Opensignal Internet Speed Test

4.5 (12.5K)
24 MB
Age rating
Current version
Opensignal Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Opensignal Internet Speed Test

4.47 out of 5
12.5K Ratings
3 years ago, MikeFCutler
The #1 tool for the Security & Fire alarm industry
OpenSignal is the best, most important cellular testing tool I have as a professional in the Security & Fire Alarm industry. This free, amazingly easy to use, comprehensive testing & tower locator tool insures that the cellular communicators that we install are using the best carrier available based on signal strength, data latency upload/download speed testing that I perform myself at every location I go to. For me and those in my industry, OpenSignal insures top performance when seconds means the difference in life or death. Having a tool in your hand that tests cellular performance from the exact location you are at, is a dream come true for those who’s job is to secure property, protect jobs, and save lives. No matter where you are, you know whether you can use the cellular communicators internal antenna or if you will need an outdoor antenna because of the distance you are from a tower or the buildings size or the structures building material blocks the cellular signal. In those areas that a long-range directional antenna is required, OpenSignal shows me exactly where to point my antenna. As a 33 year veteran of the Security & Fire Alarm Industry. I recommend everyone that uses cellular communications to get this app, it’s a Life Saver figuratively and Literally.
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4 years ago,
New version removed the most useful function!
[Updated, 8 June 2020]: Changed my rating to 3 stars now that the signal compass feature has been restored (as of app version 5.2.2). Would give it another star except that the upload part of the speed test feature consistently fails for me (starts, but fails with message “Error”). Of 24 speed tests, only 3 completed that part of the test. —— Just updated the app (to version 5.0.3) only to discover that the most useful function has been removed: the cell tower signal direction indicator!!! That feature has been used by many people over the years, like me, to determine in which direction to point the antenna of my cell signal booster in order to obtain the best connection. It totally makes no sense at all why the developers would choose to remove that function, and also to not announce it in the version release notes. Two thumbs down! This app is now mostly useless. The speedtest function hasn’t worked reliably or at all most of the time for over a year. And the cell signal mapping is mostly useless because of low participation outside of large metropolitan areas, and if you’re in such an area you’re likely to get a good signal anyway.
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6 years ago, NewWave MCMLXXX
Great app but needs some tuning.
Been using this app for over a year now and it seems to really gives you the best average speed test rather than maximum speed. I have Ookla SpeedTest and I use it to compare the differences of its performance and Ookla (and other speed test app) does only give you what your cell signal/Wi-Fi maximum speed is and Open Signal gives you the real speed that you’re always averaging. This app would be perfect if the developer can make it for you to delete your old test records (you can but it comes back after resetting the app) and needs to add location to where you test your signal and Wi-Fi so you can keep track of where you had already test the signal. There seems to be a problem with the find cellular signal. I’m standing right next to my cellular sever (T-Mobile) and it’s pointing away from it?. Other then that this is a great speed test app. 3 stars for now.
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4 years ago, 1reallysmartkid
On its way to success..
The application is different than the rest, with the idea of a compass directing you to the nearest tower. And the ability to check the speed of you Wi-Fi’s, download, upload, and latency. The people that write a negative review forget a couple of things.. First, the application is Free! There is so much a free application can do without it being a “ Professional Technician “ and charge you. Second, even though some of things on the app have bugs, I believe that’s the reason why updates were created. Third and last, the developer of the application is actually responding your entitled reviews and fixing the issue that you complain about because you can’t afford a professional to fix your internet. Lol!
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4 years ago, SilverXrider
I have been using this app to find towers while boondocking in the desert, it helps me point my Yagi antenna at the nearest tower. Well the latest update removed that function so this app is now just about useless as i normally only have one tower in range, I just need to know where it is, this app used to do that, no more so will have to find another way. Why you removed the best feature is beyond me. *UPDATE* I have updated my review two 4 stars as the developers have brought back the compass, which was to me the most important feature, redesigned, might want to add a direction marker at the top of the screen as it is not readily apparent which direction is the alignment point.
