OpenPhone: Second Phone Number

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OpenPhone Technologies Inc
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for OpenPhone: Second Phone Number

4.45 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
1 year ago, BOOamber:)
Mostly Amazing Communication Tool
OpenPhone’s abilities are amazing for my small business use! As a team, we are able to communicate more effectively with our clients and stay a lot more organized. We love that we can mark a text as unread, tag each other internally, mute calls on devices while having it still ring on others, etc. However, the desktop and mobile apps need improvement integrating between each other because sometimes we don’t receive activity notifications on all devices and when we brought this issue to tech support’s attention they said it wasn’t a priority to fix because the issue seemed isolated to our use. We’ve tried to troubleshoot to confirm if it’s user error or not and it seems to be a tech issue. If you are an OpenPhone user and are also experiencing this issue, please contact support so they can prioritize resolving it because it is a key feature. Also, our phone numbers are now coming up as Spam Likely on the caller ID even when we’ve followed all steps to be registered as a legitimate business with the FTC and we do not cold call prospects. I suspect it’s because we are using a VOIP. Lastly, like most communication tools, it’s imperative to have strong WiFi or cell service for phone calls because the quality can be choppy or delayed. Make sure you have this first before investing in any VOIP. Overall, we are satisfied but wish the above things would be resolved.
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4 years ago, sch0622
Perfect for keeping US number while overseas
When I moved overseas about a month ago, I panicked when I realized it would be more complicated than I thought to keep my US phone number functional, which is something I had to do to be able to keep working remotely for my US-based small company. I quickly found out Google Voice would not be sufficient for my needs (I need calls and texts to come through live and need to be able to connect audio to sharing platforms like webex), but thankfully did some searching around and found OpenPhone. The customer service reps were super responsive in answering my many questions, and were patient as I went through several iterations of getting the right account numbers from my current carrier to port my number over. I also appreciated that I could port my number while already out of the country, as I know that’s not possible with Google Voice. So far, the app is working super well - good call quality, has no problem connecting to platforms like webex, etc. I am still working through the text function (it seems like I can text through the app, but then messages come to me through iMessage still - could be that I don’t have a local phone number yet), but that is less important to me than the ability to use my phone number seamlessly. Really looking forward to having this app for the next few years while I’m abroad and am so thankful I found it - would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to keep a US number functional while overseas!
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12 months ago, Sanna_Tized
Use it for my business- best thing ever!!
Love that it helps keep all my business calls/texts separate from my personal! Love the scheduled sent messages, love that if I’m out and about other employees can access and respond to customers if I can’t, also love that I can add a message for when someone calls in- it has helped eliminate spam calls and make my business look so professional! This has been soooo helpful! I have noticed that if my phone is open any calls coming in go straight to voicemail- like it won’t even ring it just tells me that I missed a call and then moments later alerts me that I have a voicemail. But if my phone is locked then I will receive the call. I’ve also noticed that sometimes the scheduled text messages don’t actually send for when I’ve scheduled them. Example: I’ll type out a message and set to have it send in the morning but when morning comes the draft is no longer showing and nothing sent. Kind of annoying especially when it only does it sometimes. Those are the only things I am slightly annoyed by. But other than that this app is excellent!!
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4 years ago, krisgordon70
Changed Rating
Changing my initial review (see below for the prior) from 1 to 5 for several reasons: 1-OpenPhone Customer Service response to both my message and my review were very quick and very polite. 2-They were able to clarify how I misunderstood the charges I initially thought were hidden numbers, not by telling me I was wrong rather showing me how to read it correctly. They weren’t hidden they were prorated just like they say in their signup. 3-The service is exactly what my small business needs, and a price we can afford. We are a startup the services other small businesses, I was able to setup an 855 toll free number and 4 employee lines. Not only that, the answering options coupled with text and automated responses makes us sound like we are larger and very professional. Thank you OpenPhone for being patient and working with us as we grow. I’m a small business owner and got one 855 number and 4 local numbers. They charged the standard $10 plus $5 per line. Then the hidden fees stated showing up daily. In less than 2 weeks, very few calls and text s messages somehow we’ve racked up $50 in hidden fees. I’m not happy and going to port out our numbers to a second line with our cellular company. No where in their app or website or contract does it tell you you’ll get charged per minute or use. Definitely not an inexpensive app.
