OnShift Mobile

2.1 (138)
94.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
OnShift, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11 or later
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User Reviews for OnShift Mobile

2.06 out of 5
138 Ratings
1 year ago, WaffleKrisp
Very frustrating app as far as new development goes
My employer switched from Payactiv to the Onshift wallet and it’s been a constant headache. I can’t seem to login and gain access to the wallet. I get to the password screen, enter my password, the page looks like it’s loading and then it just stops. I’ve called multiple times and have been told that my employers system is still updating, my info to get in didn’t roll over with the update and the rep I was speaking with would send me an email to fix it (never got that email), and a few other explanations that are starting to feel like pacification. My coworkers that use the early access to pay are all able to get to their wallet. I’m trying to be understanding because I get that sometimes systems have issues, but it’s getting a tad frustrating.
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2 years ago, jebdudu
Every time I want to see the paper copy version of the schedule there’s no way to exit it. Once you’re on it there’s no way to get out of it. I try to scroll up and down, and I swipe side to side but it’s just stuck on the copy version of the schedule. So in order for me to get out of it, I’m having to delete the app all together and re-download it again just to get back to the main menu. It also does the same thing on OnShift wallet as well. Soooo annoying….
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2 years ago, nursemagic
The advertisement is showing my wallet but I can not access or have any icon showing my wallet or my rewards in the app after it’s been downloaded
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1 month ago, RaGoddess_90
Poor Customer Service/Buggy App
If I could give this app negative infinity stars, I so would. This is because my schedule isn’t reflected properly, and I cannot access the funds in my wallet. Yesss, I have contacted customer support over three times, about these issues. However, each and every single time, the rep informs me that it will be fixed, in 24-48 hours time….which never actually happens. Honestly, my employer is being scammed, at this point. So many of us have these particular issues, and OnShift will not resolve them.
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1 year ago, Rage_Fantasy
Error message
I work two jobs that use Onshift for their scheduling. Though everytime I try to use the option to switch accounts to check my other job’s schedule, I keep getting “there was and Error” message and kicks me out and I have to keep logging back in. Kinda annoying.
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7 months ago, ghksmm
Makes my job a lot worse
First off please read all reviews here they are accurate this app will make you want to find another job that doesn’t deal with crap like this Very disappointing app keeps logging me out and when i try logging back in it freezes at the password information. I’ve called onshift customer service several times by now. Also my time and pay is never correct on the app not sure if it’s worth the hassle to keep
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11 months ago, _love_ya_boo_
Never works or loads.
The wallet part of this app NEVER works. Nor does the scheduling part of this app. It never loads. Nothing works. It’s so frustrating. It will log you out multiple times in a month and occasionally won’t even let you log back in unless you reset your password. This has the potential of being a great scheduling/early pay access app but it has a lot of bugs they need to work on before it can be anywhere close to a good app.
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1 year ago, Juaticeee
Customer service will give you the run around
Literally have been waiting 6 days for bank account to get verified, I’ve contacted them about 4 times and keep getting told it will be there in 24 hours and never is. This company will tell you what you want and give you the run around just to shut you up and get you to leave them alone. Good luck if you have technical difficulties cause they will not help with your issue.
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8 months ago, Acaccese86xx
Technical difficulties
Report a bug you’re having a lot of technical difficultie issues the app especially the wallet it’s not up-to-date it needs to be fixed mine and everyone else is that I know is having the same problem reporting a bug. It’s a great app when it starts off right other than that it’s got too many issues that need to be adjusted an updated.
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6 months ago, philliplvll22
Most unreliable and inconsistent app out today.
This has been the most unreliable platform I’ve ever used especially since it deals with money and a way to get by. There should be some significant improvements to this or any other platform that deals with people’s financial situation that makes sure it performs right before being released. Worst experience I’ve had in years.
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2 years ago, Gota love um
Problems logging into site
Terrible sight at the moment that used to work fine but now with the update it doesn’t allow you to access. It continues to tell you that iOS is not supported on this site. It continues to say that I do not have a password and when I try and change the password or anything else with the password it doesn’t work
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1 year ago, Frustrated employee49
This app is horrible! I can’t even access my funds anymore. The company should have stayed with the payactiv app we did not have these issue!!!! App shows a balance but when you click transfer it won’t even load! And tech support is a joke . So don’t leave me that stupid reply you leaving with everyone else
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1 year ago, seannie3
Wallet option is garbage
Same experience as many in the reviews. Completely unable to access my funds, when clicking transfer I get stuck in an endless loop of phone number/password. Insanely inconvenient and after so much trouble shooting I’ve given up. What a shame
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1 year ago, Clinorrion
Just a question is the app not working or down for some reason?
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11 months ago, KmrAmr
The app doesn’t accurately display hours and the wallet features never works. Customer service is not helpful nor do they have anything to say other than it’s a known issue that will be resolved soon. It’s been over a month now and still nothing.
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1 year ago, Bella Tink 37
No help
I cant access my wallet. It is stuck in Loading. After countless emails, phone calls, and being rushed off the phone I still have the same problem. The payroll and hr department cant help. Tech support isnt helping. This app is a joke. Its not even updating my earned wages as I work. So frustrating
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2 years ago, Minette E
Useless Support
I have been on the job for 3 months, I just thought my wallet had a tech issue since I was new. I tried to call the support number and even emailing them. At first they would answer my email but I haven’t heard from them in a month.