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3 years ago, Kentarno
Easy to use but frustrating
While the testing is easy to use, the frustrating part is that I cannot get it to show me any cell towers. Keeps telling me that there seems to not be any towers here and I’m in the middle of a high density data area in a very populated city. I don’t understand the message just says that there are no cell towers. I’m suspecting that when I get out on the road and try to use it, I will be told that I cannot find any cell towers even though there may be some around me. That’s a portion that I would really like to see work. I’m on an iPhone.
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4 years ago, ericheltzel
App isn’t useful to me with new version
I used this app to find cell towers as we travel full time and I used it to point our cell phone booster. They removed the tower locator and arrow function. These were the most useful features to me. There are better options for a speed test app. Not sure why they took away a key differentiator. The app went from 5-star and exactly what I needed to 1-star with no features I need. ** Developer added back compass function to see direction to only closest tower. It’s better but being able to tap the compass and see the locations of all towers was most useful. Sometimes closest the tower is obstructed and it works better to point cell booster toward a different antenna. I’ll add one star back for bringing back an in-demand feature back. But the app still isn’t as useful to me as a cell tower map.
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4 years ago, Reavy
Good idea; needs improvement
I especially like that Open Signal offers competition to Ookla‘a well-known speed test apps. This app gives good real-world performance insights into each of the networks you might connect to. The app does not detect when switching Wi-Fi networks and needs to be force quit and relaunched to pick up the change. When switching from one Wi-Fi network to another, running a speed test will tag the result with the previous network name and often fail to compete the test at all. The data usage feature is interesting but doesn’t seem work either. Usage results are not updated without force quitting and relaunching the app.
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1 year ago, rkgdroid
Crippled apps
Opensignal & Meteor — two crippled apps that should be merged into one. On Meteor, the maps tab will show the name of the WiFi access point, but on the history tab, it will say “unknown wifi” but will allow you to edit the name. How does that make any sense. Similar issues on Opensignal, which recognizes the name of the access but then saves the name as simply Wifi under history. Mobile will also only say 5G or 4G but then does not include the network provider, which is especially helpful while roaming, nor does it include GPS coordinates like Meteor does… I could go on, but it’s hard to believe this disjointed behavior, as dysfunctional as it is, has not been purposeful.
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4 years ago, Doc_68W_
First the positive: It works well providing you with a true internet speed test. Now the bad: The maps and “signal finder” are worthless. They don’t show many cell phone towers at all. I have a huge, multi-cell tower operated by my carrier a half mile from my house that’s been there for 15 years that they don’t recognize at all. When asked about that, their reply is “it’s not in our database.” As a result of that, rather than their signal pointer pointing towards that tower, it points to where there is no tower... False positives and inaccurate locations are even worse than the towers they fail to recognize. I live near Lake Michigan and their map shows a dozen towers in the middle of the lake. You may ask why it even shows a dozen towers in a relatively small area, I’ll tell you- Say a single tower has 9 cell antennas on it, this app shows it as 9 separate towers, and because the geolocation is so awful, it shows them all spread out over a mile apart. The end result is a single tower in a single location is reported as 9 different towers spread over a couple square miles, and their “signal finder” points at all those non-existent towers. Worthless.
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2 years ago, Mik in Montague
Pretty simple. Pretty powerful
I like the open map that shows you where other users of the app have been and performed tests. However, in some cases it would not let me zoom in. Additionally, would be great to have more than just red and green. If the map could show at least yellow for medium signals, that would be awesome. Got a friend who wants to map his entire little town by driving every road and walking into the woods for the gaps. Also, option of showing tower locations would be great. Thanks for all your hard work.
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5 years ago, ellenoc
Finally found a signal.
I didn’t get this app at first. I had no signal at all at home. I knew there was a tower nearby because I had 65 plus mbs just 5/miles away. Turns out, the tower is even closer. I took the phone to the south east part of my house where the tower is. I couldn’t believe it. Sitting in my cupboard, my iPhone got 2 bars LTE. It still has no signal anywhere else even outside.. I connected my laptop. Updated the iOS. Now, I am getting 11-12mbs consistently. Kind of strange, but I never would have located that tower without this app.