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5 years ago, Nick Bentley
OpenPhone for the win
Let me preface this review with some background. I've had multiple orgs that I've been a part of for the better part of my life as a college student and even more so post graduation. Many of these are nonprofits or student groups that I dedicated my time to free of charge, because those orgs have very little money. Because of that, they also typically don't have any sort of phone infrastructure. I've had Google Voice, tried GoDaddy's offering, and even had more than one phone at a certain point. None of these worked nearly as well or were nearly as convenient as OpenPhone is. I've got one phone number on the platform, which I use for pretty much everything for each org I'm involved in. It sits in my email signature & gets plenty of calls and texts every day. Over the time I've had OpenPhone, I've not had one issue in making a call, receiving a call, or texting. It all just works. When you're juggling so many things at once, the "just works" aspect of a tool you use is paramount. If it didn't just work, I'd be writing an entirely different review. 10/10 would use OpenPhone for all my non-personal phone lines. Keep up the good work team. I look forward to more features & (hopefully!) a web version and maybe the ability to add employees to the account (vs sharing the password). 🎉❤️
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1 year ago, Reviewer19583
Good system but lacking key feature
Interface is user friendly with phone and desktop app. Ability to create notes on text messages and have voicemails and calls be included in the text messages rather than a separate tab helps a lot with organization. Other nice features like instant responses are very nice. Main feature that is lacking, which is a dealbreaker for us is the inability to search text message conversations by phone number. We are a service company and use Jobber as our crm and dispatching software. Thus, we need to be able to go back and forth between the two, and the best way to do that is search messages in open phone by a customers phone number. The only way to do that right now is to create a new message with the phone number you are searching for, but then it doesn’t search for text conversations involving group messages with that number. Another point is their customer service is pretty terrible when compared to other companies out there. At least 2-3 days response time, and no live number to call. Pretty much another dealbreaker for us. Use another phone system right now and have experiences bugs and glitches, but able to reach a live agent within 2 minutes and get it resolved.
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6 months ago, Silverado Club
Open Phone is awesome!
I was in desperate need of a second phone number with absolutely no desire to carry around 2 devices. I had another app (I won’t mention the name) for quite some time but it just did not live up to my expectations. I switched to OpenPhone after I called them (they actually answered!!!) and they agreed to port my old number over. That seamless process, their on-going willingness to work with me on questions, the attractive look and feel of the app and the overall user-friendly interface for calls and texts are what sold me. The fact that it was less expensive than my previous service was icing on the cake. There was an initial flurry of robocalls to my new number but OpenPhone has a slick way of blocking them built in to the call log and after a couple days, they stopped completely. There is also built in capability to distinguish OpenPhone calls from your personal line which I could not do with my previous service. I would highly recommend this app if you need a way to keep calls separated from your main personal line.
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1 year ago, DMcGhee
Great way for Expats to stay connected
My husband and I ported our US phone numbers to OpenPhone when we moved out of the country. This is a very low cost way to be able to 1) keep in touch with our friends and family in the US, 2) maintain the ability to call US toll-free numbers, and 3) have a US phone number for those institutions that require one for authentication (2FA). One the downside, I sometimes have issues sending and receiving, particularly pictures, when on cellular. This is despite having checked multiple times that cellular data is on for the app and their are no data restrictions in the phone’s settings. Also, there are some US based companies (primarily banks), that require a true mobile phone number, from a known carrier. They will NOT allow my OpenPhone number to be added as a mobile phone. I was able to get passed this with Wells Fargo by listing the phone as my home phone and using email for 2FA, but I cannot do certain online transactions with US Bank because they require a true mobile.
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12 months ago, Ahhhhsome86
Service went to crap
We use open phone for a business line. In the beginning it was bliss, and we told our other business accounts. Somewhere along the line, i couldn’t hear any calls. Like when i answered, they couldn’t hear me and i could not hear them. Everyone we had saved in our contact book, lost their names, so we had to back and re save numbers again. The phone issue happened with some of the people on the team, and others were not affected. We reached out for support multiple times and was passed around to support tech and rep who never really handled anything. When we threatened to term the service, that’s when they started to put in some sort of effort. In the end it resulted to a security issue, which their it department wouldn’t set up a meeting with our it department ti work out any thing. So we continue to use the service because we have not found anything yet that works, and it’s been our contact number for 2 years, but sad it’s turned into a paid nightmare. When I’m at work, i have to disconnect from the wifi in order to take calls, which are distorted and they hear me being choppy anyways. And it still doesn’t work or sound any better when I’m at home. But when I’m on the work wifi the calls have no sound.
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1 year ago, SamG1989
Best in the market.
If you are looking for a second line on your main phone but don’t want to have the inconvenience of another phone to carry around, weather it be for business, personal or other important use, OpenPhone is your absolute best option. I’ve been in the market of using VoIP based solutions for 6 years, having used all, many of them shut down since, but when it comes to features, layout and reliability, OpenPhone checked all on the list. - Port # in / out. - Support - Calling, SMS, MMS = Unlimited US/CA - Use Cellular Minutes, WiFi or Cellular Data option. - Call Forwarding - Caller ID, Voicemail - When abroad, Switch to Calls over Cellular / WiFi Data = never be without a working phone line and you remain local to your customers in USA and Canada. The team is wonderful, always prompt with answers and they are working on exciting features from requests I’ve made due to nature of use I have for the service. If you are serious about a second line on your phone as I am, this is the absolute one stop service for you.