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11 months ago, Aaqqana
Poor service
Doesn’t even allow me to access funds and support has given me the run around for a week same answer 24-48 hrs someone will be with you and nothing I have called , emailed and chat and same answers and very rude and not understanding
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1 year ago, Bi. Honest
Still no help!!
The developers responded to my review, only to further WASTE MY TIME!!!! Had me call a 1-800 number for assistance. I called and the phone rang for 4 minutes! Then an automated message came through saying to call back again later and ENDED THE CALL!!! Never spoke to anyone. This app is a nightmare🤦🏼‍♀️
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1 year ago, super unhappy 121456
Terrible app
This is a horrible app. They swear earned wages aren’t deducted when they are. One agent tells me it’s a problem with the app and IT is fixing it another says it my problem and per their policy there is nothing they can do. This is a joke and this company is a joke.
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4 months ago, Hfdtyuggiiuggjyf
Ive had this app downloaded since I started my new job in October and it has not once shown my schedule. It wont load in, its just a blank screen of dates, i never know when i have work because it wont show me.
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11 months ago, Imhear1
White screen
I recently downloaded OnShift to my 12pro max and when I open the app there’s a white screen and nothing else. I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times, I’ve poweredy phone on and off numerous times, disconnected and reconnected the data numerous times and yet nothing has worked. I’m currently using 14.4 software on my 12pro max and OnShift doesn’t appear to publicly state any required iOS software to use their app. Anyone has a possible solution for this issue?
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2 years ago, btaylor555
On shift
This on shift is not user friendly! It never loads up my full schedule I always have to go to a desktop computer to see everyone’s schedule. I don’t like it I wish they would’ve kept whentowork.
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5 months ago, Philcon79@
Payactive should boot this app, it never updates on time. My app hasn’t updated in 4days which isn’t allowing me to borrow from my check. I think the amounts are wrong. It’s a bad app the actual payactive app is way better
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9 months ago, dh8170
Please fix asap
Been trying to access my account for weeks and every time I try to log in it says my password or email is wrong when it isn’t.
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2 years ago, loisbottinie
Never know if the app or website is going to work or not. Tried to pick up a shift and it’s been loading for over 20 min. 10/10 would not recommend
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2 years ago, Ali dawn 74
Downloading schedule
what happened to the download schedule option? I can't download my schedule to adobe now and it's aggravating.
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6 months ago, Ajchalad93
App complications
Will not show my dashboard for the app so I can only view my schedule and nothing else.
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1 year ago, Veronica Mojarro
OnShift wallet always giving issues
It’s been about 4 weeks since I haven’t been able to access or even see how much is accesible on my OnShift wallet. It just says reload but nothing happens!
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2 years ago, onshift queen
Thank me later
This is the devil !! I’ll be broke forever
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8 months ago, Awful 3
I do not like this app
I’ve down loaded it at least 6 times still not able to use it the wallet well for get it my hrs were in and still couldn’t use it
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11 months ago, Blech….
My app won’t open my schedule now. I can’t see who I work with or where I work
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10 months ago, Mrs BMB
Terrible app can’t log in and if u have 2 jobs that uses Payactive it is hard to get a rep to understand that u work for 2 different employers that uses the same system …Very Frustrating
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3 weeks ago, jawz1k
A waste
Everytime I try to access wallet, it makes me login in again then freezes.. Such a waste if you guys won’t take this serious with using cheap hardware.
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6 months ago, bccfjnfangel
Do not recommend
To all employers please do not use this app it is no good for the employees. Please move on from this. Not organized and does not deliver what it claims to. Only 1 star because I had to. No starts for me
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6 months ago, mom392819
Can’t get access to the wallet it’s almost always down. It’s ridiculous. It’s supposed to be daily pay but you never can get access to it.
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12 months ago, Rainbowbright2020
App doesn’t work
I can only see have of the schedule! It’s like the other half is not there doesn’t exist. Really frustrating.
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12 months ago, BJ2022????
Poorly developed
Update frequency is very slow. Don’t show rewards. Wallet update won’t show until days after shift worked already.
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1 year ago, smileyvee89@
This app is horrible… you can’t speak to any but a chat then the chat is just. Giving you wrong information…
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1 year ago, 4456272773
needs external calendar support
Support ability to subscribe to calendar
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6 months ago, Senpai Burger
Not Loading
Never wants to load. I can never get my schedule. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, but stil not loading.
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1 year ago, dandycandi 80
Wallet doesn’t load
It says I have money, then I got to wallet and the next page says 0! Why cant they load at the same time?
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2 years ago, nbjrjrj
This app always kicks me out of my schedule like completely logs me out then when I try to log back in I don’t exist…..tired of this app
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11 months ago, Hazzy87
Wallet disaster
I really hate that one minute I can gain access to the wallet . Now I can’t . It’s stupid
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7 months ago, Jen Jen 85!
The wallet
The wallet never updates and OnShift skips some of my scheduled work days. Never had an issue before with my old job
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11 months ago, Updatemenow
OnShift app not working
Why the app not working I can’t access funds
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2 years ago, Connie J71
On shift
Was able to see my schedule. Now I can’t see it. I don’t know when I work. Very frustrating.
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9 months ago, love carries
Please fix the chat with us option it’s super frustrating. You guys are nothing but a headache.
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2 months ago, લવ
pDF schedule
Please make accessible to download 2/3 weeks schedule for employee.
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1 year ago, Jamesbeam22
I hate this app
This app is awful. This app waste time. Why does my work utilize this useless time wasting app. I hate this onshift!
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