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6 years ago, PHWhite
Doesn’t actually identify cell towers
I downloaded this app primarily because I wanted to be able to identify the location of cell towers and the carriers that they belong to. I recently changed cell carriers after 20+ years with the same one and trying to learn where my new carrier has true coverage and where they don’t. The “Find Signal” feature shows all towers as being my carrier’s towers even when I KNOW that I am roaming on another carrier. Also the arrow that you’re supposed to follow to locate the tower is not based on actual tower locations, it’s based on crowd-sourcing information which is no more accurate than my own anecdotal knowledge of the area. The speed test and data usage features are helpful but they aren’t what I downloaded the app for.
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4 years ago, Lowcountry Ronny
Nice idea but not useful
Nice idea here, but like others rating this app, I NEVER see any cell towers! I use VZW in the US like many, but regardless of where I go, I never see towers. Even if I allow “roaming” I still never see towers. That is originally why I was interested in the app... to try to nail down why I have poor signal strength near home even though I see towers in my line of sight! As for the speed tests... useless as they do not tell you where the other end is or how many hops, and you can’t choose test locations. Sooooooo.... meh. Sorry. I will maybe keep it on my phone for a little while, but will likely just let it go quietly away someday when I need to purge unused apps. Nice try but not working or useful * AS ADVERTISED * .
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2 years ago, kfatica
Simple, clean interface
Currently using iOS 15.1 and not sure if it’s fully functional for cell tower location, but WiFi resources are solid. Unlike other apps I’ve tried, this is uncluttered, and it’s free. It helped me determine that I need a new, more efficient and powerful router at home, and it confirmed weak signal areas at work. I could not get any cell towers to show up and I know they’re nearby. Had hoped to use this app to help me with a live stream coming up soon, but not being amble to locate a cell tower is a problem.
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5 years ago, mjbuzzy
Great little app with quick, reliable information
That being said, the reason i only gave it 4 stars is because it lacks the ability to orient in any way beyond portrait mode. I use my iPad with a keyboard, putting it in landscape mode. Hard to understand why, in this day and age, apps are not written with the ability to change orientations per position of device. For my purposes, works better than Ookla, but would love developers to give it ability to orient appropriately.
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3 years ago, wudwkr2
Completely Useless!
I downloaded this app based on the recommendation of a cell signal booster company. They clearly have had a different experience than mine. The most important feature, finding a cell tower, simply does not work. Sitting in an area that, by my own phone’s indication has a 2-bar ATT signal, the app says it cannot find ANY cell tower, This area is also well known to have a solid Verizon and T-Mobile signal. Location services on my phone are turned-on and functional, so I cannot fathom what value this app actually provides. Download it if you feel compelled to clutter your phone with another icon. Otherwise, do not waste your time.
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5 years ago, quoll71
Difficult to use
Much of this app is tough to figure out. The first screen says, “Follow the arrow” but there is no arrow. Pressing the icon for the cell provider takes me to a map of my current location. I can type an address and it takes me there, but it took me a while to zoom out far enough to see a tower location. These are just labeled, with no indication of signal coverage. (Update: after an hour, an arrow appeared! 5 minutes later it pointed in the opposite direction in each case it did not appear to point towards a tower) WiFi didn’t make sense either until I zoomed much further out. The coverage map is crowd sourced, so understandably sparse. I’d add to it if I could. I thought the app might be auto logging my data, since I allowed that, but I haven’t seen any updates to the map around me. Unfortunately, the different signal strengths are in colors that are difficult to distinguish for someone who is red/green colorblind (as I am). Speed test and data usage work as expected, though these were not features I’m looking for.
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1 month ago, SmilingOnTheInside
Version 5.70.0
I be used the open signal app for years. I primarily use it to find the direction of the nearest cell tower. But the latest few updates (5+ or more) state “No Cell Tower Located”. This doesn’t matter if WiFi is on or off. I have an iPhone 15 with the latest updates and your app version 5.70.0 (latest version) on the Verizon network. While other features, such as speed testing is nice, the cell tower direction is primarily what this is app is Doran’s why I use it. Also, I’ve tried app support (website contact us), and every email address I can enter is stated as not supported.