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2 years ago, MichaelA7382
Excellent service
I have used a cheap standard phone line for my business number (not actively used) and as red to get rid of it as it was a second eSIM line and the service was bad. Since I have great service on my personal line I decided to cancel the cell plan and use OpenPhone for my business number instead. I got a new toll free number, that spells out something related to my business, and it was no extra cost. The features are really nice. Being able to set a text-to-speech message for all people calling the line is great and it supports many formatting. Auto text reply is also sweet. It’s what I wanted, and none just did it right. Web UI, super nice and better than others (and not all have it). OpenPhone is the best option there is, and is truly actively developed and improved unlike other services, and it’s more affordable than others too. I haven’t even touched most features, and hope I have a reason to in the future. There’s few companies that I’m happy to give money to but these guys and girls deserve it.
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1 year ago, dubvmarj
DO NOT USE! Miserable experience
Account was closed due to “suspicious” behavior. Liars. I have done nothing with these numbers besides use them for business matters. They are unresponsive in trying to fix it. I have two numbers tied to two businesses, a state registration, a state business license, and a professional license that requires a fingerprint background check, but yet I’m suspicious. Now I have to get a new phone number, pay for new business updates by filing documents to update my phone number with the department of state, pay for and file new documents with a licensing agency to update a phone number, and fix dozens of accounts now, because I’m “suspicious” for doing nothing other than maintaining two numbers to use for business related accounts and licenses. If you want a nightmare of possible paperwork, use OpenPhone. Not only did they delete my account, but they billed me for the next month AFTER they deleted my account. Scam artist. Guess I’ll have to cancel my credit card now too. To the developer response…are you all dumb? You expect me to provide my email on a public forum? When I’ve already emailed you fools a dozen times. Everyone, this developer response is just another demonstration of the care you receive…smh
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2 years ago, RJS617
Great app especially for the price
I love this app. For how cheap it is and what I get out of it, it’s fantastic for my small business. I’m able to identify that it’s a customer calling in before I answer and I love the way it organizes the conversation thread including all calls and messages in chronological order. Brilliant! And I can’t express enough how this app is worth every penny of $10/month. I really wanted to rate it 5 stars however the inability to customize my ringtones and alerts forced me to take a star away. It would be an easy 5 star rating if I was able to do this. The new update included a predetermined ringtone which I personally think is awful but it was a step in the right direction. I’d actually prefer the default phone ringtone over the OpenPhone generated tones now. But I can’t complain too much. I hope they configure a way to choose some different types of ringtones. I still 100% recommend this app and I was a Google voice user for years.
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2 weeks ago, Smallsdtt
Complex Registration
Hello! So I just tried to sign up for the phone app and I was denied within hours due to that they thought my information was invalid. The guy responded back quick and opened up the account which was great. Then if you want to use the service to texts you have to register. ( you also have to pay monthly for the service and pay an application fee to register) Now this is the tricky part. You have the answer questions and it gets sent somewhere to determine eligibility. I’m a group home manager so I answered the best way possible and I was denied. I got an email and said to try again and once I tried I couldn’t resubmit. Which they do state basically they don’t want just anyone misusing the app but if I’m paying for it, it really shouldn’t be to much of a problem. But anyways, I contacted customer support and I am waiting now for a response, which isn’t has quick as before. So presuming, quick to take money slow to fix an issue. Also, you can possibly wait 30 days for it to activate for texting, just so everyone is aware. But I will update on how long this takes and see how they will fix the issue.
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4 years ago, Everything-is-taken1987
Changed rating
Update: Two months and a lot of confusion later, our numbers were finally ported over! I’m so glad that we can use this to keep our US numbers... that was one of the main reasons we chose this company. It’s still only a 3 star rating because my texts frequently fail to send. It’s not a wifi issue because I can text from WhatsApp and Messenger just fine. It seems to occur mainly when I’m texting a group. I have a request out to customer service... if we can remedy this problem I’ll be glad to bump the rating up again. Original post: My husband and I just moved overseas and needed to find a way to keep our US numbers active. Everything we read adore this company said that we could do that through them. Not true. We have contacted them, we have contacted our US phone carrier, we have filled out all the forms we’ve been sent and our numbers still haven’t been ported over. And customer service has stopped responding when we reach out for help. Total silence on their end. 100% disappointed with this company and their service.
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10 months ago, RayAtCyberdine
UPDATE: Absolutely THE best!
