OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report

4.7 (6.2K)
120.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
OnTheSnow / Skiinfo
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report

4.73 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Mr.Fro
Love the app but… (feature request)
Thank you for the great app, very helpful to have all the relevant info in one place at a glance. One request: I would love to be able to set the preferred units more granularly. I’m a bit of a weirdo and prefer inch for snow, mph for wind, and celsius for temps. Technically that’s sometimes referred to as “British” units but I bet you don’t have too many british users due to that island being quite flat. Anyways, it’s just my 2c, and I’m a happy user either way. Thanks!
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7 months ago, Dark Knight💀
A Pow-Day Skier's Best Friend
Incredibly-Accurate High-Altitude Radar! Got this app from a friend once I saw that Apple Weather was not reliable anymore for predicting pow days on the mountain tops. This app tells you everything you need to know about current and upcoming weather events as well as the live feeds of the ski resorts. My only request is for a widget for the Home screen. Would like to see my mountain weather reports with ease. Thanks!
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8 months ago, jhoffman0813
On the snow
This is a fantastic app! I’m an avid skier my wife is an avid snowboarder. We get updates on the best locations to hit! They take all the stress of traveling to a mountain out of the equation. You used to never know what you were going to get when you got there, but with this app you can be sure to have the best experience possible. Cheers and thank you!
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6 months ago, Hightrails
Half the time the reported snow numbers are wrong
The main point of this app is to keep track of snowfall at your favorite resorts to help you decide where to ski. It works decent and I still use it but I wonder how they get their data? Often the reported snow numbers are vastly different from the resorts reported snowfall. My local hill reported 12” yesterday and On the Snow reported 0”. Disappointing and makes you have to double check the numbers on the map making you go to all the resorts snow reports anyways.
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2 years ago, Missae2
Apple Watch compatible
The app on my phone is wonderful. I love being able to conspire and keep up to date with the snow conditions. My one issue is that it does not work on ky Apple Watch. Supposedly you can track your route on your watch and upload it to your phone, however, it never transferred even though I forced re-tried or restarted my watch. It also wants me to sign in but I have no way to make an account or if I try it simply fails.
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4 months ago, Bandannasrock
Great app - dislike notifications
Love the app. Awesome data, info and extra content. Will continue to use! The “inbox” that carries notifications requires you to click on each notification one by one to clear the dreaded red dot on your app icon. Please make an easier way to clear or disable those items.
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3 years ago, David!!!!!!!!!!
Great Developer Response
Developers of OnTheSnow, thank you for listening to user feedback regarding the 7.0 update. App was good for years, then garbage, and is great now. New interface looks more modern and is more intuitive and it is easy to find the information I want on my favorite resorts. This app will now thankfully be my #1 go to app again for ski reports.
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2 years ago, Lax5541
I like to his app, nothing really to complain about over the years, but
I very much am satisfied with the app but there is always room for improving I guess. Maybe just quicker updates if possible. Or some really cool feature to blow us away. Maybe like more trail focus, on maps or even 3D maps or trial runs. Can I have a job since I’m kinda consulting for u? Or I can have ur job? ☺️ Thanks, Chris Ramsey
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4 months ago, Iski12
Was going through
I was going through & setting up places I ski the most. As usual my home state of North Dakota is not even listed in the app. Yes, my home state may not be known for downhill skiing, BUT we produced skiers who have competed in Jr Olympics & others have gone onto being business men & women in the skiing profession. I am sure there are other states that are not listed on the app. Can it please be updated. Thank You!
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4 years ago, JennyFurCali
Great Improvements!
I really like how easy it is to add my favorite ski resorts and I loved the personal touch with the “snow before you go” meteorologist report video! Nicely done. Also like the ability to watch the video Picture in Picture and still be able to browse the app.
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4 months ago, abraham.neben
First hand reports are dead
You can find ski reports and weather forecasts anywhere, but the useful part of this app used to be the first hand reports from other skiers. But none of the reports I’ve submitted have been posted to the feed. I’m not sure if that part of the app is dead, or there is just a huge moderate backlog. These reports are only valuable if that are more up to date that the reports daily report. 🤷‍♂️
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2 years ago, ChrisCMC
App doesn’t work most of the time
Takes forever to load anything when it does and other times it won’t even load anything
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3 years ago, GMoney1978
This app is sweet, easy to use, instant pow reports and helpful looking up other resorts local and far. Easy to post about resort conditions, and asking or answering question, except for the occasional haters opinion(Don't Hate, instead snowboard & skate).
