OpenAir Mobile

4.2 (540)
25.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oracle America, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for OpenAir Mobile

4.22 out of 5
540 Ratings
4 years ago, LOUIELOVE77
The worst
App freezes doesn't login. New update doesn't work!!!
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4 years ago, MbpWasMyFirstApple
SSO is broken in 3.0
This app used to be pretty outdated and poorly constructed. Terrible UX. Now they updated it and the description says it’s a new design, but I can’t login anymore because it broke SSO, so I don’t know whether the new design is any better. All I could see is that the home page hasn’t changed, and there’s no way in the app to send feedback or report bugs. Tapping “App Support” in the App Store takes you to an Oracle page where you have to login before you can do anything. So this review is the only way I could find to reach the dev team!
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4 years ago, richard_gardner
Great Project Tool!
I’ve been using open air for years now. This new update is very easy to use with time entries being on one single page without having to go back and forth! Love it and would recommend it to anyone!
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3 months ago, Administrator Bolt
Convenient but complicated
While I love the convenience of the app. The hourly time entry doesn’t since with the online use and is down to the minute. Would be helpful to have settings carry across to the app. For instance we use 1 hour, .25, .5, and .75 for time entry and trying to navigate the minutes is frustrating
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4 years ago, shamrock'smom
Works great!
Makes my life easier because I can get things done with my phone while I am not in front of my laptop. I am so used to using my phone for almost everything in my life and now I can approve entries for my team too!
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4 years ago, Hmarchlew
Open air mobile
Prior to having OpenAir mobile I was tied to my laptop on weekends and month end approving timesheets. Now I can do from my mobile devices or laptop. This is a great tool for tracking my teams time entry. I would highly recommend.
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4 years ago, Faraon Lopez
Great Product!
I have been using this app for quite a while now and I’d like to give kudos for the developers. It gives me the flexibility to approve timesheets on the road or remote without the need of my laptop. Thanks!
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4 years ago, PaigeHorn
Excellent tool!
Super easy to use! Being able to access this from my mobile device has been a game changer.
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4 years ago, Galela
Invaluable tool
Being able to record time on my mobile and apply to a job is invaluable.
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4 years ago, xjfloydx
I use this product every day. No problem, it’s nice quick and easy to use. I would suggest to anyone to use this product.
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4 years ago, Guilcolax
New UI and Easy to Use
Great update that is easier to navigate and quickly post time and expenses.
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3 years ago, howelljo
room to improve
Approval queue doesn’t synch correctly. Can’t submit time off requests. Can’t see pto balance. Otherwise easy to use. Expense and time keeping are its strengths. Everything else has to be done on the web
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4 years ago, jpf470
Using OpenAir
I have been using open air for several years. The mobile app is critical for time entry and does a great job for on the go entry.
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4 years ago, Gh62ia
Phenomenal App!
Responsive and user-friendly app! Now you can manage your projects from the palm of your hand!
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3 years ago, Bulldog 25
Garbage. Sheer Garbage
I have used the app and the online version for a few years. It could be the way the company has chosen to set it up; it is simply difficult to use and clerly was not designed for the user audience, but rather foe the back-end / finance audience. There is a happy center. Please find it.
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4 years ago, H-tx
Does what I need it to do
The user interface is pretty good, it does what I need it do with tracking time sheets.
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4 years ago, Grateful Georgia
Five Stars!
A best-in-class project management software—and a skilled Professional Services team that makes implementation a breeze!
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4 years ago, Swagboiiiiiiii
Great App to Support Businesses
Really useful app to effectively and accurately track time. Web based time sheets or outdated payroll systems pale in comparison to what OpenAir can do.
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2 years ago, tdklempa
App no internet connection
Tried to use app - on Wi-Fi and cellular, tried separately as well but no internet connection. Yet I can leave this review on my iPhone .. hmm it seems I do have connection but the app thinks not … avoid Openair as not best option on market
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4 months ago, sdavs
Can’t use since iPhone update
Since most recent IOS update this app is glitchy. All pictures uploaded to expenses come through to my company as thumbnails. And everytime I start typing it autocorrects and quits the entry. Please update!
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15 years ago, iPhone Road Warrior
Great App!!!
This is a wonderful app...makes my life so much easier...I can add receipts anywhere, not just while sitting at my PC. The only thing I'd like to see added is displaying the reference number of the receipt. (This feature is avaliable on OpenAir Offline.) My company requires that we note this reference number on the actual paper receipt itself. Hence, I'm forced to login to OpenAir on my PC to retreive that number. If it weren't for that, I'd say this is a PERFECT app as it does everything else the real app does. When this is addressed, I'd be happy to update the 4 stars to 5! PS It'd also be nice if a link to the iTunes Store were on the Administration > Integration: Add-on Services page in OpenAir. Indeed, all of the other SmartPhone downloads are listed there (Blackberry, PocketPC's, etc) - but not the iPhone app. I just took a chance and Googled OpenAir + iPhone and found it. Thanks again for this great, FREE app!
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1 year ago, chainbreaks
App useful but needs additional features
Mobile app needs updating and additional functionality pretty badly
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1 year ago, WhiteLion1
This is not a mobile app
About 50% of the time I get the desktop view not the mobile view. This is a poor representation of a super clunky old UI. It’s not useable from mobile.
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1 year ago, jkweds
Can’t get expenses to work
I am using the guide but can’t figure out how to enter my expenses
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3 years ago, _PapiChulo_
Not intuitive, but works
The interphase requires some work. It is not clear as to how to proceed to enter, modify or delete data.
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1 year ago, Riffrat
Not an Enterprise App
Perhaps it was a shoddy deployment of the product but this app lacks any semblance of an intuitive user interface. Time management on a mobile device is one step above an Etcha-Sketch.