Update September 1st 2023 - STILL going strong! 11 months I’ve been using OpenPhone. LOVE IT. Hands down. Still the best phone tool / service I’ve used for business. Don’t hesitate to subscribe. Just do it and experience it for yourself! Note to Developers: Please, I’ve been waiting several months, I’ve pushed and pushed for an export feature for contacts. I really need to export the contacts, organize them, then import them. We can export individually, but I need mass export. Please. Add this. Then, OpenPhone will be complete for my use, but I really need a significantly easier and productive way to manage my contacts with an export manager/feature. My birthday is October 11th, that’s what I’ll be wishing for!!! Make my wish come true! Lol ======== April 25th, 2023. I’m a paying customer for 2 lines. Started using the service in November 2022. I’m still here. I’ve used all the other apps, from Burner, SecondLine and Hushed etc. all of them. OpenPhone, has been the best solution for my business “phone” needs. Period. These people are good people who are doing a fantastic job with the application, service and overall quality of their product. I just want to say, thank you 🙏🏼 You put an end to my misery with all the other apps. ❤️
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6 months ago, Razzcal
Open Phone is ok
I’ve been using the Open Phone app well over a year now and while is does the basic job of phone calls and sending text there are IMO several shortcoming. First among them and most annoying, is making phone calls to numbers that are disconnected. With a normal call you get the feedback immediately that the the number is no longer working, not necessarily the case with Open Phone. You may get four or five rings that then disconnect. The only way you know if it is disconnected is by calling with another line and getting that feedback. This is incredibly unproductive as you then have to take extra steps to determine if the number is valid. The next issue is dialing feedback. Dialing outside of the app I hear a clear click or noise that gives me feedback that I hit a digit and it immediately gives me a noise. The open phone app is all silent. Lastly, the amount of down time seems to be constant lately. Not sure what is the problem here.
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10 months ago, Naftali-C
This has good features, but when not working getting seams impossible
I have been using Openphone for over a year now for my business and have been pretty happy with all its features and capabilities. There are times when I’m in an area with spotty internet and have issue with calls and texts. I would give the features of this App 4 stars, but customer service a 1 or 2 stars. For the past month I have been having issues where I see incoming calls, but the app has not been allowing me to answer (haven’t had this issue in the past). All my settings on my phone are on to allow incoming calls from this app. I have been trying to reach customer service on every email they have, and every method they have to reach them, but have not gotten any help yet. As much as I like the features this app has, if it’s not working I would have to find a more reliable phone service for my business. Hope their customer service improves and can resolve issues like this for future customers.
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1 year ago, lekristin
Fave burner line!
Love that features are being updated consistently. I’ve been using OpenPhone for my business line as a hairdresser, and have been really happy with the service! I’ve tried a bunch of services and this one has been my favorite. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, and the desktop version on my Mac. It’s super seamless overall and it’s the best one I’ve used for sure. And trust me I tried a bunch of them lol. I looooooooove the scheduled send option on desktop! Bring this to all platforms please! Things I’d love to see in the future: - Individual control (per contact) for auto replies / auto responses. Ie contact profiles for auto responses - the ability to turn on and off auto responses per person - auto response options for existing contacts vs non-stored/new contacts - integration with diff services ie google contacts - ability to time auto responses such as only sending an another auto response ONLY after X amount of time has passed. - The option to “time out” responses after X hours would be handy - basically I’d like to see super customizable commands / abilities based on the contact or grouping outside of business hours / standard profiling in the system as is. If this keeps getting as good as it has been, I’ll stay with OpenPhone forever!
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2 years ago, knightvicki
Delayed review
I set up an account about a day ago immediately I got a notification my account has been flagged for review that a team member will do that in less than 24hrs , it’s approaching 48hrs now and I still can’t access the phone I paid for, it’s so annoying, I already written twice to your customer service still no response, if this doesn’t get fixed soon I will have to request for a refund from Apple. Well my account was open after this review yesterday but I got another issue now, it was working perfectly fine yesterday but this morning it stopped sending texts with an error message of “undelivered” the most annoying part is that I receive text but can’t respond anymore and I’ve been since trying to contact the customer service but no response…. I’m tired of this app😡
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1 year ago, Thebestreviewerontheplanet
Lots of issues
People have told me some of the weirdest things that happen when they call or I call. They say my name comes up as someone else named Michael something but it's no where near that. People tell me the ring on their end is an old time telephone ring and most of the time it rings like ten times on their end before it ever rings on my end. I have a ton of trouble making calls, such as calls won't connect. Lots of noise in the line, people can't hear me. Echoing and cutting out are all major problems with this phone app. I wish I didn't get my work number through it because now that I have the number printed on all my business cards and have used this my phone number for six months now, I hate the idea of switching numbers to get a new phone app so I am stuck with all the issues. I do not recommend this app at all. It's terrible. Two stars because at least the app exists to use it and it does work for the most part, just a lot annoying troubles.
