Open House App

4.3 (253)
16.9 MB
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Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Open House App

4.29 out of 5
253 Ratings
5 years ago, nchodson418
So far so good but question....
I want to know how do I delete my list of people that signed in after I am all done with it. I can not figure out how to. Please respond
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6 years ago, JAWSnAZ
Works exactly as described. Great App.
I used this App at an Open House. It worked exactly as it is described. I altered the sign-in questionnaire to fit my teams requirements. I created a folder with the address for the Open House, the App collected the people that signed in and put them in the folder with the Open House address on it. I handed to people as they walked in and it worked perfectly. When I was finished with my Open House, I got out of the Sign-in sheet page and with a couple clicks the list was emailed to my office. It appears that all the negative reviews are user error. I signed out after five sign request are people that did not pay for the app.
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1 year ago, TheBeej7
App is great, when it wants to work correctly.
The app does what it says, but every time someone signs in the glitches. I have to restart the app for the next sign in. otherwise, the only issue is that the whole screen doesn’t scroll, only the center does. Developer is completely unresponsive after numerous attempts to contact.
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6 years ago, JJL040
Not Functional
This application has potential but it obviously hasn’t been tested. It allows you to create questions with multiple answers but if the answers are longer than one short word none of it displays making it useless. I was hoping that there would be more features after purchasing but there are not. I also hoped the answer boxes would expand on an iPads wider screen, but they do not.
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7 years ago, Orl125
Potential but not there yet
App should be able to auto adjust to landscape view on iPad. Would love to use a key board with this but the screen does not automatically rotate. Also you should be able to edit questions as mandatory after they are initially input. Unclear about keyboard type twitter? This is confusing on the question option.
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6 years ago, Hazel34
I purchased the Pro but won’t sync with iPad
Been trying to find out how to contact you directly, but unable to find anyway to do so, without providing this review. I purchased your pro Open House app from my iPhone, and also want to use it on my iPad. It only allows me to have the pro version on the phone. I do not want to pay for this again!! Why won’t it sync between iPhone and iPad with iCloud?
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6 years ago, Back Door Betty
A little head’s up would be nice
If I would’ve know that you had to pay $20 after five launches, I would have but since it makes you launch it each time your screen goes into sleep mode, no thank you! Don’t use this unless you pay $20 for the app because if you get more than five people at your open house, you’re screwed. Luckily, I had my manual Sign-In sheet.
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2 years ago, TheGoldenOne27
Cannot delete responses
How are responses deleted? Can’t find a way to delete.
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3 years ago, Pakizah
Couldn’t figure out how to get all the signed in contacts
Would be a great tool, if only I could figure how to get or see the contacts who signed in. If there is a way, I couldn’t figure it out.
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9 years ago, Brockoley
Used Differently
I actually use this as a sign up/in sheet for a club I'm in. Very helpful for when I have to send an attendance sheet to our advisors. Wish you could edit the list in the response section. Being able to delete accidental enteritis would be nice
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5 years ago, ShamikoDesign
List disappeared
The app was good as a start. But when the guest fill their info, it does not say where it will go. Does it go to my email? Very confused. Do I have to pay 20 to test the product? It’s not very clear! I am just creating a doc on my iPad for the list.
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6 years ago, ksrealestateboss
Email doesn’t work
Paid the $20, like the lists but email option doesn’t work and app doesn’t sync between iPhone and iPad.
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2 years ago, zoeskyy
Login to receive list
I haven’t received any lists from my open house sign in. How do I re dive them
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5 years ago, wildtiger32
Waste of Money
DO NOT BUY THIA APP!!! App crashed during my Open House on multiple attempts. I was excited with the hype of this tool, only to become the tool with the app’s poor performance. Buyer beware.
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6 years ago, teresa clark d
Can’t get the last of names & no response from their support
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1 month ago, lunaenlatierradelsol
How to get a sign in list
Could someone please email me on how to obtain sign in guest list!
