use on iOS and mobile platforms I general. Until The Tor Project is able to develop and release the real Tor Browser for iOS and mobile, Onion Browser certainly does the trick. These days, in an extremely mobile world, Tor on mobile is much more important than Tor on a computer, and I believe that most people believe the same. Literally the only issue I have with this browser, is the fact that if the app spends longer than a few seconds in the background, it will lose its connection to the Tor Network, forcing us to force quit the app and re-launch it. I understand the limitations and the technical stuff with iOS, and that is the reason for this, but if there were a workaround that could be implemented, that would be fantastic. Because of the app losing its Tor connection, and requiring a force quit to reconnect, it causes me to lose anything and everything I am doing online, which is a real set back. Other than that, it is the best Tor Browser I have used.
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10 months ago, pqsk
has some issues
duckduckgo only works with javascript on and every search has to be done via the address bar otherwise there's a "forbidden" message. previously duckduckgo worked without javascript. many sites look like web 1.0 sites without styles when loading without javascript. def a different experience than on the desktop tor version. it used to work much better with an ugly UI. I would take the ugly UI over this new fancy UI, since it worked better. 3June2020 *UPDATE* On the last update, the onion site for duckduckgo stopped loading days after the update. I found on the settings a duckduckgo lite. After using that, it's much better plus no javascript works on this setting. Sometimes it does hang or doesn't load, but it is a huge improvement 30jul2022 *UPDATE* the last few updates has increased the lag. If you switch tabs it freezes for seconds, sometimes a minute. DuckDuckGo doesn't always work so you have to use the non onion site. I really loved the older uglier version of the app compared to this. 28aug2023 *UPDATE* This new Orbot worked at first, but now it’s a disaster. Yes this is a Orbot problem, but the app didn’t always use this app so it literally just breaks the app now. As you can see from my updates from over the last few years, the app has just lagged and lagged. The UI has improved at the cost of UX. Horrible decisions have been made.
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8 months ago, 🏴‍☠️OSXpirate🏴‍☠️
Catastrophic browser bricking.
Onion Browser and Orbot, the officially supported apps by The Tor Project, are very bad. In my opinion, it's because of their updates, which resulted in a loss of functionality (maybe still because of iOS updates, who knows). Unofficial builds of Tor browsers on iOS either haven't been updated in a long time, or they make money on subscriptions by scamming users, or worse, collecting and selling user data. The recent Onion Browser update doesn't allow you to access the browser without Orbot, which works every once in a while, especially in countries with special censorship. Working with Tor without a VPN can be detected and blocked by the ISP. Therefore, I believe that the functionality of linking Onion Browser with Orbot via API is superfluous and should be removed, because Orbot works as a VPN and it may not work in some countries. So why did they implement the API access functionality? When will The Tor Project be busy keeping an eye on your updates?
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4 years ago, Xently
Doesn’t work, AT ALL!
Well, the app launches, then closes and nothing happens. Yup, I’m browsing so anonymously that even I can’t see the browser itself! Lol. Great job, I bet the next version will be so anonymous that my entire iPad will, poof, maxx level anonymity yo! Ok but seriously, I thought this was supposed to be the best Tor variant in the App Store and its the worst as it doesn’t even stay opened. I just used the very first one on the app list when I searched and it turned out to be the best, with the highest rating of 4.8 I believe vs. this one that (prior to my review of 1 star) has a rating of 3.6....that terrible rating made me skeptical to begin with and I should have just gone with my gut as I usually do but I tried to give the benefit of the doubt to Mike since he worked on the original Tor project. Idk what went wrong mike but this is absolutely below sub par, and sub par is already unacceptable. I almost feel like I should be paid for my time to test & evaluate the app and leave a review for the amount of time it took. /sigh 😩
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6 years ago, Jung Shin Tongil
Initially, I was learning more than I imagined I was able to absorb!
Okay a delete and reinstall repaired functional it’s, sorry Onion it’s a noble app by application. And, execution. Educational x10 too. Now, It fails on open << ever time since 11.5.2 >> if this is going to be a common theme at the AppStore then I trust there is going to be a Great Wave to come crashing in P/E as in recent days but the size is going to be tsunami and final. Not necessarily your fault their Onion but an ignorance in business is just going to go the way it was imagined we have tort law and consumer protection and agencies to govern these and more than likely as in checkers there’ll be some jumping to Senate as opposed to judiciary digital media and the like laws updated and refined reflecting the standards for trade and brand new ones it’s not a dark day, it’s a a shining moment of truth coming to some and some won’t survive the day. Tough.