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2 years ago, fitness goals lets go
Love the app and the price just one issue
I love the app it’s amazing, everything I need it for. It’s a great price that fits my budget and allows me the privacy I need to contact other professionals and clients alike. Sometimes though messages will not go through and it will not say why. Other than that it is the only issue I have had thus far. The one purchase I have not regretted! I’d recommend this to anyone who needs a separate number for work or other buisness. I love that it automatically records and keeps information on it bout me having to remember to hit record or have a secondary device. It saves me so much time and offers me security within my job as I can look back on what was said which gives me protection, the client or other business or professional I may speak with.
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1 year ago, Branbenj
Great for businesses
I have been with OpenPhone for about 6 months or so, and I love the service. I have a small, 3 person/ 2-line, business and this helps us keep in touch with our business and keep costs down. The "Business hours" are a set it an forget it type of thing after hours calls go straight to VM. I never forget to recap key conversations for my assistant, she goes back and listens to the calls and pulls out information, I didn't know she needed or was useful. She answers/makes calls for me, from my line. know i am wowed by little things, it's also a little price. Sold. Yes, there are some missing features cough conference calls cough CarPlay integration, as in call from CarPlay , but those are not deal breakers for me. As I said, we are small. Keep it up, I love the service.
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9 months ago, gScottP
Sketchy billing and horrible customer service
I’ve had this service for over a year. Reasonable, with some glitches here and there. My major issue is that they held my number hostage while I was paying for it. I had to submit for the TCR registry, as I was supposed to. That’s fine. Eventually my texting service was cut off, with the app stating that I needed to register. I emailed customer service to see what the holdup was. After several days, they replied back stating that I was required to have a credit card on file on their site and since I was on Apple Pay, they never submitted my registration. No one ever took a moment to reach out to me about this. Oddly enough, my monthly cost would jump from $9.99 through Apple Pay to $17 if I go on the website with a credit card. Basically, they are extorting me to increase their revenue. Amazed and appalled at the apathy, lack of customer service, and strong arming. Highly disappointed and it feels like it’s at the very least unethical if not illegal.
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3 years ago, :Lb08:
Needs Custom Notification Tones
The app and service are fine so far but I think it is in need of a custom notification sound. At first I thought it wasn’t a big deal but, since I’m using this app for business, it would help for me to be able to quickly identify and prioritize the type of notification I’m hearing. The app inherits the standard system notifications so it’s very easy for me to lump in the alerts with all of the other distractions on my phone. Maybe this is just a sore spot for me since I tend to try to ignore my generic notification sounds during the work day. But after missing several client messages that came in to the same tune as news alerts or Instagram likes, I now have to constantly check every notification I receive. Hopefully I’m not missing a setting that’s already there, but this small feature would vastly improve my workflow :)
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10 months ago, Bezdomobile
Disappointing Experience - Major Features Removed, Poor Customer Service, No Data Export
I'm genuinely disappointed with the current state of OpenPhone. The app used to be a handy tool for my business communication needs, but it's now a shadow of its former self. Firstly, there's the issue of major features being stripped away while the price remains not only unchanged, but substantially increased! It's frustrating to see functionality that was once included now relegated to additional paid add-ons. It feels like a bait-and-switch tactic, and it's not appreciated. Secondly, their customer service is abysmal. Attempts to seek clarification or assistance with the changes have gone unanswered or resulted in vague responses that didn't address the issues at hand. Effective communication is vital in a business tool, and OpenPhone fails miserably in this regard. Lastly, and perhaps most infuriating, is the lack of data export options. It's easy to import your data into the app, but they conveniently restrict any means of exporting it afterward. This lack of data portability is a major concern for anyone who values their information. In summary, I can't recommend OpenPhone in its current state. The removal of features, subpar customer service, and the data export limitation make it a regrettable choice. It's time to explore alternative options that prioritize customer satisfaction and data control.
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3 years ago, Oakweb
Finally a company that gets it!
In a sea of spamming apps I despise, I was looking for a business text solution for my company. Googling and trying to find a company is not easy when you find it hundreds of applications that all do the same thing, basically spam. OpenPhone gets everything that a small business or even medium businesses need for communication with their customers. While there are a few things that I’d like to have like a scheduler and search features within tags and things like that, I’m sure in due time they will update. They bring to a table many features that other text apps are even close to providing. High-level integration and features , good support, and affordable pricing makes me think their future is bright.
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2 years ago, diehardapplefan
Features needed
The phone app has been mostly enjoyable to use. The most important feature needed is contact sync with Google contacts. If that isn’t possible then there needs to be at least someway to export in bulk the contacts that have been managed within OpenPhone to triage duplicates. 2 minor feature request would be: to be able to see the phone number for the contact you’re on an active call with to verify you have the right phone number while you’re on the call. And the other would be to change the behavior for the swipe down to search. Most apps use pull down to refresh in a list view, and it’s extremely disorienting to always come across the search feature this way.