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4 years ago, Jslu511
Getting worse. Much worse.
1. After the iOS 13 update, the signal readings on the map became almost translucent, they’re pretty hard to see, especially in dark mode. Ok, fine. I get it’s difficult transitioning to a whole new iOS platform. BUT.... 2. The the maps keep loading slower and slower. Utterly terrible. It’s almost unusable, even on strong solid WiFi connections.
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6 years ago, Tekpwr
Follow the Arrow? Yep
Downloaded the app and it appears the directional arrow has been re-implemented. Don’t know if it was an update glitch or whatever, but the app is now useful! This app worked at one time but no longer has the directional arrow indicating the direction of the cell tower. This function was key when installing a directional cell signal booster antenna. Now that it no longer works, deleted the app. Not recommended if you need to identify the source of your strongest signal.
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4 years ago, JenO
What happened to directional arrow?
The only use I had for this app was to find where the nearest strongest cell signal was coming from..... it would point its arrow I. The direction I would need to point my booster antenna ...... now when I travel.... I have NO CLUE where to point it! Thanks for getting rid of the only use I had for you. UPDATE They listened and they care.... the arrow is now back. Once again.... happy with the app!!! Thanks for fixing it!
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6 years ago, TactfulCactii
Missing crucial features…still
I’ve deleted this app several times, and every once in a while re-install it thinking maybe it “works” now. The main issue used to Beth’s missing “follow the arrow” arrow. Well, that’s still missing. The reason for my most recent re-install is That I wanted to check signal strength on Verizon for a certain area on the map. Well, there’s a “Select Carrier” dropdown, but the only option is “All”. There’s no option for individual carriers anymore. An average of three completely separate carriers is 100% useless info. Guess I’m deleting…again.
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6 months ago, flymiester
No useful value derived from this app.
I used this app for about 10 minutes trying to locate the two cellular towers that are in my area. it doesn’t even detect them. It is based on old outdated data of previous users. Another app I use shows the exact connection point to the cellular tower in my area and the dBM. While connected to Wi-Fi at home it can provide a speed test and video test. Neither of which are very useful as I have that built in info on my network Orbi app. There is no reason to keep this app on my phone, I can’t understand the high praise or positive reviews.
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5 years ago, antenna direct
I have installed and deleted this app several times. It worked fine the first time I opened it but after closing and reopening it failed to operate correctly. I found if I deleted and the reinstalled from the cloud it would operate correctly one time then would have to be deleted again and reinstalled before using again. Great idea, hope you can get the bugs out. Good luck!
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2 years ago, DeltaNM
Slightly Useful
App is slightly useful for speed testing, though it lacks any real informative data about your connection or distant end. As far as pointing towards a cell tower, that has NEVER worked no matter where I try. In the city with a billion towers or out in the remote desert, never. (I’m on AT&T) Crowdsourcing only works in a static environment with say, a crowd. My remote location never shows any data despite my app usage, but locally AT&T has changed equipment & possibly towers over the past year. Makes older data useless.
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4 years ago, Mls12345
So hopeful this would work!
I downloaded this app after seeing is referenced and recommended by several fellow RVers I mainly wanted to use the tower locator/signal compass feature. Unfortunately I have yet to get it to work. I always get the same “No cell tower located” error. If I am doing something wrong, I certainly can’t figure it out. If I can get that feature to work reliably it would be an easy 5 star app. The other features (speed tests and coverage maps) earned the 2nd star but the most important feature to me just doesn’t work. Would happily take Dev suggestions.
