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User Reviews for OnTheClock employee time clock

4.42 out of 5
422 Ratings
5 years ago, Mewdane
Need to fix IP address lockdown for multiple IP addresses
The app is pretty good, I like being able to manage our 40 person office from an app. The two big issues I have are Paid Time Off accrual changes and authorizing a punch while using 2 WAN connections. Sometimes our primary internet goes down and our back up fails over. If an employee has 2 different IP addresses in the multi ip area (as sites with 2 internet connections would) then the employee can actually punch in from ANY IP address including a cellular one from home. This is not good so our punching is set to 1 IP address. If our primary goes out I have to log the punches manually. Once an employee has been here 5 years their accrual rate of time off changes. It’s not impossible to fix but you do need to essentially end the year for them, write down their current time off, change their accrual rate to today and then insert the time off that you hopefully wrote down as a positive starting value. Other systems allow this without the work around of ending a year. All in all it’s a good system with great access to speak to someone when needed. But the IP issue is a big deal that was present even in the old app versions before the rebuild.
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5 years ago, anisanur
Good but a small flaw
I went through a bunch of apps to find the right one for my business - basically I wanted a simple app where I could set up an iPad for a few employees and they could clock in and out, and we could pull reports. The functionality for my purposes is great - however the interface could use some work. It would be great if there were some buttons for punch in/out for each employee for instance, and the biggest complaint I have is that the punch only works in portrait mode - our iPad is situated in landscape mode in a fixed position on our reception counter - so staff has to turn their head sideways to punch in and out. These small fixes will make it perfect for us!
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6 years ago, JRANMAN
Excellent Solution!
We’ve used OnTheClock for over two years now at our multi-specialty medical & dental clinic. With close to 80 employees working from 8 states, the option to give people app access or strictly group punching access and the punch mapping functions have been invaluable. As a manager I also really appreciate the note function as employees can leave correction requests right in the timecard record rather than inundating me with separate requests. Correcting errors becomes a simple process of reading the note, determining if an adjustment should be made, and if so, making it in the very same screen. We started using OnTheClock because at the time it was the most function rich software that fit within our budget conscious search parameters. Definitely recommend!
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6 years ago, Redlands runner
Small business solution
We have used OnTheClock for several years now and have loved it. We are a small business and needed a solution that was inexpensive, easy to use, and had the basic features. They have added a lot of new features based on customers feedback and haven’t increased the cost which is very nice! I feel like they’re listening, they care, and they’re improving and adding new valuable tools. I have also used the customer service chat help feature a few times and they’re quick to respond and are helpful. We like working with OnTheClock and plan to continue using them even as our business grows!
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12 months ago, Roughmatter
I think it will work for me
There are plenty of features available. Some I don’t need and I would like to have a more customizable dashboard to remove those features (punch map, paid time off). It took a few minutes to setup (setup via web browser was annoying with live chat popping up every 5 seconds). Some areas of setup were easy, some were less intuitive, but I got there in the end. My biggest complaint is the lack of a widget for ios. I got used to that with my previous hours tracking app (HoursTracker… a brilliant app if you don’t need Windows integration).
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4 years ago, HomerDPoe
Punch Correction
This is a great app and it functions very well but I do have a suggestion. It would be helpful if there was a request for edit feature. If an employee realized that they had mis-punched or failed to punch they could e tee a request for an edit by the administrator/manager. This would stay a part of the record until reviewed and edited. In our company we send a text to the manager to make such an edit. Then the correction might be forgotten if it is not addressed immediately because it is not part of the time record.
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2 years ago, Doomslayer11548
Loading screens
This app is worthless. Ive deleted and redownloaded and i get nothing but loading screens and error codes from this. Before the user interface when it was basic, the app worked great. The app will tell you that you’ve logged out and then proceed to not clock you out and leave you clocked in for hours upon hours. Last night the app clocked me in for a service call. Then when i go to clock out it tells me it never clocked me in. Now this morning it says i never clocked out and i was clocked in all night and gave me error messages for over 15 minutes keeping me from logging into my jobs for today. I would absolutely never recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable timecard app. I’d give it less stars if i could.
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5 years ago, EnderHumanGM
I found this app to be very handy. I don’t need to log in every time I want to punch in so it’s fast and convenient. Also, when I accidentally forget to punch out, I can easily access and edit my time card so it’s correct. There was one thing, though, that I found slightly irritating, but it only happened a couple of times. When I tried to punch in, the page took about 5 minutes to load before being able to punch in. Again, it only happened a couple of times, so if that’s it’s biggest problem, I think it’s doing great!