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1 year ago, Edvm
Nice option, but there are kinks that need to be worked out
I love the price point and convenience of being able to use my personal cell for business. However, there are some glitches that I’ve learned about the hard way. Voicemails do not show up right away. I will see a missed call from an hour ago and when I check it, no message. But sometimes the message shows up later, but since I’ve already looked at the missed call, I don’t realize there is a message that was left. Also, when I go to text a client, the previous thread does not always show. So sometimes I think I am texting a new client and only after I send the message, does the old text thread show up. Also, cell coverage is spotty in areas where my Verizon line works fine. Overall a service worth having. But I wish those glitches could be resolved.
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3 years ago, hellojonm
The perfect feature-set so far.
I don’t own a large business, I own a 2 person business. I needed an app that was built around me and not around call centers, or desk phones. I needed auto-responders, I needed mobile apps that were fast and allowed my partner and I to collab and not just fight over who had or hadn’t responded to a client, that stopped us from both responding at the same time (typing indicators) I needed something priced with me in mind, I don’t want to lose them money, but I don’t want to be taken advantage of either. I needed it priced it so I can add users without cutting back on other parts of my business. I don’t want to add licenses just to be able to use the most helpful features. OpenPhone did all of this for me, they’re new, small, things will hopefully accelerate, but in a thoughtful way. If the OpenPhone team reads this, integrations, notifications, and an inability to bury messages too deep to where they’re hard to find - are my top priorities. I never want to miss a message, oh and can you make the links in the slack integration for “send message” or whatever work on mobile and not just desktop? Super useful. Good luck with the VC funding, hope to see good things.
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1 year ago, Hikercapecod
Should be a Founder’s First Tool
As a founder, managing a team, ever said to yourself you wish you had a separate phone because of all the different types of calls you would get? The features on OpenPhone have given me the flexibility, and the “I wish I would’ve” type set of functionality I’ve been looking for for some time. It’s not just about the features though it’s about their customer support and dedication to product development and success. I could go on but seriously, this is the app, desktop and mobile that you want. Even before you setup your corporation, businesses cards, and more. This is where your start and things will be so much easier for you down the road.
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6 years ago, trickyelf
Great app, fantastic service!
I was sick of my phone company continually raising rates for a landline that only rang when some scammer picked my number at random, which was at least 10 times a day. But I wanted to keep the number which I’d had for over 12 years and most of my credit cards, utilities, and other services had for me. I researched other options, and decided on OpenPhone because of features and price. They took care of porting the number, which took about a week, owing to the carrier’s schedule, and all along the way were in contact with helpful info about how to use the app with a temporary number. They swapped out that number with my old number as soon as it was ported and contacted me to make sure it all went well. Highly recommended!
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1 year ago, Jahosafat99
Sometimes buggy, lagging, but functional.
It crashes at least twice a day on a new MacBook Pro though it reboots quickly. It often lags between clicking on messages. Lags a lot when putting new number in text bar though that has improved. On my phone, it auto marks texts as read whereas it does not on the computer. No capability to put calls on hold so another user can pick up. That’s my biggest complaint. Love the internal chat option. Tagging is I would say 10% unsuccessful as messages simply won’t load when clicking on activity. It’s functional and far superior to using my phone cell service for work. Calls are clear. Metrics are nice. Apart from these issues, overall is good.
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6 years ago, Ashi27
Great app & customer service
We were looking for an app that would allow us to separate our business phone from using our personal numbers and this app has been the best so far. It was easy to set up and I love that my business partners can also download the app and have access to the number. The customer service has been the best I’ve probably ever had with a phone company. I couldn’t get our number to update on Instagram and I had emailed an inquiry asking for help. Not only did they send me step by step instructions to go around Instagram to update they followed up. When the step by step work around didn’t work the rep I was working with asked for our links for facebook and Instagram and troubleshooted for me. The rep figured out the issue and tada our number is now correct on Instagram. The only issue we’ve had is that one of my business partners phone doesn’t ring and shows missed calls. I attribute this to our cell service inside our shop building though. Because when I’m in the office it works fine. With all that said, I absolutely love this app for small business owners who need a separate phone line.
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9 months ago, Al 65
Worth the effort
I tried open phone once and liked it but decided I didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting the registration issues I was having figured out. I switched to a different phone app. Didn’t take me long to regret my decision. It did not offer me anywhere near what open phone offers! And it cost more. I do wish customer service response was a bit quicker but I think they get delayed due to their rapid growth. This app is worth going through the registration process for what it offers my small business. I love being able to set My business hours and not get calls during my off hours. I’ll be staying this time around!