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4 years ago, RobzApps
JAVA SCRIPT does not fully turn off
**WARNING** You can NOT fully disable Java Script on this browser. If you value your security when using the darknet and/or your work requires full anonymity, do not do your work through this app. Use the official Tor browser on desktop. I’ve reached out to the official Tor Project about this and they have advised people to stop using this app until the issue is patched because it places people’s anonymity and online security at risk. It’s been a month that, when visiting security conscious onion websites, I get an alert from the website warning me that Java Script is still on. I’ve disabled java script within the browser manually as well as set the browser to its most secure state (which is supposed to disable java script) but multiple onion websites still detect that it’s not off and warn me. Some websites won’t even allow entrance if your java script it not fully disabled so I can’t even visit websites that are crucial to my college research. Without this browser being able to disable java script entirely, it totally defeats the purpose and is useless to anyone who values their safety and security on the darknet. I’ve left a review of this issue in the past but it’s been deleted for some reason. This java script not disabling has been going on for at least a month and there’s been no update to fix it or a comment to at least acknowledge it. BE WARNED!
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12 months ago, Gonsplode
Orbot needs to go. I’m not dealing with this..
Browser says to install Orbot. Did that, it said connected, then nothing (torbrowser, other apps, etc) on my device could use data. Uninstalled Orbot and its VPN. Everything works on device again. Reinstalled Orbot and now Orbot can’t connect to tor. After multiple tries and app restarts, it connects again. Tor browser does seem quicker to load pages with Orbot, I must say. Now, finished with tor session and close browser. Checked Orbot and it still says connected. Disconnected in that app. VPN area on device still shows Orbot connected though. Disconnected there. Now I have to manually turn back on my ad blocker’s pseudo VPN because Orbot turned that off (never happened with previous versions of tor browser). I refuse to hop all over my device’s apps and settings EACH time I use your browser and that’s assuming Orbot will connect next time I use it.
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12 months ago, Capt Catnip
Works badly with orbot
Before when orbot was not required, using this was extremely reliable. Now that there is a dependency on orbot, pages dont finish loading. I have to hit DDG multiple times just to get search results.. then a result that I visit only half-loads and I cant get full site. I really want the all-in-one solution back. Orbot wont work with my existing vpn but Onion Browser pre-orbot would work so I could get tor over vpn for maximum privacy. This feels like it needed way more testing before being split to require orbot. Also why am I forced to use Orbot? Why don't I have the choice as a user to use the fallback tour connection which was originally provided in onion browser? I am going thru a lot of personal stuff and I do NOT want ads for my problems showing up on family members' devices. Please fix this.
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5 years ago, TheLivingMan
Best Tor browser for IOS
I have used this browser in the past and it never met my expectations. I switched over to Or Net and lately I have been having issues with the latter, so I decided to switch back and give this another try and it is the best decision I’ve made. It’s the fastest tor browser I’ve used, faster than my laptop and it’s so simple and user friendly. I suggest you always use a bridge when browsing on the Tor and you should have no issues. I don’t easily trust my fellow men but this but after doing my research on this developer I can say his works prove him to be a trustworthy man who stands with and for the people. He’s not out to make profit. Thank you sir and peace be with you!
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3 years ago, Disgusted Invasion
OPEN up to the Gyno of LIES! 2020-
If it's APPSTORE APPROVED IT'S USER WORTHLESS‼️ Anything proven to truely be private centered will never be found on / in iOS (stores ) PERIOD! True story ! 1. Ublock Origin = gone 2.Matrix = gone 3.Tails = where ya at? = gone 4.Searx = gone on and on it goes We are here instead , you're to rely on LIES ; Like, updates = more intrusiveness not security / keynotes = more fluff ie lies / YT sponsored video endorsemented reviews=paid to lie . All of that to scam you into believing { you've got security-privacy} GPS-Bluetooth -location-location sharing non of this crap turned off by user matters! Always on by default , so what did we expect when this app fails like all others … According to some IOS fan sheep-ol the only security/privacy you'll ever need is to trust the device that you truely do not own! And it's Out of the boxes components to protect you yea right! Good one. That's why everything is turned on by default eh ?!? FOR OUR PROTECTION HUH! °°¡°° On n on n on… well the dystopia marches on why because you believe lies, the false need for shiny things ! This is why we can't just freakin search,work, create, enjoy life and the beauty of what the internet should n could be ! Maybe just maybe sheeples will wake up! The Right to tweak privacy settings would prove you worthy
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6 years ago, PixelBlair
iPhone and JavaScript
So this app is amazing and I love it but there’s just one measly thing I have a question about. I’ve downloaded this on my iPhone and it works great, no issues whatsoever except that there is no option to turn JavaScript off. Apparently turning JavaScript off adds to the protection part of the app except that there is no such option anywhere. I’ve checked the settings on the app and my iPhone but still nothing. Not sure if there truly is one but I’d like for that to be an option if possible. Please and thanks! Update: I just found where JavaScript blocking was after extensive searching. Apologies for before. This app is worth the 5 stars
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6 years ago, Bud from old
Love the Update!!!