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4 years ago, Mjohnson050115
Love this app!
Great app and easy to work within!
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3 years ago, cbus14
You can only submit expense report or enter time with this app... what about other things that managers would use, like approving those things??? My goodness what a waste of an app.
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8 months ago, Hp210510
Not user friendly
Not at all user friendly.
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3 years ago, KMJ66
Not modern
Does not capture photos of receipts in “document” mode nor does it read and populate automatically into form.
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3 years ago, ffmvgibtmr
Single handedly the worst app I’ve ever had
This app doesn’t work, sync or do any other thing it’s supposed to do
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2 years ago, cgygcggcjcgu
Difficult to nav. Takes forever to load receipts
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2 years ago, bobniu
iPad app works, but iPhone app does not
SSO does not work on the iPhone. It used to, but now it doesn’t.
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2 years ago, Person12-3479
It works, but…
The UI is one of the worst I’ve seen.
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2 years ago, jsyver
Not Intuitive
This is one of the worst user experience apps I’ve ever had to use.
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3 years ago, clevo shawn
Does not work
You cannot login to this application.
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3 years ago, Kstinger
Hate it
Terrible this whole system is terrible
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1 year ago, AppleNicknameIsGoofy
Prompts for survey…
…then doesn’t allow submission of survey answers.
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1 year ago, Red Brink
Very Confusing. Not simple!
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2 years ago, mnnnnnf
Horrible to sync
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1 year ago, mvanmidd
doesn’ work wont connect and i have internet
doesnt worl
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2 years ago, openairsux
Terrible App
Never authenticates
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12 years ago, hlprmnky
No problems at all on iPhone 4/iOS 6
I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 6 and I had *zero* problems building and submitting a 30-line expense report just now, with at least one image attached to each line item. No login issues, app was responsive and never crashed. I could just be lucky, but I wanted to share my experience because it was so different from the one-star reviews.
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6 years ago, bjdaugherty
This app is even worse than their website. Which is actually impressive considering how poorly that is constructed. Oh, thanks for making me click twice to go back to the Home page now, that’s been super efficient! As far as the app, what’s the point?? I can’t do anything of use as a manager, I can’t even see time sheets or expense cards to approve. Which means, you guessed it, I have to log into the aforementioned website to do these activities. Which is also next to impossible on the mobile b/c your latest web update screwed up the attachments page and I can’t see anything on mobile. The only way to see attachments on a laptop browser is to minimize/maximize the window to fix whatever stupid bug you introduced. Pointless.
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14 years ago, RhubyRhu
Still Lacking
We will see if OpenAir deletes this review too, (like they did with my last one). The app is nice, I will give them that, but for time sheets it should automatically adjust to store data on the server in the format currently used by the company. For example, the app allows you to enter hour and minute information for a task, which is great and helpful. However, my company reports time on our time sheets in OpenAir in fractions of days, not hours (i.e. .5 = 4 hours). Therefore, if I enter something as 4 hour via the app, it should report it on my companies timesheet as .5, not 4 (i.e. 4 days). I have uninstalled the app yet again.
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9 years ago, Childhood Tetris Junkie
Abysmal App
I really hoped the mobile app would be more user friendly than the desktop version, but no dice. I can only do activities for myself and can't even approve time sheets for others here. There are literally two things I can do; submit a time sheet or submit an expense report. Since I don't use the expense functionally, I can only submit time sheets. Not terribly helpful when I need to approve time sheets. Basically, the mobile app is worse than their desktop version, which is pretty abysmal. I am not sure who/what Netsuite spends their money on, but I can assure you it isn't UX people. I am only giving it one star because I can't give it zero. What a waste of app space.
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5 years ago, TrueTrue7
Simple but Effective
I use the app to access OpenAir when I need to track my time but don’t have my work laptop open or handy. It’s simplistic in design, but seems be be very effective. It does what it is supposed to and I have noticed no issues. Worth the 5 stars to not have to type in passwords to access the laptop browser version since I’m already using my phone.
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14 years ago, BriefBoy
Great Software - Worst Sales Dept!
Software works very well, sales organization is the pit's.. It's owned by NetSuites and the sales people don't call you back. Unfortunatye because without a salesman the application is useless and the sales folks are the pits! 5 Stars on the application 0 on the sales department. Tech support is good but can't help unless your a customer!
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13 years ago, Greg3305
Slow. Buggy. Poor conflict resolution. No approval functionality.
1. It's very slow to synchronize. 2. Conflicts are handled only in predefined manners. You choose a setting, either the mobile app overwrites the main app, or the main app overwrites the mobile app. No option to choose for a specific conflict which system should be the authority. 3. Doesn't really work for organizations that have a Sunday to Saturday week instead of Monday to Sunday. It will ignore your settings and create an expense report for a Monday to Sunday week. (Timesheets work fine for some reason.) There is an internal setting (modifiable only by OA support) that forces everybody's week to start on Sunday, but then user level overrides no longer work. Administrators beware. 4. No approval functionality. If you can put up with that, it works okay.
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8 years ago, John PB.
Frustrating bugs
If you attach an image to your receipt, then go back to look at that image and touch the image, the app will crash. If that happens, then syncing is broken. There seem to be other ways syncing breaks that I can’t pin down. When that happens, I need to delete the app and re-download it, and start over. Any receipts not yet synced to the server are lost. And, as others have said, syncing can take an absurdly long time. But without reliable syncing, the app ends up taking more time than it would to just use the website. A real shame. I hope they get syncing issues resolved. I use this app primarily for expenses. It’s really handy to be able to enter receipts as they come up, attach a photo for verification, and move on. However, the syncing issues are atrocious.
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