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1 year ago, Pit--Bull
OpenPhone has made handling the MANY calls and texts from my clients so much easier to handle. I was using a dedicated phone for my main business line and it was a pain to handle. I now have everything in once easy to use app with an easy to use conversation style layout that keeps all communication in one thread. AND I can even record all incoming and outgoing calls so I don’t have to try and take notes while I’m driving. OpenPhone has made running my mobile business life so much easier. AND customer support is super speedy AND it’s US based assistance. They got my number ported and up and running with literally only minutes of down time. Thank you OpenPhone Team!
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6 years ago, Kirsten says so
Best customer support ever
I needed a phone app that would work on my personal phone, and allow me to port over my company phone number. Over the past week I've been working with support team at OpenPhone, who have been phenomenal!, to get my number ported and set up as my OpenPhone number, as well as add my contact list into the app without flooding my personal phone with work contacts. Daryna has been so responsive and helpful, I wish I could give the app 100 stars, the experience has been that exceptional. The idea of making my personal phone also my work phone was stressful, but they made it a painless process and have answered any questions I've had quickly and are always friendly. Would happily recommend them!
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1 year ago, Mkam888
Useful app
It’s a very useful app. Yays: *You can use it anywhere you are in the world (if you have an internet connection, of course). * It records all conversations. *Super easy to use and set it up. Nays: - Sometimes, it disconnects in the middle of conversation. I understand that can be an internet signal problem, but it happened even when the signal was strong. - I am not able to see the exact time a call was made. - The same with texts. - There is no option of “select and delete” a text. You can only delete the entire text conversation. That sums all. Nobody is perfect. 😊 Overall, it is the perfect app for being able to call into the States from abroad.
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5 years ago, Демид19
Simply doesnt work. Support talks a lot, but does nothing.
Call quality is great. But actually making an receiving calls isnt something these guys have quite gotten the hang of. I actually upgraded to a new IOS to use their beta, at the suggestion or their tech support, who said it would fix my issues - something I should NEVER have had to do with any proper app, as it risks slowing down my phone. Making calls frequently results in a “call failed” error, even for valid numbers Ive dialed via the app before. Answering calls many times results in a dropped call. And calling the people back is glitchy! Absolutely not a serious solution, at best its some kind of beta (not even a working one). Tech support is “nice”, but does absolutely nothing. No one from engineering ever addressed any of my multiple issues. Had high hopes initially due to solid sound quality, but this just cannot be used for business or even personal purposes as is.
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6 months ago, Mr G - Chris
Decent Communication Tools for Emerging Entrepreneurs
So far, I’ve had a satisfactory experience. Only issues I’ve encountered the last couple years were slight price increases and glitches inside the app. Sometimes when you want to attach a photo, the app won’t open my photos. I have to exit out of the chat, go back into the chat, attach the photo again. Sometimes this works. Also, now when you want to copy a message over, it attaches the copy text message in a txt file, which I have to delete before sending. Kind of annoying! Other than that, the tools are great for someone getting started in a business. Least expensive for the telecommunications tech, but not as many functions as other competitors, but the price point is where it at!
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2 years ago, darrellcassell
Great service
OpenPhone has been great for my business. Since starting my business I’ve wanted a business phone, and this was a better alternative to that. The only reason for 4 stars is that the app confuses me at times (hoping it’s not just me). I would love a way to separate messages from calls and voicemails like the native apps on our phones. Or even some type of symbol that shows there are messages in that thread as well. Sometimes I can’t find a message because it’s buried behind a missed call or voicemail. It makes it more difficult if I don’t have the contact saved/or is a new client. I feel like that’s the only gripe I have, that when fixed, definitely deserve to be a 5 star app.
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6 years ago, 11RB13
Outstanding Customer Service and Great Features!
I recently switched from using a different app for my business to using OpenPhone, and I’m glad I did! The customer service is top notch! I already had a business phone number that needed to be ported so it could be used for my line on OpenPhone. They made the process a breeze and my original phone number was ready for use in no time. In addition to the customer service, I am also impressed with the features. The phone clarity has been excellent, and the text feature feels very natural. I also appreciate having informative caller ID, which sounds basic, but was not available on my previous app. I am thrilled with my decision to make the switch!
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4 years ago, Paco Zayas
I Requested to have my phone port it out of OpenPhone to another carrier and there response was would have to wait two weeks because the partner company they use to port numbers is undergoing an internal migration and they cant do it. Both companies do not have a contingency plan or an allocation in case something like this happens? Do they never for-see something like this in their plans for the future ?Really?????? Their response, sorry nothing we can do!!!! Unacceptable!! They were quick to open my account and port my number to them really fast. For the future OpenPhone customers, careful, look into this!!! It is not good, specially if you run a business. My reason for leaving, horrible connections and incredible amount of drop calls. Their support team helped me in this issue and did all they instructed me to do to no avail. Eyes open!!!!! If I could give them zero stars I would.