Much more responsive than the previous OB and the tabbed browsing is great!!! Other reviewers state that they can’t connect to certain websites or any web sites at all.....none of those problems here. I’ve been able to connect everywhere I’ve browsed (although HTTPS Everywhere does limit some unencrypted links, which is what it’s supposed to do). I have had to switch my bridge a couple of times, but that par for the course these days. MT, this is a big step in the right direction for OB on iOS. Keep up the good work. I do have one suggestion : Make it possible to change your identity IP with a button.....like The Tor Browser (if it’s possible on iOS)
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5 years ago, JACLYN HEALY
BEST FOR IOS thus far
I agree with the previous review 100%. Behaves exactly like tor on pc. And that tor endorses this app to be the best so far for online... privacy. (for the LIFE of me I can’t remember how to spell that word right now ... what is it.... annonomitity? .....no..... annynomitity? ... Nope... wrong again... ananomitity???? .... I give up!) I’m just writing this review so the developer gets the credit he deserves! Whoever rated this app anything less, doesn’t understand tor. It’s a big step forward in the fight for online..... PRIVACY. And SOMEBODY had to make the first move. Those who complain do not have the willpower, motivation or knowledge to do it so be thankful people. Thanks Mike! I appreciate your hard work!
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1 year ago, TechPerson0
Best Tor Browser for iOS
Beats the alternatives by miles. All other Tor apps I’ve tried crash randomly, are abysmally slow when opening or closing tabs, have limited customization, obtrusive popups, paywalls, or unclearable search history, and are generally nowhere near as deserving of their good reviews. Onion Browser is fast, actually connects to Tor, and offers control over virtually every aspect of the app I could care about. I honestly wouldn’t expect more from a paid app, and the lack of a price tag at all makes this choice a no-brainer. I only wish I’d found it sooner.
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3 years ago, NFIII
Expected better
Less than average performance. Yes it’s free, but most people who are involved as advocates for personal privacy don’t do this for gain, but on principle and as a hobby. Three levels of ‘security’... It really doesn’t do much on Top Level Gold security, it just sits there or gives you nothing 99% of the time. What’s the point if you have to give in for less privacy by downgrading your level of protection to less than maximum? Kind of like using a thick condom, but with a patch or small hole in it... might work, but leaves you vulnerable. Too bad it’s not like the desktop version of TOR. I really wanted to like this, but I’m probably dumping it until something more worthy of TOR endorsement comes along. Thanks.
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2 years ago, 5hameIe55
Dark Web Marketplaces
I’ve tried every other Tor app that the App Store provides and this is hands down the absolute best by far. It performs just like the Tor browser does on PC. The only problem I have is if I switch to a different app on my phone when I return to the Tor browser it takes me back to the home page and you’ve got to start all over getting back to whatever site you were on. Don’t know if I’m the only one that happens to or not?? Still wouldn’t use any other
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5 years ago, WindowToaster
Browse Wi-Fi without the router watching!
On Wi-Fi routers, the person who owns the Wi-Fi can look at a log of which websites have been visited. Not here! On Onion, it ends at the first forward slash. This is great when I want to web-search something cringy without anyone knowing. I recommend this app to anyone who is worried about being laughed at by the Wi-Fi owner because they like to play , they want to learn about or they can't spell right!
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4 years ago, BoBeldon
Probably the best, but some things don’t work right.