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6 months ago, ItsDers
Good but frustrating
Love the app, but very frustrating I have to add resorts to my favorites just to see what’s going on there. Would love to open the app and be able to see who got new snow, see resorts by region, etc. without having to search for them. I don’t want to add every resort to my favorites just to get updates on them.
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2 years ago, Bcparish
Plan my day
I look at this every morning before I make plans for the day. Accurate information. Helps you know who got how much where. You pick who you want to see.
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9 months ago, Spencewriter
The best ski app
Such a great app for up-to-the-minute snow reporting and planning a trip around ski conditions to the mountain. I like the UGC component, too, and being able to view photos/reports from other skiers (and post my own).
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2 years ago, John lit
Terrible and useless forecasts
The app is useless for weather forecasts at the resorts. Seems they only report snow after it happens. Better off using the resorts websites for accurate weather forecasting and reports. If you want to know what lifts and trails are open this app is for you. Anything else don’t waste your time.
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1 year ago, Sundude_99
Updating app and review
I previously gave this app a 2 star review as it was freezing on me. I downloaded the updated app 11/22. Now it is asking me permission to send adverts. What’s up with that? What are they really asking approval for? Cross app scripting? I’ll be looking elsewhere. (I received a Developer Response. They did not deny cross app tracking. A ski app really doesn’t need to know what apps I use, where I bank, what credit cards I have and my health information.)
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3 years ago, JakeRE122290
I don’t know what happened but I tried to open the app recently and it just never gets beyond the loading screen. It worked well for me last season but no luck this year. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app multiple times but it still just doesn’t work. There’s also no support to email to figure out what the problem is. Hopefully someone sees this and reaches out.
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3 years ago, Rocky69 VT
Bring Back the Old Version
This used to be my go to app for ski conditions. This version stinks - it’s deleted my resort list 3 times and it doesn’t give as good info and what you can get is harder to retrieve. Too bad. Looking for a new app. Anyone have any suggestions?
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2 years ago, Peakclimber 46
Great Ap!
Quick and fast with the essentials keeps you updated on the conditions and the individual reports are invaluable to find out the true conditions
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2 years ago, RTMurs
Best free snow reports imo
I’ve only tried using three apps including this one. But this is by far my favorite. The predictions have been pretty accurate over the past 2 months. Hopefully it stays free
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2 years ago, Cio_
Didnt use to work but thanks for fixing!
App just sits on the splash screen. Update: thanks for fixing the app. It is useful when it is working
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3 years ago, Bbrannon4
Decent, but sluggish
It’s got a nice interface and all the info I’d want, though I pretty frequently have the scrolling function stop working (I can click on other things, just can’t scroll the main screen) on multiple pages and have to restart the app.
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3 years ago, B259456y
No more historic snow fall data
I use this site constantly to check conditions or plan trips. Recently with the new update it no longer shares “historical snow fall data” which was one of my favorite features to analyze when planning trips far in advance.
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3 years ago, juancito13
Poor Execution
This app is a great idea. Definitely designed for those who want to stay updated…. But now you have to put in the correct information. Weather is rarely accurate or is a week old. Cameras are never showing anything besides a blank screen. Follow through just isn’t a thing :(
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5 months ago, AGoldner7777
Sorting Issue
This is a strong app for skiing, but the old version was better. You need the ability to sort by snowfall and base depth instead of scrolling through every mountain manually. I could write an RPA process but who has time for that. The Ikon app is better.
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4 months ago, awesomebarton
No longer works
It’s stopped showing my my local mountains (southern california) conditions and now only gives info for mountains that are hours away. Not sure what’s wrong. I’ve tried reinstalling it many times. The snow conditions for all my local mountains are always blank. Time for a different app.
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1 year ago, jeff the skier
Not Reliable
Said Machine Groomed on the same day the slopes website said 12 inches of fresh powder. Had I not checked, might’ve missed the best day on the slope this season. Where is the information coming from? Not difficult to check better sources and update. What is the purpose of this app if there is no information that is verified and other sources are reliable?
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2 years ago, Nlijjjj
Wrong Base Depth on App
App claims winter park and vail among others have a base depths of 80”+ in the beginning of December. As much as I wish this was true it’s simply wrong, the site seems to have correct information however the app continues to have problems. What happened with this app? 5-10 years ago this was the go to app for ski info now it continues to disappoint every season.