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1 year ago, Chantelrhea13
Not perfect but good
I switched to this app from Sideline early last year due to Sideline not being as friendly with two different phone lines. The inability to two-way sync or even automatically sync google contacts is very disappointing. Having to manually resync is annoying. I also can’t update contacts in the app since it won’t sync with google. I also run into some issues with phone quality if I’m around spotty wifi without having to turn off the wifi on my phone. I’d prefer the option to only use cell towers. I probably won’t switch to anyone else bc it’s a pain but had I known about the Google contacts, I probably wouldn’t have switched at all.
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2 years ago, dissatisfied doctor
Absolutely awful
I have not been able to receive text messages since I switched and moved my number from AT&T to openphone. They keep blaming it on AT&T and AT&T blames it on them. It’s taking me three weeks to get my account number and pin number for them to bring my phone back to AT&T and now the pin number does not work. I’ve spent another week trying to get a new one and still can’t. There is no phone support and they are very slow at responding on email. Now I cannot make outgoing calls without it hanging up. My patients and other doctors have not been able to text me for over three weeks and I am losing so much business and have made a lot of people very upset by not responding. I’m not even sure if I’m getting all my phone calls. don’t go with this company. And if you go with a different one make sure they have phone support because this is just crazy.
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5 years ago, alger27
Love OpenPhone but 2 bugs
I love OpenPhone...the call quality (if QOS is set up properly), the features and ease of use, the mms/sms ability. It’s definitely the best VOIP app out there. That being said, there are two bugs that, after 6 months, have still not been resolved: 1). If an sms is received to your OpenPhone number while simultaneously on a call, the mic audio cuts out and the person on the other end can no longer hear me. The only resolution is to end the call and call them back. I feel like this is a large enough bug/inconvenience that I’m considering switching to another service, but I really don’t want to :-( 2). I have multiple numbers. If I use the SEARCH tool to find an existing sms conversation with a client the “send from” number switches to my secondary number for no apparent reason. This only happens when I search for the conversation as if I scroll through and tap on the conversation the number stays consistent. In talking with support they recognize both issues but haven’t seemed to resolve either one and it’s been over 6 months. Please guys, I know you’re working hard to switch to Native app development but we poor users need something working in the meantime :-)
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4 years ago, Araceli CV
This app has done so much for my business! I have an US based business, and having a US phone number while being overseas was a challenge. Phone carriers were suspending my line after 3 months of being outside the country, and I found OpenPhone as an alternative. And WOW! It really surpassed by expectations: -I can set up this number to several people on my team (so, I have 5 people on my team who can use the same business phone number through OpenPhone app). -I can keep my US phone number even if I change SIM cards going to different countries -I can set up not only a voicemail, but also a text autoresponder if I don’t pick up the phone -I can make phone calls and I can text from my laptop via their Mac app -Price is really affordable (I pay less than $20 USD for this service!!) -They keep adding services and improvements to the app -Service is superb!!!! I’ve had technical questions, and they reply extremely fast!!!! I rarely write reviews but my team and I love OpenPhone very much I really needed to share this.
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2 years ago, MS-queen
Support is Non Existant
We’ve been using OpenPhone in my office for several months now. The product is great but the technology is lacking. It’s very buggy, although the iPhone app functions better than the Windows desktop app. And tech support is non-existent. Ironically, there is no way to have a phone call with anyone when things aren’t working properly. You can only text or email them. I question whether it’s even a human being on the other end. They don’t even seem to understand your problem. They just email links to their (completely unrelated) tech support documents online. Too bad! I would be singing their praises from the rooftops if they would only provide some way to have a voice conversation with an actual human.
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1 year ago, EmilyNTilly89
Unable to receive sms, customer service helpless
Unbelievable, useless customer service. After porting my number over, my text messages weren’t coming through and they tried to blame me for it then said they’d fix it within 3 days “at the most”. That was over a week ago, and I got back to work after being away to a dozen missed messages because nothing made it through to the app. Customer service takes days to respond which is extremely inconvenient when you’re trying to run a business, and often email back late at night when I have my phone in sleep mode already so I miss their emails. I had to nag at them for days to get a response, and even then it was contradictory to what had already been said. Wish me luck on getting my phone number AWAY from this service now so I can go with another company
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3 weeks ago, DJ|MC Mark
An amazing app for all phone calls
I’ve been using openphone now for a little under a year. The suite of tools that come with this app has changed the way we do business. We are able to keep better track of all of our calls with the automated recording feature, and the AI that takes notes. It’s a game changer when it comes to client calls and meetings. Overall, the app is reliable. There’s very little downtime that I’ve experienced. My entire company and all of our staff that use it have had a very positive experience with it. This was a very good find for us. Thank you open phone.
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