I really like this onion browser for iPhone. The developer updates it regularly. Only a few complaints. First one is that you can’t download things in the tor browser, you have to open in safari, and when you go back to the onion browser your page is gone and you need to start all over, for ever download. Also, sometimes logging into websites simply won’t work on this. If these two things were fixed, I would happily pay up to 1.99 for this app and rate it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, NeighborTotoro
Only onion browser recommended by Tor
For some reason, lower numbers now indicate… MORE security? It’s very unintuitive since bigger numbers are, y’know, larger than smaller ones, and almost everywhere else indicate higher expert levels. But whatever. This is still the only Tor app for iOS recommended by the Tor project, so you really shouldn’t download any other ones. If you think it’s slow then 1) either you don’t know what Tor is or 2) just ask for a new Tor circuit, duh. Now if only there were a way to make this your default browser…
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4 years ago, Douglas "Strange Quark" Reed
Crashing and not creating secure connections
The app crashes on a regular basis, generally when opening or when typing text longer than a sentence or two. It is INCREDIBLY annoying to have to rewrite the same paragraph three times because the app keeps crashing, I’ve started Copying what I’ve written each sentence as a backup. In addition, on occasion it will just... decide to not create a TOR circuit, leaving me browsing on my own IP. Clicking “create new circuit” doesn’t seem to help, so I have to forcequit the app and reopen. I haven’t explored the alternatives yet, so I can’t say whether this app is worse or (heaven forbid) BETTER somehow than its competitors, but currently I’m very displeased.
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5 months ago, Shockyrowan
Great app I really like using
I really enjoy using onion browser it’s a nice app. I’m not going to take a star off because this is more of a request is a way to disable the auto adding of http:// or https:// I know this is a more niche use cause but I use it to connect to HAOS when I’m away from the house and I frequently get left with a blank page if I can’t edit the address quicker than it try’s to load the page
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4 years ago, socalcharger
Latest version has been improved
This is as good as it gets on iOS platform. Browser serves its purpose, blocking spying on a users browsing, secures information sent and received from the mobile carrier (when using cellular network) and from ISP (when connected via wifi). While it is easier to close tabs, it’s still difficult to press just in a right spot to get the tab closed. First loaded page still shows for some reason only first six bookmarks and no way to scroll to through the rest of the bookmarks. When user wishes to load a new page in current tab, instead of loading that new page, browser initiates a new tab. This is odd, confusing and not consistent with traditional behavior of the browsers like Firefox or Tor Browser on a desktop.
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2 years ago, Sneedcraft87
What happened?
What used to be a perfectly fine and simple Tor browser has recently become almost unusable. Connecting takes much longer, if it can even connect at all, and even then - plenty of sites that loaded in seconds before simply refuse to open now. Being the only officially recommended IOS port by Tor themselves, this is the only one I’ve been willing to trust. Until these issues are fixed, I’m left without any private mobile browsing whatsoever.
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2 months ago, More Miffed Than Miffed Is
Bookmarks Broken
Connection with the built-in VPN seems to be much more seamless now, thank you! But bookmarks are still broken! As of now, you have to manually add the URL and description. The app loses the bottom tray where the buttons are for adding new tabs, back and forth, bookmarks, etc. It essentially crashes the app, at least it renders it useless until you close and reopen, losing all your tabs. Also, one shouldn't have to create an account on GitHub just to leave a bug report. I know this is a small unfunded venture but there should be another way to report bugs.
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4 years ago, Disc0 bliss
Search engine still not working after latest update
The DuckDuckGo engine still does not work after the latest May 2020 update. This started happening after the June 2019 update. Any search term put in to the engine elicits a “forbidden” blank page. A few other web pages I tried generate a “forbidden” page as well. Other webpages work, so that has improved. I have gone to the developer’s page multiple times. I have read about the security issues in iOS, and the security setting recommendations. I’m not a careless user who can’t / won’t figure things out - I’ve had this app for at least 4 years... I can’t comment on whether these situations surrounding DuckDuckGo and “forbidden” are due changes at the iOS level or if it is solely an issue with the app. Most likely reason is probably a combination of factors... The developer seems sincere in his efforts to create a secure browsing environment. Whatever is going on, it’s a shame. This app used to work great and I used it a lot...
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4 years ago, smalllulu2
Great, but starting to show its age
This app is great due to its reliablity, which is supported by the tor people in an article. However, in the same article, they admit that its showing its age. An example of this is that everytime I "leave a review" by clicking on the prompt, which says that it'll stop showing up when I leave a review, always pops back up. (This is my second review, after a few months of usage.) It's also a bit on the slow side.
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4 years ago, AngryAngry
Works well except a little slow which is expected
And crashes whenever you switch to another program. I often need to copy/paste from the notes app so it’s annoying that the browser crashes every time so you have to start over. Also, I simply can’t find a way to delete cookies and local storage. Even Firefox and Safari have that for their iOS versions.