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5 years ago, anselscamera
Feature-Rich & Affordable
After researching and testing a number of solutions from various vendors, it seemed like nobody offered what our small business needed at a cost-effective price point. OnTheClock was an incredible find, offering exactly the features we needed (and many more) at a great cost. Our employees were happy to move from paper timesheets to the convenience of an app, and our payroll department was happy to no longer have to manually tally hours and overtime manually. OnTheClock is an excellent solution for small business, and I can not recommend them enough!
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5 years ago, luvkeens
Super easy!!
This app is so easy to use! I love that I have it right at my fingertips literally and just clock in and out right as I am walking in and out. It is also nice that I can review my hours anytime I would like on the app wherever I am. One of the best features is that I can leave a quick note for my employer in case I mess something up with the clocking in or out process right there and not have to go write it on paper to give them where it could possibly get lost. Just a really awesome app in so many ways!!
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5 years ago, Littletaraangel
Nice platform
Very user friendly and easy to navigate. I like how it actually “remembers me” and I don’t have to log in all the time. Very helpful when running late and needing to clock in and out in a hurry. Feedback: it would be helpful to get an email, text, or push notification that I have not clocked out after typical amount of work hours. It gets frustrating to go back and correct when printing out time card and no hours are logged for that day due to a missed punch.
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6 years ago, KKOF farming
KKOF Small Business Owner
We are a small farm that has ten employees On the Clock app has been perfect for us The support team is easy to reach if needed the App is easy to use and helps to keep track of who is where when , vacation and overtime pay PTO etc Employees can clock in from their phone and you can see where they were when they did. We also use an iPad onsite for those who would rather use it than their phone A lot of great features and reasonably priced We Highly recommend On the Clock
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5 years ago, AbiQ14
Farmers insurance
My current Agent uses on-the-clock. This is my first year using it. It’s so easy and simple to navigate. Everything is literally right in front of you, with just one click, you can see your hours worked and your punch in and punch out times. This app has helped me a lot. I travel to clients a lot, so I simple keep my account logged in and click on in and out when I’m done for the day. I don’t have to worry about anything else. Great app. More business should use it!
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6 years ago, Volley_11
This is a great product!!
Anyone looking for an easy to use time clock - this is it!! I have used the desktop version for years. The company continues to make enhancements to make it better. This app is great! It doesn’t have the full functionality that the desktop version does but I am certain that they will continue to make enhancements. The app allows you to still utilize the application away from your desktop. They are always open to suggestions which is fantastic too!!
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5 years ago, jaemigyrl
Fix the update bugs please!
We use the app at work and everyday I have team members emailing they couldn’t get clocked in/out through the app. Personally it seems that every 2-3 clock in/outs I have, I am automatically logged out. When I try to log in, I get a notice that my username/password is invalid. The ONLY fix I have found for this is it uninstall and then reinstall the app, then my password works correctly and I’m able to log my time. But, I only have 2-3 more punches before I have to do it all again. This problem started with the newest update to the system. Please review and fix whatever bug is causing this.
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6 years ago, Woodkj
Affordable and easy to use!
I have just a few employees and this is a great time card application. It keeps my staff honest with their hours. I appreciate that I can place punch restrictions on individual staff who can only work at the office. One staff can work from home. The mobile app is easy for me to use. Corrections are easy. I don’t use the PTO feature but may in the future. The OnTheClock staff are quick to respond to questions. I recommend this for any small business.
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5 years ago, Rrdawgg
On The Clock has been great! You are able to see all of your punches in and out and also your entire time card for each pay period. I have the app on my phone and it has saved me a few times when I was cutting it close to being late because I didn’t have to log into my computer at work or wait for one to be available. I just tapped the app (which remembers your log in) and punched in! This is a great app!
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5 years ago, Crystina C
Works for us!
We’ve been using this app for a few months now and it’s been working great. Sometimes it does log me out of my account, I’m not sure why. Perhaps a bug or maybe just for security. Either way it’s not a hassle to get back in. Would be nice if it showed my hours/minutes that I’ve been clocked in on the front screen instead of having to hit the time card summary button. Great app overall!
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5 years ago, RaylinHoward
Excellent choice for freelance
As a free lance graphic designer, On The Clock has made it possible for me to keep an accurate record of the hours I’m putting into a project and in turn, helping me to charge my worth instead of second guessing my pricing. Also, when I forget to clock out, editing my time card is a breeze & my clients appreciate being able to see the time being put into their project so that they can better understand my fees.