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3 years ago, Shark Attack 1
Very hard to post snow condition update
This app does a good job of combining snow reports from different resorts. It has an option for users to post updates, but it almost always fails to work correctly. It’s a real shame. If users could easily upload pictures and updates, it would be a really great app.
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3 years ago, akdkddjsjwuajsjsjsusus
Great app, has its flaws
The app is designed well and is informative and easy to use but the forecasts given are not always correct. The resorts that I ski at do have very unpredictable weather, but NOAA and NWAC(local avalanche ect service) do a lot better.
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1 year ago, Soap Guy
Snow conditions in one spot
I love the On the Snow app. It is very customizable so I can quickly see what is going on at the resorts that I am interested in.
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3 years ago, indysocean
Used to be great...and then came the update
Nooo! This app used to be great. You could sort ur favorite resorts by a whole bunch of different categories like latest snowfall or base depth and now I can’t see any order to it at all. I might be missing something but if so that just means it’s obscure, obfuscated and counter intuitive. Either way I’m done. This is terrible now and I’m shifting to NOAA from now on
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2 years ago, Roman787
Perfect conditions At Baqueira Beret Jan 7, 2022
After a snow storm the conditions were perfect with 4-6 inches of fresh powder and clear sunny day. The entire mountain was open. A delightful ski day!
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1 year ago, Iris Dad
No data for many locations
This app used to be good a few years ago. Now it inaccurately often shows no snowfall. Example, it currently shows no snow in the past week for Telluride but other apps show 7” in past 24 hours and 12” in past 48 hours. Same thing last season with Deer Valley.
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3 months ago, Niebo76
So far so good
I don’t know much but I do know it provides me with what I need and for that it gets 5 stars!
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3 years ago, EMS Tunes
Doesn’t work!
App won’t launch, even after most recent 9.1 update, despite developer saying that issue should now be fixed. Running iPhone X with iOS 15 but app will not move off the initial splash screen. Same thing on iPad. Tried restarting, reinstalling - no dice. Used to work well but now clearly broken.
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3 years ago, im mad3
Not accurate
Love the idea of this app but it’s ALWAYS wrong. The weather report is never right and the snow reports are almost never updated. I still check this app but just checking your weather apps is far more accurate
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3 years ago, tdb94tim
Nice app, has a lot of potential
Could use a dark mode option, sooooo bright and white! Overall a good app with a lot of potential.
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3 years ago, thesteve1000
No summit weather
This app used to show the expected temperature and conditions at the base as well as the summit. Now it’s just a regular weather app with some ski maps.
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2 years ago, Networksguy
Too many messages notifications not of interest
Gods reports, but too many messages notifications not of interest
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2 years ago, FL Wakeboarder
Best of its kind, the only one I use.
Great app for keeping track of all your favorite ski areas.
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3 weeks ago, mlbach
Temps aren’t accurate
…Nor are the snowfall amounts. I like that readers can submit photos. Celsius sponsorship means nothing when it’s not broadly available at most of these resorts. And, where some flavor Dan he found, it’s an after thought in the way it’s merchandised.
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2 years ago, SkiTheTrees1826
Great app
This app tells me what the snow conditions are like 24:7 I love this app and I always use it
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5 months ago, BigWhiteCloud9
Snow chasers need more
Would love a MAP with a few layers to filter data. Next weeks projected snowfall, total base to date, recent snowfall, average weekly temps, snow conditions
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4 months ago, megarooo
Inaccurate Forecasting
The forecasting was consistently significantly off from what was predicted, despite other apps having the same data but more accuracy.
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3 years ago, snowryderewa
Moving on
The new version is full of ads an not useful anymore. I’ve been using this for app for 4 plus years. It was my go to place to get ski reports updates, etc...not anymore. You now need to sign in with an account which is not worth my time anymore. Too bad, you messed up a good useful app.
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4 years ago, dolladollahillsyall
Great improvements!
The app works great and there are many new improvements! Can’t wait to use it this winter.
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2 years ago, Richard295
Missing Alpine Meadows (part of Palisades Tahoe) Trail Map
Their is no way to report a problem in the application. A review will be used in lieu of this capability. Alpine Meadows is part of Palisades Tahoe but the application‘s trail map is missing for this mountain. You also can’t search for Alpine Meadows to get information for this part of the mountain independent of Palisades Tahoe.
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