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1 year ago, aawaken warrior
I can’t access most of the websites due to this problem
Hi onion browser, this app is very unique in my opinion this was the best app in my phone with security and not a scam or a time limit like any other. But recently after the update when I try to access websites it says “checking if the site connection is secure” and when the logo pops up I check it but the website just keeps reloading me into that page please give me a fix , really nobody is having this problem I feel like it’s only me please help me.
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5 years ago, Vinnie413
Only Usable Tor for iOS
I downloaded probably ten different Tor apps, and this is the only one that consistently could reach .onion links without some generic error about the webpage not working. I tried the same link in every app, and this app is the winner. Only reason its not getting 5 stars is that if the page being loaded is too big, the entire browser just crashes. A bit disappointing, and I hope this is fixed.
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4 years ago, ForsakenKeyboard
Best Tor Browser For iOS
The UI works smoothly with Tor! Very satisfying to use, and would highly recommend if you’re familiar with Tor. However, now that iOS 14 has been distributed, this application should be able to be set as my default browser. When using the Beta versions, I thought this would be fixed. But it wasn’t by the developer. Besides that, there’s no problems with the software.
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12 months ago, Rarrikins
This app now requires you to notify all running apps that you're using Tor
It worked fine until they made the incredibly foolish and privacy-destroying decision to require Orbot, which means that every app on the phone then uses Tor, which means that every app on the device can tell that you're using Tor and every server you connect to can tell that you're using Tor since Tor exit node IP addresses are published. Now every service you use through your phone can tell when you use Tor, logging that or doing whatever else they want to do with that information.
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10 months ago, zincFat
What happened recently?????
I’ve been using Onion Browser and Orbot successfully on my IPAD until about two weeks ago. All of a sudden, Orbot would run, connect, and then almost immediately disconnect. If it did happen to stay open for a few seconds, I’d go to the Onion Browser which would then ask me to launch Orbot. It became an endless “do” loop. It would also shut dow my wireless connection until I deleted the Orbot app. It worked pretty well until two weeks ago. I would have rated it a 5 but based on its current operability, I’m going with a one.
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6 years ago, jansoucek
Great update 👍
Thank you for keeping the app updated. The 2.0 update looks great, but here are some things which I think could be improved: 1) The dark mode has quite low contrast ratio. It might be hard to read for some people. 2) There is no longer an option to reset the connection if something goes wrong. If programmatically force-quitting the app (like in v1.0) is no longer accepted by Apple, include a guide for the users. Or just implement re-connection in-app without the need to re-launch. 3) Can’t see a typing cursor in DuckDuckGo search bar, which makes editing queries quite a challenge 4) No Reddit page would load for me. It always ends on the “something went wrong” page. These are all minor quirks. Thanks again for working on the app!
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2 years ago, Spamcop
The real thing! Better than all the others!
This is the TOR browser you’re looking for. Highly recommend this app! No pop up ads, no advertising SDKs, just a functional app! All the others seem to attempt to add a paid VPN service, then harangue you with invasive, frequent pop ups to buy their VPN service.
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3 years ago, senojtrebor224
Functions overall though so I am not impressed as on the lowest setting it offers very little protection but the higher setting for security blocks about every ability that would make to where most would consider it a secure browser in the browsing aspect if can’t do most of what you would do on a normal browser then you have failed in creating a secure browser. Again it works great on the lowest security setting you just need to fix it to where you do what you can on low security when set to high security.
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4 years ago, wxboss
Great TOR Browser
This is the only browser for iOS that the TOR Project endorses. It works great and doesn’t cost anything. The TOR Project strongly advises against using any app that charges you money to use the Onion Ring. For those who state that the app shuts down or crashes, this only happens to me if I have other TOR browsers installed. Remove any other TOR from your device and this will work as advertised.
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2 years ago, Haolomeno
Check your relays!
This app connects with a clearnet site with NO RELAYS. In other words, if you check the circuit you see a direct connection between you and the site, e.g. “this browser>>this website.” I’ve found that, even if you have established a circuit, you still will later navigate to the website and the circuit has reverted to a direct connection. Unacceptable! This is marketed as a Tor-recommended browser, and is most likely used by activists. We’re not talking about some trivial use case. This browser is dangerous. Dev needs to look into this.