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10 months ago, -24LUFS
Worth the price
Only 15MB of space and no identifiers. Doesn't do much on LTE but it does more than nothing. It gives some info for my local rural tower but that info is in conflict with real collected data that isn't readily available to public. Go ahead and give it full permissions because it doesn't do anything naughty. I hope it improves! cheers
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4 years ago, 2020_user
Pretty good app
If everyone downloaded this app, it would be even better but you can only do so much with limited users. For some reason, when I run speed tests it seems like it always has a latency error, not sure if this is a bug or my service itself. If you select the interactive map, you can press check performance which goes through all the major carriers and lists speeds and latency with signal strength (IMO this is the best feature of the app). It would be nice to know how the app sends data back to Opensignal and the frequency that it does that. Tldr: this is a good app for all smartphone users if you are wondering about your cell phone service and reception for different areas.
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6 years ago, Riakstonic
Refreshing carriers
When checking a selected carriers coverage at first go say Verizon in trying to switch to another carrier all it keeps doing us jumping back to carrier signal 2g 4g etc . The app won’t refresh the carrier info it’s stuck on Verizon . after a few attempts it crashes with oops something went wrong and can’t get carrier data right now . Been having this issue for a while now . I just deleted the app and reinstalled so it should be on the latest version but still I have the same issue . iPhone 6 Plus iOS 11.4 . Carrier T-Maybe
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1 month ago, wblwhl
Last two iOS update(s) broke find signal
Ever since the last two iOS updates, the find signal part of the app no longer works. It will not show any cell tower information or location it’s simply blank. It had been working fine. I tried to withhold the star rating until this is resolved but it won’t allow me to send without a star rating. At this time, I have to give it a 3 out of 5.
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4 years ago, Richard295
Current version removed the arrow that pointed to connected tower
This application used to be very valuable to locate my connected tower so I could move towards it to improve my reception. It is now worthless since this function was removed. Why did they do something so dumb? The problem was corrected in early June, and as a result, I changed my rating from 1 star to 5 stars
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3 years ago, wldlif7
Odd results
I have been using this app to try and improve my cell signal by trying to determine what cell tower I’m accessing with my iPhone 8 Plus. I was within 1 mile of the cell tower I thought I was accessing and the pointer indicated a different location even though my phone signal improved as I got closer to tower to the point of having full signal ( all bars ) on iPhone. I was able to repeat this odd result with 2 different towers. Not sure why this is happening but at this point I’m not able to depend on this app to help me.
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3 years ago, Cheese-head
Simple, easy, accurate, fast
I live in the country. My Internet is not good. I use this app quite frequently to check my signal strength. It works very well. I appreciate the way it tests my download, and my upload, but I also appreciate the way it tests a sample video download. Try this app, I think you’ll like it
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2 years ago, OldOV
No way to change video settings
NO problem whatsoever running the speed test, however, the video is another matter. It began at 320p despite my download speed registering well over 200mps just before switching to the video test. I tried again, this time, 720p. There is no way to test it at 1080p let alone 4K. So at what speed will one have to have from their isp in order to test 1080p or 4K?
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3 years ago, Stephen&others
Very useful, just a few bugs to report
Pulling up the speed test history is slow. I wish the history would show the network name. Also, when viewing the history, if the upload speed is >100 MBPS, it will record it 1 decimal point off. E.g. I got a 443 MBPS upload on my fiber, it shows it as 44.3 in the history. The download number is showing correctly.
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4 years ago, Jackson52990
Not like it used to be :c (UPDATED)
I used to love it. I needed it to find closed carrier towers and it did it better than any other app that tried. But then they took that away and now it’s just like every other speed test app. I don’t know what to think about it now :/ June 2020 UPDATED: It’s back to 5 stars! Thanks so much for putting the signal compass back in here!
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4 years ago, cheezit1958
Compass Directional Arrow
I was starting to get interested in this app but was testing out the accuracy of the tower directional compass when it abruptly quick working. Not sure what happened but without that feature working and working properly this app is completely useless. There are many good speed test apps out there that do the same if not better then this one. What distinguished this app from the others was the tower compass arrow but it quick working. Looks like it’s time to move on again.