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3 years ago, Corkite
Great app
Such a great, and convenient, app. Love that I am able to clock in on my phone, or my computer. It’s great to be able to view my hours each pay period. It allows me to be able to predict and plan on my next check. In addition, the ability to be able to correct my hours if a mistake was made, is great. It’s much easier to correct it ASAP, instead of manually on my time card, at a later date. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Julianne.Neely
Very small business friendly
We started using OnTheClock after an employee was caught “padding” her paper time sheets. I did trials of many programs before choosing OnTheClock and I have no regrets - keeps the employees honest and ends up saving the business money. It’s easy to use and our employees love using the APP. It makes payroll easier too and I appreciate not having to bug people for their time sheets!! Also so affordable, very small business friendly.
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4 years ago, countrymomof3!
Easy to use!
Our office has been using the app for some time now and I feel it is easy to use! We have different times throughout the day where we have to punch in/out for different doctors. (We get separate paychecks from each doctor) With having the app on our phones it allows us to quickly switch doctors without having to run to a time clock.
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5 years ago, c_norris99
Love it!!!
I use this app for my work, I highly recommend this for any company it has gps tracking for when and where you clock out it’s up to date and I honestly say you can throw you pin and note book paper away when you have this app, my company recommends this app and I love it I wish I would’ve know about it sooner!!!!!! Definitely a 5 star app for keeping track of time
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6 years ago, Thors friend
Office Manager.
On the Clock has been wonderful for our company. Sometimes I work from home as well as the office and I love being able to clock in remotely. I also really like the punch map feature. It has helped immensely to know if our employees are punching at the office when they are here. It helps them show up on time. Great job On the Clock! I recommend your service all the time to others.
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5 years ago, Hackmeier
Pretty Good - does what it needs to
It takes the math out of writing down when you are in and out of the office. And if you forget you can easily add in manual hours (if the admin permissions are set that way) I wish it had a way for the employee to run their own report of hours - the Employer can but I think it’s good for both to easily keep a record of recent hours in report form
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5 years ago, Ryeukin
I was recently introduced to this app when I started a new job in February of ‘19. It is extremely easy to use and navigate. You can clock in and out without any issues, and tracks all the activity so you can look back and check your weekly/monthly hours. I would recommend this app to ANYONE who needs to track their hours.
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5 years ago, modern optometry
Great for my small business
This app has been so great for my small business allowing me to see who is in and out of the office even when I’m not there. It is easy for the employees to use and even reminds them to clock in and out. It calculates the hours for me and is extremely reasonably priced. Would recommend it to anyone who needs their employees to punch in and out.
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5 years ago, Mom of Twins in Tampa
Great solution!!
I have a small business with only 1-2 staff members at a time. I implemented On The Clock and it was amazing how easy it was to work. My staff also like it and it definitely cut down on the “phantom overtime” that employees always seemed to have with handwritten timesheets. I love that I can see where they physically are when they click in and out. Super easy to approve and upload into QB payroll.
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5 months ago, Aden Rocks!
Aden Rocks!
Aden helped me out with a question I had regarding Paid Time Off, and our discussion led to a capability that I didn't know existed. I was under the impression that I couldn't export a file with all the punches identified by job, but he showed me that I could, and that had made my job one whole heck of a lot easier. Way to go, Aden!
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5 years ago, H. B. G.
Simple and easy to use
I work for a small company that recently switched over to On The Clock and it has been a very smooth transition. Everyone can use the app on their phone easily (even our non-English fluent employees find it easy to understand). I recommend On The Clock if you are looking for a simple time clock app for your small company.
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4 years ago, tiny pineapple
Great Solution for a Small Nonprofit
We have 4 employees that use the app. Keeping track of our hours used to be so complicated because of all the community events we host. This app has changed all of that because we can clock in and out wherever we are, as well as track PTO and request time off. Very user friendly. We love it!
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4 years ago, WinterWall
Simple & Effective
This app has been wonderful to work with as a solution to time card needs. As a small business with less than 5 employees, this app offers a simple way to manage everyone’s time cards from an administrative point of view. No big costs, and can easily scale up for us when we’re ready! Love it!
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4 years ago, bethannejack
I’m a nurse and this app gives me the convenience of clocking in right when I get to work instead of wasting time having to fight for a computer! I can clock in when I walk in the building so when I get ropped into work right away, I don’t miss out on pay! It also is very simple to navigate hour PTO/ time off requests!