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2 years ago, Beach Speakers
Not sure if it’s the nature of TOR or what (many companies in protest) but I can’t use this app. Almost every site is blocked or breaks on Silver (don’t even try setting to Gold). That means you have to bump down to Bronze which is basically a regular browsing experience (might as well use a number of other options). And even with Bronze I still had issues. I’ve tried both cell and WiFi and had the same results. My WiFi speeds average low end 128 Mb/s and cap at 211 Mb/s. I’ve tried for quite some time with this app and I can’t do it anymore.
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4 years ago, Anne O. Nymus
It used to be top-notch
The browser worked pretty much flawlessly until the latest update; however, now every page either times out or throws a “no internet connection” error, even though other browsers connect without issue. I’m not sure what broke with the update, but I get the same results with or without bridges, and regardless of the security level. Had you asked me a week ago, I’d have given the browser four to five stars; however, due to the current connectivity and loading issues, it’s unusable, leading to my current one star review.
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4 years ago, Katalystix
Latest update broke a really fine privacy browser
For years this has been hands-down the best adaptation of TOR to the iOS platform, combining good usability with pretty solid assurance of privacy for many sites. Unfortunately, this week’s update to version 2.3 has made it incredibly cumbersome to use with any site protected by Cloudflare/Recaptcha, even at the moderate security setting. The interminable delays and unreliable results greatly limit its usefulness. I hope the developer can implement the improvements advertised for v.2.3 without sacrificing usability.
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7 months ago, TH33MANN
This app is useless!! Before the app used to work great little slow, but did the job now that you have to have that stupid orbit app to use the onion browser. Unfortunately, you have better luck getting struck by lightning then the app actually working if it does work a minute max then crashes. Why you would take something that works and destroy it?? I thought things were supposed to get better with time not get worse!!! if I could give it negative stars I would give it -10. That’s being nice!!
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4 years ago, Adventure Writer Reviews
Ordinarily best version on iOS, currently not so functional
I’m a very casual Tor user, I use it like I would the open web. Usually have had a good experience with it, but on this latest install I’m getting SSL errors and prolonged load times, with sites almost totally broken. Wasn’t like this on prior installs. Thanks, dev, for all your hard work on this. I imagine it’s not easy porting it over to iOS.
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5 years ago, Bakewake
Tor Project Website
Says to beware of imitation Tor apps especially on iOS, eapecially when they fail the Torcheck website-- All but one ... this one! The only one that made it to the real Torcheck "yes, your on Tor," landing page and not a "no," page or fake redirected "'yes,'" page. Plus, it's the only iOS app recommended on the Tor Project Website! (Unless that was an altered page as well adding to the growing list of examples of how rotten people are to each other. Does it have to keep being so complicated and stressful it would we all be able to change to something better for everyone and everything? End of rant, thanks for the app, Mike Tigas!)
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3 years ago, sethf200
Great Browser
I keep seeing all these 1 star reviews complaining about it being slow. I’m not sure those people understand how much your speed drops when it routes your traffic through 3 different nodes and the traffic has 3 layers of encryption. It’s a great browser and it’ll protect your traffic.
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5 years ago, beam_follower
Finally a tor browser that works
Having tried a couple of tor based browsers, I see that this app is fast , smooth and reliable. One of other tor browser apps used to crash randomly. Another one used to have hard time connecting to tor network. This has none of those weaknesses.
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6 months ago, bleutheterrible
Zero stars, it used to be good, now it won’t even load
I used to use this app to get a feel for tor and browsing onion sites for research, I hadn’t used it in a year and wanted to use an onion link I found, however now I have to connect to orbot, which doesn’t even load, after I click start a few seconds ago by and it just grays the button again……, yes the app was slow, but there wasn’t any need to break it even more trying to “make it faster”
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3 years ago, FredFarmHer
The Beginning
I am just beginning to use this app (why I only gave 4 stars)but, so far, things are running smoothly and it appears to be tolerant of some of my feeble attempts to navigate with the app. It has clear instructions and is educating me as I move around the internet. I will come back and re-rate the app when I know more about what I am doing.
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9 months ago, LadyMsKier
No longer useful
This app was fine before Orbot was required, but now that I can’t use it without using their low-end VPN (which either crashes or doesn’t load well over half of the time and doesn’t block things that it should be blocking) instead of the much better VPN I already have means I won’t be using this app anymore. I haven’t checked before to see if there’s a better Tor alternative in the app store, but I guess it’s time.
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4 years ago, Chulomarine
Git-eee up
I think there are Way too many negative reviews for ppl supposedly reading the proper usage and such.... having said, it does as its created to do and I intend on fully supporting every chance I get. Thanx Mike T, look fwd to learning more about user functionality and advanced feature learning
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