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3 years ago, Verticaltakeoff
Great app could use distance to tower
The direction to the nearest tower is very helpful. It would be even better if it gave a relative distance to the tower. It would be interesting if a log of speed test results including distance and direction to the tower. I end up using other Speedtest apps to keep a log of results. 3 precious results isn’t enough.
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6 years ago, S>>>
Pointless. No value or info
Installed this app today August 2018 and found it to have absolutely no value. Let’s give it zero stars if possible. “Follow the arrow “ Han no directions what to or do with the results. Even when we could make it go from one bar up to two bars not really helpful otherwise. My cell phone but already give me that data without this app. Wanted to use the feature to compare multiple cell phone carriers in our area, however no data came up. Blank .... uninstalled it in same day. Would avoid this app.
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3 years ago, Steve&Angela#
No cell tower compass
I like the app but the compass for the cell tower doesn’t work for me. I am using iPhone 13 and it just won’t work. I reinstalled it and still same thing. All permissions granted to it. I read that it was once a feature the removed it. Then I saw about a year ago they put it back in after bug fixes etc. I really wish I could utilize this feature.
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2 years ago, Zakatov
One flaw with the app
One thing I wish they would fix is that the app never updates your location while it’s running so when you take multiple speed readings, even if they’re far apart, it shows in the same spot unless you quit and relaunch the app after each test.
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3 years ago, jlawrence0710
Almost perfect
I like the follow the arrow to the nearest cell tower but it is limited to only your provider. You can filter the map by any provider so you should be able to change the arrow to any provider as well. That is the only feature I need that would make it perfect for me!
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2 years ago, Craig boss
Paid off by cell company
I live in rural area and got this app to see if t mobile had any service here because a few years ago they did not, I use Verizon because they do have service here but it is weak but works so I went outside with this app open to see what kind of signal I could get usually around 5-10 megs and ran test a couple times and that’s what it showed , weak signal and only LTE , then I got a 5G uw signal and almost 500 megs , wow!! But as soon as I closed app back to weak LTE signal and 5- 10 megs
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7 months ago, Pmotz
Not that great
I’ve tried using this app numerous times to find the nearest cell tower. It has never found one. The map with signal strengths isn’t of much use since as you zoom in the green and orange areas disappear. Really? If I’m trying to find the best signal I need to see the details. Finally, Speedtest is just plain better for download and upload speeds. I don’t understand the numerous favorable reviews, maybe they’re fake?
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3 years ago, Grungmaster
Signal problems
First and foremost I love the fact that have taken the time to give us a free application. A Signal booster is badly needed where I live. This application will help me install this myself. It may not be perfect but work great for my needs. So five stars from me. Thanks and have a great day too.
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4 years ago, 1TheNightOwl1
This use to be a good app, not anymore!
This app use to be a good app. Now if your lucky it will find a tower but only one when it works at all. Using this to find the various tower locations doesn’t work at all. In my home area, I know where the Towers are but this app shows nothing. Then to add insult to injury, they want money for features we once had with the free version but lost with the upgrade. If you purchase these, it still doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time with this app, they got greedy and messed up what was once a decent app!
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3 years ago, Mr.F1x1t
Strange issue
I have this installed on a XS Max fully unlocked. I have Visible wireless at the service provider. The app does its thing just fine, but it can’t find any cell towers. It doesn’t matter where I am, I drive all over Maryland. I could be in Ocean city or Baltimore or DC and it says it can’t find a tower. I’m assuming it’s a bug because it doesn’t know which towers Visible runs on, but it’s very frustrating when I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue of full bars, but not any connection that’s useable.
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2 years ago, McNeight
Switched Carriers
I switched carriers from Mint (T-Mobile) to Verizon, but the application still lists “Mobile” as my carrier. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again from the App Store but there appears to be no way to reset the carrier information in your app. I can only assume that my app is now uploading bad data into your database (Verizon signal data with Mint / T-Mobile name attached to it) so I’m not sure what this says about the quality of the rest of your data.
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1 year ago, Gnarly bro!
Is it your phone or is the internet down?
This app is the easiest way to answer many questions including questions like, “does this phone provider have good coverage in my area?”
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