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3 years ago, EbbieLove
Does the job
As an employee it does the job. Only thing for suggestion is the ability to have it count down how many hours until you reach 40. Or have the option of changing the metric on how the total is. For example: 3 hours and 59 minutes instead of 3.89 hours.
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3 years ago, dotcaff
Saves time, easy to use
So convenient, can punch in or log in from anywhere. Used to have to go to a time clock so this saves a lot of time. Really love being able to track my time for the week Helps me make sure time on pay is accurate.
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5 years ago, Cali Sai
Great app!
It’s really user friendly and straightforward. I’m not sure if you’re able but it would be nice if there was a way to edit your time card rather than having to notify my supervisor each time (those moments I forgot to clock back in from lunch or clock out at the end of the day). Otherwise great app!
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4 years ago, prof. x 00
Excellent app for small businesses!
This app allows you to keep track of your hours in ways that larger companies won’t. You can see exactly how many hours you’ve worked, and the latest update has made it possible for you to edit hours in case you forget.
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6 years ago, dmiddleton
Great app and company!
I highly recommend OnTheClock for your time card needs. I used them for a few years, very simple and user friendly, and for the price, there’s nothing better. Fantastic customer service! Any time I had a question I would hear back from them within the hour.
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5 years ago, BethS64
Excellent solution!!
We are a small business and we were searching for a way for our employees to clock in and out. OnTheClock is perfect for us. Makes our payroll a breeze. And if you do need to contact someone with a question, they are very quick to return your call. Highly recommend!!
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6 years ago, abqnative1
Great, inexpensive app for employees
I am a contractor, so traveling from work site to work site is a daily routine. We get to work sooner without having to go to the office to clock in. And thanks to the GPS and ability to have work site locations to select from, I keep track of my employees hours very easily thanks to this app. I love it!
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5 years ago, CaliValleyMom
Decent Timeclock
Our company uses this time clock app for our staff who work in positions that are away from the office. It works well for regular 8 hour shift employees but needs some updates on payroll systems for less traditional 10 or 12 hour shifts. The program is working on updates to help it work with these employers so it should be compatible soon to these protocols for payroll.
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4 years ago, Jesus = Reason for Christmas
It’s good!
It’s easy to use and I like that I can check hours from past pay periods or look at a specific pay period. The only issue I’ve had is once in a while it takes a minute to open so I can clock in/out - but that could be the Internet connect and not the app.
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5 years ago, Jameson73
Great App
We have been using the app for a few months now. Really helped out our towing business since a lot of our employees are out in the field when they need to punch in and out. We are able to track locations when they do so as well. I would recommend this app.
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5 years ago, SmallConstructiin
Small business
I love that with this app everyone can clock the s elves in, I can’t eat on my end and see if they are at the job, and who is and isn’t clocked in. With the paid version I was able to set it up to auto deduct lunch. Not having to track hours for the guys anymore is awesome!
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4 years ago, brookeamber14
so easy!
Using ontheclock is one of the easiest punch in systems i’ve used. It is quick and reliable and really has made keeping track of hours worked so easy! Personally I have never had any issues with it for the past year i’ve been using it.
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8 months ago, jimmyjoerayjohn
Fantastic app for time keeping
I use this app for personal time tracking for both work and projects I chose this app because it has a dedicated iPhone and iPad app that works in both orientations. Customer support has been unmatched.
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4 years ago, Shelly Makavelli
5 stars!
On the clock app makes it easier to keep track of my time at work. First thing I do when I get to work is open the app while I’m in the elevator and clock in. Same goes when clocking out and with just 2 touches I’m done! Super easy and highly recommend it!
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5 years ago, Jonathan (Laredo,TX)
User friendly and affordable
I own a small employment agency and struggled to find an online time clock system which didn’t require any set up or access to my client locations. On the clock has been a great added service and my clients and I love how user friendly it is.
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5 years ago, alyssamtmd
Much better than logging on the websites
I have OnTheClock for work. I downloaded the app on my phone and I am so grateful. It saves me so much time to just click the app and punch in and out. I also like that I can look over my time log for my week to see if I’m close to 40 hours.
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5 years ago, andienmac
So easy!
This app is so easy to use! The layout is exactly like it would be using a desktop. Comes in handy if you aren’t at a desktop computer to clock in or do other things, you can easily do everything from your phone. 5/5 for me!
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