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6 years ago, Grouperhound
Requires personal info to use.
No thanks.
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9 years ago, Searchinginphx
Left me hanging in the middle of an open house.
This app only lets you "launch" a sign in 5 times without making you buy the full $20 version. It kept requiring me to relaunch each time me iPad went into sleep mode and ending up getting launch 5 times in the first 1.5 hours of my 3 hour open house. I'm currently downloading a second app the complete me open house... Argh. Plus the multiple choice answers get cut off after about 6 characters
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10 years ago, My littly prego helper
It locked at my open house!
At first I thought this was going to be great! My potential clients would be able to sign in and I did not have to be connected to wifi.... Too happy too soon... It LOCKED at the fifth attempt of my clients logging in!!! Omg i was sooo mad, I had people coming and no tech to have them sign. Not happy and I am not paying $20 for it to unlock. Suggestion: let realtors create one list regardless of how many times they open it that day. Then lock it but dont have the App lock in the middle of the open house.
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9 years ago, Rabieman
Nice but needs more applications
I don't like that you can't delete entries or lists. I made a sample list and now can't delete it. Also, I sent an e-mail response to my e-mail to see if it really worked and never received the e-mail. I paid for this feature and it didn't work! Also tried to send the spread sheet and that didn't work either!!!!! Great idea but needs some updates.
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8 years ago, Mhuk8391!
Awful app
Consumer beware this app is useless and don't bother upgrading to the expensive version it's useless too! I have lost so many leads because after they sign in the lead is not sent to me my assistant signed up herself and sent the email nothing I have an app that captures my leads and yet I don't get the email to follow up so leads lost No tech support for this crappy app no phone number to call keep money and use old fashioned way sign in sheet!!
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8 years ago, Agent Charles
I like this app!
For years I've been looking for something that will be an easy way to log in attendees...and this works!
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7 years ago, >,<,>,<
Looking for something better
I got a new tablet and even though I had the app on my cloud it was not able to download the full app or transfer the saved responses. For an app that costs this much I would think it should be at least able to transfer data or restore the purchase. If this was resolved it is ok. Do not recommend.
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10 years ago, Brady1012345678910
Email Option Does NOT Work
This app is very nice and works very well!!! Love it!!!
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9 years ago, Candleladypa
Does not sync with my iPhone
I would like the app to sync with my iPhone as well as my iPad. Would like to access the contacts from my phone not just my iPad. When will that be available?
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9 years ago, appwiz65
$20 for a poor product
It would be a great app if it worked properly. 1. App does not stay on sign in sheet. As soon as the iPad goes to sleep you have to go back, click launch and select the sheet. 2. The letters are not lined up properly and you can not change the layout to align anything. 3. There is no way to change the auto generated email message permanently. 4. No support email, phone number or descent website from the developer. Overall a nice idea but purely exercised and way overpriced for what it is.
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10 years ago, Equitix
Too expensive
It's a very simple app, useful but not worth the price.
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7 years ago, aimeshigh
The site crashes every time I try to change background image!
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10 years ago, kwec
This app does not work it freezes . It took my money and it does not work It did not recognize my upgrade There is no 800 number to call and complaint
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7 years ago, kpakov
Crashes a lot
Crashes every time I try to change the background
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9 years ago, SuzyQ1562
Not recommend at all!
Does not work the way it's supposed to. - constantly freezes - list has to be relaunched every time iPad goes to sleep - error message when trying to export list as csv file - cannot edit list name or data - no customer support!? WASTE OF $20!!!
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9 years ago, Osia
Doesn't work
Just downloaded. Horrible. I can't add anybody to the list. Freezes. Waste of time.
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10 years ago, Ack sighted
Not worth the upgrade $$$
This app did not recognize my payment & did not upgrade in my iPad. Waste of money
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7 years ago, mikeyis009
Move on. This doesn't work
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9 years ago, Lorethebest
Crapy app
Once you click on it 5 times it de-activates
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